Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bernie Sanders Getting Screwed

So, if you are voter for/fan of Bernie Sanders, you know he won't win the nomination, don't you?
Bernie won Vermont and came a very close 2nd place in Iowa and Nevada, so, you would think the delegate count would be close, wouldn't you?
According to Google, Hillary has 502 delegates while Bernie has 70.
So, even thought the race has been very close, voter wise, Hillary has 87% of the delegates and is almost 20% of the way to the nomination.
Mean while, Bernie is about 3% towards winning the nomination.
There is no way in hell Bernie will win the nomination because the Democrat establishment won't let him, despite what the voters say,
At least the GOP Is closer to what the voters want.
trump has 67 delegates while the rest are much furthers behind, which represents what the voters want.


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