Sunday, April 19, 2015


Just remember ObamaClinton.
That will scare a lot of people who vote.

Once Again LV Sun Editor Shows He Is Brain Damaged

Coward Brian Greenspun has shown time after time, that he is brain damaged, with apologies who really are brain damaged.
Today's opinion article shows once again that he is a brain damaged idiot.
From the LV Sun:
From the mouths of babes — and into the hearts and minds of their mothers. Their grandmothers. Their aunts, sisters and cousins. The 2016 presidential election could shape up to mirror the instincts of a 6-year-old child.
But with all the ups and downs and good days and bad days to come over the next 18 months, this next election has less to do with what I think, feel and want than it does a far simpler truth. Fifty percent or more of the American voting public is female and, at the end of the day, I believe the women in our lives will do what women have done for centuries. They will let the men in their lives believe we are in charge and then they will do whatever is necessary to advance the interests of their families and their country.....
But you don’t have to ask me. I started this column with a reference to children, and I shall finish it by explaining what I mean.
My daughter, Amy, is working in the Clinton campaign as a fundraiser (fair warning, Las Vegas) so she needed to explain to her children what might be considerable absences from home. She explained she had an important job helping Hillary Clinton become the next president....
Yes, I know there is plenty more to a candidacy for president than just gender. But what I am suggesting is that all or most other things being equal, the opportunity for a woman to vote for a qualified person to be president, who is also a woman and, therefore, knows for the very first time the world in which women live, will be compelling.
Sadly, this is the mindset of most liberals and democrats.
They only support Hilary is because she has a vagina.
They support her, even though she already has been bought and paid for by hundreds of people and foreign governments.
They support her despite all of her's and Bill's scandals.
They support the Hildebeast even though she has done more to hurt women's rights than any GOP candidate.
The libs and dem's say they support women, but if a conservative woman, Like Condi Rice, they would change their tune and say we have to deal with issues instead of vaginas.
So, Greenspun shows once again he is a useless idiot and actually shows the liberals and democrats true colors by supporting Hillary, no matter what...Just like they support President Obama, no matter what.

Sometimes You Hunt, Sometimes You Are Hunted

From the NY Daily News: It was a fatal case of the hunter becoming the hunted.
Ian Gibson was trampled to death by an elephant that he was trying to kill for sport, reports the hunting website, Safari Classics.
Gibson was leading the hunt in Chewore North, Zimbabwe, when he spotted the bull elephant.
An experienced hunter, he tracked the elephant until he was just as little as some 150 feet away front the beast.
The elephant then turned and charged, trampling Gibson to death.
The death was announced by the Safari Classics website.
It wrote: "Ian was tragically killed by an elephant bull earlier today while guiding an elephant hunt in Chewore North."
It continued: "At very close range, Ian was able to get off one shot before the bull killed him. The scene was very graphic."
Gibson, a father, was hunting with a client, who was unhurt during the incident.
But his death received little sympathy online.
One person wrote simply: "Elephant 1 - scumbag 0."
So, the elephant decided that he wasn't going down easily and took on the hunter and the elephant won.
So, I don't feel sorry for the hunter- he took a big risk and lost.
If an elephant can kick the butt of a hippo, then the elephant can take on a hunter and their BB gun.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Boo To The LVRJ

Well, apparently the LVRJ gets offended when you say White Lives matter.
I made a comment about the girl who was murdered by some thugs after some girls asked her for some help.
So, I commented to the LVRJ that White lives matter, especially compared to the thugs that are killed by cops, after the thugs decided to fight with the cops.
Apparently, the LVRJ decided that this comment was not according to their standards and they deleted it.
What a bunch of idiots at the LVRJ.
Probably will be banned by these fools.

Don't Piss Off Wal-Mart

From Business Insider:
Wal-Mart suddenly closed five stores in four states on Monday for alleged plumbing problems.
The closures could last up to six months and affect roughly 2,200 workers in Texas, California, Oklahoma, and Florida, CNN Money reports.
Wal-Mart employees say they were completely blindsided by the news, having been notified only a couple hours before the stores closed at 7 p.m. Monday.
"Everybody just panicked and started crying," Venanzi Luna, a manager at a store in Pico Rivera, California, told CNN Money. 
All workers will receive paid leave for two months. After that, full-time workers could become eligible for severance, according to CNN Money. But part-time workers will be on their own. 
Local officials and employees have questioned Wal-Mart's reasoning for the closures.
According to ABC News, "no plumbing permits have been pulled in any of the five cities where the stores were suddenly closed for at least six months." The cities where locations were closed include: Brandon, Florida; Pico Rivera, California; Livingston, Texas; Midland, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.
A city official in Pico Rivera confirmed to CBS Los Angeles that the city has not received any permit requests for building repairs.
In Midland, Texas, where another store was closed, a city official told ABC News that his plumbing inspector was turned away when he visited the store and offered to help secure construction permits.
Wal-Mart plumbing technician Codi Bauer, who worked at the now shuttered store in Brandon, Florida, questioned the company's time frame for the repairs.
"Even if they had to replace the whole sewer line, it wouldn't take six months to replace a whole sewer line in that store," he told WFLA
We reached out to Wal-Mart for comment and will update when we hear back. 
Read more:
As a former employee of Wal-Mart, you are told from Day 1, you do not involve the union in the work place and these fools at Wal-Mart tried to test this Wal-Mart policy and they lost.
So, now, these pro-union people at these Wal-Mart stores, are you satisfied that you helped close down these stores?
And my guess is that when these stores, if they re-open, will have to re-apply for their jobs and those who protested will be no longer employed by Wal-Mart.
So, I hope these guys learned a lesson- you don't mess with Wal-Mart.
I wonder if McDonalds will learn this lesson from Wal-Mart, but I doubt it.  McDonalds is letting the union thugs walk all over them and now McDonalds is so expensive that a family can no longer afford going there.

White Lives Matter Too

From the LVRJ: The woman killed in a drive-by shooting Friday night was unconditionally kind and friendly to everyone, so it wouldn’t be out of character for her to help two females who police said were seeking aid, her boyfriend said Saturday.
Cassandra Lee Cassidy, a 24-year-old Las Vegan, was an “innocent bystander,” Metro said in a prepared statement.
She had just arrived to her shift at a house owned by Solutions Recovery Inc., a drug and alcohol recovery center with multiple houses around the valley, shortly after 10 pm., said Adam Loghides, her 26-year-old boyfriend.
Cassidy parked at the house, in the 1300 block of Westwind Road, near West Charleston Boulevard and Lindell Road, and encountered two “fearful” females who were asking for help, police said.
They told police later they were afraid of males in a car down the street, Metro Lt. Jeff Goodwin said Saturday.
The two-door white car occupied by multiple people approached Cassidy’s car while she was talking to the pair and at least one person in the car fired multiple rounds, fatally injuring Cassidy, police said. Then the car sped off.
The pair who had asked Cassidy to use her phone were not injured, Goodwin said. They knocked on a door to try to get help and then went into the backyard of the home, he said. Residents returning to that home found Cassidy lying on the driveway and called police.
Cassidy was critically injured by a gunshot wound and later was pronounced dead at University Medical Center, Metro Lt. Troy Barrett said Friday. She was identified by the Clark County coroner’s office Saturday.
Well, if Black lives matters, which they do, White lives matter as well and this is a case that says that this person's life is just as important, if not more important, than those thugs that were killed by the cops after the thugs decided to fight with the cops.

How Not To Run A free Give away...Or, People Are Greedy

Today, Cascade Paper, their Kingman, AZ branch decided to give away paper towels, toilet paper and napkins to the people of Kingman.
Well, that sounds nice except for the greed of Kingmanites and the stupidity/laziness of Cascade employees.
Cascades told the community that they were giving away the paper products from 8-12 noon today.
What they didn't tell you is that that they didn't restrict the amount of paper products you can get.
So, people with pick up trucks, trailers, U-Haul trucks and other large vehicles all showed up between 8-9:00 and grabbed all the free paper products they could stuff into their vehicles.  It was not unusual to see trucks with trailers leave with 30-40 cases of paper products each and who knows how much they stuffed into the U-Hauls.
People with mini-vans had paper products stuffed in all possible places, making it impossible to see except out the driver's side windshield and the driver's window.
And of course, by about 9:30, they ran out of all the freebies.
So, where the people who took so many products greedy, of course but they were just playing by the rules cascade set.
Did Cascade screw up- with out a doubt.  They decided that they were going to get done early and they didn't care who they gave their products to.
So, booo to Cascade for pissing off people who actually may need their products and instead gave it to some people who are probably going to resell it at swap meets and boo to people who were greedy and took more product than they needed.

Talking about Greed...

Talk about being greedy.
Now that it is tourist season on old Route 66, through Kingman, AZ., the gas stations on Hwy 66 (Andy Devine Hwy) have now jacked up their gas prices by about 25 cents in the past week, but the gas stations in other parts of Kingman have kept their prices steady.
so, on Hwy 66, you can pay up to $2.74 per gallon, when last week, you could have gotten gas on Hwy 66 at $2.25 at different stations.  Meanwhile, on the other side of town, on Stockton Hill Rd., you can get gas at $2.27.
So, nothing like gouging, not only tourists but also locals who support the gas stations, like Maverick, 365 days a year.

RINO's Roaming In Nevada

From the LVRJ: Republican and Democratic leaders in the Nevada Senate both expressed confidence Friday that the governor’s proposed business license fee hike will win approval early next week.
Senate Bill 252 has been sitting in legislative limbo on the secretary’s desk awaiting a vote in the upper chamber as a Tuesday deadline looms for passage.
“As of today I’m confident there will be a vote on Senate Bill 252 Monday or Tuesday and that it will pass,” Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson, R-Henderson, told the Review-Journal in a brief interview.
Roberson said he has been meeting with Democratic leadership over the bill but declined to say what’s been discussed.
State Sen. Aaron Ford, the Democratic minority leader, confirmed the ongoing talks and expressed his own optimism the bill will pass.
“We’ve had some discussions and those discussions will continue over the next few days and we’ll see what happens in that regard,” said Ford, D-Las Vegas. “But I share his confidence.”
Sandoval welcomed the news.
“I’m encouraged that the members of the Legislature are working together in an effort to modernize and invest in Nevada’s public education system. I will continue to meet with lawmakers, business owners, and community leaders to lay out my vision for a new Nevada which includes new revenue for education as well as meaningful reforms and accountability measures,” Sandoval said in an email statement.
“I’m hopeful that the Senate will pass Senate Bill 252 so we can continue this important discussion on this issue in the state Assembly.”
Yep, nothing like a herd of RINO's roaming in Carson City to lay out more taxes on businesses, raise the minimum wage- another hurt on business and other hurtful bills that hurt business in Nevada.
So, please tell me again why the GOP took over the Assembly and Senate in Nevada, when all the RINO's/GOP do is act like Democrats?
Seriously, why are the GOP even talking to the Democrats when they control both houses and the governor's office?

Friday, April 17, 2015

The FBI Out Of Control?

Thank goodness there is at least 1 honest Federal judge out there.
From the LVRJ:
A federal judge ruled Friday that FBI agents violated a wealthy Malaysian businessman’s privacy rights when they entered his Caesars Palace villa posing as repairmen to secretly gather evidence before conducting a raid in an international sports betting investigation.
U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon also upheld a federal magistrate judge’s recommendation to toss out evidence in the high-profile case because of misrepresentations and omissions FBI agents made in a search warrant affidavit seeking permission to raid the multimillion-dollar betting operation last July.
The businessman, Paul Phua, is facing illegal gambling charges stemming from the raid.
“It’s a great day for American citizens and Mr. Phua in that the rights of privacy and freedom were upheld by the court,” said David Chesnoff, one of Phua’s lawyers.
Chesnoff and fellow defense attorneys Thomas Goldstein and Richard Schonfeld had argued that the ruse was unconstitutional. Gordon agreed in his 22-page decision on Friday.
Gordon said the unprecedented ruse took away Phua’s Fourth Amendment rights to be free from “unreasonable” searches and seizures, and the judge barred prosecutors from using any evidence agents obtained as a result of it.
“This case tests the boundaries of how far the government can go when creating a subterfuge to access a suspect’s premises,” Gordon wrote. “Here the government disrupted the Internet service to the defendant’s hotel room in order to generate a repair call. Government agents then posed as repairmen to gain access to the defendant’s room and conduct a surreptitious search for evidence of an illegal sports betting operation.
“By creating the need for a third party to enter the defendant’s premises and then posing as repairmen to gain entry, the government violated the defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights.”
Luckily for this guy, he was able to hire some bright lawyers.
How many more people have been indicted because of FBI corruption and they didn't have a decent lawyer to help them out?

Just Wondering

Would the Kinks, an old, old rock group from the 1970's be dissed, protested against, boycotted etc. for their famous song, Lola?
The song is about a guy dissing a transgender male while out going out drinking and then inviting he/she/it back to his place and saying the he/she/it just isn't for him?
You be the judge:

No matter what, it's still a great song.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey Senile/Coward//Liar Reid: Prove You Didn't get Beat Up

Senile/Pathetic/Coward/Liar Reid denies he was beat up when he got injured around New Years Day, 2015.
Ok, Coward Reid- Prove it.
You said that Mitt Romney didn't pay income taxes before he ran for president.
Of course Liar Harry lied about Romney's taxes.
So, Coward Reid, prove you got hurt by some play equipment.
Release the daily log of the Capitol Police, the one's who guard Senile Harry and drove him to the hospital.
Release your medical records from the incident.
Release the investigative report by the Capitol Police on the incident.  When the former Majority Leader of the Senate is seriously hurt, no matter the cause, there should have been an investigation of some kind, with photo evidence.
So, Senile/Pathetic/Liar Coward Reid, prove your really got hurt they way you said it happened.
Or better yet, just tell the damn truth.

More Evidence That Reid Was Beat up

From Rush
Hinderaker writes:  "On Monday I got a phone call from a man named Easton Elliott. We talked briefly on Monday, and have had additional telephone conversations since then. Elliott*," with an asterisk, "is a businessman who lives in the Las Vegas area, and he thinks he knows what really happened to Harry Reid. This is the story as he related it to me."
Here you go.  Elliott, the caller, who wanted to speak to Hinderaker and me, "Elliott spent a portion of last New Year’s Eve at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Henderson, Nevada," which, for all intents and purposes, is Vegas.  "His AA group has meetings every hour on New Year’s Eve, along with a pot luck supper. There were approximately 20 people present at the meeting during the events," that you will next hear about. 
"Some time between 10:00 and 11:30 p.m., a man entered the meeting. His appearance was striking: there was blood on his clothing, beginning around his midsection. His left hand was swollen. He appeared to be somewhat intoxicated and was visibly agitated," and he wanted to share, at this AA meeting.
"He introduced himself as 'Larry.'  In a group discussion that was heard by a number of people, Larry said that he had just had a fight with a family member. Larry said he had been at a family get-together, and he didn’t remember much about the fight because he had blacked out. When he came to, he was rolling on the ground, fighting with a family member, and his clothes were bloody," and in fact that's how he showed up at the AA meeting.  "Now, he said, he was frightened that the Secret Service would come after him."...
So here you have these people at the AA meeting who don't know this guy. He walks in for the first time ever and says his name is Larry.  He's drunk. He's bloody. His left fist, his left hand is swollen, and he says he just had a fight with a family member. He blacked out, came to, wanted to come to the meeting, and is looking for a place to hide out because he fears the Secret Service is gonna be coming after him. 
Now, according to the guy talking to John Hinderaker and me, the group did not take the Secret Service reference seriously.  They thought that it was just some conspiracy kook that was drunk that wandered in and for some reason needed the comfort of an AA meeting.  They all did agree that it was obvious he had indeed been in a fight, but they thought the Secret Service was tinfoil hat type stuff. 
So this guy, Larry, "stayed for the rest of the meeting, and for a while afterward. There is a front room where coffee is served, and he remained there for a while. At some point during that time, he asked whether anyone could give him a ride to Searchlight. Larry’s appearance at the AA meeting was memorable, as references to fighting, bloody clothes and so on are extraordinary in that group." It's not something that happens at every AA meeting. 
And the guy we were talking to, Easton Elliott, he didn't think much more about this guy, Larry, until several weeks later when "he saw a newspaper story about Larry Reid, Harry Reid’s brother, being arrested for DUI and assaulting a highway patrolman. The story was accompanied by a photograph, and Elliott --" again, the guy talking to John Hinderaker and me "-- immediately recognized Larry Reid as the 'Larry' who had attended the AA meeting," weeks previous, who was drunk, who was bloody, who had a swollen left fist, and claimed he had been in a fight with a family member and was worried the Secret Service was gonna follow him. 
Then everybody said, "Whoa, wait a minute!  The guy who came in here who we thought was a kook is Harry Reid's brother?"  So they started putting two and two together because this story's accompanied by a photograph. Easton Elliott "immediately recognized Larry Reid as the 'Larry' who had attended the AA meeting on New Year’s Eve. Putting that fact together with news stories about Harry Reid being admitted to a hospital on New Year’s Day, and with Larry’s references to the Secret Service, he concluded that the family member with whom Larry fought was Harry Reid. He also knew that Harry Reid’s home is within a short distance of the location of the AA meeting."
So these guys at the AA meeting who think a kook came in, weeks later see his picture in the paper after being arrested for DUI, and, lo and behold, it's Harry Reid's brother.  So now they are starting to think they know what happened to Harry Reid:  Family fight and his brother beat him up.  Larry Reid is 73, a short, pugnacious guy, and is a well-known brawler, by the way, subsequent research has indicated.
I've been the first one saying that Reid is lying about his injuries.
If he truly was injured by some play equipment, then the Capitol Police would have no problem calling an ambulance, especially considering  the very serious injuries Senile Reid suffered.
But the U.S. Capitol Police and Senile Reid did not want an investigation by the ambulance or the local cops because something else happened, like Coward Reid being beat up.
So, please LVRJ and John Smith, the local political reporter or Jon Ralston, who is supposed to be a political watchdog in Nevada, please investigate the lying Liar Harry Reid.  It cannot that tough to do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bucks Make The Playoffs

My favorite team in the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks have made the playoffs, 1 year removed after a disastrous 2013-14 season.
The Bucks are in the playoffs and will face the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs.
Look for the Bucks, who won 40 games this year and only 15 games last year, to take a few games from the Bulls though I doubt they will take the series.
So, congrats to the Bucks for a really good season, for Milwaukee, and let's see what they do in the playoffs.

Hillary Lies Again

And the lies just keep on coming.
From BuzzFeed News:
Speaking in Iowa Wednesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that all her grandparents had immigrated to the United States, a story that conflicts with public census and other records related to her maternal and paternal grandparents.
The story of her grandmother specifically immigrating is one Clinton has told before. Clinton’s sole foreign-born grandparent, Hugh Rodham Sr., immigrated as a child.
“Her grandparents always spoke about the immigrant experience and, as a result she has always thought of them as immigrants,” a Clinton spokesman told BuzzFeed News. “As has been correctly pointed out, while her grandfather was an immigrant, it appears that Hillary’s grandmother was born shortly after her parents and siblings arrived in the U.S. in the early 1880s.”...
All of the Clinton’s grandparents were born in the United States, “with the exception of Hugh,” Megan Smolenyak, the article’s researcher said. Smolenyak noted seven of Clinton’s eight great-grandparents were immigrants
Donnie Radcliffe, the Washington Post reporter who chronicled first ladies and wrote a biography of Hillary Clinton tells a similar ancestry, tracing only Hugh Rodham Sr. as foreign-born.
It is not news that Hillary lies- everybody knows that.  and she is trying desperately to seem like an common woman, which she is not.
The big question is this:  Who leaked this information to Buzz Feed News?
Was is a democrat, loke O'Malley from Maryland or a Republican?
My guess it is a democrat because if it was a GOP candidate, they would have waited until 2016 and closer to the election to spring the news.
Right now, whoever leaked the story to BuzzFeed, thinks there should be a primary race for the Democrats.
My guess it is either O'Malley or Joe Biden, who just got stiffed by Clinton and Obama.

Well, Reid Is Right About 1 Thing

From the Washington Examiner:
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who recently announced plans to retire, rebutted conservative media speculation on Wednesday that his severe injuries are the result of a run-in with the mob.
On CNBC's "Speakeasy," host John Harwood asked Reid about theories put forth by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and Breitbart News that the injuries Reid sustained at the beginning of this year, including a blow to his right eye, are not, as he has said, the result of an accident involving elastic exercise equipment.
"The last few days, a bunch of people are saying, Reid, he didn't have an exercise accident, he got beat up by the mob," Harwood said.
It shows the credibility of Rush Limbaugh, he's the guy that got all this started," Reid replied. "Why in the world would I come up with a story that I got hurt in my own bathroom with my wife standing there? How could anyone say anything like that? And I think a lot of people, as I read, they kind of don't like me as a person and I think that's unfortunate."
Doubts within conservative media over Reid's version of events — that he was smacked in the face by an elastic exercise band that broke, causing him to fall down — date back to almost immediately after the New Year's Day incident. John Hinderaker of the conservative Power Line blog speculated on Jan. 6 that Reid "looks like he has been in a fight, and not with an elastic band." He wrote, "[P]erhaps Reid is an unsteady, elderly gentleman with precarious balance, and a snapping band caused him to fall with what seems like extraordinary force. But I doubt it. I think it is questionable whether we are being told the truth about what happened to Harry Reid."
Well, Senile/coward/Liar Reid is right about 1 thing, these charges are made by people who don't like Reid as a person and I am in that category.
I am 99.9% sure Reid is lying and is covering up what happened.  I don't know if he got beat up or not but something other than an exercise happened.
My evidence: Reid suffered major injuries and he should have been taken to the hospital by ambulance.  His security goons squad transported him to the hospital themselves, which could have made Reid's injuries even worse.
Why didn't they call an ambulance?
Because then an ambulance report would have been made and the truth may have come out.
Instead, they risked Reid's health and took him to the hospital in an SUV.
Finally, Reid did not say in the article that the accident actually did happen the way he said it did.  He just ripped Limbaugh and others and asked why he would he make it up.  He never said the alleged accident actually did happen.
So, to Senile Reid, man up and tell us what really happened because you are lying.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another Liberal City, More Murders Of Black People

From jsonline, Milwaukee: Milwaukee police were called to a homicide on Tuesday afternoon — the sixth recorded in the city since Sunday.
The killing on Tuesday afternoon brings the city's homicide total to at least 42, compared with 14 as of the same week last year.
The death at N. 28th and W. Melvina streets on Tuesday was suspicious and initial reports indicated it was a homicide, according to the Milwaukee County medical examiner's office.
Milwaukee police reported a shooting in the area about 2 p.m. No additional details have been released.
Earlier in the day, a 24-year-old man was stabbed to death in a domestic violence incident and a 30-year-old woman was arrested in his slaying, police said. The homicide was reported about 7:20 a.m. Tuesday near N. 13th and W. Locust streets.
Milwaukee is a liberal city, which is poor, except in only a few areas.
The city, where I used to live, used to be fairly conservative, but with school busing, white flight occurred out of the city and the city was taken over by minorities and liberals who occupy the east side of Milwaukee.
Now, the city is run by liberals.  You have a mayor is more concerned about a trolley through downtown, the police chief is concerned about illegal guns and crime figures that are exaggerated and worried about firing a cop who killed a black man after the black man attacked the officer and other liberal ideas that destroy other cities.
So, now, the thugs have taken over Milwaukee and especially black thugs, with most of the murder victims being Black.
So, another liberal city, where Black lives really don't matter, especially when black thugs kill other Black citizens.

How Windy Was It Today?

Today, it was very windy in Northern Arizona and much of the desert Southwest and West.  We had winds of 50 mph or more in our area.
But it was so windy, at the elementary school I worked at, 2 kindergarten kids were swept up in the winds and were last seen flying through the air, going down Historic Hwy 66, towards Peach Springs.
Yeah, I'll keep my day job... no I'm not but more on that later.

Educators Gone Bad...But This Much Prison Time?

From the Las Vegas Sun: All but one of 10 former Atlanta public school educators convicted in a widespread conspiracy to inflate student scores on standardized tests were sentenced to jail time Tuesday, and the judge called the cheating scandal "the sickest thing that's ever happened in this town."
Despite their lawyers' pleas for probation and community service, the remaining eight received harsher sentences, ranging from one to seven years in jail. They are expected to appeal and will be free on bond while the appeals are pending.
A state investigation found that as far back as 2005, educators from the 50,000-student Atlanta school system fed answers to students or erased and changed answers on tests after they were turned in. Evidence of cheating was found in 44 schools with nearly 180 educators involved, and teachers who tried to report it were threatened with retaliation.
In 2013, 35 educators were indicted on charges including racketeering, making false statements and theft. Many pleaded guilty before the trial, and some testified at the monthslong trial. The jury acquitted one of the 12 former educators who went to trial and convicted the other 11 of racketeering...
For them, Baxter went above prosecutors' recommendations of three years imprisonment. He ordered them to serve seven years in prison with the remainder of a 20-year sentence on probation, 2,000 hours of community service and a $25,000 fine.
During sentencing, Baxter called the cheating "pervasive."
"It's like the sickest thing that's ever happened in this town," he said.
Ok, what these teachers did was bad and unethical.
But to go to prison for 7 years for the cheating seems to be a bit excessive, especially since they really didn't gain financially for the cheating and violent criminals and bank robbers also receive less prison time.  Further, with Obama and his treatment of illegals and letting people who knowingly break our laws, often many times over not only stay out of prison but are rewarded with citizenship, this punishment seems to be excessive.
And for the judges comment: "It's like the sickest thing that's ever happened in this town," he said., well, that seems to be a little crazy.  How about all the murders in the Atlanta area, including the murders committed by Wayne Williams, when he killed around 28 young men/kids.
And then there was Mark Barton who killed 12 people and injured another 13 in 1999 in a 1 day killing spree.
So, the sickest that ever happened in Atlanta?
I doubt it.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Black Lives Matter: No They Don't

From jsonline-Milwaukee:
A gunman, apparently enraged that a van had struck a 2-year-old boy Sunday on Milwaukee's northwest side, not only "assassinated" the driver of the van — in the words of Mayor Tom Barrett — but cut down the toddler's brother, who had rushed to the scene.
Archie Brown Jr., 40, was driving the van about 5:10 p.m. Sunday in the 4600 block of N. 48th St., near Wahl Park, when he hit 2-year-old Damani T. Terry, who had darted into the road, according to Milwaukee police.
Brown immediately jumped out and — by all accounts — was grieving and upset as he stood over the body. Rasheed T. Chiles, 15, who had been attending a party at a nearby house with his toddler brother, was at the scene as well.
A gunman shot and killed Brown, according to police.
"Someone got angry," Barrett said. "Someone took a gun and basically assassinated this gentleman."
Chiles also was hit, according to Barrett, and died during surgery Sunday night.
Milwaukee police continued on Monday to work on identifying the shooting suspect.
In the late afternoon, Attorney Michael Hupy offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who pulled the trigger. An upset Hupy said it was the fourth time he has offered a personal reward in a murder case. 
Monday's shooting death has brought the city's homicide total to 40 for the year, up from 14 at the same time last year. Many of the victims and suspects knew each other and most of the victims — at least 31 — were African-American, Barrett said.
All the victims in this sad case are Black.
But the no snitch policy in Milwaukee is alive and strong as the cops still has not arrested anyone in the shootings.
There were witnesses to the shooting and there are people who know who the shooter is but they won't give up the shooter.
So, if all Black lives matter, why isn't there national outrage that two innocent Black people were murdered in cold blood with people know who the shooter is and no one is coming forward?
So, to the tools and fools, along with the racist brothers of Barack, Eric, Jesse and Al, why are you not taking a stand on this?
Because to them, when a Black thug kills a Black person, it is acceptable and no big deal, except maybe to the immediate family.
But these fools and tools and racist brothers protect the guilty and let Black thugs get away with murder.

There Is A Special Place In Hell For This Guy

From the LVRJ: Police say a Phoenix man caused first- and second-degree burns to both hands of his 6-year-old special needs daughter by intentionally pressing her hands onto the hot stove.
Police said the child was examined by a forensic medical expert after the incident that happened between March 16 and March 27. The girl’s father, Timothy Auger, was interviewed by police and police say he admitted to grabbing his daughter’s wrists and pressing her fingertips on the front of the stove in an attempt to show her it was hot.
Auger, 59, said he did this on more than one occasion with the most recent happening two days before the victim told someone about the abuse.
Auger is charged with felony child abuse.
I'd say this guy is a thug but that would be insulting thugs- this guy is more like a devil, an evil person and I hope he rots in jail for a long time or gets a cell mate who will abuse him just like he did to this poor child.

What Do The Following Thugs Have In Common?

Michael Brown
Eric Garner
Walter Scott
Eric Courtney Harris
What do these thugs have in common?
1.  They all fought with cops.
2.  They were all shot dead by the cops.
And there are many more out there, that fought with the cops and now they are dead.
Lesson learned?
Don't fight the cops and you will not be killed by the cops.
Finally, the last thing these thugs have in common?
The world is a better place with these thugs out of the DNA pool

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sad, But Ironic

From the Officer Down Memorial Page: Patrolman Scott Thompson suffered a fatal heart attack while working out in the police department gym as part of its wellness program.
He was transported to Community Medical Center where he passed away.
Patrolman Thompson had served with the Manchester Township Police Department for 17 years. He had previously served with the Seaside Park Police Department, South Toms River Police Department, and Lakehurst Police Department for a combined 12 years. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Read more:
Ironic that these supposed wellness programs also hurt and now kill people.
RIP to Patrolman Thompson and prayers to his family, friends and department.

Hillary Announces: 18+ Months Of Hillary, Hillary, Hillary

Another reason why Hillary Clinton will lose the 2016 election:
18+ months of Hillary, Hillary, Hillary and more Hillary in the news, advertisements, talk shows, TV shows and other media. 
People are going to get sick and tired of Hillary.
The only way the GOP can lose the election is if the nominate Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and maybe Rand Paul.
Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and maybe couple other middle of the road to conservative candidate.

Well, Hillary Was Right About 1 Thing

From the Daily Mail UK:
The campaign's official announcement to reporters, perhaps finished in haste, included an embarrassing mistake in the omission of a key word.
Hillary, it said, has 'fought children and families all her career.'
Read more:
Yeah, pretty much, Hillary and the Democrats have fought kids and families during her career and the Democrats have fought against families and kids since the 1960's when Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why Obama Continues To Be The Dumbass President

Once again, Obama shows he is completely delusional and shows he really is not that smart.
From CNN: 2. He believes climate change is a public threat.
"No challenge poses more of a public threat than climate change," the President told me.
Apparently, Iran with nukes, ISIS, Muslim terrorism, the number of unemployed in the U.S., the inner city violence in the U.S., Black on Black crime, police violence, U.S. debt, World War III in the Middle East, problems with Israel, Syria, Social Security going broke, Yemen, the Kardashians along with Bruce Jenner, White House being hacked, China stealing trade secrets and threatening it's neighbors, Russia and Ukraine, the murder of thousands of Christians and so many more things.
Are those of least importance than climate change which is a false science anyways?
Yeah, Obama is delusional.

That's A Campaign slogan???

Hillary is about to announce that she is a candidate for president (I'll believe it when I see it).
And this is their campaign slogan;
“We Are Hillary For America.”
Umm, did they get a first grader to come up with that slogan?
First, Hillary is not one of us.  She is a multi-millionaire, charges $300,000 per speech at colleges and has nothing in common with the middle class or working families.
Second, I am a male, so that automatically eliminates me and the rest of the males in the United States as being a Hillary supporter.
So, please, could someone tell me one good reason why I should even consider voting for Hillary?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Was Harry Reid Beat Up??

Rumor has it that when Senile Harry Reid was severely injured a few months ago, he claimed that he was hurt when he was working out on some exercise equipment but the rumor is that in reality is, he was beat up instead.
From Breitbart: The leadership of the troubled, 1,800 person Capitol Police force is withholding information about the circumstances surrounding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) gruesome New Year’s Day injuries.
Breitbart News poked holes in Reid’s story that the injuries resulted from a home exercise accident that occurred when the exercise band that he attached to the shower door in his bathroom “broke and spun me around and I crashed into these cabinets and injured my eye,” as he claimed.
Breitbart News has also reported that virtually all of the information concerning the events surrounding the New Year’s Day injury and Reid’s subsequent hospital treatment that day has originated from Reid’s office. It insists the senator’s Capitol Police security detail was with him at his Henderson, Nevada home when the injuries occurred on New Year’s Day and transported him from his home to St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson for treatment.
Breitbart News has repeatedly asked the Capitol Police to verify this claim, and to provide a copy of the incident report filed by the security detail describing the events of that day. Breitbart News has also requested the Capitol Hill Police specifically detail the date and time of day the incident took place in Reid’s home, and the date and time of day Reid’s security detail transported him from his home to St. Rose Dominican Hospital.
Despite sending numerous phone and email requests for this information to the Capitol Police over the last several days, no such information has been provided.
On Friday, Breitbart News spoke on the phone with Capitol Police Public Information Officer Kim Schneider, who promised to provide that information to us shortly.
As of Monday, we have received no further response and have been provided with none of the requested information.
And this from the Gateway Pundit:
According to The Tatler and Power Line Blog Larry Reid is prime suspect in his brother’s beating.
On Monday I got a phone call from a man named Easton Elliott. We talked briefly on Monday, and have had additional telephone conversations since then. Elliott* is a businessman who lives in the Las Vegas area, and he thinks he knows what really happened to Harry Reid. This is the story as he related it to me:
Elliott spent a portion of last New Year’s Eve at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Henderson, Nevada. His AA group has meetings every hour on New Year’s Eve, along with a pot luck supper. There were approximately 20 people present at the meeting during the events described below.
Some time between 10:00 and 11:30 p.m., a man entered the meeting. His appearance was striking: there was blood on his clothing, beginning around his midsection. His left hand was swollen. He appeared to be somewhat intoxicated and was visibly agitated. He introduced himself as “Larry.”
In a group discussion that was heard by a number of people, Larry said that he had just had a fight with a family member. Larry said he had been at a family get-together, and he didn’t remember much about the fight because he had blacked out. When he came to, he was rolling on the ground, fighting with a family member, and his clothes were bloody. Now, he said, he was frightened that the Secret Service would come after him.
I for one, on the day the it was reported that Reid was severely injured, called the incident was BS:
These are serious and noticeable injuries.
Why wasn't an ambulance called?
By his rent a cops taking him to the hospital in serious condition, they risked hurting him even more or risked having him aggravating even more serious injuries.  He could have had become paralyzed, bled out and suffered cardiac arrest or other serious conditions.
So, what are they hiding?
If they called an ambulance, 1 ambulance would have been dispatched and probably a fire engine as well.  The cops may have been called out because it was Reid but I doubt it.
Why didn't Reid and his entourage want the firefighters to see him and why did they risk Reid's health?
Maybe because they would discover that the accident didn't happen the way he said it did?
Why did they not allow these professionals into his house?
Were they afraid the media would find out when they listened to the scanner and then the media would start asking questions?
So, what is Reid hiding?

So, what is the real story behind Reid's injury?
If he was assaulted and the doctors at the hospital knew about it, why didn't they contact the Henderson Police Dept. as required by law?
Reid got into some kind of fight or he had an accident that may cause people to question his cognitive ability.
And whatever happened, it certainly explains why he is not running for Senate again.
It would be nice if Reid could tell the truth for the first time in his life.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I'm Not Crying For Thug Killed By South Carolina Cop

A few days ago, a North Charleston cop shit and killed a Black thug who was running away from the cop.
The officer apparently fired 8 shots while the guy was running away from the cop.
Here is the video:

First, we don't know 100% what happened so, while it looks bad what the cop did, we don't know what all happened before the shooting.
Having said that, this is what I know for sure:
The Black thug would be still alive today if he had only followed the cop's orders.  He was pulled over for a minor traffic issue and the Black thug decided to run.
Don't know, but if he didn't run, there would be no video of him being shot because he would have gone home, or at least to jail.
We also know the Black thug has been to jail several times for failing to pay child support.
So, why was the Black thug running?  If we don't know, certainly the cop didn't know either.
So, I am going to let this play out.  If the cop killed the Black thug, so be it and send him to prison.
But again, if you run from the cops, it usually does not end well for you.

Women Are Not Created Equal

From the Marine Corp Times:
The two-and-a-half year period in which the Marine Corps' Infantry Officer Course became gender-integrated for research will end without a single female graduate.
The final iteration of IOC to accept female Marines on a volunteer basis began April 2 with two female participants. One was a volunteer and one was a member of the newly integrated ground intelligence track.
Both were dropped that same day during the grueling initial Combat Endurance Test, said Capt. Maureen Krebs, a spokeswoman for Headquarters Marine Corps. Nine of the 90 men who began the course were also cut.
IOC, held quarterly at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, began accepting female officers fresh out of training in September 2012 as part of a larger research effort into the feasibility of opening ground combat jobs to women. Lieutenants who made it through the legendarily tough 86-day course would not receive an infantry military occupational specialty or career advancement; they did it only for the challenge and the hope of being part of a historical Marine Corps achievement.
But as the research continued, few volunteers took advantage of the opportunity. By July 2014, only 20 female officers had attempted the course. Only one made it through the Combat Endurance Test, and none made it to the end.
In an effort to achieve their goal of 100 female volunteers cycling through IOC, the Marine Corps opened the course to female company-grade officers in October 2014, making hundreds more Marines eligible for the course. The Corps also began requiring that volunteers get a first-class score on the male version of the service's Physical Fitness Test in an effort to better prepare them for the rigors of IOC.
Some politicians and some other village idiots thought it was a good idea to allow women to try to become an Infantry Officer.
But thankfully, the Marines did not change their standards and because of that, no woman was able to pass the course.
If a woman was able to pass the course, more power to them but they didn't and once again, it shows, physically at least, women are not the same as men.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Poor Loser

Apparently, when liberals lose, they going crying to the courts if they don't get their way.
From the Wisconsin State Journal:
Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday to try and hold on to her leadership spot after voters approved a constitutional amendment that was likely to result in her demotion.
For the past 126 years, the chief justice position has gone to the most senior member of the Supreme Court. Since 1996, that has been Abrahamson. But the amendment approved by voters on Tuesday would instead allow the seven justices to decide who should be chief.
The liberal Abrahamson is expected to be voted out by the four-justice conservative majority.
Abrahamson, 81, argued in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Madison that the change should not be applied until after her current term ends in four years or if she leaves before then.
To have the selection process change immediately would shorten the 10-year term of office to which Abrahamson was elected as chief justice, she argued, and would therefore violate her constitutional rights to due process and equal protection rights.
She also is asking for a temporary restraining order to block the other six justices on the court from taking any action to remove her as chief justice.
The lawsuit names the other members of the court and top state officials charged with implementing the amendment. It was brought on behalf of Abrahamson and a handful of state residents who voted for her. Their votes, the lawsuit argues, will be “diluted and results of the 2009 election undone long after-the-fact, while the Wisconsin court system’s leadership will become unsettled.”
Read more:
First, Abrahamson is a liar.  When name was ont he ballot, it was not chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson... not Chief Justice Abrahamson... Not even Justice Abrahamson.  So, like a typical liberal, she lies.
She also now says that the majority of Wisconsin voters are so stupid that they didn't know what they were voting for.
So, once again, we have a cry baby liberal who lost and now she has to go running to her mommy court and complain and whine.
Just more evidence that liberalism is a mental disease.

Will These Fools Send The Same Letter To Hillary

Speaking of domestic violence hypocrites, these old biddies are now after Kurt Busch and NASCAR.
From ESPN:
The National Network to End Domestic Violence sent a letter to NASCAR this week critical of the sanctioning body's three-race suspension of Kurt Busch.
Busch was suspended indefinitely Feb. 20 after a Delaware family court commissioner issued a detailed opinion concluding that the preponderance of evidence over a four-day protective-order hearing showed that Busch had committed an act of domestic violence against ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.
The Delaware attorney general's office announced March 5 that it had declined to bring charges, citing concerns that with the available evidence and witnesses, it could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Busch had committed the act. NASCAR reinstated the Stewart-Haas Racing driver March 11.
The letter was sent Monday from the group's president and CEO, Kim Gandy, to NASCAR chairman Brian France and was critical over the short suspension as well as the waiver that allowed the 2004 Sprint Cup champion to miss races and still be eligible for the Chase for the Sprint Cup.
"NASCAR reversed [its suspension] even though the findings used to justify the suspension did not change," the letter states. "In fact, your organization did more than reinstate Mr. Busch, you also provided an exemption which allows him to participate in your points championship; leaving the perception that NASCAR regretted taking a stance against domestic violence."
The Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group also is asking for people to sign a petition on its website to urge NASCAR to take a stronger stance.
So, as written in the blog post below, will these old biddy liberals condemn Hillary Clinton for physically hurting Bill Clinton when Bill and Hill were in the White House?
Or are they a bunch of chicken shit liberals who only go after somewhat conservatives and leave liberals like Hillary alone?

More Evidence That Liberalism Is A Mental Illness

From Fox News:
A new book about the lives of first families, as told by White House workers, spans 10 administrations -- but it's the lurid tales from the Clintons' tumultuous eight-year stay that are capturing all the attention. 
The anecdotes are contained in “The Residence: Inside the Private World of The White House” by Kate Andersen Brower, whose book dropped just as Hillary Clinton is poised to announce her expected presidential campaign. 
he book chronicles such behind-the-scenes incidents as: 
  • Chelsea Clinton allegedly referring to Secret Service as "pigs," and explaining that's what "my mother and father" call them. 
  • An usher being fired from his $50,000-a-year job after Hillary Clinton became uncomfortable with him. The usher claimed the Clintons had problems with his contact with the Bush family, as former first lady Barbara Bush had called on him for help with her computer. 
  • Depictions of suspected fights at the residence between Bill and Hillary Clinton. 
  • The tale appearing to draw the most attention, though, involves an injury the president sustained at the White House. 
    In the book, a former staffer recalls getting a frantic call at the height of the Lewinsky scandal from a maid who “found blood all over the first couple’s bed.” The incident was explained away by President Clinton, who required stitches after the incident, as the aftermath of him running into a bathroom door in the middle of the night.
    But not everybody on staff was convinced.
    We’re pretty sure she clocked him with a book,” the anonymous worker says. Brower, a former White House reporter and Fox News producer, reported the incident occurred at about the time the public learned of President Clinton’s extra-marital relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky, which was in January 1988.
    However, the butlers appeared well aware of the roughly 18-month affair long before it was exposed. They frequently saw the young Lewinsky in the family movie theater and other parts of the residence, with one whispering, “That’s her -- that’s the girlfriend,” Brower writes....
    Brower writes that White House florist Ronn Payne says he was riding in a service elevator once and heard the first lady yell “goddamn bastard” at the president, and then a heavy object being heaved across a room.
    “The rumor among the staff was that she threw a lamp,” Brower writes. The butlers, according to Payne, were told to clean up the mess.
    So, those women rights/anti-domestic violence women and some men who demand that football players be castrated or worse if they are accused of domestic abuse, will they call for Hillary's head on a platter or will they excuse her behavior?
    Me, personally, I am getting really tired of the double standard between liberals and conservatives.
    President Obama literally has gotten away with murder and the liberals still support him.
    Hillary Clinton, and this has been rumored for years so it is nothing really new, apparently injured Bill in a domestic violence incident and the liberal women stay silent.
    No matter what Obama and Clinton do, the liberals will excuse them. 
    If Clinton and/or Obama would go up to someone, like a Rush Limbaugh, and shot them in the back of the head, completely unprovoked, most of the liberals would excuse their behavior and probably cheer Obama/Clinton on.
    That is why us conservatives say liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Tuesday, April 7, 2015

    Tell Me Again Why Liberals Support Hillary

    From Michelle Malkin:
    The new digs, however, couldn’t come soon enough for the roughly 35 staff members who have been based in New York — most of them volunteers with vagabond lifestyles.
    During the day, they’ve clamored for whatever work space is available, especially because Clinton’s small personal office in Midtown Manhattan isn’t big enough for more than 20 people.
    At night, most of the younger staff members are transients in the big city, staying on the couches of relatives, buddies and exes in Brooklyn and Manhattan, while preparations are being made for salaries, campaign-issued cellphones and apartments for the next 18 months.
    “I’m sleeping on my brother’s couch and working out of Starbucks,” says one soon-to-be Clinton staffer who requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak on behalf of a campaign that doesn’t yet exist.
    So, apparently Hillary doesn't believe in paying a "living wage" and she is basically acting like a slave owner as she abuses those people who support her.
    So, why do liberals support her?
    Damned if I know.
    Here is a picture of a slave auction that Hillary and Bill were part of:

    Seriously? Scott Walker Lectured By Obama?

    I think the last person to lecture someone about foreign policy is President Obama, especially if he lectures to Gov. Scott Walker.
    From the Washington Post:
    President Obama and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker traded barbs Monday after the president suggested that the likely Republican presidential candidate "bone up on foreign policy."
    Obama made the remarks in an interview with NPR published Monday, responding to a question from reporter Steve Inskeep about Walker's vow to undo a nuclear pact with Iran on his first day in the White House.
    In defending his administration's tentative framework with Iran over its nuclear program, Obama told NPR that he is confident that it does not need congressional approval. He added that he hopes lawmakers "won't start calling to question the capacity of the executive branch of the United States to enter into agreements with other countries. If that starts being questioned, that's going to be a problem for our friends and that's going to embolden our enemies."
    Obama added: "And it would be a foolish approach to take, and, you know, perhaps Mr. Walker, after he's taken some time to bone up on foreign policy, will feel the same way."
    First, Obama shows what he is a very bitter person when he called Walker "Mr. Walker" and not Governor Walker.  That shows that Obama has no respect for Walker or the governor's office in Wisconsin.
    If Walker had called Obama Mr. Obama, the left and Obama would say that Walker is racist and doesn't respect Walker's job as governor.
    And 2nd, Obama has been the leader while the world is collapsing around us.
    Ukraine and Russia.
    The Middle East and muslim extremism.
    The U.S. is always under constant threats of terrorism by radical muslims.
    North Korea and nukes.
    Iran and nukes.
    Iran walking all over the U.S. in it's talks about Iran's nuclear program.
    Christians are being slaughtered around the globe.
    The U.S. has little creditability among our allies.
    China threatening Japan and South Korea.
    Russia making threats against many of our allies.
    Obama's apology tours of other countries.
    And the list goes on and on.
    And Obama has the gall and nerve to criticize Walker about foreign policy when Obama doesn't know squat about dealing with other countries.
    Obama also wants to enhance his image after he leaves office, even though his policies hurt the U.S..
    But Obama lecturing Walker about anything is kind of comical and can only help Walker.
    I was lucky enough to take this picture of Gov. Scott Walker when he and his friends found out that Obama was lecturing him:

    LVRJ: What Are Editors?

    The LVRJ was just sold and they must have hired a Special Needs 5th grader to edit the LVRJ.
    From the LVRJ:
    A black teenager killed by police outside of Chicago over the weekend was shot twice in the back after attempting to steal an illegal handgun, officials and local media said on Monday.
    The Zion Police Department said in a statement that 17-year-old Justus Howell met with another teenager to buy the gun before trying to wrestle it away. The seller, 18-year-old Tramond Peet whose account was the basis of the police statement, said one round was fired during the struggle.
    Ok, kind of boring story nowadays.
    So, the editors at the LVRJ added a video to the story.
    And the video was...
    (no not porn or a video of strippers)
    The video was a story about a South Carolina cop was charged with murder for shooting a black man: S. Carolina police officer faces murder charge over shooting was the headline.
    Great editing, LVRJ.


    I hate to wish bad luck or a physical disability on anyone, with few exceptions.
    Senile Coward Liar Harry Reid is an exception.
    From the LVRJ: Sen. Harry Reid says he is “sightless” in his injured right eye, and has grown to accept that his vision loss could become permanent.
    In an interview this week, Reid, D-Nev., said he has undergone 11 hours of surgery to repair the eye and reconfigure bones surrounding it that were broken in an exercise accident in his home on New Year’s Day.
    “I am sightless in my right eye,” Reid told interviewer Jorge Ramos of the Univision Spanish-language TV network.
    “Are you afraid that you might not regain your eyesight?” Reid was asked, according to a transcript of the interview.
    “No, I’m over that, ‘cause I can’t see out of my eye, and that’s the way it’s going to be until something comes along that’ll change it,” Reid said.
    “Right now, I’ve had 11 hours of surgery,” Reid added. “They’ve tried. I can’t see out of my right eye. And that’s OK, I can live with that.”
    Reid said he has no depth perception, making it difficult to go down stairs. He said climbing stairs is not as bad.
    “So I’ve been very careful,” he said. “But it’ll adjust; your brain does good things for you.”
    Coward Reid has personally ruined many people's lives.
    He pretty much closed down Yucca Mountain by himself.
    He has closed down electric power plants.
    He has put over 10,000 people out of work.
    He slandered many people including Mitt Romney, Koch Brothers, conservatives and many more people he disagrees with, all in the name of politics.
    Reid has been unethical in pushing to get family members employed, either in government or in private business.
    He has been or should have investigated for receiving bribes.
    He puts politics ahead of his wife after she was in a bad accident and when she was diagnosed with cancer.
    So, Coward Liar Unethical Harry Reid loses his eyesight in 1 eye?
    Too bad too sad.

    Happy National Beer Day

    Today was National Beer Day and in my humble opinion, today should be a national holiday with a day off with pay.
    From Forbes:
    Happy National Beer Day!
    National Beer Day falls on April 7 and commemorates the day that beer was once again allowed to be legally manufactured and sold following a long, dry Prohibition. On March 22, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Cullen–Harrison Act into law which moved the U.S. away from Prohibition by allowing the manufacture and sale of beer which was approximately 4% alcohol by volume (just a little less than the average today) and some wines. After he signed, Roosevelt reportedly remarked to his aide, Louis Howe, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”
    Prohibition would officially remain in place for a few more months but the ability to drink beer and wine was worth cheering. Here are a few more facts about beer – and its close relationship to tax – to help you celebrate:
    1. Egypt was likely the first civilization to tax beer. Queen Cleopatra imposed a tax on beer in order, she claimed, to discourage public drunkenness, though it is widely believed that the tax was actually used to raise money to fund war with Rome.
    2. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the United States. As a country, we consume 205.8 million barrels per year, or about 20 gallons per person per year. In 2012, the federal government collected $9.7 billion in revenue from excise taxes on distilled spirits, beer, and wine.
    3. In 1695, Great Britain raised taxes on beer, making gin the cheapest beverage in England. Gin was taxed at 2d (about 2 pennies) per gallon, while beer was taxed at 4 shillings 9d (about 57 pennies) per gallon. The difference in price is considered the root of a serious drinking problem in the country in the 18th century, especially among the poor.

    Stupid Comment Of The Day

    From the Las Vegas Sun: Election day has arrived and all eyes are on the race for Las Vegas mayor, where incumbent Carolyn Goodman is looking to win a second term while fending off a strong challenge from fellow city council member Stavros Anthony.
    "The race is going to come down to whose people come out and vote," Goodman campaign manager Bradley Mayer said.
    Well, no kidding.

    End Of A Las Vegas Dynasty?

    Today is election day in Las Vegas and the mayor of Las Vegas is facing a serious challenge by Sarvos Anthony.
    From the Las Vegas Sun:
    Election day has arrived and all eyes are on the race for Las Vegas mayor, where incumbent Carolyn Goodman is looking to win a second term while fending off a strong challenge from fellow city council member Stavros Anthony.
    Both campaigns have ramped up their get-out-the-vote efforts in advance of today's primary election, with campaign advertisements flooding mailboxes and dozens of canvassers working the streets for both sides.
    "The race is going to come down to whose people come out and vote," Goodman campaign manager Bradley Mayer said.
    The media have been kissing Goodman's butt during this election and barely have run any stories about Stavos, mainly because he is more conservative than Goodman.
    So, if Anthony does win, it will be a huge upset and the end of the Goodman era in Vegas.


    John McCain should take the hint from senile Harry reid- Don't run for Senate when you are too old and need to be put out to pasture.
    From the Arizona Republic:
    Veteran U.S. Sen. John McCain will announce Tuesday that he will seek a sixth term in 2016.
    McCain, R-Ariz., plans to officially declare his bid for re-election during a speech before the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Arizona Biltmore resort in central Phoenix.
    "The reason why I want to seek re-election is that there's a lot more to do, both for Arizona and the country," McCain told The Arizona Republic during a late Monday afternoon interview in his Phoenix office.
    McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee and chairman of the influential Senate Armed Services Committee, for months has indicated that he was strongly leaning toward running again, but he no longer is leaving any room for doubt.
    McCain is a big time RINO and is no longer a sane human being, but he enjoys being power and thinks that the world revolves around him.
    However, there is some hope as there will be a primary opponent:
    State Sen. Kelli Ward, R-Lake Havasu City, is the potential candidate who so far seems most serious about possibly running against McCain in the primary.
    Dr. Kelli Ward is a wonderful choice to go against McCain and she stands a good chance of winning, even though the establishment GOP will do all they can to convince her not to run but if she does, they will then do their best to support McCain and trash Dr. Ward.
    So, to McCain, thanks for the memories but you are too damn old and senile to stay in the Senate.  And if you think there is more to be done, why haven't you done more in the past many years to solve this problem.
    Go, Dr. Kelli ward and defeat the RINO.
    See the RINO in it's natural state:

    Monday, April 6, 2015

    Close But No Cigar

    Well, the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team played a very good game in the NCAA championship game but Duke was the better team tonight, as the Blue Devils defeated the Badgers 68-63.
    Unlike Kentucky, who were clearly sore losers, the Badgers showed class in their defeat... and the Badger fans did not riot in the streets after the loss.
    Josh Gasser stood with his hands on his head in disbelief, confetti falling all around him on the court.
    The final seconds of the senior guard’s 4,774th minute played as a member of the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team had just ended with a final buzzer, and Gasser couldn’t believe it was ending this way.
    The Badgers’ dream of winning an NCAA title – a season-long mission for a team that won more games than any other in program history – ended with a 68-63 loss to Duke in the championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium.
    “We wanted this bad,” Gasser said. “It’s almost shocking it didn’t happen. I truly believed we were going to win, and it looked like we were gonna. It just didn’t happen.”
    Youth beat experience, with four freshmen combining for 60 points for the Blue Devils (35-4). Guard Tyus Jones led the way with a game-high 23 points, but he got plenty of help from classmates Grayson Allen (16), Justise Winslow (11) and Jahlil Okafor.
    Jones and Okafor combined for all of the points during a 10-0 run that helped Duke turn a two-point deficit into a 66-58 lead late in the game. The Blue Devils withstood a rally from the Badgers to deliver a fifth title to coach Mike Krzyzewski.
    “All you can ask for is an opportunity and a shot and we had it,” Gasser said. “Just didn’t get it done. We played a good team. I’m glad if we had to lose, it was a good team, well-coached team. Life’s not fair sometimes.”
    Read more:
    Duke is a classy program and tonight they were a better team, so congratulations to Duke.
    Hopefully, the Badgers will be back, but they will probably won't be as they will lose quite a few players to the NBA and graduation.
    So, thanks to the Badger's basketball team for the exciting year.

    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    One Reason Why Wisconsin Beat Kentucky

    There have many theories why the Wisconsin Badgers defeated the Kentucky Wildcats, who were previously undefeated.  The Badgers were lucky, they played same game they always played, Kentucky choked, the refs (the refs pretty much sucked for both sides) and so on. 
    But the championship run was set years ago.
    Kentucky has 2 backbenchers who hail from Kentucky.  They played in practice and pretty much, that was it.  Both of these players averaged less than 3 minutes of playing time a game this season.
    Wisconsin, on the other hand has 6 players from Wisconsin, many that had huge roles for the team, 4 players from states next to Wisconsin.  There is only 1 player on Wisconsin that is not from the Midwest.
    These players from Wisconsin know each other from probably middle school.  They go to the same camps, play on club teams together, play against each other in junior high and high school and then went to college together.
    Kentucky?  Their players don't each other, didn't play against each other and didn't get to know each other until they went to college.
    So, Wisconsin got this championship run going at least 6 or more years ago and the fruits of this is paying off with a chance at a championship tomorrow night.

    Racism In NCAA Basketball

    Imagine if a white NCAA basketball player did this:
    From ESPN:
    Kentucky guard Andrew Harrison has apologized for uttering an obscenity and a racial slur as a question about Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky was being asked Saturday night during a postgame news conference at the Final Four.
    Harrison and the Wildcats were upset 71-64 by the Badgers, spoiling their quest to complete a perfect season....
    A reporter directed a question about Kaminsky toward Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns: "Karl, could you talk about Kaminsky and what if anything is unique about defending him?" the reporter said.
    Near the end of the question, a live microphone picked up Harrison muttering "F--- that n----" as his hand covered his mouth.
    Harrison said "Fuck that nigger", referring to Kaminsky, who happens to be white.
    Perhaps, Harrison and some of his teammates, most of who are Black, were pissed because they lost to a team that is mostly White?
    Can you imagine if a white player said that about a Black player?  he would have been suspended for the next few games, undergone sensitivity training and probably would see any chance of a NBA pro basketball career go down the drain.  It would be headline news, possibly even bigger than the game.
    So, where are these so called Black activists condemning this guy's comments?  Al, Jesse?  Hello?
    Where are all the fools and tools who protest cop shooting against Blacks, why don't they acknowledge there is Black racism?
    Just another case of liberal double standards

    Saturday, April 4, 2015

    Yeah, Some Gay Right Supporters Are Mentally Retarded

    The following article shows that many (not all) in the gay community don't have more 1 or 2 brain cells.
    From the Fond Du Lac Reporter: A misdirected social media post relating to Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act has sparked a firestorm at an Outagamie County pizza business. Now, the owner of Memories Gourmet Pizza Co. is trying to stop the damage from spreading.
    Mike Premeau, who owns the Nichols-based frozen pizza wholesale company, said it is not affiliated with Memories Pizza of Walkerton, Ind. Owners of that pizzeria said this week they would not cater gay weddings as the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act came under intense scrutiny.
    The problem started Wednesday, when a man posted on Memories Gourmet Pizza's Facebook page and left a message on Premeau's cell phone.
    Premeau said he called the man back to explain the misunderstanding. The man apologized, but "since then it's just been complete chaos," Premeau said on Friday.
    Premeau, along with senior executive director Kathy Danke, posted a letter to the Facebook page on Thursday, addressing the case of mistaken identity.
    More than 30 people from around the country commented on the Facebook post in support of — and against — the letter.
    Memories Gourmet Pizza sells frozen pizza in 54 stores across the state. Premeau contacted his customers to explain the situation, but is worried it might not be enough.
    The company also is undergoing an expansion and certification process to ship its products out of state. Premeau is concerned that the outcry could jeopardize the future of his business.
    "I have not heard from any of our accounts saying that they want to pull pizzas out, but it's a holiday weekend," he said. "I fully expect first thing Monday morning my phone is going to be ringing off the hook."
    Premeau said his company was put in a bad light because one individual didn't check where the company was located before going on social media.
    This whole thing about Memories Pizza in Indiana and gays have me puzzled.
    Are the owners of Memories Pizza entitled to their opinion? 
    The gay movement needs to realize that there are people who are against gay marriage due to religious reasons.  This doesn't mean they are against gay people in general, it just means they are against gay marriage.
    And if these people are against gay marriage, here is a solution- if you don't like their views, don't patronize them.
    Instead, many in the gay community show themselves to be hypocrites by demonizing the owners of the pizza shop because they supposedly demonized some members of the gay community.
    So, to the many in the gay community, if you don't like what people think about you, just don't patronize them because if you get into a pissing contest with them, you look so much more foolish and moronic.
    And if you want to after a company, make sure you go after the right one, otherwise you act like a person who runs on 1 or 2 brain cells.


    Yeah, Chris Wallace is more conservative than liberal but that doesn't mean he isn't an idiot.
    From the NY Daily News:  Kelly Clarkson can't seem to break away from comments about her weight.
    Chris Wallace, the Fox News anchor, is the latest to rip on the "American Idol" winner during what was supposed to be a political radio show Saturday.
    While a guest on the "The Mike Gallagher Show," the two men were talking about fat-shaming and soon enough the host brought up Clarkson's name.
    "Have you seen Kelly Clarkson? You know the singer, Kelly Clarkson? Holy cow, did she blow up," Gallagher said
    Wallace looked as if he was defending the artist by replying, "Really? Do we want to talk about some of your friends? Kelly Clarkson's got a lovely voice."
    But added, "She could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while."
    Since having a baby last year, Clarkson has been the topic of cruel comments.
    "Jesus, what happened to Kelly Clarkson? Did she eat all her backing singers? Happily I have a wide-screen," British personality Katie Hopkins commented on Twitter after seeing her on "The Gram Norton Show" earlier this year.
    The singer recently responded to Hopkins' Twitter attack about her weight.
    "She's tweeted something nasty about me? That's because she doesn't know me. I'm awesome!" Clarkson explained. "It doesn't bother me. It's a free world. Say what you will. I've just never cared what people think. It's more if I'm happy and I'm confident and feeling good, that's always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family  I don't seek out any other acceptance."
    Not everyone can be a size zero and be in pop music.
    And if you only listen to her songs because she is skinny, then you are an idiot.
    And I really enjoy this song of hers: