Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Guess What Gets You Carded In Arizona?

Maybe I Am The Only Silly Enough To Think Of This

Maybe this issue is far to easy to figure out?
Thousands of people die each year of drug overdoses in the United States.
And prisons have problems getting drugs to execute thugs on death row.
So, why don't the prisons get the drugs that kills people on the streets and use them to execute thugs?
Probably too easy so I am there is a catch somewhere.

And That's A Wrap At Kmart

After almost 3 years working at the Kingman, AZ Kmart, I up and quit today.
It got to be too much to being all the heavy, hot and hard jobs while kids who 2 to 3 times younger than me get the easy jobs in the air conditioning
Also, what bothered me even more than my problems is what they did to a kid on Friday. They made him work inside a hot truck trailer unloading the truck for 4 straight hours with no break and they didn't supply him with water.  Needless to say, the kid ended up with severe heat exhaustion and had to go the hospital for several hours to get IV treatment and b re a thing problems.
So, I'm done with abuse of employees by the store manager along with her lies.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Possible Minneapolis Cop Terrorist Attack?

On the surface, this is one of most bizarre police shootings in recent memory.
From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:
The Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed Justine Damond in the alley behind her home Saturday night has been identified as officer Mohamed Noor. Meanwhile, state investigators have confirmed that they did not find any weapons at the scene.
Noor, 31, joined the department in March 2015 as the first Somali police officer to patrol the 5th Precinct in southwest Minneapolis, according to a city newsletter. He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Augsburg College. Before joining the department, he worked in property management in commercial and residential properties in Minneapolis and St. Louis, Mo....
Three sources with knowledge of the incident said Sunday that two officers in one squad car, responding to the 911 call, pulled into the alley. Damond, in her pajamas, went to the driver's side door and was talking to the driver. The officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot Damond through the driver's side door, sources said. http://m.startribune.com/minneapolis-police-officer-who-shot-killed-woman-identified/434975623/?section=%2Fl
Normally, when there  is a police shooting the cops are out there with a narrative of what happened with a few hours.  Usually, thete is a confrontation between the cops and the thug and this case you have a middle age woman in her pajamas talking with the driver of the police car.
The only other possible scenario would be that shooter cop was playing or reckless with his gun and it discharged.
Either case, it is truly bizarre and an innocent woman was killed.

Best Driver In Town?

This German Shepherd probably out drive 3/4s of the drivers in town.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

PT Barnum Was Right

The great circus man famously said "There is a sucker born every minute."
And true it is in Kingman AZ with the local Kmart closing.
The last few days we have been swamped because our store is closing Oct. 1.
They think they are getting a good deal with 10 to 30% off of every item.
But if these same people actually wanted to save more money, they could have saved 40-60% or more when we actually had really sales...not the pretend sale going on now.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Another Reason Why Healthcare Cost So Much In The U.S.

From the Washington Post:   More than 400 people across the country have been charged with participating in health care fraud scams totaling about $1.3 billion in false billings, including for the prescription and distribution of opioids.
In what federal officials Thursday called the “largest ever health care fraud enforcement action” by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, 412 individuals, including 115 doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals, were arrested in a nationwide operation that involved more than 1,000 law enforcement agents in at least 30 states.
“One American dies of a drug overdose every 11 minutes and more than 2 million Americans are ensnared in addiction to prescription painkillers,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said at a news conference. “We will continue to find, arrest, prosecute, convict and incarcerate fraudsters and drug dealers wherever they are.”
Sessions said the operation began with tips from people in the affected communities and from “very sophisticated computer programs that identify outliers.”
The investigation particularly focused on medical professionals who were involved in the unlawful distribution of opioids and other prescription narcotics, officials said. The abuse of pharmaceutical opioids is widely blamed for a medical crisis involving tens of thousands of overdoses on heroin and fentanyl....
Among the 412 defendants, 120 were charged with opioid-related crimes. Six of the doctors were charged with operating a scheme in Michigan to prescribe patients with unnecessary opioids, some of which were then sold on the street. The doctors allegedly billed Medicare for $164 million in false and fraudulent claims, according to federal officials.
A clinic in Houston allegedly gave out prescriptions for cash. Officials said one doctor at the clinic provided 12,000 opioid prescriptions for over two million illegal painkiller doses. And a rehab facility for drug addicts in Palm Beach that is alleged to have recruited addicts with gift cards, visits to strip clubs and drugs billed the government for over $58 million in false treatments and tests.
“Narcotics officers have arrested schoolteachers, doctors, nurses and fellow law enforcement personnel,” said acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. “Many who succumb to the lure of the opioid high are kids…In some cases, we had addicts packed into standing-room only waiting rooms, waiting for those prescriptions.”...
“Health care fraud is a reprehensible crime,” said Health and Human Services Inspector General Daniel Levinson. “It not only represents a theft from taxpayers who fund these vital programs, but impacts the millions of Americans who rely on Medicare and Medicaid.”
Obviously, if those arrested gave out illegal prescriptions, then they should be prosecuted, especially the Palm Beach clinic where they bribed patients to go there.  Bribes will not help those addicted.
However, I have no sympathy for those who overdosed on the pills.  They chose to overdose, probably to get a high or try to relieve the pain they in.  I feel for the families or friends but not the dead.  They chose their path in life, gambled and lost.  And I say this as a person who does need pain meds to be able to work or even sleep.

The New McDonalds??

From the Leicester (UK) Mercury: A McDonald's restaurant in Leicestershire is set to introduce table service as part of a major store revamp.
Hungry customers will also be able to place their order at a digital kiosk and surf the web on free to use tablets.
The fast food joint in Lountside, Ashby, is set to create between 25 and 30 jobs in the digital makeover.

The fast food place is introducing the following:
  • Four self-order kiosks - which will also allow customers to personalise their meals
  • Table service
  • New digital menu boards
  • Introduction of in-store tablets
  • Improving the staff room
The franchise owner said that these changes will also lead to more staff in front of the counter to help people use the self-order kiosks and digital menus.

Read more at http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/table-service-to-be-introduced-at-county-mcdonald-8217-s-as-part-of-major-digital-revamp/story-30438827-detail/story.html#MXVhW0psbk728jRx.99
I've tried a fast food kiosk once and failed miserably and will never try it again.
So, if you get table service, do you tip the server?


Poster Of The Day: A Sudden Realization

Compliments of Commonsense Evaluation:  http://www.commonsenseevaluation.com/#sthash.CCsNVNsJ.dpbs

Hippos 3000 Humans 27

Ok, I didn't know this.
From Fox News: A large number of hippopotamuses have been killed in the western part of Niger after villagers blamed them for destroying crops and livestock.
In Ayorou, which attracts a great deal of tourists, at least 27 hippos have been destroyed, authorities said. 
The "massacre ...started in March and then assumed dramatic proportions" mainly in island settlements on the Niger river, Jando Rhichi Algaher, told the Agence France-Presse....
Despite this particular species of hippopotamus being protected, they are dangerous creatures. Approximately 3,000 people are killed each year by hippos, according to data compiled by Mother Nature Network.   http://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/07/13/27-hippos-massacred-in-african-village-after-crop-livestock-destruction.html
I never realized hippos kill that many people,  I mean, they are so fat but they can run fast, up to 19mph on their stubby little legs.  They probably lure victims into a false sense of security and then stomp or bite the humans.
I'm pretty sure this does not happen:

Add Any Liberal To This

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


This hurts to even read this article.
From the Kingman Daily Miner:  A 19-year-old Bullhead City resident allegedly shot his own sexual organ July 10 by accident.
According to a Mohave County Sheriff’s Office press release, the man was driving on State Route 95 between Aztec and El Rodeo roads with his firearm unsecured in the front of his pants. He allegedly grabbed the firearm and it discharged, according to the report.
He was airlifted from Valley View Medical Center to Sunrise Medical Center in Las Vegas due to a wound to his organ.  https://kdminer.com/news/2017/jul/11/bullhead-city-man-accidentally-shoots-self-groin-h/
My guess is he had thoughts of becoming trans-gendered, he is probably half way there.

Sad Day For The Marines

From MS News Now: According to the U.S. Naval Institute, the crash of a KC-130T in LeFlore County, Mississippi is the deadliest Marine Corps aviation mishap since 2005.
Sixteen people were killed, including 15 Marines and one Navy Corpsman.
According to a Marine Corps spokesperson, the marine aircraft was a KC-130T from Marine Aerial Refueling and Transport Squadron (VMGR) 452, Marine Air Group-49, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Forces Reserve based in New York. The flight originated from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., as the squadron was taking personnel and equipment from there to Naval Air Field El Centro, California.
The aircraft was transporting six Marines and one Navy sailor from Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command and their associated equipment for routine small unit pre-deployment training at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz. All seven were from the Camp Lejeune-based 2d Marine Raider Battalion.
It's not clear yet where the other marines were based.
"Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire MARSOC family at this time," said the MARSOC chief of staff. "The incredible demands of this dangerous and demanding calling forge some of the tightest unit and family bonds found in the U.S. military. This loss impacts us all."   
According to Naval Air Systems, this plane is one of only 26 in the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy inventory. 
The aircraft crashed in Leflore County just off Highway 82 on Monday evening and according to Leflore Co. EOC, had structural failure at 20,000 feet.
The plane is believed to have exploded in mid-air. Investigators said they found debris on both sides of the highway, leading them to believe an explosion happened prior to the crash.
Equipment on board the plane included various small arms ammunition and personal weapons. An Explosive Ordinance Disposal team was called out to the scene as a precaution.
The identities of the victims are not being released yet to allow time for loved ones to be notified appropriately.
The Marine Corps said that while they are still investigating the details of the crash, their primary focus is to provide the necessary support and resources to friends, family, and service members who are going through this difficult time.  http://www.msnewsnow.com/story/35851293/update-16-people-on-board-military-c-130-killed-in-leflore-county-plane-crash
One cannot imagine the horror if anybody lived from the explosion, had to plummet 20,000 feet to their deaths
RIP to the Marines and Sailor and prayers to their families, friends and communities.

Why I don't Post About The Washington D.C. Going On's.

I've been tempted to post about the going on's in Washington D.C..
But here is why I don't:
1.  The democrats scream and scream and say nothing.
2. The GOP cower in the corner so concerned what the popular kids think of them.
3.  President Trump continues to kick butt and tweet stupid things while the liberals take everything so seriously.

So, in other words, nothing has changed since January 20, 2017.
So, what's the point in posting the same thing, different day?

How Are My 2017 Predictions For 2017 Going So Far?

A little more than 6 months have gone by and I was wondering how my predictions for 2017 are going.
Well, here is the list and the results so far:
In the past few years I have offered up my predictions for the upcoming year. Not to brag, but I am actually pretty good at it, averaging just over 50%, far better than most so called experts.
So, after a beer or 4, here goes my predictions for 2017:
1. Green Bay will play in the Super Bowl. Close but false
2. New England Patriots will play in the Super Bowl. True and they won
3. Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl champs. Sadly, no.
4. My NBA team the Milwaukee Bucks will make the playoffs. Yes, true
5. The Bucks will go out in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs. Yep, went out in the 1st round
6. My baseball team , the Milwaukee Brewers will win 79 games, give or take 5 games.  At the all star break, the are way ahead and they are in first place.
7. The Chicago Cubs will not repeat as World Series champs. Pretty sure that ain't  happening.
8. The Cleveland Indians will go to the World Series. Perhaps
9. Sears/Kmart will close an additional 50 stores this year, not including the stores already announced in the past several weeks. Sadly  this is true, including my store that I work at.
10. ObamaCare will be severely crippled by the end of the year. Yep
11. At least 100 miles of a fence or wall will be built or refurbished on the Southern border in 2017. Not happening
12. President Trump's approval rating will be within 3 percentage points of 50%. This is true depending on the poll

13. There will be at least 1 legitimate assassination attempt on Trump will be tried. Thankfully,  not yet.

14. There will be at least 1 Muslim terrorist attack in North America that kills 25 people in 2017.  Thankfully no
15. There will be at least 1 Muslim terrorist attack in Europe that will will kill at least 50 people.  22 in 1 killing
16. Angela Merkel will lose her job as German Chancellor of Germany. Looking good now.
17. All of President Trump's nominees for his cabinet will be confirmed. No one was voted down so true.
18. There will be slightly fewer murders in Chicago in 2017. So far it is true
19. A member of the U.S. Congress will pass away.  Close but not yet

20. There will be a 2nd Supreme Court vacancy in 2017. Not yet
21. It will take Congress 6 months to approve approve President Trump's first Supreme Court justice.  Nope, just 3 months
22. Liverpool will win the English Premier League soccer title. 3rd place
23. Barring a natural disaster, gas prices will remain below $3 a gallon in the U.S.. So far. way below
24. Russell Westbrook will the NBA MVP.  Yep
25. Hillary will not be indicted in 2017. Not yet
26. 1 former U.S. President will pass away. A few are close
27. Mosul will be freed by Iraq and their allies. Yea, yes
28. Queen Elizabeth survives 2017. So far
29. CNN ratings will be below MSNBCS ratings for most of 2017. I think that's right
I will add a few more but need to get the Packers predictions before the game starts.
Feel fee to add your own predictions.

So, of the 29 predictions I made,  11 have already come true.  Not too bad compared to psychics and political professional talking heads.

Don't Buy Total Wireless/Verizon Cell Phones/Plans

Today, after losing my other Tracphone, I purchased a cheap phone ($20 on sale) from Total Wireless.  I bought this because I get a whole lot more data and unlimited text and talk for $35 a month and an extra 3 GB of data for $10, which is really good compared to Tracphone which is $10 for 1GB.
So, I try to set up the phone from home, thinking, it shouldn't be any problems.
They give you a phone number to call to activate the phone and purchase the plans.
I call the phone and all it is are advertisements for different rip off companies and after listening for 15 minutes, I get to the end and then they say that the phone number I called doesn't work in my calling area and they gave me a new phone number to call.
So, I call that same number and I get the same advertisements from the previous number and they turn around and tell me this phone doesn't work and call the number I first called.
Going in circles and circles.
So, I had to go to the library and go on their web site and activate the phone.
And of course, the phone died.
More circles.
Total Wireless is owned by Verizon so I wouldn't trust Verizon and their plans and phone any further than I can throw the fat lady from the circus.
So, you can buy Total Wireless and go in circles and circles.
Or buy a phone and plan from some other reputable company.
So, in honor of of all the circles, Total and Verizon, here is a video from the late great Harry Chapin and Circle:

Monday, July 10, 2017

Wow, About Time

Finally after at least 3 months, Kingman, AZ finally got some rain.  It poured for about 15 minutes and the suddenlt stopped.
But then it became darn humid.  I'd rather have 110 degree heat with 10% humidity than 85 and 40% humidity.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Kingman Kmart Closing

Well, this sucks for me and about 50 other people.
The Kingman Kmart is closing about October 1st. The reason, of course, is bad sales.
I work at the Kmart and the only reason we stayed open were tourists passing through in Route 66 and truckers because we have a truck stop next store.
Another reason for the shut down are the managers from corporate down to the store managers.  We had nothing in stock that people wanted and many times items that are damaged are put on the shelves.  Store managers, while nice, were in fear of the district manager and above and they were having us do stupid things like set up a shelf a certain way and the next day, gave the shelf or area be completely redone.
The district manager, a moron named Bob is the most at fault. Within a month, he has had 3 of his stores shut down. Not exactly a sign of competence.  And the a-hole didn't even have the balls to tell us in person.
Also, the Kingman Kmart just didn't connect to our community.  They never donated items to charity nor donate money to charities.
Now, about 50 people will be out of a job. While some are retirees and others have a another part time, like myself, the vast majority desperately need this job.
I will be OK because I work part time at Home Depot and my hours can increase. Others cannot.
So, more incompetence by Kmart managers lead to another Kmart closing.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

NYPD Cop Assinatated

Very sad.
From the NY Post:  The police officer who was shot in the head while sitting in a police vehicle in the Bronx early Wednesday has died according to law enforcement sources. The officer has been identified as 48-year-old Miosotis Familia.
A suspect came up and blasted Familia through the window without warning, sources said.
“It was an attempted cop assassination,” one law enforcement source told The Post.
The suspect approached at 12:30 a.m. as Familia sat inside a temporary headquarters vehicle at East 183rd Street and Morris Avenue in Fordham Heights, according to sources.
The suspect has been identified as Alexander Bonds, 34. Cops say he was on parole for a 2014 robbery in Syracuse. http://nypost.com/2017/07/05/nypd-officer-shot-on-duty-in-critical-condition/
While obviosly the thig shooter is the most responsible for the murder but you also have to add in the anti-thugs that helped contribute to this murder.  Chief among the vile anti-police crowd is the racist, bigot, hate monger and plagerist from the NY Daily News.  He is a supporter of the terrorist group, Black Lives Don't Matter.  While the murderer is a thig with a gun King is an illiterate thug who plays on the computer pretending to be a professional writer.   King shares substantial responsibiliry for this police officer's death.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

New York Daily News Is A Propagana Organ For North Korea

It's  shame that the New York Daily News loves North Korea more than the United States.
But then the New York Daily News hires bigots, racists, haters, facists, liars, plagerists and child rapists. (I heard the owner of the Daily News, Mort Zuckerman, is a child rapist.  The source was anyomous and it was only 1 source, so it must be true.
But check out this gallery from the Nerws on everyday life in North Korea.  Of course what is missing are the pictures of the prison torture rooms, the secret police, the poverty,  the starvation and other horrors of North Korea,  which is run by the fat little boy.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Maybe Because It's Hot In Texas?

From Fire Rescue1: For nearly 20 years, more children have died in hot cars in Texas than anywhere else.
The problem is still puzzling to child advocates and researchers, despite the state’s large population and scorching temperatures.
“The child safety groups I work with and I all kind of scratch our heads at the big numbers in Texas,” said Jan Null, a San Jose State University meteorology instructor who tracks hot-car deaths on his website NoHeatStroke.org. “It’s especially been highlighted this year.” https://www.firerescue1.com/children/articles/281338018-Experts-cant-figure-out-why-Texas-has-most-child-hot-car-deaths/
I'm not sure but Texas is pretty hot almost the entire year. 
You think that may have something to do with it?
And people get paid to study this?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Just To Emphasize...

That a hooker in a legal brothel in Nevada has more professional credentials than a member of the media.
A hooker needs to undergo a background check, a medical exam and be licensed by the county they work in.
A member of the media?
Nothing. Not even a drug test, which mist would fail or even a mental health exam, which again, most would fail.
Members of the media you read, listen to or watch are not professionals in any way and that is how much credit ability they have.

Why The Media Are Not Professionals

The following jobs are jobs where you either need a college degree or be licensed:
Police officers, paramedics, firefighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses, CNAs, x-ray technologists, truck drivers, food handlers, bartenders, hookers in brothels in Nevada, teachers, teacher assistants, real estate agents, CPAs, priests, ministers, plumbers, carpenters, iron workers, architects, social workers, bus drivers, surveyors, building inspectors, dieticians, corrections officer, mortician, chef, waiter/waitress, school administrators, bus drivers, barber, hair stylists, 911 operators and dispatchers, cab drivers, hospital and nursing home administrators, veterinarian and techs, military officers, ship's captains, lawyer, paralegal, heavy equipment operator and the list goes on and on.
Missing from this list?
The media including supposed journalists, writers, editors, TV show hosts, bloggers and talk radio hosts, they don't need any kind of formal education nor are they licensed.
Koko the gorilla is no more a journalist than racist and alleged plagerist Shaun King of the NY Daily News.
So, to be blunt, someone who works for the media are not professionals and never have been.

Trump Being Trump

So, the liberal media snowflakes are all sooooo upset about President Trump bashing those in the media.
They are upset that President Trump is actually behaving like Donald Trump.
Why are they so surprised?
And it's about someone stood to the unprofessional members of the media.  The media acts Luke they can say whatever they want and we just have take it. President Trump has shown that you can fight back against these unprofessional going writers.


From the UK Daily: An Special Air Service (SAS)  soldier has drowned an ISIS fighter in a puddle during a tense battle to the death.
The troops were surrounded by approximately 50 ISIS militants yesterday close to Mosul in Northern Iraq as they had just withdrawn from an intelligence gathering mission, according to the Daily Star
In the ambush, soldiers fatally shot several militants before their ammunition ran out and they were forced to use their guns as battering rams, knives, wit and brute strength to defeat the enemy.  
One man even drowned an ISIS fighter in a puddle before picking up a stone which he smashed into another man's face. 
Sources told the Daily Star that they were convinced they were going to die in the battle, so they chose to 'go out fighting' in the hope that they would kill as many ISIS fighters as possible before they died. 
One source told The Daily Star: 'The SAS unit was trapped in a small river bed. They did a quick ammo check and realised they had less that 10 bullets left between them.
'They knew that if they were captured they would be tortured and decapitated.
Rather than die on their knees, they went for a soldier's death and charged the IS fighters who were moving along the river bed. They were screaming and swearing as they set about the terrorists.' 
The soldiers then used everything at their disposal in the desperate fight for their lives. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4658438/SAS-hero-drowned-ISIS-fighter-puddle.html
Assuming this hasn't been embellished, that is one heck of a way to fight.  How it must have been hell.