Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best Places In Las Vegas To see Fireworks

The Las Vegas Sun has an article about where the best place to watch fireworks in the Las Vegas Valley.
As usual, the Las Vegas Sun is wrong.
The two best places to watch fireworks in the Valley is Summerlin at Oxford Park. Oxford is located on Anasazi and Oxford, right behind Bonner Elementary School. You can see the Strip and most other fireworks, from the South Point to North Las Vegas.
The other place is on Horizon Ridge Parkway, between Horizon and Gibson. you can see all the firework shows in the Valley, Henderson and even Lake Las Vegas. This is on the north side of Black Mountain. There are some small roads and trails that go even higher than the road and you can see even more. While you can see the fireworks, you won't be able to hear them, unless the Fiesta Henderson blows off some fireworks.
So, if you are in Las Vegas, check out the fireworks and don't always listen to the Las Vegas Sun.

Green Bay Packers More Productive Than Obama

From (stolen, actually) from Grandpa John:
After the Packers v. Bills game, Buffalo released quarterback Trent Edwards.
During the Packers v. Eagles game, the Packers injured Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb. Philadelphia then had to play backup quarterback Michael Vick.
During a playoff game against the Eagles, the Packers injured Michael Vick and another backup was needed.
After the Packers v. Cowboys game, Dallas fired Wade Phillips.
After the Packers v. Vikings game, Minnesota fired Brad Childress.
Four weeks after losing to the Packers, the 49er's coach, Mike Singletary, was fired and replaced.
During the Bears playoff game, the Packers injured Jay Cutler and backup Todd Collinsforcing the Bears to go with 3rd string quarterback Caleb Hanie.
Question:Is it just me, or did the Packers create more jobs than Obama last year?

Answer: Sadly, over all, it is probably true.

Breaking News: Nellis AFB: Pilot Died In Airplane Crash

From the Las Vegas Sun: The pilot of a U.S. Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon jet that crashed near Caliente earlier this week didn't survive, officials at Nellis Air Force Base said today.
U.S. Air Force officials said search and rescue teams found conclusive evidence that the pilot didn't eject from the aircraft before the crash, which occurred about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday about 20 miles west of Caliente on Bureau of Land Management property.
"Our thoughts and prayers are with the pilot’s immediate family, Air Force family, and friends during this difficult time," Brig. Gen. T.J. O’Shaughnessy, 57th Wing commander, said in a statement.
Air Force officials weren't releasing the name and unit of the pilot pending notification of family.
This raises a whole lot more questions as to why he went down with the airplane, like were there any Maydays and was there any contact with the pilot before the crash. Also, why did it take so long for Nellis to come to that conclusion. (yes I know about the gruesome details, but there would have been some evidence he would have with the plane) But right now, that is irrelevant.
So, to the pilot, R.I.P., to the family and friends, our prayers are with you.

Update: The LVRJ idenitified the pilot: Air Force Capt. Eric Ziegler, the pilot of an F-16C fighter jet, died when his jet crashed Tuesday on public land near the Nevada Test and Training Range, Nellis Air Force Base officials and sources in Fargo, N.D., said Thursday.
News of his death spread quickly Thursday through his hometown, West Fargo, N.D., where the 30-year-old Ziegler, a 2003 Air Force Academy graduate assigned to Nellis, starred in high school football. His death was confirmed in media outlets that quoted his West Fargo High School football coach, Jay Gibson, and reported that his wife, Sarah, works for the Air Force in Las Vegas.
He is survived by his wife and 9-month-old daughter, Anna, The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead reported.
From the inforum of Fargo-Morehead: However, word of the fatal crash quickly spread through the West Fargo community this morning, and a woman who answered the phone at his mother’s home confirmed Ziegler’s death.
Ziegler, a 2003 Air Force Academy graduate, previously served two tours in Iraq.
He was assigned to Nellis Air Force Base last year, after being stationed in Spangdahlen, Germany, for three years.
Although he’s lived away from his hometown for several years, Ziegler left an impact on many who knew him.
During his years at West Fargo High in the late 1990s, Ziegler played under the school’s longtime head football coach, Jay Gibson, who heard of Ziegler's death from his son via text.
Ziegler started on both offense and defense and played on special teams – meaning he was on the field virtually the whole game, Gibson recalled today.
“He was a tremendous competitor,” Gibson said. “He really wanted to win, but whether he won or lost, he always had a smile on his face.”
Gibson said Ziegler was a leader among his teammates, and he remembers how Ziegler’s competitive drive motivated his peers.
“That leadership carried over to the rest of the team because he just worked hard – no matter what he did he put 110 percent effort into it,” Gibson said.
As a senior, Ziegler helped lead his team to the North Dakota state championship in 1999, Gibson said.
“It’s just a shock,” he said. “It’s not fair because these are the guys that should be around forever – because they take care of other people, they take care of themselves, and they lead and they do the right thing.”
“It's a tremendous loss to the community,” Gibson added.
You have to wonder why the Las vegas media didn't have this.

Nellis AFB F-16 Crash Update

In what has to be a frustrating wait for the family and friends of the pilot, Air Force personnel at Nellis and around the world, and the public in general, there is still no word on the fate of the Air Force F-16 pilot whose plane crashed on early Tuesday evening, near Calinte, NV.
The Las Vegas Sun has no news on it's web site today. The Las Vegas Review Journal is repeating yesterday's story and the TV media is just as pathetic. Channel 13 and 8 have nothing on their web site while Channel 3 is repeating yesterday's story.
So, why isn't the media asking questions and why isn't the AFB more forthcoming? Previously, when there has been an accident, Nellis has been pretty straight forward, but those crashes and incidents has had witnesses. But this crash, has had no witnesses. But is that fair to the public?
What about our Federal congress men and woman, why are they not asking and demanding answers?
I am not a conspiracy nut, but this really is starting to stink to high heaven about something. What, I don't know. Was there something wrong with the airplane? Was there something wrong with the pilot? If the Air Force would have come out and said what happened, questions like these would not happen.
This is also giving a black eye to the search and rescue squads at Nellis and Lincoln County. They look like fools now because they are not able to find the pilot. If the pilot has been found, then Nellis is letting them look like fools for no reason. I am sure Nellis search and rescue and the Lincoln County first responders are working their butts off to find this pilot, but how do we really know?
So, again, it is the same old, same old, and that is a shame.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Man Arrested For Impersonating A Cop, Gee, I Wonder Why?

From the Las vegas Sun: Metro Police arrested a man Tuesday on a count of impersonating a police officer after he allegedly conducted several vehicle stops.
Police said Bradley Wedge of Goodsprings bought a retired Nevada Highway Patrol car, a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, and registered it with personalized license plates that read “K9UNIT.”
Officers conducted an investigation over an eight-month period and found that Wedge had conducted at least five vehicle stops, police said.
There have been four or 5 cases of men impersonating police officers within the past month and pulling cars over. Gee, I wonder why this happening, but the answer can be found here:

Across from the Flamingo Dog Park/Horseman's Park at the very east end of Flamingo Rd., is a gravel parking lot that 4 times a year, has an auction. They auction off school buses, heavy equipment, Clark County cars and... police cars. Both marked and unmarked. The marked cars still have the black and white paint and are only missing the emblem, lights and siren and the vehicle number. They still have the search light attached. The unmarked cars still look look like unmarked cars and they have the side search light attached.
There have several times in the past couple months where I thought I have seen a Metro police car roaming Henderson, only to find out that it is a car that was sold at auction.
So, if Metro and Clark County continue to sell police cars still looking like police cars, there will be cases of people impersonating the police.

Another Reason To Get Out Of The U.N.

Sometimes, it seems the United Nations are best suited for a comedy show HBO. Other times, when their armed forces are not raping children, sending them money seems like the biggest waste of money. And then there times like today and you just shake your head and think that a bunch brain dead imbeciles are running the asylum.
From Fox News: Despite numerous breaches of arms embargoes and continued threats to expand its nuclear weapons program, North Korea has assumed the presidency of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament. In a speech to the 65-nation arms control forum in Geneva, the newly-appointed president, North Korean Ambassador So Se Pyong, said he was “very much committed to the Conference.”
Appointing a North Korean to chair the UN’s only multilateral disarmament forum is like “asking the fox to guard the chickens,” says Hillel Neuer, of the UN watchdog organization UN Watch. Neuer is calling on the U.S. and European governments to protest the appointment, which he says, “damages the UN’s credibility.”
Read more:
No, it is more like Adolf Hitler guarding the Jews and we see how well that went.
Seriously, what does the U.N do for the United States?

Nellis F-16 Crash Update: 24 Hours And Still No Pilot

It is now almost 24 hours since the F-16 from Nellis AFB has crashed and the Air Force is still saying they have not found the pilot. There has been no updates from the media since this morning.
The news reporting on this crash has been disturbing, at best. Channel 8 didn't even report on the crash in their first segment of the news. I guess a missing military pilot is not major news to them. None of the television stations in the Valley has sent a crew up to Caliente to see what is going on. They are relying on Nellis AFB to feed them the information.
So, what can a news crew do up in Caliente? They can observe the different crews going and search. For instance, they may be able to see different military vehicles that are up there, talk to firefighters from Caliente, talk to residents to see if they have noticed anything, if there is an airport up there, see who is refueling up there. Are the Nellis helicopters refueling there or flying back to Nellis and refueling and then returning to the scene and continue searching. Is the Naval base in Fallon helping out? How about the BLM and NDF helping out.
Why are the media knocking down Nellis AFB doors demanding answers like who is in charge of the search, what equipment are they using, are they sending every available Nellis AFB airman to the search area. Nellis should be sending bus loads of airmen to scene to help search for the pilot, especially since there are few, if any flights leaving and arriving at Nellis. Are they using any other agencies like the Civil Air Patrol or the Metro helicopter? Are they using private pilots in small aircraft to search. This what a competent media would be asking. But we don't have a competent media in Las Vegas.
But the media in the Valley are just being lazy and are waiting the AFB to give them the condensed and sanitized version of the story.
How pathetic.

The Secret Police: Future Crime Reporting In U.S.

In the United States, emergency services such as police departments and fire departments are going to digital radios, which means that unless you have a digital police scanner, you may not be able to listen to police calls. Also, some first responders are able and willing to hide their communications, even if you have a digital scanner. This not only allows the public the right to know what is going on in their community, it can also hide police activities from the media- newspapers, radio and television.
This is from the Las Vegas Sun: Henderson Police are looking for two men who shot and robbed a 17-year-old boy at a Green Valley Parkway bus stop earlier this month, authorities said today.
Police said the teen was at the bus stop about 6 a.m. June 19 on Green Valley Parkway near Silver Springs Parkway when the shooting occurred.
The teen was listening to music with his eyes closed when two men confronted him and demanded he give them everything he had, police said. One of the men was pointing a black revolver with silver duct tape around the grip at the teen, authorities said. The Henderson Police department is on a digital radio system.
This is not too far from where I live and we are just hearing about a shooting that happened 10 days ago? The shooting, if the press had heard about it on the police scanner, the story would have made the newspaper.
The same thing is happening in Pahrump and Nye County. The Nye County Sheriff's Department just went to a digital radio system. The Pahrump Valley Times now get their information from police press releases or police spokesmen. There is no independent verification.
From the PVT: Four people charged in connection with an alleged kidnapping incident on June 17 appeared in court on Monday.
Pahrump Justice Court Judge Kent Jasperson declined to reduce any of the suspects’ bail amounts.
April Holmes, 32, Robin Quadlin, 46, Jeffery Rascon 33, and Steve Salayi, 65, remain in custody in lieu of more than $200,000 bail each.
According to a sheriff’s press release, a victim identified as Nicholas Adams told authorities that for several hours the suspects held him against his will inside a residence.
In Wisconsin Rapids, who just went to a digital radio, this how they report news now: A 21-year-old man suffered injuries early Wednesday morning after he was ejected from his vehicle following a rollover crash.
The Wisconsin Rapids Police Department responded to the crash in the 2100 block of Whitrock Avenue just after 2 a.m. Wednesday, according to a department news release.

So, this is going to be the future of crime reporting in Nevada and the United States. We now have to rely on the police to give us the news. There is no independent verification, no accounting of the police actions, nothing. We don't know if the cops are acting properly and we don't even know if our neighborhood is safe.
What is even more maddening is that the media has rolled over and played dead. Apparently they either don't understand their role in crime reporting and keeping the police honest, or they don't care or they just want keep the cops happy so the cops will keep supplying them with news releases.
It's been a sad year for reporting, from political reporting to keeping the cops honest to giving us information that is going on in our State, County, City and neighborhood.
How sad.

Appeals Court Upholds Obama Care

A 3 judge Appeals Court panel upheld Obama Care today. OK, that is just one ruling and really means nothing until it gets to the Supreme Court. I suspect another Appeals Court will say the opposite.
But as Bluto say:

F-16 Crash Update 2: Pilot Officially Not Found

Nellis AFB authroities have continues to say that the pilot in the F-16 crash yesterday eevening still has not been found. That is what both Las Vegas newspapers are reporting.
However, a comment in the Las Vegas Sun comment section indicates that the pilot did not make it.

@kptrojans not sure how much i am able to say on here, but unfortunately, he didn't make it. thank you for your kind words. our family appreciates it. if my comment is screened, I'm sure you'll see the updated story shortly.

One question I have is if a pilot has to eject, why don't they have a tracking device on it's ejection seat, especially since th eplane is being flown in the U.S.? In a combat area, I understand, but in the U.S.?

Update: New from the LVRJ: Air Force officials dispatched another helicopter Wednesday morning to continue searching for a pilot missing after his jet crashed during an air-to-air combat exercise in a remote area 150 miles north of Las Vegas.
Channel 8 Las Vegas reported that all training flights have been canceled.
I have to say that if this pilot is truly missing, this is giving the Nellis Search and Rescue teams along with Lincoln County rescue crews a bad reputation. Would this happen in a war zone? Probably not, so why in Lincoln County, NV?

F-16 Plane In Nevada Crash Update

Still, no word about the pilot who was piloting an F-16 and crashed near Caliente, NV. They have located the crash site but no word on the pilot.
This crash comes on the heels of a F-16 crash in Adams County, WI., on June 7, 2011. From NYCavation: The pilot was conducting a routine training flight with an F-16 Fighter Falcon jet aircraft from the Wisconsin Air National Guard 115th Fighter Wing over Adams County, Wisconsin, when the accident occurred at around 1:20 p.m. local time.
The unnamed pilot was able to eject safely and was recovered south of Chester, Wisconsin, around 70 miles northwest of Milwaukee. The pilot was being medically evaluated, the U.S. Air Force said.
I also blogged about this crash in Wisconsin as it occurred close to where I used to teach:
A pilot from the Madison-based 115th Fighter Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard escaped serious injury while ejecting from an F-16 fighter jet over Adams County around 1:20 p.m. Tuesday, officials said.Norma Pourchot, 79, said the jet came within a few feet of the roof of her house in the town of New Chester before slamming into a vacant vacation home about a block away....
Seems to me that there maybe something going on with the F-16 or nicknamed, Lawn Dart because it's sudden pitch down when it is in trouble, just like a lawn dart.
So, again, pray for the pilot and his family during these tring times and search and rescue to find the guy.

Las Vegas Review Journal, Stay Classy +, You Suck

This evening, there was a story about a man who died at the age of 44 from a triple by-pass surgery. The man also witnessed the shooting last year at the Federal Court House. From the LVRJ: Nick Driscoll survived last year's shooting at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas, but "he just wasn't the same after that," his wife said Tuesday.
Driscoll, who owned the Order in the Court Cafe on the building's first floor, died Thursday from complications he suffered after undergoing triple-bypass heart surgery. He was 44.
His wife, Kristy, said his liver has been successfully transplanted into a patient in California.
"I'm really happy that something good came out of this," she said.
Driscoll, who was diagnosed with diabetes as a child, had been living with a transplanted kidney since 1999. He also was legally blind, which made him eligible to run the courthouse cafe through a program offered by the Nevada Bureau of Services to the Blind and Visually Impaired.
On Jan. 4, 2010, Driscoll was one of several people who took cover in the cafe after Johnny Lee Wicks entered the courthouse just after 8 a.m. and opened fire with a 12-gauge shotgun. The first shot hit court security officer Stan Cooper, who fell to the floor and died a short distance from the cafe.
The man was a hero and perhaps saved some lives as he led several people inside the courthouse to his cafe.
So, what kind of comments did the LVRJ let on their comment site?: Nick was a great guy! I worked with him on some consulting for his restaurant, he was a hardworking man and his food was great. We had kept in touch on and off for years via email. He was an amazing person. I am sorry to hear of his death. Air jordan(1-24)shoes $33 Nike shox(R4,NZ,OZ,TL1,TL2,TL3) $35 Handbags(Coach lv fendi d&g) $34 Tshirts (Polo ,ed hardy,lacoste) $16 Jean(True Religion,ed hardy,coogi) $30 Sunglasses(Oakey,coach,gucci,Armaini) $15 New era cap $15 Bikini (Ed hardy,polo) $21 FREE sHIPPING
And: Air jordan(1-24)shoes $33 Nike shox(R4,NZ,OZ,TL1,TL2,TL3) $35 Handbags(Coach lv fendi d&g) $34 Tshirts (Polo ,ed hardy,lacoste) $16 Jean(True Religion,ed hardy,coogi) $30 Sunglasses(Oakey,coach,gucci,Armaini) $15 New era cap $15 Bikini (Ed hardy,polo) $21 FREE sHIPPING 0..0
For whatever reason, the LVRJ has let this slide. But if you need to go shopping, please don't shop at What a bunch of scum bags.

Matt Kenseth Loses Sponsor

My favorite driver in NASCAR just lost his primary sponsor effective at the end of the NASCAR season.
From ESPN: Crown Royal will end its sponsorship with Roush Fenway Racing at the end of the year, and parent company Diageo will not renew its deal as an official NASCAR partner.
Crown Royal has sponsored
Matt Kenseth for the last two seasons, and the company sponsored Kurt Busch and Jamie McMurray before that. Going forward, Crown Royal will only sponsor the Sprint Cup race at Richmond.
"In shifting our strategy, we will end our sponsorships with Roush Fenway Racing and NASCAR upon the conclusion of the 2011 season," Yvonne Briese, Diageo North American Whisky vice president of marketing, said Tuesday in a statement.
"We have developed strong relationships with the people at both organizations -- they have not only been fantastic business partners, but have also become our friends. We thank them for working with us throughout the years to showcase the importance of our social responsibility initiatives."
Crown Royal has no competition in NASCAR right now because Jim Beam and Jack Daniel's have left the series. NASCAR only allowed distilled liquors in as sponsors beginning with the 2005 season.
I don't think Crown Royal was a good fit with Kenseth. First, Kenseth is from Wisconsin, a beer state, not a whiskey state. And how many people think of whiskey when you mention Matt Kenseth's name? Perhaps Tony Stewart but not Kenseth.
I am sure Kenseth will find a sponsor for next year. It would be nice if Miller sponsored him, but they are sponsoring a barely legal Brad Keslowski.
It would be nice if a Wisconsin based compan would sponsor Kenseth, like S.C. Johnson or maybe some micro brews like Sprecher and the beer made in Middleton can get together. American Girl dolls probably won't cut it, though.
So, next year, the #17 will have new colors and a new sponsor. It will be interesting to see who it is.

Need A Job: Christchurch New Zealand: Earthquake Update

Christchurch, New Zealand has gone through 2 devastating earthquakes in the past year or so. On June 13th of this year, they apparently had another 6.3 earthquake that has caused some damage. Not to mention that this is winter in New Zealand so those without electricity or heat are quite cold this time of year. They are also having a problem filling jobs.
From The September and February earthquakes have affected nearly two-thirds of New Zealand businesses, a 2011 Grant Thornton international survey shows.
The survey indicated 18 per cent of businesses had suffered long-term impacts, 26 per cent medium-term impacts and 20 per cent a short-term hit.
Tim Keenan, a partner in the Christchurch office of Grant Thornton, said the main problems facing businesses in Christchurch after the spate of quakes was the shrinking pool of talent for staff and senior management.
''With it being unlikely that people, outside of the construction sector, will move to Christchurch in the medium term, the demand impact for talent and skills is likely to have an inflationary effect on wages and salaries. A critical focus of employers in the region is the retention strategies they are executing in their businesses as this demand for talent rises."
Christchurch was the hardest hit, but businesses across New Zealand had felt the impact.
A fall in demand was the most significant impact felt by 48 per cent of those who said they were affected
The police in Christchurch are still working hard, but more of a helpful role and making sure people are safe: NIGHT SHIFT
(1400 to 2300 hours)
The mood is instantly a little different. It's dark, cold and miserable.
The car heads to Avonside Drive. The usually pleasant riverside road is nearly deserted and oddly silent. Their job tonight isn't so much about shovelling silt and chatting to people; it's about making sure people aren't alone, cold or without water.
The first door they knock on reveals a man who is all three of those things.
John Steeman, 81, says: "I'm scared and nervous. It's very lonely. My daughter comes over at night, but she's not back yet.
"For 60 years I've been looking after this house and now in 20 seconds it's all gone. I'm too old to start again."
Sturkenboom hands over four bottles of water. Steeman thanks the policemen with tears rolling down his cheeks.
"That was pretty hard to see, but I think it's probably good for him to talk about how he's feeling," Sturkenboom says.
The pair continue to traipse around in the dark armed with torches and bottles of water.
They are told about a paraplegic who lives alone and head to his house, where they find the back doors are open.
Sturkenboom worries the man has fallen and can't get up.
Finally, buildings are being torn down, left and right: More than 80 earthquake-damaged Christchurch buildings are expected to be pulled down over the next two weeks.
Since February's quake, more than 500 buildings have been tagged for demolition.
The June 13 quakes damaged almost 150 buildings in the cordoned central city red zone.
In the latest list provided to The Press, 83 buildings have been approved for full demolition, including 20 listed heritage buildings.
» View CERA's urgent demolition list
Nine buildings have been tagged for partial demolition, with five to be made safe.
"We would expect all buildings on the urgent list to be demolished, have partial demolition or make-safe work within the next two weeks," Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) demolition manager Warwick Isaacs said.
We have terrible damage throughout the U.S. this year, with floods and tornadoes. But elsewhere in the world, there are also major problems. Please keep Christchurch in your prayers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Those Tough Abortion Provider Requirements

Kansas is about to lay down some requirements for abortion providers and the requirements don't seem too harsh.
From the Kansas City Star:
The new licensing law requires clinics to be inspected twice a year, including one unannounced review. It also spells out standards for operations, supplies, facilities and medical procedures.
The regulations total 36 pages. Among other things, they require any physician performing an abortion to have clinical privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic. They also require each facility to have drugs and equipment to deal with a medical crisis such as a heart attack or an allergic reaction to medication.
They also contain a number of requirements for the building including dressing rooms for staff that are equipped with a toilet, a sink and a place to store clothes. The procedure rooms are also required to be 150 square feet and the recovery area must be at least 80 square feet per patient.
The rules also set the temperature for the recovery rooms (between 70 and 75 degrees) and the procedure room (between 68 and 73 degrees).
Read more:
Inspected two times a year? Seems reasonable- nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities can have one or more inspections over the course of a year.
Clinical privileges at hospitals- seems reasonable, especially if there is an emergency.
Drugs for heart attacks and allergy attacks in a surgical/medical facility- common sense.
A staff room with a toilet and sink and a place to store clothes- why wouldn't they have that to begin with? Seems like a bathroom will solve this problem.
Square foot for patients during the procedure and recovery? Common sense once again.
Temperatures for the recovery room and procedure room: Why would this be a burden- I would think a medical facility would have a thermostat.
So, the regulations the abortions providers are squawking about seem like common sense both for the comfort of the patient and for the sanitary and cleanliness of the facility.
Why is this such a burden for providers?

Nellis AFB Fighter Jet Crashes Near Caliente

From the Las Vegas Sun: A U.S. Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon jet crashed near Caliente at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, officials at Nellis Air Force Base said.
The status of the pilot, the only person on board, was not released.
The fighter jet from Nellis was participating in an air-to-air combat training mission when it went down, Air Force officials said. Search and rescue units were scrambled to the scene, officials said.
The crash is under investigation.
The F-16 is a multi-role fighter that is capable of both air-to-air combat and air-to-surface attack. The F-16 was designed with proven reliable systems from other aircraft, such as the F-15 and the F-111, according to an Air Force fact sheet on the plane. The aircraft is controlled via a "fly-by-wire" system in which electrical wires relay pilot commands, replacing cables and linkage controls.

From the LVRJ: An F-16C Fighting Falcon crashed about 5:30 p.m. near Caliente during an air-to-air combat exercise and rescue personnel were trying to locate the pilot in a remote area, 155 miles north of Las Vegas, a Nellis Air Force Base spokesman said Tuesday.
"We have a search and rescue mission in progress," said spokesman Chuck Ramey.
The crash site is about 20 miles west of Caliente in Lincoln County on Bureau of Land Management property. The pilot, whose name was not released, was the only person in the aircraft.
Caliente is a very nice area of Lincoln County, but once you get out of the city area, it's a lot of mountains and valleys. It's elevation is higher than Las Vegas and the temps are cooler. Caliente is a small city with a couple hundred people in it. It has two fire stations- Caliente and the Nevada Bureau of Forestry fire department, which I am sure are involved in the search. I believe they also have a County search and rescue team. Caliente also has a small town hospital. There are no other close towns to Caliente (within about 20 miles or so)
So, best wishes to the pilot and good luck to the search and rescue teams.
Fox 5 is reporting that the pilot has not been found yet.

Update: All of the 11:00PM news in Las Vegas are reporting that the pilot is still missing, though Channel 13 is hemming and hawing about the outcome. The newspapers have not changed anything.
I suspect the plane has a GPS emergency beacon showing where the plane went down and probably with the ejection seat as well. My guess is that they have found the crash site and are going to announce the fate of the pilot in the morning.
About 2 years ago, a pilot from Nellis died in a crash. the flags at Nellis flew at half staff and the guards at the entrances of the base wore badges over their badges, well before the base announced the death of the pilot. Those two things will be a tell tale sign of what has happened.
Sorry to sound pessimistic and I hope I am wrong.

Update 2: Strange post by the Reno Gazette-Journal: The base is on the outskirts of Las Vegas, but the plane went down about 90 miles northeast of the city.
The plane involved was the type used by the Air Force's aerial demonstration team, the Thunderbirds.
Sounds like they are suggesting that maybe a Thunderbird plane crashed. That would seem strange since they don't usually fly at night, but it is also not unheard of. But I doubt it as the Thunderbirds are in Europe now:

This is the Nellis AFB web site: and Nellis statement on the crash:

Update: The Air Force has found the crash site but the jet did not have an emergency beacon according to the LVRJ: The pilot of a downed F-16C Fighting Falcon remained missing late Tuesday several hours after his jet crashed in a remote area near Caliente during an air-to-air combat exercise, a Nellis Air Force Base official said.
"At this time we are focusing our efforts on the ongoing search-and-rescue mission for the missing pilot," Brig. Gen. T.J. O'Shaughnessy, commander of the 57th Wing at Nellis Air Force Base, said at a news conference shortly before 11 p.m. "What we are looking for now is the parachute and the pilot."
The jet, which went down about 5:30 p.m., did not have live weaponry and was not equipped with an active locating device, O'Shaughnessy said. He described the exercise that preceded the crash as a "dogfight" between two aircraft

Man Arrested For Being A Stupid Samurai

Showing once again, Madison is full of all different kind of characters, a man was arrested for using a samurai sword and putting it through the wall and into his neighbor's apartment.
From the Capitol Times:
A 21-year-old Madison man went a little overboard Monday morning while using a razor-sharp Japanese sword for a video project, puncturing holes in his apartment wall all the way through his neighbor's bedroom wall.
Bryon Reihms was taken to the Dane County Jail on a charge of second-degree reckless endangerment after the incident was reported at 8:51 a.m. Monday in the 1600 block of Fordem Avenue, Madison police said.
According to the incident report, the 27-year-old male neighbor was making breakfast when he heard a loud thumping coming from his bedroom.
"He went to see what the racket was all about," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. "He been awakened in the past by loud rock music, but this time it wasn't speakers thumping but the polished tip of a sword or dagger piercing the drywall."
Read more:
First, if I were the neighbor, I would be pissed at such thin walls between apartments.
But maybe the police or neighbor could have hired the guy after the introduction to solve the problem:

You Think That The Las Vegas Sun Is Happy With The Floods In North Dakota?

In Feburary of this year, the Las Vegas Sun and Palm Beach Post ran an editorial hoping that Florida would get a hurricane and cause damage and maybe a few injuries and deaths just to prove a political point that Florida needs the help of the Federal government.
I hate to say it, but Florida may just need a natural disaster for its own good.It doesn't have to be catastrophic. A simple state of emergency may be enough to do the trick.Because it's becoming clear that our new governor, Rick Scott, thinks that federal partnerships are, by definition, evil. And it just might be that without proper treatment, this psychological condition will continue to exist among him and his not-so-merry band of delusional pretend-patriots until Republican control is fully restored to Washington.
Well, North Dakota is a Red State and they are not relying on the federal government to get themselves through this disaster, perhaps Brian "The Coward" Greenspun and that idiot down in Florida, Frank Cerabino, along with the Palm Beach Post are throwing flood parties because of the floods in North Dakota?
I think they probably are.

Ugly HOA News

For those who live in Las Vegas, there are many HOA horror stories. From towing cars that are parked in driveways, giving out fines for very minor or questionable infractions of HOA rules without hearings, not letting people fly American flags to downright theft of money is some severe cases. Besides attorneys and used car salesmen, HOA's are some of the most hated organizations in the Vegas area. The plus side of HOA's, is they work properly, is they that protect property values when a member seriously violates the rules.
In Evans, GA, it seems like they have the same problems. From the AOL News: Plans to build a new home for a paralyzed Army veteran at no cost to his family have been put on hold by the local homeowners association.The reason, said the president of the nonprofit homebuilding group, is fear that the home would drag down property values in the neighborhood.The Evans, Ga., home was to be built for Army Sgt. 1st Class Sean Gittens (left), who was struck in 2008 by an IED blast on his second tour of duty in Iraq. The trauma left him paralyzed on the right side of his body and unable to speak.It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. "This is the total opposite of what usually happens," said John Gonsalves, president and founder of Homes for Our Troops, a nonprofit that builds homes for injured veterans. "We've met every requirement they've asked for," he told AOL Real Estate during a phone interview.
Construction was to begin on Friday, but Gonsalves said the homeowners association at the last minute filed a cease-and-desist order on the project, claiming that he had failed to file all the necessary paperwork.
Nice way to honor a wounded and paralyzed veteran- violate his rights. What the HOA is doing is violating the American With Disabilities Act, to begin with.
Some HOA's think they are one level below God and they think they know everything and they don't care whose rights they trample on. They don't even care about bad publicity, as long as they can control their little fiefdom.
So, I would suggest to all the local military veterans near Evans, GA and who have Harley motorcycles. I would hope they take a couple of tours a day through their HOA subdivision at say 12 midnight until the HOA allows Army Sgt. Class Sean Gittens to get his house.

Dennis Bono: Fake Review?

Dennis Bono is a Las Vegas showman, who is a singer( a pretty good one at that) and puts on a radio show once a week.
He also has released some albums over the years, including "Reflections of Las Vegas".
I was listening to his show on Saturday and to an advertisement abou this new album. Part of the advertisement had this on it: Dennis Bono, the consummate interpreter of the Great American Songbook, proclaimed by the Chicago Tribune as "a thoroughbred singer, born and bred to sing",
They also mentioned the person from the Tribune who reviewed the album, but I don't remember who it was.
Well, I really wanted to know more about what the Chicago Tribune had to say about a Las Vegan doing good and went to their web site. Except there was one problem- when you searched for "Dennis Bono", there was nothing found. No Dennis Bono. They had Bono listed, but wrong type of music. Then you Google it and still nothing from the Chicago Tribune. Why?
So, my question is when did the Chicago Tribune make this statement about Dennis Bono? Was it made before the advent of the Internet and the Chicago Tribune web site? And why isn't it mentioned on the Chicago Tribune web site or other newspaper web sites? Finally, who said it?
I'd like to see Las Vegans do good but I also want to know that when someone writes about them, that it is accurate.

Interesting Question

From Protien Wisdom: It appears Bradley is now upping the ante by specifically alleging to the press that, Prosser put her in a “choke hold.”
Funny thing, though …
Prosser told the newspaper in March that he had used profanity in a meeting the month before and threatened to destroy Abrahamson.
Bradley sent all the justices an email after that meeting, saying Prosser’s behavior was unacceptable. She said later that she considered making a report to law enforcement but decided against it.
… do you think that a woman like Bradley, who seriously considered calling the cops because Prosser used a profanity about another justice would not call the cops if she was the victim of an unprovoked, physical assault in front of witnesses?
Yeah, me neither.
Good question, a question that the liberals cannot answer.

Minot ND Good Samaritians

Today, the Minot Daily News has two stories about some groups and individuals who are out helping those in Minot because of the floods. Ironically, even though Minot is surrounded with flood water, water is in short supply because of a water main break and because their water needs to be boiled.
From The Minot Daily News: Sitting in the Knights of Columbus parking lot on North Hill, Minot resident Pattrick Walsh is just doing what he saw fit.
"I went down and bought 1,000 dollars worth of water, and we drug it up here last night," Walsh said. "I'm just giving it away. We're North Dakotans - this is what we do."
Standing next to his Chevrolet Trailblazer with a trailer attached filled with cases of bottled water, Walsh was simply giving away the water. Fastened to his trailer were two poles with a makeshift sign that was spray-painted with the statement, 'Water free for the needy.'
Walsh said he was sitting in the parking lot since 7 a.m. Monday, until about 2:30 p.m., when he gave out his last case of water.
"I ain't got much," Walsh said. "My landlord is going to be mad. I'm going to be way short on rent, because I spent it on water. And I'm giving it out one case at a time.
"And if I get (my trailer) loaded up again, I'll come up here all day long, and all night long sitting up here handing it out."
Walsh didn't seem to care that he will be behind on his rent this month. He found a better purpose for his money this month.
"I spent all my rent money, and bought as much water as we could," Walsh said. "I'm just giving it (out) one per household, at least they're not going to be dry."
And this: On Monday, the southeast corner of Kmart's parking lot looked more like a drive-thru restaurant than that of a big box department store.
With cars sometimes backed up 10 deep, in a line that ran to a blue and white striped tent, Mel Erickson went up to each individual car asking how many cases of water they would like.
Convoy of Hope, a missionary from Minot, Erickson, and a group of volunteers were handing out water to whoever needed it.
"The Bible says to give a cup of water in the name of Jesus," Erickson said. "And we're giving out cases of water."
The organization was handing out cases of bottled water, and canned water they received from Anheuser Busch.
The water Erickson was giving out became a premium Monday in Minot. During an afternoon press conference, city officials announced Minot residents were advised to use the city water in emergency situations only.

I suspect more of this is going on than what the paper is reporting. And this is not the government doing this either- there have been no stories done about people demanding that the government provide them with water. People are doing what they can and they also have their neighbors to help out as well.
North Dakotans are a hardy bunch and they are also a giving bunch as well and these stories are only the tip of the ice berg as to what is going on in Minot and surrounding communities.

Dog Days Of Summer

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh, Lord Help Me, I Just Got A Blackberry Torch

Today, my wife and I got a Blackberry Torch. For my wife, it's a great thing. for me, I don't even know how to turn the damn thing on and off. Is there a patron saint of electronic equipment/cell phones?

And I thought This Would Be A Fair Investigation

FairlyConservative has this re-election commercial by Shirley Abrahamson and guess who has a guest appearence in it?
Why none other than the Sheriff of Dane County:

The sheriff is the cop driving the car.
So, now we have the Dane County Sheriff's Dept. investigating the battle of the Supreme's in Wisconsin. And the Sheriff appears in a commercial for the Chief Justice who will certainly be a witness if not an accusser.
When I worked in Madiosn, I got to know many Dane County Sheriff deputies either through Special Olympics, being an EMT and working at U.W. Hospital. The one's I met were honest and had the highest intergrity. That was under a GOP sheriff, Rick Raemisch. What the department is like now, under a liberal I have no idea. Hopefully, it will the same.
Just another day in the soap opera named Madison.

Pawn stars Review: June 27, 2011

Welcome to another rerun week of Pawn Stars. The Pawn Stars were involved in a very funny skit at the NHL awards night last week: It also stars the Hanson Brothers from the movie "Slap Shot".

In the first episode, it was first aired on October 25, 2010:

The second episode appeared first on April 12, 2010:

Hope everyone has a cool week, unlike here in Vegas, where we are getting highs close to 108.

Michelle Bachman Announces, Confuses John Wayne Gacy And John Wayne But Still Smarter Than Obama

From TPM: The Bachmann campaign staff might want to double-check their Google searches. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who on Monday launched her presidential campaign in her original hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, appears to be just a bit confused about the town's history of favorite sons.
In an interview with Fox News, Bachmann boasted: "But what I want them to know, just like John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa, that's the kind of spirit that I have, too."
About that spirit of "John Wayne" in Waterloo...
In fact, the actor John Wayne (real name, Marion Morrison) was from Iowa, but not from Waterloo -- he was from
Winterset, Iowa, about 120 miles away. But as it turns out, there was another "John Wayne" with some history in Waterloo: Serial killer John Wayne Gacy, known as the "Killer Clown," who raped and murdered over 30 young men before he was finally incarcerated and put to death.
Yes, my friends on the left will make fun of this, especially my friend Jamie. Have fun.
But the reality is that Bachman walks the walk. She has had 5 kids, has been a foster mom to 23 more kids, including teens who were pregnant. How many kids have Obama fostered or helped? Wait, he is still confused about ATM and bank teller jobs. And he doesn't speak unless it is by teleprompter.
Bachman can beat Obama but will she be able to beat the GOP hierarchy? Seriously, Bachman is the only conservative that has a chance of winning in the GOP field. The other main choice is Mitt Romney and his Romney Care and his green views. He is Obama lite.
So, Bachman will get ridiculed by the left because they are anti-woman, if the woman is a conservative and she will be ridiculed by the right because she is not in the GOP hierarchy. But right now, she is the conservative's best chance of getting into the White House.
But in honor of Michelle's gaffe in Waterloo, IA:

What If The Minot ND Floods Were Intentionally Started?

What would you say if the floods in Minot, ND. were intentionally set so some evil right wing corporation would come in and buy up all the land on the cheap? Nah you would say, except for the most liberal person who hates the right wing any ways.
Well, it's not the right wing, but it is the gobvernment and/or George Soros.
Well, this story has popped up on Two HUGE intel leads in my email box this morning from way-back contacts that I’ve had for years, that are actually somewhat connected concepts.
1. File this one under “Now It All Makes Sense”. A Missouri farming and ranching contact just got off a conference call wherein he was informed that the federal government is sending out letters to all of the flooded out farmers in the Missouri River flood plain and bottoms notifying them that the Army Corps of Engineers will offer to BUY THEIR LAND.
Intentionally flood massive acreage of highly productive farmground. Destroy people’s communities and homes. Catch them while they are desperate and afraid and then swoop in and buy the ground cheap. Those evil sons of bitches.
2. Speaking of evil sons of bitches,
George Soros appears to be “investing” in farmground through the same puppet company that he used to get into the grain elevator and fertilizer business. The company is called Ospraie Capital Management and is buying up farmground in a joint venture with Teays River Investments as a partner.
So, who is letting the water out of the dams north of Minot? Army Corp of Engineers.
I hope it is not true, but those who live in and near Minot, watch out for people who want to buy your land and house cheaply. And don't be surprised if it is the government or George Soros.

h/t Dad 29

Electric Daisy Festival Almost Over, Las Vegas Still Standing

Las Vegas, once again showing it is truly an area where you can have any kind of entertainment and succeed. (with the exception of anything NBA All Star games) Los Angeles and Dallas are pikers compared to Las Vegas.
The media and some of the typical naysayers (which is again the media) have been shown that you can have a large music festival, like the Electric Daisy Carnival, for the younger adult crowd and it will succeed.
The reason why the older people, like those in the media, didn't think they could succeed is because their youth was a failure. From Woodstock to the Grateful Dead to Disco to Rap, those have been failures. Drugs, violent deaths or weirdness was the calling card for these groups.
But the younger crowd that has been coming out of the high schools and colleges recently have been pretty decent folk and they are not always into drugs and violence.
The biggest story was a couple of 30 year olds who were stupid enough to try and forge tickets or wristbands. Other than that, the media is still looking for a story. They are truly shocked that nothing has gone wrong.
But so far, there have been less than 25 people transported to the hospital. You get that many going to the hospital from Strip hotels a day. You also have a handful of arrests, nothing major and less than what happens in the Vegas Valley on a daily basis.
So congratulations for the people responsible for the concert and for the people who approved it in government. Good job and come back next year.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Minot Floods: Crest Hit But Still Flooding

The Minot, ND floods have hit their crest, below what was expected but higher than it has ever been. And the floods will continue, From the Minot Daily News: By late Sunday afternoon Minot Mayor Curt Zimbelman was confident enough to say "we believe the crest has passed." Zimbelman was referring to a river peak of 1,561.72 feet, nearly four feet higher than the city's all-time mark of 1,558 feet set in 1881 and nearly six and one-half feet over the fearful flood of 1969. The Souris reading at Minot's Broadway Bridge was 1,561.5 feet late Sunday afternoon and was forecast by the National Weather Service to continue dropping.
Therein lies a problem, however. The river has no intention of running out of town nearly as fast as it arrived. Flows exceeding the all-time record can be expected at least into next weekend. Still, any decline was worthy of notice by beleagured citizens weary of worrying about their vacated homes and wondering when they might be given the okay to return.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provided some insight into that timetable Sunday, saying that flows out of Lake Darling Dam had been reduced from 24,000 to 23,000 cubic feet per second Sunday. Further decreases of 1,000 to 2,000 cfs per day can be expected over the next 14 days.
But there was good news: In the days ahead, while the water remains well over flood stage and a continuing threat to the city, all effort will be required to maintain and protect the integrity of dikes protecting infrastructure and at least one neighborhood within Minot. A large portion of northeast Minot remains remarkably dry, courtesy of a massive dike built primary along Fourth Avenue for the purpose of keeping any flood waters from inundating North Broadway.
What really sucks for most of the residents who have been flooded out is that they did not have flood insurance:
FEMA: 375 of 4,000 flooded homes have flood insurance
Just how economically devastating the flood of 2011 will turn out to be might best be quantified by the number of residences that were covered by federal flood insurance or rather, the number not covered by insurance.
According to FEMA, as of June 22, just 471 homes had flood insurance policies in effect. Of those, 375 are located in the area now flooded.
It's been estimated that 4,000 homes in the Minot area sustained flood damage.

Surprisingly, the Minot Fire Department is not that busy:
Saturday: 11:36 a.m., 400 N. Main St., tree on power line.
Saturday: 3:52 p.m., 2915 N. Broadway, fire in portable generator unit.
Saturday: 5:20 p.m., 205-20th Ave. SE, fluid cleanup after vehicle hit gas pump.
Saturday: 6:17 p.m., 501-24th St. NW, tree on power lines.
Saturday: 8:23 p.m., 1021-6th Ave. SW, electrical mast to house was smoking.
Saturday: 8:26 p.m., 1800 Valley St., smoke at water lift station.
Sunday: 6:14 a.m., 407-3rd St. SE, alarm malfunction.
Sunday: 11:41 a.m., intersection of First Avenue West and North Main Street, service call.
This is an actually a busy time for the fire department, as they usually only have maybe 3-5 calls a day.
So, hopefully the worst is over for Minot and surrounding areas, but they have to hope that a levee doesn't break.
When it is all said and done, many people have had their lives changed forever, but thousands of others did not. This will go down as a flood that happened and the heroes are both government and private contractors and their workers.

WTF Channel 13 News

On Sunday night, on the 11:00 Channel 13 and Rikki Cheese ran a story about how the North Las Vegas police department was putting out billboards regarding the police cuts and how the public's safety was in danger. Rikki Cheese also said that people were commenting on this story on Channel 13's web site. But when you go to their web site, there was nothing there.
Time to talk to the web master, Rikki.

Great Weekend Of racing

Finally, a weekend of some pretty exciting racing. The past several weeks of NASCAR racing was great for an insomniac but boring for race fans.
On Saturday, the Nationwide tour was in Wisconsin, at Elkhart Lake Road America. The racing during the race was ok, but the ending of the race was bizarre, at best.
From ESPN: The day would end in disappointment for Allgaier, Fellows and the driver who dominated much of the race, Michael McDowell.
Allgaier took the lead from McDowell on the second of three attempts at a green-white-checkered overtime finish. Allgaier held the lead after the final restart and appeared to have the win sealed up when the yellow flag waved for the final time because of another rash of crashes.
But Allgaier didn't have enough fuel to make it to the finish after running so many extra laps on the four-mile road course, and making it back to the finish line is required under NASCAR rules even though the race finished under yellow.
Sorenson and Fellows took the checkered flag side-by-side and both drivers seemed to think they'd won, and NASCAR officials took several minutes to declare Sorenson the winner.
"I don't agree with the ruling, but it is what it is," Fellows said.
It was much more exciting and interesting watching the ending than reading about it.
Then the Indy IZOD race was in Iowa on Saturday night. if you want to watch an exciting race, start from finish, the race in Iowa is your race. It is one of the most exciting races of the year, with all the side by side racing, intertwined with some crashes. Third generation racer, Marco Andretti won the race when he passed Tony Kaanan with 18 short laps to go.
Today, the Sprint cars were in Somona, CA, at the Infinion race track and while former Las Vegan Kurt Busch dominated the race, the other stories were the main story of the race. The funniest part was when Brian Vickers retaliated against Tony Stewart and put Stewart's back end of his car 4 foot up on some tires leaving Stewart just sitting there. Oh, to be a fly in the helmet of Stewart.
Finally, a car thought it was an airplane when flew off the course at Road America:

The Fighting Supremes: A Win-Win For Conservatives

With the battle of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices, it seems like a he said, she said incident, but either way, it is a win for conservatives.
If Justice David Prosser did choke Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, he should resign. Then Scott Walker will name a replacement. Prosser is a conservative but has been known to stray off the conservative reservation from time to time.
If Bradley and/or Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson lied about this incident, they have to resign. Surprise, surprise, Scott Walker will name a successor. If they did make this up and they don't resign, which is most likely because liberals don't believe integrity when it comes to politics, then they can be impeached. And if that happens, Walker gets to replace the justices.
If the public wants to recall the justices, and Wisconsin is in the recalling mood, Bradley can be recalled immediately but Prosser can only be recalled after 1 year an election.
While I think this is much ado about nothing-a bunch of people who think they are a god who pissed each other off, this is probably going to a liberal nightmare rather than a conservative nightmare.
I don't think the liberal who wrote the first story on this, an extreme liberal, Bill Leuders, thought this thing through.

Obama's TSA Pathetic Pat Downs #45723 Take Off Your Underwear

The disgusting government agency, the TSA, the supposed agency to keep us safe from terrorists apparently thinks it has to keep us safe from 95 year old leukemia patients who wear adult diapers.
From the Newsherald of Panama City FL: A woman has filed a complaint with federal authorities over how her elderly mother was treated at Northwest Florida Regional Airport last weekend.
Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security after her 95-year-old mother was detained and extensively searched last Saturday while trying to board a plane to fly to Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.
Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was asked to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search.
“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber said Friday. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”
I work with people who wear adult diapers and they are not babies. Some maybe in wheelchairs as well. Is the TSA going to pat them down and have them take off their adult diapers, which is the same as you or I taking off our underwear? How many of you are going to take your underwear off for the TSA?
This is just disgusting and degrading this disgusting agency, the TSA, are taking away more and more of our rights.
I suspect this is a violation of the American With Disabilities Act as they are singling out the disabled for these disgusting and embarrassing searches.
Make no mistake, Obama is the leader of the TSA along with being President. He can make a phone call and tell the TSA to stop their invasive and disgusting tatics. But he chooses not to. He would rather have the TSA take off a 95 year old leukemia underwear than get involved.

h/t Dad 29

The Fighting Supremes III

The Wisconsin Supreme Court soap opera, The Fighting Supremes took another turn overnight as Justice Ann walsh Bradley came out and said that Justice Prossor actually did choke her and that Prossor was just making things p.
From jsonline: Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley late Saturday accused fellow Justice David Prosser of putting her in a chokehold during a dispute in her office earlier this month.
"The facts are that I was demanding that he get out of my office and he put his hands around my neck in anger in a chokehold," Bradley told the Journal Sentinel.
The part I don't find beleivable is that Bradley asked Prosser to leave because Prosser was picking on the Chief Justice, Shirley Abrahamson. I think Abrahamson could stand up for herself.
Other than that, it jsut a bunch of spoiled grown ups acting like spoiled children.

Yep, I Live In The Wimpy West

From the Reno Gazette Journal: A 19-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run incident at a cattle drive making its way through remote Sierra County.
The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office said deputies took suspect Justin Phillip into custody Friday near Camptonville in Yuba County.
Investigators saidPhillip is suspected of striking five cows, running over a cattle dog and threatening to hit several horseback riders with his SUV during a cattle drive hosted by Reader Ranch on June 19.
The annual event makes its way from the Nevada County ranch northeast to the unincorporated community of Pike in Sierra County.
KCRA-TV reportedthat Phillip is being held on $100,000 bail in the Sierra County Jail in Downieville on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and animal cruelty.
20-30 years ago, he would have been strung up without the cops knowing.
100 years ago, the Sheriff would have helped hang this guy's ass from the closest big tree.
I am betting that this thugs car was pretty much totaled.
When I lived in Havre, Montana, I was driving at night in the Bear Paw Mountains, south of of the city when I went around a curve and hit a cow that was in the road. I hit the cow with a big, 1970's car. My car broke down, with the fender being torn off. The cow, on the other hand, just looked at me like I was crazy, mooed and went on about it's business
So, if this guy hit 5 cows, there is probably not much left of the guy's car, unless cows have gone wimpy as well.

Minot ND Floods And Tornado Warnings

Another day of floods and apparently they also had a tornado warning as well.
From the Minot Daily News: A soggy city reeling from historic flooding inflicted by the destructive, powerful and punishing Souris River received an indication Saturday that the city's fall-back position might have endured the worst the Souris has to offer.
Three hours later, for the second time in the past few days, the city's warning sirens wailed eerily and loudspeakers announced a tornado warning. Heavy rains and wind pelted the troubled community.
Also, the City's drinking may be contaminated: The joyous mood was altered a few minutes later when it was revealed that Minot's water supply might have become contaminated at mid-day Saturday. Consequently, a "boil order" was issued, effective immediately
This should be no surprise as the water treatment plant is close to the river and if the river overflows and gets into the clean water, guess what happens. Happens in most floods.
The Minot School District also lost a couple of schools to the floods: The battle to protect Erik Ramstad Middle School failed late Friday night when water got behind a dike that had been built as high as the building.
"The water is over the roofline of the main floor," said incoming superintendent Mark Vollmer, who got a look at the damage from a Black Hawk helicopter on Saturday afternoon. "It fills up very quickly of course."
Lincoln Elementary is also in water, as is the Adult Learning Center and the Head Start building and Central Campus Plus, which houses the district's alternative school program for grades 9 and 10. The district also lost the fight to keep water out of Longfellow Elementary, which had stayed dry during the catastrophic flood of 1969. The National Guard had covered the school with Hesco barriers on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. But Friday night, water came up through the sewer lines in the school and came up through the ground behind the barriers, said Vollmer.
When it became clear that the effort to save Longfellow was futile, crews raced to protect Sunnyside Elementary. A night long sandbagging effort seems to have been successful.
Again, good luck to Minot. I used to live there and there are a lot of good people living and working there. I wish i could help, but if yu are in the giving mood, i would suggest the Salvation Army.
The Salvation Army has this statement: With more Salvation Army teams en route from Fargo and the Twin Cities, staff and volunteers are providing food, water and emotional support in Minot and nearby cities while flood crews scramble to raise levees. With parts of Minot already underwater, the Souris River is expected to crest this weekend. Effective immediately, the Minot Salvation Army needs volunteers to prepare sandwiches and distribute food from mobile kitchens. For more information, call 701-838-8925.“The Salvation Army’s feeding efforts will continue for weeks to come,” said Major Donald Kincaid, Minot Salvation Army administrator. “After the floodwaters recede, we will additionally offer clean-up kits and long-term support.”Limited financial assistance is and will be available for qualifying households displaced by the flood. To learn more, call 701-838-8925.“The Salvation Army has served in Minot since 1896,” Kincaid said. “This is our town, too. We are committed to serving this community the best we can, for as long as we are needed.”
The Minot Salvation Army needs financial support now and in the months ahead to cover the cost of its disaster response. To make a $10 donation, text “MINOT” to 80888 and reply “yes” to the confirmation text. A one-time donation of $10 will be added to your mobile phone bill. Messaging and data rates may apply. For terms, see

Saturday, June 25, 2011

NV Amtrak Crash Update

There was really no news coming from the crash site in Northern Nevada involving a semi truck and an Amtrak train. However, the death toll is now up to 6 people. There are several people who are unaccounted for.
However, some questions need to be answered.
First and foremost, why did the passenger cars of the train start on fire and why did the train go up in flames so fast. Granted, there were no close emergency services like a fire department or ambulance service close by, but why did the train go up in flames so fast?
Was it something in the train or the truck that caused the fire?
Second, it seems strange that the trucker began skidding 50 yards ahead of the train crossing and wasn't able to stop in time. The truck was a gravel truck but it was empty. Unless the driver was going a very fast at the time, that should have given the driver time to stop in time if going the speed limit or have a slow speed impact with the train. It also seems strange that the driver hit the 3nd or 4 car in the train, which seems to be strange as well. As a former volunteer firefighter, I have seen car/truck vs train accidents and everytime, the engine hit the car. I have been on train rides and have been been on trains in accidents and again, the engine has hit the car or truck. I have also read many stories about car/truck vs trains and almost always it is the engine that gets hit. The times when another train car was hit, most of the times, it was decided it was a suicide or deliberate. But in this case, there were skid marks, which makes this case strange.
So, we need to know more information, especially about the driver, before we know what happened at the crash site.

Pahrump About To Be Screwed

Pahrump, a city about 60 miles from Las vegas (and was featured on COPs tonight) is about to be screwed by a green energy company.
From the Pahrump Valley Times: After 15 months of courtship, a Pahrump economic development official says a company that builds state-of-the-art wind turbines is opening up shop here.
Pahrump Community Business and Development Services Manager Al Balloqui says Wind Sail Receptors Inc. plans to purchase a 15,000-square-foot facility in Pahrump, with intentions of expanding it to more than 45,000 square feet.
“I don’t want to mention the specific site, because it’s still in escrow,” said Balloqui. “They’ve got an offer on it, it’s 15,000 square feet. They’re going to build another 30,000 square feet.” Once fully developed, the company is expecting to employ up to 230 workers. Eighty full-time positions are expected to be filled by the end of this year with an average wage of $23.57 per hour.
Balloqui said the potential for new jobs goes even further than staffing the manufacturing facility. Wind Sail Receptors Inc. performs all of the maintenance on receptors sold, so the possibility of the company training locals to maintain the receptors is high.
A June 14 letter of support sent by Town Manager Bill Kohbarger to the Nevada Commission on Economic Development states, “Wind Sail also anticipates making a capital investment of over $6 million … The incentives offered by the state are imperative to this project,” he wrote.
An item on the commission’s June 21 agenda was approved, giving Wind Sail Receptors, Inc. a training grant for $162,000. The patent paperwork, filed Nov. 7, 2005, reveals that the sail receptors generate power from wind or water flow using six to 10 identical, equally-spaced blades.
Well, it looks like the company just got $162,000 of taxpayer money.
But I have documented the frauds of green companies in Henderson and Boulder City NV. and Wisconsin Rapids, WI. and other places in the country have perpetrated on the communities. And it looks like Pahrump is next.
Further, it looks like government money is drying up for these types of companies. From the Las Vegas Sun: The Energy Department has been teaming up with Nevada lawmakers on an almost monthly basis to announce loan guarantees for renewable energy projects across the Silver State, each of which is expected to create a few hundred jobs.
It’s been a pretty good ride, congressional staffers (Democrats, really) remark; but it’s one that soon could come to an end.
It’s not because Republicans are threatening to strip money out of a program born of the stimulus: It’s because the program is approaching its expiration date, and it isn’t clear if there’s a politically palatable way to extend it.
Renewable energy project managers have known, since the $30 billion in loan guarantees created by Section 1705 of the stimulus became available, that they’d have to break ground on or before Sept. 30 to keep the funding.
So, look out Pahrump- they already got $162,000 of government money, I hope Pahrump knows what it is getting into. Here is some advice: Don't listen to Harry Reid and his followers, make sure the company starts running the factory before committing any money and hold the owners responsible- not the corporations.

NV Democrats Nominate Kate Marshall: Wrong Carrer Move?

NV Democrats today nominated NV. State Treasurer, Kate Marshall to run in the 2nd Congressional District today but is it a wrong career move?
Kate Marshall is probably the most likable and moderate Democrat in Nevada, to the point, I even like her and would consider voting for her.
But she is running in a District that is dominated by Republicans and stands little chance to win the election. She is not going to win this election for CD2, it's a fact.
However, if she chose to run for Senate in 2012 for the seat being held by Dean Heller, she not would only beat Shelly Berkley, she probably would beat Dean Heller. The race with Berkley wouldn't even be close- she would kick Berkley's butt and the race with Heller would be close but it would be winnable.
So, apparently, Kate Marshall is content to be State Treasurer until 2016 when Harry Reid probably retires. What a shame.

The Fighting Supremes II: Prosser Denies

From jsonline: Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser responded to reports Saturday that he had placed his hands around the neck of fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley during an argument in her office earlier this month:
"Once there's a proper review of the matter and the facts surrounding it are made clear, the anonymous claims made to the media will be proven false," he said.
"Until then, I will refrain from further public comment."
It should be noted that the media outlets that first reported it are quite liberal and they are hiding their sources.
From jsonline: A joint investigation by Wisconsin Public Radio and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism first reported Saturday on the incident, stating that Prosser "allegedly grabbed" Bradley around the neck.
In the same story, another version of the event has now surfaced: An argument between state Supreme Court Justices David Prosser and Ann Walsh Bradley became physical this month, according to sources who told the Journal Sentinel two very different stories Saturday about what occurred.
According to some sources, Prosser wrapped his hands around Bradley's neck. According to others, Bradley charged Prosser, who raised his hands to defend himself and made contact with her neck...

But another source told the Journal Sentinel that Bradley attacked Prosser.
"She charged him with fists raised," the source said.
Prosser "put his hands in a defensive posture," the source said. "He blocked her."
In doing so, the source said, he made contact with Bradley's neck.

Another source said the justices were arguing over the timing of the release of the opinion, which legislative leaders had insisted they needed by June 14 because of their work on the state budget. As the justices discussed the case, Abrahamson said she didn't know whether the decision would come out this month, the source said.
At that point, Prosser said he'd lost all confidence in her leadership. Bradley then came across the room "with fists up," the source said. Prosser put up his hands to push her back.
Bradley then said she had been choked, according to the source. Another justice - the source wouldn't say who - responded, "You were not choked."
As I stated before, you have Prosser who apparently has a problem with his temper while Bradley acts like a bitch and apparently a crybaby and likes to exaggerate . And when those personalities collide, things will happen.
They ought just put a fence around Madison and make a reality show out of the City.

Intersting Business Reviews: Rocket Fizz, Hash House A Go-Go And A Chinese Resturant

Yesterday, the family decided to go out and enjoy some out of the ordinary businesses.
First, we went to Hash House A Go Go at the M Resort. We heard about the restaurant from Man vs Food TV show.
It wasn't the most pleasant experience. The service stunk, the food was large but tasted only ok and their late breakfast made no sense whatsoever.
I ordered a chicken salad sandwich and it was large- I have a big mouth (surprise) and I could not get the sandwich in my mouth- I had to eat it in sections. Cathy, my lovely bride had the BBBLT (A large BLT) and it was pretty good.
They have a late breakfast on the lunch menu but for some reason, they don't have their entire breakfast menu on it. Hash House loves to promote it's chocolate chip pancakes but doesn't offer it on the late menu. Same with their Snickers pancakes, both of which I would have ordered to bring home. But I did bring home a brown sugar banana pancake which was quite good, even being 1 day old.
The restaurant had a nice view of the M pool, not I looked out there much.
And the service sucked.
Later we went to a store named Rocket Fizz, which is located in the large shopping center by Tropicana and Fort Apache, which is the west area of the Valley.
Rocket Fizz has just about every kind and taste of soda there is in the United States. From Jones, Dad's Root beer, Reeds, Reading, Jackson Hole and other brands of soda. And it has Sprecher, my favorite brand of soda. They have Sprecher Root Beer, Cream, Cherry Cola, Apple and I think one or two more kinds. They also had Bug Barf and Kitty Piddle soda, which my son got.
It also has candy that is sold in other areas of the country. They had my favorite- Oh Henry candy bars which I cannot find in Las Vegas. They also have a huge selection of taffy. They have a lot of different kinds of candy bars and bag candy that will give you cavities by just looking at it..
And the service by the lady behind the counter was excellent.
Then we went to a Chinese Restaurant in China Town today. The food portions were small, food bland and they didn't give us any rice with our dishes.
And they had a picture of disgraced U.S. Senator John Ensign on the wall of fame. Maybe that should have told me something.
So, if you want different kinds of food, check out Hash House and if you want to try different kinds of sodas and candy, Rocket Fizz is for you. And don't go to a restaurant that has a picture of John Ensign in it.

Daisy Carnival Going Well, LVRJ Disappointed

After Day 1 of the Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, things are going well and that has the LVRJ and writer Trevon Milliard quite disappointed.
From the LVRJ: All kinds of factors could set a spark to the Las Vegas event, spreading a flame that could quickly engulf the night, said officer Wendy Butler, Martin's partner, while standing in the medic building Friday night. The rave is new to Las Vegas, the crowd is very young, raves are known for drug use, and many people underestimate the heat here, she said.
But that potential was never realized.

Las Vegas police made 12 arrests for narcotics, about 300 people were treated on site (mostly for dehydration), five others were transported to nearby hospitals, but no one is in critical condition or reported dead, according to a police report released Saturday morning.
Sounds like little Trevon was quite bored and was hoping for some major excitement, like someone dying.
Ahh, to bad Millard, but you still have 2 more nights to fulfill your wish.

The Fighting Supremes

In Wisconsin, there seems to a soap opera every where you turn.
Today it was reported that two Supreme Court justices tangled inside a justice's office.
From jsonline: Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser allegedly grabbed fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley around the neck in an argument in her chambers last week, according to at least three knowledgeable sources.
Details of the incident, investigated jointly by Wisconsin Public Radio and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, remain sketchy. The sources spoke on the condition that they not be named, citing a need to preserve professional relationships.
They say an argument that occurred before the court’s release of a decision upholding a bill to curtail the collective bargaining rights of public employees culminated in a physical altercation in the presence of other justices. Bradley purportedly asked Prosser to leave her office, whereupon Prosser grabbed Bradley by the neck with both hands.
Justice Prosser, contacted Friday afternoon by the Center, declined to comment: “I have nothing to say about it.” He repeated this statement after the particulars of the story — including the allegation that there was physical contact between him and Bradley — were described. He did not confirm or deny any part of the reconstructed account.
Apparently Justice Prosser has a temper on him: In a March interview Bradley said Prosser had flashes of extreme anger on and off over the years.
“It’s been going on for years off and on,” she said in March of Prosser’s outbursts.
After Prosser's outburst, Bradley sent an email to him and other justices saying the behavior was unacceptable. She said this March that from the time of her email until then there had been no incidents of similar magnitude.

And Bradley, along with Chief Justice Abrhamson can act like bitches at times: At the time, Prosser told the Journal Sentinel that the outburst to Abrahamson came after the chief justice took steps to undermine him politically and to embarrass him and other court conservatives.
"In the context of this, I said, 'You are a total bitch," Prosser said. "I probably overreacted, but I think it was entirely . . . warranted. They (Abrahamson and Bradley) are masters at deliberately goading people into perhaps incautious statements. This is bullying and abuse of very, very long standing."

These justices have worked with each other for at least 10 years together and when you have 3 people who act like total jerks, things like this are going to happen.
Prosser was wrong to put his arms around Bradley's neck while Bradley is wrong by acting like a bitch. If you are going act like a bitch, don't be surprised if someone calls you on it.

Madison, WI. Police: Yes To Walker Protesters, No To Homeless

From Two homeless men were taken to jail Thursday morning after they set up camp in what had been the “Walkerville” protest village on West Mifflin Street across the state Capitol, Madison police said.
Hallis D. Mailen, 50, and William H. Gruber, 46, were cited for obstructing a sidewalk and placing articles on a sidewalk or terrace area.
According to police, the two had staked out an area between the Wisconsin Veterans Museum and the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs at 30 W. Mifflin St. They had signs — including one referring to a hunger strike — several pieces of luggage, a cooler, chairs, bags and other items.
Officers were sent to the former “Walkerville” site at about 11 a.m. after police received complaints.
Police spokesman Joel DeSpain said the men refused to leave and summoned several others, some of whom claimed to be with different political organizations and agreed to take care of men’s belongings.
One of the arrested men maintained he was now a “political prisoner,” DeSpain said.
The tents of “Walkerville,” which had a permit from the city, came down June 17, a day after the state Senate followed the Assembly’s lead in passing Gov. Scott Walker’s two-year budget.
Read more:
So, according to the City of Madison Police, it is ok to have a bunch of stinky, filthy, vile protesters, if they protested against the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.
But have a couple of homeless guys do the same thing, they get thrown in jail.
Keep classy, City of Madison Police Department.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cool Golf News

Two bits of golf news is pretty interesting.
In the Travelers PGA event, an amateur is leading the field after two days. From ESPN: Patrick Cantlay showed up at the Travelers Championship with no intentions of turning pro until he finishes his last three years at UCLA.
A record round Friday on the PGA Tour -- just one week after he was low amateur at the U.S. Open -- makes that a tougher decision.
In what already has been a month to remember, the 19-year-old Cantlay turned in his most inspiring moment yet by breaking the course record at TPC River Highlands with a 10-under 60 for the lowest round ever on tour by an amateur.
Last week, the sophomore-to-be at UCLA said the earliest he would turn pro would be "after I get my degree." But after two strong rounds put him atop the leaderboard in the rain-suspended second round, he was starting to soften.
Right now, Cantlay leads by 4 strokes- he is 13 under par.
From the drudge Report comes this astounding golf news, where two competitors shot a hole in 1 one the same hole in Kansas.
On the 212-yard par 3 hole, Greg Bontrager and Justin Pressnall, involved in match play against one another, made back-to-back holes-in-one.
Stay with me here.
Pressnall, raised in Moundridge and now living in McPherson, hit first. The wind was blowing gently toward the No. 17 green as he launched a six-iron.
It was a pretty shot, one that was definitely going to land on the green.
But Paul Voran, who was in the foursome, screamed out that it was something more than just a good shot. He said Pressnall's ball went into the cup, although it was difficult for anyone to see exactly what happened.
Clearly, everyone in the group needed a moment to contemplate. And to wonder.
Then Bontrager, a music teacher in Buhler who lives in Newton, stepped to the tee box. He and Pressnall barely knew one another from their participation in the Hesston men's club. They've never been golfing buddies and could never have known they were about to do something so incredible, so amazing, so unbelievable that they would forever be bound together.
Using a 23-degree hybrid, Bontrager hit his tee shot. Remember, now, everyone on the tee box had just gone through the emotions of what at least one of them swore was a hole-in-one by Pressnall, so the energy level was high.
Bontrager's shot, he said, mirrored the shot hit by Pressnall. The golf ball took the same path of flight and landed on the green and looked to roll straight toward the flag stick.
Could it be? Had a couple of small-town Kansas guys — decent golfers but nothing close to scratch — done the impossible? Or at least accomplished something National Hole-In-One Registry determined has at least 17 million to 1 odds?
Read more:
As a person who has no idea where a golf ball is going when he hit's it, it is great news when an amateur leads a major tournament and two golfers competing against each other, hit back to back hole in ones.
Good job, gentlemen.