Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stay Strong, North Carolina

From the NY Times: For months, North Carolina has weathered the umbrage of corporate America and the anger of the federal government over a law that curbed the rights of gay and transgender people.But in a state where basketball coaches and March Madness tournament moments are immortalized, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’sdecision to punish the state for its contested law — by stripping it of the seven championship events it was to host this academic year — was, in the words of the writer Ed Southern, “a punch to the gut.”Hosting college sports tournaments is part of the state’s fabric. “It is something that North Carolinians take pride in, and have taken pride in for so long,” said Mr. Southern, the author of an anthology about sports in North Carolina. “Especially when it comes to college basketball, we tend to be pretty snobbish.”Yet the coming college basketball postseason will not run through North Carolina, nor will N.C.A.A. championships in baseball, lacrosse, golf, soccer and tennis that were scheduled for the state. And Tuesday’s round of sports-related soul-searching often seemed to revolve around a single question: Why did a political firestorm about transgender rights have to shut down basketball courts and baseball diamonds?
Right now, it is tough for North Carolina because of their leading stance against men using women's bathrooms and vice versa.
Some businesses are pulling out of North Carolina but guess, what, still is strong.
Now, some sports organizations are pulling out of North Carolina.
Will it hurt North Carolina?  Sure, a little.  Some people may not work at the games selling beer and hot dogs or sell tickets.
And some hotels won't be as full as they might have been.
But, stay strong North Carolina.  Sure, you might miss some loud mouth drunks roaming your city's streets and some cops will not be paid overtime for having to deal with ticket scam artists.
You will also miss some TV money- oh wait, you won't that much of the money.  You won't have to close down streets to auto traffic so you can let the drunks have free reign of the streets.   And yes, your drunk tanks and hospitals will have to find a way to keep busy from treating all the drunks that would have come their way, but I am sure they will find something else to do.
And your fire departments may have quieter nights instead of answering calls in the middle of the night when a drunk pulls the fire alarm.
So, yes, North Carolina, just think of all the things you would be missing if these sports organization don't come to your State.  I'm sure you will be able to get over their absence.
So, please stay strong, North Carolina, us conservatives have your back.

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