Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is There Anything That Tastes Better Than Hot Freshly Made Bread?

My lovely wife, Cathy, just baked another loaf of bread and it just came out of the oven.
Is there anything that smells or tastes better than a freshly made loaf of bread that comes straight out of the oven?
I didn't think so.

On The Same Obama Praises The Troops Overseas, Wisconsin Says To The Same Troops "Screw You"

From Fox 6 in Milwaukee: "About a year ago a new federal law mandated that states send absentee ballots to residents living overseas at least 45 days before the election. Because the Wisconsin primary is on September 14 that leaves only 42 days before the general election, which isn't enough time under federal law. Representative Stone says, "The federal government put us on notice over a year ago that these new rules were going to come into effect, and the government accountability board and the leadership of the legislatures really ignored that."The Accountability Board was counting on a waiver from the federal government, but it was denied. Now it's an open question as to how troops, and other Wisconsinites living abroad will vote. Representative Stone says, "You can't plan your life around the federal government saying you're going to be allowed to ignore the law."
So, the Democrats of Wisconsin (They own the legislator and the governor's office for several years)
So, in a very close election year in Wisconsin, with very tight governor's and U.S. Senate race, the Dem's have said to the troops over seas, screw you if you can't vote. After all, you are just the military and your vote doesn't count.
Considering the majority of military vote conservative and the Dem's knew the battle for Governor and senate would be tight, you don't think they did this on purpose, do you? Nahhhh.

h/t Badger Blogger http://badgerblogger.com/

$7,000,000,000 For A New Fire Station And That Is A Good Deal?

The City of Las Vegas just finished building a $7,000,000 fire station in conjunction with CSN and the taxpayers should be so thrilled that they got this fire station at a bargain, according to City and CSN officials.
From the Las Vegas Sun: The new, almost $7 million station, which was completed under budget, sits on the edge of CSN's Charleston Campus and across from Bonanza High School at the intersection of Torrey Pines Drive and Oakey Boulevard.
"This is a bargain for taxpayers," CSN President Michael Richards said. "This is a deal."

Well, for such a deal, the firefighters get this:
The station includes three classrooms for use by CSN students, including those in the fire science program, an upgraded exercise room for firefighters and more spacious kitchen, living room and dormitory areas for the crews who work in rotating 24-hour shifts.
And the public gets what? The shaft?
First, why do the firefighters need a spacious kitchen, living room and dormitory areas? Sorry, but the firefighters are at the station for about 18 hours a day or less, up to 3 days a week. They don't live there. (18 hours a day is a guess, based on training schedules, emergency calls, inspections etc- it's probably much less than that)
The firefighters don't need luxury or spacious areas. They need a bunk room and if there a females, a separate area for them, a shower and bathroom area, a normal sized kitchen, the bay areas where they park the rigs, a training room and a living room area. They need a few more things like an officer quarters and a work area so they can work on the trucks, fill air tanks, work on equipment etc. I am undecided about a work out area as I feel firefighters need to stay in shape but they should do it on their own time. But if the firefighters or their union want to pay for the equipment, I have no problem with that.
With CSN in there, they need a few classrooms, equipment and work areas. I don't know if a training fire tower is thrown in there, but the City already has fire towers at their training facility, at Mojave and Bonanza.
But $7,000,000 for a fire station and some classrooms is just too much money to spend in this economy and declining tax revenues. But then we are building a huge mob museum and city hall, $7,000,000 is just blip on the radar if you are into big spending.

50 Richest Members In Congress

The Hill listed the top 50 federal legislators who are the rich members of congress.
27 are Democrats and 23 are Republicans. The richest is John Kerry at about $188 million.
Shelly Berkley of Nevada is 45th with a wealth of $6.3 million.
It doesn't surprise me that there more rich Democrats than Republicans after all, the Dem's hold a huge advantage in the number of members of the House and Senate. When the GOP overtakes the Dem's, I am sure that the numbers will be reversed.
Surprisingly, Herb Kohl, of Wisconsin, is not on the list, even though he owns the Milwaukee Bucks and has significant wealth. However, by the way the Hill calculates wealth here, it shows that Kohl is in debt by $2 million dollars, so these stats can be taken in more than 1 way.
And with all this wealth, no wonder the members of Congress don't understand what the majority of Americans feel and see how terrible the economy is. Most of the members of Congress with wealth have no clue what it is to suffer in today's economy.
My guess is that John Kerry never knew the meaning of the word suffer. Same with Jay Rockerfeller.

Ex-CSN Official Found Guilty Of Theft In CSN Construction Case

From the Las Vegas Sun: "A Clark County District Court jury has found the former construction chief of the College of Southern Nevada guilty on all 11 felony theft counts in the Nevada attorney general's case against him.
The jury, which started deliberations Tuesday morning, came back with its verdict late in the afternoon, finding William "Bob" Gilbert guilty of diverting college construction material, equipment and manpower for illegal use on his property between 2002 and 2007."

I have to be honest, I am surprised by this verdict. I have been following the case, at least somewhat since the charges were filed. This case also had some political consequences, as the Nevada AG was prosecuting the case as opposed to the DA's office.
The case boiled down to the facts that Gilbert was found to have a bunch of construction of equipment and supplies at his house near Mount Charleston. His defense was that the college presidents knew that he had the supplies and that he had traded out the supplies for supplies he used on construction projects he had done for CSN.
CSN did not file a complaint against Gilbert and the defense only called 1 witness. Maybe they should have called more.
There have been some questionable raids and inspections on the house and this case will be appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court.

The Puppet Masters Of Dina Titus Strike Again

AFSCME, the puppet masters of Dina Titu is out lying again about Joe Heck and once again, the Las Vegas Sun, the uber liberal Las Vegas Sun, catches Titus and her goons on it.
From the Sun: "If it was up to Joe Heck, he would have erased her retirement, gambling it away on Wall Street, turning Social Security into another Wall Street bailout," the commercial says. "Tell Joe Heck that's not a risk Phyllis or any of us want to take."
Like the first ad AFSCME released, the commercial is inaccurate.
Under Heck's proposed plan, Phyllis Hamilton would have the option of investing her share of Social Security in the private market - if she chose to.
Heck is not calling for mandatory private investment, nor the dismantling of public Social Security. Instead, he advocates for giving people a choice to decide how they want to invest. Employers would continue to contribute to the existing Social Security system."

Here is Joe Heck's response: “While Dina Titus stayed mute on the blatant lies and fear mongering tactics of her Union allies, AFSCME was shamed into remixing their appalling ad against Dr. Joe Heck. Once again, the Unions bosses use hard earned dues to spread lies as a diversion from the truth about Titus’ big spending record. This pathetic, worn out privatization assault coupled with a false, cheap attack on policies Joe has never supported is the biggest bailout of all; a Union bailout of Dina Titus in payback for her unwavering loyalty,” said Heck spokeswoman, Mari Nakashima.
How terribly embarrassing it is for Titus that the Sun is calling her out on this. The uber liberal Sun hates to do nice things for conservatives, so this story has to be way over the top by Titus and her puppet masters, AFSCME, for the Sun to cover this story.
But hey, when you have a person in Titus, who has no real world experience and has been sheltered all her life, this does not surprise me. AFSCME has a soft target in Titus because she jumps when they say jump because she just doesn't know any better.

And You Thought That The Teacher Bailout Bill Just Hired Teachers

This latest stimulus bill that was passed with the help of Dina Titus, Harry Reid and Shelly Berkley was advertised as a teacher hiring bill. But did you know that the money can also be used for the following:
Support services to include salaries
Performance bonuses
Health insurance
Retirement benefits
Incentives for early retirement
Pension fund contributions
Tuition reimbursement
Student loan repayment assistance
Reimbursement for childcare expenses
Restoration of salary/benefit reductions
Salary increases
Elimination of furlough days
Transportation subsidies
(From a memo of an administrator of CCSD, which anyone can see)
And Harry Reid is bragging about this. This is not hiring teachers, this bill was for paying teacher's and administrator's raises, pay performance bonuses, payment of tutition expenses and more. This is not only an administration wish list, it is also the CCEA, (the teacher union) wish list.
And you people who thought this bill was all about hiring teachers. I have one word for you: SUCKERS!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Stupid Liberal Calls For The Murder Of Conservatives

The Las Vegas Gleaner is a pathetic liberal web site(http://www.lasvegasgleaner.com/las_vegas_gleaner/). They are quite a vile site, especially with comments from their viewers. Many times, the original post of the Gleaner is quite good and he is honest about the assessments of liberals in the upcoming election. Unfortunately, Gleaner also has shown that he hates the mentally disabled and writes for the racist weekly newspaper, Las Vegas City Life. The problem with the web site is with certain commentators who are quite graphic and to be honest, are quite disturbed.
So, the Gleaner has post about the Paris Hilton arrest, and here is what is said: "In a dramatic departure from standard operating procedure, Southern Nevada law enforcement authorities confronted and apprehended a visibly troubled woman without killing her Friday.
The failure to shoot to kill former professional pseudo-celebrity Paris Hilton was widely viewed as an early test of recent revisions adopted by the Metropolitan Police Department whereby officers are encouraged to occasionally allow unarmed, non-violent suspects to live."
I know, with regards to the numerous police shootings in Clark County, the posting is somewhat amusing.
But the very first comment is just downright awful:
"Metro should be in DC today to take care of the Christian right wing teatards at the Beck rally.
Posted by: Rich 08/28/2010 at 09:36 AM."

So, the commentator, Rich advocates the killing of the people at Glen Beck's rally. If you look at the other comments, no one rebukes him.
And so, who are the kind and caring people? Liberals like Rich? Nah. commentators like Rich? Nah.
What a pathetic web site. Stay classy Gleaner and commentators.

Obama And The Troops: Not Getting Along So Well

The Washington Times has a good article about Obama and the troops and it is fairly balanced. However, the home run quote pretty much sums up the view of many active duty troops: "It's frustrating to see both the president and vice president jumping up and down saying, 'Look what we did, look what we did,' when if we actually followed the policies they were calling for ... we would have left early and we would have left in shame," Mr. Hegseth said, noting their opposition to the surge of forces in Iraq.
Mr. Hegseth said he has spoken with troops who are particularly annoyed by the administration's move to de-emphasize the radical Islamic dimension of the terrorist threat in favor of the term "extremist," and he described the July 2011 timeline for withdrawal in Afghanistan as an "albatross around the neck of our soldiers."
I would like to see the re-enlistment rate and how well the armed forces are recruiting new service personnel.

And I Thought Sharron Angle's Commercials Were Bad

Wow, I just saw the Patriot Majority commercial for Harry Reid. It was horrible. It had a bunch of whiny, sniveling bunch of adults who were not pleasant to look at or listen to, complaining about Sharron Angle. What a bunch of horrid people. Are those Reid supporters or actors?
I have not been too complimentary about many of Sharron Angle's commercials, especially those awful bobble head audience member commercials, but this commercial by Patriot Majority is just horrid and will off set Angle's horrible commercials.
And now, Angle is coming out swinging and has some very good commercials coming out, so there is hope for her campaign.
The commercial was so bad, I could not find it on line after a few minutes of checking. I wanted to show the readers how bad the commercial was. Why are they hiding the commercial?

Where I Have Heard This Before?

Paris Hilton, arrest this weekend, said the cocaine in her purse was not hers.

Where I have heard that before. Oh yeah, on just about every episode of COPs, when the cops find drugs on thugs.

You're going have to come up wit a better excuse than that, Paris. After all, if we got O.J., we certainly can convict some bimbo heiress.

First Day Of School

Today, was the first day of school and at our school, the day went fairly well. No fights, had a lot of full classes and a lot of kids who wanted to learn.
On the downside, the chicken nuggets that were served to the students could have been considered to be lethal weapons because they were so hard and inedible.
Hope the rest of the year goes well.

A Question For the Left

A lot of the lefty bloggers have been making fun of Glen Beck and his rally on Saturday. Anywhere from 100,00 to 200,000 people were there.
My questions to the left: What liberal can attract that many people. I will spot you President Obama, possibly. But who else?
I don't think there is anyone else.

Pawn Stars Review

We had a beautiful two days here in Las Vegas, the temperature not even getting into the 90's Sunday and today. Combine that with very low humidity (around 8%) and you have the makings of beautiful weather. And with schoool starting today, it is a perfect time to start school.
Well, tonight on Pawn Stars is another rerun night.
The first episode is from July 5, 2010: http://lasvegasbadger.blogspot.com/2010/07/pawn-stars-review-july-5-2010.html
The second episode was shown on June 29, 2010: http://lasvegasbadger.blogspot.com/2010/06/its-another-of-pawn-stars-night.html
I noticed that in an earlier episode at 8:00, they have battle plans for Iwo Jima. They never sold those plans and they have them hanging in the back of the store for you to see and take pictures of. It's pretty cool.
So, until next week, have a nice week.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Harry Reid Lies In Another Advertisement. Yawn, So What Else Is New?

Harry Reid has come out with an advertisement criticizing Sharron Angle on her views on education and as usual, Reid just flat lies and distorts what the latest stimulus of teacher does.
First, the commercial:

Lie one: There were no planned September lay offs in CCSD or other school districts. That is just a flat out lie. All school districts had their plan in place in May or June. All this bill does is hire additional teachers and staff, but doesn't pay for the teachers and staff hired this year, so there is a good chance these teachers will be fired next year.
In addition, when these teachers are hired, it will cause a huge distraction in the middle of the school year when the new teachers are assigned new students. Pure idiocy for Reid to propose the bill and CCSD to accept the money.
Then Reid says Angle would have voted no. Of course she would because this was a horrible bill. It pays for the teachers on the backs of the food stamps program, something Reid forgets to mention.
It then says Sharron angle would eliminate the Department of Education. True and good. Go to the DOE web site- and then the press releases- almost all the press releases is the DOE is spending money. Is that what they are good for- spending money?
Then Reid mentions teacher layoffs. Fact: No teachers were laid off from CCSD this past school year and in fact hired about 230 new teachers.
Harry Reid is just a flat out liar in this advertisement and shows his desperation.
Reid pushed this horrible bill to pass and since it passed, the teacher unions have their hands out and want more benefits and pay. That is not what the bill was for.
For more information: http://www.lvrj.com/opinion/making-it-up-101745073.html
Harry Reid=Liar

Most Ethical Congress, Yeah, Right

Another week, another Democrat in trouble.
From the Dallas News: "Longtime Dallas congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to four relatives and a top aide's two children since 2005, using foundation funds set aside for black lawmakers' causes.
Eddie Bernice Johnson
The recipients were ineligible under anti-nepotism rules of the
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, which provided the money. And all of the awards violated a foundation requirement that scholarship winners live or study in a caucus member's district."
Her excuse: Initially, she said, "I recognized the names when I saw them. And I knew that they had a need just like any other kid that would apply for one." Had there been more "very worthy applicants in my district," she added, "then I probably wouldn't have given it" to the relatives.
I'd be willing to be a dollar to a donut that there were more very worth applicants in her district. Though I would like to see what Johnson's definition of "very worthy is".
The problem of the program is this: The program "operates on an honor system," so the foundation hadn't known that money went to Johnson's relatives, she said. But when a recipient fails to meet eligibility requirements or "misrepresents their eligibility, the scholarship funds must be returned."
Further, Goldson said, the failure of a lawmaker or aides to follow eligibility rules "is a violation of the letter and spirit of [the Foundation's] requirements."

The honor system. Yeah right.
This is just another scummy politician that is only looking out for her own family and friends. She doesn't give a crap about her constituents. Her only problem, in her eyes, is that she got caught.
These scholarships were supposed to go to people who really needed it- the poor. I teach at an urban school in Las Vegas and many of the students don't go to college because they cannot afford it. I am sure it is the same in her district.
This scum of a politician is stealing from the poor, no ifs ands of buts. But because she is a liberal black female politician, she will get away with it.
Stealing from the poor. How much lower can you get?
Paging Dina Titus and Shelly Berkley- your response to this?
This has to be the worst act by Democrats in awhile. Charlie Rangle is scum, but he didn't steal from the poor. Maxine Waters helped her husband but didn't steal from the poor. John Ensign cheated on his wife and paid off the family he cheated on. He didn't steal from the poor.
Eddie Bernice Johnson stole from the poor. She has to resign and the Democrats need to show her the door. Start with Pelosi and I am sure Titus and Berkley will help out as well. Won't you, Dina and Shelly?
Nancy Pelosi: Most ethical congress ever. Yeah and John Ensign never cheated on his wife.

First Day Of School In CCSD

Tomorrow, Monday, is the first day of school in CCSD for the 2010-11 school year.
As a teacher, I am anxious to start working with my students (I work the severely mentally and physically disabled).
The students are anxious to go back to school, if not for 1 day. My kids are very happy to be going back to school after a long summer.
For the parents, especially the stay at home parents, it is a day of celebration and it is time for them to go on vacation. There may even be a party in the streets or at home.
This will the first time in many, many years in which there are no 12 month schools in CCSD, so there are going to be about 300,000 kids going to school tomorrow.
Please be careful near schools, school bus stops cross walks and any where kids tend to cross the streets. And to save a few dollars, don't pass a school bus when the red lights are on.

Breaking News: No U.W. Marching Band In Las Vegas

The University of Wisconsin Marching band will not be performing next week when the Badgers play the Rebels of UNLV.
It was starting to look like that since no news was made, no performances were scheduled and it was just getting too late.
From jsonline: "The band has traveled to Las Vegas for previous Badger football games. But this season, the band doesn't have enough money to make the trip.
The Badgers will play UNLV on Saturday.
Earlier this month, band director Mike Leckrone said the band was short about $40,000 to $50,000 to get the entire group to the game. He blamed the recession for affecting donors as well as the game falling on Labor Day weekend, because hotels are less willing to provide comp hotel rooms on the holiday weekend."

It's true, Labor Day weekend is a bad time- this is one of the biggest weekends of the year in Vegas and finding rooms at a low cost is next to impossible.
Now, I am definitely not going to the game- not at $75 a ticket for average or less than average seats.
The Badgers are favored by 20 points, for those in the betting mood. I am going to take the Rebels and the points because of the heat factor- it will be close to 100 at kick off, it's the first game of the season and UNLV has a new coach who is a very good coach. Further, UNLV seems to play the Badgers tough most of the time.
If any one knows of any Badger parties in Las Vegas next week, let me know and I will post it.

Sandoval-Rory No Last Name Debate Going On Tonight

Rory No Last Name and Brian Sandoval are debating tonight for the governor's job. I'd rather be watching something else.
Now, if they debated casino style, I would listen. Like stripper poles on the side of the debaters with a casino bar girl asking questions, then I would be interested.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Casey and Heather= Dorks

I was listening to the Heather Kydd and Casey Hendrickson show on KDOX 1280 on Friday for the first time, and to say I was disappointed, is an understatement.
First, there was their constant push for listeners to go to their Facebook page. Why, I have no idea.
Bu the most irritating piece was how Heather and Casey were praising Harry Reid for bringing in a VA hospital to Las Vegas and they made it sound like there was no VA care or hospital in the Valley and that just is false.
Just to let you know, Casey and Heather, there is a big VA hospital across the street from Nellis AFB, named the O'Callahan hospital and it can be used for active duty and is a VA hospital.
Stop praising Reid for bringing in a VA hospital to the Valley when all he is doing is expanding an existing hospital.
Maybe, Heather and Casey, you need to check your facts before speaking.
And you call yourselves conservatives. Sheesh!

Pin Ball On I-15: Future Darwin Award Winners

Channel 13 tonight is reporting tonight, as breraking news, of some thugs playing pinball on I-15 by Washington Ave.
Apparently, some thugs crashed a stolen car on Washington by the I-15. They bailed out and ran up the embank of I-15 and on to the highway, where they were promptly hit by a bunch of cars.
Darwin at it's best.

What A Race!!!

The Indy Izod race at the Chicagoland race track just ended and it was one of the best races you will ever see.
The top ten racers were within about a second of each other. The whole race was like that, close racing at 210 mph.
Dario Franchitti was the winner.
For some reason, some of the racers didn't like the close race. Of course, they were the losers.
Beat that NASCAR. (You can't, especially with the recent boring races)
To bad Indy cars don't have the following NASCAR does, the Indy Izod series has some of the most exciting races, and it's not all about Danica Patrick.

Another Police Shooting Shooting, Thug Dead

Another person was shot and killed by a Metro officer last night.
A thug was robbing businesses, firing a shot every time he robbed them, the cops caught up with him at Charleston and Nellis, the thug fires at the cops and the cops respond by killing the thug.
From the Las Vegas Sun: "About 11 p.m. Friday, officers were canvassing an area after a robbery occurred when they located the suspect in an SUV parked at a gas station convenience store at the intersection of Nellis and Charleston boulevards, police said.
When officers approached the vehicle, the man pointed a firearm at the officers and fired two rounds, police said.
Officers returned fire, striking the suspect, who was taken to UMC Trauma where he was pronounced dead, Metro said."

This seems like this is a good shooting- a thug is off the streets, his DNA is no longer in circulation and no one will care, except maybe his family.
Being a cop in Las Vegas is not easy. It's not all about arresting people like Paris Hilton. The cops actually have to deal with mean and vicious thugs and they did a good job here.

Watch And Videotape A Police Stop On Your Porch, Get Arrested

Salisbury, NC is having a major scandal in which a woman was arrested and convicted of videotaping a police arrest from her own porch.
From Salisburypost.com: A Salisbury woman who was arrested in November 2009 after she refused a police officer’s order to go into her house while he was making a traffic stop nearby was found guilty Friday of resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer.
She had been videotaping the traffic stop.
Rowan County District Court Judge Beth Dixon found Felicia Laverne Gibson, 29, guilty and sentenced her to six months of probation and community service work. Gibson, through her attorney Jacob Sussman, of Charlotte, gave notice of appeal.
Dixon found Gibson had interfered with the officer’s ability to do his job as he dealt with a traffic stop....She sat on her front porch and recorded the arrest on video. That video, which Gibson shot with a digital camera, was shown in court Friday

From another story on the issue: Felicia Laverne Gibson, 29, was arrested by Salisbury Police Officer Mark Hunter after he pulled over a driver involved in a chase. Gibson sat on her front porch and recorded the arrest on video.
Gibson and others were asked to clear the street. The officer testified Wednesday and today that he repeatedly told the woman to go inside her home. She did not, and he arrested her.

It was noted that testimony in the court is that several people were on the porch at the time and Gibson was the only one arrested. Maybe because she was the only one being videotaped?
I'm sorry, but unless a person is actually interfering with an arrest, the cops should not care if they are being videotaped or not, especially if they are just doing their job. Clearly, this was not the case here. The lady was on her porch, minding her own business, just videotaping the arrest. There was no violence going on in the area.
If the officer is so afraid of what might have happen, he should not be a police officer. This woman's rights were clearly violated and they have a stupid judge who apparently does not know the constitution.
Gibson and her attorney are going to appeal to the district court and bring the case before a jury. Then Officer Hunter will have something to be truly afraid of.

h/t Dad 29 http://dad29.blogspot.com/

Come To Vegas On Vacation, Leave On Probation: Paris Hilton Edition

Paris Hilton shows once again, she is not the brightest bulb in the bunch as she was arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas, on Friday night.
From Yahoo News: Smoke wafting from a Cadillac Escalade on the Las Vegas Strip ignited Paris Hilton's latest legal troubles late Friday, when a motorcycle officer who suspected the smell was marijuana stopped the vehicle and police say a bag of cocaine fell out of the 29-year-old socialite's purse....The officer "followed the vapor trail and the odor of marijuana to the Escalade," police Sgt. John Sheahan said.
As other police arrived and a crowd gathered on the busy neon-lit Strip, Hilton asked to go into the Wynn resort for privacy, Sheahan said.
"Miss Hilton pulled out a tube of lip balm," Sheahan said. "At the same time ... a bindle of cocaine in a plastic bag came out of her purse" in plain view of police in the room...Hilton and Waits were booked into the
Clark County jail, where Sheahan said Hilton was kept handcuffed on a booking room bench, fingerprinted, photographed and released without bail about 2:45 a.m. Saturday.
Waits' lawyer, Richard Schonfeld, said Waits posted $2,000 bail Saturday. Waits was released Saturday afternoon.
Sheahan said Hilton was not taken to a cell and received no special treatment on a busy Friday night and Saturday morning at the jail. He said release without bail was common in such cases.
Hilton, a prolific tweeter, didn't mention the arrest on her Twitter site, although less than an hour after she was released her account was updated with a posting that said the actress was in bed watching the television show "Family Guy."

Maybe she was watching this episode of Family Guy:

or so this part:

Atlanta DEA Seeking Ebonics Interpreter

From the Washington Times: The Drug Enforcement Administration said Thursday that it does not recognize Ebonics as a formal language, but it still may need translators for agents to understand drug dealers who speak it.
DEA made that statement in response to questions that arose in the wake of a website earlier this week posting a DEA memo seeking contractors to provide nine linguists who can speak Ebonics.
The memo posted on the Smoking Gun has renewed debate in some circles about whether Ebonics is itself a language, a dialect of English, or neither, possibly described best as a collection of slang words.

Barbara Billingsley is still alive. Even though she is in her 90's, maybe she still can use the work.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Manly President

I'm sorry, but Harry Reid would probably look better on a bike than Obama.
I like to ride bikes but I cannot remember when the last time I wore shirt like that and slacks while riding a mountain bike.
And is that a girl's bike?
Seriously, I do hope he is having fun.

MGM Grand Makes A Nasty In Their Pool

This afternoon at the MGM Grand pool, they had an incident where chlorine was mixed with another chemical and caused a poison gas, injuring around 100 people, with about 25 people hospitalized.
From the Las Vegas Sun: About 100 people were treated for breathing difficulties after excessive amounts of chlorine leaked into the lazy river at the MGM Grand pool area.
Richard Brenner, hazardous materials coordinator for the Clark County Fire Department, said 26 people were taken to five Las Vegas area hospitals, all of whom were conscious and alert. He said injuries were minor and no one became unconscious.
Brenner estimated that 1,500 people were at the pool area about 1:30 p.m. when it was evacuated. He said fire department crews treated about 100 people to determine whether they needed hospital care, Brenner said.
The water in the lazy river – which is not connected to the resort’s other pools – became over-chlorinated after a pump likely malfunctioned, Brenner said. A chlorine gas began evaporating off the water, filling the pool area with the noxious smell, he said.

This tells me a couple of things. First, someone screwed up big time at MGM and this will cost MGM big time. MGM is hurting financially, hurting very badly. This incident may be the straw that broke the camel's back, financially. I am sure a phone call has been made to Glen Lehner already. (a Las Vegas ambulance chaser lawyer)
Second, it shows that the elimination of the CCFD haz-mat unit was not a big deal. The Las Vegas Fire Dept. haz mat unit handled the situation and the first in units of CCFD did a remarkable job of triage of the injured and stabilized the situation with the chlorine. This was a test of the new agreement, and from all news accounts, the incident had few problems. The "concerns" of the CCFD fire fighters union has been unfounded and this incident proves they were wrong.
Finally, too bad this did not happen instead of a chlorine spill:

You Better Hurry Up And Buy School Supplies

School starts on Monday and some of the Wal-Marts I have been to already have sold out of their school supplies for the year and they are not going to get much more in supplies any time soon. The prices have also been rolled back to their pre-sale prices.
My guess this is true for most of the other cheap stores in the Valley as well.
So, I would suggest buying your remaining school supplies by Sunday, otherwise, you may not be able to buy certain supplies.
Besides, the aisles that hold the school supplies have to be cleared for Christmas items. Tis the season to be Merry!!!

Best "Whose Line It Anyways"

I am a huge fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyways", starring Drew Carey.
Tonight, they had Richard Simmons. This was the funniest episode ever.


"Little Richard"!! Or, "this one's wet"!! Best lines ever!
One of the best comedies ever.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New York Gov Facing Criminal Charges

From CBS News, New York: "A special investigator said Thursday Gov. David Paterson gave misleading testimony about getting free tickets to a Yankees World Series game last fall.
And he could face criminal charges, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.
Getting five free tickets to see the Bronx Bombers play in the World Series may prove to be a very costly mistake for the governor.
A special prosecutor working for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said Paterson issued “inaccurate and misleading” testimony on whether he was going to pay for the tickets, which each cost $425. The report details how before Game 1, Paterson’s office sent a letter to the Yankees saying he was “attending on official business” and “tickets would not be paid for.”

So, what kind of official business was Patterson doing at a World Series? Seems like an elitist attitude.
No wonder he is not seeking a second or first term.

Packers Looked Pretty Good Tonight

The Green Bay Packers beat the Indianapolis Colts tonight, 59-24. The Packers looked good throughout the game, no matter what quarter or string was in.
Let's hope this is sign of things to come.
Maybe they are getting jealous of a certain #4 playing for the Viqueens who is getting a lot of attention.

It's Good To Be Single Again

Now that Tiger Woods is officially single again and he is playing like before he was married. Or close to it. He shot a 65 at the Barclays today and is tied for the lead.
Just wonder if we will see the whale Woods in Vegas any time soon?
He still thinks he will beat Jack Nicklaus in the number of majors won.
I don't think he will. Players are not afraid of him as they once were so the competition has gotten better.
But if stays single and only has two or three flings a year like old times, maybe he will catch Nicklaus.

Anybody Want To Buy A Prison?

Because of the budget crisis, in the area of Nellis AFB, we have two prisons just sitting empty. First, is the Clark County maximum security prison on Las Vegas Blvd and Range Rd. It was finished about a year ago and has sat empty all this time.
The second is a maximum security boys prison, Summit View, located on Range Rd., in between Las Vegas Blvd and the I-15. It is was closed earlier this year, with about half the prisoners going to other boy thug prisons and the rest released. That was a poor choice by Jim Gibbons as many violent prisoners were released into the community. It now sits empty.
So, with two empty prisons, you would think someone may want to buy one of them, say like a federal prison. We have no federal prisons in Nevada but we do have a lot of federal prisoners, especially politicians. It would be nice if they could be closer to home.
Maybe a private prison may be interested in buying one of them.
And being Nevada, hell, we can open a prison themed casino. Think of the possibilities. Well, maybe not think of them, but there are weird people out there who would be interested in going into a prison casino.

Bad Two Days For Valley Cops

This has been a pretty bad stretch for Valley area cops.
First, the Metro officer that was cleared in the shooting death of Trevon Cole now finds himself in trouble for falsifying records on a search warrant.
Then yesterday, there was an instance of road rage on the 95 by Eastern in which NHP and Metro had to taser a man and the man later died at a hospital. Several bystanders and officers were injured in the fight.
Then had a guy who tried suicide by cop, later in the night:
Finally, a Henderson police officer was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/aug/26/henderson-police-officer-accused-soliciting-prosti/
Remember the good old days when cops would actually do their job and they had the respect of the community? It's been awhile here in Vegas.

PitchMen Tonight: Just Not The Same Without Billy Mays

Tonight was the first night of Pitchmen, the first show without Billy Mays who died in June, 2009.
It just isn't the same without Billy Mays. It's a nice show and everything, but just doesn't have the fire Billy Mays had.
Sometimes, you just have quit when you are ahead.
The only question I have, since there is a three wait to get a patent now days, don't these inventors take a huge risk going on these shows and having someone stealing their ideas?

Fire Tornado

I've seen these before in some grass fires I have fought in the past, especially in North Dakota.
Pretty cool, though.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CCSD Teacher's Union: Give Us Ours

At school today, we had a meeting with a CCEA (teacher's union) higher up. He doesn't see things the way Superintendent Walt Rulffes sees things.
According to the union executive, he thinks part of the federal stimulus that was recently signed into law by President Obama should go towards teacher raises and benefits.
And you thought this money was just for hiring more teachers.

Even A Blind Squirrel Gets A Nut Once In Awhile

You got to hand it to Jon Ralston. He nails an anti-Joe Heck commercial for being false. The ad was made by unions that support the ever more despicable Dina Titus.

Dina Titus tries to come off as this harmless Southern Belle but in reality, she is becoming more despicable than Harry Reid.
First the commercial that stated that she voted for the TARP bill when she wasn't even in Congress at the time and now this commercial for Titus paid for the labor unions. She has not condemned this false ad that even uber liberal, Jon Ralston, says is over the top.
Titus and her supporters must getting extremely desperate as she becomes more over the top. For a woman who has not much life experiences in her life, she is getting a lot of life experiences for lying and despicable behavior.
(now, Jon, maybe you can be this objective when it comes to Harry Reid?)

I Didn't Know This Until This Summer

One of the TV shows I have been watching this past summer is Little House on the Prairie, starring Michael Landon. It's a very nice and wholesome show and gives a Hollywood insight to growing up in the prairies of Wisconsin and Minnesota.
It's a pretty good show that I had never watched before.
Then it occurred to me, there have been more murders and violent deaths on Little House than on the A-Team. there have been more people shot on Little House than the A-Team.
Who would have thought that Little House on the Prairie was more violent than the A-Team?

Death At The Hard Rock- Can It Be Prevented?

Sadly, there was a death at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday, the day they have their Rehab party. Matthew Williams of Happy Valley, OR. passed away, presumably of a broken neck.
From what witnesses are saying but police, Hard Rock and the local newspapers are not, is that it was a diving accident at the pool.
Can that kind of accident be avoided?
First, about the pool. Like most hotel swimming pools at the large casinos, they are not deep, not more than a few feet deep at it's deepest. The pools operate mostly during the day, but some do stay open later in the evening.
For more information on Vegas's pools: http://lasvegasbadger.blogspot.com/2010/05/pool-scene-info-for-las-vegas-casinos.html
Every pool has some life guards, usually very young and cute women or young and handsome guys. I assume they have a life guarding certificate, but not positive.
Usually, the pool will have a DJ, especially on the weekends and the pools love to pack these pools in, especially with the younger crowd. There aren't too many pools on the Strip that cater to the older, heavyweight people who have beaten with an ugly stick, like myself. They cater to and go after the younger crowd with the promise of women in bikinis and men who are athletic or rich.
Mix a shallow pool, lot's of people, lots of booze which the pools push to no end, and some times drugs (I am not saying the victim in this accident was drunk or had drugs in his system) and you can end up in trouble. http://lasvegasbadger.blogspot.com/2009/09/hard-rock-rehab-tv-show-oh-oh-not-good.html
Then you add the fact that Rehab is on TV and people may be looking for their moment of fame and you end up in a situation where injury is always a possibility.
So, can this kind of accident be avoided? First, get to know the pool and know your limitations. You just cannot dive in a pool that is only a few feet deep. Watch what you drink and don't the the pool employees talk you into drinking. Many of these Rehab employees work only for a few months a year and so they need as many tips and commissions as they can get. They don't care if you are drunk. They may care if you are falling down drunk and throwing up in the pool, but that's about it. They figure you are either staying at the hotel or on the Strip, since many visitors of the pools are visitors, not locals, so you have a place to stay.
Finally, just be careful. The pools don't have safer walls or baby bumpers. They are made out of cement and it is hard. Yes, I was young once and I know how to act somewhat wild, but just don't do stupid things, like diving or pushing some into the pool.
So, my condolences to the Williams family. It is never good to bury someone so young, but I hope some people have learned a lesson here. Beware of some of the things that can happen Las Vegas. It's still more dangerous to drive to and from Las Vegas than it is to party in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Las Vegas Badger Exclusive: CCSD On The Road To Budget Suicide

The Clark County School District recently received $54.2 million dollar from the latest stimulus bill that provided about $26 billion dollars for school districts and teachers. The bill was passed on the backs of the poor in which the Food Stamp program budget was slashed by about $11 billion.
Today, the Superintendent of CCSD, Walt Rulffes sent out an e-mail to staff and the school board saying that the district is going to raise it's budget significantly over the next two years.
From the e-mail: "While the bill allows some latitude in expenditures, I have discussed possible uses of these funds with the Executive Cabinet and others, and I believe that the best use of these funds is to increase school staffing from 97 to 100 per cent, restore a majority of school-based administrative positions, and restore/add several hundred school support positions. I also recommend that each principal determine how to best use the additional FTEs for the coming year."
In the past, I thought Superintendent Rulffes has done a great job working within the budget that he has been give, therefore I was shocked to see this budget.
First, many of the teachers he wants to hire will not happen until after September 2, meaning that there will be a huge distruption of classes in the weeks to come as new teachers are hired because school starts August 30.
Second, what happens to these positions in a year or two? We already are going to have a massive budget cut from the State of Nevada this school year. This is going to blow up the budget next year and the next. When this money dries up, then what? We will be forced to fire most of the teachers and support staff that CCSD is going to hire in the next few weeks and months.
To me, this is like a kid running through a candy store saying I want this and I want that on their father's credit card. Never mind that Dad is almost broke and will have his salary sliced even further next year. CCSD doesn't seem to care who is paying for it or what the consequences down the line will be. The kid at the candy store just wants his candy now and will throw a temper tantrum if they don't get their way.

Last Day Of Freedom

Well, Tuesday will be my last day of freedom as Wednesday is my first day back at school. All CCSD teachers will report to school on Wednesday.
This is the first summer I have completely taken off since I was 12 years old (I'm almost 50). When I was 12, I had a paper route in Wauwatosa, WI. From there, I worked at a car dealership and at the Milwaukee Journal. After graduation (1979), after 1 year at a factory and working with the mentally disabled at Bethesda Lutheran Home for the disabled in Watertown, WI., I entered the Air Force. (join the Air Force, see the world, I saw "why not Minot") After an honorable discharge I had various other jobs in the real world. In 1991, I went back to school and worked my way through college without taking a student loan or grant. After graduation from U.W. Madison, I worked as a teacher in Milwaukee, Westfield, WI. and CCSD, I always had a second job. Many times, working 60 hours a week during the summer and 80 hours during the school year.
But I am not one of those teachers who do not appreciate what the taxpayers have given me. I do and I hope I have repayed the taxpayers many times over and I say thank you to the taxpayers for my salary and benefits.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Update: Death At Rehab At The Hard Rock Hotel

There really isn't much more to report about the death at the Rehab Pool at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, since this morning.

From the Las Vegas Sun: "Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said the county's fire department responded at 5:45 p.m. Sunday to a report of a man with a head injury in the pool area of the Hard Rock, 4455 Paradise Road.
The man was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. The coroner's office identified the man as Matthew Williams, 27, of Happy Valley, Ore."

The LVRJ, the other Las Vegas newspaper doesn't mention anything about the death.

Fox 5 says that perhaps the man drowned. I would find that hard to believe since the pool probably is at most 3 feet deep in the deepest area. (see above photo)

Here is the web site for Rehab: http://www.hardrockhotel.com/#/relax/beach-club/

I find it hard to believe that Metro police is not investigating, but they are probably convinced that no crime was involved. I really don't know who would investigate the accident- maybe who ever regulates the swimming pools in Clark County or the family's attorney. Perhaps, the coroner's office may investigate if the victim was highly intoxicated, which we don't know.
So, Hard Rock is not talking and probably won't. It is funny that we don't have any eyewitnesses to show what really had happened.
Strange, but this is the second death in Las Vegas that is indirectly involved with a reality TV show. We just got done with a coroner's inquest of a police shooting that was being covered by Langley Productions, which is associated with COPs and Rehab, which is on Tru TV.
So, RIP, Mr. Williams and bless your family. I hope that the family can find out what happened. And if you visit pool parties in Las Vegas, please be careful. It can be dangerous when you have a lot of people, hot weather, people being distracted, shallow water and wet pavement. Not to mention booze and drugs. Please be careful.
Update: From a reader who was there, this was a diving accident.
Condolences to the family.

Another Las Vegas Sun Scandal?

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, we have another Las Vegas Sun scandal. While this case may be a case of lazy, very lazy reporting, it just shows no matter who they employ at the Las Vegas Sun, they just do not hire ethical writers.
Next up in the unethical journalistic category: Delen Goldberg. Could it be that Delen is a liar, joining the likes of unethical journalists at the Sun like Ralston (liar, racist), Damon (blogger and/or journalist but either way, unethical) and Greenspun (editorial writer, limo liberal, liar and another liberal who get's his wealth through inheritance)
So, we have Delen Goldberg writing an article about Dina Titus's new TV commercial in which she touts that she has helped people with their mortgage problems. Ok, I have some problems with the commercial, but not a really big deal, until it was learned that Titus lied in the commercial. She claims that she voted against the bank bailout (it was a lie that did not even have to happen- it really wasn't even related to the commercial) when she wasn't even in Congress at the time the bailout was passed.
So now, we have Goldberg writing this: "Republicans responded by blaming Titus and the Democrats for ballooning foreclosure and unemployment rates."
I challenged the Sun to put up or shut up and they ignored it in the comments section.
The fact is that the GOP came out in full force and called out Titus and her lie. Dr. Joe Heck said this: "Dina “Tax-Us” Titus is already at it. She is up on TV with a misleading ad on her record. The ad claims that Dina voted against the bank bailout, but there is only one problem... she wasn't even in Congress during the original bank bailout vote! Nevadans know Dina's record better than she does. They know that the failed Titus - Pelosi policies have led us on a destructive path of record foreclosures and the highest unemployment in the nation!"
From the LVRJ: "Republicans on Tuesday morning lashed out at the ad, specifically questioning how Titus could claim to have voted against the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, since she wasn't in Congress in October 2008, when the $700 billion bank bailout bill was approved. She actually cast a vote in a subsequent measure to block the release of the second $350 billion in TARP money. But that vote was symbolic only, as the money was already cleared for release."
So, Delen Goldberg, the GOP did not come and say "Republicans responded by blaming Titus and the Democrats for ballooning foreclosure and unemployment rates.
So, now, we have another Las Vegas Sun reporter who does not tell the truth. So, Mr. Goldberg, you will fit right at home with the liars, racists and journalists who lack integrity. Welcome to the Las Vegas Sun.

KXNT Radio Suicide Continued

I have been listening to KXNT from time to time, especially around the 9-11 PM hours when Mark Levin is on. You want to talk about unprofessionalism at it's best.
I hear advertising running over other advertising. I hear so much dead air time. Tonight, there was at least 15 minutes of dead air at the beginning of the 9:00 hour, when the Mark Levin show was to begin. I arrived home and from the dog park and there was still dead air. I don't even know if the station even came back on the air. WTF??? Is this how you run a radio station? Two radio stations? Having 15 minutes of dead air on not only 1 station, but now 2 stations now that they have 100.5? Pathetic
The KXNT radio suicide watch continues. Maybe it's time they were committed to the psych ward.

Pawn Stars Review: 8/23/2010 Rerun Monday

Another warm evening in Las Vegas and the Pawn Stars are running re-runs against Hard Core Pawn. Maybe the guys at the pawn store want to watch the competition.
The first episode is reviewed here.
The second episode was reviewed here: http://lasvegasbadger.blogspot.com/2010/07/pawn-stars-review-july-5-2010.html
Enjoy one of the last weeks of summer.

This reminds of one of the funniest quotes on Pawn Stars: "That's an insult to the Pez community" Is there a Pez Community?

Titus Lies In Advertisement

Dina Titus, PhD put out an ad the other day and I had a hard time believing it. http://lasvegasbadger.blogspot.com/2010/08/is-dina-titus-telling-truth-in-her.html
Well, it turns out that Dina (I never had a real job in her life) Titus was telling a whopper of a lie.
In the ad, one of Titus's actors/homeowners in the commercial says that Titus voted against the bank bail bill, known as TARP.
From the LVRJ: "Republicans on Tuesday morning lashed out at the ad, specifically questioning how Titus could claim to have voted against the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, since she wasn't in Congress in October 2008, when the $700 billion bank bailout bill was approved. She actually cast a vote in a subsequent measure to block the release of the second $350 billion in TARP money. But that vote was symbolic only, as the money was already cleared for release."
I don't blame the homeowner in the ad- she was probably given a script and she read from it. But it is highly unethical to say you did something but it turns out you weren't even in the position to do it.
When my kids lie to me, most of the time, it wasn't even necessary to lie to stay out of trouble. This is what happened here. The quote about her voting on TARP really didn't have anything to do with the commercial and the commercial message would not have changed had she not said it. She did not have to lie and the commercial would have been just as strong.
Is this something Titus teaches in her classes when she was a professor at UNLV? Further, how desperate do you have to be to say such a thing.
But when you lack real life experiences, these things will happen.
The commercial:

John Ensign Pisses Off Michelle Malkin

You know you are having a bad day when a "conservative" Republican pisses off Michell Malkin. John Ensign, R-NV is having a really bad day.
From Michelle Malkin: Emetic of the day: Nevada Republican Sen. John Ensign clinging to his seat, begging donors to fatten up his anemic legal defense fund, and blaming liberals for all his self-inflicted problems....As I’ve said before: Corruptocrats don’t deserve indulgence. They deserve a swift kick in the ass.
If Ensign was smart he would resign. If he doesn't do that, then just shut up, you are hurting other Republicans running for office in Nevada.

This Should Come As No Shock

This should come as no surprise to any one that Jon Ralston appears in a Harry Reid re-election commercial.
Jon Ralston is the person who has admitted that he throws softball questions to Reid, someone who is a proven liar, a racist and lacks journalistic ethics. In other words, Harry Reid's perfect campaign spokesman.
I don't know what would be more surprising, Ralston appearing in a Harry Reid campaign advertisement or the sun rising in the East.

Man Dies At Hard Rock's Rehab

From the Las Vegas Sun: "An Oregon man died Sunday evening after suffering injuries at the Rehab pool at the Hard Rock Hotel.
Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said the county's fire department responded at 5:45 p.m. Sunday to a report of a man with a head injury in the pool area of the Hard Rock, 4455 Paradise Road."

The Rehab Pool is where they film the Tru TV show ReHab: Party At The Hard Rock Hotel and my guess is that they were filming there yesterday.
The story went on to say that the police were not investigating. My guess, slip and fall with just a little booze thrown in.

That Must Have Been One Hell Of A Battle

Headline from today's Las Vegas Sun: "Firefighters battle pickup truck, find dead man in home"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Harry Reid In The Next Reality Show?

So, Harry Reid might be playing a bit part in the Blago show when it comes back to the Federal Courthouse in Chicago.
From Fox News: "In the second round, we're going to put a defense on, I'm certain. And in that particular case, you know, we're going to call witnesses like Rahm Emanuel, Senator Harry Reid, Senator (Robert) Menendez, Congressman (Jesse) Jackson, Congressman (Jerry) Costello, and a host of other leading Democrats who were involved in this process to try to make a decision on who the next senator should be," he told "Fox News Sunday."
Based on the show trial last week, it will be something if Harry Reid testifies. Of course, Harry may not appear because of the excuse the Senate may be in session. (his excuse not to debate Sharron Angle until he was called out on it)

Philly To Make Bloggers Pay Tax

From the Philadelphia City Paper: For the past three years, Marilyn Bess has operated MS Philly Organic, a small, low-traffic blog that features occasional posts about green living, out of her Manayunk home. Between her blog and infrequent contributions to ehow.com, over the last few years she says she's made about $50. To Bess, her website is a hobby. To the city of Philadelphia, it's a potential moneymaker, and the city wants its cut.
In May, the city sent Bess a letter demanding that she pay $300, the price of a business privilege license.
"The real kick in the pants is that I don't even have a full-time job, so for the city to tell me to pony up $300 for a business privilege license, pay wage tax, business privilege tax, net profits tax on a handful of money is outrageous," Bess says....

...According to Andrea Mannino of the Philadelphia Department of Revenue, in fact, simply choosing the option to make money from ads — regardless of how much or little money is actually generated — qualifies a blog as a business. The same rules apply to freelance writers. As former City Paper news editor Doron Taussig once lamented [Slant, "Taxed Out," April 28, 2005], the city considers freelancers — which both Bess and Barry are, in addition to their blog work — "businesses," and requires them to pay for a license and pay taxes on their profits, on top of their state and federal taxes.
So, Philly thinks it is ok to go after bloggers. Most bloggers make very little if any money, however, using the Philly way of thinking, what or who else can they tax, using their rationale?
Start with the homeless and poor people who go out and collect bottles and copper.
How about kids with lemonade stands.
How about politicians who do business at their homes.
How about the house wife who sells tupper ware or Mary Kay.
How about the home of a Girl Scout who sells cookies from their house.
How about the house wife or husband who clips coupons.
What about the little boy or girl who collects baseball cards and sells one.
This law in Philly and they way it is being applied is outrageous and if it succeeds there, watch out the in the rest of the country. What is to stop the federal government from making bloggers register and make them pay a fee. What is to stop a state government from doing the same? Probably, not much.
But then, what do you expect from a city where people boo Santa Claus?

h/t Real Debate Wisconsin http://realdebatewisconsin.blogspot.com/

UNLV-Badger Tickets Still for Sale

There are tickets still available for the UNLV-Wisconsin Badger football game on September 5th. The prices are still $85 per ticket. You can buy season tickets for UNLV football for $100 and you may even get better seats.
The Badgers have a very good team, ranked 12th in the country while UNLV is ranked 105. The Rebels have a new coach, from Montana and he is a very good coach. When you add in the heat of the night, we could have a very interesting game.

Still No News On U.W. Marching Band In Vegas

From the U.W. marching band website: August 17, 2010: Regarding Las Vegas, the band does not yet have a decision or any information about whether or not we will travel there for the Badger Football Game this fall. When the information does become available, it will be posted here immediately. Thank you.
If they do come, it doesn't sound like they will play any big concerts unless they go to the Thomas and Mack. The Orleans Arena is taken for an Air Supply concert.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Stupid And Idiotic Federal Government For You

From Byron York and the Washington Examiner: Did you know the Justice Department threatened several universities with legal action because they took part in an experimental program to allow students to use the Amazon Kindle for textbooks?
Last year, the schools -- among them Princeton, Arizona State and Case Western Reserve -- wanted to know if e-book readers would be more convenient and less costly than traditional textbooks. The environmentally conscious educators also wanted to reduce the huge amount of paper students use to print files from their laptops.
It seemed like a promising idea until the universities got a letter from the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, now under an aggressive new chief, Thomas Perez, telling them they
were under investigation for possible violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act.
It seemed like a promising idea until the universities got a letter from the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, now under an aggressive new chief, Thomas Perez, telling them they were under investigation for possible violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/Why-did-feds-claim-Kindle-violates-civil-rights_-1006723-99801389.html#ixzz0xJaPa2QK
So, in an effort to reduce the use of books, the maker of Kindles (being electronic device illiterate, I have no idea what it is, but it seems harmless)
Apparently, the blind cannot use Kindles without the help of a seeing person.
Well, apparently the morons at the Civil Rights Division apparently did not know that the blind cannot read books either, unless they are in braille or tape recorded. Clue to Civil Rights Division, most books in the college library are not in braille or tape recorded.
So, in the end, the free Kindles were not allowed on campus because they discriminated against the blind.
Idiots. Morons. But sounds like something Dina Titus PhD would support as she was a liberal professor at UNLV. If I am wrong, please let me know.
And they wonder why people think the federal government is out of control.

More Info On Cole Shooting

Some more information that I have gathered from the local news:
It took 1 1/2 hours to determine the verdict. There were 10 hours of testimony.
It was a unanimous jury verdict.
There is no rioting going on in Las Vegas. Obviously, we are not Los Angeles or Detroit.
Sheriff Doug Gillispie is throwing the officer under the bus and probably will look for ways to fire the officer.
Gillispie said the inquest was fair and transparent.
Gillispie said he was briefed 2 days after the shooting. 2 days????
A new vice officer supervisor has been assigned and the old supervisor is out of vice.
When Officer Yant testified testified, the family of Cole walked out of the courtroom.
It took 3 minutes to call for medical aid.
The homicide investigator believes that Coles body was found like Yant said it would, contradicting what the medical examiner said.
SWAT will, now, take over search warrant searches.
The family's attorney says that that limited options to the jury caused them to find the shooting justified.
There was not one African American jury member.

h/t Channel 13, 8, 5 and 3 news.

NV Senate Majority Still Shows He Is Scum

State Senate majority leader Steven Horsford showed he is still pond scum when he tried to shake down donors in get money for his PAC.
Horsford, if you remember, is the senator who decided he was so important that he parked in a handicapped parking place when he was not disabled.
He said that if someone paid $25,000 they can have a dinner with him and senate committee chairs. Problem is that none of the other senators knew about this scam.
From Nevada News and Views: Cough up $25,000 to join Horsford’s “Victory Leadership Circle” and you and ten of your friends “will receive a private dinner with the Senate Majority Leader and Chairs of all the standing committees.”
• Peel out $10,000 to join Horsford’s “Chairman’s Leadership Circle” and you and seven of your friends “will receive a private dinner with the Senate Majority Leader and a Chair of a standing committee of their choice.”
• Dish out $5,000 to join Horsford’s “Caucus Leadership Circle” and you “will be entitled to a private reception with the Senate Majority Leader and Nevada Senate Democrats.”

Horsford got caught and is now offering to return the money but of course, if you donated the money to please the Senator, you are not going to piss him off by asking for the money to be returned.
Nothing like sleazy Nevadan politics.

Breaking News: Police Shooting Ruled Justified

The jury just came back and said the shooting of Trevon Cole was justified.
To be honest, I am surprised but not shocked. Police officers are never to be found at fault in coroner inquests.
I am surprised that that they did not find the shooting excusable.
Wonder what the reaction of Las Vegans will be?
I am sure the Cole family will sue and collect a pretty penny settlement and so we will never know what really happened.

Kyle Bush Wins The Trifecta

Las Vegan Kyle Busch won the Bristol 500 today, in a mostly boring race, making him the first driver to win the Camping World Trucks, Nationwide and Sprint car races all on the same weekend.
Even though Busch won the Nationwide by intentionally crashing Brad Kesolowski, he was clearly the best driver tonight.
Maybe, sometime, we will have another exciting race in Sprint NASCAR race. It has been awhile and now they take a week off before they travel to Atlanta.

Angle-Reid Debate Off, Others As Well

From The Las Vegas Sun: "The Nevada Broadcasters Association is canceling its U.S. Senate debate between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle because the campaigns cannot agree on a date.
Association President Bob Fisher on Friday said the group has been negotiating with the campaigns since June and proposed a date of Oct. 21 for a debate in Las Vegas."

Sharron Angle wants a debate before the early voting begins and that sounds very reasonable but Harry Reid said there was a chance the senate may still be in session. My question: Do you think the Senate can be without Harry Reid for a day or two.
Sunbelt Communications, which is owned by liberal Jim Rogers and the Pravda Las Vegas Sun want to hold a debate on October 19th. Sharron Angle would be a fool if she participated in this debate- she would never be given a fair question.
A question for Angle from the Sun: Why do you beat your husband?
A question for Reid: What is cuter, a panda bear or a koala bear?
So, Angle would be much better off skipping debates if Reid does not want to participate in debates before voting begins.

UPDATE: The LVRJ is reporting that there will be a debate on October 14th. Apparently, Reid thought better of his position and changed his mind.

Update On Police Shooting Inquest

From the Las Vegas Sun's take (after saw a comment from a Sun writer, you have to wonder if what the reported wrote is true) on the coroner's inquest regarding the police officer involved shooting Trevon Cole: "Detective Bryan Yant testified today that he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot 21-year-old Trevon Bertwane Cole in June while serving a search warrant at his east Las Vegas apartment.
“I thought he was taking a shooting stance, like a two-handed shooting stance,” Yant said.
Yant said he kicked open the bathroom door and saw Cole over the toilet. Cole then turned toward him and brought his hands together, the detective said.
“His movement alone was enough to make me fear for my life,” regardless of whether Cole had a firearm, Yant said. “He could have had a pen in his hand, I don’t know. I know his movements and his actions.”....But Yant insisted during testimony today that Cole did turn his body.
“He turned towards me, rotated his body,” he said.
Yant also dismissed the suggestion that he accidently fired his weapon while kicking down the door.
“I didn’t accidentally discharge,” he said

There was no mention of the broken flashlight. I also tend not to believe Yant's statements. The size of the bathroom in these types of apartments are small and the doors usually swing in, like this one. I just don't see how Cole could have swung around and went into a two hand shooting position, especially if Yant was that close. In additional, Cole died of a concussion injury, meaning the gun had to pressed against Cole's head or very close to it.
Maybe this is what Yant believed when he was in this situation. No one was there that saw the shooting. But to me, this explanation just doesn't make sense.
There was talk earlier about the search warrant not being proper. This is a false argument by the family of Cole. Yes, there were mistakes on the warrant, but the bottom line is that Cole was caught on tape selling pot, which is illegal in Nevada. You can have medicinal pot, but not recreational pot.
Another issue that was brought up is that this raid was in conjunction with a reality show. The show, which was not identified, but was it shown that it was a Langley production- the makers of COPs. I would hope that this ride along had anything to do with the shooting.
The other very strange thing that was testified to was this from the Sun: Laurent asked Harney if he had instructed a patrol officer stationed outside the apartment, Blane Trip, not to report the shooting over police dispatch radio.
Trip on Friday testified he had been instructed to call dispatch and request medical assistance. A recording of Trip’s conversation over the radio was played in court and he is heard telling the dispatcher that the sergeant would call in on his cell phone with more information.

Why did no one call dispatch over the radio asking for medical assistance and report the shooting. Where they hiding something and why delay medical aid? Were they hiding the information so the news media or supervisors would be slow to respond? Another thing not mentioned, is that when there are SWAT incidents, they have medical personnel at the scene. Did they have medical personnel at the scene?
So, later this evening, the case will go to a jury and we will see how they see it. My guess is that the jury will find fault but not criminal fault.

Women In Underwear: Las Vegas's Sun Priority

So, let's see. Record high unemployment in Nevada. Or, women in underwear. What is the uber liberal Las Vegas Sun's priority for news?
Why, it's women in underwear!!
I am sure, my good friend capper, would be thoroughly disgusted with this liberal newspaper's selection. Probably, my friend James as well.
(so, capper, are liberals sexist as well?)
And The Winner Is:
And this from a liberal newspaper.

Trevon Cole Inquest Lesson Learned: Don't Advertise Selling Drugs On Craigslist

Trevon Cole was killed by a Metro police officer while officers were serving a warrant for marijuana on June 11, 2010. From the account of the Las Vegas Sun, this is a very strange coroner's inquest.
First, when the shooting occurred, the fiancee and family of Cole declared that Cole was not dealing in pot but it was shown that Cole, in fact was dealing in pot. How did the cops find out? Why, Cole advertised it on Craigslist. "In April, Yant had found an ad Cole posted on Craigslist advertising that he sold marijuana and asked Metro Detective Christopher Cannon to contact him. In the weeks leading up to the shooting, Cannon, operating as an undercover officer, purchased about $900 worth of marijuana from Cole.
One of those transactions was captured on video recorded by a reality television series that was filming Cannon and other officers doing undercover work. That footage was played for the jury on Friday."

Ok. If you don't want cops involved you drug business, don't advertise selling drugs on Craigslist. Maybe sales weren't going so good for him.
Next: "Cannon and Special Agent Matthew Peak, who works for the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations, testified Friday morning about the events that occurred at Cole’s residence.
Peak said the Air Force was investigating Cole as possibly a person who had sold narcotics to military personnel at Nellis Air Force Base.
Peak and three other Air Force investigators were present the night the warrant was executed. He said he and his fellow officers remained outside while Metro detectives entered the apartment."

Three police officers from Nellis were at the scene of the warrant search? Why? I thought MP's did not have jurisdiction outside of Nellis. Even if Cole sold drugs to Nellis AFB airmen, all they would get is some airmen names. Did they need that information at the scene? Seems like there were more people at the scene than necessary.
The autopsy said that Cole had a gun shot to the cheek and he died of the concussion injuries because of the shot to the cheek. Seems like the gun had to be very close to Cole's head to cause that kind of injury.
The story says that the officer that shot Cole had a flashlight that did not work. Would it be too much to ask to make sure your equipment worked before the raid? Maybe the officer that shot Cole could have asked the Nellis officers if they had a working flashlight before the team entered the apartment.
Finally, the fiancee of Cole has completely changed her story from the time of the shooting to the time of the inquest. Maybe the thought of money from a lawsuit changed her mind?
As I have posted before, I have suspicions about this shooting. I have questioned what a "furtive movement" is and I still question it.
But what is clear is that Cole was not this innocent person people made him out to be. He was a drug dealer. But that is not the reason for cops to shoot him. It may have been an accident or perhaps Cole did make a move towards the officer's gun. I doubt we will ever know.
The family will sue and Metro will settle before a court trial, so we will never know what happened. And the officer involved might be transferred to be a clerk in the records department.
Bottom line, don't sell drugs on Craigslist.

Nevada Unemployment Jumps Again: Las Vegas Sun- Not News

From The LVRJ: "The employment department reported Friday that joblessness in Nevada hit a record 14.3 percent in July, up from 14.2 percent in June and 12.3 percent in July 2009. In Las Vegas, the rate jumped to 14.8 percent, compared with 14.6 percent in June and 13 percent in July 2009. Nearly 200,000 Nevadans lack jobs and are seeking work, including 144,500 Las Vegans.
Throw in discouraged workers who've left the labor force and underemployed workers who can't find full-time jobs, and Nevada's jobless rate exceeded 21 percent through June 30, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nevada ranked No. 1 in the country for joblessness in June, while Las Vegas took the top spot among cities of 1 million or more in the month. State officials said they expect the state and city to keep those top positions once all July numbers come in."

I would have liked to link the Las Vegas Sun, but the Sun apparently does not thinks this is news. Why? Apparently, the Pravda of Las Vegas doesn't think this is news.
Maybe because it will harmful to Harry Reid, Shelly Berkley and Dina Titus?
Maybe the Sun will think it will be news on Saturday morning, when less people will see it's web site.
And they call themselves a news organization? Pathetic.

How Easy It For Illegals To cross Into The U.S: How About An Unuarded Bridge?

From The El Paso Times: On each side of a towering West Texas stretch of the $2.4 billion border fence designed to block people from illegally entering the country, there are two metal footbridges, clear paths into the United States from Mexico.
The footpaths that could easily guide illegal immigrants and smugglers across the Rio Grande without getting wet seem to be there because of what amounts to federal linguistics. While just about anyone would call them bridges, the U.S.-Mexico group that owns them calls them something else...

How dangerous is it? Well the Border Patrol doesn't man the bridge: But patrols in such an open area can appear to be sporadic to the average observer as marked Border Patrol trucks cruise up and down a river levee road along the border.
The crossings are owned by both the United States and Mexico and are needed for workers to maintain and occasionally fix cement structures that support the bridge, Spener said. Any changes to the structures, she said, would have to be approved by officials in both countries. And no one has ever asked to secure the bridges or remove them, she said.
"We would be happy to work with Border Patrol if they have security concerns they've identified," Spener said. "It would be a challenge, but we'd be happy to discuss it."
Cordero said he's not aware of any requests by Border Patrol or the Department of Homeland Security to secure the crossings. But still, he concedes, it would be nice if there was more security around the remote crossing.

So, any terrorist or drug dealer can just walk over the bridges and come into the the U.S. unchecked. Wonderful.
It would be nice if they put up a barrier to the bridge or dismantle it. This is one way to secure the border.

Kyle Busch Ties Nationwide Wins For A Year By Driving Dirty

Las Vegan, Kyle Busch won the Nationwide race in Bristol tonight, in large part by intentionally crashing driver Brad Kesolowski towards the end of the race.
From ESPN: Kyle Busch moved one step closer to sweeping the weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway, winning the Nationwide Series race on Friday night after intentionally wrecking Brad Keselowski....
He had to work hard to get the Nationwide win, battling for at least a dozen laps with Keselowski for the lead. He finally made the pass with 31 to go, but as he slid in front of Keselowski, Busch didn't have him cleared and contact between the cars sent Busch down the track and back to second.
He promptly drove back up to Keselowski's bumper and intentionally spun him. Keselowski, the Nationwide Series points leader, wound up 14th while Busch survived several late cautions to go to Victory Lane.
"I raced him, raced him, raced him, I don't know, 12-15 laps? I thought I had him cleared up the back and I moved up in front of him and instead of him doing an [Dale] Earnhardt crossover, he decided to just run into the back of me and put me in the fence," Busch said.
"That's Brad Keselowski. So I went down into the next corner and I dumped him. He does it to everybody else, why can't I do it to him?"

"He does it to everyone else so why I can't do it to him?" Sorry, but what a pathetic and childish response. Maybe Busch is lucky because Keslowski didn't spin Busch when he had a chance.
Hopefully, there will be pay back to Kyle this week or next.