Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review: Las vegas Jail

And now, another reality show based on Las Vegas. This show, Las Vegas Jail on Tru TV, is situated in the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) It's located in downtown, in the City of Las Vegas, about a mile from the Gold-Silver Pawn Shop on Pawn Stars.
In the first scene, they catch a boyfriend and girlfriend in the same bathroom about to have sex. Then they were showing a guy who had female underwear on.
The CCDC is a multi-story facility that is scary from the outside. You can hear the inmates in the recreation area, perhaps, yelling and screaming, and for an innocent person like myself, that was not pleasant to listen to.
Las Vegas and Clark County, have many different jails in the County, along with a State Prison by Indian Springs and Cold Creek, on Hwy 95.
O.J. was held in a special cell in CCDC along with other special people that have busted in Las Vegas.
One lady was in jail for open container, which seems hard to believe. Then they put another lady in the holding chair and joined another inmate in a chair. Another arrestee is a pregnant prostitute. Well, at least she won't have to be worry about being pregnant from turning tricks.
I noticed they have TV in the booking room. Yep, life is rough in CCDC. They also have TV's and recreation areas in the regular jail.
CCDC is fairly overcrowded and they just finished building a new jail across the street from Nellis AFB but it stands empty because they cannot afford to open the jail. Since I live less than a mile from the prison, I hope it stays closed, but then if Obama wants to hold the Gitmo prisoners trials, what better place than Las Vegas than Las Vegas? Hell, we can take bets on the outcomes of the trial and even have an over/under on the time it takes to get a verdict. And since it is across from Nellis, if there is a rebellion, well the fighter jets can handle the problem.
The officers in the show seem like they are social workers and talk with each inmate. Considering they have hundreds of people come through each day, they don't have the time to talk each prisoner. If they did , maybe they are overstaffed.
The one thing that bothered me is that just about prisoner in the show was white. Considering the demographics of Vegas, I find it hard to believe they could not not find a Hispanic person to video.
For the Las Vegas viewers, it was funny that one of the advertisers is from a bail bonds company. Another advertiser was Metro and CCDC (one in the same) encouraging people to apply to be an officer in Las Vegas.
In the second episode, they bring in a naked spitter. Drugs and booze are a wonderful thing.
If you are ever considering working in CCDC, they are always advertising for correctional officers. They make good money and get a lot of overtime. Unless you are in booking, it's pretty much a babysitting job, making sure people don't get into fights, passing out food, dealing with psychos.
They nailed a 20 year old prostitute who says she has been prostituting since at least age 16. She says she won't be back. Right. She was arrested for trespassing, so my guess, she was busted in a casino.
I noticed that one officer was wearing a badge of her badge. Metro has lost 3 officers this year and another federal court official was murdered last month.
I noticed that an inmate was wearing the basketball uniform shorts of the high school I teach at.
They had another male inmate who was belligerent and it appeared that he was angry that his daughter was in a wheelchair. After he came down from his high, he was much calmer. He is also been laid off for 18 months. Sometimes people just do snap.
Another lady was brought in for domestic violence and was saying her mom was dying. There are a lot of people stressed out in Las Vegas right now. Unemployment is over 13%, we have the worst foreclosure rate in the country and people just are not doing as well as before. Thus, people are stressing out and crime is increasing, considering we are losing people who are moving out the area. Then she got a note from a trustee who wanted to hook up with her. Not a good idea, especially when you put your name and jail number on the note.
I have to say, that the biggest drawback on the show is that is doesn't show reality. First, most inmates are not white and most officers are not social workers. If they continue to show mostly white inmates, all I can say is that the show is practicing reverse racism.
All I can say, is that I knew no one on the show and it is not a place I want to be.

Nellis AFB: Please Clean Up Your Trash

Nellis Air Force Base, located in the far northeast part of the Las Vegas has a trash problem. Simply put, Nellis AFB is huge garbage pit in the neighborhood.
I live across from Nellis and the properties in the area- business and apartment complexes do a lot to keep their properties clean. They have cleaning crews or clean up their properties themselves. Nellis does not clean up their property, except around the base entrances.
The above photographs, taken today, 1-31-2010, are on the Cheyenne Ave side of the base. That side of the base is an absolute garbage dump. You will find abandoned tires, paper, bottles, paper and a lot of other garbage, large and small. Now, the folks at Nellis probably didn't make much of the mess, bu it is on their property. This strip of land is next to the base's golf course. The businesses across the street from the base are not dirty, and that includes a recycling plant and a tire business.

The above pictures are from Nellis Blvd. On top of the walls is barbed wire and every few feet, there are plastic bags and 1 sweat shirt trapped on the wire. There is garbage next to the wall, up and down the street. Meanwhile, the businesses and apartment complexes have clean areas in front of their property. One of these properties is a former Rite Aide store and they have a fence with barbed wire on top of their fence and there is not one plastic bagged trapped in the wire.
The Air Force prides itself in discipline and being clean, at least, inside the base. Outside the base, forget about it. We live in an area where there is poverty and some crime, Nellis problem garbage helps create a ghetto image of the area.
So, please, Nellis Air Force Base, clean up your garbage and have the neighborhood look nicer. Have a clean up day, have the people who have problems with rules help clean up, get your base sanitary crews to work, stimulate the economy by hiring someone to get rid of the mess, but please make our neighborhood pleasant to look at instead of looking like garbage dump.

Terrible Accident Down The Road From Where I Live

A tragic accident occurred down the street from where I live. The accident occurred on Lamb and Las Vegas Blvd.
The accident killed a senior of Canyon Springs H.S. and his mother. Based on the comments on the LVRJ, the student was the senior drumline captain of the Canyon Spring High School Band and the lady who died was his mother, who was a booster of the band.
The accident occurred when a thug driving very recklessly, drove through several stop lights and then hit the mom and son's car in the intersection of Lamb and LV Blvd. I drove through the intersection today and you could tell it was a violent collision.
The thug is charged with two felony counts of reckless driving causing death.
May the thug who caused this accident be convicted, if guilty and spend an eternity in prison. He killed two innocent people and he needs to be held responsible, criminally and financially.

Another Day and Another Wal-Mart Injury

Went to work at Wal-Mart and got hurt. Again.
So, far, I have had tendons torn from my elbows and back problems. There isn't a day where I don't feel the pain of working at Wal-Mart. Today, I had to downstack over 9,000 pounds of groceries so the night shift can have an easier night.
But no, that is no what caused my injury.
While unloading a dairy and frozen food truck, the pallets were terribly wrapped and when I was pulling off some frozen food, some cases of food fell off the pallet, bounced off the electric pallet jack and hit quite hard on my calf, causing bruising. Then, because of a leak in some juice product, the floor of the truck was qite icy and I twisted my ankle sliding on the ice, making it swell up.
Ok, some people say that if Wal-Mart paid a living wage, we would get better employees. Well, tonight, the problems came from the distribution center located in northern Nevada. These employees are some of the highest paid Wal-Mart laborer employees. They make $15/hr and above, yet there are times, it seems that retarded monkeys can do a better job than the loaders/stackers/wrappers/routers/supervisors/management at the distribution center.
So, another Wal-Mart injury and sadly, it won't be the last. Maybe I am getting too old.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Very Wierd: Utah Teacher Murdered In School Parking Lot

A 30 year old mother of 2 Head Start teacher was killed near Salt Lake City, Utah by a 70 year old woman who had a concealed carry permit.
No students were in school at the time, but there were plenty of witnesses. When asked why the old lady killed the teacher, she said she did not know. There is a possibility that they knew each other but no motive was established.
Very weird. How many times has a 30 year old woman been killed by a 70 year old woman? Not too damn often.

Friday, January 29, 2010

There Are A Lot Of Pissed Off Poor People Thanks To Obama And Congress

Early last year, Obama and Congress passed a law raising out paychecks by taking out less money in the federal income tax. Many people at Wal Mart I work with were very happy.
Now, these same people are seeing the result of these changes. Their federal income tax refunds are much smaller than they had hoped for. For most of the people I talked to, single people with no kids, they are getting less than half than they are used to and they are pissed. These are people who don't make a lot of money and they count on the refund. One guy was planning on renting an apartment with his check and now he can't.
For me, I haven't done my taxes yet, But I know I will pay in a lot because I didn't have very much money taken out of my Wal-Mart check. And the thing is, were not given a choice.
So, thanks, Obama and Congress, thanks for helping out the poor. They were not impressed with your "help"

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Obama, in his State of the Union Address, says he would like more nuclear power plants.
But, he wants to shut down the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository dump in Nevada.
Sorry, President Obama, you can't have it both ways.

That's A Lot Of Snow

Was watching Channel 13 morning news and they said Mount Charleston has had 112 inches of snow so far this season with more to come next week. Fortunately, there is very little shoveling up there.
The snow will stick around up there until June.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update On Yesterday's Chase

Ohh, this thug and thugette that were involved in yesterday's chase are in serious trouble. Apparently, they stole a gun from an off-duty police officer and had various other stolen good.
They'll be in jail and prison for a few years. Good riddance to the thug and thugette.

Dina Titus Speaks The Truth For Once

Dina Titus, D-NV, a congress critter who has never held a real job in her life proves once again, she really has never held a real job in her life. She actually spoke the truth about Harry Reid. If a person actually held a real job in her life, she would have known about office politics, so this is refreshing to hear this from a newbie: “Reid is done; he’s going to lose,” during a closed door meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic freshmen following last week’s special election of Republican Scott Brown to the Senate...Titus denied Tuesday evening that she had singled out Reid, but she acknowledged that she said Democrats would be “f—-ed” if they failed to heed the lessons of Massachusetts, where Republican Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat last week.
Well, maybe Dina grew up a little bit. Maybe she realizes that you cannot rely on text books and writings of others to come back to reality.
But know that she has been caught, look for Titus to backtrack like a good little troll and have mucho love for Harry Reid (Dumb Ass-NV) in the next few months.
But if she stays too close to Reid, she knows she will lose in November, so it will be interesting to see how close and how much she sucks up to Reid. Titus already is sucking up now, will she be sucking up in November. I highly doubt she will be independent.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad Day For Vegas Drivers

So far today, there have been 3 fatal traffic accidents, including one by Fremont Street Experience ( and another by Lamb and Charleston. Both involved elderly drivers.
Nowe, there is a fatal accident on Summerlin Parkway at Rampart, which happened less than hour ago.
Drivers, slow down, buckle up and be aware of your surroundings.

Conservatives Have Idiots Also

From Michelle Malkin: The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that James O’Keefe, half of the ACORN-busting duo that conducted undercover stings across the country last summer, was arrested today in an alleged wiretapping plot at the New Orleans office of Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu. O’Keefe and three other young men were arrested by the FBI. One of the men is the son of the acting U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana...A conservative activist who posed as a pimp to target the community-organizing group ACORN and the son of a federal prosecutor were among four men arrested and accused of trying to tamper with phones at Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office.
Activist James O’Keefe, 25, recorded two of the other suspects with his cell phone as they walked into the office dressed like telephone repairman and said they needed to fix problems with the phone system, according to an FBI affidavit.
A federal law enforcement official said one of the suspects was picked up in a car a couple of blocks away with a listening device that could pick up transmissions. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the information was not part of an FBI affidavit that described the circumstances of the case. O’Keefe said “veritas,” Latin for truth, as he left a suburban jail Tuesday with suspects Stan Dai and Joseph Basel, both 24. All declined to comment.

First, if true, these guys are idiots. Maybe O'Keefe thought he was above the law or that because he had success with ACORN, they thought they could get away with this.
If guilty, they should go to prison, plain and simple.
One question, why Landreiu's office? What did they suspect? No excuse, but just wondering.

Update On The Morning Car Chase

A man and a woman were arrested this morning after leading Las Vegas Metro on a hour car chase.
The chase ended just before 7:00AM when the car was stopped the Sun Coast, which is located in far the far western area of the Valley. It is a large casino, so why they stopped there is really surprising. It's not if they don't have armed guards, surveillance cameras everywhere and at 7 in the morning, the place is quiet, so he can't blend into a crowd.
The guy did point a gun at a security guard but he was also taken into custody by a brave security guard.
This started when the thieves stole equipment from a car or truck, not too far from the casino then they drove around the valley, mostly on the northwest side. Watching the chase on TV, it was interesting to watch the driver- he did drive fairly safe, though he went against traffic a few times.
Metro did a good job. They stayed back and let the police helicopter take charge. There were no accidents and everyone went home safely, while the thugs went to jail.
For more information:
I am sure the detectives are also questioning the male driver as he somewhat matches the description of a murder suspect in a home invasion that happen yesterday morning.

Big Car Chase In Las Vegas

I'm watching the AM news and there is a major police going on in the northwest side of Las Vegas. They are chasing a white Scion minivan. Metro's helicopter is doing a good job following him. Hopefully they will get him.
Channel 8 and 13 are covering the chase.
Update: They have the suspect cornered at the Sun Coast Casino. The description of the suspect is that he is armed and he vaguely fits the description of a murder suspect.
They have him and no shots were fired.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pawn Stars Review: January 25, 2010

The episode started off with an electric shock therapy machine, which Rick turned down. Chumlee tried it on but it didn't do any good on him. (joking it wasn't turned on)

The next item was an off road buggy. It was all tricked out. They guy wanted $8000 but got $7000. Las Vegas is great for off roading in the desert. I live by Nellis AFB and just a few miles up the road is a great place to go off roading. If you don't have your own ATV or motorcycle, you can always contact some companies that will take you out to the desert and you can go riding in the desert, ride up and down dunes (it all not just sand) and in valleys. It's a great way to spend an afternoon in Las Vegas.

Watching the guys ATV in the desert, well, that is the area by Nellis. Beautiful area, eh? The thing broke down, but all it was a wire that came off.

The guy in the Boy Scout uniform tried to sell some old stamps to Rick so he could donate the money back to the Boy Scouts. Too bad there weren't any stamps of any value, but Rick is going to pay for 1 or 2 boys to camp.

A guy brought in coins that were found in a ship wreck. The coins were molded together. The guy asked for $700,000. Umm, no. Rick offered $200,000 but that was turned down. This seemed like staged event.

In the 2nd episode, a guy brought in a very old flint lock shotgun. It was made around 1750. The seller came out with a $4000 1982 Les Paul guitar. The gun was used as the gun for coaches in England.

The next guy, a guy that sounds like Milton Berle, brought in a Pez collection. The guy came in said his collection is worth $5000. He wanted $2500 and was offered $1000. The guy said it was an insult to the Pez community. Pez community? Really?

A lady was a cashier in a grocery store and got a rare 1932 quarter. Sometimes you get lucky when you work at some stores. The quarter turned out to be a counterfeit because the "S" marking was put it and she got nothing.

The next guy brought in a old Navy uniform from WWII. The guy wanted $150 and got $75. Rick didn't believe the Old Man and Rick thought it was a WWI uniform. Mark came in. Mark is the curator of the Clark County Museum, which is located in Henderson. Mark also has his own TV show on community cable TV. And the Old Man was correct. They brought in Mark for a $1 bet. Hopefully he got paid for his troubles or was off duty.

Oscar Goodman Out As Canidate For Governor

Oscar Goodman, mayor of Las Vegas, a mayor really loves his job and martinis, decided today he was not going to run for Governor of Nevada.
If Goodman decided to run, he probably would have won, on name recognition alone. He would have run as an independent. I certainly would have voted for him because he pulls no punches. He is socially liberal and financially, mostly conservative. He speaks what is on his mind and is not afraid of taking on people, no matter who they are.
But if he ran, he his wife and family would have stayed in Las Vegas while he governed in Carson City. That is a very long commute, about a 7 hour drive.
Oscar also likes the limelight and if he was governor, he would lose it. He also loves his showgirls and there are not too many of those in Carson City.
So, Goodman's term ends in less than 2 years. He will make the most of it and hopefully take some time off.
There is also talk that his wife, Carolyn, is thinking about running fo Mayor. Hope she doesn't do it.

American Pickers

I've been watching American Pickers on the History Channel. It's an interesting show, if you like looking at old junk or antiques, whatever you want to call the stuff they buy.
The first thought came to mind is that these guys could have a field day in Adams County, WI.

Stupid Union News

From the Wausau Daily Herald: "A union that represents city workers has filed a grievance against the city over a man volunteering to help kids cross the street near Riverview Elementary School. The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Local 1287 is contending that having a volunteer crossing guard at the school violates the city’s contract with the union. The grievance states that if the school needs someone to perform those duties, a position should be posted and volunteers not allowed to do the work."
This is another reason why government employee unions are hated so much.
The volunteer is an 80 year old man who helps kids cross the street. He probably lives in the neighborhood and cares about his neighborhood and community. As an 80 year old, he probably has the time to spend watching the children.
But to the union, this not good enough. Apparently, they they think only a card carrying union goon could do the job. Then the city will have to pay the extra money to hire someone to do the job.
The city correctly points out that there is no crossing guard needed, that the gentlemen is a volunteer and that it is a school district issue.
The union doesn't agree with the city's decision and is appealing the City of Wausau decision.
So, once again, a government employee union show their thug mentality and show how stupid and greedy they really are.

Wal-Mart/Sam's Club Lay Off 11,200 Employees

From Fox News: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said Sunday it is cutting about 11,200 jobs at its Sam's Club warehouse division as it outsources in-store product sampling to marketing company Shopper Events in an effort to win more customers and boost lagging sales.
The terminations represent about 10 percent of the warehouse club operator's 110,000 staffers across its 600 stores. About 10,000 members of the demonstration department, most part-time workers, were let go. The company also cut its
new business membership positions, affecting about 2 staffers per store, or about 1,200 staffers in total.
If you have ever been to a Sam's Club, you were often given free samples. now those jobs are gone and out sourced to another company.
My guess is that most of the employees, if they wanted, will find jobs within Wal-Mart, if they choose to take those positions that are open.
Sigh. Here I am, wanting to work fewer hours and am given more hours than I want to work, and these poor folks may be laid off. Sad.

New Blogger In Las Vegas

My wonderful wife, Cathy has started her own blog, the
She reports on things about Las Vegas and the characters that inhabit it.
Only problem is that now we will have to fight over the computer. :)

Cool: Woman Wins PBA Championship

From jsonline: Kelly Kulick used a 15-pound bowling ball to smash a 52-year barrier when she became the first woman to win a professional PBA Tour tournament.
Kulick, 32, accomplished the milestone today at Red Rock Lanes in the Tournament of Champions, one of four “major” events in the Professional Bowlers Association. “It’s been a dream of mine to win a PBA Tour event, but I couldn’t have imagined it would come in the Tournament of Champions,” Kulick said moments after defeating Chris Barnes 265-195 in the championship game aired live on ESPN.
“This day will never be forgotten, and my mom was here to see it.”
In addition to winning $40,000, the right-hander from Union, N.J., will be assured a spot in PBA Tour event starting fields for two years.

This event was held in Las Vegas, at the Red Rock Casino. Congratulations to Kelly Kulick for winning.
And for those in Milwaukee, Las Vegas is really the bowling capitol of the world. Virtually every major casino has a bowling alley and I have bowled at Red Rock. It's a nice big bowling alley. and in Las Vegas, you can bowl 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the rates are fairly cheap.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Are The Las Vegas Sun Editors Afraid Of?

Many liberals are cowards- many oppose free speech, many support the freedom doctrine governing talk radio and they don't like to be criticized.

The Las Vegas Sun newspaper, a very liberal newspaper, which cannot even deliver it's own newspaper- they have to rely on the conservative newspaper- the Las Vegas Review Journal to deliver the paper (which in reality mirrors real life) is afraid of reader's comments.

Oh no, they do allow comment on most news stories, but when it comes to editorials, they don't allow comments.

Brian Greenspun the head coward (editor) of the Las Vegas Sun will not allow people to comment on his editorials on line. Why and what is he afraid of? He allows people to spout their opinions on news articles and he allows other people who are mentioned in the articles, rightfully or wrongfully, to be criticized. But he won't allow criticism of himself.
Liberals claim they are for the freedom of expression, for themselves, but time and time again, they really don't like people to offer different views.
So, Brian Greenspun, stop being a coward and let people comment on your editorials. What are you afraid of?
Bawk, Bawk, Bawk

Friday, January 22, 2010

MPS Picks Superintendent, He Sucks, But Who Cares?

Gregory Thronton was picked as the next superintendent of the Milwaukee Public Schools. Who cares that he has filed for bankruptcy, that he currently leads a school system of 7800 students which is a far cry from the 90,000 or so students in MPS, a liar, and had ethical money problems in other school districts he previously worked at.
From Wikipedia: In 1994, Chester Upland was named by the state as the worst-performing school district in Pennsylvania. The district had a multimillion dollar deficit and its decision-making ability was taken over by the state. A for-profit company, Edison Schools, was hired to try to improve the struggling district's test scores. After a number of years it was determined that Edison was not successful in turning the district around. A number of incidents, including an allegation of sexual misconduct on the part of an Edison employee, and policies such as not allowing students to bring home books, led to the state's decision to break its contract with Edison. The district has regained local public control, but remains one of the lowest performing in Pennsylvania.
But hey, who cares, it is MPS, after all. The students of MPS don't deserve a quality superintendent, do they?
As a former MPS teacher and a person who grew up in the Milwaukee area, I am shocked that Thornton was even considered for the job. But he is black, so that must have been the primary requirement for the job.
It also sucks that a little old blogger in Las Vegas has to point these things out, while other bloggers out there, conservative or liberal (including a MPS teacher, who says they care about education and MPS) from the Milwukee area say little or in most cases, nothing. Just pathetic.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Milwaukee Public Schools Next Superintendent- Not The Best Quality Canidates

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel runs a piece on the Milwaukee's next superintendent: As the Milwaukee School Board prepares to vote on the next superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools, records show that all three finalists have faced a variety of personal and professional struggles in their careers.
Candidates Gregory Thornton of Chester Upland Public Schools in Pennsylvania, Stacy Scott of Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland and Robert Alfaro of Clark County Public Schools in Las Vegas have been connected with bankruptcy filings, tax liens and low performance ratings by subordinates, respectively.
The board has called a special session Friday evening to discuss the candidates and the potential terms of employment for the next superintendent, and there are hints that they will reconvene to open session to vote on the new schools chief.

As a former teacher in MPS, I really do care what happens in MPS and this is not a good thing. If this is the best candidates they could get, then MPS is worse trouble than I thought.
And in case you didn't notice, all the applicants are minorities. You think MPS was just looking for minorities?
And in my viewing of liberal blogs in the Milwaukee area, including a supposed liberal/education blog, nothing has been mentioned. even though this is an old story. How sad.

Psst, CCSD, Do You Want To Save Some Money?

Every two week, employees in the Clark County School District are paid. If the employee gets their pay through direct deposit, as the vast majority do, they send out the paycheck stub to the employee's home through the U.S. mail.
Perhaps, to save money, the district should either send the paycheck stubs to the schools or the home base of the employees and the employees can pick them up there or better yet, put the paycheck stubs on-line.
Just a thought.

Air America: First Morally Bankrupt And Now Poof, Gone

Air America went off the air today after filing for liquidation. Apparently, it's 5 listeners couldn't get many sponsors to keep it afloat.
Air America has been morally bankrupt for years and not because of it's content From taking money from non-profits and to it's paying it's "stars" far more than they were worth.
So, good riddance Air America. You tried to take on giants and you were squashed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Low For Obama and Wal-Mart

I went to work today at Wal-Mart and in the toy section, there is a end cap (the items for sale at the end of the aisle) in the toy section with puzzles of the President of the United States and his family.
There is a 1000 piece puzzle of Obama and his family- mom, and his immediate family.
Bill Clinton protected Chelesa but Obama puts his kids in the lime light.
Who would have ever thought that Wal-Mart would be selling Obama puzzles.
Clearly, the White House knows about this and they obviously have no problem with this.
This is what you would expect from and Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, the dictator from North Korea. Obama has cheapened the presidency and his family.
Being a narcissist is a psychological disorder and Obama clearly suffers from it and Wal-Mart is enabling his disorder.
I am ashamed that Wal-Mart, my employer is exploiting Obama and Obama's children and I am really ashamed of the presidency of the United States that these cheap items are for sale, thus diminishing the office of the presidency.
Very pathetic.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Rats are Leaving the Ship

Well, Scott Brown won the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race rather convincingly. The independents that supported Obama are fleeing the liberal ship.
I still think health care will pass as Reid and Pelosi will try and pick off a RINO, assuming the other Democrats stay strong.
Or this could be the message that send moderates over the edge and they start fleeing the liberal ship of Obama. If this is the case, Obama is toast if he governs like a liberal or he will be a 1 term president.
Just as the GOP was tone deaf to their base, it appears the Democrats will be tone deaf to their base- moderates and they will lose in 2010 and 2012.
History repeats itself once again.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pawn Review: 1-18-2010

Once again, another Pawn Stars show.
The "artist" who wanted sell the black/gold figurines was a dolt. If he would have sold the "art" to the shop, the shop would have melted it down and sold the gold.
The Thomas Edison phonograph was pretty cool. The Old Man is a tough bargainer as he went from $700 to $675 when a guy gave him a little crap about the price. They settled on $700.
The house of the Old Man is pretty cool. Somehow, I have a feeling the Old Man doesn't live in the downtown area of the Las Vegas Valley. He says he lives 20 minutes away, which could mean just about anywhere in the Valley.
Well, the trivia says that 100,000 transactions have taken place. Well, we made three transactions. So, that leaves 99,997 transactions. Well, all I can say, if shop keeps treating locals like crap, they may have a lower transaction rate.
As far as the boat is concerned. that is not a boat that sells well in Las Vegas and Lake Mead. Most boats on Lake Mead are either cruisers or smaller boats. There are not a lot of high speed boats that cruise the lake.
In episode 2, the Roulette wheel was pretty cool, though I would not pay the money Rick paid for it- $1200. Maybe $500, I would pay for it, but then I have no clue about the worth of it. And someone probably bought it, as it was not in the store when we visited last.
The bell from the shipwreck bell was found to be authentic and Rick over bid the Old Man by $4200. Yeah, that will go over good at the next family dinner.
The Indian motorbike (hell, only a kid could go on that) went $1500 and that is more than I would have paid. My kids would like a mini-motorcycle, but not at that price. They say they can get $7200 for it. Doubt that. And Chumlee looks like one of those fat Shrine Tripoli motorcycle riders you see in parades, when he rode the bike.
The Scottish dagger was interesting, considering the possible history.
It just doesn't seem like the guys at the shop had a good week, whenever they bought these things.
But they own a lot of gold, and with the gold markets the way there are, they are not hurting for money, either.

Roger Ebert Lies

Roger Ebert, a film critic, comes out ripping Rush Limbaugh about going through the White House website regarding donating to the Hatai earthquake fund: You should be horse-whipped for the insult you have paid to the highest office of our nation.Having followed President Obama's suggestion and donated money to the Red Cross for relief in Haiti, I was offended to hear you suggest the President might be a thief capable of stealing money intended for the earthquake victims....Unlike you and Justin of Raleigh, I went to Obama's web site, and discovered the link there leads directly to the Red Cross. I can think of a reason why anyone might want to go via the White House. That way they can be absolutely sure they're clicking on the Red Cross and not a fake site set up to exploit the tragedy. (Bold is mine)
I actually did click through the web site from the White House ( and there is no direct link to the Red Cross. There is a link for donations to the Bush/Clinton relief funds. That fund mentions nothing about the Red Cross. There was no direct link to the Red Cross. But this didn't stop some Milwaukee area bloggers from spouting off:
and: for a post done on 1/18/2010 by Keith Schmitz.
Oh well, facts don't mean anything to bloggers.

A Serious Questions To Liberals And Conservatives

Suppose that Brown defeats Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race. Conservatives and liberals alike have been saying this is the end of the health care debate.
Do you honestly believe that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Obama will let a simple election go and just drop the health care bill? Hell no!
Reid, Pelosi and Obama are despicable people. but they did not get to power and their leadership positions by rolling over and playing dead.
If Brown wins, there are several GOP senators ripe for picking. Start with the biggest RINO, Olympia Snow (RINO-ME) She wants health care reform and I believe she can be bought. Look for her to become a familiar face in the White House and in Reid's office, when they negotiate with the House.
Other RINOs include Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Chuck Grassley.
So, The liberals are just not going to lay down and die. Reid, Pelosi and Obama are like rabid pit bulls who have not eaten for 5 days. They will pick off a RINO, make them a hero to the left and health care will pass, much to the despise of the majority of the American people.

Pawn Stars Shop Web Site

The Gold and silver Pawn Shop, aka, the pawn shop in Pawn Stars has a new web site:

It really doesn't have much info about the show and in fact, doesn't have much info., period, other than selling some souvenirs. You can also link to their web site on the History Channel.

Update: This is not the Gold and Silver shop's web site. I am just a blogger that reports on them for fun. Please don't send me any information.

Update 2 Thanks for visiting this web site. Feel free to check out the different Pawn Stars shows I have reviewed.(most, if not all of them) Just put in a date or object being pawned in the search box and it should come up.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Question: Who Can Liberals Blame For Their Failures?

It is a very simple question- the liberals are failing. The Dem may lose in MA. Obama's poll numbers are dismal. Harry Reid Reid will not win re-election, if the vote s today or next year. Rory Reid is running for governor and he has little chance of wining. Dina Titus is in big trouble. Congress poll numbers are in the toilet.
So, is it the GOP causing their problems?
Nah, I don't think so. The liberals can only blame themselves for their problems. The libs want to raise taxes on the rich, middle class and the poor, change health care, do virtually everything in secret, they encourage illegal immigration. more secrecy, more taxes and make some people more special than other people.
The typical liberal think they are better than everyone else and they think they are smarter. The liberal legislators who "listening" meetings, but they don't listen.
so, in the end, the liberal's worst enemy is the liberal themselves.

Friday, January 15, 2010

MA Senate Race To Close To Call- Dems Should Be Embarassed

Soon, there will be a U.S. Senate election to fill one of the most revolting politician's seat, after he died.
Scott Brown, Republican is taking on Martha Coakley in Massachusett's senate race to replace murderer Ted Kennedy. This should be a liberal Democrat cake walk, but in the latest poll, it shows GOP Brown winning, 50-46 over Coakley.
This has been a referendum on the health care bill in Congress and Coakley also has been her worst enemy.
If Brown wins or even comes within 7-10 points, look for a GOP landslide in November.
Also, look out for the SEIU army of Barney impersonators and ACORN coming to Coakley's defense.
I work with several people who are from MA and they are disgusted with Coakley for a variety of reasons. She was a DA and put innocent people in jail, is stupid and is extremely liberal. Others are tired of the Democrats. One person I talked to will vote for Coakley just because she is a Democrat- no other reason.
If Brown pulls it out, look for the wheels to come off the Obama presidency. Look for a slew of Democrats retiring and look for Harry Reid to crap in his pants. And at his age, wearing Depends may be an advantage.

Watch Out For Some Bumpy Weather

Well, according to the National Weather service, the Las Vegas can expect a lot of rain in the next week or so. Maybe up to 3 inches of rain may come to the valley over the next week or so. The mountains surrounding Las Vegas also may experience several feet of snow during this time frame as well. Snowfall may come down as low as 4500 feet- the upper edges of the Valley around 3000 feet or so- generally in the Summerlin area.
So, if you are visiting, bring an umbrella and some warm clothes. You'll still have fun, just that you may have to dodge the rain.
If you are locals, beware of flash flooding and the oil on the highways.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interesting Discrimination Case In New York City

The City of New York Fire Dept. (FDNY) has been found that is has discriminated against Blacks and Hispanics in hiring practices. A federal district court judge found that the city discriminated against minority candidates in it's testing procedure. One interesting aspect is that both sides requested an immediate summary judgement without trial but the judge decided, that instead of holding a trial, he would side with the minorities. Very unusual, indeed.
The judge, a President Clinton appointee, former NYC school teacher and lawyer to a liberal politician, decided the test involved was discriminatory towards blacks. I have always wondered how a firefighter test is discriminatory towards a minority. I have taken several tests for firefighter and they were basic knowledge tests. It included basic math questions, writing, reading, figuring what ways a gear would turn, how you may handle a simple situation, matching, etc.. How can those be discriminatory? Hell, many fire departments now require that you actually have experience as a firefighter, taken classes or have an EMT license. I guess that would be discrimination in NYC.
The City of New York faces millions of dollars in damages, as this is a class action law suit. I highly suspect that if NYC appealed, they would win. At the very least, you would think the there will be a trial. And considering that an apparent very liberal judge made the decision, it most likely be overturned for many reasons.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harry Anderson, Look Out, Milwaukee Area Native Is Just As Good

While at the Mental Show starring Luke Jermay, there was a guest entertainer, Ben Seidman, who appeared. It turns, as I found out after the show, that Ben is a Shorewood, WI. native and is trying to make it in show business big time in Las Vegas.
He bills himself and as a comedian/pick pocket. He reminds me of Harry Anderson, when he appeared in Cheers as a pick pocket character, named of course, Harry. Harry was a flim flam man who scammed people and was a pick pocket.
Anyways, Ben came on and performed a few tricks about disappearing rings and watches. It was very impressive. He then brought an audience member and performed a pick pocket trick, where he took things out of both guys front pockets and it ended up being pinned on his back. That was very impressive, but the most impressive was at the end, when the audience members credit card ended up in a place that I could not figure out how he did it.
Ben was very impressive and I hope he is able to make it in Vegas or somewhere else. He looks very young (like out of high school), but his short act is very good.
I always root for Wisconsin people and so I really hope Ben Seidman makes it in show business.
His web site is: The website is entertaining in it's self. (To bad he went to U.W. Eau Claire, but hey, no hard feelings)

Review: Mental Starring Luke Jermay

I have always been a skeptic about mind readers. Granted, until tonight, I have not seen a mind reader in person, so it I knew it would be an interesting experience.
Jermay is appearing at O'Sheas, which is next to Harrahs. It's a small theater, with seating for 170 people. 60 people were at our show, including many tourists(what a shock).
Jermay started out correctly guessing audience member birth signs and it just got better. He went on to birthdays and people's history and even their names and phone numbers. As a skeptic, we did have to fill out cards before hand with our birth dates and names on them. Was there a camera in the waiting room? Even if he had, he still could not have come up with some of the information.
He was very entertaining, though had a few F-bombs thrown in. Just as Jermay is a people watcher, so am I. This guy eye's were very intense and they could just cut you in half.
I never got called on, which is just as well as he probably would not have found much up there (just a joke people).
In the finale, he put up his own money, $10,000 and bet that he could predict human behavior. He won of course, but it was very impressive. You have to see it to believe it.
The weirdest part of the show, really wasn't part of the show. When another act was performing (next post) I smelled cigarette smoke in the theater, which I know wasn't allowed. I turned around and looked in the back and there was Jermay and when he saw me, he immediately turned around and went back stage. Was he scouting people or just taking a break?
The cost of a ticket is $53 and it is well worth it. Jermay is very entertaining and very good at his craft. He is not perfect, but very close. If you are a skeptic, like I am/was or a believer, Jermay is very entertaining and well worth the effort to see him. The action was fast paced, but not so fast paced that you didn't know what was going on. The show lasted about 70 minutes, but it didn't seem like it, because of the entertainment was so good.
Jermay's web address is:

Knuckle dragging Liberal, Rory Reid Living In Fantasy World

Rory Reid, in another desperate attempt to jump start a failing governor's campaign has now made a proposal to make the University Medical Center into a teaching hospital.

Despite UMC's name, it really is a Clark County run public hospital that bleeds money because of poor customer service, $10's of millions spent on the uninsured, mainly illegal aliens(Thanks Daddy Harry for the help on the illegal alien problem), poor management and various other reasons. If the hospital is in the red, the taxpayers of Clark County are forced fill the gap. It has cut services within the past few years to close the budget gap but it still continues to bleed money.

So, Rory Reid, has now decided that it is time for the hospital to become a teaching hospital. (Apparently, he thinks he is the only one who has the power to make the decision) The other option for Reid was to have a non-profit hospital take over UMC, but apparently he couldn't find someone to take it over. And Reid, a knuckle dragging liberal, decided that selling the hospital to a for-profit hospital chain is beneath him.

So, a teaching hospital it is, according to little boy Rory. He wants partner up with a private entity- who, we don't know and partner up with a university, who we don't know to come up with a top notch teaching hospital.

The Univsersity of Reno has a small medical school and partly operates at UMC as a satillite teaching school, but it is hardly top notched.

To become a true teaching hospital that is about average, it requires a tremendous amount of money to set up and run. Most teaching hospitals still bleed money. It requires a faculty- where are they going to get them? It requires a tremendous of work on the infrastructure- where is that money going to come from. UMC will have to expand to make room for research facilities, additional classrooms, an up to date medical facility, which UMC is not, a supportive work crew, which UMC does not have and the list can go on. Where is all the money going to come from? Where are the people going to come from? Hell, the hospital at Nellis AFB is more of a teaching hospital than UMC.

This is just an election year ploy from Reid, who is running for governor of Nevada. This won't help him, even though Rory Reid's spokesmen, the Las Vegas Sun is helping him tout the plan.

If you want to get rid of UMC, sell the hospital to either a for profit or non profit and be done with it. Clark county can no longer afford the hospital, so Rory, don't be such a knuckle dragging liberal. You and the other commissioners need to get rid of the hospital.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pawn Star Question:

Watching old Pawn Star shows and it made me to wonder: Clearly, they don't sell everything they bring in on the show: Griswold's jacket, the barber show, Coke machine are still in the shop and who knows what else they have in the back or outside the store. My question, are they actually making money from the the items they bought on the show? Does the show reimburse them if they don't make a profit?
We already know that the History Channel or a producer pay them for the shows, so does the History Channel or a producer subsidize their purchases?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weird Sight Over Las Vegas

Today, around 10:30, I saw two flocks of Canadian geese flying in V-formation over our school today, about 100 feet or less in the air.

I have talked to many Las vegans who have lived here more that a couple of years and they have never seen this before. Don't know where they were headed, they were flying away from Lake Mead and towards the western mountains.

What The Hell Is In The Water In Searchlight

New Harry

Old Harry
Old Harry Reid just got years younger compliments of what? Maybe in Searchlight they have found the fountain of youth? But then, he spends very little time there, so maybe he found the fountain of youth in DC during the healthcare debate.
ht: Drudge

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Simpsons

Today, Fox is having the Simpson's 20th anniversary show.

Just think, 20 years ago, I was in my mid-20's, just beginning college.

While I haven't seen their 430+ shows, I have seen the majority of them.

Great show- best ever.

Well, That Sucks- Packers Lose-Capers Not Ready And The Officials Suck

Well, what a disappointing end to the season.
Cathy and I spend an exciting day at the Rum Runner on Boulder Hwy near Russell. We had had hoped for a great day but...
Within 10 minutes of the game starting, people were cussing and being pissed off. Two turn overs in 2 in 3 offensive plays and the plays really were offensive.
But the Packer defense was totally unprepared for the game. Dom Capers was totally out coached by the Cardinals and the Packer defense just sucked the entire game.
However, as the game went on, the game became more exciting. When the Packers recovered the onside kick, the bar became energized.
But the officials came to the Cardinals rescue. When Larry Fitzgerald scored on a touchdown in the third quarter, it was clearly offensive pass interference which affected the play. When the Packers were called for an offensive holding in overtime, Rodgers was a victim of a helmet to helmet hit and the referee, so happy he called the holding penalty, that he forgot about the rest of the play and totally missed the call. Both officials should hold their head in shame that they missed calls that affected the outcome of the game.
But when the Cardinals linebacker picked up the ball that Rodgers dropped and ran it in for the touchdown, the bar went silent. No cursing, no yelling- just silence. Then some murmuring and then just about everyone left within 10 minutes. No more Packers until the late summer.
Dom Capers and the entire defense should be ashamed of themselves. They were not prepared and they were out coached. What a shame.

Worst Marketing In A Long Time

Wheaties, breakfast of champions, has come out with one of the worst marketing campaigns in a long time.

Wheaties Fuel is a new cereal they have put out. Why is different than most other non-sugar cereal, I honestly don't know.

Then they have the pictures of athletes shaded in dark/black, surrounded by dark orange and black outlines, and looking like thugs. When you have Peyton Manning and Albert Pujolos and the other athletes looking like thugs, you have quite an accomplishment.

Then, you have the price of the cereal as one of the most expensive on the cereal aisle. We are selling it at $4.12 a box. The box looks very small, even though there are 17 ounces of cereal in the box, which is about average nowadays.

So, who are they marketing to? Gangbangers? Rappers? Red Bull drinkers?

Old, Old Harry- That Language Went Out A Long Time Ago

Harry Reid, in another embarrassing development said the following: ..The preview cites page 37 of the book and reports on a private conversation in which Reid, while attempting to speak favorably of Obama, reportedly said the nation was ready for a black President, especially one who is “light-skinned” and has “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”
Surprisingly, I am going to cut Reid some slack.
First, what he said about Obama was true. Obama used different dialects for different audiences he was campaigning to. Hillary Clinton did the same. I don't know if Obama is light skinned, though as I have never met him in person.
As for using the word "negro", that is what older people have said and still say. I talked to an older truck driver today who used the word "Negro".
But Reid is a liberal politician, and a Democrat, at that. They are supposed to know the proper terminology and get with the times.
Had a Republican politician had said that, there would be outcry's from the liberals for their head or at least their resignation.
So, Harry, please come into the 2010's. We expect a politician to do so.

Harry Reid- Looking more Like Former Senator Reid And Thank You Kent Daventport

From the LVRJ: More than half of Nevadans are unhappy with Sen. Harry Reid, according to a new poll commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. It's the worst "unfavorable" rating he's received in the newspaper's surveys for this year's election, and it comes amid quiet speculation -- or perhaps wishful thinking by his opponents -- that it's time for the Nevada Democrat to retire rather than lose re-election....According to the survey:
• 52 percent had an unfavorable opinion of Reid, 33 percent had a favorable view and another 15 percent said they're neutral. In early December, a Mason-Dixon poll put his unfavorable-favorable rating at 49-38. The lowest Reid's popularity had slipped before in the surveys was 50 percent -- in October, August and May of 2009, when Mason-Dixon started tracking the senate race for the Review-Journal.
The poll also took a snapshot of how Reid would do against three potential GOP opponents. In each case -- as in past Review-Journal surveys -- it showed the senator would lose with only four in 10 voters supporting him. The potential match-ups would look like this:
• Sue Lowden, former Nevada Republican Party chairwoman, would get 50 percent of the vote to Reid's 40 percent with 10 percent undecided.
• Danny Tarkanian, a businessman and former UNLV basketball star, would gain 49 percent of the vote to Reid's 41 percent.
• And Sharron Angle, a former Reno assemblywoman, would get 45 percent of the vote to Reid's 40 percent, a strong showing given her low name recognition statewide -- 42 percent don't know her.

In another poll, Reid is shown losing to a ham sandwich with mayo and a pickle with mold on the bread.
But Harry remains delusional: "I am absolutely running for re-election," said Reid, 70, in a statement. "These are difficult times for Nevada and as the majority leader of the Senate I have been able to take action to address those challenges. But I know there is more work to do to turn our state's economy around and create jobs and I am committed to seeing it through."
Yeah, Harry, and what have you done for Nevada besides killing jobs either through legislation or directly? Hundreds if not thousands?
The problem with Reid is that he thinks this is the good old days or corruption and the old boy network. He has problems remembering that there are thousands of Nevadans out of work and he hasn't done anything except kiss Obama's butt and say "Green Jobs, Green Jobs," like a parrot to Obama.
Reid continues to call in favors by having union thugs advertise for him on the radio, TV and newspaper and his poll numbers keep on falling.
But yet, there is a single, solitary voice, Kent Davenport, a hearing aid salesman, who has the only opposing advertisement to Reid, telling Reid to shut up. That ad has had more effect than all of Harry's money.
So, good bye Harry and take your little boy with you. You have caused too much harm to Nevada.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

For the Perverts Out There

This weekend is the Adult Entertainment Expo at the Sands Expo. It's where the XXX stars hang out and where new adult entertainment equipment is on display.
I will not review this expo, however the website is:
Go, if you dare.

If You Are A Wimp, Don't Read Or Try This

From the Las Vegas Sun: "The Stratosphere hotel-casino in Las Vegas today unveiled details about previously-reported plans to install a "SkyJump," allowing thrill-seekers to dive 855 feet off its tower while tethered to a metal cable.
Stratosphere said the attraction is expected to open in April and is currently priced at $100 per jump."

The Stratosphere is the largest building this side of the Mississippi and you will jump off the top and land softly, hopefully, at the bottom of the Stratsophere.
Now of course, there are some politicians who I would like to see jump off the top of the Stratsophere, rope optional, but we won't be so lucky.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Illegal Immigrant Cop Killer Captured In Utah

From the Salt Lake Deseret News: One of the two men arrested in connection with the slaying of Millard County sheriff's deputy Josie Greathouse Fox will make his first court appearance today.
Roberto Miramontes Roman, 37, is charged with aggravated murder, a capital offense, and tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony. He was being held Wednesday in the Millard County Jail in lieu of $50 million cash-only bail. Prosecutors have filed notice they intend to seek the death penalty.
Ruben Chavez Reyes, who was arrested with Roman on Wednesday, has not been formally charged but is being held in jail on an immigration hold. Reyes could possibly face identical charges to those filed against Roman, Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker said Wednesday.
Roman and Reyes were arrested about 7 a.m. Wednesday after deputies received a tip that they were inside a shed behind a mobile home just north of Beaver, said Beaver County Sheriff Cameron Noel.

But could have this murder have been prevented? Well, the thug murderer had a Myspace page and on the page: :In his status updates from 2009, Roman talks of bringing bands from Salt Lake to places like Fillmore and Ephraim to host dances. Other updates include one on Dec. 29 talking about getting ready to host a dance in Beaver for New Year's Eve. A post on Dec. 17 talks about spending Christmas in St. George. On Nov. 27 Roman posted that he had knee surgery and was still in pain."
Beaver, Fillmore, Ephraim and St. George are not large cities and if there was a large dance going on, the local law enforcement should have known about it. The cops should have known he was an illegal immigrant that had already been deported two other times.
People who are blind to illegal immigration are going to get burned big time.
Another disgusting part is the newspapers in Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News still refuse to call these thugs illegal immigrants. They have been called Mexican nationals, though. What a bunch of wimps in Salt Lake City.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quick Quiz- Who Wants Some Global Warming?

At 10:00PST, it is 32 degrees in Anchorage, AK. In Gainsville Fl., it is 24 degrees. Somehow, in Gainsville and other parts of Florida, I think the folks would like some global warming right about now.

Females, Gays and The State Of Nevada Rejoice

From Fox News: "A brothel about 150 miles northwest of Las Vegas has gotten final approval for plans to hire Nevada's first legal male prostitutes.
The Nye County Licensing and Liquor Board on Tuesday approved a compliance agreement that will allow the Shady Lady Ranch brothel to make the hires as long as the men wear condoms and undergo weekly health tests.",2933,582326,00.html?test=latestnews

So, now the ladies and gay men have a place to go romp legally but they will have travel to Beatty to get it on. Beatty is a nice very small town, population of about 1000 people or less. They also have some wild burros roaming the city There is a small airplane airport there, for those who want to fly in.
And the State of Nevada will start to receive some extra tax money and fees from the male prostitutes.
Everyone wins. Except morality.

Here's A Way To Raise Revenue For Local Governments: Advertise on Fire Hydrants

From Fast-food chain KFC is giving two Indiana cities $7,500 so it can emblazon founder Colonel Sanders' face on their hydrants and fire extinguishers to promote new "fiery" chicken wings.
Experts say to expect more ads like this, on public property from sewer grates to the local landfill, as companies look to cut through the clutter of traditional advertising. Cash-strapped governments have long sold space on mass transit, benches, trash cans and other public property to help stretch budgets.
KFC told Indianapolis and nearby Brazil, Ind., it wanted to improve their fire safety by helping pay for new hydrants and extinguishers in exchange for advertising on them. The company plans to e-mail a national network of mayors on Wednesday to find three more cities to participate in the approximately $15,000, monthlong effort, which began Tuesday
Here in Las Vegas and Clark County, we have thousands of fire hydrants and most just sit there all year wrong. Unless there is a fire, they just sit there, gathering dust.
So, why not put advertising on fire hydrants? It won't harm the hydrant, and visibility at night shouldn't be affected.
Advertising in the Las Vegas are could be interesting. Instead of those people on the Strip passing out information about female escorts, put the information on the hydrants. I am sure the strip joints would love to advertise n them and they can make it quite interesting. Another good idea would be advertisements for dog food and dog products. Also, another place advertisements for politicians is on the hydrants. What better place to put a picture of Harry and Rory Reid and Dina Titus? The ideas are endless.
So, why not have advertising on fire hydrants?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Illegal Alien Kills Sheriff's Deputy In Utah

Early this morning, on January 5th, 2009, an illegal alien shot and killed a sheriff's deputy by Fillmore, UT. Deputy Sheriff Josie Fox, a wife and a mother of two, pulled over a car that was suspicious and she was shot and killed by an illegal alien, who had been previously deported. From the Salt Lake Tribune: On Tuesday, a few minutes after midnight, two vehicles met on a dirt road in central Utah. The late-night rendezvous drew the suspicions of a Millard County sheriff's sergeant, who ordered Deputy Josie Fox to pull over one of the cars.
The 1995 gray Cadillac Deville she stopped was driven by Roberto Miramontes Roman, who, sheriff's officials say, shot and killed Fox about 1 a.m. near Delta.
In the second car, according to court documents filed Tuesday, was Ryan Greathouse, Fox's brother. The documents say that during the meeting on the dirt road, Greathouse bought drugs from Roman.

In a very weird aside, the person buying drugs from the illegal alien killer was the deputy's brother. That's right, Ryan Greathouse is Josie Fox's brother.
Further in the Tribune: "Roman has a significant criminal history, beginning in 1992 with a misdemeanor drug distribution charge to which he pleaded guilty in Fillmore.
Then in 1996 and 1997, Roman was charged in Millard County with a handful of felonies in two different cases, including drug charges, receiving stolen property and a weapons count.
He pleaded guilty to one count of third-degree felony drug possession and one count of second-degree felony drug possession with intent to distribute.
On Sept. 15, 1998, Roman was released into the custody of immigration authorities and deported. Court records show that at the time the crimes were committed, Roman was a Delta resident. "

If you read the article, don't forget to see the liberal bias in the article. The Tribune never mentions that this illegal alien is in fact, an illegal alien. Pathetic.
Here is Officer Fox's information on the Officer Down Memorial Page:
For those who say illegal immigration is not a problem, it is. Yes, most illegal immigrants are harmless but there is a significant element that are criminals and even killers. Las Vegas Metro police has a policy where people who enter the jails are checked for immigration status and if found to be illegal, deportation proceedings are started. But the usual liberal whiners are against this. Why, there is no good reason.
However, there is a good reason why we need to deal with the illegal immigrants forcefully. If they commit a crime, no matter how minor, they need to be deported. If they recieve government benefits, they need to be deported. If they recieve non-emergency chronic medical care, they need to be deported.
RIP, Deputy Sheriff Josie Fox, it shouldn't have to be this way.

Restaurant Review: Luv It Frozen Custard

A long time reader, Ordinary Jill ( challenged me to try Luv-It Frozen custard. I like challenges like this.
I am a fan of Wisconsin custard- Koops, Cruisers and especially Culvers. And Luv-It is no Culvers, Cruisers or Kopps.
First,Luv-It is a drive in without car-hops like Sonic and there are no sandwiches that are served there- not even a lowly hot dog. Considering that the three above mentioned restaurants have some of the largest and best hamburgers, this is certainly a disappointment.
Now, for the most important part, the taste of the custard. My daughter I had chocolate, my son had wild cherry and Cathy had a coconut sundae.
The custard taste is close to the above mentioned restaurants, but in the end the 3 restaurants- Culvers, Cruisers and Koops win out. Further, Cathy liked Baskin Robbins better than Luv-It. As far as the price, it was $21 for 3 double dip custards, (the double dip equals a single dip in Wisconsin) and a double dip sundae. That's pretty expensive.
However, I will say this, this is the best custard I have tasted in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Luv-It is located on Oakey, about 1/2 block east of Las Vegas Blvd. Hey, when it's 110 outside int he summer, the custard will taste great, if you can get to your car without it melting.

Death Of A Newspaper: The Day The Las Vegas Sun Ceased To Be A Newspaper

Mark this date down in history, January 5, 2010, is when the Las Vegas Sun ceased to be a newspaper. Instead of being a newspaper, they became the unofficial campaign spokesman for Rory Reid. Reid is a current county commissioner, running for governor and is son of Harry Reid (Dumbass-NV)
Three huge articles and pictures appeared today and yesterday in the on-line version of the Sun, along with articles in the print version. Tomorrow will be more of the same.
To say that the Sun is a liberal newspaper is like saying the sun is hot or the earth is round.
To show how liberal the Sun is, they have to depend on a conservative newspaper to deliver their print version of fish wrap. The Sun is delivered with the help of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
To see the biased articles: (in the Beyond The Sun section, the Sun links to the press release put out by Rory Reid- when will they do that for Jim Gibbons or any other conservative?)
When you search on the Sun web site, you come up with 5,260 articles that Reid has appeared in, either directly or through people's comments.
So, RIP, Las Vegas Sun. It was nice to be part of your history- when you actually were a newspaper. Maybe you will become a newspaper once again but I am not holding my breath.

Poor Government Service- Health Care Style

From the Las Vegas Sun: "State health inspectors have verified that University Medical Center emergency room employees neglected to provide care to a pregnant woman who was in labor, which may have contributed to the death of her premature baby.
The finding is the first independent verification of what happened that night and will likely be used as evidence in a lawsuit against the hospital.
Roshunda Abney, 25, and her fiance, Raffinee Dewberry,
waited for more than five hours Nov. 30 in the UMC emergency room. The uninsured couple pleaded for help as she writhed in pain, but she received no medical attention, the investigators found. They did not know at the time that she was pregnant.
The couple eventually gave up hope at UMC and went to Valley Hospital Medical Center, where they were allegedly told that she would not be seen in a timely manner. She went home and gave breech birth to a premature baby girl, who died"

Further: A security guard interviewed by the state inspector disagreed with allegations by employees that Dewberry was disruptive, and said employees were rude to the couple. Abney had been waiting for care for more than three hours when Dewberry politely asked a nurse when she would be seen by a doctor, the security guard said in the report. A nurse replied: “If you keep interrupting I’ll call security,” the guard said.
About 30 minutes later, Dewberry again asked when his fiance would be seen by a doctor, and the nurse lifted her finger and said, “I am going to have security escort you out,” the security guard said in the report.
“I felt the fiance was asking legitimate questions,” the security guard said, adding that the couple’s behavior was no different from anybody else’s.

UMC (University Medical Center- it is not run by any university) is the Clark County run hospital. Every year, Clark County taxpayers have to pony up $10's of millions of dollars to keep the hospital afloat.
One of the reasons UMC loses money is, if you have have health insurance, you don't go there, unless you are very ill or have a burn or a trauma. UMC has a Level 1 Trauma Center and a burn unit, the only ones in the area. If people can avoid it, they will have their surgeries and treatment elsewhere. A large part of this reason is the customer service. There are extremely long wait times in the ER and the staff are rude.
Government employees need to know that they work for the public and they need to provide good customer service. When UMC decides it is going to improve their customer service, more people will go there. The more people with insurance who go to UMC, the less money UMC will need from the taxpayer. It really is a simple concept.