Monday, March 31, 2014

Worlds Largest Ferris Wheel Opens Today In Vegas

From Channel 5 Las Vegas: At 550 feet, Las Vegas' High Roller is the world's tallest observation wheel, and some folks are getting their first views from the top.
Clark County issued an official operating permit for the attraction this week.
While there is no official opening date, employees at The LINQ entertainment district say the wheel is opening in just a few days. Many of them are scheduled to preview the ride over the weekend. 
"It's an amazing engineering feet. We're so lucky to be close by to it," said Courtney Saavedra, Marketing Director for Kitson, a three-story retailer days away from opening in The LINQ. She and her staff are looking forward to taking the High Roller for a spin Sunday.
"You see it from all over Las Vegas. Everyone's going to want to come see the view of the city from there, and you have the perfect view of Kitson from the observation wheel" said Saavedra, who hopes those riding the wheel wander to her store.
A few doors down, business is picking up during Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas' third week. General Manager Andrew Economon says he was thoroughly impressed by the attraction when he rode it two weeks ago and anticipates a boost in business when it opens.
The Wheel opens today, with a cost of about $30 a ticket, dependiing on when you ride.  I imagine nighttime is more expensive.  The ride is about 30 minutes and if you plan on going to ride the Wheel, plan on long waits for the first several months, especially at night.
Each pod can carry about 40 people.

Albuquerque Police Shooting: Justified Or Murder?

Some activists in Albuquerque are in an uproar over a shooting of a homeless man in the mountains around Albuquerque and yesterday, some of these activists/anarchists decided to riot in Albuquerque over the death of James Boyd.
From the Albuquerque Journal:What began as a peaceful protest on a sunny day in Albuquerque turned more and more unruly Sunday, as hundreds of people marched back and forth on Central Avenue until police threw more than two dozen canisters of tear gas and arrested at least half a dozen protesters.
Marchers took over much of Downtown and the university area during a daylong demonstration, where they called for accountability for Albuquerque police and justice for James M. Boyd, a homeless, mentally ill man who was shot and killed by officers March 16 in the Sandia foothills. Protesters also decried past APD officer-involved shootings.
The rally began at noon. After 9 p.m., police used around a dozen canisters of tear gas to disperse protesters near Central and Vassar, several people were seen being arrested, and Mayor Richard Berry said in a late-night news conference that an officer was injured.
“We respected their rights to protest, obviously,” Berry said, “but … they’ve taken it far beyond a normal protest.”
The march along Central boiled over at several points, with protesters ignoring police commands to disperse and having a standoff with officers in riot gear. The demonstration came after an online “hacktivist” group, known as Anonymous, issued a call to action in response to seeing video of Boyd’s shooting. The group also waged a cyberattack against the APD website, which was inaccessible throughout the day Sunday, and what appeared to be a number of officers’ personal phone numbers were released by a purported hacker.
Here is the video of the shooting to see for yourself if it is justified or not:

In the video, leading up to the shooting, you see the "victim" talk about violence and  murder while he has a knife in each hand.  The cops had been talking to the guy for several hours, per the news reports.
The cops tried non-lethal force but to no avail.
The "victim" already has been arrested for assaulting a police officer.  He also was charged in the past for assaulting another man and correctional officers.  He also has been arrested for knifing a man in the face.  Another time, when in jail, in a fight, he breaks a jailer's nose.
So, clearly, this guy is a threat to officers because of his behavior in the past and he has a history of harming people with knives.
The thug refuses to put down his knives he holds in both hands.
The idiots who are marching say the cops should have tasered him, but to do that, you have to be close to the guy to do it.  A man can quickly attack you and kill you with a knife in a second or two, even if he is 20-30 feet or two away.
Even after being shot, the guy refused to give up his knives.
The rioters say he was shot in the back but he was facing the cops and the police dog when he was shot and possible was going towards the officers.
I don't like it when cops kill people, but there are times when it is justified and this case certainly appears that it was.
All the thug had to do was put down the knives when told to by the cops.  Is that such an unreasonable request by the cops, who don't want to shoot anybody but they also want to go home to their families.
Too bad the guy died but he brought it upon himself.

Oh Where Oh Where Is PVT Editor Matt Ward?

The pot smoking, left wing crack head nut job editor of the Pahrump Valley Times has been quiet silent lately.
Instead of going on his drug addled mind rages against conservatives, both in Nye County and elsewhere, Ward has been very quiet.
He hasn't written an editorial since Feb. 21, well over a month ago.  He did write a stupid article about the Nye County sheriff's office on March 5, 26 days ago.
So, is he just sitting on ass to earn his pay check?
He is acting as an undercover reporter tryng to get the big story on the Koch Brothers or the secret conservative club in Nye County?
Is he on an extended vacation?
Is he in rehab or jail?
Oh please, Matt, you little weasel, where are you?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Umm,Does He Want It Back?

From the LVRJ: Christina Lafave did the time. Now she’s charged with the crime.
The caper of the missing $35,000 Rolex Presidential watch began with drinks and some chit-chat between Lafave and 66-year-old Kenneth Herold at Wynn Las Vegas’ B Bar on a January night.
Soon the two were heading upstairs to Herold’s suite after he forked over three $100 bills for a private massage offered by the 25-year-old Lafave.
On his left wrist, as seen on security surveillance, was the yellow-colored timepiece. Rolex Presidential watches range in price from $10,000 to upwards of $30,000. The more expensive ones often are encrusted with jewels, such as diamonds....
Lafave then tried to leave, but Wynn security cuffed her and called Metro.
Herold later would tell investigators that once he and Lafave had gone to his room, he disrobed and got onto a massage table that was in the suite. About 30 minutes into the rubdown, Lafave told Herold to take off his watch so she could massage his arms.
He put the watch on the ground within his view. Five to seven minutes later, it was gone.
Lafave steadfastly denied any wrongdoing, so two Metro officers combed the suite for the watch, to no avail.
There was one place they hadn’t looked.
Lafave finally admitted where the watch was, police said.
She was taken to University Medical Center, where she said she was in pain. A search warrant was signed, and an X-ray was taken of Lafave’s midsection.
“Prior to medical staff assisting Lafave with the removal of the watch she admitted to them that she had stolen a watch and concealed the item in her vagina,” a police report said.
Well, we know Bill Clinton would be glad to have the watch back but would the victim here want it back?

So, How Is Obama's NCAA Basketball Picking Going?

So, how is Obama doing in the 2014 NCAA Men's basketball tournament?
Well, he had Michigan state and Louisville in the final game and they were both eliminated this weekend,
He also picked Arizona, who was eliminated this weekend and Florida and Florida is still in it.
In the first round, Obama went 25-7.
In the second round, he had 9 out of 16 game right.
In the 3rd round, he had 5 out of 8 right.
So, Obama is done with his bracket, he can't win anymore games.
His record is 39-24, a winning percetage of 61%.
I have 43 wins and I still have Florida winning the title, so I can get 2 more wins.
So, his bracket was just average among those of us filled out brackets.
Of course the liberal media is silent about this because if he had an above average with a team or two left to win the championship, the media would be praising King Obama.  But since he is just average, no mention of it.

New Poll: Who Is Going To Win the NCAA Mens Tourney

I have a new poll up- Who is going to win the NCAA Men's basketball tournament?
U Connecticut

Gotta Love Global Warming

There are at least 25 States that have some kind of winter weather warning.
And the global warming continues.

Hobos Still Exist

From the Sacramento Bee: Three freight-train hoppers were arrested Friday, one in New Mexico and two in Nebraska, in connection with the killing a year ago in Roseville of a Los Angeles County man who was taking a break from college to ride the rails.
Roseville police said clues led them to issue arrest warrants for three experienced freight-train riders: Laura Lee Kenner, 30, arrested in Farmington, N.M., and Jules Clifford Carrillo, 21, and Edward Taylor Anauo, 23, arrested in Nebraska City, Neb. The three are being held on suspicion of homicide and are expected to be extradited back to Placer County.The body of John Paul Alpert, 19, of Palmdale was found by a fisherman on the banks of Dry Creek, near Roseville’s railyards, on May 15, 2013. Authorities determined he had suffered blunt force trauma, and likely died shortly after he rolled into the switchyard on a freight train March 16 or 17.
Investigators said he was killed near an encampment used by transient train hoppers. guess is that the victim propbably really pissed off someone off.But it is nice to see there are still hobos riding the rails, as long as they don't kill each other.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Obama Vacations, People Die

From the Chicago Tribune:
Two people including a 13-year-old boy were shot this afternoon in separate incidents on the South Side, bringing the total number of shootings since Friday to 15, officials said.
The 13-year-old boy was shot in the lower left leg about 4:25 p.m. on the 6100 block of South Indiana Avenue, Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Thomas Sweeney said.
The boy was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago where his condition had stabilized.
A short time later, at 5:05 p.m. a 19-year-old man was shot in the upper left thigh about 5:05 p.m., Sweeney said.
That shooting happened on the 1600 block of East 72nd Street, Sweeney said. The man was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where his condition had stabilized.
Detectives were investigating both shootings, Sweeney said.
The latest shootings bring the number of people shot to 15 since Friday afternoon including two people shot, one fatally, by police.,0,2486778.story
Obama vacations in Europe/Saudi Arabia and people die in his hometown.

Now, This Was One Hell Of A Hockey Game

I got to watch the last 4 minutes of this hockey game and you could not find a more exciting game.
From the Las Vegas Sun: The Wranglers hosted the Alaska Aces for the second of a three-game weekend homestand on Saturday night at the Orleans Arena. The two games could not have ended more differently....
The third period would again see a heavy dose of offensive pressure from the Aces, eventually resulting in a goal from Jordan Morrison with 2:18 to play in the game to give Alaska a 3-1 lead. The final 1:47 of the third period may go down as one of the most heroic in Las Vegas Wranglers history as Adam Hughesman and Chad Nehring would score goals :30 apart to tie the game with 1:17 to play in the third. With the crowd of over 6,000 re-energized, Wrangler Matt Tassone would beat the glove of Aces goaltender Aaron Crandal to give Las Vegas a 4-3 lead with :37 remaning in the game, and Las Vegas would leave the ice with the dramatic win over first-place Alaska.
This story doesn't give the excitement credit.
The Wranglers were down 3-1 with about 3 minutes left and scored 3 goals in about 2 minutes and they were not easy shots.
This was one of the most exciting last 3 minutes of ahockey game you would ever want to see.

Poor Losers

From Fox News: Tucson police said Saturday night that they shot pepper spray at several hundred fans who took to the streets and threw beer bottles and firecrackers at officers after the University of Arizona basketball team's overtime loss in the NCAA tournament.
There were no reports of injuries to fans or officers, but 15 people were arrested for offenses such as resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly, Tucson police Sgt. Pete Dugan said. Of those arrested, 14 were released, and one was sent to Pima County jail. He said those advancing on officers were arrested. The street was clear and the crowd was gone by late Saturday.
Dugan said crowds leaving bars and restaurants near campus after the game filled University Boulevard and wouldn't leave despite urging through a PA system and social media declaring it an unlawful assembly.
Police brought in cruisers and a unit of officers with batons, helmets and face masks to block the street when people started tossing beer bottles, cans and firecrackers, hitting police vehicles and endangering officers.
Officers fired pepper spray, pepper canisters and pepper balls, which disperse into the air when they hit, Dugan said. No tear gas was used despite some reports.
Come on arizona, do what the Badger fans do- go to the bar, get drunk, have a party and go to bed.

Wisconsin Badgers Dancing

Today, the Badgers defeated Arizona in overtime in a thrilling game to go dancing to the Final 4 NCAA Mens basketball tournament.
From The seed was planted last September at a memorial service in Aston, Pa., where four veterans on the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team had gathered to support their leader.What Zach Bohannon, Ben Brust, Josh Gasser and Frank Kaminsky witnessed that day was something they’d never seen: sadness in the eyes of Bo Ryan, an understandable emotion considering the Badgers’ coach was grieving the loss of his father/mentor/hero.
After paying their respects to Butch Ryan’s family, the players mutually agreed on a plan they’d carry back with them to Madison and share with their teammates.
“We saw Coach in a vulnerable state,” Bohannon said, “and we were like, ‘Guys, let’s make this a special year for us. … Let’s do this for him.’ ”
It was a special season even before Saturday night, but it got a whole lot more memorable when the Badgers delivered Ryan to the Final Four with a 64-63 overtime victory over Arizona in an NCAA tournament West regional final before 17,814 fans at the Honda Center.
UW (30-7), back in the national semifinals for the first time since 2000, will play either Michigan or Kentucky next Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
Kaminsky had 28 points and 11 rebounds and was named the Most Valuable Player of the West regional, while junior guard Traevon Jackson had 10 points and five assists for UW.
Afterward, the Badgers cut down the nets, saving Ryan for last. When he finished, Ryan climbed down the ladder and his players hoisted them on his shoulders.
On what would have been Butch Ryan’s 90th birthday, his son willed a remarkable group of players to college basketball’s ultimate stage.
Read more:
Even though by the Badgers winning, it killd my chances of winning the office pool, it is great to see my alma mater going to the Final 4.
Yeah, I'm going to rub it as much as I can.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Medium Earthquake Hits Los Angeles

Fromt he LA Times: A magnitude-5.1 earthquake centered in northern Orange County rippled across the Los Angeles Basin, and preliminary indications suggest the long-feared Puente Hills thrust fault may have caused it.
The quake caused pictures to fall of walls, glass items to shatter and furniture to tumble down in some homes near the epicenter. There were also reports of some gas and water line damage as well as scattered power outages.
At a home in San Dimas, dozens of pictures flew off walls, a ladder fell and dented a car in garage and medicine cabinets flew open and emptied out. In Orange, a few miles to the east of the epicenter, patrons at a BJ's pub went from boisterous conversation to tense silence. The suspended LED lights swayed. The vodka behind the bar stayed where it was. When the quake was over, the room erupted in applause.
At Disneyland, some rides were shut down as a precaution, according to guests there. Los Angeles officials said they had no reports of damage in the city.
Brea police said there were some minor injuries during a rockslide in Carbon Canyon, which caused a car to overturn. Carbon Canyon Road is closed, police said.
The main shock hit at 9:09 p.m. near Brea, with the epicenter only about 2 to 3 miles underneath the surface, which “means the shaking is very concentrated in a small area,” Caltech seismologist Egill Hauksson said.
The very first indications are that the quake is “related to the Puente Hills thrust fault, which caused the Whittier Narrows earthquake back in 1987. That may change over time as we look at the data,” Hauksson said.,0,4932643.story#ixzz2xKl0W6EC
Sooner or later, there will be the big one in California and with any luck, the western part of the State will fall into the Pacific Ocean.

Obama Sabotages Democrats

From Jamie Dupree: The goal of Democrats in the Congress on Wednesday was simple - focus on their legislative agenda items, like an effort to force a vote on immigration reform in the House, and votes in the Senate on a minimum wage increase, and an extension of long term jobless benefits and more.   But the Obama health law got in the way.
Instead of an extended discussion of their 2014 plans, Senate Democratic leaders at a U.S. Capitol news conference found their agenda getting little attention, as they were peppered with questions about the latest delay in the Obama health law.
"This agenda is what the American people want to hear," said a somewhat frustrated Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), as he wrapped up a news conference to rollout Senate Democratic legislative plans for 2014.
"You folks all want to ask about Obamacare," Schumer dismissively told reporters, who ignored the Democratic agenda items and aimed questions on the latest move to extend a March 31 deadline for enrollment in the Obama health law.
Earlier in the day, House Speaker John Boehner tore into the enrollment deadline delay, labeling it another "deadline made meaningless."
"What the hell is this; a  joke?" Boehner asked at his weekly news conference.
And Vince Lombardi's take on ObamaCafre:

Friday, March 28, 2014

This Isn't Right

From the Bloomberg:  Most people have probably heard the popular phrase, “the house always wins.”  Indeed, it’s often paired with the familiar and belated advice, “you should have quit while you were ahead.”  The phrase, to the uninformed, typically refers to the sentiment that, no matter how much money a gambler wins, in the end, the casino will come out on top.  As such, it’s no secret that casinos use tricks or incentives to entice people into their establishments.  Whether it’s the draw of a free adult beverage, a voucher for a buffet or a complementary ticket to a show, casinos are keenly aware that the expense of simply getting customers into their doors is ultimately well worth the reward....
Last week, the Nevada Supreme Court tackled the issue of the application of the state’s use tax on four airplanes purchased by Harrah’s, a casino entertainment company registered to do business in Nevada, and delivered outside of the state.  The airplanes’ function?  Transporting Harrah’s executives and customers to and from its establishments worldwide. 
Thus, if you like to gamble or if your bank account is large enough, Harrah’s (as well as many other casinos around the world) will provide you with travel arrangements to ensure that you spend (or lose?) your money at one of their establishments.
Specifically, the case involved four airplanes that were purchased by Harrah’s, two of which were delivered to Harrah’s in Portland, Oregon and the other two to Harrah’s in Little Rock, Arkansas.  After their purchase and delivery, according to the flight logs, the two planes that were delivered to Arkansas flew to Las Vegas on their first flights and the other two planes made their first flights to Arkansas and California. 
Harrah’s paid Nevada use tax on the purchases in the amount of $8.6 million and sought a refund, claiming it was entitled to a presumption of nontaxability, which the Nevada Department of Taxation failed to overcome.   No other sales or use taxes were paid to any other state on the purchase of the planes.
Thus, Harrah’s prevailed and it will receive a refund to the tune of roughly $3.7 million.  As such, whether shrewdly or unintentionally, the casino managed to escape tax liability altogether on two of the airplane purchases, a detail which did not escape the court’s awareness.  Indeed, the court, in a footnote and perhaps recognizing that such a ruling may not sit well with some, provided justification for its conclusion.
Specifically, the court noted that “[w]e are aware that, as a result of our interpretation, Harrah’s will not have paid any sales or use tax on two of their aircraft.  Nevertheless . . . [the state] only imposes use tax on goods purchased for storage, use, or consumption in Nevada, not those purchased for use in interstate commerce.  Any expansion of Nevada’s use tax must come from the Legislature, not this court.”
In the end, whether Harrah’s really “won” is debatable, but the fact remains, the casino found a way to keep $3.7 million.
So, Harrahs buys a couple of airplanes and they pay no sales tax?  Even as a low tax conservative, this isn't right and the Nevada legislators need to do something about this.
But then again, the Senators and Assembly members, for the most part, are bought and paid for by the casinos.

Talk About Karma

From the LVRJ: A robbery attempt led to the Thursday night shooting in a southwest valley parking lot that left one man dead and one man hospitalized, according to Las Vegas police.
Officers arrived on the scene and found one man dead inside a SUV that crashed into another car in the lot. They also found another man who was taken to University Medical Center with gunshot wounds that were not life-threatening.
Witnesses heard gunshots and saw the vehicle crash about 8:40 p.m., a police supervisor told the Review-Journal Thursday.
Police believe that the two victims rode together in the SUV to the 7700 block of South Jones Boulevard, near Robindale Road. A third man got into the vehicle, where the two victims tried to rob him.
He shot both men, fled and police were still looking for him.
The Clark County coroner’s office will release the dead man’s identity once his family has been notified.
This is the 20th homicide Las Vegas police have investigated this year.
Last time the dead man and hopefully the alive guy try and rob someone with a gun.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Free McDonalds Coffee

From the Chicago Tribune: McDonald's Corp. said it will soon offer free coffee at its U.S. restaurants for two weeks, as the world's largest restaurant chain tries to gain the attention of patrons amid a sales slump and as rivals step up their breakfast promotions.
McDonald’s said that participating U.S. restaurants will give patrons a small McCafe coffee during breakfast hours from March 31 through April 13. Oak Brook-based McDonald's made the announcement about its coffee campaign late on Thursday night, central time, in a press release dated March 28 on its web site.
The free coffee announcement came after the March 27 launch of Taco Bell's national breakfast campaign. It also follows four consecutive months of declining sales at McDonald’s established U.S. restaurants. McDonald’s has blamed some of its sales slump on the bitter winter weather that blanketed much of the country.,0,7372328.story
Sucks for me because I hate coffee.

Badgers Make Elite 8

From Espn: Ben Brust and his Wisconsin teammates got oodles of open shots while they sliced and diced Baylor's vaunted zone defense. When the Bears had the ball, 7-foot Frank Kaminsky always seemed to be right in their way.
Brust, Kaminsky and their Badgers realize they dominated Baylor in a 69-52 victory Thursday night because of a coach who always puts them in the right spots.
Bo Ryan has never been to college basketball's final weekend, but the Badgers are thrilled to put him on the brink.
"That would be a very special thing to do, but we also know that he's not going to let us look too far ahead," said Brust, who scored 14 points. "When that time comes, we'll handle it. I'd definitely like to do that for him."
Kaminsky scored 19 points and blocked six shots while Wisconsin romped into the West Regional final, reaching the final eight for the third time in school history.
Brust hit three of the six 3-pointers from the second-seeded Badgers (29-7), who jumped to a 14-point lead in the first half and never let up on the overmatched Bears (26-12).
Kaminsky and his disciplined teammates shredded the Baylor zone that played so well in the first two games. Wisconsin also methodically shut down Baylor's talented offense while moving into its second regional final in 13 years under Ryan, who has seen just about everything except the Final Four in a 700-win coaching career.
The Badgers just dominated Baylor from start to finish and if the Badgers play like this against Arizona on Saturday, they could very well be going to the Final 4 and dare I say championship game?

"Are They Coming To Get Us?"

Audio of the fireground of the Boston fire that killed 2 firefighters and injured numerous more.
You have to give credit to the dispatcher for remaining calm during the Mayday.
It's a sad audio but it should be listened to to appreciate what firefighters can through on any given day.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Liberals Oppose Man Saving Life Of Security Guard

If liberals were in charge, a security guard could very well be dead.
From the Detroit Free Press: A customer with a handgun stopped a shoplifting suspect from slashing a security officer with a contaminated needle and syringe outside a Home Depot store in Roseville, police said.
Joshua J. Silva, 26, was arrested a short time after the incident Monday night at the Home Depot at 13 Mile and Little Mack....
Berlin said Silva began to fight with store loss prevention officers in the parking lot when they tried to apprehend him for stuffing a $179 battery-powered drill under his coat. Silva pulled a concealed syringe from his jacket and used it as a weapon, swinging it around in a slashing motion, police said...
They said he stabbed one of the officers several times with the contaminated needle. Berlin said the victim had more than five puncture wounds on the top of his hand.
A customer with a concealed pistol license saw the fight, pulled out his handgun and told Silva to drop the syringe and get on the ground. Silva stopped fighting and sat down in the parking lot, police said, but jumped up and ran when he heard approaching police sirens. The loss prevention officers allowed him to run and police officers arrested him without further incident.
The citizen told police he got involved because the suspect was so violent and appeared to “be getting the best of” the loss prevention officers. He said he feared if he didn’t get involved, the suspect was going to kill one of the store officers, police said.
If liberal gun control advocates had their, they would rather have the security guard die or suffer very serious injuries than allow this man with a concealed weapons permit to carry a gun and help rescue the security guard.

Too Funny

From the San Fran Chronicle: State Sen. Leland Yee, an outspoken advocate of gun control and open government, was arrested Wednesday on charges that he conspired to traffic in firearms and traded favors in Sacramento for bribes - campaign cash paid by men who turned out to be undercover FBI agents.
Yee, a Democrat who represents half of San Francisco and most of San Mateo County and is running for secretary of state, was one of 26 people ensnared in a five-year federal investigation that targeted Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, a notorious Chinatown gangster who had claimed to have gone straight, officials said.
The charges, filed Monday and unsealed Wednesday, reverberated through circles of power in San Francisco and Sacramento, shaking up party politics and the secretary of state race. Leading Democratic senators, weary of recent scandals involving party legislators, called for Yee's immediate resignation.
A gun control advocate is arrested for gun running.
And the thug is a Democrat.
What a shock.

What Would Obama Do?

From Fox News:
Moscow’s annexation of Crimea was condemned worldwide, but some people in Alaska apparently are yearning for the days when they, too, were part of Mother Russia. 
A petition on the White House website created by “S.V.” of Anchorage is calling on Alaskans and others to "vote" for Alaska to secede from the U.S. and become a part of Russia.
“Vote for secession of Alaska from the United States and joining Russia,” the petition says. 
The petition, though strangely worded and difficult to understand, describes how Alaska was originally settled and populated by native Russians. 
Secretary of State William Seward purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million, in a decision decried at the time as “Seward’s Folly.” The territory officially became the 49th state on Jan. 3, 1959. 
Even if the White House responds to the Alaska petition, it is almost certainly going nowhere. The Alaska petition offers no specifics for how the proposed secession would even be executed, whether by referendum or some other process. Further, the Supreme Court ruled, in the wake of the Civil War, that unilateral secession is unconstitutional.
Even though it is unlikely, what would happen if Russia did take over an Alaskan/American island in the Bering Sea?
What would Obama do in response?  Would he use force or would he let Russia take over the land with barely a whimper?
My guess would be the latter.

Sad Day In Boston

Firefighters moved an injured firefighter to an ambulance.
From the Boston Globe:
Two Boston firefighters died today while battling a wind-whipped nine-alarm blaze that raced through a rowhouse in the city’s fashionable Back Bay neighborhood, according to two people with direct knowledge of the case.
Firefighters responded at 2:43 p.m. to the four-story brick rowhouse, where a fire was spreading upward from the basement, fanned by winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour.
Details of how the firefighters died weren’t immediately available. But some firefighters had been trapped in the burning building’s basement, officials said....
Around 4:30 p.m., a police officer ordered reporters and others gathered on Beacon Street to move down the street because the fire scene was now deemed a crime scene.
“We have someone badly hurt over here!’’ the officer shouted at people.
Yellow crime scene tape was strung across Beacon Street at about 236 Beacon St., while the fire itself was at 298 Beacon St.
The Suffolk district attorney’s office said prosecutors were responding to the scene as they generally do when death could result from an injury.
A very sad day indeed.

Unions: It's All About Them

From Buffalo firefighters believe they have the exclusive right to administer Narcan, a lifesaving antidote to forestall the effects of heroin and prescription painkiller overdoses.
Buffalo police who have begun carrying the antidote argue that they have been given additional duties without a chance to negotiate the extra work their bosses say can save lives.
As a result, the city faces two separate charges filed with the state's Public Employment Relations Board by the unions representing firefighters and police.
The charges stem from a policy decision Mayor Byron W. Brown and Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda implemented last month to train all 750 city police officers on how to administer Narcan to victims of overdoses. The drug is given through a nasal spray to people suspected of overdosing on opiates, buying them enough time to get to an emergency room for lifesaving treatment. About 50 Buffalo police officers have received the training.
Brown and Derenda took the action in response to the increasing epidemic of opiate addiction that is claiming many lives here and across the country.
But firefighters say it's their job to act as first responders when it comes to medical emergencies.
"It is the exclusive work of members of the unit to be first responders to medical emergencies and provide care up to the level of their training. ... This exclusive work includes providing initial medical treatment to members of the public, which would include, if necessary, the administering of drugs such as Narcan," the complaint filed by Local 282 of the Buffalo Professional Firefighters Association stated.
The Buffalo Police Benevolent Association declined to comment on its action against the city, but the firefighters union cited the police complaint in its documents to PERB alleging violations of civil service law:
"Upon information and belief, the Buffalo PBA filed a charge with PERB because the city has not bargained with the PBA regarding the unilateral assignment of police officers to perform non-bargaining unit work.
If a druggie that is essentially dead because of a drug overdose, do they really care who brings them back from death?
Then again, they are druggies... are they worth saving?

Firefighters Rescue Brave Construction Worker

If I were the construction worker, I would have been cleaning out my pants after this guy's harrowing experience:

It's Obama's Fault

From the Chicago Tribune: Three members of the U.S. Secret Service detail that protects President Barack Obama were sent home from Amsterdam for disciplinary reasons, a Secret Service spokesman confirmed on Tuesday.
The spokesman, Brian Leary, declined to provide further details.
The agents were disciplined after going out for a night of drinking, the Washington Post reported. One of the agents was found drunk and passed out in a hotel hallway a day before the president arrived in Europe, said the Post, which first reported the incident, citing three people familiar with it.
None of the agents were supervisors, a Secret Service source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
The incident comes despite efforts by the agency to restore its straight-laced reputation after a scandal involving prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, in 2012.,0,2044373.story
I swear, Obama ought to be keeping closer watch on his Secret Service agents, even though they were in a different country than Obama when they went on a drinking binge.
Actually, this really isn't news.  And since this happened in Amsterdam, being drunk was probably the least of the problems they could have been.  They could have gone to some drug bar or bag a prostitute or two- all legal there.
The bigger scandal is that there are over 900 people traveling with Obama costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Obviously, we need to clarify,"

From the Chicago Sun Times:
President Barack Obama, speaking at the end of the Nuclear Security Summit in The Netherlands, said Tuesday the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit will be in Chicago.
However, there is some confusion since Obama said later the event would be in Washington.
"Obviously, we need to clarify," a White House source told the Sun-Times.
And if this was Bush, he'd be the laughing stock on all the newscasts and on all the late night shows.

Stupid Criminal News:

From the SF Chronicle: A tip for lovelorn crooks: don’t give out your digits to the pretty employee at your favorite restaurant if you plan to burglarize the joint later.
A suspect in a break-in at a San Mateo restaurant, who thought he was headed for a hot date, learned that lesson the hard way when his love interest helped bring him down instead of spicing things up.
It all started about 1:30 a.m. Saturday when employees at Curry Up Now, an Indian restaurant at 129 South B St., interrupted a burglary in progress, catching a man stacking property by the rear door.
The man fled, but not before one of the workers, a 22-year-old woman, recognized the suspect as someone “who had flirted with her during business hours,” police said.
And it turned out, the man had provided the woman with his name and phone number, police said.
And it turned out, the man had provided the woman with his name and phone number, police said.
So officers decided to impersonate the young woman by setting up a “date” with her admirer, 31-year-old Keveen Quintanilla of Burlingame, through a series of text messages.
They lured him to a location near Burlingame Avenue and California Drive about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, where Quintanilla was promptly arrested by plainclothes officers.
They say men think with their p***s and this case, it seems certainly true.

What Stays In Vegas...Never Mind

From the Las Vegas Sun: Violent prostitutes and drug dealers with quiet, turn-a-blind-eye cooperation from bartenders and club hosts are giving our hotel executives nightmares, and it’s about time a real effort was made to run them out of town before our tourism industry gets damaged further.....
No sooner was that headlined last week than another horrifying incident took place this past weekend. A rock star at another property — both of whom will not be identified here — was roofied and rolled on his visit.
He’d gone to the bar for a drink after checking in, and the next thing he knew, he woke up the next morning to find his wallet containing $10,000, his credit cards, his expensive watch and his room all stripped bare.
Security video shows him talking to men at the bar and then being led to his suite by an African American woman. He complained to security the next day that his drink had been drugged and that he had zero knowledge of what had happened.
The rocker was told that it could have been far worse if he’d woken up in a bathtub of ice with body parts removed. The lesson here is to always watch your drink, don’t talk to strangers and keep your glass in your hand....
Simultaneously, another drinker was found floating in a hotel pool over the weekend after swimming and hitting his head into a concrete wall. Security staff and a lifeguard on duty at the dayclub resuscitated him, and he was taken off to a hospital for observation, but he died there later.
If you don't care of yourself when you visit Vegas, bad things can happen, especially you are fat, dumb. drunk and/or stupid.

And That's An Insult To Trained Apes

From CNS News: Donald Rumsfeld, who served as U.S. Defense Secretary under President George W. Bush, blames poor diplomacy by the Obama administration for the current strained relations with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. "Our relationship with Karzai and with Afghanistan was absolutely first-rate in the Bush administration," Rumsfeld told Fox News's Greta Van Susteren on Monday. "It has gone down hill like a toboggan ever since the Obama administration came in." Rumsfeld pointed to the fact that the Obama administration has failed to get Karzai to sign an agreement that would allow some U.S. troops to remain in Afghanistan after 2014, when combat ends. The U.S. has status of forces agreements with more than a hundred countries, Rumsfeld noted. "A trained ape can get a status of forces agreement," he said. "It does not take a genius. And we have so mismanaged that relationship."
I'm sure some people will call what Rumsfield said is racist, but I am sure the trained apes will get over it.

Gee, Christie Was Innocent

You think all the liberals and the liberal media will issue apologies?  I doubt it.
From the NY Daily News: Big surprise!
Chris Christie's own investigation into the Bridgegate scandal that has rocked his office found the embattled New Jersey governor had no knowledge his top aides were orchestrating the catastrophic traffic jam, a new report claims.
An elite law firm hired in January by Christie himself to investigate how and why several traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge were closed last September did not find any evidence the governor was "involved in the plotting or directing of the lane closings," The New York Times reported Monday, citing people familiar with the inquiry.
The review, conducted by Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, which The Times reported has "close ties" to the Christie administration, included at least 70 interviews with staffers and cost more than $1 million — a fee that will be paid by New Jersey taxpayers.
Christie reportedly hired the firm so he could rely on his own internal review to parallel other outside investigations into his office. Those outside investigations — including ones being run by the New Jersey Legislature and the U.S. Attorney's Office — are ongoing.
Christie, The Times reported, provided unfettered access to his personal iPhone and telephone records and allowed investigators to look through his work and personal email accounts.
Lawyers also interviewed Christie himself, every current senior Christie staffer and several key officials at the Port Authority.
The Daily News is a liberal newspaper so they have their own spin to it.
But there has been no evidence provided by anybody to show that Christie knew about the traffic jam problems.
And even if he did, so what?
It certainly pales in comparison to Hilary Clinton's Benghazigate where was responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans, including an ambassador.

Bad Day For UNLV?

From the LVRJ: Just when UNLV’s football program appeared to be building momentum after making the postseason for the first time in 13 years, the Rebels could get hit with penalties by the NCAA that might include a bowl ban.
UNLV might fall short of the minimum academic standard to be eligible for a bowl appearance when the NCAA releases the Academic Progress Rate, or APR, in June.
When asked whether the football program was in danger of facing NCAA penalties, UNLV athletic director Tina Kunzer-Murphy released a statement that read: “We are engaged in the APR process ahead of the June release by the NCAA. It’s an on-going process and there is nothing definitive to report at this point. We will have no further comment until the process is complete.”
Football coach Bobby Hauck was not made available for comment on this issue.
The APR uses a formula combining whether student-athletes for each sport were enrolled in school and eligible in both semesters. A perfect score would be 1,000, and the average school nationwide was 974 last year.
A school’s APR must average at least 930 over the past four academic years or 940 over the past two to be eligible for postseason play, such as a bowl or tournament appearance.
“In very simple language … it just means the school didn’t meet the requirement to compete in NCAA championships,” NCAA spokeswoman Meghan Durham wrote in an email. “Just as teams must win in competition to be eligible for championships, they now must also achieve in the classroom.”
UNLV had a four-year APR average of 932 when the numbers came out last June, but according to the NCAA website, that included an 891 mark in the 2011-12 academic year, the most recent reporting period. The team had reached 947 averages in each of the two previous years.
I guess the basketweaving courses these football plyers take just didn't work out for some of the players.

Just Plain Stupid

From UPI: Budweiser wants the White House to take us all out to the ball game on Opening Day.
The St. Louis beer company's White House petition to have the first day of the season declared a national holiday reached the minimum threshold of 100,000 signatures required for a response from the administration on Friday, several days ahead of the 30-day deadline. "There's no denying the passion that baseball fans have for America's national pastime," said former St. Louis Cardinals shortstop and Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith, the campaign's spokesperson. "The more than 100,000 people who signed the petition are just a fraction of the 1.3 million who will attend Opening Day games this year. The day is already an unofficial holiday, but now it's time to make it official." While the White House has a self-imposed 60-day window to respond to any petitions that hit the 100,000 signature mark, Tom Kraus, the director Budweiser Brand Marketing at Anheuser-Busch InBev, said the conversation is already underway to get an answer before Opening Day arrives next Monday, March 31. "No doubt everybody would love to have a day off," Kraus said. "But the real goal is having the White House recognize this effort and proclaim it a national day of observance. That really just recognizes how powerful Opening Day itself is across the country. That's the ultimate win."
Read more:
Well, Opening Day is important to cities that have a major league baseball team.  But that is only 27 cities (3 cities have 2 teams) and not all teams have opening days on the same day.
And are we going have a national celebration for the opening kickoff for the NFL season.
Just a stupid idea.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Call Me Skeptical

From Fox News: Chinese family members of those aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Monday called the airline and the nation's government the "true murderers" of the plane's victims, accusing authorities of concealing facts after the flight vanished.
Around 10 family members calling themselves the “committee for family of passengers of MH370” spoke to the media at a press conference from the Beijing hotel where relatives have been staying for the past two weeks since the flight vanished, Reuters reported. The statement came after Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, citing a new analysis of satellite data, said the plane had likely crashed in the southern Indian Ocean.
"Their attempts at searching (the plane) wasted a large amount of human power and resources, losing the most valuable time for rescuing them,” an unidentified relative of one of the flight’s passengers said. “If we are to remember our 154 relatives, we have lost their precious lives. So Malaysia Airlines, the Malaysian government and the Malaysian military are the true murderers of our family members.”
The response comes as authorities turn to locating the wreckage and the plane’s black box, although Australian officials said they were suspending search efforts on Tuesday due to poor weather conditions in the area.
Razak gave no indication of exactly where in the Indian Ocean the plane was last heard from, but searchers have sighted possible debris in an area about 1,240 miles outhwest of Perth, and he said more details would be released Tuesday.
Call me skeptical, but I don't believe they have found the wreckage or even parts of wreckage.  There is so much junk in the oceans that floating.  We still have a lot of junk floating in the oceans from the Japanese tsunami a few years ago. 
I also doubt that the plane would be able to travel that far and no one able to call for help.  During the 9/11 attacks, flight attendants were able to call their dispatch center even though the the Muslim terrorists were in control of the plane and turned off the plane's transponders and other electrical equipment.
So, call me a skeptic, but I think this is more false information being thrown out of there.

It Keeps On Getting Worse in Washington State

From Yahoo News: The number of people listed as missing from a devastating Washington state landslide that has killed at least 14 people rose on Monday to 176 from 108, Snohomish County emergency management director John Pennington said.
"The 176 I believe very strongly is not going to be a number that we're going to see in fatalities, I think it's going to drop dramatically," Pennington said, adding that there appear to be duplicates in some of those people reported missing.;_ylt=AwrTWVXx5DBTL2MAWn7QtDMD
Even if the number is 1/3 of the 176, it will be a huge natural disaster, not that it isn't already.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Afterall, It's All About Him

When those of us on the right complained about all the travelling President Obama and his family have done, those on the left could only say "Bush, Bush, Bush".
Well, more evidence that Obama has abused the presidential office regarding travel more than any other president in history.
From Breitbart: President Barack Obama has spent more time traveling abroad than other U.S. president in history at this point in their presidencies, according to a forthcoming study from the National Taxpayer Union Foundation (NTUF) provided exclusively to Breitbart News ahead of its public release.
“The most internationally well-traveled President, through five years, is also flying the most expensive-to-operate Air Force One to date,” NTUF wrote.
After five years in the White House, Obama has taken 31 trips for a total of 119 days abroad. At that point in George W. Bush’s presidency, Bush had taken 28 trips for 116 days, while Bill Clinton had taken 27 trips for 113 days. Ronald Reagan, after five years, had taken 14 trips for 73 days while Richard Nixon had taken 12 trips for 60 days after five years in the White House and Lyndon Johnson took 10 trips for 34 days at the half-decade mark. Dwight Eisenhower took 8 trips for 31 days after five years in the White House.
Citing a recent report in the Washington Examiner that found through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that taxpayers are on the hook for about $228,288 per Air Force One flight hour in 2013, a 27 percent increase from the previously confirmed cost of $179,750 per fight hour that NTUF used in its last study, the taxpayer watchdog concludes that Obama’s flights have cost taxpayers more than any other president.
“Taken on its own, the $48,535 jump may not sound all that significant,” NTUF added about the cost increase for Air Force One. “However, when trips are many thousands of miles and span several time zones and continents, the difference can quickly add up.”
NTUF estimates that Obama’s trip to Europe and the Middle East “will likely involve about 29 hours of total travel time, assuming a cruising speed of 575 mph between Washington, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, and Riyadh, and then back to D.C.” That amount, the group says, is going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars.
“Using the previous estimate, the total cost of flying Air Force One between those international cities would be about $5,212,750,” NTUF wrote. “Using the new data, the cost comes out to $6,620,352.”
NTUF added that those amounts are just estimates, and the actual cost is likely to be higher. “While these figures are approximations, and do not account for the additional (and likely greater) expenses of transporting the President’s Secret Service and diplomatic entourage, backup aircraft, land vehicles, and advance security teams, it goes to show that higher Air Force One operational costs substantially change the budgetary magnitude of these trips,” NTUF wrote.
And the trips keep on coming.  Michelle Obama is in China with the kids right now, for a trip that will cost a million or 2 dollars.
And our most transparent president and his staff have not put up his schedule for the next few days/weeks.

Women Aren'tTe Only One's Stupid about Implants

From the New York Daily News: A New Jersey woman who police say injected a man’s penis with silicone, resulting in his death, has been charged with manslaughter.
The Essex County prosecutor’s office says 34-year-old Kasia Rivera gave 22-year-old Justin Street the injection on May 5. Such injections often are used to enlarge body parts, such as the buttocks.
Street died the day after his injection. His death was ruled a homicide following an investigation and a medical examiner’s determination he died of a silicone embolism.
Rivera also faces charges for the unauthorized practice of medicine. She was arrested Friday and is being held on $75,000 bail. It’s unclear if she has a lawyer. No telephone listing could be found for her home in East Orange.
What can go wrong with a non-doctor giving a man a silicone implant in his penis in a dirty place in New Jersey?
Oh well, another Darwin award nominee and another idiot removed from the gene pool.

Pawn Stars Review: March 13, 2014

Thanks again for your patience, as I have fell behind in watching the show.
The week's previous show was half way decent as their story lines were only about 10 seconds long and somewhat entertaining.
In the news, The Gold and Silver Shop took in some stolen gold coins and then melted them down.  At the time, they did not know the coins were stolen because the coins were not reported stolen.
From Fox News: The famed Gold and Silver Pawn shop, featured on History Channel’s hit series “Pawn Stars,” may have melted down a precious coin collection that was allegedly stolen from a man by his niece.
A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed to FOX411 that a criminal complaint was filed in Clark County Justice Court back in November 2013 by David Walters, whose said his coin collection was taken from a family member’s home by his niece, Jennifer Beckman.
Walters filed the complaint after he realized the coins were missing on Nov. 27, the rep said.
But a police office did not contact Gold and Silver Pawn until Dec. 5 to inform the store the coins were stolen, and by then they were long gone.
In Rick's book, A License To Pawn", he says they wait 30 days before they sell it.  From Rick's book: "By law, any item I purchase or take on pawn must sit in the shop for a 30-day waiting period while it is cleared by the police as not stolen". (page 4)
If the story is true and Rick is not lying in his book, then it seems the Gold and Silver shop are in a bit of trouble, civil and possibly criminal.
In the first episode, the story line started as Corey left opened a jewelry because his neighbors were keeping him up with their partying and Corey supposedly didn't sleep for three days.  The Old Man suggest a shot of bourbon.  Not exactly a good suggestion, considering Corey is a former drug addict.  In the end, Corey fell asleep in the Old Man's chair, which the Old Man did not like.
I guess they are back to their stupid story lines.

The first guy brought in German 2 Hand Sword.  The sword was 67 inches long, about 5 1/2 feet long and it was made in 1628.  Even though the sword was large, it only weighed around 10 pounds.  The guy wanted $22,000 and time for an expert, Craig who said the sword was real and worth about $13,000.  That's not what the seller wanted to hear.  Rick offered $10,000 and the guy wanted $18,000.  Rick offered $11,000 and there was no sale.

The next guy brought a set of 1933 baseball cards.  Each one was sealed in a plastic case and in pretty good shape, for the most part .  The cards were autographed and they were graded.  The guy wanted $100 apiece and he had 23 cards.  Time for an expert, Jeremy.  He said they were worth about $1500 and Corey offered $400.  The guy came down to $1000 and Corey offered $600 and that was the sale price.

The next guy brought in a letter to Marilyn Monroe telling her she was fired from acting.
When the guy was telling Rick the story about the letter, you can hear a director yell cut.
The letter was from 1947, before she hit it big and it was from 20th Century Fox.  A year later, she was signed by United Artists.  The letter was authenticated.  The guy wanted $30,000.  Rick offered $8,000 and then $10,000 and the guy went down to $25,000 and there was no sale.
In the 2nd episode, the story line is about the store's web site.  Chumlee offered to create a new web site.  The Old Man said the Internet is a fad and will go away soon.  Chumlee and the web designer met at the store and Chumlee wanted a different kind of web site with games and a dating site.  Rick wanted an e-commerce web site.  Rick won out.
Here is their web site:
Rick had a root canal done and the Old Man yelled at Rick for not coming back to work after the dental work.

The first guy brought in 2 Reid knucklebusters, a small revolver/brass knuckle.  It was a 32 caliber pistol and held 5 bullets.  The guy wanted $5000 for the both of them.  Time for an expert, Rick.  Rick offered $3000 and the guy came down to $4500.  Rick went to $4000 and walked away.  Corey said ok at $4100 and that was the deal.

The next guy brought in 1960 NFL yearbook.  It originally cost 50 cents.  The guy wanted $50 and Rick offered $20 and that was the selling price.

The next guy brought in a Navy World War 2 Embalming kit.  Rick was a bit creeped out, especially when a sponge came out.  The kit looked like it was used.  I'm surprised that Rick didn't ask his dad about it since it came from the Navy.  The guy wanted $2000 and Rick didn't give an offer.  No sale.
That's the end of the show.  Thanks for stopping by and I am almost caught up.  Maybe by next weekend, I will catch up.