Thursday, February 11, 2016

Obama, Sanders, Clinton Show Their Hatred Of Cops

In the past 6 days, 7 police officers have been shot and killed.
And the response from President Obama is:
Yep, nothing.
While Obama is quick to condemn the cops when they kill a thug, he is silent when cops are killed.
And on the day a Fargo, ND. police officer, a Mesa County CO. Deputy a Riverdale GA. police officer and a Seaside OR. policeman were murdered as well as 2 Harford, MD, sheriff's deputies were killed, a deputy was killed in an ultra light accident, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton ripped on the police.
From Fox News:
But the candidates at times offered a similar message. This was evident as they vociferously called for an overhaul of local police departments that they suggested are unfair to black people.
“We need fundamental police reform,” Sanders said, adding he’s “sick and tired” of seeing unarmed black people shot by police. He likened heavily equipped police departments to “occupying armies.”
Clinton, meanwhile, echoed those themes, joining Sanders in calling for sentencing reform while saying the country’s “systemic racism” goes deeper and must be addressed – in education, housing and the job market.
All three of these socialist/communist/pathetic losers have the nerve to rip on cops.
I have no idea why anybody would vote for Hillary or Bernie, unless were promised something free, they are complete idiots or those who vote for these 2 despicable people are in desperate need of a lobotomy. 

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