Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where To Buy Powerball Lottery Tickets If You Are In Las Vegas

Even though Nevada and Las Vegas is the gambling capitol of the country/world, you cannot buy lottery tickets in Nevada.
But you can buy lottery tickets if you are willing to travel.
Of course, you can go down to Primm, on the California/Nevada border, on the I-15, but if you go there, plan on waiting at least a couple of hors or more in line.
However, if you travel south on Hwy 93, out of Henderson, through Boulder City and by the Hoover Dam and into Arizona, you can buy some tickets and not wait in a long line.
The first stop is at the Las Stop store/restaurant, around mile marker 30 or or.  It's a little tourist trap store but they sell lottery tickets but my guess is that since this is the first place in Arizona, it will be crowded this coming week.  We waited in line for less than 10 minutes to buy some tickets today, which isn't too bad.
Then, if the line is to crowded, you can go down the road another 15 miles or so, to Dolan Springs, which is about 50 miles from Henderson, and you can buy lottery tickets at several locations.  I'm sure the lines there will be quite small there.
Finally, if you feel adventurous, take Hwy 95 and go to Kingman or Lake Havasu City and you will find plenty of places to sell the lottery tickets.


  1. Thank you! I'm from Missouri and we moved to Las Vegas for my husband's work. I want to buy him/us some powerball tickets and after reading about people waiting in line for hours at Primm, I was disappointed and wondering if the stores near Arizona would be awful and not worth the trip. You gave me hope!

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for the info on where to buy tickets... Live in Las Vegas but will totally travel for a lottery like this!
    Wish me Luck :)

  3. I am looking to catch a ride to AZ, to buy some powerball lottery tickets. Would be willing to help pay for gas.



  4. Thanks Dan! We recently moved here from New York and we really miss the lotto! Guess we're taking a road trip today!

  5. You can't buy Powerball in primm. Cal is not linked with it, only Mega Millions. Found that out last week after traveling there

  6. No lines in Dolan Springs!

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  8. thanks so much i'm there after work today yep yep

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