Monday, August 31, 2015

I Was On National TV Today

Today, American Ninja was shown on NBC TV and this blogger was at the taping earlier this summer.
And yes, I was on the show several (many times).  I was the big guy with a light blue shirt in the background when they showed the athletes going over the coin walk and the net climb.  I also showed up in several interviews.
My wife Cathy and daughter Catriona also made the show as well.
So, a guy who has a face made for radio, actually made it on national TV.
TV may never be the same.
Here is my experience during taping:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another Reason why Donald Trump Is Leading

Donald Trump is the candidate for president and many of his supporters are angry at the government for many different reasons.
And here is another reason.
From Fox News:
A rancher is taking the Environmental Protection Agency to federal court, asking a judge to stop the agency from fining him more than $16 million because he built a small pond on his property. 
Andy Johnson of Fort Bridger, Wyoming says he made sure to get the proper permits from his state government before building the pond. After all, this is America in the 21st century, and nothing done on your own property -- certainly when it involves the use of water -- is beyond gov
Johnson is facing millions in fines from the federal government after the EPA determined his small pond -- technically a "stock pond" to provide better access to water for animals on his ranch -- is somehow violating the federal Clean Water Act. 
"We went through all the hoops that the state of Wyoming required, and I'm proud of what we built," Johnson said. "The EPA ignored all that." 
In a compliance order, the EPA told Johnson he had to return his property -- under federal oversight -- to conditions before the stock pond was built. When he refused to comply, the EPA tagged Johnson with a fines of $37,000 per day. 
Dismantling the pond within the 30-day window the EPA originally gave him was "physically impossible," Johnson said. 
That was in 2012. Today, Johnson owes the federal government more than $16 million, and the amount is growing as he tries to fight back. ernment concern
The EPA is a as close to a terrorist organization within the United States government.
They make up rules as they along.
The love to harass small business owners and farmers and ranchers and love to punish them without even going to court.  The EPA assumes you are guilty until you are proven innocent.
Hopefully, if a Republican gets into the White house, they will get rid of the EPA.  It is a totally useless piece of government and their sole existence seems to be is to harass as many businesses and individuals as possible.
Maybe Donald Trump, if he becomes president, will eliminate the EPA. 

Black Lives Shows Once Again, It's A Racist Organization

Black Lives Matter shows once again, it is nothing more than a racist organization, bordering on being a terrorist organization.
From the Houston Chronicle: A 30-year-old Cypress man was charged with capital murder Saturday for allegedly ambushing and then, for no apparent reason, shooting to death a Harris County Sheriff's deputy who had just refueled his police cruiser at a gas station.
Shannon J. Miles was arrested and charged in the death of Deputy Darren Goforth after authorities spent much of the day questioning him. Miles walked up behind Goforth at the gas station at Telge and West at about 8:20 p.m. Friday and shot him repeatedly in the back without any apparent provocation or motive, said Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman, who called the crime "cold blooded" and "cowardly" at a press conference Saturday....
At the press conference Saturday afternoon, Hickman angrily decried the "cold-blooded assassination" of Goforth, tying the incident to nationwide rhetoric about police violence.
"Our system of justice absolutely requires law enforcement to be present, to protect our community," he said. "This rhetoric has gotten out of control."
Deray McKesson, a leader of the Black Lives Matters movement, responded to Hickman's criticisms by saying: "I grieve for the victims of violence. It is unfortunate that Sheriff Hickman has chosen to politicize this tragedy and to attribute the officer's death to a movement that seeks to end violence."
Little Boy Deray is a big fricking idiot and racist.
One, he didn't condemn the killing of the officer.
and Black Lives Matter doesn't care about anybody but Blacks.
Why else would Martin O'Malley apologize when he said all lives matter and the retards from Black Lives Matter had a fit and made O'Malley apologize, showing what a weak person he is.
Black Lives Matters, through their rhetoric and actions, have caused violence, both against cops and against blacks.
In cities like Baltimore, cops have pretty much have decided they are not going to risk their careers and lives and not patrol in areas where blacks live in the city, which has caused the crime rate, especially murders, have significantly increased.  Other cities include Chicago, Milwaukee and mostly likely New York City among many other cities that have seen increases in black on black crime.
Clearly, black lives matter is a racist organization, and that cannot be argued.  They would rather support a dead black thug killed by cops after the black thug committed a crime, usually against a black person.  As for the cops who put their lives and careers on the line for blacks and other races, they would rather see the cop dead or in prison. 
So, the organization, black lives matter, in reality, really don't matter.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Umm, My Sympathy is at the Zero Mark

From the Arizona Central:
A detainee who last month accused officials of providing inadequate medical care at the privately run Eloy immigration-detention center has been placed in a monthlong solitary confinement.
An immigrant-rights group and the detainee’s wife said the punishment is for speaking out to the media. The wife also said he was accused of trying to organize a strike.
A federal immigration official confirmed that 38-year-old detainee Juan Miguel Cornejo has been placed in “protective custody” in his own cell, segregated from other detainees. But the official vehemently denied the allegation that Cornejo was being isolated in retaliation for complaining about medical conditions at Eloy.
“That is absolutely, emphatically not true,” said Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe, a spokeswoman for the Phoenix office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “We don’t penalize people for talking to the media.”
She declined to say why Cornejo was placed in protective custody.
Cornejo was previously deported to Mexico four times. He has been detained since May pending the outcome of his deportation case in Immigration Court after he tried to re-enter the U.S. at the Nogales port of entry, according to ICE.
During an interview at the Eloy facility, he told The Arizona Republic that he had complained to detention officers that he had a fever but he waited nearly three hours before being allowed to see a nurse or receive medicine.
Aww, poor baby, he didn't get a Tylenol when he demanded.
This illegal thug has been deported 4 times to Mexico.  Instead of being placed in isolation, they should have deported his ass to Antarctica to ensure he would not come back any time soon.
And if we could not have deported him immediately, then  have no problem having him in isolation for 20 years as he is a 4 time criminal and has shown no respect for the United States.
And if his wife is an illegal, get rid of her.
and if they had anchor baby rugrats, either deport their asses or allow them to stay with a legal relative.
But this is one reason why people dislike illegals- they break the law and then if they have a little owie, this thug demands we treat him better than legal citizens.

More Evidence Liberal Politicians Are Mentally Ill

All the county supervisors in Clark County (Las Vegas area) are democrats.
All the county supervisors in Nye County (Pahrump and is located next to Clark County) are Republicans.
From the
Pahrump Valley Times:
Clark County is fed up with Las Vegans firing off illegal fireworks on Independence Day and they have plans to curb the banned items, which includes possibly targeting Nye County.
At the Aug. 18 Clark County Board of Commissioners meeting in Las Vegas the subject was spoken on by various board members, fire officials, police and others.
"This past Fourth of July was pretty ridiculous," Commissioner Lawrence Weekly said. "Don't get me wrong here, I love a good fireworks show. But when it gets down to a point where the neighborhood firework shows become better than the Grucci shows at Cashman Field or over on the Las Vegas strip, there's a problem.
"Especially when the fireworks shows continue at two and three in the morning."
Commissioner Larry Brown explained that he believes targeting areas selling the illegal items is the way to curb usage in Las Vegas.
"Do any other counties sell them or just Nye County, I guess what I am getting at here is the enforcement," Brown said. "Trying to get to the source, signage might be part of it, but if there are ways we can get to the source of the sale. I'm not sure if that's opening dialogue with the tribe, or opening up dialogue with Nye County Commission.
"I don't see the purpose of allowing these in any county if they're illegal here. I'd at least take a look at trying to identify where they're coming from… I'd be interested in if we can start attacking the source point of sales."
Taking a similar stance, Commissioner Steve Sisolak wondered why fireworks illegal elsewhere were available for purchase over the hump.
"If we could reach out to Pahrump and see why they allow this. Is this a revenue thing that they allow this for," Steve Sisolak said. "They've gotta be having the same problems as us."
Nye County Commissioner Frank Carbone said that no one from Clark County has reached out to him yet, but did mention that the monetary benefit of selling fireworks is key to allowing their sale.
"The only thing bad about it is that if they wanted us to stop selling them they would have to come up with something to make up the revenue," Carbone said. "That would be great (to ban the fireworks), but that is a significant amount of revenue that would be lost and I would be wondering if they would be willing to make up the difference."
If Clark County has a problem with the legal fireworks that come from Pahrump, then Clark County needs to shut up and enforce their laws.
And I am pretty sure Nye County has many problems with Clark County and their ilk that comes to Pahrump, Tonopath and other smaller cities.
Like all the drugs that come from Las Vegas.
Like all the people coming from Vegas going to the brothels but then cause all sort of problems.
But how dare the stupid liberals try to dictate the laws in a neighboring county run by conservatives.
I thought liberals were for freedom of choice(See abortion)
Well why doesn't Clark County allow the fireworks that are legal in Pahrump be sold in Clark County?
Give Clark County citizens the freedom of choice.
Well, maybe liberals don't believe in choice, unless it involves killing babies.

Stupid Lawsuit Of The Year

From ESPN: Tony Stewart claims he did not see Kevin Ward Jr. until just before his sprint car struck the 20-year-old driver, and says Ward actually tried to make contact with Stewart's car in the accident that resulted in Ward's death.
Stewart's local attorney, Brian Gwitt, filed the driver's response Friday to the wrongful death lawsuit brought by Ward's parents. The response, filed in U.S. District Court in Utica, New York, states that Stewart didn't even know who was on the track at the time, and that Ward was responsible for his own death because he not only walked out onto an active race track but also because he was under the influence of marijuana at the time.
Ward's parents, Kevin and Pamela, seek unspecified damages for their son's pain and suffering as well as economic benefits and support he could have provided them.
Kevin Ward Jr. was killed Aug. 9, 2014, in an Empire Super Sprints race at Canandaigua (N.Y.) Motorsports Park when, after crashing, he approached the other cars on foot as they were riding around under caution. Stewart's car struck Ward, who was pronounced dead at a hospital 45 minutes later.
Stewart was not indicted by a grand jury, and Ontario County (N.Y.) District Attorney Michael Tantillo said Ward had enough marijuana in his system to influence his actions. According to Stewart's response, Ward's toxicology report indicates that Ward used marijuana within five hours of the event.
The only problem with the lawsuit is that Ward Jr. is 100% responsible for his own death.
He got out his car to confront Tony Stewart, after the 2 crashed.  He smoked pot within 5 hours of his death and it was a significant amount.  Further, he was wearing a dark fire suit and the area where he was killed was dark.
If he didn't get out of his car, didn't smoke pot and stayed by his car instead of wandering and if wasn't such a hothead, he would still be alive today.
Here is the accident:

Wife Update

Image result for woman throwing up
Very early Monday morning, my wife entered Kingman Regional Medical Center (KMRC) with colitis, diabetes problems, high blood pressure and dehydration.
Well, she has been in the hospital for 5 days now.
She is still throwing up and her blood pressure goes up and down, depending on the amount of pain she is in and her vomiting.
Her diabetes has somewhat stabilized and she is hydrated through the 2 IV's she is on.
Because she is still throwing up, there is still no end in sight in her going home and with all the medications, from anti-vomiting, to pain medicine along with high blood pressure and insulin, she is pretty much wiped out.
So, please say a prayer or keep her in your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Liberal Media Shuts Down Hillary Comments

The Las Vegas Sun is an extremely liberal news rag that depends on the conservative, becoming more liberal, Las Vegas Review Journal, on it's survival.  For instance, the Sun doesn't publish it's hard copy of the paper, the LVRJ does and the Sun depends of the LVRJ to have it's several day old news rag to be delivered.  The Sun rag is tucked inside the LVRJ while LVRJ employees and contractors deliver the paper.
Anyways, to show you how scared the liberal media is when it comes to Clinton's presidential run, the liberal rag, the Las Vegas "I'll stand print everything we agree with but won't print the opposite views" Sun has decided that on articles, at least today, will not allow reader comments on the possibility.  Here is an example:
That's right, the liberal news rag, does not trust it's readers with their comments and they are afraid of Clinton dissent.
But this should not surprise anyone because the editor, a member of the Las Vegas Badger Hall of Shame, the coward and chickenshit, Brian "Coward: Greenspun, usually will not allow comments on his editorial, "From Where I Stand" because he is afraid and is a coward of dissenting opinion.
So, this will probably spread to other liberal media as they know they have a terrible presidential candidate in the Hildabeast, and like newspapers Nazi Germany, they will regulate what they want their readers to read and not allow dissenting opinion.
Heil! Brian Greenspun.

There Are Still Good Samaritans Out There

This afternoon, I was traveling home from Lake Havasu to Kingman, when just outside of Yucca, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  Actually, the middle of nowhere has more people than where I was stuck.
At about 4:30, I got a rear flat tire and I safely got off the I-40 tot he shoulder of the road.
I was out of cell phone range from where I was but I climbed a hill and got a hold of AAA and they were able to get a tow truck but it would take some time.
As I was waiting in the car, with thunder, lightening and rain/hail in the area- the weather radar showed a bright red where I was, I closed my eyes when I heard a knock on the car window.
Thinking it was a cop, I looked up but it was a perfect stranger and he offered to change my tire.  I told him I had no money but he didn't care and he got out his tools and we, mostly him, had it changed in less than 10 minutes.
I talked to the guy, who was with his girlfriend and it turns out, he is from Lake Havasu and his first name is Tim.
He is a server at the Black Bear Diner ( in Lake Havasu and he about to go to school to become an EMT and later a we had something in common.
I never got his name, but I really appreciate what he did.
And there are Good Samaritans still out there.
Thank you sir.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Breaking: 2 Reporters Shot Dead On Live Television

From Fox News: An active shooter has been reported at Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Virginia, according to multiple local media outlets.
Video from the scene appeared to show a WDBJ media crew being attacked in the midst of a live report. The station confirmed the shooting involved one of its crews.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

To Bad Those Responsible Don't Pay

From the LVRJ:
A federal judge Tuesday ordered the government to pay $146,938 in legal fees to the driver of a motor home who fought the seizure of cash from the home on a Nevada highway.
In June Senior U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks ordered the government to return $167,000 that Elko County sheriff's deputies confiscated during a traffic stop along Interstate 80 in January 2013.
Hicks scolded prosecutors for not being candid in court filings about what led to the seizure and invited the driver, Straughn Gorman of Hawaii, to seek attorney fees. His Las Vegas lawyer, Vincent Savarese, later detailed $153,000 in costs.
Two weeks ago, prosecutors with the U.S. attorney's office in Reno gave notice that they are challenging the order to return the money at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. They also argued against awarding the legal fees.
But Hicks on Tuesday ruled against the government again. He found that significant legal expenses were incurred by Gorman during the civil forfeiture fight over the $167,000 and said the government's "own actions" may have increased the hours billed by Gorman's lawyers.
"I am very pleased by Judge Hicks' decision to order this substantial award of attorney's fees to our client," Savarese said. "And I am gratified by the Court's specific finding that the award was particularly justified by the high quality of representation successfully provided on his behalf." ...
In the Elko case, Gorman was neither charged nor even cited for a traffic violation, and no drugs were found during the search of the motor home.
The U.S. Attorney in Reno, the cops, the DA and everyone else should be made to pay these lawyer fees as their actions were beyond the pale and showed extremely unethical behavior by those involved.

Even Bill Clinton Never Thought Of This

From the LVRJ:
A 27-year-old woman was given probation Tuesday for stealing a man's $35,000 Rolex Presidential watch and hiding it in her vagina during a naked massage.
Christina Lafave pleaded guilty in April to one count of felony possession of stolen property in connection with an encounter at Wynn Las Vegas last year. If she completes up to five years probation, that charge could be reduced to a misdemeanor.
Her lawyer, Chris Rasmussen, said she was receiving treatment at a shelter for former prostitutes.
"You know these prostitutes — they never change. They rarely change," Rasmussen told District Judge Valerie Adair. "This one has changed. I didn't think it would happen."
The judge said: "I thought your client was a massage therapist, Mr. Rasmussen."
If Bill Clinton reads this story, he's probably thinking to himself that this is a good idea, something he can try with his mistress.

"Sit Down"

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and some RINO presidential candidates have shown themselves to be wimps.
Donald Trump... not so much.

From Grabian:
At a press conference this evening, Donald Trump had Jorge Ramos forcibly removed. The skirmish came as the 2016 Republican front-runner began taking questions; after calling on a reporter, Ramos attempted asking a question.
"Excuse me, sit down," Trump said. "You weren't called. Sit down. Sit down!"
Ramos continued trying to ask Trump questions -- and Trump kept cutting him off.
"You haven't been called," Trump again said. "Go back to Univision."
After Ramos continued, Trumped looked toward his security guard and instructed him, "Go ahead."
As the reporter was being led away, he could be heard contending "I have a right to ask a question." 
Afterward, Trump told a reporter he would be fine with Ramos returning.
This election might be over before it even starts if the other candidates and mainstream media don't watch out.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Gee, Rachel Maddow Lies

From Politifact:
Joining a chorus of criticism of Scott Walker's record on jobs, liberal talk show host Rachel Maddow made a striking claim about the middle class.
"Under his leadership as governor, Wisconsin has had a really bad time of it when it comes to jobs and the economy," Maddow said on her MSNBC program on July 13, 2015, the day Walker announced his run for the Republican presidential nomination.
She added:
"The Wisconsin middle class is shrinking at a faster rate than any other state in the country."
Maddow cited a respected source to back her claim. But it made a comparison back to 2000 -- a decade before Walker was elected governor.
So we generated data that measures the middle class -- in Wisconsin and nationally -- during Walker's time in office.
Maddow’s evidence
As Maddow made her claim, a graphic on the screen showed a Washington Post article referencing a March 2015 report by the Pew Charitable Trusts, a widely respected nonpartisan research organization. Maddow's staff told us the report was the source for her claim.
Pew defined middle class as households earning between 67 percent and 200 percent of each state's median income. Its report found that in all 50 states, the percentage of middle-class households was lower in 2013 than it was in 2000.
For Wisconsin, the middle class covered income ranging from $34,500 to $103,000 in 2013. Pew found that 48.9 percent of Wisconsin households were middle class in 2013, down from 54.6 percent in 2000 (the 2000 income was adjusted for inflation.)
Wisconsin’s drop was the largest of any state.
But as we noted, Pew's starting point was 2000. And Walker didn’t become governor until January 2011.
Maddow is the darling of liberals, but in the real world, she is nothing but a piece of trash who is dumber than a brain dead snail.

Liberal Media Smells Hillary Blood

When you get extremely liberal NBC going after Hillary, you know she is about toast:

CCSD Starts School Today, And The Gambling Line Is...

What is the over/under for how many teacher/school employees will be arrested for crimes against children for the school year?
I put the number at 7.
And crimes already have started:
From LVRJ:
A Clark County School District teacher's aide who was arrested Saturday on charges of open and gross lewdness exchanged at least four sexual photos with a former middle school student before luring the boy to his apartment, according to Las Vegas police.
Charles Darville Young, 29, who has been employed by the Clark County School District since 2011, was arrested after North Las Vegas detectives found Facebook messages exchanged between him and a 15-year-old Canyon Springs High School student.
Police on June 2 received reports that a different 15-year-old student had been smoking marijuana with a teacher from Sedway Middle School, according to an arrest report made public Monday. Detectives asked about anyone else who might have had inappropriate contact with the teacher's aide and the student told them about Young's relationship with another student who had attended Sedway.
Yeah, 7 should arrests should be easy to get to in CCSD.


President Obama is in Las Vegas to discuss clean and green energy.
You know, all those bad things that cause the hoax called global warming/climate change.
So, let's see how Obama has decided to address this hoax of an issue:
He flies from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas, a flight of about 5 hours, at a cost of about $200,000 an hour.
He then lands in Vegas and takes about 25 car/van motorcade across the street from the airport to Mandalay Bay.
He then takes said motorcade from the hotel/casino to a home in Henderson to do something unremarkable.
Then the same motorcade then goes onto Lake of Las Vegas, a drive of at least 10 miles, where he will spend the night banging his girlfriend/mistress.
The next day, he helicopters back to the airport in at least 2 helicopters and another group of cars also head back to the airport.
Then he flies off to another location, maybe back to D.C. to say to Michelle, I love you but you are 2nd best.
All this to promote clean and green energy all to combat the hoax global warming/climate change.
Irony or stupidity or he could not care that he looks like a total POS.

It's Not All China

Today, the stock markets tanked...again.
And the liberal media blamed China.
Well, when the stock market was rising in the United States, the liberals and media gave credit to President Obama.
Well, if gets the credit, he gets the blame.
With ObamaCare, Obama anti-business regulations, Obama's horrible record on jobs, Obama's attempt of wealth distribution of people he doesn't like, the bad economy and well, you get a bad stock market and in the past week or so, we have seen the results of the Obama economy.
Luckily, I am so poor,(yeah, a poor conservative teacher- go figure) I don't have to worry about the stock market.
But those who are middle class, well, they probably lost a significant amount of retirement money in the past week, thanks to Obama and his policies.

I Saw A Man Die Yesterday, Part 2

Four years ago, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, I was at the Indy car race in which Dan Wheldon died.
Yesterday, I was watching the Indy car race at Pocono when Justin Wilson hit a piece of debris from a crash involving another driver.  The debris hit Wilson in the helmet when Wilson was going probably close to 200 mph (where was his spotter?).  Wilson was knocked out from the debris, probably brain dead instantly, crashed hard and the safety crew got him out and had him airlifted to a local hospital.
From ESPN:
  • Justin Wilson, who had seven victories in a 12-year career in U.S.-based open-wheel circuits, died Monday. He was 37.
  • IndyCar made the announcement Monday night at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
    The Englishman was competing in his sixth race this year for Andretti Autosport. What had originally been a two-race deal for both Indianapolis Motor Speedway events was recently expanded to include the final five races of 2015.
    Wilson was airlifted to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Sunday evening with a head injury, after it appeared he was struck on the helmet by debris from Sage Karam's one-car crash, which occurred in front of Wilson on the track.
    With Wilson possibly unconscious, his car speared at nearly unabated speed into an angled wall protected by a SAFER barrier on the inside of the exit of Turn 1, near a gap in the wall where safety vehicles enter the track.
    "Can't even begin to describe the loss I feel right now. He was my brother, my best friend, my role model and mentor. He was a champion!'' Wilson's younger brother, Stefan, also an IndyCar driver, tweeted.
    Wilson was known among drivers as a gentle giant. Soft-spoken and deeply analytical, Wilson was one of the most popular drivers, and his strong, technical ability in suggesting tweaks to help the car perform better was evident in the Andretti team's recently improved form. Wilson finished second in the IndyCar race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on Aug. 2 in his last event before Pocono.
    RIP to Wilson, prayers for the family, friends and fellow Indy Car crews.

    Prayers Please

    My lovely wife Cathy was admitted to the hospital early this morning in Kingman with a diagnosis of colitis, dehydration, high blood sugar and high blood pressure.  She began vomiting at about 4:00 yesterday evening and has been throwing up ever since, almost 30 hours straight.
    Obviously, she is feeling miserable.
    So, please think of her in your thoughts and/or prayers.

    Obama Visiting Girlfriend In Vegas Today

    Once again, PresidentObama is coming to LasVegas today.
    He is going to give a speech and then spend the night at his usual Vegas/Henderson hotel, Lake Las Vegas.
    Of course, he just spent 2 weeks with Michelle and the kids so now he has to get away and spend time with the mistress.
    For many years, I have thought Obama has a girl friend out here as he visits Las Vegas numerous times and stays overnight for no real good reason.
    So, President Obama, Vegas welcomes you and the mistress.

    Saturday, August 22, 2015

    Planned Parenthood Going For Adults Now?

    From the KENS San Antonio: A local family is desperate to be united with their daughter after her body was stolen from inside of a San Antonio funeral home following her service Saturday. "We just want our daughter's remains returned so we can have some closure to our grief," said Tim Mott, Julie Mott's father.
    According to investigators, the body of Julie Mott, 26, was taken from her casket at Mission Parks Funeral Chapel North following her service on August 15. "It's really quite concerning," said SAPD Sgt. Javier Salazar. "We are hoping that the public may be able to help assist us."
    Sgt. Salazar said Mott's service ended around 1 or 1:30 in the afternoon, which is when a casket with her remains was taken into a private visitation area in the back of the funeral home. The funeral home was locked up and secured around 4:30 p.m.
    Police believe somewhere in that three-hour window, someone took Mott's body out of the casket. That suspect and Mott's remains remain a mystery. "Our intelligence unit has been investigating it literally around the clock," said Sgt. Salazar. "And so we're hoping that the public that hears about this case may be able to shed some light on it."
    So, either a gang took her for a really cruel initiation, funeral home accidently cremated her, there are is ghoul out there, a doctor facing a malpractice suit, someone murdered her or Planned Parenthood is going onto adults.
    Whatever it is, it is very sick and hope the family will get their body back.

    The Question No One Is Asking About Hillary's E-mails

    So, Hillary Clinton claims she received or sent classified e-mails on her server she had at her house.
    OK then, then what server did Clinton use to communicate/store  classified and top secret information?
    Just wondering.

    Thursday, August 20, 2015

    Senile Harry Reid's Shameful Day

    This is just shocking, even for Reid.
    From the Reno Gazette Journal:
    Nevada U.S. Sen. Harry Reid offered his condolences to the family of slain Carson City Deputy Carl Howell at the latter’s memorial service Thursday.
    “He had to give his life for a domestic violence and it’s such a shame,” he said.
    Reid said he empathized with the police grieving for Howell since he used to be a member of the force himself.
    “That’s how I put myself through law school,” he said. “I didn’t do anything very dangerous. Directed traffic was the worst.”
    “With all the negativity you hear directed toward police officers, it’s a situation like this that brings to my mind how dangerous it is,” he continued. “Every day of their lives is a question of if they are going to get killed or not.”
    So, during the officer's funeral, Reid tried to make it about himself.
    What an ass.

    Another Reason To Hate Hillary

    Hillary is such a bitch...really a bitch.
    From the Daily Mail, U.K:
    When it comes to arrogance, Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's longtime top aide, and her presidential candidate boss are two peas in a pod, according to Secret Service agents.
    For that reason, it's not surprising that the FBI investigation of Hillary's use of classified emails reportedly got a jump start after uncovering highly classified emails sent by Abedin and another Clinton aide....
    While Hillary Clinton claims she will be the champion of the little people if elected, the truth is that behind the scenes she is so nasty and abusive toward her own Secret Service detail and treats them with such contempt that being assigned to Hillary's detail is considered a form of punishment within the Security Service. 
    'On TV, they will make it sound like they just really appreciated and loved those Secret Service agents and appreciate all their sacrifices and all that,' a former agent says of the Clintons. 'Then behind the scenes, they're like, 'I don't want to see these guys.'
    He adds: 'When it's convenient for them, they'll utilize the service for whatever favor they need, but otherwise, they look down upon the agents, kind of like servants.' 
    'There's not an agent in the service who wants to be in Hillary's detail,' a current agent says. 'If agents get the nod to go to her detail, that's considered a form of punishment among the agents. She's hard to work around, she's known to snap at agents and yell at agents and dress them down to their faces, and they just have to be humble and say, 'Yes ma'am,' and walk away.'
    The agent adds, 'Agents don't deserve that. They're there to do a job, they're there to protect her, they'll lay their life down for hers, and there's absolutely no respect for that. And that's why agents do not want to go to her detail.'
    Agents say Hillary's nastiness and contempt for them and disdain for law enforcement and the military in general continued, both when she was secretary of state and now that she is protected as a former first lady, earning her the distinction of being considered the Secret Service's most detested protectee.
    During the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, a Secret Service uniformed officer was standing post on the South Lawn when Hillary arrived by limo.
    'The first lady steps out of the limo, and another uniformed officer says to her, 'Good morning, ma'am,'' a former uniformed officer recalls. 'Her response to him was 'F—- off.' I couldn't believe I heard it.'
    One afternoon, Hillary found a White House electrician changing a light bulb in the residence. She yelled at him because she had ordered that all repair work was to be done while the first family was out.
    'She caught the guy on a ladder doing the lightbulb,' says Franette McCulloch, who was then the assistant White House pastry chef. 'He was a basket case.'
    The Democrats must be crapping in their pants about now just thinking Hillary will be their candidate for president but instead is a strong candidate for prison.
    Other than Hillary is not a Republican, why would anybody even consider voting for the Old Battle Axe?

    Hillary Lies By The Numbers

    So, Hillary says she turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails to the Feds. that were business related.  I think that is total BS, but she claims she did it and did not say anybody helped her, which again is BS.
    So let's look at the numbers:
    If she printed the 55,000 pages:
    500 sheets are in a ream of paper.
    A ream of paper is about 2 inches tall.
    55,000/500= 110 reams
    110x2= 220
    220/12= 18+ feet
    So, Hillary had over 18 feet of paper if she printed all 55,000 pages of e-mails that she turned in.
    This doesn't even include the e-mails Hillary didn't turn over because they were supposedly private.
    Besides killing a few trees, it is highly unlikely she did this.
    So, let's say she had a total of 55,000 pages of e-mails she turned in and another 15,000 of private e-mails she didn't turn in, which is a really conservative number.
    Let's say she averaged 30 seconds, another conservative number, from the time she opened up the e-mail to the time she deleted or turned over the e-mails.
    This means she spent a total of 35,000 minutes going over the e-mails.
    35,000 minutes equals a total of  24+ straight days of going over the e-mails.  24+ days without a break to go to the bathroom, eating, sleeping, playing footsie with Bill, cussing out Secret Service agents etc.
    Is it possible?  Perhaps, if she had nothing to do.
    Is it likely?  Well, if Hillary is as dumb as she claims about technology, then I highly doubt it.
    But she was also out fleecing college students at $350,000 a speech, making speeches, on the campaign trail and doing other things that old battle axes do.  When did she have the time to do all this reading, deleting and turning over the e-mails?
    So, Hillary, it appears, is lying... again... but so what else is new?
    Of course, she could say the following, stolen from a CNN commentator: I.did.NOT.have.Textual.relations.with.that.server.

    Well, that depends on what

    Wednesday, August 19, 2015

    Bad Day For Firefighters

    From Fox News: Three firefighters were killed and three to four others were injured, at least one critically, on Wednesday as raging wildfires advanced on towns in north-central Washington, authorities said.
    Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said the deaths, in a wildfire near Twisp, had been confirmed, but he said he was not immediately releasing further details about the circumstances. One firefighter had been taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle in critical condition, a nursing supervisor there said.
    My heart breaks over the loss of life," Gov. Jay Inslee said in a written statement. "I know all Washington joins me and Trudi in sending our prayers to the families of these brave firefighters. They gave their lives to protect others. It was their calling, but the loss for their families is immense."
    The news came after officials urged people in the popular outdoor-recreation centers of Twisp and Wintrop, in the scenic Methow River valley about 115 miles northeast of Seattle, to evacuate as a fire near Twisp grew to about 2 square miles.
    RIP to those who died and prayers for the injured, families, friends and fellow firefighters.

    If I were Hillary, I Wouldn't Being Wearing Orange...Unless...

    Hillary had a 'standing rule that no one spoke to her when she was going from one location to another,' says former FBI agent Coy Copeland. 'In fact, anyone who would see her coming would just step into the first available office.'
    Unless she is mocking the FBI, other investigators and/or Republicans.

    Sunday, August 16, 2015

    I Still Like Scott Walker For President, But....

    I am starting to take Donald Trump seriously.
    Remember, Ronald Reagan was not well liked the first time he ran for president, just losing in the primaries against Gerald Ford.  The next time, Reagan won the nomination and won in a land slide.
    And I believe history repeats itself many times over.
    Reagan was an actor and so is Trump, so they both know how to handle the media.
    Both ran in the GOP primaries and both lost time before.
    The liberals talk down about Trump and his supporters, thinking his supporters are just a bunch of trailer trash morons.  Same with Reagan.
    The GOP establishment strongly dislikes Trumps, as they did Reagan.
    Both Reagan and Trump really don't care what the media and talking heads say about them and their ideas.
    Both were successful in their private lives.
    Both chose to get into politics after, or in Trumps' case during, into presidential politics after being in the private sector for a substantial period of time.
    and the comparisons can go on.
    So, even though I think Gov. Scott Walker is the best candidate out there, I think Trump is a very close 2nd and gaining and he would kick the Democrat nominee's butt pretty easily, probably like 45 states to 5 states in the national election.

    Saturday, August 15, 2015

    Sign Of The Day

    H/t Dad 29:

    Sheriff Deputy Killed In Carson City

    Sadly, another police officer was killed by a thug with a gun.
    From the Nevada Appeal: Thousands of citizens, law enforcement agents and public safety officers gathered Saturday night to remember the fallen Carson City Sheriff’s Office Deputy Carl Howell at a candlelight vigil held on the Capitol Grounds.
    Howell was killed in the line of duty Saturday morning after deputies responded to calls that came in at 2:18 a.m. of a physical domestic disturbance at the 4100 block of Montez Drive in Carson City.
    Howell responded to the call and as he was talking to a female victim who had visible injuries, a male came out of the house and started shooting at the officer. The suspect, who’s name is not being released, died at the scene.
    Additional deputies responded to the scene and evacuated three children, ages 8-13, and an adult.
    The investigation was relinquished to Reno Police Department. “The men and women of this department are devastated,” Furlong said. “We are devastated not only because of the loss of our friend, but for the loss to his family and everyone who was so traumatized that night by the events that happened. So many people saw what is unthinkable in our society.” 
    At Saturday night’s vigil, at the Nevada Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, hundreds were gathered on the grounds before 7p.m. to place flowers on the memorial, pass out candles and console each other.
    “We have been numb all day,” said Charae Kepler, the wife of a Carson City deputy. “All the guys were just working through it and I think tonight will be the turning point when they come to the realization that it’s really happening.
    “It has been quite impressive how our community comes together in a ,” Kepler added. “We got to see what this town is made of.”  
    RIP to the officer, and prayers to the family, friends and colleagues of Deputy Carl Howell. 

    A Firefighting Donkey?

    Maybe we found out what happened to Donkey in Shrek?
    From the Lake Havasu News Herald:
    In a rural area of the Mohave Valley, a lone burro approached Desert Hills firefighters as they fought the wildfire that began West of Lake Havasu City on Saturday.
    The company of five firefighters was dispatched to an area near Bullhead City to provide structure-protection at about 1 p.m. Saturday.
    Desert Hills Fire Chief Bell Weber, who was on the scene, says that the animal approached his company within the first hour of their arrival.
    “The donkey approached us, and wouldn’t leave our side,” he said. “It seemed to be scared, and stayed with us the entire time we were there.
    ”The fire crew hosed the animal off, and allowed it to remain with them while they did their jobs.

    Just Wondering...

    Image result for image of epa mine water disaster
    When evil factories, cars, trucks and coal fired electrical power plants supposedly pollute the planet, Mother Earth is too fragile to clean up the by herself, we need massive programs and restrictions to solve the problem.
    But when the liberal Obama EPA screws up and releases tons and tons of extremely harmful mining material into several rivers In Colorado and other states in the West, well Mother earth is so tough that it cleaned up the rivers in a matter of days.
    From Fox News:
    The mistrust Native Americans have long harbored toward the federal government has gone to another level in Navajo territory land, where residents angrily scoff at the Environmental Protection Agency's assurances its accidental mining spill won't foul the key San Juan River floodplain they depend on for their lives and livelihoods.
    EPA Secretary Gina McCarthy rushed to the region this week in the wake of the spill at the defunct Gold King Mine near Durango, Colo., to announce that the river system that includes Cement Creek and the Animas, San Juan and Colorado rivers will not be seriously impacted by a spill of 3 million gallons of mining wastewater laden with heavy metals. But McCarthy's claim that ecosystem was "restoring itself" did not convince Navajo leaders.
    “The EPA was right in the middle of the disaster, and we intend to make sure the Navajo Nation recovers every dollar it spends cleaning up this mess and every dollar it loses as a result of injuries to our precious Navajo natural resources,” said Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye.
    I guess when liberals pollute, the Earth will clean it's self, but American's pollute, well, I guess the Earth just isn't strong enough.

    Thursday, August 13, 2015

    This Will Disappoint Less Than 5 People

    From the NY Daily News: Al Gore is not exploring a run for President, sources close to the former Vice President have said.
    BuzzFeed reported Thursday, citing a senior Democrat, that the 67-year-old former senator from Tennessee was contemplating challenging party frontrunner Hillary Clinton.
    But Gore has no interest in running, a rep and several sources close to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner told The Tennessean.
    I don't know but I didn't hear any calls for Gore to run for president.  All I have seen is Gore running to the local buffet as he closely resembles Chris Christie at his heaviest. 
    But it also shows that Gore is a chicken shit because he knows he will called upon to prove the global warming hoax and explain why all of his predictions on global warming have been wrong.  He would also have to justify his spewing his hate towards those who disagree with him but yet goes off flying on personal airplanes, has a huge yacht and house and has a carbon foot print the size of Australia.
    So, all 5 fans of Gore running for president will be sorely disappointed and now they will have drive off in their electric car and go out for a tofu steak.

    And The Award For The Most Dangerous Football Team Is....

    The Minnesota Viqueens:
    Embedded image permalink
    Of course, if had to play for the Viqueens and live in Minnesota, I'd might melt down and commit a crime.
    And the safest teams?
    Houston, Carolina and San Diego.
    Kind of explains why they pretty much suck.


    Who says reading is unimportant.
    From the Havre Daily News:
    Krissa Kirby was in for a big surprise when she arrived at her home on the 800 Block of 6th Ave. after work Tuesday afternoon.
    The roofing of her home was torn off, the lawn was strewn with roof material and marks were left on her lawn and her freshly painted deck.
    That was odd because her roof on her home - unlike others in the area - sustained no damage in the July 4 hail and wind storm. She knew nothing of people repairing her roof.
    She called Havre police, who soon arrived to investigate.
    Then she heard a pounding sound one block away, whereworkers from Ridgeway Construction LLC were working on the roof one block away on 5th Ave.
    The workers had gone to the wrong home and removed the wrong roof. They read instructions wrong. They thought they were to go to 813 6th Ave.
    "I was astounded," said Kirby, a doctor of psychology at Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation.
    "I came home and my roof was off, and my lawn was a mess," she said.
    She said while police were at her home Julie Ridgeway, the company's owner, arrived at the scene.
    Kirby said Ridgeway told her that her company would put a new roof on the home with a 40-year guarantee and would mow the grass but denied she was to blame for other problems on the lawn - grass driven on, the deck damaged or other difficulties.
    "She was hardly apologetic, " Kirby said. "She said she would mow the grass, but nothing else."

    Why I Don't Care About The Latest Hillary Scandal

    Yeah, the latest Hillary scandal is pretty serious, when she hides classified material, including Top Secret materials on her server at her home.  Lesser people have gone to jail or at least probation.  And who knows how many spies have hacked into her server?
    But let's face it:
    The Republicans, especially conservatives, don't like her and we will not vote for her.
    The democrats and liberals don't care.  She could rape a puppy while killing Rush Limbaugh while doing crack and the liberals and Democrats justify what she did and vote for her.
    And the non-educated voter will go  'Huh?" and keep on watching Jimmy Kimmel for the news.
    So, even though there is another Clinton scandal, it is nothing new and I just won't get all worked up about it because nothing will change.

    End Of An Era

    I used to have going to a Harlem Globetrotter game on my bucket list but no more.
    From ESPN:
    The Washington Generals have lost their last game. 
    Generals' general manager John Ferrari, who started running the business for his father-in-law, Red Klotz, in 1987, confirmed Thursday that the Harlem Globetrotters had dropped the Generals, their longtime foe, as an opponent. 
    Ferrari said that -- much like the teams he fielded -- he wasn't even given a chance.
    "I got a call about a month ago, and they just told me that that was it," Ferrari said. "I turned to my wife and just said to her, in disbelief, 'It's over.'"
    In the past two decades, the Globetrotters have changed hands over and over again, the most recent time being in 2013, by Herschend Enterprises.
    Many believe the change is a financial one. Instead of having to pay Ferrari to arrange for an opponent, why shouldn't they do it themselves?
    "All great rivalries come to an end, and as we get set to celebrate our 90th anniversary, we are excited to take on a new opponent," Globetrotters legend Sweet Lou Dunbar, who currently coaches one of the Globetrotters teams, said in a statement. "We are looking forward to building a new great rivalry as we entertain families worldwide for years."
    For his part, Ferrari said, "The Washington Generals were a very good deal for the Harlem Globetrotters."
    Sixty-three years ago, Globetrotters founder Abe Saperstein asked Klotz to create an opponent for the Globetrotters. While the guys in the red, white and blue did their tricks and made crowds of all generations laugh and applaud, the Generals just did their thing -- try to win.
    It didn't always work. OK, it never worked -- except for a night in 1971, in Tennessee, when Klotz himself hit a shot at the end to beat the clowns of basketball.
    I remember the days of Meadowlark Lemon and Curly Neal, 2 of the best basketball players in history.
    I remember one time, a Globetrotter went up to a balcony and made a hook shot- I think it was Curly Neal.
    So, now who do the Globetrotters play?
    Maybe they can get some nuns or hospice patients to take them on, after all, can they be worse than the current day Generals?

    Tuesday, August 11, 2015

    The PGA And I Have Something In Common

    Image result for images of whistling straits
    From jsonline, Milwaukee: Two PGA Championships. Two playoffs. Two champions who soon afterward ascended to No. 1 in the world ranking. One unfortunate 72nd-hole penalty.
    Whistling Straits was built for drama, and it has delivered.
    The majestic links-style golf course, designed by Pete Dye and built by the Kohler Co. on two miles of uninterrupted Lake Michigan shoreline, has produced a pair of memorable finishes in the season's final major championship.
    There is every reason to believe a third is in store for the 97th PGA, which begins Thursday....
    Whistling Straits' length — 7,501 yards on the official scorecard — would seem to favor a big hitter. Indeed, bombers Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson both had a chance to win in 2010. Singh, at 41, was still among the bigger hitters in the game when he won.
    I played Whistling Straits way back when and actually watched it being built when I drove from Milwaukee to Manitowoc and every now and then drove by where they were building the course.
    Obviously, it's a great course and I ended up shooting about a 95 for the round.
    Normally, it costs a whole lot of money to play there but a friend of a friend comped us a round.  
    It was a great time and experience and I wished I could still play golf but can't because of my screwed up back.

    Hillary 1 Day Closer To Jail

    From Fox News: Hillary Clinton relented Tuesday to months of demands she relinquish the personal email server she used while secretary of state, directing the device be given to the Justice Department.
    The decision advances the investigation into the Democratic presidential front-runner's use of a private email account as the nation's top diplomat, and whether classified information was improperly sent via and stored on the home-brew email server she ran from her house in suburban New York City.
    Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said she has "pledged to cooperate with the government's security inquiry, and if there are more questions, we will continue to address them."
    It's not clear if the device will yield any information — Clinton's attorney said in March that no emails from the main personal address she used while secretary of state still "reside on the server or on back-up systems associated with the server."
    Clinton had to this point refused demands from Republican critics to turn over the server to a third party, with attorney David Kendall telling the House committee investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that "there is no basis to support the proposed third-party review of the server."
    People have been convicted and sent to jail for less. 
    Now, Hillary has to win the presidency so she can pardon herself.

    Sunday, August 9, 2015

    More Blood On Obama's Hands

    Too bad Obama doesn't feel the fear or pain of those who have been killed or hurt by his own policies.  Odf course, Obama hides behind the secret service and the res of us are on our own.
    From the LVRJ:
    When a U.S. Air Force veteran died after an undocumented immigrant and another man allegedly sexually assaulted her and beat her with a hammer, a police chief wasted little time blaming top officials of California and the United States.
    "I think it starts in Washington, D.C., with this administration that we see and their policies. I think you can draw a direct line over to Sacramento with the policies of, I'm going to say, this governor and the Legislature," Santa Maria Police Chief Ralph Martin told reporters. "And I am not remiss to say that from Washington, D.C., to Sacramento, there's a blood trail into the bedroom of Marilyn Pharis."
    Pharis was sleeping at her home just before 10 a.m. on July 24 when Victor Aureliano Martinez, 29, and Jose Fernando Villagomez, 20, allegedly broke into her home and assaulted her, Santa Maria police said in a news release.
    The victim called police and when officers arrived, dogs led them to a nearby home where they found Martinez, who had allegedly broken into the home in an attempt to evade police, the statement said. He was arrested without incident and charged with attempted murder, sexual assault and residential burglary, it said.
    Villagomez was arrested five days later -- on a probation violation -- and he was charged August 4 in the attack on Pharis, according to police.
    Pharis, 64, died in the hospital August 1. Her family said she was "much loved," while her employer -- the Air Force's 50th Space Wing, where she was a civilian contractor -- called her death a "tragic loss" in a statement from the commander.
    Arrested weeks prior
    Public defender Lori Pedego's office was closed Sunday, and she couldn't be immediately reached for comment. But last month, Martinez had pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, first-degree burglary with person present, assault with intent to commit rape, sexual penetration by foreign object and resisting a peace officer, according to the Santa Maria Times.
    Following Pharis' death -- which family members told CNN affiliate KEYT resulted from a coronary embolism -- police upgraded the charges to first-degree murder for both men, with the special circumstances of burglary, mayhem and rape, KEYT reported. Martinez faced an additional special circumstance of torture, the station said.
    I would love Obama and those who support illegal aliens to see what it is like to be hurt or killed by an illegal thugs.

    A Tale Of Two Headlines

    Headline 1: Arian Foster: I Don't believe In God

    Headline 2: Texans RB Arian Foster to undergo groin surgery on Friday
    Both from ESPN
    He may re-think his belief in God.

    Amazing Home Run

    If you like baseball or softball, you gotta see this:

    Unarmed White Man Killed By Cops and Black Racists Don't Care

    Where are the black racists-Obama, Jackson, Holder. Sharpton and Loretta Lynch?
    From the LVRJ: 
    Nineteen-year-old Zachary Hammond was on a date July 26 when he was fatally shot by a police officer while in parking lot at a Hardee's fast-food restaurant in Seneca, South Carolina, according to Eric Bland, the attorney representing the teen's family.
    The Seneca Police Department said the officer was conducting a drug investigation and shot Hammond in self-defense.
    "He was a uniformed officer, he was in a marked vehicle, was out of his vehicle on foot approaching the suspect vehicle -- weapon drawn given it was a narcotics-type violation," Seneca Police Chief John Covington said to CNN affiliate WHNS in Greenville. He added that the officer is now on administrative leave.
    A small amount of marijuana was found in the front passenger's compartment in Hammond's car.
    "He was a 19-year-old, 121-pound kid killed basically for a joint," Bland said.
    Hammond's mother, Angie, told CNN, "Not only are we grieving that our son is gone, we don't know why it happened or what happened. We're just trying to find answers."
    A vigil was held for Hammond Friday night in Seneca.
    Tori Morton, 24, who was on the date with Hammond, was arrested on charges of simple possession of marijuana. An incident report from Seneca police said that Morton was the target of the police investigation.
    It was an amount, Bland said, that did not warrant such force by police.
    "This is about the use of overreaching deadly force in situations where it is not required," Bland said.
    I think the shooting was justified but I think if this thug was a black thug, there would be rioting in the streets of Seneca, S.C., because that is what black thugs and racists do.

    Saturday, August 8, 2015

    Unarmed Man Killed

    An innocent unarmed man who was just minding his business was killed the other day by a dangerous public official.
    Will the black and liberal thugs protest his killing?
    From Fox News: The National Park Service says a Montana man found dead in Yellowstone National Park was the victim of a grizzly bear attack.
    Based on tracks found at the scene and other evidence, it appears that an adult female grizzly and at least one cub were likely involved. However, authorities were not releasing an official cause of death until an autopsy is done Monday and additional evidence is reviewed.
    The victim's name has not been released, pending notification of relatives.
    The man's body was found Friday afternoon in a popular off-trail area near Lake Village.
    The guy probably had his hands up saying 'Hands up, don't maul"

    2 Thugs Shut Down Bernie Sanders

    Did they ever here of security?
    From Fox News:
    Black Lives Matters activists stole the spotlight away from Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday in Seattle, prompting Sanders to leave without giving his speech.
    Sanders was just about to address several thousand people who gathered shoulder to shoulder at Westlake Park when two women took over the microphone. Organizers couldn’t persuade the two to wait and greed to give them a few minutes.
    The women spoke about Ferguson and the killing of Michael Brown. They also held a four minute moment of silence.
    When the crowd asked the activists to allow Sanders to speak, one activist called the crowd "white supremacist liberals," according to event participants.
    After waiting about 20 minutes while the women talked, Sanders was pushed away again when he tried to take the microphone back. Instead, he waved goodbye to the crowd and left the stage with a raised fist salute. He shook hands and posed for photos with supports for about 15 minutes, and then left.
    “I am disappointed that two people disrupted a rally attended by thousands at which I was invited to speak about fighting Social Security and Medicate,” Sanders said in a statement later Saturday. “I was especially disappointed because on criminal justice reform and the need to fight racism. There is no other candidate who will fight than me.”
    So, Bernie Sanders is so weak that he lets 2 black thugs take over his rally?  How pathetic is that?
    And where was security?  You think the people who showed up wanted to listened to these thugs, if not, where was the security and even the Secret Service?
    So, if Bernie Sanders gets beaten down by 2 thugs, how is he going to handle the terrorists that threaten the United States?
    He'll probably run away, like he did today.

    Huge Fire In Mohave County

    (Source: Bureau of Land Management via @BLMAZFire on Twitter)
    We saw the smoke in Kingman, about 50 miles away.
    From KPHO Phoenix:
    A raging brush fire has emergency crews evacuating 150 homes in Mohave Valley, which is south of Bullhead City in Mohave County.The evacuation affects homes along Courtright Road in the Delta City and Topock Lake Rancheros subdivisions, according to The evacuation order for an estimated 450 residents south of Laguna Road and east of Vanderslice Road is mandatory.
    The massive smoke plume from the Willow Fire, which is burning on the Havasu Wildlife Refuge north of Interstate 40, is visible for miles and even showed up on weather radar systems.
    SLIDESHOW: Photos of the Willow Fire
    Based on an aerial survey, the Willow Fire is estimated to be about 2,000 acres in size. Strong gusty winds of up to 25 mph could be an issue for crews on the fire lines.
    The Bureau of Land Management is assisting with the fire. A Type 2 Incident Management Team has been requested and is scheduled to hold a briefing Sunday at 3 p.m.
    About 20 engines are on scene already, and five crews are en route. Bulldozers are creating a fire line. According to BLM, those dozers are making "good progress on containment." The agency said several "existing area of minimal vegetation" are acting as "natural fuel breaks."
    BLM tweeted a couple of aerial photos of the fire, saying that the aviation supervisor on the incident observed very active fire behavior, including 75-foot flames.
    According to BLM, salt cedar, willows, grass and brush are fueling the flames.
    First responders are directing residents to a Red Cross shelter at Mohave Valley Elementary School, 1419 E. Willow Drive, in Mohave County.
    It is not clear what sparked the fire.
    Read more:
    I drive this way almost everyday to go to work, so it will be interesting to see what kind of damage this fire will cause.
    And my guess it was started by lightening as we have had severe thunderstorms in the area Thursday and Friday.