Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares Success And Failure List

I like to watch Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares for a couple of reasons.  First, it keeps me from going out to restaurants and when i do go out, it makes me aware of the cleanliness or how dirty a restaurant can be.  It also shows that there needs to be more over site of restaurants by the health departments.
Quora.com has a list of the restaurants that have been on the show and if the restaurants are still open.  For instance:
USS01E01 - Peter's - Babylon, New York   **closed**
S01E02 - Dillon's - New York, New York   **renamed Purnima, closed**
S01E03 - Mixing Bowl - Bellmore, New York   **closed**
S01E04 - Seascape - Islip, New York   **sold**  **Closed**
S01E05 - Olde Stone Mill - Tuckahoe, New York **Sold**
S01E06 - Sebastian's - Toluca Lake, California   **closed**
S01E07 - Finn McCool's - Westhampton, New York  **Sold**
S01E08 - Lela's - Pomona, California   **closed**
S01E09 - Campania - Fair Lawn, New Jersey  **sold, then closed** 3 years later
S01E10 - Secret Garden - Moorpark, California

S02E01 - Handlebar - Mount Sinai, New York   **closed**
S02E02 - Giuseppe's - Macomb Township, Michigan   **closed**
S02E03 - Trobiano's - Great Neck, New York   **closed**
S02E04 - Black Pearl - New York, New York   **closed**
S02E05 - J Willy's - South Bend, Indiana   **closed**
S02E06 - Hannah & Mason's - Cranbury, New Jersey   **closed**
S02E07 - Jack's Waterfront - St. Clair Shores, Michigan   **closed**
S02E08 - Sabatiello's - Stamford, Connecticut   **closed**
S02E09 - Fiesta Sunrise - West Nyack, New York   **closed**
S02E10 - Santé La Brea - Los Angeles, California **closed**
S02E11 - Cafe 36 - La Grange, Illinois   **closed**

Most of the restaurants have been total disasters before Ramsey got to the restaurant and to even save 1 or 2 restaurants is a pleasant surprise.
Even though Ramsey is opening a new restaurant in Las Vegas soon, he hasn't done a Kitchen Nightmare show here, yet...  Let's hope I don't see any of my favorite restaurants on the show.


  1. Thanks for the compilation. It is certainly a reflection on the state of the restaurants and not Gordon Ramsey's abilities. Sad for people, you cannot really change them. Their restaurants got to that state because of who they are and not what someone else is.

  2. These owners are dysfunctional. On tonight's show they are in the hole $300K. Ramsey cannot save this sinking ship. Most are years overdue for psychotherapy.

  3. I don't think its fair to blame Gordon Ramsay. These restaurants are terrible to begin with, otherwise they would not need him to come in. Having watched most of the shows, most of these owners are inept, have no business sense, and no culinary sense whatsoever. Some restaurants we filthy, unhealthy and had terrible staff. They deserve to go out of business.

  4. Gordon Ramsay is an intelligent Chef among Chefs. He could do everything right and still not be able to save these restaurants due to their poor management. If you can't run a restaurant don't even think of getting into this business.

  5. Its not rameseys fault its ignorance if they would stick to the plan he lays out its mainly common sence for experienced and a lot of them are inexperienced but they are also stubborn and thick headed gordon is there for a week and does a dam good job in that week even some are closed there are some that are still going and probably going to for a long time

  6. The idea is " let's save a restaurant"........ FAIL

  7. what about the restaurants that are still opened. YOU need to add that list too

    1. He did. There are none. This is NOT a statistical fact but it "appears" Gordon is running about 98% failure rate. That may be generous.
      Not blaming "Gordo". Black Pearl...closed.

  8. When you get your blog, you can do that.

  9. so u must have owned one of these restaurants cus i cannot believe that every single one tanked after a complete revamp by G Ramsey, come on, not one of them still open for business?? I know t.v is fake but fuck you!!! With each of those places he gave those dumb bastards a chance to be really successful and none of them took it? Better yet he didn't buy them out for pennies on his salary and make some extra cash?? That notion is stupid and i can only guess your just a hater of the show, so please stfu, and i believe as Gordon would say, " Your a Fucking PIG!!! Go Fuck Yourself!!!""

    1. Wow, you're a fucking moron.

  10. Anonymous May 6 @ 3:31pm don't be so hard on him or her.
    Got a feeling his or her restaurant may be next.
    You can't fix stupid and you, can't rescue sinking rocks and you sure as hell can't teach a chimp to run a restaurant...well maybe you can for a little while.

  11. The fact that even before Gordon Ramsay shows up, the restaurants on this show are already hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, needs to be considered. Ramsay is not some magician that can just walk in and suddenly make all your debt disappear and turn your restaurant into some successful Michelin starred one. As another anon mentioned, he can't "save a sinking ship". Yes, the goal of Kitchen Nightmares is to give failing restaurants a second chance, but that depends greatly on the staff itself and how they decide to take Ramsay's advice (Note: Black Pearl Episode... David.. yikes!)

    I feel that the true point of Kitchen Nightmares is to give the failing restaurants enough of a second chance so that they can either sell their restaurant to redeem themselves or at least make back a small portion of what they lost and sort of "get themselves back on their feet". The fact that Ramsay could even turn around some of these restaurants, even for a day or two, is incredible. Especially with out incompetent and inept most of the owners are... they got heart, but no skill.

  12. All i hope for is that those god awful bastards from Amys bakery to go out of buisness. Those people where terible, and that Amy bitch had no clue.

  13. Suppose any of these restaurants that Gordon Ramsay works on were considered as just opening, with only the debts of starting business, not any debts from continuing losses. Statistics say 25% would fail in a year, 45% within two years, and only 40% would remain open after three years. With that as a standard, and considering that they are on life support when he arrives, Ramsay's cases don't do all that bad. And reports give me the impression that most of the subsequent failures are due to backsliding by the owners. It would be silly to blame Gordon Ramsay for that.

  14. This is just from the forst 2 seasons. He has 6. He is actually running at about 50 % do some fuckin research.

    1. If u did your research , then put it on like the other gentleman did, do not write without anything without proof.

  15. I've enjoyed watching the show, but after two dozen or so episodes, I'm noticing that it's pure formula. Restaurant in crisis. Owners are assholes. New menu. New decor. Heart to heart talk with owners in which life-long assholes turn into reasonable, mature adults. Too much high drama for me, which I strongly suspect is encouraged by the producers to jack up the intensity of the show. Hard for me to believe that all the people who ASKED FOR HIS HELP are so rude and resistant and obstinate. Methinks a lot of them just wanted to be on TV and would jump through whatever hoops were required.