Thursday, August 13, 2015

This Will Disappoint Less Than 5 People

From the NY Daily News: Al Gore is not exploring a run for President, sources close to the former Vice President have said.
BuzzFeed reported Thursday, citing a senior Democrat, that the 67-year-old former senator from Tennessee was contemplating challenging party frontrunner Hillary Clinton.
But Gore has no interest in running, a rep and several sources close to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner told The Tennessean.
I don't know but I didn't hear any calls for Gore to run for president.  All I have seen is Gore running to the local buffet as he closely resembles Chris Christie at his heaviest. 
But it also shows that Gore is a chicken shit because he knows he will called upon to prove the global warming hoax and explain why all of his predictions on global warming have been wrong.  He would also have to justify his spewing his hate towards those who disagree with him but yet goes off flying on personal airplanes, has a huge yacht and house and has a carbon foot print the size of Australia.
So, all 5 fans of Gore running for president will be sorely disappointed and now they will have drive off in their electric car and go out for a tofu steak.

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