Monday, November 26, 2012

Pawn Stars Review: November 26, 2012

Well, I hope everyone in the U.S and maybe abroad had a nice Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Of course, the talk around the water coolers is about winning the Powerball lottery, which will be at least $425,000,000.
Tonight has 2 new episodes of Pawn Stars:
In the first episdoe, the first woman brought in a pair of Papal slippers that was supposedly owned by Pope Leo XIII (13th).
She also had the skull cap from the Pope.
The lady got them from her aunt, who was a nun.   Time for an expert, Mark from Clark County museum.
Mark Hall-Patton came down and gave his story about the Pope.  
Funny- the lady used gloves to handle the Pope's artifacts but Mark went in and just grabbed the shoes without any gloves.  Mark's hands were shaking when he was handling the shoes and skull cap.
But Mark could not verify 100% that it belonged to the Pope but was 75% sure they were real.
Rick did  not make an offer because he was not 100% sure they artifacts belonged to the Pope.
The second guy brought in a Smith and Wesson Model 2.
The gun was built after the Civil War.  The guy wanted $1000 and Rick offered $700 and then $750.  If it had been a Colt, the gun could have brought more.  Rick then offered $775 and that was the selling price.
The story line of the show was about how much coffee the Old Man drinks.  He actually drinks a pot of coffee before work and drinks 15-20 cups a day.  Rick tried to give the Old Man some decaf coffee to cut down on the Old Man's caffeine, but the Old Man noticed.
The next guy brought in a drivers license from Slash of Guns and Roses.
Slash's real name is Saul Hudson.  It was a California driver's license.  The guy wanted $50,000 and Chumlee said he would call in Rick, (it was the night shift) in the middle of the night. (supposedly)  Rick came and offered $1000 and there was no sale.  He called the $50,000 an insane price. 
The next guy brought in Ava wood cutting saws.  They were a precursor to the chain saw, but didn't look a chain saw at all.  (more like a table saw)  The guy wanted $2500 and Corey offered $500 and the Old Man agreed.  The guy came down to $2000 and Corey offered $600 and there was no sale.
In the second episode, Rick and Chumlee went to see a 1956 Chevy race car, used in drag racing.  they said it was a Chevy 150 but it doesn't look like any thing like it.  It had a boat engine for it's motor.  He said the car can get up to 150 MPH.  It had the full roll cage.  It had a brand new engine and the car had not been tested.  The guy wanted $42,000 and time far expert, Danny.
Danny came in saw that the car was certified by the NHRA.  They started the engine, they said it ran smooth.  Danny loved the car and said it was difficult to say what it is worth.  The guy still wanted $42,000 and Rick offered $30,000 and then $35,000.  The guy went to $38,000 and Rick offered $37,000 and that was the sale price.
The story line of the night is Corey looking for a new job at another establishment (see last week's episode) because Corey's wants more responsibility in running the store.  Corey told them he wanted part ownership of the shop and he wanted 10% of the business.  Corey was offered a job with the competition.  It was not decided if he would get to be partner.
The next guy brought in a barbed wire  1941collection.  There were about 10 different kind strands.
Rick said there some serious barbed wire collectors out there (ok, where are they?).  The guy wanted $50 and that is what he got.
The next guy brought in a U.S. Navy Sextant, used to navigate the big ships inthe oceans.  It came from the USS Hector.
The guy wanted $390.  The Old Man offered $200 and Corey offered $250 and the selling price was $265.
The next guy came in with a Thurston sawing in half box.  They use the box to cut people in half.  The box came with a saw as well.
The guy wanted $3000.  Time for an expert, Murray Sawchuck, a Las Vegas magician, who plays at the Tropicana.
Chumlee was volunteered to be cut in half.  (Not sure how Chumlee fit in the box)  Murray said the box was not Thurston's box.  He said the box was not worth anything and so there was no sale.
Here is a video of Thurston sawing someone in half:

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