Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama Visit To Disrupt 10's Of Thousands Of People

President Obama is coming to Las Vegas tomorrow and will disrupt well over 10,000 people in the Valley.
From the LVRJ:  President Barack Obama will be touching down in Las Vegas shortly before noon Wednesday and heading to Boulder City to visit Sempra Energy's Copper Mountain Solar Energy Plant as part of a four-state election year swing.
Motorists are advised to stay away from Boulder City during his visit, scheduled at the plant between 12:30 p.m. and 1:40 p.m. The public is not invited to attend.....
Government entities and law enforcement officials are prohibited from providing the exact route of the president's motorcade, which will cause traffic interruptions throughout the day. It is likely that the motorcade will travel from McCarran to Boulder City on Interstate 215 and U.S. Highway 95.
The Secret Service is expected to close down both sides of the freeways as the motorcade passes through.
Boulder City commuters will feel the brunt of Obama's visit.
Lakeshore Drive will be the only route out of Boulder City during Obama's visit to the plant.
Around 11:55 a.m., Boulder City Police will shut down northbound U.S. Highway 93 at the Veterans Memorial Drive intersection for about 40 minutes. U.S. Highway 95 south from Railroad Pass to Russell Road also will be shut down for 40 minutes.
About 1:40 p.m., the northbound lanes on U.S. Highway 93 at Veterans Memorial Drive will be closed again for 40 minutes as the president passes through Railroad Pass.
Motorists traveling north on U.S. Highway 93 from Arizona will be diverted to Lakeshore Drive to get to Boulder City or Henderson.
Those who do not have business in Boulder City between noon and 3 p.m. are asked to avoid the town, to leave Nevada Highway to truckers and business owners and residents.
Once again, Obama's ego, err visit will shut down the tourist helicopters,who will lose thousands of dollars.  In addition, Boulder City sounds like that is going to be shut down for several hours, hurting their businesses.
In addition, the traffic from .McCarren Airport and Boulder City will be severely disrupted and those roads, the 215 and 95 carry a large amount of traffic. 
And once again, Obama shows once again he does not want to be seen in a poor area of town, completely ignoring the poorsectio0ns of town.  Why does Obama hate the poor so much?
On the plus side, Obama will be passing by my house, so I will be able to show Obama my true feelings of him.


  1. Everywhere any President goes will have disruptions. This is not unique to President Obama.

    The President will also probably be eating, drinking, breathing and possibly using the facilities while here in Nevada. Is he taking resources from Nevadans by doing so? Selfishly taking up stall space that taxpaying citizens could put to better use? I'm starting to think your distaste for the man extends that far!

  2. He's on his way back trying to pick up some more votes! Apparently, Vegas doesn't care other than, him interrupting and ruining everyone's daily routines! Nobody, bothers to meet him when he arrives or leaves for that matter ...
    Personally, I think he has the nerve showing up here after throwing Vegas under the bus and I hope Vegas sends him a clear message, come November!!

  3. Have you heard this!!!

    Our votes will be counted this November in Barcelona Spain! By a company believe to be owned by George Soros!! There will be no records to trace or verify anything!