Monday, February 15, 2016

I Completely Disagree With Murder Charge

From jsonline:
Two men have been arrested in connection with the heroin overdose death of another man in Dane County, the sheriff's office said.
The victim, a 32-year-old Waupan man, was found inside a vehicle Wednesday on Kong Road in the Town of Pleasant Springs with another man who overdosed on heroin, according to a news release from the Dane County Sheriff's Office.
The other man was revived with Narcan, a drug used to reverse heroin or other opiate overdoses, according to the release.
A 20-year-old Stoughton man and a 36-year-old Madison man could be charged with 1st-degree reckless homicide, delivery of heroin and possession with intent to deliver heroin in connection with the victim's death, according to the release.
First, the cops and DA want to charge these guy with drug possession and delivery of drugs, fine.  They'll get some prison time.
But 1st Degree reckless Homicide?  Heck no.  The 'victim" willing bought the drugs, knew that the drugs were illegal, knows that you can die from an overdose and willingly put the needle in his arm and pushed the drugs in.
The guys under arrest did not force him to do the drugs.
It's time for these cops and DA's stop charging people, including pain medicine doctors and other doctors, for giving drugs to these "victims" and these moron "victims" end killing themselves.  The "victims" killed themselves, with no fault of drug dealers and/or doctors. 
So, it's time to blame the "victims" for their own deaths.

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