Thursday, February 25, 2016

6 Reasons Not To Shop At KMart

As a Kmart insider, you would think that I would support people coming to Kmart and do their shopping but things have been so bad lately, you may want to go elsewhere.
Here are 6 reasons why you may reconsider  shopping at Kmart.
1.  Your shopping cart.  Our shopping carts have been used as dumpsters and/or soiled diaper holder.  People leave all sorts of trash in our carts, ranging from a baby's dirty diaper, trucker's pee bottles and the store's garbage.  That could be from the break room for employees, bathroom garbage and more.
And how often doe wash out the grocery carts?
Never.  never wiped down, never washed with soap and water, no power washing.     Good luck in getting a clean cart that has been disinfected int he past 2 years or more.
2.  Bait and Switch:  Kmart has hundreds of sales advertised every week.  Sometimes, we have the product and many times, we don't and we cannot order the product, so, it is bait and switch since we try and sell you the more expensive item.  And Kmart does not offer a rain check.
3.  Expiration dates: If you go food shopping at Kmart, please make sure  the food product has not expired.  at the store I work in, starting January and 3 weeks after that, I an we pulled about 5 grocery carts of food that had been expired and there are still expired items out there.  I even found items that had expired in 2014.
4.  Wrong Prices:  Many times, I am called to a cash register for a price check.  95% of the time, the fault is either the register, the product is stocked in the wrong place or the price tag is in the wrong place.  If you think you were ripped off, chances are, you were.  Ask for a price check.
5.  As employees, we are not experts in any area.  At Wal-Mart, everyone is assigned a specific job and you do that job until you transferred or quit, so you get to know your area and your products.
At Kmart, you are either a cashier, work in fashions or you work in the rest of the store.  So, you kind of know about plumbing, cars, RV's, sporting goods, toasters, vacuums, food, over the counter medication, adult diapers and much more.  So, unless you get lucky, the sales associate you deal with at Kmart, will only have minimal knowledge about the area you are in.
6.  Kmart has sharply cut the hours of the security person at the stores.  The AP's (Asset Protection- security) where they only work about 25 hours a week and they rarely work weekends or evenings.  Because of this, our stores are being robbed blind and so, our prices are going up and up.
So, here are 6 reasons why you may want to avoid shopping at Kmart.

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