Sunday, July 31, 2011

More On Paul Menard's Win At Indy

From the David Newton and ESPN: Crew chief Slugger Labbe was screaming wildly over the team radio late Sunday afternoon at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and congratulations were buzzing in from everywhere when in a soft, almost monotone voice came the words, "Dad, this one's for you."
If you've followed Paul Menard's career, you might smile.
Or shed a tear.
Menard has spent a lifetime being criticized for having a billionaire father advance his career by sponsoring the cars he drives. It never was worse than in 2007 when two-time Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart said, "You can have your father buy a ride and write [Dale Earnhardt Inc.] a big check, but you can't buy talent."
Well, this so-called no-talent driver is the 2011 Brickyard 400 winner.
John Menard didn't write a check to get his son into Victory Lane for the first time on this hot, muggy day. Paul earned it by conserving fuel when Labbe said to and then gunning it when Labbe said "race for your life" with two laps remaining and four-time Brickyard 400 champion Jeff Gordon closing fast.
He did it by ignoring all the criticism he's taken during his 30 years and believing he could do what nobody else did.
"It's like redemption," a sweat-soaked and emotionally drained John said from Victory Lane.
Ah, Victory Lane at Indianapolis. It's a place the Menard family has longed to be since John started bringing Indy cars here more than 30 years ago only to see engine failures and other heartbreaks deprive him of a win.
Probably the last person anyone expected to get the family here was Paul.
But there stood John on the hallowed checkered ground, so proud he could barely talk. There stood Paul, almost stunned in disbelief.
Menard is one of the good guy/under dog drivers in NASCAR, in the same mold as Trvor Bayne and Regan Smith. He is quiet, goes out there and races hard each week, doesn't cause accidents nor get into fights with other drivers.
Another Wisconsin driver does good.

Mexican Terrorist/Thug Arrested In Mexico

From The El Paso Times: Reputed La Linea drug cartel leader José Antonio Acosta Hernández, also known as El Diego, admitted Sunday to being the mastermind of a 2010 car bombing in downtown Juárez.
Acosta also confessed to several killings, including a massacre of 14 teenagers in the Villas de Salvárcar neighborhood, to Mexican federal authorities.
Mexican federal police presented Acosta, outfitted with a bulletproof vest, before the media Sunday in Mexico City in confirming his arrest.
Acosta, one of the most wanted men in Mexico, was arrested Friday after a shootout with authorities in Chihuahua City. Acosta was indicted this year in the killings of three people connected to the U.S. Consulate in Juárez.
Mexican federal officials said in a statement that after his arrest, Acosta told authorities he was the key player behind preparation and placement of a car bomb with C-4 plastic explosives in downtown Juárez on July 15, 2010.
That attack has been the only one of its type in Juárez. Car bombs have been used by terrorists and guerrilla groups in the Middle East, Northern Ireland, Spain and Colombia.
This thug terrorist was responsible for killing U.S. citizens who worked in Juarez and is responsible ordering the hits of about 1500 people.
Mexican authorities said Acosta also claims he ordered the killings of about 1,500 people, mainly in Juárez and Chihuahua City. Among those killed were local, state and federal police officers, members of rival criminal groups and members of his own organization who had lost his trust.
Acosta told authorities that on Jan. 30, 2010, he gave orders to kill the alleged members of "Los Doble A," a criminal group related to the Sinaloa cartel, who were at a party in the Villas de Salvárcar neighborhood.
That night, a group of gunmen arrived there to shoot the partygoers and sealed off the 1300 block of Villas del Portal. Some victims were identified by Mexican officials as gang members, but most were identified as students and athletes.
That attack created a national outrage and forced Mexican President Felipe Calderón to visit Juárez and launch social programs. Acosta also took responsibility for several "narco mantes" that were recently painted on public walls in Juárez and Chihuahua City, threatening the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Consulate employees.

This guy is nothing but a terrorist and a thug and if he had been in the U.S., he would have had the entire U.S. police force after him.
Hopefully, the judicial system in Mexico will give him life in prison with no chance of parole- they don't hae the death penalty. I know the U.S. won't get him because he would be eligible for the death penalty and Mexicans don't hand over criminals to the U.S. in a death penalty case.
So, Mexico is finally getting it's act together and arresting some important people in the drug cartels over the past year or so. Hope to see more thugs/terrorists captured and sent to prison in Mexico.

Debt Ceiling Deal Made And It Sucks

From Fox News: President Obama announced Sunday night that leaders of both parties in both chambers have reached an agreement on a debt-reduction deal that will "lift the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over our economy" and prevent the nation from potentially defaulting on the nation's financial obligations.
According to the president, the deal means an immediate cut of $1 trillion over a 10-year period, followed by the creation of a committee to come up with additional cuts worth $1.5 trillion to be voted on by the end of the year.
Each chamber will nominate lawmakers to the committee to report back in the fall. Tax hikes are not part of the package and a pledge for a Balanced Budget Amendment vote is.
Obama said everything will be on the table and both parties will find some of the cuts objectionable.
Read more:
First, an immediate cut over ten years are not immediate cuts. Further, yes, there may be some cuts, but these cuts can be offset by more spending. This bill does nothing about spending and increasing spending.
Further in the article: But Boehner of Ohio said the deal does not violate GOP principles. "We got 98 percent of what we wanted," he said adding that the framework cuts more spending than it raises the debt limit. It also caps future spending to limits in the growth of government
What Boehner doesn't mention that the interest in the debt is not covered.
More: The trigger would be enacted for across-the-board cuts if the joint committee doesn't reach at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction. If that happens, Obama would be allowed to request a $1.2 trillion debt increase and Congress would have to disapprove it. Across the board cuts would also apply to Medicare, but other programs like Social Security, Medicaid, veterans benefits and military pay would be off-limits.
No, Congress needs to approve it, not disapprove it. This is just flat out wrong.
As a conservative, I am disappointed that conservatives would settle for this settlement. I hope that my congressmen, Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Dr. Joe Heck reject this plan and start over. This plan does nothing about spending and spending increases- there has to be a plan in place to reduce spending.
Reject this deal.

Paul Menard Becomes Latest Wisconsin Drive To Win In NASCAR

Today, Paul Menard became the latest Wisconsin driver to win a NASCAR race as he won the Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
He defeated Jeff Gordon by about a second by saving just enough fuel to win the race. The race was extremely boring as there was little side by side racing except on the restarts and just 1 minor crash..
Menard joins Matt Kenseth, Alan Kulwicki and Dave Marcis as other Wisconsin drivers who have won in NASCAR Sprint and Winston Cup races.
So congratulations to Paul Menard for his first win.

Oxymoron Of The Day

4 were people shot at a Unity concert featuring George Clinton in Cleveland, OH. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Four people -- three males and a female -- were shot Saturday night at about 10 p.m. at Luke Easter Park during the eighth annual Unity in the Park festival.
All of the wounded are being treated at MetroHealth Medical Center, said police Sgt. Sammy Morris.
A spokeswoman at Cleveland's Emergency Medical Services reported that two of the people shot are in critical condition. Two others were stable.
Authorities said they were searching for a male suspect who pulled out a handgun and fired into a group of people during the fight. No arrests were reported in the hours after the shooting, Morris told the Associated Press.
"It was a large fight. Somebody in the crowd produced a handgun and fired several times," Morris said, adding all four victims were hit by gunfire.
A 16-year-old boy had a gunshot wound to the head and a 20-year-old woman suffered a gunshot wound to the neck, police said. A police statement added that a 14-year-old boy and a 23-year-old man also were hospitalized -- each with a gunshot wound in the left leg. None of the four were identified by name.
Nothing like having a 100 person brawl and a shooting that injures 4 people all in the name of unity.
Hate to see what happens at a concert for AIDS or for the homeless.

Las Vegas Sun Editorial: Comedy Worth seeing On The Strip

Once again, the Las Vegas Sun Editorial board shows they really have a sense of humor or they are very stupid. Or on drugs. Can't figure out which one, though.
Under the guidance of Brian "The Coward" Greenspun, so named because he is so very scared of me and my writings that he refuses to answer my e-mail and has banned me from the Sun for commenting on articles, completely blames the Tea Party for the ills of Washington D.C..
From the comedy writings of the Sun editorial board: Republicans in the House of Representatives have called for imposing legal limits on the amount Congress can spend and a constitutional amendment to mandate a balanced budget.
Backed by the Tea Party movement, Republicans have tried to whip up public support for the measures, which they passed out of the House this month.
The public wants the federal debt and spending reduced, but that’s not the same as what the Republicans are proposing. The GOP wants to gut government, and its “Cap, Cut and Balance” plan would do that by enshrining draconian measures in law. That would hobble the federal government for years by setting arbitrary limits and requirements that would be difficult to overcome. Congress — and the country — would be legally bound by the Republicans’ unthinking ideology, no matter what happens in the future.
The Republicans have been incredibly patronizing with their proposals. What they are essentially saying is that they need to bind Congress because the voters can’t be trusted to put good people in Congress to govern. Or, do Republicans think the public needs to be saved from itself and thus the stiff mandates that dictate how government should behave?
First, there are always legal limits on how much Congress can spend. It's called the budget.
Further, the Cap, Cut and Balance bill is dead when the Senate voted it down. I guess the editorial writers were out smoking crack on the I-215 when they wrote this part.
And to answer their question, yes, the public does need to be saved from themselves when it comes to the Federal budget, and no, Congress critters, especially those like Harry Reid, cannot be trusted anymore than we can throw him. Crybaby Reid cannot be trusted to handle taxpayer money as it has been shown in the last 2 years that Harry loves to spend, pay off his supporters and then spend some more.
More from the editorial: For example, they talk about wanting to make government run like a business, but their proposals run counter to that approach. Businesses make investments in hope of a future payoff, and they don’t just slash operations to make a budget — they also consider raising revenue to meet expenses. But when it comes to government, such investment — which can require raising revenue — is anathema to the Republicans. This is rich coming from Coward Greenspun. His family and other investors, just lost "The District" by the green valley Ranch Casino because they were foreclosed on. Obviously, Coward Greenspun has no idea how to run a business and they are lecturing us about business? Smoking more meth, Coward Greenspun?
For example, they talk about wanting to make government run like a business, but their proposals run counter to that approach. Businesses make investments in hope of a future payoff, and they don’t just slash operations to make a budget — they also consider raising revenue to meet expenses. But when it comes to government, such investment — which can require raising revenue — is anathema to the Republicans.
Right, time to blame George Bush again. Of course, Obama has had been in office for about 2 1/2 years now but I guess that doesn't count. Not to mention that Dem's also voted for the wars (and the wars have been increased by Obama) and lowering the tax rates. Of course, the Sun doesn't mention that when Obama was elected president, unemployment was about 1/2 of what it is now and deficit has skyrocketed under the Democrats.

Finally, the crack heads at the Sun say this with a straight face: With careful thought and consideration, the country can find ways to make smart budget cuts while still finding ways to invest to improve the country and prepare it for the future. But to do that, the Republicans will have to release their bitter hold on a narrow, thoughtless ideology. They should trust that, in the end, the voters will do the right thing to correct Washington if it goes wrong. They did, after all, put them in power.
Of course, the pot smoking, cocaine snorting writers at the Sun never thought to blame the Democrats for any of this. Senate Democrats still have not voted on a plan that they have come up with and now it appears that the GO and Obama are back talking again, leaving out the crybaby Reid and other Democrats.
Again, unless the Democrats- meaning Reid, Pelosi and Obama- refuse to send out Social security checks, then the average American is not going to see any difference between August 1 and 2. This is just a pissing game between the political parties and the only people hurt by this will be some banks, possibly the stock market and foreign countries like China. You and I will still be out working for a living and nothing is going to change.
Obama is out to help the likes of George Soros and Wall Street liberals while the GOP is trying to protect banks and countries like China. But when it omes to us little peons, no one is looking out for us, except the Tea Party legislators who know that our kids, grandkids and great grand kids will be one the ones responsible for our greed today.
So, to Coward Greenspun and the rest of the editorial board at the Las Vegas Sun, go back to your little room in the Sun building, continue to smoke your meth and crack and try to live life under the influence of your drugs. Reality is something you guys are just are not interested in.
But the rest of us are going to live our lives normally and see that nothing negative will happen. The liberals already have destroyed the economy since 2008, so, whats a few more days?

Attention Shoppers: Strippers Half Price

It must be sweeps week for newspapers as the LVRJ puts out a story about how strip clubs are having fire sales for it's customers.
From the LVRJ: Times are rough in Las Vegas, even for Sin City's second-most lucrative vice.
With the recession still dragging down discretionary spending, just the opportunity to ogle -- or fantasize about your chances with -- dozens of beautiful naked women isn't enough to pack in the tourists these days. So a number of Las Vegas strip clubs are offering discounts and freebies to seal the deal, particularly during off-peak hours.
Some, such as Cheetah's, will give you two-for-one lap dances every afternoon.
Others, like the Can Can Room and Crazy Horse III, halve the price of a lap dance that usually costs $20 for three to 4½ minutes at an all-nude club or two minutes at a topless joint.
And if the prospect of a nude woman writhing a few millimeters from you isn't enough to get your business, how about a nice brisket?
Treasures lays out a free buffet, featuring brisket, pizza, bratwurst and Italian sausage to entice customers during the early evening hours, when business typically is slow.
"For people getting off work at that time, it's quite a draw," says Nicholas Foskaris, assistant general manager at Treasures. "The early hours are very tough in this business, and always have been. When I was young, that (free food) was what the hotels did to bring people in. So that's what we do.''
He says that business began to sink as the recession deepened at the end of 2008 and that 2009 was rough.
"But we started to pick up at the end of 2009 and it has been busy ever since," Foscaris notes.
The club also offers deep discounts on booze during slow times -- as low as $1 for drinks that normally might cost $10.
To be perfectly honest, the last time I have been in a strip club was when my best friend at the time was getting married and then he decided to throw up his guts on the stripper stage. And I ended up cleaning it up. This has to have been at least 15 years ago, so I have no idea what the strip clubs are like in Vegas, except they not bottomless, except for 1 or 2 strip clubs, or so I hear.
(on advertisements, I tell you, advertisements.)
Then I have heard commercials for buffets at the strip clubs- something I have never heard of, along with football Sundays.
And this surprised me as well: At last count, there are 32 active strip clubs and between 30,000 and 40,000 registered exotic dancers in the Las Vegas Valley. On weeknights, some 1,500 women bump and grind at clubs here; weekends, that number doubles or triples.
Well, I suppose you have to stand out in the crowd, so you do have to advertise specials. Only in Vegas.

Liberal 3rd Party In Nevada 2012 Senate Race?

From the Reno Gazette-Journal: Yet he (Byron Georgiou) also spoke about his falling out with Senate Majority Harry Reid and mentioned there may be a possibility that he would run as a non-partisan candidate in the 2012-election cycle.
There are some people who have suggested that I should do just that," Georgiou said about running as a non-partisan. "Right now, I am running as an independent Democrat but I am not precluding anything else in the future."
The Georgiou and Reid saga is one of a broken alliance. Reid appointed Georgiou to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission in 2009 but voiced regrets for the appointment last month, saying that Georgiou had misled him about his past.
If Georgiou runs, Berkley is done. And after Crybaby Reid completely threw Georgiou under the bus and Crybaby Reid basically defamed him, I don't blame Georgiou for considering a third party run. Georgiou has the money to run as a 3rd candidate, so he is quite viable as a candidate.
Georgiou does have support of some Nevada liberals who are pissed at Reid and Berkley for being soft on liberal issues.
So, if Georgiou does run, say good bye to Shelly Berkley.

At Wisconsin Fire, Politics And Hooter Girls Involved

In LaCrosse, WI. there was a huge fire on Saturday morning in the downtown are, I believe. The fire destroyed 2 multi-story buildings on Jay street, including one, that housed a liberal activist group, We are Wisconsin.
The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel tried to portray the fire as being intentionally set to destroy the liberal's group office, though the fire started in the building next door and the fire started at 9:30 in the morning, not the time you would start an arson fire and there were workers in the office of We Are Wisconsin. The liberal dim wits who commented on the article tried to pin this fire on the Tea Party and other conservatives. Talk about being blinded by political beliefs and hate.
However, the fire had it's benefits as the firefighters were served chicken wings from a nearby Hooters restaurant and served by Hooter girls.
From Over at Fifth and Jay, three waitresses from Hooters -- Ericka Dibelius, Ana Miller and Nicole Johnson -- were dropping off barbecued wings for any firefighter who might have time to eat.
"They're working hard, so this is to show our appreciation," Dibelius said
For more information on the fire:

Clark County Juvenile Thugs Bail Out Bank Of America

Bank of America is one of the worst banks out there. From accepting TARP funding to throwing people out of their homes without cause to neglecting foreclosed homes.
Now, a great program for juvenile, hopefully thugs no more, are now taking care of the outsides of foreclosed homes in which banks have neglected.
From the Las Vegas Sun: This is what it’s come to amid the collapse of the housing market. Thirty-one kids, some of them gang members, weeding and trimming the front yard of a foreclosed home in northeast Las Vegas. County code enforcement officials had called Bank of America Corp., which was identified on a flier placed on the garage door as the contact for the home in this older, blue-collar neighborhood. Officials wanted the bank to maintain the property. But no one replied from the bank, according to the county.
So one recent weekday morning, Juvenile Probation Officer Kevin Niday and his Gang Intervention Team used three county vehicles to haul the teens to Christy Lane. There was a convicted shoplifter, several taggers, a couple of kids involved in street fights, some who used weapons. Each had been sentenced to 50 to 100 hours of community service.
Niday says the teens develop workplace discipline through the program, a fresh set of skills and the ability to work with other teens, some of whom may be from rival gangs. Yet, the longtime probation officer is also a realist. “They should be paying. They should be doing it,” Niday says of what the county characterizes as Bank of America’s failure to maintain the landscaping, “but it’s work for us.”
Some of that work is done by Niday’s crew, but much of it is performed by private contractors that charge about $300 per home, altogether costing the cash-strapped county about $350,000 through the budget year that ended June 30. County officials attempt to recoup those costs and related fines through liens placed against the homes, only to be recovered when those houses are sold.
I think this is a great program for the kids. It teaches responsibility, how to care for property and gives them some physical exercises as opposed to sitting at home watching TV or playing on the computer. It also keeps them away from their gangs, at least for a short time.
But it is a shame that banks like BOA and others that neglect homes they foreclosed on. This is happening all over the Valley and what happens the properties that are not kept up, undesirables come to that neighborhood. Many times, these houses are taken over by the homeless or drug dealers. There have been fires in some of these homes caused by the homeless and drug sales from the homes. These banks think they can just foreclose on the home and then do nothing with them until they sell the home.
So, kudos to these kids and Clark County for doing this but they need to recoup the cost of taking care of the homes from the banks. Maybe the County can bill the banks and if they refuse to pay, then have a sheriff's sale for one of the bank's buildings.

Your Tax Money At Work In Henderson

There are a few needs in the City of Henderson, NV. Like timing traffic lights in the city. Like getting a bathroom, even a porta-pottie at the Bark Park. How about putting a light on the 2nd dog park fenced area at the dog park at Acacia Park while they re do the first park. How about some road work done to fill in some pot holes in and around the downtown area. All of these would be useful projects to spend money on.
But nope, the City of Henderson is going to spend money on counting trees in city parks. Yep, count and map trees, using stimulus money and city money.
From the Henderson Press: The American Recovery and Investment Act, more commonly known as the Stimulus Package, is providing Henderson with $60,000 to conduct a survey and inventory of trees on city parks.
The money comes in the form of two grants, one of which requires a $25,000 match from the city, bringing the project to $85,000 total. The Henderson City Council approved the grant agreements with the Nevada Division of Forestry, which dispersed the federal funds, on July 19.
According to the grant agreement, "the tree inventory would include mapping, species identification, health evaluation and maintenance prioritization."
In their request for the grant, city officials wrote that Henderson has an incomplete inventory of its trees. Of the 15,000 documented trees on city parks, many have no recorded data other than a GPS location. The city has 1,348 acres of "undocumented tree assets," according to the justification letter, and needs to know the number, location and health of all of its trees in order to properly maintain them.
Umm, ok. We need to know the number, location and health of all of it's trees to maintain them? Other than watering the trees and trimming them when needed and then cutting them down when they die, what else does the city do to trim them? Take them to a tree doctor? Have the tree do physical exercises to keep them in shape? They are just trees.
Further, each park has employees, why can't they take an hour or two and do this work on city time? Why do taxpayers have to put out $85,000 to count and map trees? Further, why can't volunteers do this project? the parks have many people who either volunteer or would volunteer to help with a project like this.
In the olden days of maybe 5 years ago, you either planted a tree or you knew the tree was on the property. You didn't map them out or anything else- it's nature.
So, once again, the Stimulus money strikes again for another useless project to employ another government worker.
Next up: counting all the homeless wild animals in Henderson.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

So, Where Is All The Money?

I don't think anybody has this question, but where is all the cash the U.S. government is supposed to have?
The government, under Obama, has been printing money left and right but now say they don't have very much in cash on hand.
News stories say that Apple (or maybe Google or both) has more cash on hand than the government.
I think most people probably have more cash on hand than the U.S. government.
So, where has all the cash gone?
Crybaby Harry? Obama? Boehner? Why doesn't the U.S. have enough cash to meet it's very basic needs?
Seems like the Obama administration has been doing a horrible job of handling the U.S. budget and it's cash. So, let's do an audit to see if someone has run away with a billion or trillion dollars.
This is what we see in 3rd world countries with dictators who hide their cash around the world. So, how are we any different than some of these tin horn dictators who have more cash than the U.S.?

So, where has all the cash gone?

Hey, Let's Pay the Debt, But Screw The Poor

It really is quite amusing watching President Obama, Crybaby Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Nancy Pelosi (Ms. Irrelevant) dance and spin with their dance partners about the debt ceiling supposed problem.
But it probably means very little as Moody is going to downgrade the credit rating of the U.S. anyways.
From the Hill: The "limited magnitude" of both debt plans put forward by congressional leaders would not put the nation's AAA credit rating back on solid footing, Moody's Investors Service announced Friday.

"Reductions of the magnitude now being proposed, if adopted, would likely lead Moody's to adopt a negative outlook on the AAA rating," the credit rating agency said in a new report. "The chances of a significant improvement in the long-term credit profile of the government coming from deficit reductions of the magnitude proposed in either plan are not high."

It added that "prolonged debt ceiling deliberations" have increased the odds of a downgrade, but that the firm is still confident policymakers will avoid a default.

"It remains our expectation that the government will continue with timely debt service," the firm said.
It also clarified that as far as it is concerned,
the nation will only default if it misses an interest or principal payment on U.S. debt, not if it misses payments on other obligations like federal employee salaries or Social Security benefits.
So, who cares if those on Social Security, federal employees and other payments are missed, let's not miss debt payments.

If Obama and company pay the debt and refuse to pay Social Security payments and refuse to pay the military and federal employees, Obama should be impeached. If he isn't then maybe it will be time for a public uprising and throw all the bums out, either by force or by votes.

So, Just How Busy Is the Henderson, NV. Fire Department

Henderson, NV, the city I live in, has a pretty nice fire department, if they say so, themselves. I know they are well trained and professional and very, very well paid, from the rookie firefighter to the Fire Chief. Henderson has about 276,000 people in about 102 square miles. Henderson has 13 chiefs (Battalion to Chief) and 185 firefighters. They have 9 fire stations across Henderson.
Well, just how busy is the Henderson fire department?
In 2010, they responded to 586 actual fires, or about 1 and half fires a day.
They also responded to 568 false alarms and 203 other alarms including hazardous materials, wires down and mutual aid.
this comes to 1357 calls that an engine, truck or heavy rescue would go to.
This comes to 3.7 calls a day, divided up between 9 fire stations.
They also had 4,401 BS calls or animal rescues, smoke scares from grandma smoking behind the house, getting locked out their homes or cars etc. This adds another 12 calls a day, divided by 9 fire stations. Basically, on average, each station gets 1 or 2 calls a day for the engine and/or truck. Engine 86, Heavy Rescue 82 (only 42 calls), Battalion 8, Battalion 9 and Truck 98 all averaged less than 1 call a day. Truck 82 only had 397 calls in the year.
In 2010, in District 86 responded to a total of 1 structure fire and 1 other fire. They also responded to 76 ambulance calls in the District.

The EMS/ambulance section is quite busy, though. They went on 16,453 calls in 2010 or about 45 calls a day. There are 7 ambulances in Henderson, so this comes out to about 6 ambulance calls per ambulance. Total, between all ambulance, rescue and fire calls, each station goes on 7-8 calls a day. This is not a very busy fire department and this cannot be argued.
If you break it down even further, from the report, some engines and trucks averaged less than 1 call a day.

The point of this post is that the Henderson Fire Department just is not that busy of a fire department. Does this mean that we could go to a volunteer department? Of course not. Does it mean that the Fire department is overworked? Hardly. Does it mean that we could reduce the number of employees of the department? Probably. You could eliminate a battalion chief position, which is 3 very high paying positions and not see much of a difference. I would also hope that the Heavy Rescue truck is crossed staffed with other trucks or engines in their station.

Bottom line is that the Henderson Fire Department is a good fire department, but they are not a very busy fire department. When you break down the number of runs per truck/engine/ambulance they are not any busier than an above average volunteer fire department or private EMS unit in Clark County.

Dumb And Dumber Explain Democrats Budget Strategy

Jim Carrey, playing in "Dumb and Dumber" perfectly explain Crybaby Harry Reid and President Obama's spending policy.

Detroit School District employees Forced To Take 10+% pay Decrease

In Detroit, their school system is a total mess and it has been for many, many years. I have worked with many teachers from Detroit and the one thing they have in common is they say the Detroit school district just sucks.
From the Detroit Free Press: A month after warning union workers that they would see a 10% wage cut next school year, Roy Roberts, the emergency manager for Detroit Public Schools, signed executive orders Friday that impose $81 million in wage concessions on workers starting in August.
Union leaders called the new law an attempt to bust public unions and pledged to fight for their contracts in court.
I'm not taking this lying down," said Keith Johnson, president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers.
All 10,000 workers in the district -- union and nonunion, including Roberts -- will see a 10% cut in their paychecks starting Aug. 23. They will begin to pay 20% of health care benefits costs Sept. 1.
The decision marks the first time that Public Act 4 of 2011 -- the new emergency manager law -- has been used to modify school employee collective bargaining agreements.

I am torn on this issue. One side, the Detroit schools have been horribly managed throughout the years, and the District has seen more than it's share of corruption by the managers of the school district. It doesn't seem fair that teachers and other employees have to suffer because of the sins of others before them.
On the other hand, most employees of the District have been given a pass on their contracts in the past and now it is time to pay the reaper, so to speak. The District needs to get it's act together and if the teachers and other employees don't want to step up to the plate and make concessions during this time of need, then they have little to complain about.
My view on the CCSD budget is that there is plenty of fat in the budget and it would be unfair that employees have to take a pay cut while there is still plenty of fat in the budget. So, I would be against any concession regarding pay unless the fat is cut out of the budget. If CCSD can demonstrate that there is no fat in the budget, then we can talk about concessions.

Another Obama Failure

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Frequent bombings, assassinations and a resurgence in violence by Shiite militias have made Iraq more dangerous now than it was just a year ago, a U.S. government watchdog concludes in a report released Saturday.
The findings come during what U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Stuart W. Bowen Jr. called "a summer of uncertainty" in Baghdad over whether American forces will stay past a year-end withdrawal deadline and continue military aid for the unstable nation.
"Iraq remains an extraordinarily dangerous place to work," Bowen concluded in his 172-page quarterly report to Congress and the Obama administration on progress — and setbacks — in Iraq. "It is less safe, in my judgment, than 12 months ago."
The report cited the deaths of 15 U.S. soldiers in June, the bloodiest month for the U.S. military in Iraq in two years. Nearly all of them were killed in attacks by Shiite militias bent on forcing out American troops on schedule.
It also noted an increase in rockets launched against the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, where government offices and foreign embassies are located, as well as constant assassination attempts against Iraqi political leaders, security forces and judges.
Additionally, the report called the northeastern province of Diyala, which borders Iran and has an often volatile mix of Sunni and Shiite Muslims and Kurds among its residents, "very unstable" with frequent bombings that bring double-digit death tolls.
Bowen accused the U.S. military of glossing over Iraq's instability, noting a statement in late May by the U.S. military that described Iraq's security trends as "very, very positive" — but only when compared to 2007, when the country was on the brink of civil war. In contrast, Bowen talked of "the very real fragility" of national security in Iraq today.
It's getting to the point that no matter what Obama touches, he screws it up. Instead of conditions improving in Iraq, things are getting worse. And Obama can't blame the GOP on this one because this is now Obama's war.
Worst president ever.

UNLV GOP Puts Out Powerfull Ad

Dean, Dr. Joe, Amodai? Are you watching?

2012 GOP presdential candidate, here is your Las Vegas commercial.

h/t Cranky Hermit

Dick Morris Is Right

Dick Morris is right: The Boehner Plan gives Republicans a good place to stand. If a government shutdown eventuates because Reid won’t put up extra cuts or because Obama wants to punt this issue until after the election, then they will incur massive blame from the voters.
And remember one thing: Obama has no choice. He can’t let default take place for two reasons: 1) It would make him look weak and hurt his presidency dramatically; and 2) It would be evident that the shutdown is not the disaster he has been predicting and he would be caught crying “wolf.”
Republicans should sit back, after passing the Boehner Plan and make the Democrats and the president come to them. Obama is stuck and Republicans should take advantage of his lack of maneuverability. They already have the key concession: Reid agreeing to a cuts-only approach. With that concession in their pockets, they should play a waiting game that Obama cannot match.
Always remember that no matter how much the public may not like intransigence by House Republicans, it is Obama who is suffering by this issue. If Obama and Boehner turn off the public by their fencing and maneuvering, so be it. Obama is running for president and Boehner is not. Boehner can afford to take the hit. Obama can’t.
The GOP did their work, and while not perfect, they passed a bill.
Meanwhile Crybaby Harry Reid and President Obama now have to put up or shut up and they have refused to do so.
So, this weekend, the GOP should take the weekend off, go to a BBQ or go home and listen to their constituents while the Dem's struggle to come up with a plan.
Let the Dem's sweat and suffer and in the end, when nothing gets done, Obama and Reid will look like the Grinches who stole from the elderly and the disabled. Unless, of course, they are bluffing and lying about the doom and gloom and nothing bad happens come August 2nd. Then they will just look like fools.

Debt Ceiling In Pictures

Everyone can put a bunch of zero's in back of a number and it doesn't really mean too much.
The folks at Kleptocracy put the numbers into a visual presentation and it is shocking:
Let's just say that the Statue of Liberty would be dwarfed if they included the current debt of about $14.5 trillion.
If they included unfunded mandates, then the old WTC look like midgets compared to the debt.
This really put things in perspective and why we need to control the Federal budget.

h/t Real Debate Wisconsin

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night Video: Proclaimers 500 Miles Live

If that doesn't fire you up, nothing will.

Meat Loaf Faints But Resumes Concert

Meat loaf, the singer, not the meal, is a rocker who puts on a hell of a show and you get your money's worth unlike a lot of musicians, especially those in Las Vegas, who go through the motions.
Yesterday, he collapsed on stage and was down for about 10 minutes and then continued the show. From the Daily Mail: It seemed heavyweight rocker Meat Loaf would definitely be gone, gone, gone after he fainted on stage last night.
Thousands of terrified fans saw the 63-year-old Bat Out of Hell singer collapse in the middle of his no 1 hit I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That), with many at the fearing he had suffered a heart attack.
But the veteran singer clearly believed Heaven Can Wait, as he dusted himself off and finished the show despite lying unconscious on the floor for ten minutes surrounded by aides.
Read more:
I have read stories that Meat Loaf puts everything into his show and would collapse after many shows because he was so exhausted.
Here is the video of the incident, followed by an old favorite.

And Paradise By The Dashboard Lights

Best Line Of The Day

From Peggy Noonan: As this is written, the White House seems desperate to be seen as consequential. They're trotting out Press Secretary Jay Carney, who stands there looking like a ferret with flop sweat as he insists President Obama is still at the table, still manning the phones and calling shots. Much is uncertain, but the Republicans have made great strides on policy. If they emerge victorious, they had better not crow. The nation is in a continuing crisis, our credit rating is not secure, and no one's interested in he-man gangster dialogue from "The Town." What might thrill America would be a little modesty: "We know we helped get America into some of this trouble, and we hope we've made some progress today in getting us out of it."
Anybody who can get ferret and sweat in the same sentence is a great writer.

Government Wants Your Kid's Money

Great video about your child's future, courtsey of the pigs in Congress and the White House.

Why Do wisconsin Liberals Hate the Mentally And Physically Disabled?

Liberals are supposed to compassionate, at least this is what they proclaim.. The GOP likes the rich and the liberals take care of those less fortunate.
But lately, liberals in Wisconsin seem to have a vendetta against the physically and mentally disabled. First, they disrupt a Special Olympics presentation by Scott Walker to Special Olympians in Madison. For some reason these crack and meth heads thought they were more important than Special Olympic athletes.
Now these meth and crack smoking liberals (or at they act this way) decide that they are more important than anybody else on the planet when they picked an even at Opportunities Inc. a sheltered workshop which helps people with disabilities gain employment.
From Charlie Sykes: Via MacIver: First, opponents of Governor Walker disrupted a ceremony honoring the Special Olympics. Now, on Thursday, AFSCME and other liberal protesters picketed Opportunities Inc., a business that makes a point of hiring people with special needs. The company was celebrating its 45th anniversary and Governor Scott Walker was the keynote address at its dinner. Leading up to the protest, an AFSCME official said they were picketing Opportunities Inc, not thinking about the people who work there, but about themselves.
Here is the video of these disgusting liberals who don't about anything except themselves:

Yawn: House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill Senate Plays Games And Life Goes On

Today, the same song and dance is happening in Washington D.C.. Another crisis is about to threaten the democracy of the United States and life as we know it will end on August 2nd.
Forgive me if I for feeling underwhelmed. There have far too many "crisises" since President Obama took office and every time government intervened, things have gotten worse:
Obamacare: costs for health care skyrocketed.
Bailout for the banks: Credit is tight as ever and the banks have had huge profits and large bonuses for their employees.
Stimulus bill: Was supposed to keep unemployment at 8% and it is now around 9.2% and getting worse.
Auto bailouts: Threw tens of thousands people out of work and cost taxpayers billion of dollars.
Global Warming: Has thrown thousands of people out of work, increased utility prices, increased regulations, cost local, state and federal governments billions with little or no results and killed many utility building projects.

And the list goes on. Every supposed crisis the Obama administration, Democrats and some Republicans have invented, the federal government intervened and made things worse.

So, if the United States default on August 2nd, I don't care. The supposed solution will be worse than what the problem is. If it hurts the banks, so be it. If hurts Obama's feelings, I really don't care. If it hurts the House GOP, so what? If they lay off some non-essential employees, well I feel bad for them, but if it helps the bottom line, so be it.
If it means Obama doesn't get to fly on Air Force 1 and throw wild White House parties, too damn bad. If the Senate and House members don't get paid or lose some fringe benefits, too bad.
If the Fed's don't pass out money for schools: Great, get the Fed's out of the education business. Same with other programs the Fed's are involved with.
Look at the FAA problem. The FAA is not getting money but the planes have not dropped out of the sky and flights are still taking off and landing. Oh, there are some construction projects that are put on hold like the control tower at McCarren. Well, planes are still landing and taking off, so perhaps the project really isn't needed?

I will be angry though if Obama withholds Social Security checks and checks for military personnel. The money is there for them, or at least, it supposed to be. If Obama does withhold the checks, you can kiss Obama's butt good bye.

So, in the end, I think most Americans think like I do. This is a manufactured crisis, crisis that has been manufactured by the politicians and the press, that will only help the rich continue to sponge off the U.S. taxpayer. The arguments by both sides ring hollow.
And I make this prediction: On August 3, 2011, if there is no solution to this supposed crisis, the United States will still be standing, people will still go to work and life goes on as we know it.

Voter fraud In N. Las Vegas And It Involves Liberals &Union Member

Sometimes you just have to shake you head in utter disbelief when you hear things like this: The latest twist in a tangled North Las Vegas election tale involves both a union stagehand who voted in the city but doesn't live there and the mayor's son.
Voter Greg Mich'l, who lives in Las Vegas, admitted Thursday he voted in the North Las Vegas contest between incumbent Councilman Richard Cherchio and Wade Wagner, which was decided by a single vote.
Mich'l, 26, said he didn't know he couldn't vote in North Las Vegas.
"I'm really embarrassed," he said. "I never vote, and then this happens."
Hell, was this guy educated in the CCSD? You live in Las Vegas and didn't know you could not vote in the North Las Vegas election? This is elementary school social studies level.

Then you have the eventual winner in the North Las Vegas race, Richard Wagner, who won by only 1 vote, have 10 adults register to vote using his home address: Wagner faced questions this week about 10 adults registered to vote at his five-bedroom North Las Vegas home.
Wagner did not return calls seeking comment Wednesday or Thursday. When Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith asked him earlier how many people were registered at his home, Wagner replied, "That's a good question. I know all my kids are. This is their home. This is where they're all registered. That's where they vote from."
Of course, Wagner didn't answer the question and Smith asked the wrong question. Do all 8 of his adult kids still live at home? That seems hard to believe.
This really is a liberal vs conservative race. Wagner is the liberal and the former council member, Richard Cherchio is the conservative and the unions in North Las Vegas really, really wanted Cherchio out.
So, now, it appears that there may be voter fraud in North Las Vegas and surprise, it involves liberals and a union member.
Voter fraud is alive and well in North Las Vegas.

To Brian Greenspun: Time Get Off The Crack And Meth

Brian "The Coward" Greenspun is the editor of the Las Vegas Sun. Besides going financially bankrupt (The District in Green Valley), he is also quite morally bankrupt through a Sun editorial, he hoped Florida would be hit by a hurricane which causes death and destruction, so they would be forced to ake federal aid:
Lately, it seems that "The Coward" Greenspun (called "The Coward" because he blocked me from commenting on Sun articles and won't return e-mails) has resorted to using crack and meth in regards to the debt ceiling debacle.
From the Sun editorial regarding the FAA: The Federal Aviation Administration put 4,000 workers on an unpaid furlough last week and stopped several important construction projects. Those projects include a needed new control tower at McCarran International Airport, designed to increase safety.
Congress didn’t reauthorize the FAA’s funding, and it also didn’t allow the FAA to collect the tax on airline tickets that helps fund the agency. It did, however, allow essential workers — like air traffic controllers — to stay on the job.
The problem is political. Republicans are trying to impose their will on the country, and judging by this, they’re willing to go to harsh lengths to do it.
Umm, yeah, Brian, the GOP won the last election and they won the House. Elections have consequences. In addition, the Democrats, when they passed Obama Care were not imposing their will on the country?

House Republicans complained about the Senate not taking up the bill and bashed the Democrats. Many Republicans complained about the cost of the subsidies, and Heck blamed the Senate for a loss of jobs at McCarran.
Of course, the Democrats want to basically give away free airline tickets from small city airports. The GOP wants to limit the amount of money they subsidize small airports like the ones in Elko, Minot, ND, Havre, MT and other small cities. Why should a taxpayer from New York City provide a subsidy for a person flying out of Elko to go down to Las Vegas to party?
Then the Sun complains that some workers are being laid off. Well, who is doing that? The GOP? nope. It's Obama and Ray LaHood who is the transportation director. If Obama and company really wanted to keep these people on the job, they would have found a way, but the Democrats chose not to do this and had these workers laid off. But the Sun is so blind when they are being humped by Reid and Obama that they cannot see straight.
So "The Coward" Greenspun, put down your crfack and meth pipes down, go into rehab and then maybe you can start thinking properly. You are a clear disappointment to your mother and father who started the newspaper. But like many liberals, you destroy what you touch and the Sun is soon to be destroyed by your drug addled like mind.

David Allen Coe: The Ride

David Allen Coe is one of the last true outlaws of Country Music.

Woman Kicked Out Of Wal-Mart-Maybe

From KOMO News: The temperature that day hit 90 degrees, so McMillin threw on a turquoise bikini and a pair of shorts.
She said five minutes into her shopping trip while in the clothing aisle, a store employee told her to put on a shirt or leave, saying the swimsuit violated health codes.
"I was horrified," McMillin told KVAL News. "I am embarrassed."
We just walked in, straight over to the clothing," Vogt said. "It's wrong. If you don't like the way someone looks, don't look at them."
McMillin said employees then escorted her and her sister out of the store.
"I hadn't done anything obnoxious or outlandish," McMillin said.
Walmart spokeswoman Ashley Hardie told KVAL News that McMillin has it all wrong.
Hardie said customers complained and McMillin verbally abused people in the store. But Hardie said McMillin was was never escorted outside.
"We can understand her frustration. It was not our intent to offend the customer, and we have apologized to her," Hardie said. "We have also reinforced with our associates our expectations of how to handle these matters."
McMillin said that is not good enough and that she will never shop at Walmart again.
I'm pretty sure Wal-Mart is not too disappointed McMillan won't be shopping at their stores anytime soon.

So, You Want To be A TV Cooking Show Judge?

I'm watching Extreme Chef on the Food Network and the main ingredients on the first challenge were crickets, scorpions (huge ones) and meal worms.
Yummy for the judge.
Needless to say, the judge just took one bite out of each sample.
Hope he was paid well.

John McCain Shows His True Libeal Colors

John McCain is about as useful to the Republican as much as a pedicure is to an elephant. They both look good but they don't do crap.
Today, John McCain threw the House and conservatives under the bus. Again.
From the Las Vegas Sun: Sen. John McCain of Arizona raised Angle’s ire for quoting a Wall Street Journal editorial Wednesday that went to town on members of the Tea Party, calling them “hobbits” for holding up Republican resolutions to raise the debt limit, as well as Democratic ones, and naming Angle as one of the worst products of the movement.
“What none of these critics have is an alternative strategy for achieving anything nearly as fiscally or politically beneficial as Mr. Boehner’s plan,” McCain read. “The idea seems to be that if the House GOP refuses to raise the debt ceiling ... the public will turn en masse against Barack Obama. The Republican House that failed to raise the debt ceiling would somehow escape all blame.
“Then Democrats would have no choice but to pass a balanced-budget amendment and reform entitlements, and the Tea Party Hobbits could return to Middle Earth having defeated Mordor,” McCain continued, still quoting. “This is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into GOP Senate nominees.”
John McCain got his butt by President Obama in part because the country was tired of George Bush but also because McCain is King RINO.
It's a shame that Arizona voters returned him to office in 2010. McCain is nothing but a sell out and a pig in sheep's clothing.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pawn Stars Update: Pawn Stars Wrong On Al Pacino Signature (MAybe)

A couple of weeks ago, a woman from Catholic Charities brought in into the Gold and Silver Shop (the Pawn Stars Store) a script signed by Al and gave it to the executive producer of the film.
The Pawn Star guys brought in a guy named John for his first appearance on the show and he said the signature was the real real Al Pacino but it was a presentation script.
For more information:
Well, the Rick and John got it wrong. Thanks to anon for the tip,

1) That looks nothing like Al Pacino’s writing nor signature.
2) Why would a young (32 year old) actor working in his third movie write an executive producer mentioning he got ulcers on the show? And why would he say it “Cost me a lot?”



Mueller then goes on to say that the signature belonged to a guy named Al Ruddy who was the producer of the "Godfather".
Mueller then goes into more detail about the autograph and cites several other examples to support Mueller's position.
So, thanks, anon, for providing the tip and I guess the Pawn Stars maybe looking for a new autograph authenticator. Todd maybe available.

Update: Apparently, the autograph world is quite cut throat and I received some comments that could be considered slander or lible against other people.
I took out all last names in the post and will let the reader decide if the autograph is real or not.
Just remember, this is just a TV show for fun and this blog is for fun.

6 Deaths On Las Vegas Strip- What Hell Is Going On Down There?

There have been 5 deaths in the past couple of weeks on the Las Vegas Strip and several other violent incidents close to the Strip.
Recently, we had 2 gang murders, a French tourist falling off an escalator when drunk. a man who punched another man who fell, struck his head and died, a local who was stole wallets, was caught and pushed down and died and just off the Strip by a block or two, another man was stabbed to death. All in the course of about 2 weeks.
In the latest incident, from the Las Vegas Sun: Homicide investigators will be submitting to prosecutors their findings in a death at the New York, New York on July 6 to determine if charges should be filed, Metro Police said.
At about 8 p.m. on July 7, police were notified by Valley Hospital of an injured man who was transported to the hospital.
The man, who lived in North Las Vegas, met and befriended four adult male tourists the night of July 6, police said.
They went to the tourists’ hotel room, and eventually all five men fell asleep, police said. At about 5:40 a.m. on July 7, one of the tourists awoke to find the North Las Vegas man attempting to leave the room with wallets and other items, police said.
The tourist confronted the man, who fled the room, police said.
The tourist followed him to near an elevator, and when the man turned to strike the tourist, he pushed him away, police said. The man fell, struck his head on the elevator door and passed out, police said. The tourist took the wallets and other items back, returned to his room and went back to sleep, police said.
Shortly before noon, New York, New York security officers were notified of an unconscious person on the floor near the elevator, and the man was taken to the hospital, police said.
Investigators located the four tourists, and after an initial consultation with the Clark County district attorney’s office, no arrests were made.
The North Las Vegas man, meanwhile, died two days later, on July 9.
This last case seems like poetic justice for the thug that stole the wallets from the hotel room.
And don't forget the mass shooting in which 7 people and wounded right down the street from Fremont Street.
Further, everyday there are numerous crimes being committed that are or not reported.
The casino's are in a panic mode, there has been several articles written and the cops are sitting around complaining that they need more cops.
Right now, the newspapers are deflecting the attention from the crimes to Minnine and Mickey Mouse, smut peddlers and people selling food and drinks on the Strip. Yes, these guys are a huge problem, but they are not the one's doing the violent crimes.
So, you would think the cops are just saturating the Strip, correct?. You also may be wrong. When we went down the Strip the other night, we saw 1 police car and the cop int he car was chatting up the film crew that was in the car with him. Other than that, no cops were seen in cars or walking. They certainly did not make their presence known.
Further, the problems, for the most part are not the visitors; the trouble is being caused locals. All the peddlers, costume wearers, and most of the thugs are locals, with the exception of the man who was killed by another tourist.
So, what can be done? Obviously, the cops have to be seen more and not to just provide material for a TV show. Drop the TV show crap and actually patrol the Strip and the surrounding areas.
The casinos need to have their security outside their casinos. Even if they cannot make an arrest, they certainly can call the police and they can detain thugs who are up to no good.
Another possibility is to have camera's installed on the Strip by Metro and Clark County.
The bottom line is that 6 deaths on the Strip over the course of about 2 weeks is going to kill the Strip and if the Strip dies, so does Las Vegas AND Nevada. Tourists are not going to come to Vegas if there is a chance they will leave Vegas in a coffin.

Black's Have High Uneployment But Are Still Slaves To Democrat Politicians

From Fox News: The unemployment situation across America is bad, no doubt. But for African-Americans in some cities, this is not the great recession. It’s the Great Depression.
Take Charlotte, N.C., for example. It is a jewel of the “new South.” The largest financial center outside of New York City, it's the showcase for next year’s Democratic National Convention. It was a land of hope and opportunity for many blacks with a four-year college degree or higher.
According to an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute, in Charlotte, N.C., the unemployment rate for African-Americans is 19.2 percent. If you add in people who have given up looking for jobs, that number exceeds 20 percent, which, according to economists Algernon Austin and William Darity, has effectively mired blacks in a depression.
“You’re looking at a community that is economically depressed in my opinion,” Austin said. “And we need action that will address that scale of joblessness.”
Read more:

But yet, the Black community for the most part will not hold the Democrats and Obama responsible. Where is the outrage at the Democrats?
But the Democratic Party has used and abused the Black Community and nothing is said.
If the white population had 20% unemployment, there would be riots in the streets and every politician would be voted out of office.
The Black community needs to ask why Obama doesn't visit the inner cities of this country? When was the last time Crybaby Reid was down in the MLK and Bonanza neighborhood in Las Vegas? How about Shelly Berkley? If they do show up, they just wamt to collect donations for their campaigns.
The only other reason Reid, Berkley and most other Democrat politicians go down to the economically depressed areas of communities is to make sure their slave voters are in line with their plantation owners (politicians). The plantation owners know that they own the Black community and are positive there will be no revolt by their slave voters.
That really is a shame because the people who are hurt economically are the ones who are addicted to the Democratic Party and their lead plantation owner, President Obama.

World Coming To The End Part 1

Crybaby Harry Reid in 2006: If my Republican friends believe that increasing our debt by almost $800 billion today and more than $3 trillion over the last five years is the right thing to do, they should be upfront about it. They should explain why they think more debt is good for the economy.
How can the Republican majority in this Congress explain to their constituents that trillions of dollars in new debt is good for our economy? How can they explain that they think it’s fair to force our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren to finance this debt through higher taxes. That’s what it will have to be. Why is it right to increase our nation’s dependence on foreign creditors?
They should explain this. Maybe they can convince the public they’re right. I doubt it. Because most Americans know that increasing debt is the last thing we should be doing. After all, I repeat, the Baby Boomers are about to retire. Under the circumstances, any credible economist would tell you we should be reducing debt, not increasing it.Democrats won’t be making argument to supper this legalization, which will weaken our country. Weaken our county.

Crybaby Harry Reid said he was just kidding and playing politics in 2006.

So, Crybaby Harry, how do we know you are not lying and playing politics now? How can we ever trust you?

World Coming to An End? Part 2

Boy, the Democrats are acting like fools again. Wait, they are not acting.
Pelosi said Democrats were trying to "save the world from the Republican budget" and "save life on this planet as we know it."
Read more:
Yeah, ok, Nancy. Now go back to San Fransisco and smoke pot with the other hippies on the Wharf.

How can anybody take the Democrats seriously when they talk like this.

One Reason Why Gov. Chris Christie Will Not Be President

I think Chris Christie is a great guy who doesn't back down to anybody. His one liners and his willingness to take on the unions make for great TV, but his actions will decide if he will ever be President of the U.S.
One reason why Christie will never become president is this: (from New Jersey motorists won't have to pump their own gas anytime soon.
Gov. Chris Christie told a caller on Millennium Radio's "Ask the Governor" program today that he won't support legislation for self-service gasoline because most residents don't want it.
Christie proposed allowing self-serve gas while campaigning for governor in 2009. But he said he dropped the proposal because of push-back from drivers.
His predecessor, Democrat Jon Corzine, abandoned a similar proposal three years earlier after estimating the savings at 6 cents per gallon.
Christie says New Jersey's gas prices are still among the lowest in the country. That's because the state has a lower gas tax than all but a few states.
New Jersey and Oregon are the only states that don't permit drivers to pump their own gas
Nothing like giving a choice to drivers who may want to fill their own gas tanks. You won't find this in the GOP or conservatives platforms.
Chris Christie, by supporting this stupid law,shows that, while he can talk a great game, he still is a closet liberal. Even if the drivers can save a few pennies of gas, it would be worth it for those on a very tight budget.
Laws like this and New Jersey being one of the highest taxed state in the Union will make it very difficult for Christie to get the GOP nomination.
Now, if Christie gets this law changed, he will look more conservative and more likable nationwide.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Kind Of Drugs Are The Other 54% On?

From Rasmussen: Voters are more convinced than ever that most congressmen are crooks.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters now view most members of Congress as corrupt. That’s up seven points from June and the highest finding yet recorded. Just 29% think most members are not corrupt, and another 25% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)
While not every congressman is corrupt- Rep. Dr. Joe Heck I am sure is not corrupt- I believe most are, especially about 98% of the Senators. (Not the baseball team)
I think most politicians, when they begin their career are not corrupt, but once they get power, ethics get thrown out the window.
So, what is the drug of choice for the other 54% who responded to the poll?

A Great Role Model For Driving?

NASCAR driver, Kyle Busch, has volunteered to do community service for doing 128 MPH in a 45 speed zone.
From ESPN: Kyle Busch has a plan to turn negative publicity from being charged with going 128 mph in a 45 mph zone down a rural road in North Carolina into a positive.
The Joe Gibbs Racing driver and his foundation have pledged to help 10 schools put more than 300 teens through the B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe) program that NHRA Top Fuel drag racer Doug Herbert began in 2008 after his sons Jon and James were killed in an automobile accident while speeding.
Busch also plans to appear in several public service announcements promoting the nonprofit program that teaches teens and their parents safe driving and will incorporate the organization as an associate sponsor on his No. 18 in the Truck Series.
"One of the things I focused on and said back in May was I really wanted to use this situation to generate positives from it and learn from it," Busch told on Wednesday. "Anytime you have situations like this you hope to at least make something positive of it."
Busch was charged on May 24 with careless and reckless driving and speeding. He has a hearing set for Aug. 23. If convicted of speeding and reckless driving the 26-year-old driver could have his license automatically suspended for 60 days.
He could also be found guilty of a second-class misdemeanor that has a maximum punishment of up to 60 days in jail and suspension of license for up to 12 months.
Hopefully, Busch will not be demonstrating this kind of driving:

Worst Umpire call In A Long Time Cost Pirate A Game

The Pittsburgh Pirates lost a game in which an umpire blew a call so bad that Helen Keller would have gotten it right. The game was tied in the 19th inning in a game in Atlanta.
Now, I am a Milwaukee Brewer fan and they are in a playoff race with the Pirates and I hope the Brewers win. But it would be a total shame if the Pirates lose the chance for the playoffs because of this call.

Brian "The Coward" Greenspun Whoring For Crybaby Reid Again

Harry Reid And Brian Greenspun Going At It
I wonder if Brian "The Coward" Greenspun, editor and destroyer of the Las Vegas Sun really thinks he is that intelligent and his readers, mostly liberals, are that stupid. Obviously, Brian "The Coward" Greenspun thinks his readers are some of the most stupist people on the face of the earth.
Today's editorial illustrates this point: In the House of Representatives, there is considerable dissension over raising the debt ceiling among Republicans. After walking away from negotiations with the White House, House Speaker John Boehner has offered a plan that would temporarily raise the debt ceiling so the nation doesn’t default on its bills.
President Barack Obama and the Democrats oppose it, but as we have noted before, Boehner is pushing it as a way to try to make them look bad. But it is backfiring. Republicans are attacking each other over the plan, and Boehner can’t get enough support in his own caucus....
Things in Washington have stopped as the Republicans have behaved like a toddler throwing a tantrum. By tying their extremist views to the debt ceiling, the Republican hard-liners are holding the nation’s economy hostage. They have refused to negotiate and that only pushes the nation closer to the Aug. 2 default deadline.
This is no way to run the greatest country on Earth,” Obama said in his speech Monday night. “It’s a dangerous game that we’ve never played before, and we can’t afford to play it now.”
Although there have been political fights over the debt ceiling in the past, things have been worked out with less vitriol than now exists in Washington. Both parties have seen the need to raise the amount of debt the federal government can carry. In the past four decades, the debt limit has been increased nearly 60 times. Republican icon Ronald Reagan increased the debt limit 18 times, and George W. Bush increased it seven times.
Republicans in Congress should quit playing games, and do the right thing by increasing the debt limit.
Apparently The Coward Greenspun has not been watching the news in Washinton D.C. The Democrats have put forth no plans whatsoever regarding the debt ceiling supposed crisis. Reid, has not put forth 1 plan whatsover for a Senate vote. Maybe when The Coward Greenspun actually stops whoring for Crybaby Reid and look at the facts and the Coward will discover that Democrats are the one's refusing to do anything, except to play politics. But because Reid is humping Greenspun politcally, The Coward is totally blinded by his loyalty to his partner. And this shows in The Coward's editorials regarding anything political.

We Get Results: Liberal Newspaper Less Racist

The Las Vegas Citylife, a weekly alternative newspaper published by the LVRJ, had been running a column "Ask A Mexican" and had a very degrading picture of a sterotypical Mexican Man.
Well, I thought it was very racist column, which had approval from the racist, Steve Sebilius, the former editor of the Citylife and now writer for the LVRJ.
I wrote several blog posts about the liberal hypocrisy of racism. If a conservative wrote and drew a picture like that in the Citylife, they would have branded a racist equal to David Duke.
Well, now, the Ask the Mexican is now history at the CityLife:
Kudo's to the Citylife for doing the right thing. Racism is wrong, whether it is done by a liberal or a conservative. The Citylife made a mistake in allowing the column to run but at least they realized it was a mistake. Too bad the racist Steve Sebilus didn't realized that when he was at Citylife.

CryBaby Reid: Goo Goo Gaa Gaa. Or I Want To Destroy The U.S. Economy

Crybaby Harry Reid is out baby babbling again regarding the alleged debt ceiling crisis.
From the LVRJ: Even as House Republican leaders work to retool their deficit reduction package, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the plan will not get a single Democratic vote in the Senate, dooming it to fail.
Speaking at a Wednesday press conference, Reid would not say when he planned to bring his own bill up for a vote, saying he is going to wait to see what the House does. Reid called Boehner's plan "a big wet kiss for the right wing."
The bill, proposed by House Speaker John Boehner, is being rewritten to achieve the savings that Republicans have promised. The Congressional Budget Office said late Tuesday that Boehner's plan would fall short of the GOP's goal, and the Ohio Republican postponed a vote on it.

Ok, Crybaby Reid. Meanwhile Crybaby Harry Reid has scheduled a vote for his plan on... Oh wait, he doesn't have a plan.
Fine, then Crybaby Reid has scheduled a vote on President Obama's plan on... Oh wait, again no plan by the President.

How can anybody take Crybaby Reid and Obama seriously when they have not even come up with 1 single plan on this supposed crisis?

Or is it that Crybaby Reid and Obama really do want to destroy this economy. Reid and Obama have not had a budget for the past 2 years and now they refuse to come up with any ideas about the debt ceiling.
I do not think it is out of the realm of possibilities that Reid and Obama want to take down the economy.

Mickey And Minnie: The Real Reason For The Crackdown On The Strip

From the Las Vegas Sun: Concerns have escalated in corner offices up and down the Strip about smut peddlers and the X-rated litter their leaflets create along Las Vegas Boulevard as well as the proliferation of homeless people, costumed performers and unlicensed vendors.
One casino executive Tuesday called it a crisis that’s tarnishing the Strip’s image as a safe and fun place for tourists and is threatening the state’s economic engine.
“Our failure to enact comprehensive solutions in a reasonable manner is jeopardizing the image of Las Vegas,” said Jan Jones, senior vice president of communications and government relations at Caesars Entertainment. “It’s reached the point that there’s a dangerous perception of our city.”
It is true about the costumed characters. When we drove down the Strip last night, we saw a lot of the characters like Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie and characters from Toy Story.
While the costumes are innocent and really don't take up much room, there has to be a concern for safety. some characters have been beaten and you don't know who are underneath the costumes. Earlier I wrote that there is a character on the Strip who dresses up as Hello Kitty. The person playing Hello Kitty is male and illegal immigrant. The guy who passes out the costumes doesn't do background checks. The people in the costumes rent the costumes for $40 a day and the performers get to keep the of the tips they receive.
Then there are more peddlers on the Strip as well to go with the smut peddlers.
Ok, I will be politically incorrect and just say it: The activities and others have a connection: Hispanics. The people handing out the papers for hookers have always been Hispanic. The peddlers on the Strip are mostly Hispanic and the guy running the costumes is Hispanic.
In the past month or so, there have several incidents of very violent crimes, including murders, involving Hispanic gangs on the Strip.
Las Vegas is slowly turning into Little Mexico: This isn't that has been slowly evolving, it is something that has happened within the past year or so. It probably has more to with the economy, but not everything. Las Vegas is slowly turning into a more Hispanic community.
I've been to Mexico several time- not in the tourist areas, but in the local neighborhoods and what I see in Las Vegas currently is what I have seen in Mexican cities and their neighborhoods. Peddlers on the streets and sidewalks selling thier wares. And it's not just 1 or two every mile but 10 or more every few blocks.
Is that bad? Only time will tell, but I can tell you, that underneath there are problems. There is a race war going on in Vegas and it involves mostly Blacks and Hispanics gangs, from my personal observation.
And while the politicians and the Las Vegas Sun won't admit it, the reason they want to crack down on the Strip of the panhandlers, sellers, costume characters and smut peddlers is because it involves Hispanics and importing their culture to the Strip. Just like Eastern Ave. looks like a Mexican City, especially at night, the authorities and politicians do not want this to happen on the Strip.
So, that is Las Vegas's dirty little secret(out of million little secrets) and the reason why Las Vegas casinos, Metro and politicians want to crack down on Minnie and Mickey on the Strip.

Stupid Sports Story Of The Day

From The Reno Gazette Journal: No blues for Boise: Boise State will be prohibited from wearing its all-blue uniforms in Mountain West Conference home games because commissioner Craig Thompson said the coaches believe it is an unfair competitive advantage. There has long been the theory that wearing all-blue uniforms on its blue field has given Boise State an edge over its opponents because they can't find the Boise State players.
As Broncos' coach Chris Peterson said, that's ridiculous. Hawaii and Colorado State will be allowed to wear their all green uniforms on their green grass fields. Since Boise State hosts Nevada this season in a non-MWC game, it will be allowed to wear the all-blues against the Pack if it wants.
So, that's why Boise St. has been so good these past years. They go stealth at their home field.
MWC= Bunch of idiots.

As If Las Vegans Were Not Fat Enough...

The Heart Attack Grill is coming to Fremont St. at the Neonpolis.
From Fox 5: According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the latest restaurant headed to the Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas is the Heart Attack Grill.
The hospital-themed restaurant, which currently has a location in Dallas, Texas, is well known for flying in the face of health conscious dining decisions.
With menu options such as the Double Bypass Burger, Flatliner Fries and the Quadruple Bypass Burger - alleged to be around 8,000 calories, there's nothing healthful to be found - and that's the point.
The small chain even refers to orders as "prescriptions," customers as "patients," and waitresses as "nurses".

The Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, AZ. has closed. From the AZCentral: The news comes two months after the sudden death of Heart Attack Grill's 575-pound spokesman, Blair River. Just 29, River was the face - and body - of the unabashedly unhealthy restaurant that featured burgers with names like the Quadruple Bypass Burger - a sandwich with four beef patties - and French fries cooked it lard. Anyone who weighed more than 350 pounds got a free meal, but they had to step on the restaurant's scale to prove it.
Read more:
Welcome to Las Vegas, but seriously, the Neonopolis? That's already one strike against it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disappointing Night At The Wynn Buffet

When you think of the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, you think of class in everything they do. So today must have been a bad evening for the some of the staff and management at the Wynn.
It's our 2nd wedding anniversary today and we decided to treat ourselves to the Wynn. It is supposed to be the best buffet in town and it is also the most expensive.
First, it was hot. Hot and hot. My t-shirt was soaked with sweat along with a couple of cloth napkins by the time I left the buffet. Cathy was just as hot. I feel sorry for the workers who have to wear long sleeved shirts- they had to be suffering.
So, that be a reason why the service was a little below average. IAt most buffets, they keep your drinks full most of the time, but today, the waiter to his time refilling our glasses. And they were below average, compared to other buffet's in town, in clearing the dishes. When you pay over $80 for two people, you expect aboe average service. But again, i know they were working hard, and with the heat, you have to have some understanding.
The food was fancy, food you may see on some cooking shows, but it lacked taste, unless you like bland. The veal and regular ribs were fatty. The lamb stew was very good but, in reality, the food sounded fancy, but the taste was not.
As usual, the desserts were great.
But to top off the diappointing evening, as I was sitting on the pot in the bathroom, I looked up to see a gang tagging(graffitti) staring back at me from the top of the door in the bathroom stall. That's way below class for the Wynn.
It's more than disappointing to save some money to go out and do something and then find out, it really wasn't that great.
And Mr. Wynn, turn up the air conditioning, if not for the customers, at least for your staff who have to work in the heat.

The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again

If you ever wonder I do not have much respect for the religion of "Peace" (Islam), it is because of stories like this:
From Fox News: Over the past several days there have been news stories here in Afghanistan about the Taliban strangling an 8-year-old boy. The reports say that his father refused to turn over a police vehicle to the enemy, and so they murdered his son. Late last night, a courageous Afghan journalist named Mustafa Kazemi emailed an image of the boy that Mustafa said had been murdered. Afghans are enraged. They hate this behavior as much as we do. The boy appears to have had his eyes gouged out before being strangled to death.
And so last night I walked to the Headquarters of 4-4CAV here in Zhari District, the most active district in Afghanistan at this time. I asked what was going on tonight. A noncommissioned officer filled me in on the day’s events. We had been in a minor ambush resulting in a slight injury and a damaged MRAP, so I knew about that one. But then he explained about a boy whom he said the Taliban forced to step on an IED just down the road from here. Apparently, according to Afghans, the Taliban may have been testing a new bomb made from a soda bottle. The boy’s name is Jalil, and our people estimate that Jalil is 6 to 8-years-old. Jalil was picking grapes with his brother when the Taliban, according to reporting, told the boy to step on the bomb. It blew off his right leg below the knee, leaving hamburger on the stump, and fractured his femur. Afghans brought Jalil to the nearby American base called COP Kolk, where 4-4CAV Soldiers treated him. A helicopter took Jalil and his father to Kandahar Airfield for advanced treatment.
Read more:
It's stories like this that makes me think that many Muslims in the Middle East are barbaric. The religion of Islam treats kids and especially girls and women like crap. From honor killings, to using children to kill or be killed to using the mentally disabled to kill and be killed and to the way the Muslims treat homosexuals (why any gay person would support the religion of Islam, it is beyond me).
How anybody could kill young and innocent children in the name of religion or politics, is beyond me and these people and their supporters who do this do not have a soul or conscious.