Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lookee Here: Liberals Jack Up Price Of Burning Man

From the Reno Gazette Journal:
Can you believe Burning Man used to be free?
Not anymore. Burning Man ticket prices are here, and Burners will have to dish out extra dollars—some more than others – to attend Burning Man 2016. Tickets will cost between a minimum of $207 apiece and a maximum of $1,308 apiece, including taxes.
Burning Man announced Wednesday evening that tickets would increase in cost due to Nevada’s recently amended live entertainment tax and the increasing cost of operating the annual, weeklong event in Northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. For some it's no big deal, others, a travesty.
Either way, if you want to go, registration for specific sales begins next week.
Without further ado, here’s the quick and dirty rundown:
Seventy-two thousand general admission tickets will cost $424, including Nevada’s 9 percent live entertainment tax ($34) recently amended to include events such as Burning Man. The tax is required by state law to be collected at the time of purchase. Last year, the same tickets cost $390, and no tax was applicable.
  • Six thousand low-income tickets will cost $207, including the tax. Last year, they cost $190, and no tax was applicable.
  • Pre-sale tickets will cost $1,079, including the tax, since Burning Man increased the pre-sale ticket base cost to $990, versus last year’s cost of $800 with no applicable tax.
  • Burning Man also is offering 1,000 “Leonardo da Vinci” tickets that will cost $1,308, including the tax, in which Burning Man will offer a $1,200 ticket that offers no additional perks beyond what is given to the general admission ticketholders. The tickets are a nod to the patrons of the Italian Renaissance who befriended, supported, and celebrated artists since this year’s Burning Man theme is ‘Da Vinci’s Workshop.”
  • Vehicle pass prices also went up, from $50 each last to $80 each this year. Burning Man did not state how many vehicle passes would be available in 2016.
Liberals always bitch about cost of everything.  But when they run the show, hey, costs don't matter.
I wonder what Bernie Sanders thinks of these price gougers?

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