Friday, February 19, 2016

Pope Francis=Devil

I am a former Catholic.
The reason: Pope Francis.  To me, the devil has infiltrated the Catholic, through Francis.
The latest atrocity by this moron pope.
From CNN: Pope Francis suggested that contraceptives may be used to prevent the spread of the Zika virus, despite the church's longstanding ban on most forms of birth control.
His comments may cheer health officials in Latin America but are likely to upset conservative Catholics.
At a press conference aboard a flight from Mexico to Rome on Thursday, the Pope was asked whether the church should consider contraception the "lesser of two evils" compared with the possibility of women aborting fetuses infected with Zika. The virus has been linked to an incurable and often devastating neurological birth defect.
I am very familiar of working with adults and children with severe birth defects.
I work and have worked with most profoundly disabled students and children- mentally and/or physically.
These are children from God.  And to say their lives are useless is so much crap and it horrible of the pope to say these things.
These profoundly disabled students are educators.  I invite student helpers in my classroom and these students learn so much about our disabled students,  They teach love, patience and they employ many people, like teachers, aides, baby sitters, therapists etc.
So, to pope Francis- you are not Catholic, you are the devil.  With you new birth control policy, his liberal views on things like immigration and walls, even though the Vatican is a walled city, keeping illegal aliens out.
Yes, Francis tries to be the man of the people but he is sinking into non-traditional Catholic beliefs.
Just another reason why I am no longer a practicing Catholic.

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