Friday, November 30, 2012

Scam Artist Should Have Seen This Coming

I don't like coming to the defense of idiots, but in the case of Lindsay Lohan, I'm making an exception.
From the San Fran Chronicle: The woman allegedly assaulted by Lindsay Lohan in a New York club on Thursday morning has accused the actress of hurling a racist insult at her moments before the fight erupted.
Tiffany Mitchell, 28, a psychic, was out with a friend at Club Avenue night when Lohan made an appearance.
Mitchell reveals she had a premonition about Lohan and approached her inside the club to offer her a free reading, but the star turned her down saying, “Give me my space.”
The psychic claims that as she walked away, her friend heard Lohan call her a “[bleeping] gypsy.”
Mitchell’s pal and Lohan briefly exchanged insults and then the troubled actress allegedly lashed out, apparently punching the psychic in the face.

Police were called and the star was arrested for assault.
Mitchell’s husband tells, “We are not gypsies … it was a racist comment. Just because your career went down the drain and your new movie sucks, you can’t go around beating people up.”
First, if this scam artist of a "psychic" had a premonition about Lohan, then how come she didn't have a premonition about Lohan hitting her?
But the biggest thing is why this dumb scam artist thought it was ok to go up to Lohan and give her a psychic reading without being asked?  Apparently, no one has taught this scam artist a thing or two about having some manners and being courteous to others.
You may not be a gypsie, Ms. Mitchell, but you certainly are a scam artist bitch and I don't blame Lohan from punching you.

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