Saturday, February 20, 2016


From the El Paso Times:
As a sense of peace swept over Juárez, crews worked diligently to sweep up tons of trash left behind after the pope's visit.
By early Thursday morning, crews had collected 250 tons of trash, Hector Lozoya Avila, head of the Juárez trash collection department, said in a news release. Officials expected up to 500 tons of trash would be collected by the end of the day, blaming vendors for some of it.
"We have yet to collect the areas where food stands and other business set up and didn't respect their agreements and left trash behind after their sales," Lozoya said in the news release just after noon Thursday.
It's estimated that 250,000 people gathered in and around the old Juárez fairgrounds, also known as "El Punto," where Pope Francis celebrated Mass on Wednesday. Vendors along the entrances to the site sold everything from bottled water to cellphone chargers; food such as corn on the cob, churros, fruit cups, tortas and pizza; and souvenirs such as key chains, pins, necklaces, posters, giant foam hats, T-shirts and vials labeled "holy water."
Typical liberal crowd, who supposedly care for things, especially mother earth.

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