Thursday, September 29, 2016

Major Train Accident In Hoboken

A major train accident has occurred in Hoboken, NJ.
North Jerzey Fire Alert says 3 people have been killed with over 100 injured.
Based on scanner reports, the incident is winding down as Jersey Fire Dept. Is sending some of their equipment back to their city.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sad Day In Sports

What a sad day in sports.
First, Jose Fernández, a superstar pitcher for the Miami Marlins was killed a boating accident in Miami.
Now, it is being reported that Arnold Palmer has passed away at the age of 87.
Sad day.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Clueless Hillary

According to Hillary, we need to relate to these muslim thugs.
From Fox News: Abu Chiad boasted about beheading infidels, raping women and children and slaughtering in the name of Islam. Speaking from a prison in the city of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, he told Dr. Jan Kizilhan that these acts would get him to heaven.
Kizilhan, 49, a German of Kurdish background, is a psychology professor and trauma expert who has worked with trauma victims in Rwanda and Kosovo. He went to Iraq with Michael Blume, minority affairs expert for the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, to help the victims of ISIS. Their mission was to bring traumatized women and children back to Germany for treatment....
“I asked Abu Chiad how he could show love for his wife and children and murder people the same day,” Kizilhan said in a phone interview from Stuttgart.
He said Chiad showed no remorse as he spoke about making daily trips to a marketplace to behead people and rape Yazidi women, after which he would return home as a loving father and husband.
“Killing them was like killing a chicken,” Chiad told Kizilhan.
In Chiad’s mind, Kizilhan said, the victims were not human. He said ISIS killers and rapists rationalize their behavior by dehumanizing their victims, much as the Nazis justified their mass slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust. He has written a book, “The Psychology of ISIS,” in which he analyzes this savage behavior. It will be published in Germany in October.
Kizilhan had horrifying stories to tell about the 1,100 women and children, former ISIS captives, who are now being treated in Germany, most of them at a facility near Stuttgart in Baden-Wurttenberg.
Rinda, 10, and her mother were abducted on Aug. 3, 2014, when ISIS invaded the Sinjar region. They were taken to Raqqa. Rinda was sold eight times to ISIS fighters, who beat and raped her. Her parents’ fate is not known.
Yasmin, 16, who feared another rape, wanted to make herself undesirable, so she doused herself with gasoline and lit a match. Badly burned, she is in a German hospital facing more than 20 surgeries.
“Now she looks like a zombie, and children cry when they see her,” Kizilhan said. “It is so difficult to see what the fire did to her.”
Most of the 400,000 Yazidis who lived in Sinjar have been displaced, captured or killed. According to a United Nations report, 5,000 Yazidi civilians were murdered in 2014, and women and children were sold into slavery. Many of the abuse victims have committed suicide.
And from the Washington Times: “This is what we call smart power — using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security, leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect, even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view, helping to define the problems, determine the solutions,” she continued. “That is what we believe in the 21st century will change — change the prospects for peace.”
And  1 quick question: How many Yazidis has Obama and his ilk brought over to the U.S. to start a new life?

Charlotte Riots: Day 2

I watched the highlights of the riots in Charlotte last night.
It was the usual "I am fighting for my rights to steal Air Jordans while trashing stores" scene.
However, what I noticed when I watched closely was that there were numerous ministers and older people pleading for the young thugs to stop the violence and the young thugs just ignored the peace makers.  (Please note, there were thugs of almost all races)
If the young thugs completely ignore the mostly Black peace makers, what hope can there be for these young thugs?
And it should be noted that there were maybe 2000 protesters, of which maybe there were about 1/4 of the 2000 are causing trouble, so maybe there were 500 rioters.
And the Charlotte area has a population of  about 1,000,000 people in it.
So, these 500 thugs out of 1,000,000 people are being given all this attention by the media.
And the other 999,500 people are being ignored.
And who do we see on the news?
About 500 thugs or about .005% of the population of the Charlotte area.
Kind of sad.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why California Cannot Be Taken Seriously

From Fox News: California Gov. Jerry Brown kept up his assault on climate change Monday, pushing through a law meant to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from dairy farms and landfills.
"You know, when Noah wanted to build his ark, most of the people laughed at him?" Brown said, per the Sacramento Bee, adding that that ark saved Earth's species.
"We've got to build our ark, too, by stopping ... dangerous pollutants." Brown's approval of Senate Bill 1383 goes after short-lived climate pollutants, which include methane, black carbon, and HFC gases, per the AP.
Although these gases don't linger in the atmosphere, they still make people sick and hasten global warming due to their heat-trapping ability, per Reuters. "We're protecting people's lungs and their health," Brown said, per Courthouse News.
One of the main methane culprits: manure. Per the bill, dairy farmers have to cut methane emissions to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030. Under a cap-and-trade plan, farmers will receive aid from the $50 million or so raised via polluter fees, which they can then put toward machinery that uses methane to create energy they can in turn sell to electric companies.
California is pretty much a dead state, run by lunatics for lunatics.
I've lived in 2 states bordering California and both states, Arizona and Nevada are thriving while California is dying.  To find any type of commerce in California, you have to travel a good 50-75 miles inside California before you find much of anything that resembles any kind of civilization.
And now, and yes Jerry, people are laughing at you, California is going to kill more jobs, stifle any type of economic growth in farming and kill farms, making the farms into housing developments, causing even more pollution.
So, Nevada and Arizona, we thank California for providing more jokes about your state and improving our economies on the back of your farmers and other related industries.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thugs Rioting In North Carolina

From the Charolette Observer:
A dozen police officers were injured Tuesday night in clashes with several hundred people protesting an officer-involved fatal shooting in the University City area.
Shouting protesters continued to block streets well after midnight, despite the use of tear gas by police in riot gear.
The protest began on Old Concord Road at Bonnie Lane, where a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer fatally shot a man in the parking lot of a University City apartment complex Tuesday afternoon.
The man who died was identified late Tuesday as Keith Lamont Scott, 43, and the officer who fired the fatal shot was CMPD Officer Brentley Vinson, a police statement said. Both men were African-American, a police source confirmed.
Police said they had been searching for someone who had an outstanding warrant at The Village at College Downs complex on Old Concord Road when they saw Scott leave his car holding a gun.
So, once again, a bunch of thugs are rioting over an armed black man, who the cops weren't even concerned about. Now, he's dead and the cops go home and a bunch of thugs riot.
Hope and change, hows that working?

Read more here:

Read more here:

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another muslim Terrorist Attack In U.S.

From Fox News:  A knife-wielding man who injured eight people at a mall in central Minnesota Saturday evening asked at least one victim whether they were Muslim and referenced Allah during the assault, authorities said Wednesday.
St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson said the suspect, whom he did not identify, was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction. All but one of the eight victims had been treated and released from a local hospital and all were expected to survive their injuries. 
Police responded reports of several stabbings at the Crossroads Mall at around 8:30 p.m. local time. Witnesses also reported hearing gunshots at the scene. 
Anderson declined to call the attacks an act of terrorism, saying the motive for the attacks isn't known yet. "We will be diligent and get to the bottom of this," Anderson said.
Meanwhile, a bomb exploded in New York City, close to the same time as the muslim terrorist attack in St. Cloud.
There are still a lot of muslims who live in the U.S. who are at war with the U.S. and there are even more muslims who refuse to condemn these attacks on the U.S..
And meanwhile we have a president who won't recognize muslim terror cells in the United states and makes excuses for the muslim extremists when they do attack.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Another Liberal City Attacked By Young Thugs

From NBC-NYC: Thieves snatched a purse from an 84-year-old woman in the Bronx on Wednesday — the latest in what has been a series of unrelated attacks, some of them violent, on older and elderly people across the city. 
The two hooded men grabbed the purse from the woman as she sat on a bench at a bus stop at 1635 East 174th Street in Bronx River just before 6 a.m.
Video released by police appears to show the suspects rummaging through the woman's purse in an elevator at 1630 East 174th Street.
That wasn't the only attack on an elderly person in the Bronx in recent days. A 71-year-old man was punched in the face and knocked to the ground last Friday in Allerton, according to police. The robber then took the man's wallet and ran away....
And a 93-year-old East Harlem woman in a wheelchair was robbed of her Social Security money last week. A 26-year-old man was arrested in that case. 
Last month, surveillance video showed a man pushing a 74-year-old man down a staircase in a robbery in the Bronx. The suspect is still on the loose in that attack. 
Source: Thieves Target Elderly People Across City in Latest Round of Robberies | NBC New York
Follow us: @nbcnewyork on Twitter | NBCNewYork on Facebook

I don't care if the thugs are black, white, or brown, it doesn't matter, they are all thugs, but all the victims shown in the article are Black and it's very sad these folks are being targeted.  
But New York City is run by liberals, especially the Mayor, who is extremely liberal, who hates cops and he always has.
He also had his top cops get rid of stop and frisk to get guns and criminals off the streets find criminals wanted on warrants and because of this, the thugs aren't afraid of cops and they do as they please.  
There is nothing the NYPD can do except do find the criminals after they have committed the horrible crimes.
Just another example of liberals screwing up another major U.S. city and making it unsafe for vulnerable people live in.

Stay Strong, North Carolina

From the NY Times: For months, North Carolina has weathered the umbrage of corporate America and the anger of the federal government over a law that curbed the rights of gay and transgender people.But in a state where basketball coaches and March Madness tournament moments are immortalized, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’sdecision to punish the state for its contested law — by stripping it of the seven championship events it was to host this academic year — was, in the words of the writer Ed Southern, “a punch to the gut.”Hosting college sports tournaments is part of the state’s fabric. “It is something that North Carolinians take pride in, and have taken pride in for so long,” said Mr. Southern, the author of an anthology about sports in North Carolina. “Especially when it comes to college basketball, we tend to be pretty snobbish.”Yet the coming college basketball postseason will not run through North Carolina, nor will N.C.A.A. championships in baseball, lacrosse, golf, soccer and tennis that were scheduled for the state. And Tuesday’s round of sports-related soul-searching often seemed to revolve around a single question: Why did a political firestorm about transgender rights have to shut down basketball courts and baseball diamonds?
Right now, it is tough for North Carolina because of their leading stance against men using women's bathrooms and vice versa.
Some businesses are pulling out of North Carolina but guess, what, still is strong.
Now, some sports organizations are pulling out of North Carolina.
Will it hurt North Carolina?  Sure, a little.  Some people may not work at the games selling beer and hot dogs or sell tickets.
And some hotels won't be as full as they might have been.
But, stay strong North Carolina.  Sure, you might miss some loud mouth drunks roaming your city's streets and some cops will not be paid overtime for having to deal with ticket scam artists.
You will also miss some TV money- oh wait, you won't that much of the money.  You won't have to close down streets to auto traffic so you can let the drunks have free reign of the streets.   And yes, your drunk tanks and hospitals will have to find a way to keep busy from treating all the drunks that would have come their way, but I am sure they will find something else to do.
And your fire departments may have quieter nights instead of answering calls in the middle of the night when a drunk pulls the fire alarm.
So, yes, North Carolina, just think of all the things you would be missing if these sports organization don't come to your State.  I'm sure you will be able to get over their absence.
So, please stay strong, North Carolina, us conservatives have your back.

Donald Trump's Physical Results

How Donald Trump perceives himself after his physical:

Image result for image of body builder

This is reality:

Image result for image of al bundy

Annual LVRJ Pro Football team Bar List

I don't know what would be worst:
Being a Chicago bear fan going into Green Bay Pack bar?
Being drawn and quartered and shot like pigs on a Sunday morning?

Well, if you are in Las Vegas, enjoy being drunk before 10:00 in the morning (Vegas Time) and being with fellow (fill in your favorite team here______) fans, then check out the annual Las Vegas Review Journal list of pro football team bars.
This year, under new ownership, the LVRJ has gotten lazy and just put a map with helmets on it. Each helmet has the bar info:
Some highlights, from what I can see:
There are at least 6 Green Bay Packer bars.
There are 3 Chicago bear bars, down significantly from last year, including 2 bars that are almost next door to each other near the 215 and St. Rose Pkwy.
Surprisingly, there are 2 Buffalo Bill bars, on both ends of the Valley (north and south)
2 Denver Bronco bars for last year's Super Bowl Champs.
2 Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas Raiders?) bars
1 Dallas Cowboy and no New England Patriot bars, the 2nd and 3rd supposedly most popular teams in the NFL.
Other teams represented: Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers, Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphns, Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals.
If you go to the bars, please make sure you have a designated driver or call a taxi, because being wasted by noon Vegas time means you shouldn't be driving a few hours later.

Is Hillary's Campaign Trying To Kill Her?

Image result for picture of hillary sweating
Sooo, Hillary has made this miracle healing of pneumonia.  So where is the first place her campaign staff sends her?
To someplace nice and cool?
Some place where the humidity is low.
Perhaps Flagstaff, AZ, where the temps today will be up around 70F degrees with humidity around 15%?  And since Arizona is a battleground state, it's an important state, it's a nice place to go to,where there are a lot of liberals drinking their latte and it is a big college town.
Nooo, the campaign sends her to Greensboro, North Carolina, where the temperature is 85F degrees at 1:30 pm, with the humidity at 52% and the weather geeks say it feels like 88F degrees.
Great, so the campaign will send her somewhere cool tomorrow, right?  Nope..Washington D.C. with a high of 80F degrees and humidity of 60%.
If, I were Hillary, I would be asking her staff if they were trying to kill her.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

About Time Congress Did Something Right

This impeachment is too late and it's to the point of "who cares".
From Fox News:
House conservatives revived a long-shot effort Tuesday to oust IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, formally introducing an impeachment resolution expected to see a vote by the end of the week.  
Rep. John Fleming, R-La., a sponsor of the drive, offered the measure under special procedures that put the House on track to vote Thursday on the effort.
Conservatives say Koskinen hampered Congress' effort to investigate the IRS for tough assessments of Tea Party groups that sought tax exemptions several years ago. Koskinen denies that.
“For years the IRS has abused its power to target people based on their political views. Commissioner John Koskinen not only did nothing about it, but continued the trend of deception by deliberately keeping Congress and the American people in the dark,” Fleming said in a statement Tuesday. “To date no one has been held accountable and no one will unless we move forward with a resolution to require a vote on his impeachment.”
But GOP leaders are cool to the impeachment push, which stands little chance of succeeding. Some Republicans argue that an impeachment vote two months before elections risked irritating voters, while others said Koskinen deserved a full House Judiciary Committee probe before embarking on the seldom-used impeachment process.
The entire GOP Congress in both houses (Senate and House) should have impeached this clown several years when the IRS was politicalized by President Obama and the democrats.
And the following should have been impeached the following people and reasons:
To the pilots of Air Force 1 for not taking the right at Albuquerque and dropping Obama off at Pyongyang, North Korea.
The person who invites people over to the White House for state dinners: Not inviting George bush over constantly and having him throw up on Obama's lap.
The gardeners at the White House: For not growing 1000 Titan Arum, the smelliest planet on earth, smoke Obama out of the White House.
The head of the Secret Service for not hiring his share of illegal immigrants and placing about 250 of the illegals to guard the president.
To the police chief's of the U.S. Senate Police, House of Representatives and Supreme Court and have them guard all democrat congress critters and liberal supreme court justices.
And if you can come up with a list of people the GOP congresscritters can impeach, please share it with us.

Hillary Imitates Buddy On Night Court

Night Court is one of my favorite TV shows, that started in 1984 and ran until May, 1992.
With Hillary fainting and with a miraculous recovery, she is imitating Buddy Ryan, Harry's father:

Ahh, yes, she's feeling much better now.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Maybe Hillary Was On Drugs?

Just about everyone has seen the video(s) of Hillary fainting while in New York City, on a weather wise beautiful day, but if you haven't seen it, here I is:

As someone who has had pneumonia several times in my life and someone who is regularly dehydrated, I have never acted like Hillary.
If she was really dehydrated, why didn't her medical staff make sure she had enough fuel in her to make it more than 1 1/2 hours out of  several hour day?  Athletes, on the day of their activity, make darn sure they are loaded up with fluids before they take the field, run the course or whatever they do in sports.
Same with construction workers who work outside, along with cops, firefighters and others who work in the heat.  And they keep on loading up on fluids.
To me, after watching this version of Hillary, it looks like she is totally out of it, zombie like.  And when she tries to walk, there is no walk there, she just collapses, just like a town drunk after she consumes a gallon of whiskey.
So, I don't believe she was overcome by the heat on a beautiful day in NYC, and while she may have pneumonia, she doesn't look like she has pneumonia.
And since we are talking about a Clinton here, you know they are going to lie, even though telling the truth would be more beneficial, so it's something a lot worse.
To me?  It looks like she had an overdose of medication, narcotic or other strong medicine.
How else do you explain such a quick recovery?  Did they give her an IV of Monster energy drink to perk her up?
Or did they give her a dose of Narcan, the drug lifesaver of a drug addict?  This would explain her near miraculous recovery in such a short time.
So, come up with another reasonable alternative because I am not buying the dehydration/pneumonia excuse.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

This Guy Is A Moron

We, were at a Planet Fitness grand opening in Lake Havasu City watching the Lake Havasu High school band play in 100 degree heat.
And this idiot, even though the road in front of the fitness center was full of people, decided to drive this big truck through the crowd, almost hitting several people.  Maybe he has the big truck because he has shortcomings in his manhood?
So, if you see this truck, with license plate Arizona ARA 2091, please feel free to egg this truck and spit on this moron.  Slash his tires or key the truck.  Or call this moron a few choice names like Or feel free to do anything else to this idiot.
But to call this guy an idiot, insult all the village idiots around the world.
So, how about: Before I aw this moron, I was pro-life.
He's the only surviving brain transplant donor
Ass hole.
And my son, the great tuba warrior on the left, played in the 100 degree heat.

Say Good Bye To Hollywood (And LA, San Fran, Sacramento...)

From the LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders embarked on a new era in California’s effort to combat climate change Thursday when the governor signed a law committing the state to some of the most drastic greenhouse gas emission reductions in the world.
“What we’re doing here is far-sighted, as well as far-reaching,” Brown said at a signing ceremony at Vista Hermosa Natural Park in downtown Los Angeles. “California is doing something that no other state has done.”
The legislation, passed after a difficult political battle in the Capitol, cements the legal framework for California’s climate policies for years to come. While previous law required the state to reduce emissions by 2020, the new measure, SB 32, sets a new, more aggressive target for 2030....
Under the law, the state must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels, a goal that will likely involve significantly more electric cars, additional renewable energy and drastic cuts in emissions from dairy farms and other key industries. 
A second measure signed Thursday by the governor, AB 197, shifts the trajectory of the state’s environmental policies. It creates a legislative committee to oversee regulators, giving lawmakers more say in how climate goals are met. It pushes the state to take stronger steps to curb local pollution, rather than simply seeking a statewide reduction in emissions.
I live and work near the California border.
When you drive through Needles, CA., which is on the border of Arizona and California, you will find a dead town.  Teachers will work in California but live in Arizona where the cost of living is much cheaper and housing, gas, and government services pretty much sucks. 
But on the other hand, they will have government regulations that harass, steal and put many of people out of work.
So, congratulations to California and their democrat officials and politicians who you elected to kill your state.  You are almost there, California is a dying state.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's Not All That Great To Live On The Vegas Strip

From the LVRJ:
It’s probably a safe assumption that the typical Las Vegas high-rise buyer expects a view of at least one or two directions. In a $5.5-million penthouse, they probably expect even more, and No. 3301 in Turnberry Tower Two delivers in spades. Although not panoramic, every one of its rooms offers a view of the valley, and you can see in every direction from somewhere in the entire unit.
What differentiates the Turnberry Towers, which were erected in the early 2000s from some newer high-rise buildings is their open floor plans and indoor-outdoor living spaces, said luxury Realtor Kristen Routh-Silberman of Synergy Sotheby’s International Realty, who has the listing. “Patios and decks have always made the Turnberry high-rises the ultimate in luxury residences in the sky,” she said.
So, some people say it's great to live on the Vegas Strip because of the lights and views.
Sure, during the night, the lights are nice....for the first week or so, then, so what?  The lights rarely change, so you don't you don't variety and you get bored with them.  You will also see traffic jams, street performers badgering pedestrians and drunks getting sick or falling down.
During the day, when the lights go away, what do your see?  Besides the mountains, which are cool, especially they are covered in snow, you also see roof tops, tops of parking garages, air conditioning units, dumpsters, swimming pools and other things that are quite boring.
And this being in Las Vegas, where murders and shootings are happening almost everyday, you might see some gang violence.  So, there can be some excitement.
And to pay $5,500,000 large condo in the sky?
Not worth it.

What A Joke On Dirty Hit

Even though this is the first week of NCAA football, this may qualify as the dirtiest play of the year/decade.
From  Fox News:
LSU entered the season with national championship aspirations. 
Those aspirations likely died Saturday with a terribly ill-advised Brandon Harris throw with a minute left in the fourth quarter against Wisconsin
You can understand the frustration that would stem from Harris' throw, which went directly to a Wisconsin cornerback, but this was over the line.
LSU offensive lineman Josh Boutte took out his frustration on the interceptor, D'Cota Dixon, well after the play was whistled dead, with a wicked clothesline. 
Boutte was ejected for the cheap-shot -- the referee ruled it a "flagrant personal foul" -- and will likely face suspension from LSU and/or the SEC.
So, you have an ugly dirty hit and LSU decided to punish the thug how?
1 game suspension against an above average high school football team.
This thug should have been suspended for the entire year and the coach for at least 2 games for not keeping his player under control.

Sometimes, You Just have To Try It

Image result for image lays southern biscuits and gravy
While shopping at Kmart today, I ran across some Lays potato chips and noticed a new flavor, at least in our area.
"Southern Biscuits and Gravy."
It was coming upon a bad don't want to look, but when going past, you just have to look.
Well, seeing the package, I really didn't want to buy them, but like the accident, I just went ahead and bought them.
And my verdict:
Don't bother buying them.
There's hardly any taste to them,, they just taste like regular potato chips.

When Liberal Racist Rednecks Try Humor And Fail Miserably

Speaking of the racist ass wipe, New York Daily News, they have a idiot nicknamed "Liberal Redneck" aka Trae Crowder.
Image result for kkk redneckSo, he tries his humor and creates his headline "The Liberal Redneck: I love me some Obama, but he’s screwed up by not closing Gitmo".
So, when he says "I love me some Obama", he makes Obama an object, not a person.
How is that not racist?
Just another racist over at the NY Daily News.
Another failed attempt of liberals pretending they are funny.
Like Shaun King.
So, here is the Liberal Redneck/Trae Crowder with his partner in his natural habitat:

BTW, according to Wikipedia, he is a federal employee in Tennessee. He is a Contractor for the Dept. of Energy at the GS-13 level, making between $73,000 to $96,000 of taxpayer money.
And his government info:
CROWDER, Trae N. ..............................865-576-4102 SC-OR
In addition, he has made no contributions to Hillary or any liberal politician.
So, in summary, he is a racist, ignorant federal government employee.

So, When Will This Racist, Anti-American Cop Hater Illiterate Thug Comment On This?

Shaun King is racist, bigot, illiterate thug that is employed by the moronic bird cage poop catcher, New York Daily News.
He apparently is a columnist, certainly is never a journalist and usually everyday writes about ho Black thugs are screwed over by the cops when they die by acting like thugs and the cops have to shoot them so they can home safely or to protect the community from the thugs.
He is cop hater, supports anti Americans like Colin Kapernick.
He sometimes writes how some times Blacks are victims of crime committed.
But when it is Blacks who commit crimes on whites or shoots, he is very quiet.
And when there is Black on Black crime, he is virtually silent.
If you dare read his Twitter page, you will become sick because King is a mentally deranged racist, far worst than any modern day KKK member ever was.
From the NY Daily News: The suspected killer of a St. John’s University grad student was drunk and high when he pulled the trigger — and boozed up behind the wheel of a car when busted, cops said.
DWI suspect Reginald Moise, 20, was so wasted after the 4:15 a.m. shooting that he wasn’t sure whether anyone was wounded once he opened fire Monday at the tail end of the J’Ouvert celebration.
“I think I shot somebody on the parade route,” Moise supposedly told a friend after police say he squeezed off a shot on the streets of Crown Heights. “I didn’t know the gun was loaded.”
Tiarah Poyau, 22, was shot above her right eye and killed from close range, her promising young life pointlessly snuffed out. She died at Kings County Hospital a short time later.
Cops remained stumped Tuesday in the second J’Ouvert murder, the shooting of a 17-year-old boy who walked over to a bench and sat down — unaware that he was shot near the intersection of Flatbush Ave. and Empire Blvd.
Tyrke Borel died at 5:11 a.m. at Kings County Hospital. Investigators spoke with his mom to determine who accompanied Borel to the annual celebration that runs into the wee hours.
And this racist thug who is employed by a racist "newspaper" (which, if you wiped your hemorrhoids with the newspaper, that's probably best use of the paper I can think of) has said not word about the shootings.  Not 1 word about the beautiful young lady who died for no reason at all.
Not word about the death of a young man.
But he complains about white people are not getting enough attention for killing cops.

Image result for image black man in kkk outfit

Shaun King in his natural habitat.


No wonder I had a heart attack a few weeks ago.
From Medical News Today: Although there is little clinical data on the health impacts of sexual relationships in older adults, new research gives an intriguing insight. Gender appears to play a significant role in the interplay between sex and health.
Research published this week in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior opens an age old question:
Is sex good or bad for the health of older adults? ...
Once the data came back and the analysis had been carried out, the results were not entirely as expected. Counter to popular belief, older men who had sex at least once a week were more likely to suffer cardiovascular events over the following 5 years. Those who were significantly less sexually active had a substantially reduced risk.
Conversely, this effect was not found in older women.
No wonder women live longer than men.
**** My sex life may or may not be true as depicted above****