Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sorry About The Missing Blog Posts

Some times, the unexpected happed and you cannot do a blog post and the last few days, I couldn't.
On Tuesday, I went to the doctor to get my pain medication.  On Wednesday, I took a couple extra pills to help diminish the pain.  (The reason why I take the meds is because my back is a total mess and t also turns out I have osteoarthritis up and down my whole spine and I cannot function is I don't take a pain med, take a muscle relaxant and some ibuprofen.)
Because of the combination of medication, which was not disclosed to by the doctor or pharmacist, I became a zombie or a senile old goat...just like Senile/Liar/Coward/Pathetic Harry Reid.
So, for about 3 hours, I kind of acted like a senile person or a zombie.
On the bright side, though, I now know what it feels like being senile, so when I lose my mind, I know what it will feel like to be an senile old goat.

black Terrorists Strike In Salt Lake City

From the Salt Lake City Tribune:
A teenage boy shot by police was in critical condition Sunday after having undergone surgery.
Salt Lake City police said that they will not identify the 17-year-old victim, who was shot in his upper and lower torso Saturday night. Local television news, however, identified the teen as Abdi Mohamed.
About 8 p.m. Saturday, officers were responding to a call downtown when they were alerted to an assault in progress, according to police. Officers saw two males "with metal objects attacking a male victim" near 250 S. Rio Grande St., the Salt Lake City Police Department said in a statement Sunday afternoon. "Officers confronted the two suspects and ordered them to drop the weapons. One of the males complied and dropped the weapon, the other continued to advance on the victim and was shot by officers."
And from the LVRJ: 
One man who said he was a witness, Selam Mohammad, 19, told reporters his friend, the teenager who was shot, was holding a broomstick and had been fighting with an older man before the officers arrived.
"He barely even turned around. ... My friend didn't do anything," Mohammad told the Deseret News newspaper.
Scores of police, some of them carrying riot shields, responded to the scene where crowds of angry onlookers hurled abuse, rocks and bottles at the officers. Authorities said four people were arrested for civil disorder.
So, you have a thug who was beating on an old man, while holding deadly weapon.. If you don't think a broom is not a deadly weapon, prove it by allowing me to hit you for 10 minutes at my own strength and we can see what happens.
But once again the black terrorists who threw rocks and bottles at the cops?
Did thug protesters did protest the old man because he was being beaten by a black thug?
Yeah, I doubt it to.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

6 Reasons Not To Shop At KMart

As a Kmart insider, you would think that I would support people coming to Kmart and do their shopping but things have been so bad lately, you may want to go elsewhere.
Here are 6 reasons why you may reconsider  shopping at Kmart.
1.  Your shopping cart.  Our shopping carts have been used as dumpsters and/or soiled diaper holder.  People leave all sorts of trash in our carts, ranging from a baby's dirty diaper, trucker's pee bottles and the store's garbage.  That could be from the break room for employees, bathroom garbage and more.
And how often doe wash out the grocery carts?
Never.  never wiped down, never washed with soap and water, no power washing.     Good luck in getting a clean cart that has been disinfected int he past 2 years or more.
2.  Bait and Switch:  Kmart has hundreds of sales advertised every week.  Sometimes, we have the product and many times, we don't and we cannot order the product, so, it is bait and switch since we try and sell you the more expensive item.  And Kmart does not offer a rain check.
3.  Expiration dates: If you go food shopping at Kmart, please make sure  the food product has not expired.  at the store I work in, starting January and 3 weeks after that, I an we pulled about 5 grocery carts of food that had been expired and there are still expired items out there.  I even found items that had expired in 2014.
4.  Wrong Prices:  Many times, I am called to a cash register for a price check.  95% of the time, the fault is either the register, the product is stocked in the wrong place or the price tag is in the wrong place.  If you think you were ripped off, chances are, you were.  Ask for a price check.
5.  As employees, we are not experts in any area.  At Wal-Mart, everyone is assigned a specific job and you do that job until you transferred or quit, so you get to know your area and your products.
At Kmart, you are either a cashier, work in fashions or you work in the rest of the store.  So, you kind of know about plumbing, cars, RV's, sporting goods, toasters, vacuums, food, over the counter medication, adult diapers and much more.  So, unless you get lucky, the sales associate you deal with at Kmart, will only have minimal knowledge about the area you are in.
6.  Kmart has sharply cut the hours of the security person at the stores.  The AP's (Asset Protection- security) where they only work about 25 hours a week and they rarely work weekends or evenings.  Because of this, our stores are being robbed blind and so, our prices are going up and up.
So, here are 6 reasons why you may want to avoid shopping at Kmart.

NPR Radio News Stupidity

I have to travel about 75 minutes to go to my job  and because where I have to drive, I only get a couple of radio stations that I care to listen to.
One of the stations is NPR.  As usual, it is a left wing news site and station.
So, on Tuesday, the big news was President Obama was again trying to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba. (Gitmo)
So, NPR was so excited reporting his stupid decision by Obama that they said that the military was on board and supported Obama's decision.
Except NPR left one very important ite.
Obama is the commander in chief, sad to say.
The military has to support what Obama does because Obama is the head of the military.
If Obama ordered a Major general to walk like a duck across the White House lawns, the General has to do that or he or she would be insubordinate and could be brought up on charges and could be dishonorably discharged from the military..
So, I highly doubt the military support's Obama's decision but they have no choice but to follow Obama's directive, as long Gitmo's closing was approved by Congress, which it won't.
Thank you NPR for playing fast and loose with the facts and to show once again you are a liberal media organization.

Liberal Media & Fox News Hypocrisy

Remember Cliven Bundy, the rancher in northeastern Clark County, who took on the BLM and temporarily won, before he was thrown in jail?
Of course you, because the liberal media and Fox News made it the big news story about a year ago. (He has since been arrested).
Well, earlier this week, in Park County, Colorado, a member of the lunatic, terrorist group, Occupy Denver.  The thug then tried to call in reinforcements to hold off the cops so he would not be foreclosed on and evicted.
But the reinforcements never arrived, so the dead thug then shot 3 deputies, 1 dead, critically and who went home today.
From the Denver Post:  A political activist opened fire on Park County sheriff's deputies trying to evict him from his mountain home Wednesday, killing one deputy and wounding two others. The gunman also died.
The shooting happened around 9:30 a.m. at the secluded Friendship Ranch subdivision, said Susan Medina, a Colorado Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman.
"It is a dark day," Medina said....
They were seeking to evict Martin Wirth, a 58-year-old Occupy Denver activist and former Green Party candidate for state Senate who had complained previously about law enforcement harassment.
Property records show Wirth defaulted on the property in 2013 and has been battling foreclosure and eviction....
A website for the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition had posted a notice in 2014 that Wirth faced eviction and urged people to go to the home to support him.
"We are now calling for a non-violent eviction resistance at Martin's," said a statement on the group's website. "(Wirth) has been an invaluable part of Occupy Denver from the very early days, he has sheltered people on several occasions as well as hosting the Occupy retreat. His property is an amazing mountain escape with lots of room for tents and camping."
And to show you that liberalism is a mental disease, Occupy Denver tried to make the dead thug the victim and not 1 word of condolence to the police officer, to his family or to the officer's friends or sheriff's department.
So, what does the dead thug and Bundy have in common?
1.  Both wanted something for free; dead thug his house and land, Bundy, grazing his cows on BLM land for free.
2.  Both supporters of Bundy and the dead thug were armed.
3.  Both hated parts of the government; the dead thug - the cops and Bundy, the Federal government.
4.  Both used their land to let their supporters stay, though the dead thug was a little tardy getting his help to his house.
5. Both were white extremists, Bundy- a conservative and dead thug- a liberal.
6.  Both played the media.
7.  Both tried to be a sympathetic figure.
And a few more similarities are out there.
Some key differences:
1.  The dead thug killed a deputy sheriff and injured 2 others.  Bundy never shot a gun towards any police officers.
2.  The cops in Oregon shot and killed a Bundy supporter, who did not fire a weapon.  The dead thug shot 3 deputies.
3.  The dead thug failed to get his supporters to. his house while Bundy got his people to his house.
4.  Occupy Denver did not offer any condolences to the deputy's family, friends and to the Deputy.

So, while there a few differences, the dead thug and Cliven Bundy shared many similarities. 
And if you read the national press, Bundy was labeled a terrorist and nothing about the dead thug being a dead terrorist.  In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any mention of Occupy Denver in the story about the killing of Park County Deputy Nate Carrigan.
This is just more evidence as to why people hate and don't trust the media.

The Number 1 Reason To Vote For Trump

Left, Right, Straight, Gay, Black, white or purple, I think 99% people agree that Al Sharpton is one of the worst persons on the face of the Earth.
From the Washington Examiner:
Rev. Al Sharpton told attendees at a Center for American Progress Action Fund event Thursday he would flee the country if Donald Trump won the election, in order to avoid being deported by Trump.
Sharpton, a Democrat, had positive feedback for many of the Republican presidential candidates until he got to Trump."If Donald Trump is the nominee, I'm open to support anyone [else], while I'm also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins, only because he'd probably have me deported anyway," Sharpton told attendees, who responded in laughter.Sharpton, who has participated in various national protests condemning police brutality, did not explain why he thinks Trump would deport him, though both New Yorkers have publicly shared their differences of opinion on various issues.
Oh, please, pretty please, let Trump win the presidency.
And to Sharpton, please don't let the door hit you on your fat ass on your way out of the country.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More Evidence Liberalism Is A Mental Disease.

View image on Twitter
Liberals dressing up like the KKK.
Morons and racists.

Maybe Police departments Ought Boycott Obama

Since Feb. 1, there have been 9 police officers killed, 1 by plane crash and 8 killed by thugs.
And there have 0 statements by Obama and his administration about these killings.
However, Susan Clark, an Obama goose stepper found time to complain about civilian killings in the Sudan.
It's pretty obvious Obama hates cops.  He's thrown them under the bus, supports thugs over cops
So, maybe it's time for police departments across the country to stop cooperating with the secret Service and not help protect the president.  Let the Secret service do it.
The police departments don't reimbursed for helping guard the president and police officers have been killed in motorcades for presidents (not just Obama) so, maybe it's time that the cops stop providing protection to Obama and make him realize how important police officers are to this country.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Perverts, Rapists, Voyeurs: Please Report To Charlotte , NC

Once again, proof liberalism is a mental illness.
From the Charlotte Observer: 
After Charlotte’s City Council voted to expand its protection of gay and transgender people Monday night, N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore of Kings Mountain said Tuesday that lawmakers will take steps “to correct this radical course.”
Starting in April, the expanded nondiscrimination ordinance will extend legal protections to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals – the first such ordinance in the state.
The most controversial part of the ordinance would allow transgender people to use either a men’s or women’s bathroom, depending on the gender with which they identify.
The state’s leading Republicans have not discussed the issue in detail publicly, though there are indications that legislators and Gov. Pat McCrory might allow much of the ordinance to stand and only target the bathroom provision.
The House majority leader, Republican Mike Hager of Rutherford County, said in a news release that the General Assembly would act, but only to “eliminate this provision in the ordinance.”“Restrooms and locker rooms,” he said, “should remain distinctly private.”
Moore spokesperson Mollie Young said the House speaker’s “focus is on the bathroom piece.”
“That’s the part that’s been alarming to people in Raleigh,” she said. you cannot determine who is transgendered or not- it's not like you carry transgendered card- so, bathrooms are open to anybody, including rapists, voyeurs, rapists, perverts, porn film makers etc.Once again, liberals show just how stupid they are.

Read more here:

Read more here:

And You Think The GOP Caucuses Are Bad?

Fox News, the world's worst "conservative talk show host, Brian Kilmeade along with some GOP candidates are saying the GOP caucuses are going to be run horribly and that the results cannot be trusted.
And of course, the democrat caucuses went off without a hitch.
Well, that would be wrong.
From the Reno Gazette Journal:
Suspicious votes, no accommodations for people with disabilities, excessive times and computer glitches were reported Saturday at Democratic locations in Northern Nevada.
Before getting to reports of issues, the Nevada Secretary of State’s office responded that it "has no authority in the caucus process so any questions regarding them will need to be directed to the major parties."...
Strange delegate math: Em reported from Peavine Elementary, “Caucus was a joke! In my precinct there were 5 delegates to be had. Out of 73 voters, 51 supported (Hillary), 21 supported (Bernie), one was undecided. In all fairness, how could H possibly receive four delegates and B one? Who comes up with the mathematical formula that derives an outcome like that? Disgusting experience!”....
Hope Thompson at Melton Elementary wrote, “My husband and I both have health issues. I had called the Democratic headquarters and asked how we should proceed because neither of us can be with large numbers of people. I have a compromised immune system and my husband is a Vietnam veteran with severe PTSD who suffers a lot of anxiety in big crowds. I was told to preregister which we both did. Then we were instructed to turn in our ‘votes’ and we could leave. When we got there the preregistration was not working which necessitated standing in a long line of people, which could put my health at risk. My husband had gone earlier and had gotten through the chaos before me and was able to get me the voting card. I could see he was already getting agitated from the crowd. We both had filled them out and turned them in. But, no one of any authority was present to run things. It was all volunteers. Finally someone of authority was found. We explained our situation and he demanded that we had to stay for at least 30 minutes for our cards to be counted. Unfortunately my husband's low frustration from his PTSD kicked in and he was angry. This guy said he was authorized to call the authorities....
2) Unprofessional - this isn't so much a problem as it was a surprise. Precinct captains and the individuals who started our caucus were all wearing either Bernie or Hillary shirts. I would think the folks organizing this would not be able to wear these so I was surprised by that. It was fine until they began the caucus process and proceeded to lobby for their candidate (Hillary) while they had the attention of the room. This causes another precinct captain from Bernie's side to jump in with rebuttal and they had to regain the room's composure.
And this is just Northern Nevada.  I'm sure the democrats and hillary did a lot of unethical things in Las Vegas and Clark County; much, much more worse.

Another Reason Why Obama cannot be trusted to appoint Judges

This an outrageous court ruling made by an Obama appointed judge.
From Fox News:
A federal judge’s order earlier this month that California public schools turn a trove of personal information on millions of children over to two nonprofits has parents worried and privacy rights advocates outraged.
The nonprofits, who advocate for special needs kids, say they need the info to gauge compliance with federal law, but critics don’t believe Social Security numbers, home addresses and other sensitive records should be included. The ruling applies to all students enrolled in Golden State public schools at any time since 2008, a number estimated at 10 million.
“People are confused, worried and angry,” said Bill Ainsworth, a spokesman for the California Department of Education.
The order from Sacramento District Judge Kimberly Mueller stems from a 2012 lawsuit filed by two special needs advocacy groups, the Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association and the Concerned Parents Association, alleging local educational agencies have failed to accommodate children with disabilities in compliance with federal law.
Critics say the ruling could also potentially expose statewide assessment results, progress reports, behavior and disciplinary information, special education evaluations and records pertaining to health, mental health and medical information.
We characterize the data release as risky, unnecessary and unprecedented,” said Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum. Eva Velasquez, CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center, warned that one lapse could have “devastating consequences for California’s students.”
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act are federal laws in place to protect the privacy of students. The federal government ensures compliance with a vast database, which the plaintiffs could have access to under the ruling.
State education officials have been inundated with thousands of calls from parents, educators and school districts over the past week, according to Ainsworth. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson is a “strong supporter of privacy rights,” Ainsworth said, but now must follow the order.
This liberal democrat (and she is a democrat) just doesn't know the law about student privacy.
As a person who works in Special Ed. and has to be familiar with student's rights and privacy, this is a judge who either doesn't understand the law or is on a power trip.  The information wanted by the lawsuit hungry plaintiffs is overly broad and unnecessary and who knows how these agencies will protect the information and use the information.
And, this is why President Obama cannot be allowed to make anymore nominations to any Federal Court, much less the Supreme Court- he appoints either activist judges or completely incompetent, like this judge, Kim Mueller

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pathetic Las Vegas Newspapers

Tomorrow is the GOP caucuses in Nevada.
In the Las Vegas Sun, ( there is nothing mentioned at all on their web site.  Even though they were hall to hall coverage in the Democrat caucuses for about 2 weeks, but nothing is mentioned  about the GOP caucuses.
However, the Sun is a liberal rag, owned and publisher and editorial write, Brian "Coward/Wimp Greenspun, who is a very pathetic human being and not very bright.
The Las Vegas Review Journal (  is just as bad.  Their lead story is some girl fell into a laundry chute.
And there is a small story on Ted Cruz and nothing about the caucuses.
Neither paper told Las Vegans how the GOP caucuses and where these meetings occur.  This supposed conservative newspaper is actually tracking towards liberal ism and this is further proof.
Clearly, there is a liberal bias in the Sun and LVRJ, which is a shame.  Led by (Coward) Greenspun, they just don't print things if there is a conservative story.
Just Pathetic.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Miracle Or Bad Doctors?

From A 14-year-old girl who was among several people shot in a rampage in Kalamazoo was thought dead — until she squeezed her mother's hand.
The girl was critically injured in a shooting that killed four others in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Oshtemo Township, one of three shooting scenes where six people died Saturday night, Feb. 20,
The girl was pronounced dead, and authorities had relayed that information to the media. She was kept on life support at Bronson Methodist Hospital so her organs could be donated, but then she squeezed her mother's hand, said Michigan State Police First Lt. Dale Hinz.
"She's in extremely critical condition but she's still clinging to life," Hinz said.
Hinz said the girl's mother was not at the restaurant with her, but the teen was with other family friends at the time of the shooting.
"The only word to describe it is wow," Hinz said of the girl being alive. "It's absolutely a miracle that she's alive and we're definitely hopeful for her continued improvement."    
So, were the doctors incompetent?
Was there a natural twitch and not really a sign of brain death?
Or is it a miracle?
You decide.  My vote is #2.

Bernie Sanders Getting Screwed

So, if you are voter for/fan of Bernie Sanders, you know he won't win the nomination, don't you?
Bernie won Vermont and came a very close 2nd place in Iowa and Nevada, so, you would think the delegate count would be close, wouldn't you?
According to Google, Hillary has 502 delegates while Bernie has 70.
So, even thought the race has been very close, voter wise, Hillary has 87% of the delegates and is almost 20% of the way to the nomination.
Mean while, Bernie is about 3% towards winning the nomination.
There is no way in hell Bernie will win the nomination because the Democrat establishment won't let him, despite what the voters say,
At least the GOP Is closer to what the voters want.
trump has 67 delegates while the rest are much furthers behind, which represents what the voters want.


Saturday, February 20, 2016


From the El Paso Times:
As a sense of peace swept over Juárez, crews worked diligently to sweep up tons of trash left behind after the pope's visit.
By early Thursday morning, crews had collected 250 tons of trash, Hector Lozoya Avila, head of the Juárez trash collection department, said in a news release. Officials expected up to 500 tons of trash would be collected by the end of the day, blaming vendors for some of it.
"We have yet to collect the areas where food stands and other business set up and didn't respect their agreements and left trash behind after their sales," Lozoya said in the news release just after noon Thursday.
It's estimated that 250,000 people gathered in and around the old Juárez fairgrounds, also known as "El Punto," where Pope Francis celebrated Mass on Wednesday. Vendors along the entrances to the site sold everything from bottled water to cellphone chargers; food such as corn on the cob, churros, fruit cups, tortas and pizza; and souvenirs such as key chains, pins, necklaces, posters, giant foam hats, T-shirts and vials labeled "holy water."
Typical liberal crowd, who supposedly care for things, especially mother earth.

This Should Be Hillary's Voter's Thme song

 Yes, if Hillary is elected president, her voters will be responsible for putting a felon in to the presidency.
And the fallout of her harming the county could possibly harm us for centuries.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Pope Francis=Devil

I am a former Catholic.
The reason: Pope Francis.  To me, the devil has infiltrated the Catholic, through Francis.
The latest atrocity by this moron pope.
From CNN: Pope Francis suggested that contraceptives may be used to prevent the spread of the Zika virus, despite the church's longstanding ban on most forms of birth control.
His comments may cheer health officials in Latin America but are likely to upset conservative Catholics.
At a press conference aboard a flight from Mexico to Rome on Thursday, the Pope was asked whether the church should consider contraception the "lesser of two evils" compared with the possibility of women aborting fetuses infected with Zika. The virus has been linked to an incurable and often devastating neurological birth defect.
I am very familiar of working with adults and children with severe birth defects.
I work and have worked with most profoundly disabled students and children- mentally and/or physically.
These are children from God.  And to say their lives are useless is so much crap and it horrible of the pope to say these things.
These profoundly disabled students are educators.  I invite student helpers in my classroom and these students learn so much about our disabled students,  They teach love, patience and they employ many people, like teachers, aides, baby sitters, therapists etc.
So, to pope Francis- you are not Catholic, you are the devil.  With you new birth control policy, his liberal views on things like immigration and walls, even though the Vatican is a walled city, keeping illegal aliens out.
Yes, Francis tries to be the man of the people but he is sinking into non-traditional Catholic beliefs.
Just another reason why I am no longer a practicing Catholic.

NASCAR Begins With A Big One

Luckily, Bell is not seriously hurt.
Johnny Sauter, from Wisconsin, won the race.
Great way to start the NASCAR season.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Test For Hillary

Tonight, I submitted a question to the Hillary campaign on a policy.
I asked this: The Obama administration has changed policy and no longer allows volunteers who hold pot lucks for charity to operate:
Does Hillary support the Obama administration in this matter or is she willing to change to policy?
So, will Hillary's campaign answer the question for me?  I left them my e-mail address, so, of course, they will slam my in-box with donation requests.
Somehow, I don't they will but I will let you know on a daily basis.

We're From The Government And We Are Here To Help

From the Havre Daily News:
“Men Who Cook for Women Who Wine” will be no more.
The annual fundraiser was originally started to help pay for construction of the Hi-Line Sletten Cancer Center and has since helped families throughout the Hi-Line in recent years. It will be replaced by a variety of other volunteer programs that will aid families in need said representatives of Serving of Hope, the group of Hi-Line residents which has sponsored Men Who Cook for Women Who Wine.
New federal regulations involving food handling would put a burden on volunteers who prepare food for the event, said Joyce Donoven and Cathie Haas, two of the coordinators of the event.
Men brought their home-cooked food items that were sampled by the guests.
It became the social event of the year in Hingham, attracting hundreds of people.
“Our cooks and volunteers give so much. We feel it would be unfair to ask even more from these already busy and generous people, and we wish to keep the safety and well-being of those supporters, on whom we rely, at the forefront of our focus,” they said in a press release.
They said other activities would be planned to engage the community and raise money for the causes.
“Again, we want to give accolades to the cooks who have wowed us for so many years with their culinary expertise, the volunteers who came without calling, the community members who both donated items and participated in the events, and of course, all who came to the ‘little old’ gym in Hingham, Montana.”
Hill County Sanitarian Clay Vincent said the new federal rules require that someone certified in food handling oversee food preparation. Certification is relatively easy to obtain, he said, but much of the food for events such as Men Who Cook For Women Who Wine is done at people’s home, he said.
This regulation was created by the Obama administration.
And this has been going all around the country.
So, will someone ask Hillary if she supports this?

Just Another Night In Kingman

From the Guardian:
After sampling some alcohol from patrons’ glasses, a monkey picked up a knife and chased customers around a bar in Paraiba, Brazil, it has emerged.
The capuchin monkey drank remnants of cachaça, a distilled spirit popular in Brazil, from glasses around the bar. The animal then chased the men in the pub with a foot-long knife but left the women “to drink in relative peace”, according to the
“It was a bar staff oversight that ended with the monkey drinking some rum and taking the knife,” fire department Lt Col Saul Laurentino told aRede.
A video posted to YouTube on Wednesday allegedly shows the monkey stabbing sporadically at the roof of the establishment as people look on.
The monkey was then captured by the local fire department before being released into a nearby environmental reserve, according to the Huffington Post. But when the animal stirred up more trouble, scaring children and residents of the area, he was captured once more.
I've learned, from "Night at the Museum" that Capuchin monkeys are cute but mean.
But hey, seems like this can happen at any bar in the U.S., except the monkey is a adult human being.
Just remember, the Olympics are being held in Brazil this year.

Strange, If True: The New Army Killer Weapon, The MRE Spoon

From The Conservative Tribune:
When a U.S. Army Ranger is deployed into a combat zone, he is generally tasked with killing the enemy using whatever means are at his disposal.
While that task is typically completed using bombs and rifles, there are times when our Rangers — as well as our other special operators — must use an alternative method for killing terrorists, such as a sidearm or a knife.
But now one Army Ranger may have made history by using something to kill a terrorist in Iraq that is most certainly not considered a weapon, except for maybe in prison or a graphic horror movie.
According to Grunt Stuff, an unnamed soldier attached to a Ranger battalion was taking part in an assault on a suspected terrorist hideout in a strategic point in northern Iraq.
While clearing the building of hostile jihadists, the Ranger noticed one enemy that seemed to be about to pull the pin on a hand grenade, so he rushed him and engaged in hand-to-hand combat.
Unfortunately, the Ranger was unable to access his sidearm or knife during the struggle because of all of the gear he was wearing, but he was able to get a hold of his MRE spoon, which he promptly used to stab the terrorist in the neck repeatedly, ultimately killing him.
Though the kill has yet to be officially confirmed, and there may be anecdotal evidence of similarly extraordinary occurrences from previous conflicts and wars, it is believed that this is the first time an MRE spoon has been used as a combat implement to kill the enemy.
So, beware of the killer spoon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Not That You Care, But I Endorsement For President Is.....

So, after a few beers and some, here are my thoughts on the race for president:
Hillary and Bernie will never win the presidency.  Hillary and Bill have too many scandals.  Bernie is just plain nuts.
And on to the Republican side.
I love Ben Carson but he is almost out of the race.  But he is most intelligent person in the race.  And he knows about health care and creating jobs, to a small extent.
John Kasich is running Ohio into the ground and not a true conservative.
Jeb bush is running in the wrong year.  2008 or 2012 would have been better for Jeb.  He will be out of the race in less than 3 weeks.
Marco Rubio- I just don't trust him.  He says he is conservative but there are things in history that shows he goes liberal, especially amnesty.  Not for me.
So, for me, it's Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.
Trump:  Trump has created more jobs than any candidate and he owns businesses, so he knows what government regulations that hurt or help companies and small businesses. I trust Trump more with the economy than any other candidate.
Negatives: He's crazy, mean and vindictive. He is not a conservative but ore of a moderate.  I don't mind his cussing but the lying does matter to me.
Cruz: Clearly, he is the  most conservative, with the exception of maybe Ben Carson.  He would nominate conservative Supreme Court justices.  He would get rid of Obama's executive orders.  He would respect the constitution.  The liberal media hates him, which is good thing.
Negatives: I listen to radio host, Mark Levin, a died in the wool conservative and a Cruz supporter.  Levin makes good points about Cruz... Cruz and his PACs also advertise on Levin's show, is what Levin saying honest or just him supporting an advertiser?
He's made enemies with both Republicans and democrats, so would he ever get anything done?  Would the GOP support his positions or will they just hate him and do nothing for him?  If the democrats somehow take over the senate, nothing will get done.. The democrats would probably work with Trump.
Finally, what
Both Trump and Cruz would make good presidents, especially compared to Hillary/Bernie.
I could support either Trump or Cruz if they nominated and even Rubio, if he was nominated, along with Bush, Carson and Kasich.
But I support Trump more Cruz by the tiniest margins.  His knowledge on the economy, creating jobs and dealing with regulations that either hurt or harm the economy.
Trump has created 10,000's of jobs while Cruz has been a lawyer, almost all for government and has created no private business jobs.  He's probably created some regulations on business.
Trump has to pay for health care insurance, so he knows about the health care and insurance debates.
Trump is egotistical, almost narcissist and I would be hypocritical if I didn't mention this as Obama is king narcissist.
I think Trump knows about goes on in the inner city and wants to deal with it, unlike Obama, who did nothing.  Cruz has been a lawyer in government and probably has never set foot in the ghettos of Dallas.  I am sure Trump has, especially in Atlantic City, NJ, where the whole city is ghetto, even near the casinos/boardwalk.
Trump is not afraid to take chances, good or bad- he takes chances on the numerous properties and businesses he has bought or created.  Cruz really hasn't but he is a good lawyer.  And I dislike most lawyers.
So, my endorsement is Donald Trump
Am I wrong?

Hillary's Fight Song Is What???

From Vogue: It was another Sunday morning in New Hampshire, a few days into the new year, at another town-hall meeting in a middle school in front of another boisterous crowd. After the Red Star Twirlers nailed their baton routine to the Donna Summer song “She Works Hard for the Money”—with no apparent sense of irony—Hillary Clinton, in brown slacks, a gray sweater, and kitten heels, appeared to a standing ovation. She spent the next hour moving through the applause lines of her stump speech, and then listening intently to voters’ questions and answering them with candor.
Hillary works hard for her money?
When she invest $1000 and got back $100,000?
When she makes up to $325,000 per speech, with all expenses paid, living in a luxury hotel, eating the best food money can buy.
When companies and countries donate millions of dollars to the Clinton's slush fund, the Clinton Foundation.
Yeah, she works hard for her money.

That's Karma, A-Hole

From the LVRJ:
A man survived being shot in the face during an alleged burglary in the southern valley early Friday morning.
Alexander Gonzales, 40, was booked into the medical wing of the Clark County Detention Center to face charges of burglary while possessing a deadly weapon, attempted home invasion and drug trafficking.
Las Vegas police responded to the 300 block of Maddelena Avenue, near Saint Rose Parkway and Bermuda Road, about 12:45 a.m., according to Gonzales' arrest records. People around the neighborhood told 911 dispatchers that a man had been trying to get into homes.
He knocked on the front door at one house, and tried to break into another by slamming into the door with his shoulder, the arrest records said. At a third home, Gonzales went into the backyard and began to bang on the sliding glass door.
He entered the third home through the doggie door, but his banging had alerted the couple who lives there.
This isn't like the traditional Goldilocks story, and everything wasn't going to end just right for Gonzales — these homeowners were armed.
A woman at the home saw that the intruder had a large knife sticking out of his pocket. When her husband came upon Gonzales in their kitchen, he shot him twice with his handgun, according to the arrest records.
Police arrived to find the homeowner waiting with his hands up and Gonzales sitting on the kitchen floor against some cabinets, bleeding from his face and arm. Gonzales was still conscious when he was taken to University Medical Center.
Gonzales told medical staff at UMC that he was carrying a knife because someone was chasing him and the only thing he remembered was being shot. The homeowner who shot told police he felt threatened when Gonzales began to advance on him.
While being booked at the detention center, Gonzales was found with a small container of methamphetamine, according to the arrest report.
Gee, drugs were involved?  Golly, who would have thought?
So, he got some street/home justice.  Too bad he has such a thick head.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hillary secures The Hooker Vote

Ahh, yes, so what did Hillary do to get their vote? 
Send Bill in?
Did she personally inspect the whore house and sleep with the girls?
From the RGJ:
Media outlets around the world hungry for an only-in-Nevada story have latched on to the group Hookers for Hillary, part of Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Carson City.
The group has just released a new YouTube video (watch below) detailing the four-point platform behind their endorsement: Clinton’s protection of health care reform, support for agencies protecting the public’s health, foreign policy experience and her opposition to returning to conservative supply side economics.
The video comes in the wake of Monday’s New York Daily News headlined, “Hookers for Hillary prepping for Nevada caucus, Clinton’s presidential run.” Other news outlets picking up the story are Spiegel Online from Germany and the UK Daily Mail, with its headline “Bunny Ranch prostitutes hit the road to help Clinton reach the White House.”
Under the headline “Meet the sex workers caucusing for Clinton in Nevada,” the UK Guardian quotes Entice Love, a 26-year-old mother of two from Sacramento: “I’m for Hillary because she’s cracking down on domestic violence. I’ve been in a relationship for a long time where I’d been thrown down stairs, black eyes, fractured ribs … When I’m looking at who I want to pick for the presidency, I look at what are they doing that I can relate to that will be of benefit for me. That’s why I was for Obama, now I’m for Hillary.”
In perhaps a sign of the increasingly competitive race in Nevada, the Guardian quotes 26-year-old Taylor Lee at the brothel as saying, “I think (Clinton) would be an excellent candidate … But I will be caucusing for Bernie Sanders.”
My guess Hillary will also get the ugly woman vote.

Hillary Secures The Dog Vote

I'm not sure whose idea is was to have Hillary barking like a dog, but this may go down as one of the biggest blunders in campaign history.
And they Donald Trumps is nuts.

Ouch and I Mean Ouch

From the NY Daily News: A 14-year-old female basketball player in Wisconsin was partially impaled by a floorboard during a scary accident on the hardwood.
The player was sprinting down the court when she collided with a ball-handler from the opposing team and hit the deck. She slid underneath the basket and stayed down because a four-inch piece of wood sticking up from the floor had pierced her torso, according to ABC 7 Chicago.
Emergency crews rushed to the Middleton gym and carried the girl out on a stretcher. She spent the night at American Family Children's Hospital, according to a local Wisconsin station, and reportedly did not suffer any injuries to her internal organs.
"They did some exploratory surgery to see if there were any perforations internally and there weren't," tournament organizer Perry Hibner told the local station.
Hibner said that the relatively new floor of the fieldhouse was put in 15 years ago and maintained that this was a freak occurrence.
I'm glad the young girl will be ok but that to be scary.
And can you say "LAWSUIT"?

Hillary secures The Lesbian Vote

I don't this will surprise anybody.
From the Daily Mail, UK:
Sally Miller looked on in amusement as the man who would become the 42nd President of the United States slipped into her own frilly black nightgown.
The former Miss Arkansas has never forgotten how her younger lover proceeded to dance around the bedroom, serenading her with his saxophone and reducing her to a fit of giggles.
This playful scene was typical of the laughter-filled nights that ex-beauty queen Miller enjoyed with Bill Clinton during their 1983 affair, she tells Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview.
The married Governor of Arkansas would frequently adopt the role of entertainer-in-chief to impress his glamorous older woman, a one-time Miss America finalist.
But while his attempts at lovemaking were largely forgettable, Clinton would rarely disappoint when it came to divulging intimate and potentially damaging secrets about his wife Hillary.
More than two decades on, Miller, a former singer and radio host known as Sally Perdue, is preparing to dish the secrets of their pillow talk in a tell-all memoir....
And what of those accusations so insulting or damaging that a potential Presidential candidate would unleash her operatives to intimidate or even bump off an elderly lady?
'Hillary is a lesbian,' Miller claims, reigniting a lingering but unsubstantiated rumor that has dogged the former First Lady for years.
Read more:
Of course, the Clintonitas will call out their attack dogs and try and discredit her.
But if Hillary is a lesbian, is it that big of deal?  I've always said, she could murder someone in cold blood, with 1000 eye witnesses and there will still be 90% of the liberals/democrat who will defend her and say that the 1000 witnesses are part of a right wing conspiracy.


Monday, February 15, 2016

I Double Dog Dare Obama To Nominate Her

From Fox News: While the skirmish lines are forming in Congress over President Obama’s nomination of a successor to the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – the president first will have to make his choice known before the battle can be joined....
And Obama will have plenty of names from which to choose. While not an official “short list,” the following list of potential nominees is based on past nominations and discussions with sources, including government officials involved in the selections of Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan:
Loretta Lynch, attorney general
The North Carolina native became the nation’s top law enforcement officer last year, after a bitter confirmation fight in the Senate. She served two stints as the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, earning a reputation as a tough prosecutor in several high-profile financial and terrorism-related cases. Most recently in the AG role, she filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department over what she called its unconstitutional violation of the rights of the largely minority community. If successfully nominated, the daughter of a Baptist minister and a school librarian would be the first African-American woman on the high court.
If Obama nominates her, t would a very stupid decision and she would never be voted in.
She is as corrupt as Eric Holder, who was very corrupt.  She's been protecting Hillary Clinton with the e-mail scandal, she is going after local police departments and basically nationalizing forces, even if they did nothing wrong, not going after banks for laundering money, not dealing with the VA medical scandals and much more. 
But, if nominates her, the question of her would be fun for the Republicans as she will have to answer to the Hillary scandal and apparent DOJ cover up of it.
And then she will be rejected and perhaps even some democrats might vote against her.
So, I double and triple dog dare Obama to nominate her for Supreme Court justice.

Hell froze Over

Sure, let's let everyone and their cross the border, give them benefits, free lawyers, health care, education and welfare.
And some of those coming over could well be terrorists.
So, of course, President Obama cuts the counter terrorism budget by $300,000,000.
From Fire Rescue 1: Sen. Charles Schumer is slamming a White House proposal that would reduce funding for counterterrorism programs across the country by nearly $300 million.
The New York Democrat is pushing President Barack Obama to reconsider the cuts.
Schumer notes that the cuts to the Urban Area Security Initiative were included in the proposed 2017 budget released last week by the White House. The initiative helps fund programs in cities across the U.S. to prevent extremist attacks, or respond to and recover from them. The proposed budget would cut the funding from $600 million to $330 million.
"These proposed cuts are ill-advised and ill-timed and they must be reversed. End of story," Schumer said in a statement to The Associated Press. "In light of recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and the vow by our extremist enemies to launch more attacks on our shores, it makes no sense to propose cuts to vital terror-prevention programs like UASI."
Schumer, who decried the cuts at a news conference on Sunday, said the program is necessary to adequately fund counterterrorism programs in high-density urban areas like New York City.
"New York City remains terror target number one and the NYPD relies on these programs to keep us safe," he said.
In New York, a portion of the funds are used for the fire department's response training and the NYPD's counterterrorism training programs and the active shooter training course. The money also helps pay for teams that patrol at local airports, transit hubs and waterways. Elsewhere in the New York area, the funds cover the cost of other training exercises, including multi-jurisdictional response drills.
I guess Obama has totally forgot about the San Bernardino shootings and all the other muslim attacks in the U.S. 
So, when the next terrorism attacks in the U.S., it will be 100% Obama's fault.
And hell froze over when I agree with Chucky Schumer.
I wonder if Obama's brown noser, Hillary Clinton will agree with this?

I Completely Disagree With Murder Charge

From jsonline:
Two men have been arrested in connection with the heroin overdose death of another man in Dane County, the sheriff's office said.
The victim, a 32-year-old Waupan man, was found inside a vehicle Wednesday on Kong Road in the Town of Pleasant Springs with another man who overdosed on heroin, according to a news release from the Dane County Sheriff's Office.
The other man was revived with Narcan, a drug used to reverse heroin or other opiate overdoses, according to the release.
A 20-year-old Stoughton man and a 36-year-old Madison man could be charged with 1st-degree reckless homicide, delivery of heroin and possession with intent to deliver heroin in connection with the victim's death, according to the release.
First, the cops and DA want to charge these guy with drug possession and delivery of drugs, fine.  They'll get some prison time.
But 1st Degree reckless Homicide?  Heck no.  The 'victim" willing bought the drugs, knew that the drugs were illegal, knows that you can die from an overdose and willingly put the needle in his arm and pushed the drugs in.
The guys under arrest did not force him to do the drugs.
It's time for these cops and DA's stop charging people, including pain medicine doctors and other doctors, for giving drugs to these "victims" and these moron "victims" end killing themselves.  The "victims" killed themselves, with no fault of drug dealers and/or doctors. 
So, it's time to blame the "victims" for their own deaths.

Heroes in Syria

In Syria, especially in Aleoppo, which had about 2,000,000 people has come under attack, with thousands of people killed.  They have been bombed by the Syria and Russian's air force, Isis is in there and Al-Qaida also are there.  Then you also have the freedom fighters against the Syria.  Mostly, this war is mostly a war with different factions, you know, the religion of peace.
Today, another bad bombing took place. From Fox News:  Russian warplanes are being blamed for carrying out what is being called a "deliberate attack" on two makeshift hospitals and a school in northern Syria Monday that killed nearly 50 people, according to the United Nations.
Doctors Without Borders -- also known by its French acronym MSF -- said in a statement that the hospital in the town of Maaret al-Numan was hit four times in at least two attacks that were minutes apart.
"This appears to be a deliberate attack on a health structure, and we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms," said Massimiliano Rebaudengo, MSF's mission chief. "The destruction of the hospital leavesthe local population of around 40,000 people without access to medical services in an active zone of conflict."
In the neighboring Aleppo province, two missiles struck a children's hospital in the town of Azaz, killing at least five people, including pregnant women and children, and wounding dozens, the chief liaison officer at the Syrian Civil defense said.
You would there would be no fire and rescue servie to deal with all these bombings, that frequently collapse buildings, trapping people for days.
Well, you would be wrong.
From  In June this year, I traveled to rebel-held Aleppo, along with a photographer, Sebastiano Tomada, and Salem Rizek, our guide to report this story. Because of the threat of kidnapping by extremist and criminal groups, we were escorted from the Turkish border by members of Liwa al Tauheed, a powerful rebel group in Aleppo that is known for cooperating with Western journalists. The road, which winds through the rebel heartlands north of the city, only took a couple of hours but its last stretch was particularly tense. The regime has nearly encircled the city and is using artillery and airstrikes against the few remaining rebel supply lines...
And yet, even in the midst of so much death and despair, we found Syrians who were risking their lives to help others. We spent eight days in the city, nearly all of it in the company of the Hanano Civil Defense Team that I profile in my story. Aleppo is constantly being hit by airstrikes, and shadowing the team meant rushing with them to the site of each blast — or, as I detail in the video below, almost being hit by a bomb ourselves. Sometimes it felt like there was no escape from the relentless bombardment. But their courage and resilience — they had been doing this for over a year — inspired us to stick with them. And it felt important to tell the story of Syrians who hadn’t resorted to violence in their resistance to the regime.
The fire/rescue are volunteers who mostly live at a fire station, which was bombed 1 time and moved to a school.  The use 1 truck to respond to the bombings, injuries, fires and everything else.
What is impressive is that they have responded to more building collapses and rescue more people than any firefighter in the United States.  They deal with violent death just about everyday and many of the bodies they have to recovered are flattened or blown up, a very gross site.  When I was a volunteer firefighter and EMT, I saw some violent death from car accidents but nothing like they see.
So, in all and destruction in the war in Syria and the City of Aleppo, there are real heroes who save lives and face extreme danger themselves.
According to the story, they were arrested by a extremist muslim group but they were freed and they are now in Turkey, hopefully for some real R&R.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

President's Day: Most Worthless National Holiday

Today, February 15th, those of us in the U.S. will be celebrating President's Day.
Most of the president's of the U.SD. barely had 50% support and many times, they only had 30-40% positive ratings.
For me, I have no reason has no respect for President Obama, while most liberals have no respect for George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan.  Are we suppose to celebrate those we dislike?
Woodrow Wilson was a dyed in the wool racist and we are supposed to honor him?
William Harrison was only president for about 30 days and we celebrate him?
Franklin Roosevelt was a liberal nightmare who created so many liberal programs and most have been a disaster, and conservatives have to celebrate him?
What did Millar Fillmore ever do?
How about Chester Arthur?
Ok, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Harry Truman and a few others deserve praise, but certainly not all of the presidents.  Not even a majority of the presidents.
So, to most workers, many workers for just government workers and bank employees, this is a day off of work.
For everyone else, who really cares?

Hillary's Losing Strategy

So, Hillary Clinton's latest strategy is to suck up/brown nose President Obama., especially through Twitter:
Of course, Obama loves it and will endorse her.
But right now, Obama's approval rating is about 48% and a 49 disapproval rating, according to Gallup.
And there is no guarantee it will stay at that level, especially if the economy crashes and when the Republican president nominee will rip on Obama horribly, especially if the nominee is Donald Trump.
Since Hillary is already dissing a minimum of 49% of the U.S adult population and there is no guarantee that she will gain 100% of Obama supporters, this is going to be a losing strategy by Hillary.

Oh, To be A Young Hispanic Child

Gee, if I was shooting soccer balls, I wouldn't miss Hillary by a couple of feet.
She was playing soccer with some young Hispanic kids.
And if I were Hillary, why in hell would I wear high heels while playing soccer?
Unless this was just a 1 second photo shoot by Hillary.

Democrat Hypocrisy

From the Washington Post: Thanks to a VC commenter, I discovered that in August 1960, the Democrat-controlled Senate passed a resolution, S.RES. 334, “Expressing the sense of the Senate that the president should not make recess appointments to the Supreme Court, except to prevent or end a breakdown in the administration of the Court’s business.”  Each of President Eisenhower’s SCOTUS appointments had initially been a recess appointment who was later confirmed by the Senate, and the Democrats were apparently concerned that Ike would try to fill any last-minute vacancy that might arise with a recess appointment. Not surprisingly, the Republicans objected, insisting that the Court should have a full complement of Justices at all times. Of course, the partisan arguments will be exactly the opposite this time.
So, to Obama, Hillary, Bernie and Harry Coward/Liar/Senile/Pathetic Reid and all the other democrats:

A Perplexing Question

From the Havre Daily News:
Lacey The Boy, 30, is being held on felony charges after a disturbance 600 block of 1st Street West Saturday morning.
Officers said they responded to several 911 calls that someone had a gun and a bat and was going after a pickup. Police they were unable to verify that a gun was shot in the incident.
By the time police had arrived at the scene, both the pickup and a gray car with the other participants, had left the scene.
But police said they eventually found both cars, and the investigation is continuing.
The Boy is being held at the Hill County Detention Center, pending charges from the Hill County attorney‘s office, Police Chief Gabe Matosich said.
So, in the The Boy family, what do they call the girls in the The Boy Family family?

The Day The Music Died Part 2

Yeah, these groups aren't famous as The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly but they still music and now they are dead.
From the BBC: The four members of British indie band Viola Beach and their manager have died in a car crash in Sweden.
Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin and manager Craig Tarry were killed when their car plunged more than 25m (82ft) from a highway bridge into a canal.
The incident happened in the early hours of Saturday near Stockholm.
Mr Tarry's family say they are grieving his loss and "for the other families involved in this tragic accident".
In a statement, issued via the UK Foreign Office, they said they were "devastated", adding: "Craig was a warm, loving person who had worked tirelessly to achieve success and follow his dreams within the music industry.
The Foreign Office earlier confirmed the deaths and said it was supporting the families....
Swedish police said they received a call about 02:30 local time (01:30 GMT) and were on the scene within five minutes.
They said divers recovered the bodies of the victims - aged between 20 and 35 - after their Nissan Qashqai plunged through a gap in the bridge which had opened to let a boat pass underneath.
The bridge has a middle section that rises directly upwards without tilting, leaving a gap that the car drove into, the police said.
A barrier before the opening has flashing lights and warning signs, the officer handling the case said, and other drivers were waiting behind the barrier.
Inspector Martin Bergholm said: "For some reason, the car drove through the barriers and crashed down into the canal.
"The witnesses just saw a car beside them and kind of disappear."
Viola Beach Facebook page:
And from the Dayton Daily News:
The driver who killed himself and four others Saturday morning in a wrong-way crash on Interstate 75 had been released from jail 33 hours earlier in connection with a separate suspected drunken driving crash.
Authorities suspect alcohol played a role in this deadly two-vehicle crash in downtown Dayton, which claimed the life of at-fault driver James Pohlabeln, a 61-year-old retiree, and four young friends: Kyle Canter, 23, of New Carlisle; Earl Miller II, 27, of New Carlisle; Vashti Nicole Brown, 29, of Dayton; and Devin Bachmann, 26, of Huber Heights.
The three men were in a hard rock band, CounterFlux, that played across the region. The members dedicated their lives to music, friends and family said....
Bachmann, Canter and Miller were in a hard rock band together called CounterFlux.
Bachmann was the vocalist and Canter and Miller played guitar, according to their band’s Facebook page.
They have played at venues across the region, including the Old Crow Bar in Middletown, and have performed in Kentucky as well.
CounterFlux bass player Aleks Clayborn posted on the band’s Facebook page that the men were like brothers. He issued a plea for anyone going out drinking to use designated drivers or cabs.[object
Their Facebook page:

The Hateful Left

From  Ann Althouse:
Just pathetic how hateful and racist some members of the left can be. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

So, Who Will Be The Next Supreme Court Justice

Before Justice Scalia's body was cold, the politicians began arguing over who should replace Scalia.
Hillary Clinton, in most bizarre comment: "Elections have consequences. The president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the Senate has a responsibility to vote."
Actually, the senate doesn't have a responsibility to vote for a justice if they don't want to.  And the Senate certainly has the right to reject any and everyone Obama sends up.
But the Senate will be pressured to confirm Obama's nominee and it is up to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to reject every nominee that doesn't believe in the Constitution, if they want the GOP nomination for President.
So, if Obama's history is any indication, he will nominate a hard core lefty who doesn't believe in the Constitution.  Further, he will probably nominate someone who has ethical problems.
Some on the left have suggested that Obama nominate himself.  Really, there are people out there who think Obama would be the most qualified nominee.  Obama has no serious qualifications to be a Supreme Court justice- when it comes to the law, he is extremely retarded.
My gut says he will nominate a Black liberal male and Eric Holder comes to mind but he would never get confirmed.
I also predict he will nominate someone first, who will be a sacrificial lamb because he knows the first person he nominates will go down in flames.
He will probably nominate a Harvard professor because he went to Harvard and Obama was a professor in Chicago.
Another possibility is Tomiko Brown-Nagin, who is a Black female law professor at Harvard and of course, is quite liberal.
Another Harvard law professor is Randall L. Kennedy, a Black professor specializing in racial law and clerked for Thurgood Marshall.
Another possibility, since Obama prefers muslims is Intisar A. Rabb who is the director of the muslim legal studies program.
Dehlia Umunna is another candidate.  She is Black and one of the leading public defenders in the country.
I know some of these professors will be considered, if not nominated. 
But you know, if Obama had the option, he would nominate himself.

The New Danica Patrick?

Sarah Cornett-Ching ARCA Headshot
There is a young lady who drove in the ARCA Daytona race today and her name is Sarah Cornett-Ching.
She finished 12th out of 40 drivers and she as running with the leaders the entire race.  She also drove through 2 wrecks and she didn't get a scratch on her car as cars were wrecking around her.  Her engine also was dying with 15 laps to go.
Last year, in ARCA, she finished in 7th in points with 5 top 10 finishes out of 20 races.
And unlike Danica Patrick, whose main qualification for driving, is appearing in bikinis or other skimpy dress for her sponsors, Cornett-Ching actually works for a living, when she is not driving.
From Stories inside the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards come from the most interesting people and places…this one all the way from the northern reaches of western British Columbia, Canada where Summerland, BC's Sarah Cornett-Ching punches in everyday at work in Dawson Creek, BC.
Cornett-Ching, 23, works as a welder on a construction site on which a compressor station for natural gas is being erected, about 700 miles north of her Summerland hometown.
“I’m a certified welder…part of the Red Seal Welders. It means you’re certified to weld in any province in Canada,” said Cornett-Ching. “I’m stick welding here, but I can do whatever’s necessary…stick, wire, tig, aluminum, whatever. I was welding stainless steel on my last job.
“By earning my welding certificate and going away to work I could make far more money than I could at my previous welding job. So now I fly into remote areas to work for weeks at a time and it's much easier to save money." 
The area that she works in is abundant with Brown bears, which can be extremely aggressive. 
“Brown bears can be quite aggressive where we are and the site I work at is fenced to help keep them out. They do keep an eye out for them and we have to keep a clean site and keep food from being left outside so we don't attract them.”
Sarah also works on her own race cars by doing all the welding that is needed.
And Danica, all she does is crash, finish several laps down and/or act like a spoiled brat.
I hope Sarah keeps on rising through the ranks and can get big time sponsors.  It appears she certainly has more talent than Patrick, though a quadruple amputee who is blind probably has more talent than Danica.
Good luck to Sarah Cornett-Ching and her career.

Obama, Clinton and Sander's Strange Behavior

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie sanders sure is acting more strange than usual, and that's saying something.
Earlier this week, 7 police officers were killed, including 6 who were shot to death, and they say nothing.
Now, with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passing away, Obama issued a proclamation requesting flags be lowered to half staff, which he has to do, and he trots out an assistant press secretary to spout some nonsense.
Hillary Clinton said this on Twitter:
So, she took a big time swipe at Scalia and Republicans.
And Bernie Sanders, he was the most sane one of the three by tweeting this:
Bernie SandersVerified account @SenSanders 6 hours ago
My thoughts and prayers are with Justice Scalia's family and colleagues, who mourn his passing.
But sadly, his followers were not so kind in their retweets:
Tanya Cooper @hosttanyacooper 6 hours ago
why? He is racist pig now a seat opens for real JUSTus!
Hillary and Obama, they show just how classless they really are

Supreme Court Justice Scalia Is Dead

It has just broke that Supreme Court Justice Scalia has died in Texas.
Justice Scalia will go down as one of the best conservative Supreme Court justice's ever. Details will follow.
Unfortunately, President Obama will be able name 1 last justice and will take away the conservative majority.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

7 Police Officers Killed In 6 days

7 police officers have been killed in the last 2 days around the United States. 6 officers were shot and killed and 1 officer was killed in an ultra light accident.
From The Officer Down Memorial Page:
Major Greg Barney was shot and killed while assisting members of the Clayton County Police Department at an apartment complex in the 6600 block of Church Street.
Major Barney, who was not wearing a vest, was assigned to the perimeter while other officers served a warrant at an apartment. When officers knocked on the door the subject ran out of a back door and encountered Major Barney. The subject shot Major Barney in the torso and arm as he continue to flee. A Clayton County officer confronted and shot the subject a short distance away.

Read more:
Police Officer Jason Moszer was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call in the area of 3rd Street North and 9th Avenue North in which shots had been fired.
The subject, who was armed with multiple long guns, called dispatchers after barricading himself inside of his home and told them he was going to shoot at officers. The subject then shot Officer Moszer, who had setup on a perimeter location. The subject fired at other officers but did not strike anyone else.

Read more:
Senior Deputy Mark Logsdon and Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey were shot and killed by a wanted subject shortly before noon.
The deputies had been dispatched to the restaurant, at 3412 Merchant Boulevard in Abingdon, after a report was received that the subject was there. Deputy Dailey located the man sitting at a table inside of the restaurant and engaged him in conversation. Without warning, the man produced a handgun and fatally shot Deputy Dailey in the head.

The man fled into the parking lot where he was located by other deputies sitting in a car. The subject opened fire on the deputies, striking Deputy Logsdon. Despite being wounded, Deputy Logsdon was able to return fire, along with other deputies, and killed the subject.
Read more:
Read more:
Deputy Sheriff Derek Geer succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained the previous day while attempting to question a juvenile in the area of 30 Road and E Road, in Grand Junction, at approximately 11:15 am.
He and other deputies were investigating reports of an armed subject in the area and spotted the juvenile, who matched the description of the subject. As Deputy Geer spoke to the juvenile, the boy asked him if he was being detained. When Deputy Geer told him that he was being detained the boy pulled away from him and a struggle ensued.
Deputy Geer deployed a taser, however, the subject was able to pull out a handgun and open fire. Deputy Geer was struck multiple times, including in the face. He was able to radio for assistance but had become unresponsive by the time another deputy arrived at his location. He was transported to St. Mary's Hospital where he remained on life support so his organs could be donated.

Read more:
Deputy Sheriff Scott Ballantyne and Mr. James Chavez, a civilian pilot, were killed in an airplane crash near Lake Success at approximately 4:15 pm.
The aircraft was assisting deputies on the ground search for a subject wanted for brandishing a firearm. It was preparing to leave the area after the suspect was arrested when it suddenly lost altitude and crashed into a mountain.

Read more:
Sergeant Jason Goodding was shot and killed as he and another officer attempted to serve a warrant on a subject on the 300 block of Broadway Street at approximately 9:30 pm.
They observed the subject walking along the street and recognized him as having an active felony warrant. The subject resisted arrest and was tasered. However, he was still able to shoot Sergeant Goodding three times. Another officer on scene was able to return fire and killed the subject.

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Obama, Sanders, Clinton Show Their Hatred Of Cops

In the past 6 days, 7 police officers have been shot and killed.
And the response from President Obama is:
Yep, nothing.
While Obama is quick to condemn the cops when they kill a thug, he is silent when cops are killed.
And on the day a Fargo, ND. police officer, a Mesa County CO. Deputy a Riverdale GA. police officer and a Seaside OR. policeman were murdered as well as 2 Harford, MD, sheriff's deputies were killed, a deputy was killed in an ultra light accident, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton ripped on the police.
From Fox News:
But the candidates at times offered a similar message. This was evident as they vociferously called for an overhaul of local police departments that they suggested are unfair to black people.
“We need fundamental police reform,” Sanders said, adding he’s “sick and tired” of seeing unarmed black people shot by police. He likened heavily equipped police departments to “occupying armies.”
Clinton, meanwhile, echoed those themes, joining Sanders in calling for sentencing reform while saying the country’s “systemic racism” goes deeper and must be addressed – in education, housing and the job market.
All three of these socialist/communist/pathetic losers have the nerve to rip on cops.
I have no idea why anybody would vote for Hillary or Bernie, unless were promised something free, they are complete idiots or those who vote for these 2 despicable people are in desperate need of a lobotomy. 

Hillary Admits Obama Screwing Country On Purpose

Hillary is such a suck up to Obama.
Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton 11 hours ago
Let's dispel with this fiction that doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing.
Unless you are a died in the wool liberal or you are Black, most people will say that Obama has been very bad for the United states.
And since South Carolina is a lot Black, she is courting the Black vote by sucking up to Obama, especially through her tweets.