Saturday, November 30, 2013

ObamaCare Disaster: No Dentists In Colorado

From the Denver Post: Hundreds of thousands of Coloradans will have new dental care benefits in 2014 under twin health-reform efforts, but state leaders now must scramble to find providers who will care for them.
A new dental benefit for adults with Medicaid, coupled with an Obamacare expansion of eligibility and pediatric benefits required on the state exchange, will balloon the number of paying patients.
But many Colorado dentists say the new patients still won't come with enough revenue to be worth the headaches of care and bureaucracy.
Other patients simply have no nearby dentist to try — nine Colorado counties had no dentist at all in the last survey.
About 335,000 current Medicaid adults gain access to dental care in the spring, and tens of thousands more will join Medicaid rolls under the Affordable Care Act expansion. Added to them will be potentially thousands of privately insured children with dental care included under "essential benefits" minimums of the state health exchange.
Even if only 20 to 25 percent of those eligible start taking advantage of dental benefits, "that's 95,000 people seeking care," said Karen Cody Carlson, executive director of the nonprofit Oral Health Colorado. "Having the benefit is a great positive step, but it's creating an access problem as well," she said.
Just another theory that Obama and his ilk failed to think out.  Oh, yes, they will expand health care for millions, but they won't hae people to treat them.
Doctor are leaving the medical profession- I've lost 2 doctors this year.  Many of them don't want to deal with ObamaCare and all of it's problems.
There is a difference between the real world and theory and the liberal theory just is not working out as well as planned and people will suffer because of it.

Not Soon Enough

From the Houston Chronicle: Sasha Obama could be the deciding factor in whether her father stays in Washington after he leaves office.
President Barack Obama told ABC News in a taped interview that his now 12-year-old daughter "will have a big vote in where we are."
When Obama leaves office in January 2017 after two terms, eldest daughter Malia could be off in college and Sasha will be a sophomore in high school. Both girls attend the exclusive Sidwell Friends School in northwest Washington.
Obama said he and his wife, Michelle, have to make sure Sasha is doing well until she goes off to college.
He suggested that no decisions have been made. But he did hint that tearing Sasha away from her friends might be asking too much, saying his wife and daughters already have made "a lot of sacrifices on behalf of my cockamamie ideas, the running for office and things."
I actually understand where the Obama's are coming from.
But if this is the case, then why are the U.S. taxpayer spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year guarding the Obama owned house in Chicago?  Sell your house and let the Secret Service stop guarding an empty house.

White Supremacists Buy Land In Nevada, Who Cares?

This has not been reported in the Nevada major media:
From the NY Daily News: It was a film location for "The X-Files" and is home to a yearly convention of UFO seekers. But residents of Rachel, Nev., are not happy about the newest visitor to their outpost in the wilderness — church members with white supremacist beliefs.
At the Little A'Le'Inn, proprietor Connie West complained of a mystery man who came to town and started buying up parcels of land. "Who is this person and why are you keeping yourself so secret from this community, because he didn't actually show his face to anybody," she told KLAS-TV.
Richard Bunck, according to property records, bought the town gas station, a convenience store, and a mobile home park, then closed them and evicted the trailer residents.
Pastor Robert Kenniston of the local Baptist Church said his congregation has dwindled to nearly nothing as people left the desert spot next to Area 51, the famous secret military base near the Nevada Site.
Kenniston said Bunck recently visited him, "And he looked at me and said, 'There's a story going around town that I am a neo-Nazi and a white supremacist, and I believe you are the reason for that story.' And I said, 'I believe you are the reason for that story,' and that was the end of the conversation, he told Channel 8.
Residents also said FBI agents had visited and asked questions about what Bunck and his affiliated JHM Church planned to do in the area.
Read more:
If you are going to put a bunch of neo-Nazis in one place, what better place to put them is in a out of the place in the middle of a desert, in the middle of no where,miles from anybody else and the only thing close by is a high security military base.
Sounds like a good place for them.

I Side With The Amish

From the New York Daily News:
An 11-year-old Amish girl is in hiding after an Ohio court ruled the girl must listen to medical professionals and continue chemotherapy - treatments her parents don’t want because they make her sick.
Sarah Hershberger’s parents would rather pursue natural treatment for the little girl, who has battled leukemia since April.
And those treatments may be working. A family members say recent scans show the girl is cancer-free after the family returned from a natural cancer treatment center in Central America.
“She’s a vibrant, healthy girl,” Isaac Keim told the Akron Beacon Journal.
The parents at first took the advice of medical professionals at Akron Children’s Hospital and started the girl on a two-year chemotherapy treatment when she was diagnosed.
The drugs appeared to work: the tumors on her neck, chest and kidneys diminished in size as the chemicals took effect.....
Without the chemo, doctors say girl could die within a year.
The family tells ABC they are willing to take that risk.
"If we do chemotherapy and she would happen to die, she would probably suffer more than if we would do it this way and she would happen to die," her father told ABC this summer.
Read more:
Who knows what best for their children than their parents?  Certainly not the doctors.
And apparently, the medical treatment the parents decided for their child is working and that still is not good enough for the doctors in Ohio?
This is just another case where U.S. doctors think they are smarter than the parents.
The Amish family provided good medical care for their child, it apparently worked and the Ohio doctors have to accept this fact and drop their case against the family.

How Would He Know?

From the San Fran Chronicle: A German police officer has been arrested on suspicion of killing and chopping up a man he met on the Internet who had long fantasized about being killed and eaten, authorities said Friday.
The handwriting and document analysis specialist was arrested on Wednesday at his workplace, the Criminal Technical Institute in the eastern city of Dresden, authorities said. He told investigators that he fatally stabbed the victim in the throat on Nov. 4, hours after the two met in person for the first time.
The 55-year-old said he then chopped up the body into multiple pieces. The suspect pointed officers to a number of places around his property, south of Dresden, where he had buried the remains, city police chief Dieter Kroll said at a televised news conference.
The killing happened about a month after the pair first met in an Internet chat room, police said. The 59-year-old victim, whose name wasn't released, traveled about 400 kilometers (250 miles) by bus from Hannover to the meeting.
Police started looking into the case when the victim was reported missing Nov. 11 by a colleague. Two days later, witnesses told officers that "the missing man had fantasized since his youth about being killed and eaten by another person," Kroll said.
So, the guy who was killed fantasizes about being killed and eaten.
How would he know if he was eaten?
Just wondering.


From the Chicago Tribune: Hundreds of protesters, including some Walmart workers who skipped their shifts on the retail industry's busiest day, spoke, chanted and sang outside of Walmart stores around the United States, making pleas for higher wages and better healthcare for Walmart hourly workers.
In Chicago, 10 people protesting at a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, 2844 N. Broadway, were cited after they blocked the street about 9:40 a.m. as part of their protest, according to Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Daniel O'Brien.
Before the arrests, Protesters at the Lakeview store likened their work for higher wages to the Civil Rights movement.
"I'm standing out here in the 2000s, to make sure we're going to get justice, make sure we don't get bamboozled and make sure we have a living wage before this is all over with," said Myron Byrd, a Wal-Mart employee, before he was taken into custody by police.
OUR Walmart, an organization backed by the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) union, said it counted 1,000 protests in 46 U.S. states, including strikes in 100 cities — figures that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said were "grossly exaggerated."
There was no evidence that such activity disrupted what appeared to be a strong start for Wal-Mart Stores to the crucial holiday shopping season.
The arrest of nine people in Paramount, Calif., who told law enforcement they intended to be arrested, occurred at around noon, well after the rush of specials that kicked off at 8 p.m. the night before and culminated with a 5 a.m. round of deals on "Black Friday," the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.
Nine people, who refused to leave the street, were peacefully arrested for refusal to disperse, said Captain Mike Parker of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Three of those arrested were striking Walmart workers, OUR Walmart said.,0,2271400.story
To Myron Byrd, a soon to be former Wal-Mart employee, you are an idiot.  First, no one forces you to work at Wal-Mart and this is not a civil rights issue.
You are free to work else where, and probably, this will soon be the case.
I just wonder why the dues paying UFCW members are paying their dues to fight a losing cause?  Wal-Mart will never be unionized and if some miracle they are unionized, it won't be with the UFCW.
So, the UFCW is scamming the likes of soon to be unemployed Myron Byrd and it's dues paying members.
But I guess there are suckers like Byrd and the dues paying members of the UFCW out there to be scammed.
All I can say is "Suckers!".
But Wal-Mart gets the last laugh: For its part, Walmart said it recorded its best Black Friday events ever, with more shoppers than last year and nearly 10 million register transactions between 8 p.m. Thursday and 12 a.m. Friday. It said it sold more than 1.8 million towels, 1.3 million TVs and some 250,000 bicycles.

Matthew "Jerry Sandusky" Ward Smoking Pot Again

I guess Matt "Jerry Sandusky" Ward of the Pahrump Valley Times is apparently is unhappy with his given name as he is now calling himself Matthew Ward.
And then he goes off the deep end, which for Ward, is like a 350 foot dive into Lake Mead.
From the PVT and Matt "Jerry Sandusky" Ward:
Surprise, surprise!
Look who ISN’T supporting this effort to oust a couple of less-than-stellar, but still duly elected Pahrump public officials.
Me. That’s who.
Yep. Moi. The whipping post for every conservative extremist, CCSCer and Cranky Old Man’s Breakfast attendee around these parts.
The guy who seems to rail against just about every thing Amy Riches and Donna Cox stand for does not support for a second their removal from office.
Riches, of course, is the town board member, and Cox the county commissioner targeted last week by a sweet married couple named Richard and Dona Goldstein, who apparently have a penchant for dipping their toes in the shark-infested waters that mark this town’s dysfunctional political scene.
The Goldsteins can count me out. I ain’t gonna do it. Not this time.
Sure, I will be the first to tell you that Donna Cox has as much ability to be an effective county commissioner as my dead Chihuahua, Taco, God rest his little soul.
And sure, Amy Riches is about two degrees separated from Daffy Duck. Seriously. Take former town board member Vicky Parker, cake some Angel Face on her, shake her really hard for about 20 minutes, and put a lit Kool cigarette in her dizzy mouth and then immerse her in big vat of 9/11 truther literature and, voila, you have an Amy Riches clone. (Run! Call 911!)
But I have learned my lesson verbally jousting with this community’s beloved whackadoodles. I like to stick to the elected variety when I do because at least I can look myself in the mirror. I’m doing a public service, right? The others, the clique they run with, I avoid like the plague anymore, except, of course, Andy Alberti, that failed perennial political candidate turned successful humor columnist — he still owes me some money.
And poor Shirley Matson, our duly elected tax assessor. If she’d just keep her little hands out of the county mailbag, we’d be on solid ground me and her.
No. Apart from being totally incompetent and absolutely unprepared to carry out their missions as elected officials, Cox and Riches are just fine by me.
I mean, I can really overlook that post on Riches’ Facebook page, the one of the Muslim man, kneeling in solemn prayer while being humped by a goat. Heck, Cox had a Facebook photo of a local cop with a gun to his head with the slogan from Nike, “Just Do It,” underneath for a while after she was elected.
Goat-sexing Muslims. Suicidal local deputies. It’s all in good, clean, right-wing extremist fun. That’s all folks! Nothing to it.
If anyone understands this rambling, please let me know.
And to Matthew Ward, please go back to school and learn how to write sentences in proper English.  You are an embarrassment to writers everywhere.  Hell, there are Special ed. kids who write better English sentences than you.
Why Stephens media keeps tis idiot employed is beyond me.  Maybe he caught the Stephens Media president in bed with a goat sexing Muslim.

Greedy Bastards

From the Las Vegas Sun: Las Vegas police say a shopper carrying a big-screen TV home from a Target on Thanksgiving was shot by a thief.
Police Lt. David Gordon says the victim was carrying the TV at an apartment complex when a suspect fired warning shots, prompting him to drop the appliance.
Gordon says the robber snatched the TV and took it to a vehicle, and the victim tried to wrestle it back.
That's when police say the robber fired shots and hit the victim in the leg.
The shopper was taken to Sunrise Hospital with injuries that aren't considered life-threatening.
No arrests have been made. It's unclear what happened to the TV.
Some poor guy works his butt off during the year to buy his dream present and some thugs decide that they want his TV and try to steal it and when he fights back, they shoot him.
I hope they catch these thugs and sentence them to the maximum sentence- maybe life in prison.  The thugs have no redeeming values and they should be removed from society for as long as possible.
But knowing the court system in Clark County, some POS public defender probably will ask for probation for the thugs and the judge will probably grant it.
But hopefully, Metro will arrest these thugs and rough them up in the mean time.

Pawn Stars Las Vegas Show

Click to enlarge photo
I don't know if this show will succeed or not, but it is interesting to see what the Pawn Stars have lent their name to.
From Robin Leach and the Las Vegas Sun:
One of television’s biggest hit shows is becoming a live downtown theater production. ‘Pawn Shop Live!” is a parody blessed by our favorite History Channel “Pawn Stars” stars who promise to drop in and greet Golden Nugget audiences every now and again.
Rehearsals start next week for the Jan. 21 opening, with 4 p.m. performances daily Tuesdays through Saturdays (dark Sundays and Mondays).
I’ve agreed to be the show’s voiceover narrator, and producer Derek Stonebarger of Atomic Liquors, Las Vegas’ oldest bar, has made a donation, in lieu of a payment to me, to one of my favorite charities, Keep Memory Alive.
The show will feature celebrity video cameos and guest stars. One of the first will probably be rapper Flavor Flav playing a ninja version of himself in a dream sequence with the character Chump (for Chumlee) fighting evil villains.
The cast includes 20 recorded actors in film clips, plus, at least seven onstage actors and dancers working with a production crew of 10 led by local award-winning director and co-writer Troy Heard.
Troy is a Las Vegas-based writer/director, a recipient of the Gregory Hines Memorial Fellowship and an associate member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. His directing credits include “Death of a Salesman,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Hell Cab.” His writing credits include “Summer Camp: The Musical and Seance!”
Dancers and Pawn Stars in the same sentence?  Hardly likely.
No, I don't plan on going to the show.
No ticket prices have been announced and the theater they are in seats 600.
Here is the Golden Nugget web site:

Friday, November 29, 2013

ObamaCare Disaster: Web Site Down Again

The Health Insurance Marketplace online application isn't available from approximately 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. EST daily while we make improvements. Additional down times may be possible as we work to make things better. The rest of the site and the Marketplace call center remain available during these hours.
This weekend, the Feds were planning on making their big push to get people signed up for ObamaCare and in the government's brilliance, they decided to shut down the web site for "improvements".
Typical Obama administration incompetence.

Supremes Take On ObamaCare/Religion

At first look, this case should be a slam dunk- Hobby Lobby should not be forced pay for contraceptives because of ObamaCare.
But is it really a slam dunk.
“The First Amendment logic of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, where the Supreme Court has recognized a First Amendment right of for-profit corporations to express themselves for political purposes, applies [here].  We see no reason the Supreme Court would recognize constitutional protection for a corporation’s political expression but not for its religious expression.”
 – A comment made by the Tenth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a decision that the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to review on the constitutionality of the new federal health care law’s mandate that employers provide health insurance coverage for pregnancy-related services for their female employees.  That case involves the Oklahoma-based arts and crafts chain, Hobby Lobby Stores.
But it isn't a real slam dunk.
What if a person says they don't want to pay taxes because of religious beliefs?
What if a person doesn't want to pay their taxes of their religious beliefs because of the U.S. military?  Like the Amish.
Then again, Hobby Lobby is being forced to purchase health insurance for it's employees and one of the requirements is that their health insurance policies require contraception they object to.
This will be an interesting case and see how the Supremes will vote.

Entertainment Political Bias

From the Chicago Sun Times: A few years ago, “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau read about a group of male, married Democratic lawmakers, including Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., rooming together in a Capitol Hill rowhouse, saving money by living frat-style. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is the slob, sleeping on a bed in the living room.
Trudeau found inspiration in their story and used it as the jumping-off point to create his new comedy, “Alpha House,” an streaming video series debuting this month.
Durbin, up for re-election in 2014, won’t have to worry about being portrayed in a political satire. The residents in Trudeau’s “Alpha House” are Republicans.
“It’s just more fun for them to be Republicans,” “Alpha House” executive producer Jonathan Alter told me.
The series is set in the present, and Trudeau decided early on that Republicans were the riper targets to lampoon. Three of the senators — played by John Goodman, Clark Johnson and Matt Malloy — are facing primaries from tea party challengers in 2014 and the fourth, portrayed by Mark Consuelos, is — between trysts — considering a 2016 White House bid.
Nothing like entertainment bias in which real Democrat's real life activities are now being portrayed as Republicans, even though there is no truth for it.
Trudeau always has been a left wing hack and nothing more who's cartoons are less and less popular and relevant.
He used to be funny when he first writing his strip, now, he just is a mental moron who's cartoon strip is neither funny or relevant.
But there will be mental midgets out there who will believe the scenario that the GOP is scum even though, in real life, it is the Democrats who are acting like scum.

But Won't The Environmentalists Be Pissed?

From the San Fran Chronicle:
Destroying Syria's deadliest chemical weapons on land would come with vexing diplomatic and security problems as well as environmental issues. To avoid those potential troubles, U.S. officials say, the Obama administration is exploring the use of a government-owned ship to carry out the disposal in international waters.
Under a plan yet to be approved, the chemicals would be transported to the MV Cape Ray in the Mediterranean Sea. The nearly 700-foot ship, based in Portsmouth, Va., and owned by the Transportation Department's Maritime Administration, would be outfitted with a special system to neutralize the chemical material. U.S. warships would provide an escort and security.
The decision to proceed with the chemical disposal plan at sea would be made by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, a global chemical weapons watchdog agency with 190 member states. In a statement Wednesday in the Netherlands, the watchdog agency said the effort to ship Syria's chemical arsenal out of the country "continues to pose challenges due to the security situation on the ground."
So, when we will here from Greenpeace and other environmental activists concerning the dumping of ricin, mustard gas and other chemical weapons in the ocean, killing ocean life?

Poor Pigs

From the Chicago Tribune: A group of Calabrian mafia assassins beat a rival with a spade and fed him alive to pigs, Italian police said after rounding up 20 people for various mob crimes including five murders.
The murder probably took place in March 2012 when Francesco Raccosta disappeared, but his body has never been found, the court in the southern city of Reggio Calabria said in a statement.
Investigators arrested one of Raccosta's suspected assassins after they captured him bragging about the hit in a telephone wiretap.
"It was such a pleasure to hear him scream," the suspect said. "In my opinion, there's nothing left of him ... This pig can really eat!",0,5287758.story
I didn't know the pigs were carnivores.
But if they are, I'd say there are some folks in Washington D.C. and newspaper editors who could be fed to the pigs, but then the pigs DO have standards.

Very Ugly

How low have my team, the Green Bay Packers, fallen?  They totally embarrassed themselves on national TV, losing to the Detroit Lions, 40-10.
The Packers were outplayed and outcoached.  At times, they looked worse than a JV middle school team, especially on defense.
Supposedly, Aaron Rogers is coming back next week but the Packers looked so horrible that Rogers might as well stay out the rest of the season and the Packers should go for a high draft pick and get some defensive players who know what they are doing, an offensive line and then hire a new defensive coach.
The other thing that really irritated me about the game, especially on the defensive side, was the Packers were giving them slaps on the back and congratulating themselves after they gave up a big play.  Seriously?  Why give your teammate a high five, a slap on the butt or helmet after they totally screwed up? 
The Packers defense sucks and instead of the slaps and high five, they ought to be in their teammate's face screaming at them and telling them to man up and stop screwing around.

Arrest, Jail and Then Deport All These Thugs

From the LVRJ: U.S. Border Patrol agents were pelted with rocks and bottles while turning back a crowd of more than 100 people who crossed the border illegally into California, authorities said.
Agents were struck in the arms and legs, and one was hit in the head with a filled water bottle but no shots were fired and nobody was seriously hurt in Sunday’s confrontation that ended with the group retreating into Mexico, according to a Border Patrol statement.
“While attacks on Border Patrol agents are not uncommon, the agents showed great restraint when faced with the dangers of this unusually large group,” Paul Beeson, San Diego sector chief for the Border Patrol, said in the statement.
Such large-scale confrontations have rarely been seen since the 1990s, when crowds of people would storm checkpoints or gather in groups for nighttime dashes.
The tide turned when the government launched “Operation Gatekeeper” in 1994 that brought 1,000 additional agents to San Diego, and later built an 18-foot-high, 14-mile fence.
In the latest confrontation, people crossed the border west of the San Ysidro Port of Entry and got about an eighth of a mile north when a Border Patrol agent ordered the group to stop. 
The agent fired pepperballs when the crowd kept coming, the Border Patrol said, and as the people grew unruly other agents arrived and used so-called “intermediate use-of-force devices,” such as pepperball launchers, to drive the crowd back across the Tijuana River.
I'm sorry, but when people say that illegals are not criminals, this just reinforces my point is that all illegal aliens are criminals and many of them are just plain old thugs who have no business in the United States.
When the thugs starting throwing things at the agents, the agents should have hit back and hit back hard- tasers, batons and all of them should have been arrested and thrown in jail for assaulting a police officer.  they should have spent time in jail and then prison and then deported to the country they came from and then put on a list of undesirable who will never be allowed into the U.S. ever.

Gee, Another Fake Reality Show

Are there any really real "reality shows" out there?
From Fox News: Hawaii officials said Wednesday they are investigating whether any state regulations were broken during the filming of the History channel's television show "American Jungle."
The state Department of Land and Natural Resources said in a statement that an episode that aired Nov. 17 showed hunters at night, but hunting at night is illegal on both public and private land.
Maps used on the show also demark areas under the department's jurisdiction, even though the state denied a request by the production crew for a permit to film on state forest lands, the department said....
The first episode, broadcast Nov. 10, shows hunters using spears and dogs to hunt a cow, the department said, even though it's illegal to hunt cattle without a special feral cattle control permit.
The show is also culturally insensitive, the department said. There's no evidence that native Hawaiians ever used spears to hunt cattle or pigs in the forest. Early Hawaiians brought pigs with them to the islands on canoes.
"This appears to be a fictional `reality' production with no connection to actual hunters in Hawaii," Gov. Neil Abercrombie said in a statement. "If we discover any laws or regulations have been broken we will vigorously pursue legal and/or criminal charges."

Dirty Politics In Wisconsin

The liberals apparently are scared shitless of Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, so much so, they are on a witch hunt, again, against the man, hoping to find some dirt on him.
Obviously, the liberals can't deal with him on an intellectual basis, cannot deal with him on a policy basis and cannot deal with him on any ethics basis, so, they manufacture John Doe investigations in hoping some of the liberal slime will stick to him.
From the Wall Street Journal:
Americans learned in the IRS political targeting scandal that government enforcement power can be used to stifle political speech. Something similar may be unfolding in Wisconsin, where a special prosecutor is targeting conservative groups that participated in the battle over Governor Scott Walker's union reforms.
In recent weeks, special prosecutor Francis Schmitz has hit dozens of conservative groups with subpoenas demanding documents related to the 2011 and 2012 campaigns to recall Governor Walker and state legislative leaders.
Copies of two subpoenas we've seen demand "all memoranda, email . . . correspondence, and communications" both internally and between the subpoena target and some 29 conservative groups, including Wisconsin and national nonprofits, political vendors and party committees. The groups include the League of American Voters, Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Americans for Prosperity—Wisconsin, American Crossroads, the Republican Governors Association, Friends of Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin.
One subpoena also demands "all records of income received, including fundraising information and the identity of persons contributing to the corporation." In other words, tell us who your donors are.
The probe began in the office of Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf, though no one will publicly claim credit for appointing Mr. Schmitz, the special prosecutor. The investigation is taking place under Wisconsin's John Doe law, which bars a subpoena's targets from disclosing its contents to anyone but his attorneys. John Doe probes work much like a grand jury, allowing prosecutors to issue subpoenas and conduct searches, while the gag orders leave the targets facing the resources of the state with no way to publicly defend themselves.
That makes it hard to confirm any details. But one target who did confirm receiving a subpoena is Eric O'Keefe, who realizes the personal risk but wants the public to know what is going on. Mr. O'Keefe is director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, which advocates lower taxes, limited government and other conservative priorities. He has worked in political and policy circles for three decades, including stints as national director of the Libertarian Party in 1980 and a director of the Cato Institute, and he helped to found the Center for Competitive Politics, which focuses on protecting political speech.
Mr. O'Keefe says he received his subpoena in early October. He adds that at least three of the targets had their homes raided at dawn, with law-enforcement officers turning over belongings to seize computers and files.
So, the liberals are using the cops and hiding from the public to find dirt on Walker.
And they are not investigating liberal organizations to see if they were cooperating with the liberal candidates during the recalls.
This ought to frighten any American as you can be subject of an investigation, not be told about it and it remains a secret just because someone doesn't like your political beliefs.
I wonder why the liberals are so scared about Gov. Scott Walker?  Maybe he is a successful conservative governor?

Pawn Stars Review: November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, especially those who live in the United States.
There was Pawn stars news this week.
First, there is a new Bob Dylan video out and it has Rick Harrison and Chumlee.
From the LVRJ and Norm Clarke: Bob Dylan’s interactive “Like a Rolling Stone” video is out and what do you know, there’s the “Pawn Stars” among a cavalcade of lip-syncing celebrities.
Joining Rick Harrison in the video is Austin “Chumlee” Russell and Derek Stonebarger of Atomic Liquors, Las Vegas’ oldest bar.
So, to borrow the words of Dylan from his classic 1965 hit: How did it feel?
Harrison laughed. “I guess I’m officially famous now. For the love of God, it’s Bob Dylan!”
After all, Harrison said, “when was his last video?” Some historians believe it was in the 1967 documentary “Don’t Look Back,” which features a boyish Dylan holding cue cards for “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” his first top 40 hit (1965).
Dylan’s just-released video allows viewers to flip between 16 channels of simulated TV programming and old news reels. But the characters doing the lip-syncing are actors and celebrities.
“There were a lot of re-takes. Chum did better than I did,” said Harrison, who was informed of the “Pawn Stars” inclusion about a month ago, “out of the blue.”
And, of course, if Chumlee is involved, there has to be an interesting back story.
“About three years ago, we sent Chum to Caesars Palace with the film crew to get Dylan’s autograph on the cover of his 1970 ‘Self Portrait’ album,” Harrison said.
Russell was supposed to ask Dylan to just sign his name, not anyone else’s. “But he ended signing it to Chum,” Harrison said.
The invitation to participate in Dylan’s video, Harrison said, “was some sort of reciprocating.”
Stonebarger appears as a customer at Gold &Silver Pawn, home of “Pawn Stars,” the History Channel’s 5-year-old hit reality show.
But the only time he is identified, it is as “Michael” and “owner.” Harrison assumes it was a case of the film editor not knowing Stonebarger’s name and making up a name on deadline.
And there is a new show on Fremont St., in downtown Las Vegas, at the Golden Nugget.
From Norm, again:
The producer of the upcoming “Pawn Stars” parody sees a shiny future for the Golden Nugget show.
“Pawn Shop: The Live Show!” predicts Derek Stonebarger, “is probably going to be the biggest 4 p.m. show in town. It’s the one that could help put the town of Las Vegas on the map rather than just evening Cirque du Soleil shows.”
Going public for the first time, Stonebarger said: “A 4 o’clock show in the Golden Nugget showroom with the most popular attraction in Las Vegas, I mean that right there speaks to Broadway. That’s how Broadway shows work. Matinees are sold out every day in New York, so why couldn’t they be here?”
Stonebarger, co-owner of the historic Atomic Liquors bar and a former Emmy winner at KLAS-TV, Channel 8, said the lawyers are finalizing the deal, which would put the show on track to open early next year.
Rehearsals are underway, and the “Pawn Stars” cast “are all onboard,” as far as supporting the project.
In 2010, Stonebarger produced and wrote “Oscar: A Good Man,” a parody of former Mayor Oscar Goodman.
In a recent audition ad for “Pawn Shop,” the casting call was looking for a lead character named “Chump,” which sounds like the real-life “Pawn Stars” member Austin “Chumlee” Russell.
Other characters being sought: Lil Boss, Slick, Child Slick, showgirl, female lead and Old Fart.
So, there were two reruns of Pawns on tonight and to be honest, I didn't find out which one's they were, so you are on your own in finding them.
Thanks for stopping by and maybe there will be two new episodes next week.

Now I Know Why I Don't Do Black Friday

As an employee of a Wal-Mart Neighborhood grocery store and I was offered a chance to work at a Wal-Mart Supercenter and it was truly a strange experience.
When I got to the store, on eastern and Serene and Eastern, a fairly nice area.
For the first hour or so, the store had more employees than customers and then the human waves of people came and came and came.
We had all cashier stations open, about 30 in front of the store plus others around the store.
We had a large security presence- from Wal-Mart security, to private security to at least 4 Metro police officers, so there were no major security problems.
In addition to the security, the Wal-Mart shut off large sections of the store, so customer traffic was limited but organized.  If you needed some diapers for your baby, go somewhere else, same if you need chips and salsa.
But, I have to say that this Wal-Mart had some of the slowest cashiers I have ever seen.  Some were just slow and others, just stupid.  We had  couple of cashiers try to sell customers the Wal-Mart credit card while other people were waiting in line.  And the prize to the cashier for getting someone to sign up for the credit card?  A shiny balloon. 
But it was amazing to see how many people who came out shopping on Thanksgiving.  Some people complain that it is wrong to stay open on Thanksgiving, but the public obviously want to go shopping on Thanksgiving, so give the public what they want.
And so, who is the public who shop on Thanksgiving?
From 4:00 to 6:00, at the store I worked at, in my little corner of the world, it was almost exclusively Hispanic and Asian people- mostly families.  Knowing the area, that is not the demographics in the area, so many of these people were coming in from different areas of the Las Vegas Valley.
The media is trying to make a big thing about hoards of people at Wal-Mart stores and yes, there were hoards, but they were organized hoards.  And hell, what do you expect when you have a couple of thousand of people who decide to go shopping at the same time?
And the other good thing about having Brown Thursday is that it relieves pressure on Black Friday, so it will safer and saner than if all the stores just had their sales on Friday.
One last thing, while not every customer fits into this category, there were some really stupid customers who tried to buy sale items and got the wrong items and then blamed Wal-Mart for their mistake.  Perhaps, reading comprehension was not their strong suit.  That and following simple directions, like how to swipe a credit/debit card, not knowing that you actually had to pay for an item or deciding that talking on the phone or texting was a great idea when checking out.
In the end, I never participated in a huge Black Friday sale and unless I am working, I don't ever plan on doing so in the future.  Too many people, too many stupid people and I just don't like crowds, so I will stay at home watch football games, drink beer, then drink more beer and boo the Green Bay Packers as they get their butts kicked.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Move Olympics From Brazil

It was a stupid move to give Brazil the 2016 Summer Olympics and this reinforces that argument.
From the Sacramento Bee: Problems at stadiums being built or renovated in Brazil for next year's World Cup and the 2016 Olympics:
Nov. 27, 2013: Crane crashes into 500-ton metal structure at Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo, toppling it into stadium's outer wall and destroying rows of seats and huge LED panel. Two workers are killed.
May 27, 2013: Small part of roof at Arena Fonte Nova in northeastern city of Salvador collapses from weight of accumulated water from heavy rainstorm. No one injured. Stadium officials deny any structural problems in project and say collapse resulted from mistake by worker who inspected roof.
March 28, 2013: Worker dies at construction site of Arena Amazonia in jungle city of Manaus, falling about 16.5 feet (5 meters) while crossing over elevated concrete structure.
March 26, 2013:  Rio de Janeiro officials close Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium, which will be used for track and field events at 2016 Olympics, and announce in June that it will remain closed until 2015 because of structural problems with roof. City authorities say it will take nearly 18 months to fix stadium, originally built for 2007 Pan American Games.
--- you take account the high crime rate, the horrible poverty in the slums of Rio De Janerio and the lack of infrastructure and you get a sense that Rio is not ready to hold the high profile Olympics and World Cup.

Read more here:

More ObamaCare Disaster: Maryland

From the Baltimore Sun: Gov. Martin O'Malley said Wednesday that he wants the most glaring glitches in the state's health insurance exchange website resolved by mid-December, potentially allowing thousands more Marylanders to sign up for policies before the end of the year.
The governor announced the goal a day after Maryland Health Secretary Joshua Sharfstein told state lawmakers it is unclear when the site would be entirely free of glitches — an answer that drew criticism from Republicans and some Democrats.
Speaking at his first formal news conference on the state's rocky rollout of the key piece of the Affordable Care Act, the governor acknowledged that the website has frustrated thousands of residents even though the state's implementation of the law had initially been held up as a national model.
This is a little more complex than going on Amazon and ordering a book," O'Malley said in an apparent reference to President Barack Obama's earlier statements comparing the exchanges to the online retailer. "This launch did not go as we had planned, and we have been fixing it ever since," O'Malley said.
Despite widespread issues with — including some that also occurred on exchanges run by the federal government — O'Malley said there has been significant progress and believes state officials are narrowing the scope of the problem.
A total of 3,024 individuals have enrolled in private insurance plans on the Maryland Health Connection, according to state figures released Wednesday — boosting enrollment by more than a third in a one-week period. More than 65,000 people have created accounts, which are needed to browse plans, and there have been more than 480,000 unique visitors....
The administration's original goal was to sign up 150,000 people, less than a fifth of the state's uninsured, for private coverage by early March.Read more:,0,109215.story#ixzz2lvxT89uw
Shouldn't the goal been 100% of the uninsured being signed u?
So, only 3,000 people have enrolled but not paid for their health plans in Maryland, a state of 5,900,000 or about .05% of the state's population.
That's just pathetic.

NRA Wins Another

From the Denver Post: 
State Sen. Evie Hudak resigned her seat Wednesday, ending a recall effort being waged against her days before gun-rights activists were to turn in petitions to try to oust the Democrat from office.
In her resignation letter, Hudak said her decision would spare Jefferson County residents from having to shell out more than $200,000 for a special election, especially after the county has cut programs for seniors and mental health.
She praised the gun laws Democrats passed in the 2013 session that sparked recall efforts against her and two fellow senators, Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs and Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo.
Several Democratic lawmakers conceded that a recall election would have served as a distraction during the 2014 session for them and for Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is up for re-election.
And if voters in Hudak's district had voted to oust her and replaced her with a Republican, the GOP would have gained control of the Senate by one seat. Democrats now have only an 18-17 majority over Republicans, thanks to the successful recalls of Morse and Giron, who were replaced by Republicans.
Under Colorado law, Hudak's successor will be a member of her own party.
My guess is that Hudak was given something in return for resigning byt he Democrats.
But it shows once again, that gun rights folks are a political force to be reckoned with and if you vote against your constituents, you will feel the wrath of the voters.

Somebody Had Too Much Time On Their Hands

The Houston Chronicle is running 28 pictures of Marge Simpson in different dresses throughout the 1960's to 2013.
For instance, Marge as Jackie Kennedy:
Marge Simpson in Jacqueline Kennedy's pink Chanel wool suit worn on the day of John F. Kennedy's ass

Yeah, who drew these pictures as way too much time on their hands.

Can I Be Thankful For Obama For Anything?

My friend Jamie likes to point out that I would hate President Obama, even if the guy found a cure for cancer.
Well, there are some good things Obama has done that I agree with:
1.  He did help get Osama Bin Laden
2.  He did give the ok to rescue the ship's captain from some pirate thugs.
3.  There hasn't been a major passenger airline crash since Obama became president and planes run mostly on time.
4.  While I disagree with it, Obama did shut down Yucca Mountain, to the satisfaction to the majority of Nevadans.
5.  While ObamaCare has been a complete disaster, he did bring the issue of hard to insure people to the forefront.
6.  Food prices and most other prices for the most part, have been stable.
7. Gas prices are not that high- now.
8.  Obama has not gone hog wild with pardons.
9.  Illegal alien deportations have not dropped to 0 and he is concentrating on the criminals. He could do more but he certainly could do less.
10.  I haven't heard much to the contrary, so I imagine he is a good father to his 2 kids.
Ok, this took about 2 hours to write and I had to think hard and deep on this issue, but I did come up with 10 things Obama has done good in.
So, Jamie, come up with 10 things George Bush did right.

Football Predictions: November 28-30

To say the least, last week, my predictions sucked- I got three wins and a tie out of about 10 games.  Just pathetic.
So, I will try again this week.
Favorite          Spread          Opponent        My Pick          Result
Detroit             6.5               Green Bay       Green Bay     loss
Dallas              7.5               Oakland           Dallas            loss
Ravens            2.5               Pittsburg          Baltimore       loss
Indianapolis    4                  Tennessee       Colts              Win
Denver            5.5                Kansas City   Chiefs            loss
Cleveland        7                  Jacksonville   Browns         loss
Carolina          8.5                Tampa Bay   Panthers        win
Chicago         Pick em         Minnesota     Chicago        loss
Philadelphia     3                  Arizona        Eagles           tie
New York Jets  2.5              Miami           Jets               loss
Buffalo            3                   Atlanta         Buffalo         loss
S.F. 49ers       8                    St. Louis       49ers            win
Bengals       Pick em            San Diego    Chargers       loss
Giants           Pick em          Redskins      Giants           win

So, here are my picks, you probably may want to go in the opposite direction, if you are going to really bet.

Bobby Hauck Gets Contract Extension

This is good.
From the LVRJ:
Now that it’s official and Bobby Hauck will return for a fifth season and beyond as football coach at UNLV, it seems a good time to evaluate significant parts of his tenure.
Hauck agreed to a new three-year contract Wednesday through the 2016 season, for which he undoubtedly will offer a special dose of thanks today.
The Rebels host San Diego State in a regular-season finale Saturday night, leaving just UNLV’s first bowl game since 2000 as the final time we will see Hauck’s team this year.
I've been a fan of the hiring of Hauck since he was hired and even through the lean years.
Anyone who wins national championships, no matter what division they are in, is a great coach.
Let's just hope that Hauck will stay here the next 3 years and is not hired away to a bigger school to make more money and get more prestige.

Nevada Says No To Obama

From the LVRJ: Nevada’s Insurance Division decided Wednesday that people whose health care insurance policies did not meet the standards of the federal Affordable Care Act cannot carry forward those policies for another year, as President Barack Obama had wanted.
Obama sought to use his “enforcement discretion” to allow people to renew policies that lack somebenefits mandated by the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. But after consulting with Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, the state Insurance Division decided that renewing these polices “would conflict with Nevada law and the Affordable Care Act.”
Nearly 25,000 Nevadans have received cancellation or non-renewal notices because their policies fall short of ACA standards.
The issue has become highly political as Republicans have accused the president of lying when he said that under Obamacare people would be able to keep their current policies if they liked them. Because of the issue, Obama’s popularity ratings have plunged to record lows.
A poll released Nov. 13 by the Quinnipac University Polling Institute found 54 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama’s performance in office, while only 39 percent approve of the job he is doing.
Gov. Brian Sandoval, who opposed Obama’s move to allow people to renew non-compliant insurance policies, said Wednesday that “The only way to fix the problems resulting form Obamacare is for Congress to change the law itself.”
Sandoval last week said Obamacare should be repealed or drastically modified. “The fact is, the president misled the American people when he promised they could keep their insurance if they liked it,” the governor said. “Furthermore, those in Congress who supported this law should have known that implementing these mandates would result in canceled policies. The very real and harmful consequences of this ill-conceived law are now being experienced by not just Nevadans, but people throughout the country.”
The idea of saying "never mind" by Obama to the people who lost their insurance was just plain stupid and just political.
If Nevada would have allowed the old policies to be implemented, it would have caused chaos in the health insurance markets and it is doubtful any of the insurance companies would have offered the old plans anyways because the old plans would have been dropped next year.
It once again shows that Obama believes in theories and has no clue how the real world operates.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Union Has To Pay Protestors To Picket Wal-Mart

This is just pathetic, from a pathetic union.
From The Washington Examiner:
National Labor Relations Board lawyers okayed a major union's practice of paying people to protest against Walmart in a legal memorandum earlier this month. The federal labor law enforcement agency said the practice of paying workers $50 apiece to join protests “did not constitute unlawful … coercion of employees.”
In a Nov. 15 memorandum from the NLRB's general counsel office regarding the so-called “Black Friday” protests staged by United Food and Commercial Workers against the nonunion retailer last year, the NLRB lawyers determined that the UFCW's offer of $50 gift cards to anyone who showed up to protest “was a non-excessive strike benefit.”
The lawyers said there was “no evidence to indicate that the gift card was meant to buy support for OUR Walmart” since the card was available not just to the retailer’s employees but to anyone who showed up at the unions’ protests.
OUR Walmart, which presents itself as a group of disaffected Walmart workers, is identified as a subsidiary of UFCW in the memorandum. Along with another UFCW-backed group, Making Change at Walmart, UFCW has been orchestrating a series of public relations attacks against the retailer.
It is not clear how widespread the practice of offering the $50 gift cards was, although the memorandum says the card was advertised on the main OUR Walmart website.
Peter Schaumber, a former NLRB chairman who now works with pro-business groups, agreed the practice would not be illegal, "but really, what it says is that those people are out there protesting because they are getting paid."
These gift cards are also from Wal-Mart, so the union is actually subsidizing Wal-Mart.
It's funny to watch these useful idiots who picket in front of different Wal-Marts.  They are paid by the union, but they are not unionized employees, they don't get health insurance or 401K plans and they don't make a living age.
Apparently, the UFCW doesn't practice what the preach.

Just Great

From the Chicago Tribune: He admitted being a salaried killer for a drug cartel, the kind of assassin who preferred slashing his victims' throats.
On Tuesday, after serving three years behind bars, he was released from a Mexican detention center and was on his way to the United States — where he would soon live as a free man.
Or, rather, a free boy.
The killer, Edgar Jimenez Lugo, known to Mexican crime reporters as "El Ponchis," is 17 years old. He was 11 when he killed his first victim, and he was 14 when he was arrested, in December 2010, at the Cuernavaca airport, along with luggage containing two handguns and packets of cocaine.
Back then, Jimenez's tender age transformed him into a media phenomenon, one that shocked Mexico, and the world, into recognizing the extent to which the country's brutal drug war was consuming its young. And now it is one of the reasons why Jimenez — who claims to have killed four people at an age before most kids get their learner's permit to drive — will soon be mingling with the residents of San Antonio.
Under the laws at the time in the Mexican state of Morelos, where he was prosecuted, Jimenez could be sentenced to a maximum of only three years of incarceration because he was a minor. A judge ordered him released Tuesday, a few days before his three years were up.
And because he is a U.S. citizen, born in San Diego, he has every right to return to his home country.
"Apparently he's paid his debt for whatever crimes he was convicted of [in Mexico], and I'm not aware of any charges the U.S., federal or state, has against him," Michelle Lee, an FBI special agent based in San Antonio, said Tuesday. "The situation with him is really no different than any other U.S. national who commits a crime, completes their sentence and is released.",0,212654.story
I hope the cops will tail this thug and if he breaks the law, even if it is jay walking, they will be all over him like flies on poop.
This kid is a danger to the community and will always will be.  Let's hope someone will get him before he decides to kill again.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Told You So

Remember when some bimbo gay waitress accused a family of not tipping her because they thought she was gay.
I didn't believe her because she said she wanted to spit in their food BEFORE they even got the bill.
Well, it turns out that this waitress is a liar.
From the LVRJ:
A family accused by a gay server of denying her a tip and leaving a hateful note on the receipt says the allegations are false.
Dayna Morales, a former Marine and a server at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, N.J., posted a photo Nov. 13 on Facebook that showed a receipt with a note on it that said, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.”
“I am THOROUGHLY offended … that THIS is what her kids will grow up learning and that I served in the Marines to keep ignorant people like them free,” Morales wrote.
Morales said it “took every fiber of my being not to spit in their food and say something.”
The post was shared thousands of times, and Morales’ story was picked up by local and national media outlets. After the story didn’t appear to be losing steam, a family contacted NBC 4 New York to say they were the family in question — but the receipt was a fake.
The family, which requested to remain anonymous, said they have a receipt from the bistro that shows they tipped. They also provided the station with a credit card statement that indicated they had been charged $111.55 for the meal. The receipt in the photo showed a total of $93.55.
“We’ve never not left a tip when someone gave good service, and we would never leave a note like that,” the wife said.
It's too bad hat this gay waitress could not be prosecuted for a hate crime against the family.

No New Trial For O.J.

I'm kind of surprised at the ruling.
From the LVRJ:
The Review-Journal has learned that Judge Linda Bell rejected the notorious former football player’s contention that his trial lawyer in his 2007 robbery case, Yale Galanter, was ineffective, had financial and legal conflicts and misadvised the 66-year-old inmate.
Bell’s ruling comes six months after a week-long hearing where Simpson testified Galanter told him he could legally take his property back and would represent him for free.
Simpson is in the midst of serving a nine- to 33-year prison term after he was convicted of 10 charges for robbing two men of sports memorabilia in September 2007. He argued he was simply recovering his own property, including photographs, when he went to the Palace Station hotel room.
In a 100 page decision, Bell said “All grounds in the petition lack merit and, consequently are denied.”
Bell ruled, Simpson “failed to demonstrate that counsel experienced an actual conflict of interest that substantially impacted counsel’s performance at trial … that the State withheld exculpatory evidence … that appellate and trial counsel were ineffective or that any deficient performance by counsel resulted in prejudice,” the ruling stated.
In her ruling, Bell said the evidence was overwhelming against Simpson and there was no indication that it was close verdict.
“Mr. Simpson has failed to pinpoint significant errors that either alone or combined would have changed the outcome of his case,” Bell said.
I thought the judge would rule that Simpson would get a new trial- I thought she was a judge who wanted to be celebrity judge.  The reason why I thought that was the hearing she had should never have happened as he had no case and the judge seemed sympathetic to Simpson.
But I am glad she came to her senses.
Simpson is guilty and he turned down a plea bargain that would have gotten him out of jail by now.
Now, maybe the news will be O.J. free for a couple of years.

That Evil Wal-Mart

That evil Wal-Mart and they are so damn mean to it's employees, it's just pathetic.
They are so mean, in fact, that they giving their employees a 10% discount on everything except booze and tobacco products from around November 1st until January 1st.
And those employees who have to work Thanksgiving day, those employees will get a gift certificate for a one time purchase of 25% off.  So, if you go food shopping and decide to buy a big ticket item at the same time, you get the 25% discount.  Spend $400 and you get $100 off.
So, when people complain about Wal-Mart and how bad it is to work for them, just ask them why over 1,000,000 work for them?

Monday, November 25, 2013

ObamaCare Disaster: 10's Of Millions To Lose Insurance

From Fox News: Almost 80 million people with employer health plans could find their coverage canceled because they are not compliant with ObamaCare, several experts predicted.
Their losses would be in addition to the millions who found their individual coverage cancelled for the same reason.
Stan Veuger of the American Enterprise Institute said that in addition to the individual cancellations, "at least half the people on employer plans would by 2014 start losing plans as well." There are approximately 157 million employer health care policy holders.
Avik Roy of the Manhattan Institute added, "the administration estimated that approximately 78 million Americans with employer sponsored insurance would lose their existing coverage due to the Affordable Care Act."
Last week, an analysis by the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, showed the administration anticipates half to two-thirds of small businesses would have policies canceled or be compelled to send workers onto the ObamaCare exchanges. They predicted up to 100 million small and large business policies could be canceled next year.
According to projections the administration itself issued back in July 2010, it was clear officials knew the impact of ObamaCare three years ago.
In fact, according to the Federal Register, its mid-range estimate was that by the end of 2014, 76 percent of small group plans would be cancelled, along with 55 percent of large employer plans.
The reason behind the losses is that current plans don't meet the requirements of ObamaCare, which dictate that each plan must cover a list of essential benefits, whether people want them or not.
"Things like maternity care or acupuncture or extensive drug coverage," said Veuger. "And so now the law is going to force them to buy policies that they could have gotten in the past if they wanted to but they chose not to."
Some plans already have been canceled and employers are getting sticker shock at the new, higher prices under ObamaCare.
One of them is David Allen, president of a company bearing his name in Boulder, Colorado. He told a Congressional hearing recently that his carrier discontinued his company policy because it wasn't compliant with ObamaCare.
"It does not meet the minimum standards as stipulated under the law. Due to this one change," he said, "our premiums are now scheduled to increase by 52.3 percent in January 2014."
You won't your insurance... Lie.
You won't lose your doctor... Lie.
Your health care costs will go down...Lie
Obama...worst president ever...True.

Good Law

From the Detroit Free Press: A controversial initiative that would require women to buy an additional rider on their health insurance if they wanted abortion coverage is one short step away from going to the Legislature, where it is likely to easily become law.
Because no one filed a challenge by Monday’s deadline to the more than 315,000 signatures turned in to the Secretary of State, an initiative that would prohibit abortion coverage from being included in standard insurance policies will go forward....
If the proposal becomes law, it would require all private and public health insurance plans to offer a separate rider for an abortion. And women would have to buy that rider before knowing if they needed an abortion. They would not be able to buy the rider after getting pregnant by any means, including rape or incest.
“We don’t have a decision yet on what action we’re going to take,” said Ari Adler, spokesman for Speaker of the House Jase Bolger, R-Marshall. “We’re waiting until we have it in hand.”
Michigan Right to Life embarked on the petition drive because when federal health exchanges were set up under the Affordable Care Act, it didn't want any taxpayer dollars going toward abortion coverage. Twenty-three states have already enacted legislation requiring separate riders for abortion coverage in exchange-provided policies.
“Michigan citizens don't want to pay for other people's abortions with tax dollars or through their insurance premiums,” said Pam Sherstad, spokeswoman for Michigan Right to Life. “This doesn't have to do with legalized abortions, it just has to do with who pays for it.”
The legislative initiative would cover insurance policies offered both by the public exchanges and by private insurance companies.
She said she’s confident the measure will pass in the Legislature because the majority of members of the House and Senate signed the petition.
Democrats promised to fight the initiative if and when it’s brought up in the Legislature.
Since this is clearly only a woman's issue per the feminists, men should not be required to pay for any abortion insurance coverage and if a woman wants to get an abortion, either pay for the insurance or pay for the abortion themselves.

Now They Have Amish Horse Gangs

From the Houston Chronicle: Police in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country say a horse pulling a buggy has been killed in a drive-by shooting.
WHTM-TV reports ( ) five people were inside the buggy Sunday night when a car drove by and a shot was fired in Ronks, in southeastern Lancaster County.
Police say the car didn't stop after what sounded like a firecracker.
The horse was discovered to be injured when the buggy arrived at a farm about a mile away. It died before a veterinarian could arrive.
The TV station says the horse suffered a bullet wound to the left side of its torso. The buggy's passengers weren't injured.
The horse that was shot by car was wearing red horse clothes while the car that the shooter was in was blue.  The car threw gang signs at the horse and the horse ignored it and then was shot.
The cops are now scared that the horses in the Blood horse gang will be retaliating against all blue cars. 

Talk About Ugly

Now, granted, I have the face and body made for radio, but this mug shot shows one ugly person.  This thug was arrested for murder.
Seriously, what other job, other than a prison inmate employee would this thug qualify for?
David Adam Pate poses for a bizarre mug-shot with his surgically split tongue out and his gang tattoo '974' clearly visible. The word 'Satan' is inked over his eye.

That Damn Constitution

President Obama on immigration reform:
From The Washington Post:
“A lot of people have been saying this lately on every problem, which is just, ‘Sign an executive order and we can pretty much do anything and basically nullify Congress,’” Obama said at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the SFJazz Center in San Francisco.
Many in the audience of more than 400 supporters began applauding. “Wait, wait, wait,” Obama said. “Before everybody starts clapping, that’s not how it works. We’ve got this Constitution, we’ve got this whole thing about separation of powers. So there is no short-cut to politics, and there’s no short-cut to democracy.”
Of course, that hasn't stopped Obama from violating the constitution when he unilaterally changed ObamaCare without congressional approval.
And seriously, even though he was supposedly a constitutional professor, he certainly doesn't believe in it.

Maybe He Is Right?

Two stories in the Havre Daily News:
The number of Native Americans in the Hill County Detention Center became a topic at a meeting between Ravalli County officials and Confederated Salish and Kootena tribal leaders.
The comments of the Ravalli County Planning Commission has created a stir around the state.
Ravalli County commissioners oppose the tribes' plan to put 58 acres of tribally owned land into trust with the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, saying the county would lose $808 in annual property taxes.
The meeting ended on a sour note when county planning board chairman Jan Wisniewski of Darby said he'd recently gone on a fact-finding trip around the state, during which he visited with law enforcement officials in Havre who, he said, complained about their jails being filled with "drunken Indians."
The very next story in the Havre Daily News:
A Rocky Boy man will spend more than seven years in federal prison for threatening and sexually abusing a woman, including pouring gasoline over her and saying she would burn.
Blair Chiefstick, 22, pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated sexual abuse in federal District Court in Great Falls.
Chief District Court Judge Dana Christensen sentenced Chiefstick Thursday in the court in Great Falls to 87 months in prison followed by 10 years of supervised release, said a press release issued Friday afternoon.
The press release said Chiefstick was charged after he went to a woman’s house on Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation to ask for beer following a day of drinking beer and huffing gasoline.

Good For Netanyahu

From Breitbart: "The prime minister made it clear to the most powerful man on earth that if he intends to stay the most powerful man on earth, it's important to make a change in American policy because the practical result of his current policy is liable to lead him to the same failure that the Americans absorbed in North Korea and Pakistan, and Iran could be next in line." 
That was the message conveyed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to President Barack Obama in a private telephone call Sunday to discuss the interim deal on Iran's nuclear program, according to a senior Israeli lawmaker in Netanyahu's ruling coalition, as reported by the Jerusalem Post.
The White House's own official statement on the telephone call made no mention of any disagreement being aired, merely referring to "their shared goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon."
Meanwhile, Netanyahu said that he would send a high-level diplomatic team to the U.S. to lobby for a tough final agreement with Iran that sees that country's entire nuclear enrichment program dismantled.
In a development that may be related, British Foreign Secretary William Hague warned Israel not to interfere with the emerging deal, perhaps voicing a sentiment shared by Obama and other diplomatic partners.
I am convinced that Obama is doing this for himself and could not care less about the Mideast and Israel. 
ObamaCare is horrible, Obama's liberal programs have been a failure, Obama has been caught lying time and time again and Obama's poll numbers are in the tank.
So, he was able to convince a few other Neville Chamberlins and tried to broker this peace deal, on a weekend, when no one was watching.
The deal is so bad that many Democrats hate the deal.
This deal is so bad, 2 of America's biggest allies in the Mideast the Saudi's and Israel hate it and it is their opinion that should matter the most, not Obama's and his ego.
And finally, why would we believe anything Obama says about this deal?  He has proven himself to be such a huge liar and he will say anything, truth or not, to support his views.

Did Family Guy Kill Off Brian?

From E-Online:
After more than 11 seasons of laughing along with the Griffin family, we thought we had seen it all on Family Guy—but we were dead wrong.
In Sunday night's mind-blowing episode of Seth MacFarlane's animated hit series, audiences were shocked to discover that Brian, the canine companion who has been in each and every episode since the pilot, was hit by a car and died. We're serious, you guys. 
It gets worse. Earlier in the episode, Stewie dismantled his infamous time machine. Now the pint-size genius cannot get the necessary vital parts to repair it, thus losing the possibility to save his best friend's life. Confession: We have no shame in admitting that a cartoon made us cry tonight.
To help make sense of the stunning series changes that took place over a mere 22 minutes, we chatted with executive producer Steve Callaghan to figure out what on earth is going on in Quahog. From the decision that led to Brian's death, to reactions from the cast, and the new Sopranos-inspired pup who will be taking Brian's place in the opening credits, read on for all the exclusive details that you won't find anywhere else!
We can't believe that Brian is gone! What led you to make this crucial decision for the series?
Steve Callaghan
: Well, this was an idea that got pitched in the writers room and it sort of caught fire, and we thought it could be a fun way to shake things up. As soon as this idea came up, we started talking about what the next couple episodes could be and we got very excited about the way this change will affect the family dynamics and the characters.

Why did you decide that Brian had to be the one to go and not one of the other characters?It seemed more in the realm of reality that a dog would get hit by a car, than if one of the kids died. As much as we love Brian, and as much as everyone loves their pets, we felt it would be more traumatic to lose one of the kids, rather than the family pet.
How did long-time Family Guy actors, Mila Kunis and Seth Green, react once they learned that Brian would die in tonight's episode?I think they were glad it wasn't them. [Laughs.] I think they were surprised, as anyone would be, and I think they were pretty stunned especially this far into the show. They were as shocked as anyone.
I think it sucks because Brian was probably my 2nd favorite character, just behind Peter.
Kind of funny, though, the one true liberal gets killed while the conservatives on the show live on.
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