Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You Stay Classy, Rahm Emanuel

I guess the lack of class isn't just limited to the Obama administration.  It also reeks from former administration employees.
Robert Hoff is the former Fire Commissioner (fire chief) of the Chicago Fire Department.  H was a Chicago firefighter for 30 years, working his way through the ranks until he became commissioner. He received many awards, including awards for rescuing people from fires.
Hoff resigned as commissioner last week and then took a deputy fire chief job for Carol Stream, a Chicago suburb.
So, how did Emanuel react to Hoff's resignation and hiring?  With class?  with dignity?  Not on your life.
From Emanuel said Tuesday that Hoff stepped down because Hoff didn't think he was up to the demands of being fire commissioner.
"I think we can all agree that daily operations at Carol Stream is not running the Chicago Fire Department," Emanuel said. "It's a down shift. Bob would be the one to tell you that. He had been on the job for over three decades with the Chicago Fire Department."
"He himself came to the point of 'I just don't have it after three decades,'" the mayor said.
What a classless piece of shit, Emanuel is.  Instead of wishing the former Commissioner well, he rips on him.
But then, he comes from the mold of Obama, maybe even helped create the ugly behavior of Obama.  So what do you expect Emanuel, except a bunch of classless, thuggish and Neanderthal behavior.

UNR Professor Says Higher Taxes For The Rich Doesn't Add Up

From the RGH: “Either we ask the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes, or we’re going to have to ask seniors to pay more for Medicare,” President Barack Obama said. “This is not class warfare; it’s math.”
Let’s look at the math.
In 2009, the most recent year for which federal income tax data is available, an adjusted gross income (AGI) of at least $343,947 was required to make the top 1 percent. These wealthy people earned $1.325 trillion, or 17 percent of the country’s total AGI. After all deductions and tax credits, they paid $318 billion in income taxes, or an average of 25 percent of their AGI. This represented 37 percent of the total federal income taxes collected.
The lower 99 percent of income earners paid the remaining 63 percent tax share, or $548 billion. Having earned $6.501 trillion, this implies an average tax rate of 12 percent. An AGI below $32,396 put one in the lower 50 percent of tax return filers. The bottom 50 percent paid an average income tax rate of 1.85 percent and 2.25 percent of the total income taxes collected. Of the 138 million people filing tax returns with positive AGI, 41 percent paid no income tax, after all deductions and tax credits were applied.
Given these numbers, it takes creativity to argue the tax code is biased in favor of the wealthy and that increasing the income tax rate on the wealthy will make a meaningful dent in the $1.1 trillion federal budget deficit that is forecast for 2012. In fact, the federal government would roughly have to tax away all the income of the top 1 percent to eliminate the current deficit.
Also consider that the wealthy can afford to work less if they are taxed more. Thus, it is questionable as to whether an increase in the tax rate on the wealthy would increase tax receipts at all. When income tax rates were cut at all income levels in 2001, taxes receipts decreased from all but those at the highest income levels. The top 1 percent paid $367 billion under a 27 percent average tax rate in 2000, but they paid $368 billion under a 23 percent average tax rate in 2005. In contrast, the bottom 95 percent paid $427 billion under a 10 percent average tax rate in 2000 but paid $377 billion under an 8 percent average tax rate in 2005.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
Obama just wants to play the class warfare game.  His policies have failed, Obama is not smart enough to come up any successsful programs, so all he has is class warfare to play with.
Another reason why he will be a 1 term president

Michelle Malkin Nails It

From Michelle Malkin: The White House fairy tale about the Happily Ever After Auto Bailout is missing a crucial, bloody page. While President Obama bragged about “standing by American workers” at a rowdy United Auto Workers meeting Tuesday, he failed to acknowledge how the Chicago-style deal threw tens of thousands of nonunion autoworkers under the bus.
In a campaign pep rally/sermon billed as a “policy speech,” Obama nearly broke his arm patting himself on the back for placing his “bets” (read: our money) on the $85 billion federal auto industry rescue. “Three years later,” he crowed, “that bet is paying off for America.” Big Labor brass cheered Obama’s citation of GM’s “highest profits in its 100-year history” as the room filled with militant UAW chants of “union made.”
“Union made” — but who paid? Scoffing at the criticism that his bailout was a massive union payoff, Obama countered that all workers sacrificed to save the auto industry. “Retirees saw a reduction in the health care benefits they had earned,” Obama told the congregation, er, crowd. “Many of you saw hours reduced,” he sympathized, “or pay and wages scaled back.”
Let’s clear the fumes (again), shall we? The bailout pain was not distributed equally. It was redistributed politically.
Bondholders standing up for their property and contractual rights got shortchanged and demonized personally by the president. Dealers and suppliers faced closures based on political connections and lobbying clout, rather than neutral efficiency evaluations. And as I first reported in September 2010, in the rush to nationalize the auto industry and avoid contested court termination proceedings, the White House auto team schemed with Big Labor bosses to preserve UAW members’ costly pension funds by shafting their nonunion counterparts.
These forgotten nonunion pensioners (who worked for the Delphi/GM auto parts company) lost all of their health and life insurance benefits. Hailing from the economically devastated Rust Belt — northeast Ohio, Michigan and neighboring states — the Delphi workers had devoted decades of their lives as secretaries, technicians, engineers and sales employees. Some have watched up to 70 percent of their pensions vanish. They’ve banded together to seek justice in court and on Capitol Hill under the banner of the Delphi Salaried Retiree Association.
Here, in the Las Vegas Valley, we lost hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs because of the bailouts for the union members.  We lost numerous dealerships and with that, sales jobs, mechanics and other lower wage jobs.
But Obama, the liberals and most of the media go forth and spout off lies about the benefits of the auto bailout.
The fact is that the bail out was not needed because someone (s) would have bought GM and Chrysler.  The only thing Obama was saving were the union contracts.  Had the bailout not occurred, the taxpayers wouldn't lose billions of dollars and the turnaround by GM and Chrysler would have happened faster.
And yes, I know George Bush signed the bill the Democrats gave him, Bush was wrong in signing the bill and that is why Bush was great in defense but sucked in economics.
But Obama and the liberals just don't understand economics and reality and it shows at every turn. 
Save the union jobs, screw everyone else.

Horrible Nye County Judge Getting Opponent In Fall Election

Nye County judge, Kimberly Wanker, one of the worst judges in the State of Nevada, is getting a challenger in the Fall election.
Nancy Lord has decided to take on the corrupt and pathetic judge.
Nancy Lord has been a lawyer in Pahrump for 15 years, went to school at prestigious Georgetown University and oh by the way, she also is a doctor and surgeon(non-practicing).  This makes her uniquely qualified and one of the most qualified judicial candidates, not only in Nye County, but the rest of the State as well.
She is also qualified to bring a case before the U.S. Supreme Court- not many lawyers can claim that honor.
For more information:

So, about Kimberly Wanker: she has shown that she doesn't know much about setting bail and has strong prejudices, especially in the Daniel Robbins case:
And Wanker said that kids with disabilities are better off dead:
Not exactly qualifications to be a judge.
For more information:

Are You Kidding Me, Danica?

From Is Danica Patrick slowly becoming the most irritating professional female athlete?
The pit road princess recently told reporters that she'd rather be called "pretty" instead of "sexy."
I guess "NASCAR driver" wasn't an option?
"Maybe you guys can answer this question in some way," she told USA Today last week. "If there is a pretty girl, [reporters] don't know how to describe her other than being sexy. It has such a negative connotation to it. You don't say those kinds of things to frame it like that for a guy or even sometimes talk about it, but it seems like with female athletes, if they are pretty, [reporters] only know how to describe them in a sexual way. I don't care, but I just wonder why we can't talk about it in a different way.
"Why can't there be other words for it? Why does it have to be somewhat negatively twisted?"

To which a  reporter asked: "What would be a good word to describe a pretty girl?"
"Just something without the word 'sex' in it," Patrick said.

Check out this "pretty" photo shoot video below.
Umm, Danica, you didn't make it to NASCAR because of your skills.  There many more drivers who are more talented than you who don't have rides.  Right now, you aren't even the best female driver in NASCAR.
And if you don't like the word "sexy", then drop Go Daddy as a sponsor.
I always thought that Patrick was smart and savvy, just not a good driver. I might have to rethink that.

Chad Knaus Goes Bye Bye for 6 Races

From ESPN: The crew chief for Jimmie Johnson has been suspended for six weeks and the team docked 25 points, leaving the five-time Sprint Cup champion in his deepest hole to start the season.
NASCAR handed down the penalty for Chad Knaus and the No. 48 team on Wednesday, two days after Johnson wrecked at the start of the second lap and finished 42nd in the Daytona 500.
Johnson is now last in the Sprint Cup standings, 70 points behind 500 winner Matt Kenseth.
Knaus also was fined $100,000 and car chief Ron Malec was suspended for six weeks. Both were placed on probation until May 9.
Hendrick Motorsports will appeal the penalties, allowing Knaus and Malec to remain with the team until that appeal is heard. Both will be at Phoenix this weekend.
"Our organization respects NASCAR and the way the sanctioning body governs out sport,'' owner Rick Hendrick said in a statement. "In this case, though, the system broke down and we will voice our concerns through the appeal process.''
Johnson, in a post to his Twitter page Wednesday, also pointed to the appeals process and thanked his fans for their support.
"We appreciate all of the support. Now it's up to the appeal process," he wrote.
The penalties are the result of what NASCAR officials considered illegal C-posts -- pillars that come down from the roof to the quarter panel -- to gain an aerodynamic advantage.
Officials confiscated the C-posts during the initial inspection process at Daytona International Speedway. Series director John Darby said the alterations were so obvious they could be seen by the naked eye.
JJ only got 2 points in the Daytona 500 and now has -23 points. He has to get 20th or better in Phoenix just to get back to 0 points.  Even if he wins in Phoenix, he will only have about 28 points.
Knaus has been caught cheating several times before, so the punishment does fi the crime.  Fortunately, the team is good enough that he will be able to make the chase.
The story over the winter was that that Chad Knaus needed another vacation, so I guess he will get one now.

RIP Davey Jones

Davey Jones of the Monkees died today of a heart attack down in Florida.
From Fox News:  The local medical examiner released a statement Wednesday confirming that they had been notified of the singer's death.
"The District 19 Medical Examiner's office has been notified of the death of Mr. Davy Jones," spokeswoman Rebecca Shortridge said. "We are currently evaluating whether or not the medical examiner's office will take jurisdiction."
Jones, who last performed Feb. 19 in Oklahoma, formed the Monkees in 1966 with Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork.
Their biggest hits included "Daydream Believer," "Last Train to Clarksville" and "I'm a Believer" and they also had a television show.A former racehorse jockey, Jones turned to acting and then became lead singer when he joined The Monkees in 1965 and the band embarked on a wildly popular U.S. television show. Jones sang lead vocals on songs such as "I Wanna Be Free" and "Daydream Believer."
The band was assembled as with its personnel designed to be the instant stars of an American TV series seeking to evoke the Beatles, then already famous for their music and such films as "A Hard Day's Night and "Help!"
Read more:
I watched their show when it came on and it was more than a little bit silly but it was entertaining.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

February 29th is almost here for those of us in the Western U.S..  So, Happy Leap Year to everyone.
Some famous birthdays on Feb. 29 include: motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Dinah Shore, some guy/singer named Jeff "Ja Rules" Atkins and a singer named Chris Connley,
As far as important events happening on Feb. 29 is that a Playboy Club opened for the first time with real bunnies (not the furry, 4 legged kind) in Chicago, and in honor of Crybaby Harry Reid, a nuclear bomb test was performed at the Nevada Test Site, northwest of Las Vegas.
So, Happy Leap Year everyone.

Channel 13 Grisly Promotions

Lately, in Las Vegas, there have been several car-pedestrian in which many people have been killed or injured.  Because of this, Channel 13 has started a promotion in which they claim that they are trying to educate people about the problem.
However, it seems like Channel 13 is almost praying everyday to have a car-ped accident so they can promote themselves and their cause.  And when it happens, they promote themselves to no end and it is rather scary.  If there is a car-ped accident, it leads their newscast, no matter what else is going on in town.  Hell, Las Vegas could be overrun by a horde of lesbian ax murdering homeless Playmates from Playboy who take over City Hall and the Bellagio with machine guns and pea shooters but if there was a car-ped accident, Channel 13 would cover the accident and push the Playmate story to 3or 4th story of the day, after the accident story, how they are trying to educate people and how you can sign up to pledge you look both ways when crossing the street- all with Channel 13 logos.
Right now, the top of their web page is their promotion and their lead story is a car-ped accident on Las Vegas Blvd and Tonopah this afternoon.
It's one thing to promote a good cause, but when it turns to self promotion, like Channel 13, it's creepy, gross and unethical.

Winners And Losers At The Daytona 500

24 hours ago, we were watching the Daytona 500 in disbelief as Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into a jet blower and caused a fireball and big fire on the track at the Daytona 500. 
Well, here are my winners and losers of the Daytona 500:
Winner: Matt Kenseth- he had the best car as no car came close to passing him in the last 36 laps of the race.
Winner:  Tide laundry soap: You cannot get better publicity than that- cleaning up 200 gallons of jet fuel along with the other crap on the track.
Winner: Best Buy- not a bad investment for a 1 race commitment.  Hopefully, now Kenseth will get a full time sponsor for the rest of the year. 
Loser: Trevor Bayne: Sophomore Jinx happens in NASCAR as well/
Loser: Jimmie Johnson: 5 time got less than 5 points in the race and now is about 45 points behind Matt Kenseth after 1 race.  At least he had a good night sleep before the race even ended.
Winner: Brad Keslowski and Twitter: Brad gained about 150,000 followers during the red flag.
Loser: Brad Keslowski- he promptly crashed after racing began after the red flag.
Winner: Daytona Beach Hotels for the extra day of racing
Loser: Those people who had to go leave Daytona Beach Sunday night and had to miss Monday's race.
Winner: Dale Jr.  2nd place was the best he could have got on Monday.
Loser: Kurt Busch- Change of team, happy as can be and crashes on the 2nd lap
Loser: Hendrick Racing- Johnson crashes, Jeff Gordon blows engine, Kasey Kahne crashes, Hendrick sponsored car crashes (Kurt Busch).  Only high lite- Dale Jr.
Winner: Fox Sports- I'm sure they had great view numbers on Monday night.
Losers: Shows that were supposed to be shown on Fox Monday night, especially bad since it is sweeps week.
Loser: Montoya- that crash looked just like the Michael Waltrip crash during the qualifying race on Thursday.
Winners: Daytona track crew- putting out a hot fire and cleaning and fixing the track in only 2 hours.  The firefighting crew worked just as well as any paid firefighting fire department.
Winners: Fans at the track on Monday who kept themselves entertained by doing the wave during the delay.
Winner: Dave Blaney- he didn't win but got a lot of camera time for him and his sponsor.  You know if Dale Jr. was the leader when the Fireball Juan crashed, they would have called the race after 25 minutes.
Loser: Danica Patrick- 100% perfection: 3 for 3 (crashes, that is)  13 out of 27 races in which she crashed is not a very good record in NASCAR.

Winner: Johanna Long: Finished 17 places higher than Danica Patrick in the Nationwide race and she didn't have to dress in skimpy clothes to earn her ride. Wanna bet she finishes higher than Danica when the season is finished?
Wnner: Rousch Racing- placed 1, 3, 8 and 20th.
Winner: State of Wisconsin: Kenseth is a Wisconsin boy along with 6th place Paul Menard.  Johnny Sauter in the truck race was going to win until he was wrecked late in the race.
Loser: Jimmie Johnson again- he can kiss crew chief Chad Knaus good bye for a couple of weeks when the p568582325unishment comes down for trying to cheat before the cars even got on the track early last week.
Winner: Michael Waltrip- had an embarrassing crash during qualifying but still did a great job up in the booth.

Loser: Me- I predicted Kenseth would win, but chickened out on putting $20 on him.  Kenseth paid 18-1 and I would have won $360 had I put my money where my mouth was.
So, on to Phoenix and then Las Vegas.  Can't wait for the first hauler to get here.

Pawn Star Getting Married

Rick Harrison of the show, Pawn stars is getting married.
From Doug Elfman from the LVRJ: Rick Harrison, "Pawn Stars" boss, just got engaged to a Las Vegan, and it's the real deal. It's not one of those fake reality-show couplings we're all sick of.
Harrison met legal secretary Deanna Burditt at trendy Vintner Grill a little more than a year ago. They were bonding on the patio when Harrison's son and co-star Corey walked up and said, "Are you going to be my new stepmom?"
Harrison laughs while telling that story.
"Luckily, we went on a date the next night and really hit it off" at Charlie Palmer's Aureole restaurant at Mandalay Bay, he says.
On that first date, they realized they both were fans of hair metal cover band Steel Panther. So he took her to the band's show that night, and the group called him onstage to sing "Sweet Child O' Mine."
A year later, he took her back to Aureole for Valentine's Day. He pulled out a new diamond ring and said, "Girl, I'm gonna marry you."
"You're such a guy," she told him and said yes.
They're both twice divorced with three kids -- he has boys, she has girls -- so the "Brady Bunch" theme song could play at the wedding.
Ann B. Davis is going to be invited to the wedding, I guess.
 Sounds like both of them are down to earth and have not taken Rick's celebrity too seriously.
Good luck to both of them.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pawn Stars Review: February 27, 2012

Wow, the Daytona 500 just ended with 4 minutes to spare and my driver, Matt Kenseth took the checkered in one of the better Daytona 500's races.
Well, in the first episode of Pawn Stars, the first guy brought in 11 photos of the Jesse James gang, including Jesse and Frank.  They are Tintype photo's and the man got them from an estate sale in Hawaii.
And a Tintype photo is:  The guy wanted $60,000 for the photos- time for an expert, Mark, from the Clark County Museum:
Mark came in and after giving a lesson the James Gang, including inventing the bank robbery.  He didn't the photo's of the Jame's Gang.  No sale.
The next guy brought in a Leslie Organ speaker.  It's a big speaker and very loud and were actually used with organs.  The guy wanted $500 and the Old Man offered $200.  The guy went down to $400 and the Old Man stayed at $200 and that was the deal.  Chumlee took the speaker to an expert to have it fixed up.  The guy fixed it up in his garage and made it look nice and sounded pretty good as well.  It cost $600 for a total $800 investment.  The expert thought the speaker would go for $2000.
The next guy brought in an antique drill and bit set, from the 19th century.  My dad had an old hand held drill and bits when I was a young kid and they were great.  The drill still worked.  The guy wanted $600 and Rick offered $350.  The guy went down to $450 and Rick offered $400 and that was the selling price.
The next guy brought in an old Boy Scouts first aid kit.  I was in the Scouts until I went on my first camping trip where it was cold as hell and almost got frostbite.  I regretted that for a long time.  The guy wanted $60 and Rick offered $60 and that was the selling price.
In the second episode, the first guy brought in a letter from Knute Rockne, a football coach for Notre Dame and is one of the most famous coaches in football history: 
The letter dealt with the dangers of smoking, and was dated 18 days before he died in 1931.  Time for an expert.  When they interviewed the seller, in the background, you could see some yellow and red umbrellas.  That is from a small tented "restaurant".
Drew came in and said the signature was very real and worth about $3-5000 or more to a Notre Dame.  The guy wanted $5000 and Rick offered $1500.  The guy went down to $4000 and Rick went to $2000 and there was no sale.
The next guy brought in some old Cracker Jack box toys.  The guy wanted $100 and Chumlee offered $25 and $30 and the sale price was $45.
The next guy brought in some jewelry from Lucky Luciano and it was a ring.  He was a mobster around the days of Bugsy Siegel.
It was a scary looking ring, including red rubies for the eyes and it looked like the devil.  Time for an expert from the new multi-million dollar Mob Museum in Las Vegas:  Taxpayers put in over $20,000,000 into the project and it is located in the old Las Vegas Post Office.  The normal adult ticket costs $18, with some discounts for various groups.
The expert, Jonathon, looked at the ring after telling the history of Lucky.  The guy really had no evidence that Lucky owned the ring.  He could not say one way or another if the ring was genuine because of the lack of documentation.  If real, the ring would be worth $10,000's.
The museum is located down the street from the Gold and Silver Shop and is close to Fremont St.
The next guy brought in a Dentist Pole.  It looks like a barber pole (red and white stripe, like the a candy cane) It was made of wood but the painting of the stripes was a bit off and it was from the 1800's.   The guy wanted $1500 and Rick offered $700 and the guy went down to $800 and Rick offered $750 and that was the selling price.
The next woman brought in a Scintillator, which measures uranium, like a Geiger Counter.  It pretty much looks like a chrome  hair dryer with a box under the tip.  Corey offered $100 and then $135 and that was the deal, even the lady said she would accept $100.  Greed.
 And that wraps another 2 brand new episodes of Pawn Stars.  As usual, thanks for stopping by.
And take a look at the poll whether the Pawn Stars Show should change their opening.

My Driver, Matt Kenseth, Wins Daytona 500

Matt Kenseth wins the Daytona in a green-white-checker, followed by Dale Earnhardt and Greg Biffle.
Just as I predicted!!
And the other Wisconsin driver, Paul Menard finished 6th. Not too bad for a driver who has a good chance to make the chase.
Las Vegas drivers, Kyle Busch finished in 17th and never was a factor in the race.  Kurt Busch crashed on the 2nd lap and finished 39th.
Danica Patrick finished 38th.  She also crashed on lap 2 after running into a car in front of her and then spinning and crashing. 
This was the picture of her crashing:

Holy Crap, What An Accident At Daytona

Wow, What a probable end  almost end to the end of the Daytona.  Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into a safety truck hauling a jet blow dryer.  The jet dryer exploded into flames as did Montoya's car.  The resulting is fire surely destroyed or severely damage the track.  The dryer held 200 gallons of jet engine fuel, which burns extremely hot.
Thank goodness it did not happen near any grandstands or people would have burned.
Right now, Dave Blaney is leading followed by Landon Cassil, Tony Raines, David Guilland and Matt Kenseth.
What a bizarre weekend.

Update: Race is still under the red flag.  They are using Tide to try and get rid of the jet fuel, but the safety crew are still slipping around.  There were no major injuries.  The race is going to be delayed for a long time, and it is almost 11:00 PM, Daytona time.  I just don't think they will continue for much longer.

Update 2: Cars are now runniing under yellow.  The bond they have down seems to be crumbling when the cars go over it.  Further, dale Jr. says the track is not drivable yet.

Update 3: Back to racing, see if the track will hold up.  Matt Kenseth is the leader.

Update:  A couple backbenchers spun causing a caution.  The track seems to be holding up pretty good.  Kenseth is still leading.

I'm Having Second Thoughts About Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun, a major league baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers was accused of using n illegal substance.
Ryan Braun immediately said he was innocent and said he would never put a banned substance in his body and I believed him.
But what they appealed was not about the banned substance, testosterone, but the way the urine sample was handled.  In doing so, they had Braun and his legal team attack the person who collected the urine.  And while doing so, they trashed the reputation of this man.
From jsonline: Around the country, he's now known as the collector, the man at the center of Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun's drug testing controversy.
But in his hometown, Dino I. Laurenzi, Jr., is known as a meticulous sports trainer and respected health care professional who follows the rules.
"He is as solid and standup an individual as I've met," Pleasant Prairie Village Administrator Mike Pollocoff said Monday. "The world would be a lot better of a place with more guys like Dino around."
Along with his 22-year-old son Anthony, who acted as a "chaperon" for the athlete, Laurenzi gathered Braun's urine sample at Miller Park, Oct. 1.
Braun, who won an appeal over a positive drug test and avoided a 50-game suspension, blamed a "fatally flawed" process. On Friday, Braun detailed the chain of custody that began at Miller Park and ended with Laurenzi delivering the sample some 44 hours later to a FedEx facility.
"There were a lot of things that we learned about the collector, about the collection process, about the way that the entire thing worked that made us very concerned and very suspicious about what could have actually happened," Braun said.
Pollocoff said he was disappointed with Braun.
"The innuendo for me, that just put Ryan Braun in a different light," Pollocoff said. "I hate to say that."
"Dino would be the first to say that what happens with someone's medical records should be confidential," Pollocoff added.
Laurenzi, the son of a retired Kenosha pharmacist, has strong roots in the area. He lives in Pleasant Prairie in a modern development of winding streets and two-story homes.
I highly doubt that anything happened to Braun's urine sample during the chain of command and the proper chain of command was used, especially since the urine sample was collected in the evening, on a Saturday, after Fed Ex stopped picking up packages for the day.
So, instead of dealing with the banned substance in Braun's body, Braun, instead chose to trash a person's integrity and reputation.
I think Braun needs to man up and apologize to Mr. Laurenzi and if necessary, take the 50 day suspension. 
But I lost of respect for Ryan Braun- I think he cheated the system and an arbitrator bought his story.

And They Are Off...And Crashing

 The Daytona 500 is off and running and on lap 2 they already had a big crash involving among others, Jimmie Johnson, Kurt Busch, David Ragan and shockingly, Danica Patrick (I think it is now 12 crashes in 27 NASCAR events?) and a few others.
Apparently, Elliot Sadler touched Jimmie Johnson, who went hed first in the wall, causing the crash.
And now on lap 12, Ryan Newman crashed.
It's going to be an exciting race!
Update: A.J. Allmendinger just crashed into Ryan Newman on pit row after Newman lost a wheel, sending A.J. to the garage.
Update 2: Jeff Gordon blew an engine at about lap 83 and Terry LaBonte was spun by Marcos Ambrose on lap 88.
Not a good week for Hendrick's team as 1/2 of the team is going to place 35th or worse tonight.  As far as Kurt Busch who will finish 43rd:  Karma?
Update: Martin Truex Jr. was leading at half way and won $200,000 for his team.  Michael Waltrip is smiling now, even though he crashed in qualifying and did not make the race.
Just a thought: This is the Great American Race and yet they have a Toyota as the pace car.  Hmmm.

Now, This Is An Apology

h/t  Charlie Sykes

Sunday, February 26, 2012

PolitFact: Obama Liar

From jsonline: President Barack Obama packed an upbeat job statistic for his visit to the Master Lock plant in Milwaukee.
"For the first time since 1990, American manufacturers are creating new jobs," the president said on Feb. 15, 2012, as he praised Master Lock for bringing jobs back from China.
"American manufacturers are hiring for the first time since 1990," Obama said in repeating the claim two days later at a Boeing plant in Washington state.
The remarks got wide media play....

Obama claimed the nation was experiencing the first uptick "since 1990."
But the nation experienced a sustained period of modest manufacturing growth deep into the 1990s, most of it under the watch of President Bill Clinton. He presided during the longest continuous economic expansion in U.S. history.
In fact, the nation’s manufacturing boat rose with that tide, for a time at least, ticking up in the middle part of that decade and peaking in 1997, federal employment statistics show.
None of this was news to the White House, whom we contacted after checking the president’s remarks against his speech text. They forwarded a blueprint by the White House’s economic advisers that says the growth is the best since "the late 1990s."
The reference was correct in the Milwaukee the speech text, too (the italics are ours):
"For the first time since the 1990s, American manufacturers are creating new jobs, which is good for companies up and down the supply chain.  You’ve all heard enough about outsourcing.  Well, more and more companies like Master Lock are now insourcing."
The White House said the president deviated from the text in Milwaukee, and it turns out he did the same thing in Washington state.
So, maybe the mistake was truly a mistake, but didn't anyone in the White House try and tell Obama he lied?  Or did Obama just flat out lie and didn't care what the truth is?
Either way, it shows that Obama and his yes men and women have little ethics and don't care what the truth is.

Crap: Obama To Apologize To North Korea In Morning

From Fox News: Oops.
Outfitted extravagantly as "The Dictator," the character he plays in the upcoming film of the same name, Sacha Baron Cohen made a mess of the Oscars' red carpet Sunday night.
More specifically, he ruined E! host Ryan Seacrest's tuxedo.
After initially being dis-invited by the academy, for some reason, Baron Cohen was allowed to attend the ceremony acting as the kind of Moammar Gadhafi parody he plays in his upcoming film. As expected, he brought his unique brand of publicity stunt and method comedy.
Flanked by two flower girls, he jokingly claimed to be carrying the ashes of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, whose face was displayed on the container.
In an interview with Seacrest, he claimed it was Jong Il's dream "to be sprinkled over the red carpet and over Halle Berry's chest." Then, as Seacrest was bending down, he spilled the ashes over Seacrest's tuxedo.
Read more:
When Obama hears about this, he'll be on the phone to profusely apologize to North Korea for insulting Kim Jong Il.

It Must Be Hell Being A Liberal

Ben and Jerry's is an ice cream maker (I have never tried them, so I don't know if they are any good- too high a price) and they are a very liberal company and there is nothing wrong with that.  But they have to politically correct and when one or two people criticize you, you have to make apologies, just like President Obama.
From ESPN:  Ben & Jerry's, the iconic ice cream brand famous for flavors borrowed from a broad swath of the culinary spectrum, has apologized for including fortune cookies in its "Taste the Lin-Sanity" frozen yogurt sold at a Harvard Square location in Boston.
The Vermont-founded company has replaced the fortune cookies in its honey-swirl, Jeremy Lin-inspired variety with waffle cones.
"We offer a heartfelt apology if anyone was offended by our handmade Lin-Sanity flavor," Ben & Jerry's said in a statement.
Lin, the New York Knicks point guard who shot to NBA stardom this month after spurring a win streak in the absence of Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, played four seasons for the Harvard Crimson before turning pro in 2010.
 I went to a Chinese restaurant for take out on Friday and, horrors, I got 4 fortune cookies with my order.  Every Chinese restaurant we have ate at has fortune cookies. 
So, why would Ben and Jerry's need to apologize to people who maybe offended?  Then shouldn't those who are supposed to be offended be demanding apologies from the thousands of Chinese restaurants who serve fortune cookies?
The only apology Ben and Jerry's need to make is for their high prices.  And maybe their politics.

Obama Complaing About High Oil Prices In 2008

In 2008, he blamed Exxon and everyone else.
But when he is the president, of course he is not to blame for gas prices that over the $3.50 a gallon- it's everyone's elses fault.
Oil drilling on Federal grounds, where Obama has control, is down significantly, he has killed jobs producing and oil delivery pipelines etc.
But it's not his fault.  Sounds like what a weak crybaby would say.

PETA Slaughtering Animals

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals ought to change it's name to Hypocrite Killers Of Animals.
From the The Daily Caller:Documents published online this month show that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an organization known for its uncompromising animal-rights positions, killed more than 95 percent of the pets in its care in 2011.
The documents, obtained from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, were published online by the Center for Consumer Freedom, a non-profit organization that runs online campaigns targeting groups that antagonize food producers.
Fifteen years’ worth of similar records show that since 1998 PETA has killed more than 27,000 animals at its headquarters in Norfolk, VA.
In a February 16 statement, the Center said PETA killed 1,911 cats and dogs last year, finding homes for only 24 pets.
“PETA hasn’t slowed down its slaughterhouse operation,” said Rick Berman, CCF’s executive director. “It appears PETA is more concerned with funding its media and advertising antics than finding suitable homes for these dogs and cats.”...
Kovich also determined that PETA employees kill 84 percent of the animals in their custody within 24 hours of receiving them.
“[PETA’s] primary purpose,” Kovich wrote, “is not to find permanent adoptive homes for animals.”
PETA media liaison Jane Dollinger told The Daily Caller in an email that “most of the animals we take in are society’s rejects; aggressive, on death’s door, or somehow unadoptable.”
Dollinger did not dispute her organization’s sky-high euthanasia rate, but insisted PETA only kills dogs and cats because of “injury, illness, age, aggression, or because no good homes exist for them.”
PETA’s own history, however, shows that this has not always been the case.
In 2005, two PETA employees described as “adorable” and “perfect” some of the dogs and cats they killed in the back of a PETA-owned van. The two were arrested after police witnessed them tossing the animals’ dead bodies into a North Carolina dumpster.
PETA had no comment when the Daily Caller asked what sort of effort it routinely makes to find adoptive homes for animals in its care.
There are many animal rescue groups that take as many as animals as they can, including the animals PETA takes in and then kills.
But PETA seems to be more about raising money and politics than actually helping animals. 

CCEA Making Big Bucks Off Dues Paying Members, Including Me

I guess I am being played as a sucker as well as the rest of the teachers who pay union dues to the Clark County Education Association, or the teacher's union.
From the LVRJ: While leaders of the local teachers union have criticized the Clark County School District for overpaying administrators and underpaying educators, they have a recent history of paying themselves huge salaries.
In 2009, the last year for which a required Internal Revenue Service report is available, more than a third of the union's $4.1 million budget went to pay just nine leaders. Each earned between $139,785 and $208,683 for a total of $1.5 million, according to the Clark County Education Association's report to the IRS.
John Jasonek, then executive director, got $208,683 for running the union but also received $423,863 from two affiliated organizations -- the union's Community Foundation and Center for Teaching Excellence -- making his total pay $632,546.
In addition, union-created Teachers Health Trust CEO Peter Alpert was paid $546,133.
Current union officials refused a Las Vegas Review-Journal request for more recent figures. The nine workers are singled out in the report because the IRS requires the union to list officers, key employees and anyone making at least $100,000 a year.
It is almost criminal that union leaders are making this kind of money off of the people who pay union dues.
And for the Teacher's Health trust making that money when the teacher's union is supposed to be a non-profit is almost criminal as well, except technically, it probably isn't.  And all this time, the union insurance company has been pleading poverty and increasing premiums.  Time to get rid of the Teacher's Health Trust and put in a more responsible health insurance company.
And remember, this is also taxpayer money as well because it is taxpayer paying the salaries of the teachers.
And to the union leaders we elect, what do you have to say for yourself for selling out union members.
But I have a choice and my choice may just be to quit the union.

36 Vehicles go Swimming In Wisconsin Lake

From jsonline: Fishermen participating in the annual Lake Winnebago ice fishing contest over the weekend found themselves instead scouting for their modes of transportation after 36 parked vehicles went through the ice, authorities said Sunday.
"We had some cars that got wet," a dispatcher with the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department said. "We had cars parked on the ice like it was a parking lot. Usually they do park out on the ice. That's not unusual. It's just that they parked too close together. It was too much for the ice conditions this year."
Tournament organizers for the Battle on Bago reportedly warned people about parking on the ice Saturday, but some had trouble finding spots elsewhere and parked on the lake anyway. Of about 50 cars parked on the ice, four were submerged more than half way, 18 were partially submerged, and 14 sunk to the top of their wheels, according to the sheriff's department.
"They all started early in the morning. Throughout the day with the sun and everything else, vehicles started to sink," the dispatcher explained. 
The ice was about a foot thick. The lake is shallow where the cars were parked, and tow trucks were called in to pull out the cars. No one was in the vehicles and no one was injured, the dispatcher said.
 Ahhh, the joys of ice fishing.

Daytona 500 Opening Ceremonies in Rain, In Front Of Couple Hundred Fans

With the grandstands virtually empty and in a driving rain, the Daytona 500 folks performed the Opening ceremonies solely for the people tuning into Fox Sports.
If there were 200 people in the stands, I would be shocked, but they still had the drivers (but I don't think their crews) and families standing in the rain, pretending there was no rain falling.
Then the USAF Thunderbirds from Nellis AFB here in Las Vegas performed the flyover and you could barely make out the silhouettes of the planes and a little of the smoke they laid down.  Total waste of time and money for this.
Meanwhile, the rain is still falling and I don't think the 500 will go off today.

Reid Connected Law Firm Almost Wins UMC Contract Without The Lowest Bid

The Crybaby Harry Reid corruption train continues to ride the rails of Las Vegas.
From the Las Vegas Sun:Seven law firms were interested in landing a lucrative contract with University Medical Center. After reviewing bids from the firms, the Sun found that the winning bidder, the powerful firm Lionel Sawyer & Collins, did not have the lowest bid....
But first, a synopsis of Lionel Sawyer & Collins’ contract: It will be paid $15,000 a month for six months; after the county will pay the usual hourly rates, which range for senior partners from $500 to $650 an hour. Commissioners put a $100,000 cap on the contract, then eliminated a provision that would automatically hire the firm to lobby for UMC during 2013.
How did the other firms stack up?
One local firm, Jones Vargas, has far lower rates. Their partners would have charged $275 an hour. But instead of the hourly rate, the firm offered $5,000 a month for the first six months, one third of Lionel Sawyer & Collins’ asking price.
Another local firm, Greenberg Traurig, offered hourly rates for partners of between $373 and $517.
A Washington, D.C., firm, Patton Boggs, offered this: $630/hour for senior partners ($330 to $440 for associates), or a fixed fee of $125,000 for the first of three phases. Costs for the other two phases would be determined later.
Another firm with extensive experience in what UMC wants to do is Hogan Lovells, also based in D.C...
And Lionel Sawyer & Collins' experience?
They are plugged into just about every high-powered entity in Nevada. One of its lawyers, Rory Reid, is the former chairman of the County Commission.
According to the firm’s bid, it doesn’t appear it has the hospital-transitioning experience of a Hogan Lovells but has done some health care work, including representing Catholic Healthcare West in a merger with Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Reno.
The million-dollar question: Did the County Commission make the right choice?
Little in politics is black and white. However, right before the vote a few weeks ago, Commissioner Lawrence Weekly expressed unease with the recommendation by county counsel Mary Anne Miller to go with Lionel Sawyer & Collins. Weekly was miffed that he was not consulted, especially since he chairs UMC’s board of trustees....
So that’s that?
No. The surprise is that Lionel Sawyer & Collins has decided to turn down the contract because of questions from Weekly and other commissioners.
For more on the Lionel Sawyer &Collins law firm and the Reid connection: Harry Reid has four sons who all work for Nevada’s largest law firm, Lionel, Sawyer & Collins. All of them have benefited from Reid.
Here’s how the Los Angeles Times puts it:
But Harry Reid is in a class by himself. One of his sons and his son-in-law lobby in Washington for companies, trade groups and municipalities seeking Reid’s help in the Senate. A second son has lobbied in Nevada for some of those same interests, and a third has represented a couple of them as a litigator.
In the last four years alone, their firms have collected more than $2 million in lobbying fees from special interests that were represented by the kids and helped by the senator in Washington.
The only change is that Josh Reid is now the City Attorney of Henderson, a position he was not qualified for, but daddy Reid pushed the Henderson City Council and Mayor Andy Hafen to hire him, which they did, after genuflecting and kissing the ring of Crybaby Reid.

NV Assembly Democrats Corrupt As Hell

I might have to retract a thing or two I have said about Annjeanette Damon, writer for the Las Vegas Sun, as she clearly has found a few moment's to rip on Democrats, probably for one the few times in her career.
From the Las Vegas Sun:  The exchange of money between lobbyist and lawmaker can be a particularly loathsome chore.
Many politicians balk at the constant need to raise funds.
And although some lobbyists might revel in grandiose displays of political patronage, others grimace at what can seem like never-ending demands for campaign funds.
Those grimaces tightened even further last week, when a cadre of Assembly Democrats filed amended campaign finance disclosures detailing how they had spent thousands of dollars in campaign funds.
The seven lawmakers originally sought to keep those expenditures secret, following the advice of their lawyer, who said they didn’t have to report expenses that were not directly related to campaign efforts.
Secretary of State Ross Miller disagreed, saying a failure to disclose any expenditure from a campaign fund is likely a violation of the state’s campaign finance laws.
After the Sun reported the secret expenses, the Democrats then reversed course and filed new expense reports, detailing nearly $45,000 in campaign fund spending on a slew of living expenses during the legislative session in Carson City. These included rent, electronics, house cleaning and supplies, groceries, lunches and dinners at Carson City restaurants and even bottled water.
The lawmakers also paid for airfare and hotels to professional conferences in Hawaii, Texas and Florida.
The legislators tapped their campaign funds for these expenses despite the fact the state pays them a per diem for each day of the legislative session — whether they are physically in Carson City or not — to cover many of the same expenses.
Those who tried to keep their expenses hidden were: Assembly Democrats David Bobzien, of Reno; Debbie Smith and Skip Daly, both of Sparks; and Lucy Flores, Marcus Conklin, Peggy Pierce and Marilyn Dondero-Loop, all of Las Vegas.
Just another example of Democrat politicians thinking they are better than anybody else that only fools follow the law and regulations.
However, the biggest loser in the bunch is Lucy Flores who complained:
Flores complained the disclosure requirements had grown too onerous and said they would be easier to comply with if she had “a staffer that the state paid for to record every single one of my receipts.”
So, in the 147 years Nevada has been a state, of all the legislators and governors, Lucy Flores is the only one who has wanted a paid state employee to do her books.  Maybe she needs to find a new line of work, like waiting in a welfare line- but then, she would still have to do paperwork.
As for Damon, I think her stripes will change once the Fall elections rolls around- she'll still be the mouth piece of the Democratic Party.

Crybaby Harry Reid: Corrupt As Hell

I don't know when this was written, but the folks at Western Journalism wrote a piece about how corrupt Crybaby Reid is.  Even if half the stuff is true, Reid will go down as the most corrupt politician in Nevada and one of the most corrupt in the United States.
While the article was written several years ago, some of the information is pertinent today:
One project Reid obtained $54 million for was for a “Magnetic Levitation Train.” The train would go from Disney Land to Las Vegas, but the project was opposed by the Department of Transportation. Nonetheless, numerous companies and individuals tied to this project gave Reid a total of $28,749.
One taxpayer group denounced the project as:
“[A] train to nowhere….We’re wasting tens of millions of dollars on a project nobody believes will be built except Harry Reid.” (20)
Of course, now, Reid is for the Desert Express high speed train that goes from Las Vegas to Victorville and is pushing for a $6,500,000,000 loan for them.
Also:The Coyote Springs Land Deal Reid accepted donations from a key Chinagate fundraiser: John Huang.Huang was responsible for arranging illegal contributions for the Clintons; in return their administration signed off on hi-tech exports that helped China upgrade its weapons systems.
Indeed, part of it was originally intended for target practice for a defense contractor, part of it was a habitat for the endangered desert tortoise, part of it was for a power line right of way, and much of the property contained a fragile system of streams important to the local ecosystem.
But Whittemore was also a large donor to Reid. Whittemore and his family gave over $50,000 to Reid and his leadership fund over the last decade. Reid’s sons also received contributions for their campaigns. (13)
So they obviously came to an agreement: Whittemore poured money into Reid’s campaigns and Reid cleared the obstacles, allowing Whittemore to develop land for housing that was previously thought impossible to develop.
Reid inserted language in a land management bill that reallocated the power line corridor. Regarding the tortoise issue, he persuaded the Bureau of Land Management to swap that part of the property for land adjacent to the property. Then he persuaded the EPA to lesson their opposition to the project on grounds that it impacted the ecosystem of the area.
This issue is playing out right now as there are lawsuits and investigations going on with Whittemore and others concerning political donations and other money problems.
The article is a good read as it really shows how corrupt Crybaby Harry Reid is and how stupid the GOP and voters are for not throwing this bum out of office in 2010.  But my guess, once he loses control in the Senate, he will resign "to take time to care of his wife".who is ill and still recovering from a terrible accident a few years ago.  Of course, the Senate is now more important than his wife now because he has the power, but once he loses it, he will leave the Senate.
And one more thing, why is Crybaby Reid and his staff so afraid of me and not respond to my questions on his views on different subjects?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Predictions For The Daytoana 500

Well, the Super Bowl of racing is tomorrow and here are our predictions for the race:
1. Danica Patrick crashes
2.  There will be the Big One with ten or fewer laps left
(yeah, I know, those two predictions are a given)
3.  My son predicts that A.J. Allmendinger will win- don't laugh, he predicted that Trevor Bayne would win last year. 
My pony is Matt Kenseth, my wife, Cathy's prediction is Dale Jr. and my daughter's prediction is Carl Edwards (my daughter predicted that Carl would win Las Vegas last year and he did- why am not listening and putting money on them?)
So, based on this years races at Daytona so far, it will be an action pack race with a couple big crashes thrown in.
Too bad that NASCAR has their biggest race of the year in the first race.

Free Pancakes On Tuesday

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, it is National Pancake Day and IHOP is offering free pancakes from 7AM-10PM.    
All they ask is for a donation to the Childrens Miracle Network.

Very Strange: Is White House Abusing The White House Web Site?

This morning, I Googled the White House and clinked on the Google link to the White House:
What I got instead was a picture of a smiling President Obama and the web site saying that if you wanted to stay in touch with the government and it's officials, you had to provide your e-mail.
The most startling thing is that the page provided no links to the main web page of the White House or any other link and you could not navigate away from the page unless you refreshed the web page or closed out of the Internet.
So, why is the White House doing this?  It wouldn't be using the White House web site for solely political reasons or a way of getting your e-mail address, would it?
The scandals of the White House continue.

Where Is Our Apology? Part 2

From the BBC: Two Nato officers have been killed in the interior ministry in the Afghan capital Kabul, coalition officials say.
Nato said an "individual" had turned his gun on the officers but denied earlier reports he was a Westerner.
Afghan security officials said those killed were an American colonel and major. Local media reports suggest the incident followed a "verbal clash".
Nato commander Gen John Allen said all Nato personnel were being recalled from Afghan ministries on security grounds.
A UK embassy spokesperson had earlier said all British civilians were being withdrawn from the ministries in what was hoped would be a temporary measure.
The shootings come amid five days of deadly protests over the burning of copies of the Koran by US soldiers.
So, when is President Obama going to demand and apology from the Afghananistan President?  But Obama is such a weak president and is terribly paranoid about pissing off his Muslim brethern, he would never even think about asking for an apology.
I am beginning to think that Obama and his administration have absoutely no clue about handling the war on terrorism.  BTW, on the White House web site main page, there is nothing mentioned about the deaths of the U.S. soldiers at the hands of the Afghan soldiers.  How pathetic is that?
So, Mr. President, where is our apology?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bill Raggio, Dean Of Nevada Politics Passes Away

From the Reno Gazette Journal: Everyone has a funny Bill Raggio story, one of the legacies of a life well-lived.
Raggio’s sense of humor and his quips from the floor of the Nevada Senate, the podium of a local service club, the home of a neighbor, or around a table at the Gold ‘N Silver or Coney Island are the stuff of legend.
He was one of a kind – a beloved politician in a day when the term seems to be an oxymoron.
He was a funny, caring, gracious, loving man,” said Clair Clift, who spent 10 years as Secretary of the Senate. “(He) wasn’t pompous or arrogant. He was a people’s man. We were his concern. I am truly grateful and blessed for having known this great Nevadan on both a professional and personal level.”
As Nevadans mourned the news of the longtime Republican leader’s death on Friday, they also shared some of their favorite humorous remembrances of one of Reno’s favorite sons.|defcon|text|FRONTPAGE
I obviously got to know about Raggio in only his last couple of years in the Nevada Senate and to be perfectly honest, I was not very impressed.  He was a RINO and like to work with the other the Democrats. That may have worked during the most of his career, but not now.
But I am grateful for his contributions to Nevada throughout his career and life and Nevada lost a good man.

Danica Wins Nationwide Daytona Pole

From ESPN: In about 24 hours, Danica Patrick went from her biggest crash to her biggest moment in a stock car.
The former IndyCar star won the pole Friday for the season-opening Nationwide Series race at Daytona, becoming the first woman to secure the top qualifying spot in NASCAR's second-tier series since Shawna Robinson at Atlanta on March 12, 1994.
It came a day after she wrecked on the final lap of a qualifying race for the Daytona 500.
"It's a good turn of events," she said.
It also set off a flurry of Twitter traffic that included words such as "Dansanity," "Danimosity," "Danimite," and "Dantastic."...
Patrick turned a fast lap of 49.250 seconds around the high-banked speedway, averaging 182.741 mph.
Defending Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne qualified second, followed by Elliott Sadler, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Austin Dillon.
And there was little, if any, animosity about the qualifying results -- err, Danimosity.
"I think it's got a good shot for No. 1 on SportsCenter," Bayne said. "That's always good for our sport. We look for these kinds of moments. NASCAR keeps talking about star power, and these are the kinds of moments that are going to help our whole sport. Not just Danica or our team, but our whole sport. The more eyeballs, it's all better for us. ... Even though we're just a second-place guy at this point, it's really cool. I think it is good all the way around."
I'm not a fan of Danica Patrick, but she certainly having a pretty good Daytona- other than her wreck she did not cause, she ran up with the leaders in the Daytona 500 qualifying race and now wins the pole in the Nationwide race, beating many veterans of Daytona, including her car owner, Dale Earnhardt Jr.
So, let's see how she does this weekend.  I might have to bite my tongue and say she belongs in NASCAR.

Sorry Heidi, But You Are Not The Only One

Yesterday, Las Vegas talk show host, Hedi Harris, was bragging that she was the only female talk show host in the country doing morning drive.  She said that she talked to people in the business and they all said she was the only one.
Well, there is another female talk show host doing the morning drive in the U.S. and her name is Laura Ingrahm, who, like Harris is a conservative.  I guess Heidi forgot to mention her because for an hour or 2, they are competitors, as Harris is 720 AM and Ingrahm is on 670 AM, both out of Las Vegas.
But still, Harris is almost unique and still does a pretty good job and worth listening to.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Sad

Just a couple of months after Hidden Hills Park in Henderson has opened, the City of Henderson has found it necessary to have to hire security guards to patrol the basketball courts and the skateboard park.  Today, they had to have 2 guards for the park area.
How sad that us taxpayers have to pay for the guards so soon after the park opened, but apparently there have been some fights and graffiti at the park.  After all, this is Henderson and nice area of Henderson at that, not the inner city of Las Vegas.

1 Year Ago In Wisconsin

The unions were wrong last year and they have been proven wrong this year.  The unions don't even argue that Walker was union busting anymore, all they complain about is the jobs being lost in Wisconsin (shouldn't they complain about to Obama about that?)
2011 was an embarrassing year for the Democrats and union thugs and it will continue in 2012.

Welcome To NASCAR, Danica

Patrick actually ran a pretty good race and the crash wasn't her fault, but welcome to Sprint Cup racing, Danica Patrick.

Extreme Liberal, Patrick Coolican Makes A Fool Of Himself Again

Patrick Coolican, the Neanderthal extreme liberal of the Las Vegas Sun is bitching and moaning about the lack of staff in the College of Southern Nevada's Occupational Therapy and Therapy Assistant (COTA) program and the possible elimination of the programs:
There are 122 job openings for occupational therapists in Southern Nevada and another 78 openings for occupational therapy assistants.
People trained in the field help the disabled or people undergoing physical or cognitive changes become active and independent. Patients often include disabled children and older adults. We have many people in these categories and not enough therapists to treat them.
More frustrating than that, the state’s only accredited occupational therapy assistant program, at the College of Southern Nevada, is on probation from an accreditation board and in danger of going extinct.
So, what is the reason for the possible loss of the program?  Here is what Coolican, (the Neanderthal) says: Given the college’s $123 million operating budget, I wondered why CSN can’t come up with an extra $10,000 or $20,000 for each position to recruit qualified candidates. Spokeswoman K.C. Brekken explained the problem in an email: “Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. CSN salaries are set by a salary schedule established for all of the community college employees through the Nevada System of Higher Education.”
And what Coolican refused to write is that these salaries are the result of unions representing the teachers/professors.  Now why would the extreme liberal, Patrick (the Neanderthal) Coolican refuse to write this?  Well maybe he thinks unions do no wrong?
what a pathetic excuse of a writer, Coolican, the Neanderthal, is.

Justice Las Vegas Style

From the LVRJ: Clark County's chief judge on Thursday tossed a contempt case against the 54-year-old mother of a murder defendant who was held in jail for 10 days without bail or a hearing for borrowing a juror's cellphone during the trial.
Gina Dotson, of California, was arrested in January for contempt after District Judge Michelle Leavitt learned of the incident and feared it could lead to jury tampering.
Nevada law calls for an immediate hearing when a judge issues a contempt order. However, Dotson was not given a hearing at the time of the incident.
At least three hearings before Leavitt were scheduled and delayed during the 10-day period, while Dotson languished in jail violating criminal procedure that mandates in-custody defendants appear before a judge 72 hours after being arrested. She was finally freed Feb. 2.
After Chief Judge Jennifer Togliatti dismissed the case Wednesday, Dotson's attorney Alzora Jackson said "the judge (Leavitt) violated the law" and called the situation "improper."
Dotson's only chance to be heard in the case will likely have to come through a civil lawsuit.
Leavitt has said she didn't want to hold a hearing unless Dotson had an attorney representing her. She said she referred the case to the public defenders office. "I can't control what an attorney does after I appoint them," Leavitt said at the fourth scheduled hearing on the matter on Feb. 2.
Dotson was contacted by a deputy public defender one time by phone while in the Clark County Detention Center.
Unlike what other people think, I think the murderer's mom did ask the juror for his cell phone on purpose and what does it say about the jury pool that the juror in question asks for a cigarette in return?
But the mom should never been held in jail without a hearing.  But in 99.9% of the cases, you cannot sue a judge because they are immune.  Maybe in this case, it will be the .1% and the public defenders office isn't innocent in this matter either.  They should have worked harder to get her released.
But welcome to justice, Las Vegas style.

So, Where Is Our Apology?

Today, President Obama kissed the ass of the Afghanistan people and it's president when he apologized for the buring of an already descreated Koran.
From Fox News: As protests rage across Afghanistan for the third day in response to the burning of Korans at a U.S. military base, some are questioning whether the parade of apologies from the U.S. government may do more harm than good. 
The latest installment came Thursday, when the U.S. ambassador delivered an apology letter from President Obama to Afghan President Hamid Karzai. That follows apologies from Afghanistan commander Gen. John Allen, the White House, NATO's International Security Assistance Force and other Pentagon officials. 
The backlash began after Korans were burned with garbage at a military base in Afghanistan. Officials said they were removed from the detention center library because the detainees were using them to pass secret and what were described as "extremist" messages to one another. Afghans stepped in to rescue the books, though some were already burned. One official said it was a "breakdown in judgment, not a breakdown in our respect for Islam." 
At about the same time, 2 soldiers from NATO/American were killed by an Afghan soldier:  From the New York Daily News: Two American troops were gunned down by a man wearing an Afghan uniform in eastern Afghanistan Thursday, a U.S. official said Thursday.Mohammad Hassan, a local Afghan leader in Nangarhar province, says the shooting occurred outside an American base in the province during a riot against the Koran burnings. He says the gunman was an Afghan soldier.
The shooting is the latest in a rising number of attacks on NATO troops by Afghan police and soldiers or militants dressed in their uniforms.
So, Mr. Obama, 2 American soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier.  When are you going to demand an apology from Afghanistan and it's war lord president?
If you don't anything about this, President Obama, you just showed once again that you favor Muslims over United States soldiers.  And if, you Obama, don't do anything, you are just wasting space in the White House.  You need to leave either by impeachment for treason or quit because you suck as a president.
And if the GOP doesn't call Obama out on this issue, you are just as worthless as Obama and maybe you ought not be running for Congress or president.

Wow!! Ryan Braun Wins Drug Suspension Appeal

From ESPN: National League MVP Ryan Braun's 50-game suspension was overturned Thursday by baseball arbitrator Shyam Das, and a source told ESPN that Major League Baseball officials are livid over the decision.

Braun's case marks the first time a baseball player has successfully challenged a drug-related penalty in a grievance.
The decision was announced Thursday by the Major League Baseball Players Association, one day before the 28-year-old outfielder was due to report to spring training with the Milwaukee Brewers.
Braun tested positive in October for elevated testosterone, and ESPN revealed the positive test in December.

"I am very pleased and relieved by today's decision," Braun said in a statement. "It is the first step in restoring my good name and reputation. We were able to get through this because I am innocent and the truth is on our side.
"We provided complete cooperation throughout, despite the highly unusual circumstances. I have been an open book, willing to share details from every aspect of my life as part of this investigation, because I have nothing to hide. I have passed over 25 drug tests in my career, including at least three in the past year."
Braun didn't argue evidence of tampering and didn't dispute the science, but argued protocol had not been followed. A second source confirmed to ESPN investigative reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and T.J. Quinn that Braun questioned the chain of custody and collection procedure.
According to one of the sources, the collector, after getting Braun's sample, was supposed to take the sample to a FedEx Office for shipping.
But the source said the collector thought the FedEx Office was closed because it was late on a Saturday and felt the sample wouldn't get shipped until Monday.
As has occurred in some other instances, the collector took the sample home and kept it in a cool place, in his basement at his residence in Wisconsin, according to the source.
Policy states that the sample is supposed to get to FedEx as soon as possible.
Braun's initial T/E ratio was more than 20:1. Sources previously confirmed synthetic testosterone in his system. A source says MLB is livid and is considering options and other comment.
I have to say, I am surprised by this ruling.  I thought he would have been found guilty and was going to sit for 50 games.
This gives the Brewers a better than average chance of making the playoffs now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stupid Federal Court Ruling

From The city of Erie wants a federal judge to overturn the jury verdict that found the city discriminated against a firefighter when it fired her after she set a fire during a suicide attempt in 2006.
Gerald Villella, assistant city solicitor, filed a motion Tuesday asking U.S. District Judge Sean J. McLaughlin to rule that the firefighter, Mary Wolski, had failed to provide enough evidence to prove her claims.
Villella wants a new trial in the case, in which Wolski won back her job and more than $206,000 in back pay and other damages.
Wolski's lawyer, Paul Susko, is expected to file a response to the motion before McLaughlin issues his decision.
A jury unanimously ruled Feb. 6 that the city violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when it terminated Wolski in April 2007.
McLaughlin then immediately ordered the remedy: Wolski, he said, will get her job back, with back pay and seniority intact, as soon as the next available position is open.
The dispute stemmed from Wolski's Dec. 28, 2006, suicide attempt at her father's vacant home in the 1800 block of East 35th Street in the city of Erie.
Wolski, the city's first female firefighter, had fallen into a deep depression after her mother's battle with a staph infection and death in 2005.
Wolski was off work, under the care of a psychiatrist and taking six medications -- all of which had the potential to induce suicidal thoughts -- at the time of the suicide attempt.
Testimony indicated Wolski took a quantity of pills, then threw clothes into a bathtub and lit them, hoping to die by smoke inhalation.
When the heat became too intense, she threw a pan of water on the clothes, then left the bathroom and tried to use a knife to cut her wrists.
Of course, this is the type of firefighter you would want on your fire department: taking 6 psychiatric medicines, trying to commit suicide and committing arson and then try killing yourself again.
A firefighter committing arson should never be allowed to be a firefighter again.  And trying to commit suicide 2 times?  This is not the type of person you need to have at the firehouse or at the scene of a fire.  You just cannot trust a person who is so mentally unstable.
These are not the cases of the American with Disabilities Act was meant to have, but cases like this make the ADA more irrelevant and harms people with real disabilities and real discrimination.
Oh, and the judge?  He is a Bill Clinton appointee, so why am I not surprised?

Muslim Funeral Home Under Construction Burns, Collins Makes an Ass Of Himself

Very early this morning, a funeral home catering to Muslims that was under construction burned down today and Tom Collins, Clark County Commissioner made an ass of himself.
From the LVRJ: A fire that destroyed a construction site for a planned Muslim cemetery and funeral home Wednesday morning was a disappointing setback for the local Islamic community.
"Certainly the community was looking forward to it," said Dr. Aslam Abdullah, director of the Islamic Society of Nevada....
Clark County fire investigators did not release an official cause for the blaze as of Wednesday afternoon. The fire started about 1 a.m. at 4425 E. Cartier Ave., near Lamb Boulevard and Carey Avenue in northeast Las Vegas.
Authorities would not say whether the fire was a hate crime but acknowledged that was being investigated.
"Given the religion that's involved, we just want to make sure there's no implications," said Clark County Fire Chief Bertral Washington....
About 60 firefighters from multiple agencies worked to put out the two-alarm fire that engulfed the building. There were no injuries.
Officials from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also were investigating because of the site's religious connection. The FBI also was involved, a county spokesman said.
Abdullah said the mortuary was estimated to cost between $1.5 million and $2 million and was about halfway done. The frame of the building had been completed, and only plastering and the interior were left unfinished. The building was a complete loss, he said.
So, the future funeral home for Muslims burns down, was it arson?  No one knows.  But that didn't stop Tom Collins from making an ass of himself: Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins, who represents the area of the fire, issued a statement: “First, I would like to thank the 60 firefighters who battled this fire and express my relief that no one was injured. ... I am very concerned about what happened here. I have full faith and confidence in the investigators from the Clark County Fire Department and our partnering agencies to determine what caused this fire.”
So, Collins is very concerned what happened there.  What happened , Tom?  It was a fire that no one knows how it started.  Was it arson, perhaps.  But do we know who started it, if it was arson?  Maybe it was a hate crime, but why now?  It also could have been done for insurance money- construction had been halted for some time.  We don't know, but Collins makes it sound like something sinister happened but has no facts to back it up.
It is also interesting that the Las Vegas Sun basically killed this article from it's front web page and news sections.  ?You had to dig for the story from the Sun.  Could it be that the Sun is owned by Brian "The Coward" Greenspun, who is one of the biggest Jewish leaders in town, could it be that is the reason why the Sun hid the story?
Anyways, if it was arson and if it was done by someone who hates the Muslim religion, then that's not right.  I don't care for the Muslim religion, but you don't act Muslims do in the Middle East- act like hoodlums and thugs  We are more civilized than that.  But I doubt that it was a hate crime because why would they burn it now?  There was no construction going on and it's not like it would have opened in the next few months.  It just doesn't make sense.
And to Tom Collins, just shut your mouth because when you open it, you sound like an idiot.

Well, No Kidding

From Britian's Telegraph:The Treasury received £10.35 billion in income tax payments from those paying by self-assessment last month, a drop of £509 million compared with January 2011. Most other taxes produced higher revenues over the same period.
Senior sources said that the first official figures indicated that there had been “manoeuvring” by well-off Britons to avoid the new higher rate. The figures will add to pressure on the Coalition to drop the levy amid fears it is forcing entrepreneurs to relocate abroad.
The self-assessment returns from January, when most income tax is paid by the better-off, have been eagerly awaited by the Treasury and government ministers as they provide the first evidence of the success, or failure, of the 50p rate. It is the first year following the introduction of the 50p rate which had been expected to boost tax revenues from self-assessment by more than £1billion. 
Although the official statistics do not disclose how much money was paid at the 50p rate of tax, the figures indicate that it is falling short of the money the levy was expected to raise. 
A Treasury source said the relatively poor revenues from self-assessment returns was partly down to highly-paid individuals arranging their affairs to avoid paying the 50p rate.
“It’s true that SA revenues are a bit disappointing — it’s still early, but it looks like there’s been quite a lot of forestalling and other manoeuvring to avoid the top rate,” said the source.
And that just can't happen here in the U.S., now can it?

So, When Are They Going To Have White People.Com?

Lately, there has been a lot of commercials about different dating sites.,, and others.
So, when are they going to advertise for white or or (for all the E.T.s out there)
Just wondering.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sister Wives Cameras Invade Las Vegas School

Freak Show Cast (minus the kids)
From Channel 13 News: The Clark County School District is facing scrutiny over a recent decision to allow reality TV cameras inside an elementary school.
The show, Sister Wives, airs on TLC and documents the life of a polygamist family. The family lives in Las Vegas and cameras were recently granted access to film at a Valentine's day dance at Sheila Tarr Elementary School.
Not all parents are thrilled with the decision.
"It just did not feel right," says parent Justin Doucette. "It felt like an invasion of privacy and frankly it's just creepy."
A letter notifying parents of the shoot was sent home just two days before the dance leaving them little time to stop it and ultimately they were unsuccessful.
"I had about a 20 minute conversation with Amanda. It concluded with her saying specifically she has the ability to stop this from happening and that she was choosing not to," says Doucette.
The Amanda he's speaking of is Amanda Fulkerson, chief communications officer for the school district.
"We air on the side of openness," says Fulkerson. "This school district is going to be transparent and open."
She claims to have weighed the decision carefully before giving it the green light and says the content of the program, featuring a polygamist family, was not for her to judge.
"I am not in the business of making judgment calls, especially based on religious beliefs," says Fulkerson. "That's not our job. My job was to evaluate the request. I found it to be incredibly reasonable."
Compromises were made.

Fulkerson says the reality crew agreed not to name the school and no one was filmed without consent.
"They spent a very small amount of time at the school and, in fact, they arrived early to the dance to get the footage that they needed," adds Fulkerson
I'm sorry but the CCSD screwed up. 
Sister Wives is a reality based show on a supposed polygamist, though he really isn't.  He married one time and has a bunch of girl friends and the man has 16 children.  For more information:
Basically, Kody Brown is demanding that society accept his way of life.  Fine, but right now, this fool, Kody Brown, is doing everything to make people pissed off and that includes having TV cameras in elementary schools and at their dances.
If cameras are going to be present at a CCSD event, like a dance, each student attending needs to have a parent sign a permission slip saying that it is ok for the student to be videotaped.  If the parent doesn't agree, then the kid doesn't attend the event, plain and simple.
So, the Clark County School District district decided to side with this freak, Kody Brown, over the students at the elementary school where the dance took place.  This wasn't a question of transparency but a question of being on TV.  Some parents want their kids to be on TV while others don't.  Some government agencies in the Las Vegas area also want to be on TV.  CCSD likes being on TV, for good or bad and  CCSD sided with the kids who want to be on TV and that is a shame. 
Sister Wives could have survived without the cameras at the elementary school dance, but they, the show and the freak Kody Brown and his wife and girl friends, want to push their agenda.  CCSD has to hang it's head in shame for the choice they made- choosing a freak over the students.
How sad: Sister Wives don't let cameras where the supposed "wives" work but they want the cameras in an elementary school.  How sick is that?  And CCSD allowed this and that is a shame.