Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Good Is Harry Reid?

President Obama comes to town and the Secret Service closes the air space in the Valley except for commercial airplanes and air ambulances. This means tour companies and it's employees are going to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The tour operators appealed to the Senator Reid and the Secret Service blows him off.
So, what good is Harry Reid. The dodo's at the Secret Service for some unknown reason, they won't tell because they don't have to because they are the Secret Service and they know better than any of us, just shuts down several businesses because they feel like it.
Sen. Harry Reid's office also contacted the Secret Service and the Federal Aviation Administration after one helicopter company, Heli USA, asked for help, but to no avail. "Ultimately they have to decide what is the best way to protect the president of the United States," Reid spokesman Jon Summers said of the president's protection service and the FAA.
Nigel Turner, president of Heli USA, said today he spoke with the Secret Service to appeal for a smaller no-fly zone of 10 to 12 miles as in previous presidential visits – both by Obama in May and by then-President George W. Bush – that allowed tour operators to fly out of Boulder City and Henderson.
But he said his pleas fell on deaf ears.
"They had this very blase attitude," Turner said. "They don't care because they say this is only for a short period of time, but I don't think they realize the negative impact on our business. All they care about is security, which I understand. It's their job. But they can try and work with us as they did before."

What total BS. Harry Reid put in a BS effort and the secret service showed that they don't care and showed they are total incompetents.
They could have solved the issue and have the President land at Nellis, but apparently the dim wits at the Secret Service didn't think of that. Hell, they could have landed at Creech AFB in Indian Springs and had the President helicopter in, but apparently that is not good enough for the President or the SS is too lazy to think about that as well.
Meanwhile, businesses and employees are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the incompetence of the FAA and Secret Service.

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