Wednesday, February 17, 2016

That's Karma, A-Hole

From the LVRJ:
A man survived being shot in the face during an alleged burglary in the southern valley early Friday morning.
Alexander Gonzales, 40, was booked into the medical wing of the Clark County Detention Center to face charges of burglary while possessing a deadly weapon, attempted home invasion and drug trafficking.
Las Vegas police responded to the 300 block of Maddelena Avenue, near Saint Rose Parkway and Bermuda Road, about 12:45 a.m., according to Gonzales' arrest records. People around the neighborhood told 911 dispatchers that a man had been trying to get into homes.
He knocked on the front door at one house, and tried to break into another by slamming into the door with his shoulder, the arrest records said. At a third home, Gonzales went into the backyard and began to bang on the sliding glass door.
He entered the third home through the doggie door, but his banging had alerted the couple who lives there.
This isn't like the traditional Goldilocks story, and everything wasn't going to end just right for Gonzales — these homeowners were armed.
A woman at the home saw that the intruder had a large knife sticking out of his pocket. When her husband came upon Gonzales in their kitchen, he shot him twice with his handgun, according to the arrest records.
Police arrived to find the homeowner waiting with his hands up and Gonzales sitting on the kitchen floor against some cabinets, bleeding from his face and arm. Gonzales was still conscious when he was taken to University Medical Center.
Gonzales told medical staff at UMC that he was carrying a knife because someone was chasing him and the only thing he remembered was being shot. The homeowner who shot told police he felt threatened when Gonzales began to advance on him.
While being booked at the detention center, Gonzales was found with a small container of methamphetamine, according to the arrest report.
Gee, drugs were involved?  Golly, who would have thought?
So, he got some street/home justice.  Too bad he has such a thick head.

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