Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stupid Jacko Doc

The Las Vegas based doctor who "took care of" Michael Jackson is a cariologist, but apparently doesn't know anything about CPR. ""The guard and the doctor picked him up and put him on the bed from the living room, and that's when they started CPR," he said."
Yo, idiot, you don't put a victim on the bed when doing CPR, you put them on a hard surface. You don't need to be an MD to understand this.
I see a very large lawsuit coming out of this, but just like Jackson, the "doc" also has money problems, and so like Jackson, he'll probably find a way to skip out paying the judgement.

Billy Mays Dies

Another celebrity died today. Pitchman Billy Mays of Oxy Clean and Pitchmen died in Florida.

I am a fan of Pitchmen, so this hits me kind of hard. It's possible that he hit his head during a hard landing after a airplane flight to Tampa.
What a week. :(

Milwaukee Fire Department Makes a Big Donation

Congratulations to the MFD for donating a pumper truck that was going into retirement to the city of Morogoro, Tanzania.
A city of 300,000 just doubled their number of fire trucks, from 1 to 2. This is what firefighting is all about- mutual aid no matter what the distance is between cities.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Cop killed by an Illegal Alien

On Tuesday, police officer, Henry Canales of the Houston TX. Police Department, was murdered in cold blood by an alleged illegal alien and his illegal alien accomplices.
Based purely on name and date of birth checks we ran, we find no records of him in our databases, and him being born in Mexico it appears he was here illegally,” Rutt said. “However, until we run his fingerprints through our system we cannot make a final determination.”....
"Immediately after the shooting, two adults and a female juvenile who were with Pedroza-Carrillo sped away from the scene in a van. They were arrested at Bellaire and the Southwest Freeway.
The district attorney’s office identified the two adults as Andres Nava-Maldonado, 41, and Xiomara Mendez-Rosales, 36. Both have been charged with capital murder and remain in the Harris County Jail. The juvenile remains in custody"

According to the district attorney’s office, Nava-Maldonado told police he is from Mexico, and Mendez-Rosales claims to be from Honduras"
When will the U.S. do something seriously about illegal immigration? Don't hold your breath as the Democrats and Obama choose to do nothing.
Deputy Sheriff Frank Fabiano of the Kenosha Sheriff's Department comes to mind as he was killed by an illegal alien in 2007.

Best Quote about Sanford Affair

A gentleman named Grumps from Wisconsin, commenting on Boots and Sabres: "One more South American woman doing a job Americans won’t do. "

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

U.S. Scores Upset in Soccer

The United States men's soccer team scored a major upset in the FIFA Confederation Cup by beating Spain 2-0.
I watched the last 20 minutes of the game, which gives me about 25 minutes of watching soccer for the year and it was very exciting and the U.S.'s second goal was quite cool.
Spain was the top ranked team in the world and U.S. was 14th. This win is like the Detroit Lions winning the Super bowl next year. While the Federation is not the World Cup, it is probably the next best thing and if the U.S. wins the tournament, it will be the biggest tournament the U.S. men's team ever won. They play the winner of the South Africa-Brazil later in the week.

GOP Loses Another One

Gov. Mark Sanford R-SC was caught in an affair with a woman from Argentina, he declared in a press conference today.
"I have developed a relationship with what started as a dear dear friend from Argentina. It began very innocently as I expect many of these things do, just casual email back and forth," Sanford said. "But here recently this last year developed into something much more."
Asked if Sanford was separated from his wife, he said "I don't know how you want to define that. I"m here and she's there. I guess in a formal sense we are not."

Unlike liberals and specifically the Democrats, the GOP of South Carolina are already throwing Sanford under the bus and want him to resign. If he were a Democrat, you know they would encourage him to stay in office and say it is a private matter.
Sanford was considered a leading contender for the GOP presidential race and because of this, he is toast. John Ensign of Nevada who, at least in his eyes, thought he was a presidential contender was also outed last week for an affair. If this keeps up, we're not going to have any quality presidential contenders left, except for Sarah Palin.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ed McMahon Dies

Ed McMahon has died today in Los Angeles.
While growing up, I really liked him on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He was at his greatest, IMHO, as the sidekick to Karnak the Magnificant. RIP Ed and thanks for the laughs.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Non-Partisan" Group Asks For Ensign Probe

The LVRJ is reporting that a supposed non-partisan group is asking the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate Ensign's affair and his termination of the Hamptions from his campaign office.
From the RJ: "Since January of 2008 it has filed ethics complaints against Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., for "misleading fundraising"; Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., for "failure to disclose gambling winnings"; Sen. Christopher Bond, R-Mo., for his role in firing a former federal prosecutor; Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., over a questionable rental deal: and Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., for obtaining a $2 million earmark four days after receiving campaign donations from the beneficiaries."
So, including Ensign, they have gone after 5 Republicans and a moderate Democrat. That is by definition not non-partisan.
In addition, I am pretty sure that the Hamptons were at will employees, subject to termination for any reason at any time, short of discrimination. They were employed in Ensign's campaign and he no longer needs too many people in their campaign office right now. He is not up for re-election until 2012, so why he need that many people in his campaign office?
As I have said before, both Ensign and Cindy Hampton are pigs for cheating on their spouses. I don't blame Mr. Hampton for being pissed with Ensign and the Mrs. Hampton. But thanks to the lack of ethics from previous federal legislators, this affair rates about 3 on a sleaze meter up to 10. After all, if you are going to have congress with Larry Craig, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd, this affair seems like small potatoes.

Pilot who Died in Flight, Parents from Las Vegas

We all heard of the pilot who passed away while flying from Brussells to Newark. Well, it turned out his parents are from Las Vegas.
The pilot died what he enjoyed doing and may he rest in peace and may his family find comfort.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Interesting Education Information

As a teacher, I have to take some classes to maintain my license. I am currently taking the Nevada Law and Constitution class. An interesting fact hit me today. What is the only class of people who are constitutionally guaranteed a free public education? At first, I thought, maybe Native Americans. Wrong. So, who is the class? Drum roll please.... Illegal immigrants. They won that right in a court ruling down in Texas. Who knew?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there. Here is my favorite Father's Day video: It is Harry Chapin's Cat's in the Cradle, one of my favorite songs of all time.
Now if anyone can tell me how I can put this video onto the blog,so you can see the video without clicking on the link, that would be a great Father's Day present.

NASCAR and Start and Park

I just got done watching the Nationwide race at Milwaukee and it was quite boring. Yeah, I like to see the wrecks and side by side racing for the entire race. What ticks me off is the new concept of start and park in Sprint and Nationwide.
What happens is that a car starts and before the first pit stop, the driver brings the car in parks it. There is a good article from Tom Bowles and SI.
While I understand the concept, it just seems wrong that a driver who qualifies for the race chickens out and withdraws. It's like you qualify for the U.S. Open golf tournament, make the final cut and then drop out because you are going have to stay in a hotel room for two extra days and have to pay for extra meals. it just doesn't make any sense.
Part of the reason is the pay schedule. as stated in the article, a driver who dropped out and finished 41st was only paid $725 less than a driver who finished around 36th. So what is the incentive.
My solution, make a minimum amount of winnings and then pay for each additional lap they run. It will lower the winnings but maybe it will convince the start and park drivers to compete longer in the race.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

John Ensign and His Affair

Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) announced on Monday that he had an affair with a campaign staffer, Cindy Hampton, also of Las Vegas.
A couple of thoughts. First, John Ensign is a pig for the affair. What he did was wrong and unethical by having the affair. Ensign has apologized to his wife and apparently, she has forgiven him.
Having said that, considering who is also in the Congress, this is mild stuff. First, you have the killer of a young woman, Ted Kennedy, then you have the bathroom pervert, Larry Craig, Barney Frank who had a whore house run out of his house and the infamous former KKK member, Robert Byrd. Then you have Harry Reid who has some very questionable land dealings, Nancy Pelosi and her ethical congress, Charles Rangle and his tax problems and so much more.
I am glad Ensign took responsibility and saw his presidential aspirations shot to hell. But, it has to be kept in perspective and he should not resign from the Senate.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Update on"Poor Little Baby"

Last week, a 21 month old baby girl was found dead, dumped in a dumpster. Over the weekend, they found the mom and possible dad of the baby in Phoenix. Now, we found out that the boyfriend sexually assualted the baby before she died.
Please tell me why this thug does not deserve the death penalty. However, I am confident, that if this thug is put in prison, he will not last too long, as the prisoners will take the death penalty into their own hands. The thug will want to be waterboarded intead of the stuff the prisoners will have planned for him.
The man accused of killing his girlfriend’s baby and dumping the body in a trash bin also is being charged with sexually assaulting the 21-month-old girl, Las Vegas police said today.
William Marshall, 37, was arrested late Saturday in Phoenix and charged in the death of Shia Travis, whose body was discovered last week by two homeless men rummaging through an apartment trash bin near the Strip.

Police said the toddler died from blunt force trauma to her head that occurred during a beating.
Marshall also has been charged with one count of sexual assault with a minor under 14 years old. Shia had sustained injuries “consistent with forced penetration,” according to the police report

Now I Know Why Las Vegas is the Wedding Capitol of the World

Today, Cathy, my wife soon to be and I went down to the Clark County Marriage Bureau to get our marriage license. I really didn't know what I would see.
We went down at about 7:00 PM (they are open until 12 midnight). When we got down there, there were 3 couples waiting in line and 3 couples at the windows. When we left, after getting our license, there were 7 more couples waiting in line- and according to the clerk, this was a slow time. So, there 14 couples in 1/2 hour on a Monday evening to get a marriage license. With a cost of $60, Clark County made a a quick $840 in a half hour.
We then went to the wedding chapel we are going to get married in in July. There was 1 couple who we met at the Marriage Bureau, getting married. So, they got their license and were married within about 1/2 hour. They were from France.
The man at the chapel we went to said this was a slow day- they only had 14 weddings scheduled for the day and a few more walk ins. Like several other wedding chapels, they had a drive through wedding service as well. Apparently, a lot of people on motorcycles come through and they get married while sitting on their bikes. Others do it in their cars.
So, in a little more than a month, we will be have another Las Vegas experience.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Movie "Hangover"

I am not a movie goer- the last movie I went to was "Ladder 49", way back in 2004. First the expense, second, I can always see what I want in a couple of months and I just don't like movies that I want to spend $40 bucks on.
However, I took my soon to be wife to see "Hangover" because it is a Vegas film. First, this movie is not for kids and kids should not be allowed close to the movie theater because of language and graphic pictures. Also, if you go, be prepared to see some awfully ugly butt scenes.
Having said that, it is a pretty funny movie and Mike Tyson had a great cameo. It has some good Vegas views of the Strip and of the mountains. We were laughing throughout the movie.
However, this movie of the stereotype of Vegas, in which the stereotype is hardly ever true. It was also funny to see the driving scenes- they went from the highway to county roads back to the freeway. Finally, Las Vegas is more than just the Strip, but you will have to come and visit to see why.
For the trailer:

Silly question But...

The ACLU and Freedom From Religion don't like when public schools have graduations in churches, don't like it when valedictorians say a prayer during graduation or when a legislator opens a session with a prayer. They don't like it when there is a Christmas tree in the Wisconsin Rotundra or various government/relgion combinations. But then, how come they don't have a problem with Garrison Keillor sings gospel songs or quotes scripture during Prairie Home Companion on NPR, which is in part, is paid for by tax dollars?
Hyporcites, anyone?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama's Nixon Moment

Today, Obama fired the Inspector General for Americorps, gerald Walprin. Walprin went after an Obama supporter, Kevin Johnson and St. Hope, of Sacremento, CA. Good Hope took over $850,000 and had to repay about half of that because of abuse. The. U.S, of course will never see that money as Good Hope is now insolvent.
The left went nuts because George Bush fired 9 U.S.Attorneys Will the left have all the outrage because Obama fires an inspector general because the IG was going after one of Obama's buddies? I think we know that answer.
The fact that St. Hope agreed to repay 1/2 of the money they received showed that Walprin did his job. The fact that St. Hope is now insolvent shows that St. Hope was poorly run and probably made some people some good money. And yet, Obama fires the person who had the guts to call them out and show that the taxpayer money was being abused.
Obama now has his Nixon moment- he is firing people to protect the corrupt people.

Milwaukee's Sick Pay Law is Unconstutional

From Jsonline: "Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Thomas Cooper has found a Milwaukee ordinance mandating private employers provide paid sick leave unconstitutional.
Cooper, who heard arguments last month on
opponents' request for a permanent injunction to block the law, issued a 38-page written decision and order Friday.
"This is a case where a proposed ordinance's reach exceeds its grasp," Cooper wrote
There is hope for Milwaukee yet.

Who Says Golf isn't a Non-Contact Sport

From Espn: "Ahn Shi-hyun's drive on the ninth hole at the LPGA Championship on Friday hit a robin, killing the bird in a puff of feathers.
"It's a shame," marshal Nina Dawson told Reuters. "The bird was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was instantaneous"
Talk about getting a birdie the hard way.

That Evil Wal-Mart Is At It Again

Yesterday was payday at Wal-Mart and thousands of hourly employees employed by Wal-Mart received their quarterly bonuses. At the store I work in, the bonus was for about $440 for full time employees and a little less for part time employees. That came to about $20,000 in bonuses for the store.
Not all Wal-Mart employees got the bonuses- if their store did not meet expectations and salaried managers don't get bonuses- they get one lump sum after the first of the year.
So, bonuses for hourly workers, various forms of health care available, matching funds to purchase Wal-Mart stock, 10% discount on general merchandise (non-food) items, 10% discount at some private colleges, 401K plan and so many more benefits.
And why do we need a union?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Out of the Wild Bogus Ending

I am a fan of reality TV shows and I have been watching Out of the Wild on the Discovery Channel.
The last show had the remaining volunteers of the experiment finally finding civilization after spending about a month in the wilderness.
Here's the bogus part: They finally found some cabins and an active train track and it was some sort a surprise.
I lived in Wisconsin Rapids and at 3:30 every @#$%# in the fricking morning, you could hear the #$%%# train whistle from the time the train entered Port Edwards from the south until it left Wisconsin Rapids to the northeast. As the crow flies, that's about 10 miles or so. Of course, the distance depended on the weather and wind direction. Every morning, I counted the train whistles- it averaged about 25 times each run.
So, for the volunteers to be surprised to see the train and not hear the train whistle until they found the small amount of cabins whistle is completely bogus. Their weather was snowing at times, but no wind. What a disappointing ending to a pretty good show and it makes you wonder what else was staged or bogus.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poor Little Baby

This poor little baby was left for dead in a dumpster in Las Vegas on Wednesday. For those in Las Vegas, please call Metro if anyone has any information about this atrocity. May God have mercy on the soul of the cruel and heartless person who did this. And may you rot in prison, as prison is not good enough for you, that maybe life in a dumpster would be better.
Update: they caught the bastards that killed and dumped this little girl.
Hanging them is too good for them.

Why I Have No Faith in the Education System

I just finished up a 4 hour meeting with other teachers at our school . We belong to the School Improvement Project. (as an aside, I am a high school special education teacher in the Clark County School District)
This is our second 4 hour meeting. We have 15 members who get paid $120 per session. We also have paid consultants who get paid, who knows how much. At our first meeting we sat around and played games and got to know each other, even though we have been teaching together for at least 8 months or longer. In today's session, we identified 1 problem and 1 good thing at our school. That's it. Nothing more, except talk. We didn't do anything to help our school improve, we didn't make suggestions, we didn't do anything except bitch and moan about the administration and students.
When I joined the committee, I honestly thought we were going to discuss and come up with solutions to our school's problems and we have so many problems at our school- attendance, discipline, English Language Learners who are dropping out, etc.
The only other thing that came out of the meeting is that we will meet again in the middle of August- provided we get funding for the consultants and ourselves.
I feel guilty that I think I am part of a scam of taking taxpayer money and accomplishing nothing. This is why I think the education system sucks.

Is this is What the Air Force is For?

According to the Minot Daily News (Minot AFB- I joined the Air Force to see the world and I saw Minot for almost Minot AFB for 4 years), the Minot AFB is going to spray for mosquitoes around the AFB and the City of Minot.
While I am for the military to help out the community they are close to, is spraying for mosquitoes in the city, (the AFB is about 20 miles north of the city) a legitimate use of the Air Force? To me, no it is not. The Air Force is supposed to be used for the safety of the United States, not for the spraying of mosquitoes.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2 MPD Cops Shot

2 MPD police officers were shot on the south side of Milwaukee today:
Apparently, the officers were trying to stop a bicycle rider when they were shot, according to a witness on Belling. It was a younger male. It happened on 2nd and National.
Keep the officers in your prayers.

Monday, June 8, 2009

This Why We Should be able to Execute 17 Year Olds

From Fox News: Authorities say a 17-year-old teenager was charged with aggravated rape and first-degree murder of an 8-month-old child.
Now, not every 17 year old who commits a murder should be given the death penalty. But please give me a reason why this scum bag should be allowed to live. He RAPED an 8 month old child and then murdered the baby. A few months later and he would be eligible for the death penalty. This is a piece of scum and does not deserve to live. This thug is from New Orleans and LA. has the death penalty.,2933,525441,00.html

Cop charged with murder, but...

A LAPD cop was charged with capital murder, which is realy too bad for all involved. But I didn't know this: Lazarus, who is expected to be arraigned Tuesday, was last assigned to the LAPD's art theft detail.
Who knew that the LAPD had an art theft detail?

Al Gore's Journalist's Held in North Korea

Imagine if Fox News sent two journalists to the Chinese-North Korean border and they got arrested by North Korea border guards. Do you think the MSM would react differently than they have with these 2 journalist from Al Gore's TV station- Current TV?,2933,525470,00.html
Now, Al Gore is thinking about going to North Korea to try and get his journalists out. That is exactly what North Korea wants- to gain legitimacy by having a former vice president visit them and grovel to their Supreme Leader. While it may be in the interests of of the two journalists for Al Gore to go there, I don't it is in the best interest of the country that he go to North Korea and grovel.
As an aside, do you think the outpouring of the media would have been different had two male journalists been arrested and sentenced to the 12 years? I think we know the answer to that.

New York State Senate Goes Back to the GOP

Today, the New York State Senate went back into the GOP control after 2 Demnocrats switched their votes and voted for GOP leader ship. One of the biggest reasons was high taxes.
Concern over a failure to adopt new Senate rules, coupled with anger over a tax increase included in the recently passed state budget deal, was said to have led to the switch
In addition, billionaire, Tom Golisano is moving to Florida to escape the high taxes of New York taxes. Mr. Golisano recently announced that he was moving his legal residence to Florida out of anger about the budget deal reached in April by Democratic leaders in Albany, which included an increase in taxes on high earners
So, there are consequences for raising taxes. Now, if other Democrats had the guts to do this in other states, say Wisconsin and Nevada, maybe we won't have to pay such high taxes.
With at least Rush Limbaugh and Golisano moving to Florida, how much money did New York lose in tax money? How many rich people are going to move into New York to replace them? My guess, very few if any.

Wierd Weather

The forecast high in Fairbanls AK on Monday is 79. In Las Vegas, it will be only 87 (normal, about 95). In Milwaukee, it will be 72 degrees.
So, a city way up in Alaska is going to only 8 degrees warmer than a city in the desert in the Southwest U.S. and warmer than Milwaukee, so how can you believers of global warming come up with an explanation for that, other than weather is full of surprises, highs and lows and cycles?
Thank you Ice Road Truckers for the thought.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama Finally Offers Sympathy

President Obama, 3 days after the fact, finally got around to offering sympathy to the families of the soldiers who were shot on Monday by a Muslim terrorist. Says Obama:
“I am deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence against two brave young soldiers who were doing their part to strengthen our armed forces and keep our country safe. I would like to wish Quinton Ezeagwula a speedy recovery, and to offer my condolences and prayers to William Long’s family as they mourn the loss of their son.”
Two things wrong here. First, why did he wait three days? Public pressure? He didn't wait 3 days to issue his statement about Dr. Tiller. Second- why he didn't use the soldier's rank when he issued the statement?
It may sound petty, but when a soldier, airmen or someone from the Navy is addressed or mentioned, they are addressed by their rank. Sgt. Smith, Major Jones, Admiral Byrd. It's a sign of respect to the rank and to the person.
More from Michelle Malkin:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wisconsin State Special Olympics Games

This Friday and Saturday, the 30th Annual State Special Olympics Games are going to be held in Stevens Point.
I have been fortunate enough to go the meet 4 times as a coach, when I was the Special Olympics coach in Westfield. It is an awesome experience and the kids and adults have a great time. If you happen to be in the Stevens Point area, stop by U.W. Stevens Point and see what all the excitement is about.

ACORN In Court Again

The Las Vegas chapter of ACORN was in court today today for a court hearing. ACORN and two representatives are charged with improperly registering voters.
This is an ongoing problem with ACORN, which has shown that voter fraud can pay in more ways than one. first, they recruited and hired people to register to vote. If the person did not meet a quota of about 20 registrations a day, they were fired.
ACORN was caught and properly charged by the Democrat Attorney General and Republican Secretary of State and now ACORN is saying that the charges are politically motivated. Hogwash. ACORN made a mockery of the registration process, here in Las Vegas and around the country. I personally saw them in action at the Wal Mart I work at part time and at times, they would come up to you in pairs and get in your space to get you to register.
Somehow, I believe ACORN will get off, but this is Nevada, not Illinois or Wisconsin and so the charges may stick. While we have a corrupt government in Nevada, at times, it does not tolerate outsiders coming in and being corrupt.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Obama and His NYC Trip

President Obama takes a trip and the right side the blogsphere goes nuts. While I am certainly not a defender of Obama, the shrill cries seem to be overdone.
Let's face it, if you are a federal politician, you get perks none of us would get. Nancy Pelosi uses a military jet to and from Washington. Legislators go on a ton of junkets paid for by you and me. Former preidents have gone to their ranches and beach front to get away from it all while in office and there was hardly a peep, except in GWB's cases- and that was because he spent a lot of time at the ranch.
So, if obama wants to get away once in awhile, I have no problem with that. If he makes a habit of it, then I will join the complainer's chours.

Monday, June 1, 2009

RIP Officer Valdez

A Chicago police officer, Officer Alejandro Valdez was killed in cold blood blood by a bunch of gang thugs in Chicago. Officer Valdez is a hero in every sense of the word, with 22 honorable mentions along with a department citation.,0,565784.story
Something tells me that this shooting was done by young punks in a socially depressed area.
RIP Officer Valdez, you are a true hero.

Terrorism in Arkansas

Today, a Muslim male killed 1 Army soldier and wounded another soldier inside a Little Rock, Arkansas recruiting station.,2933,524139,00.html
Whether it is terrorism when a thug kills Dr. George Tiller or it is terrorism when a Muslim murders a soldier, it is still terrorism. But just look at the different responses from the left. It's "yawn" from the left when the soldier is killed and total outrage when the abortion doctor is killed.
As Folkbum says "Why would a terrorist assassinate someone just because of his job?"

Air France 447 Theories

With the downing of Air France 447, theories abound as to what happened to the flight. Is it weather related? Considering that there T-storms in the area, it is a possibility, but look at reality. Usually, a pilot can can maneuver out of the way by either climbing or going around the cell. Especially, in the Ocean, it seems they have more room to maneuver, if the pilots were paying attention. Also, turbulence and lighting have not been known to bring down planes from high altitude. Planes are built to withstand lighting and turbulence.
Another possibility is a complete breakup of the plane . This just doesn't happen either and the plane was fairly new.
Finally, there is terrorism. The pilots did not issue a mayday, indicating a catastrophic break up. A bomb will do that.
The fact that there was no mayday call and the plane just dropped off the radar, terrorism just cannot be ruled out.