Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wisconsin Liberals Getting Whacked By Scott Walker

As time winds down the recall election of Gov. Scott Walker, (R-WI), the Democrats and liberals are getting increasingly desperate as they will soon find their butts handed to them by Scott Walker.  Again.  You see, Scott Walker has beaten down the liberals so many times that it reminds of this:

Yep, Walker spanking the liberals.  Apparently, the liberals enjoy getting beaten by Scott Walker, they secretly filmed it.
The liberals hate Scott Walker because they think they are better than him.  Walker dropped out of college, so they think he is stupid but yet, he keeps beating at their own game.
In every election Walker has run, the liberals think they are going to beat him because there are more Democrats than Republicans registered, but yet Walker always finds a way to win.
The liberals think they are morally superior to Walker, but it is the Democrats that constantly find themselves in trouble.  Take this quote from the desperate Tom Barrett who is running against Walker:
"I have a police department that arrests felons," Barrett said. "He has a practice of hiring them."
Actually, Barrett is in charge of the Milwaukee Police Department  and  it lies about it's crime numbers, making the numbers seem better than they actually are.
So, come Tuesday, stay away from Wisconsin as you will see numerous heads explode after they have been beaten by Scott Walker.  Again.

If You Drive This Weekend....

Don't drive on the south side of the Valley, especially around I-15 and Russell.  This weekend, they will be closing down the entire Interstate at Russell road.
From NDOT:  Interstate 15 Southbound Will Be Closed for Construction Marathon -  Interstate 15 will be closed from Russell Road to I-215/CC-215 for installation of the new railroad bridge over the freeway.  All southbound I-15 traffic will be routed off of the Interstate at Russell Road first from 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday May 22 to 5 a.m. on Wednesday, May 23, then from Friday, June 1 at 10:00 p.m. to approximately 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 3.  The ramps from Flamingo Road, Tropicana Boulevard and Russell Road to southbound I-15; the southbound access roads; and Dean Martin Dr. at the railroad will also be closed. Dean Martin Dr. will remain closed and scheduled to reopen by Monday, June 4.
 The existing railroad bridge over Interstate 15 southbound will be removed and new spans will be placed over the freeway and access road. The movement of the bridge will be done by self-propelled modular transport vehicles (SPMTs) that will lift the spans from below.
It's going to be one hell of a traffic jam by the Strip and surrounding areas.  Please plan ahead and if you do drive, pay attention and try to avoid the area.  If you cannot avoid the area,. I would suggest taking Eastern Rd to the east of the I-15 and Decatur to the west and the farther you stay from I-15, the better the traffic will be.

Stupid Former RINO News

Michael Bloomberg In Drag
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a Republican in name only.  Otherwise, he is one of the more despicable people in the United States as he tries to be the super Nanny of the New York City and maybe even the United States.
From Yahoo News: Coca-Cola Co and McDonald's Corp fired back at New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg on Thursday for proposing a ban of large-sized soft drinks at restaurants and other food service outlets.
"New Yorkers expect and deserve better than this. They can make their own choices about the beverages they purchase," Coca-Cola said in a statement.
The world's largest soft-drink maker, which would also be disproportionately affected by such a ban, said it already includes calorie counts on the front of its bottles and cans in New York and that restaurants already post the calorie content of all their offerings and portion sizes, including soft drinks.
The statement from Coke comes a day after Mayor Bloomberg said he was proposing an amendment to the city's health code to prohibit food service outlets from selling sugary soft drinks larger than 16 ounces.
The ban would apply to restaurants, mobile food carts, delicatessens and concessions at movie theaters, stadiums or arenas, where sales of fountain drinks are common. It would not apply to convenience stores, grocery stores or drug stores, which mostly sell beverages in bottles and cans.
Targeting cup sizes is the latest move in an ongoing effort to reduce Americans' calories from sugary drinks. That is part of a broader push to fight obesity, which is a huge and growing burden to the nation's healthcare system.
"Public health issues cannot be effectively addressed through a narrowly focused and misguided ban," said a spokeswoman for McDonald's USA. "This is a complex topic, and one that requires a more collaborative and comprehensive approach.
Bloomberg is an idiot and a disgrace, but I can only think that President Obama is calling him up and asking how Bloomberg is getting away with destroying people's rights.
Simply put, if I want to drink a 100 ounce Slurpee drink made with pure sugar cubes, I should be able to do so, if someone wants to make it.
And if I don't want to visit New York City because of this food Nazi named Michael Bloomberg, I certainly will not.

Amish And Hutterites On TV Part 1 Education

On the National Geographic Channel, they are running two series about the Amish and the Hutterites.  The Amish, mostly known as the Old Order Amish are the ones who drive the horse and buggys, don't use electricity or telephones and speak a Pennsylvania Dutch language.  The are other orders of Amish, including the Beechy Amish and other off shoots of the Amish religion.  Most Amish work as farmers or woods craftsman.
The Hutterites live in colonies and the women dress conservatively and they mostly farm and ranch.  Their colonies are self sufficient, food wise but they also believe in using electricity and have some of the finest farm equipment.
When I lived in Wisconsin, Montana and North Dakota, I was fascinated with the Amish and Hutterites and got to know several Amish families and communities and 1 Hutterite Colony outside of Havre, MT.
In the show, Amish: Out of Order, they follow a man, Moses, who is ex-Amish, goes around talking to ex-Amish and Amish alike and tries to help the ex-Amish in their new way of life.  Based on the show, you really don't get an idea of who the Amish really are.
When I lived in Wisconsin Rapids and taught in Westfield, I lived close to several Amish communities.  I reached out to a Amish community located near Coloma, WI. and got to know several Amish families quite well, but not quite good enough to be considered to be close friends.
I got to observe their 1 room school house in which about 15 kids attended school from kindergarten to 8th grade and I helped out in the classroom several times.  The Amish view of education is that they believe in functional academics- learning lessons that will help them in real life situations.  The teachers are graduates of the 8th grade and then they apprentice for a year or two and then they become teachers.  Teachers can move from to town to town and they get paid about $3000 a school year.  After the school year, the teachers go back home or they may stay with a family (the teacher usually stays with a family for the school  year.  Or, as the case of the mostly female teaching corp, they may get married to a local Amish farmer and move into their house.  The TV show, Little House on the Prairie is actually a pretty good example of an Amish school. 
The Amish use hard cover books from years gone by and they also use your standard pencils and pens, lined paper and other non-electrical school materials.  They do not use calculators but you can use an old fashioned abacuses to help in your math subjects.
The school are usually located in a corner of a family's field and the schools are run by a small school board   There is usually a small playground at the school with a teeter totter and swings.  There is also no plumbing, so there is an outhouse or two at the school, so, if you live in Wisconsin, going #2 can be quite cold.  The teacher, when she arrives in the morning, during the winter time, starts the pot belly stove burning.  (Obviously, there are no teacher unions in Amish schools)
They start the day off in a prayer and song and they have religious pictures throughout the 1 room school.  The families send cold lunches with the kids and sometimes they also send some baked goods for everyone.
The only time the Amish ask the outside world for assistance is with severely disabled children and this is fairly new to the Amish.  It used to be that the Amish would send a severely disabled to the 1 room school house or keep them at home.  But I have seen and saw several severely disabled kids go to school in a regular public school.  It is also possible that some Amish communities may send some students beyond 8th grade and have them go to school in the medical field.
The Hutterites also have a small school in their colony but is more centrally located within the Colony.  The Hutterites also will associate with the regular public schools.  A couple of years ago, the Hutterites in Havre tried to get a public school in their Colony and and have the Havre School Board pay for a teacher.  The downfall was that the Colony school had to admit non-colony students, which the Hutterites did not want to do.  After months of negotiations and a law suit, the Hutterites dropped their public school idea and still have their own private school on the grounds.  However, they do send their special education students to a regular education school and they will also send some women onto college to help with their medical problems the colonies may find.  They may also send some male students to a mechanics school so they can work on tractors and trucks the colony own.
In following articles, if anyone is interested, I'll write about the different aspects of the Amish and Hutterites, and hopefully dispel some myths out there.  Hopefully, the posts will be interesting to someone and they may learn something.  Otherwise, if it is boring, let me know.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama Stupidity Still Shines Bright

A day after insulting the entire country of Poland, President Obama still doesn't think it was a big deal to say that Poland operated death camps instead saying that Nazi Germany operated the camps inside of Poland during World war 2.
First, I think the average 5th grader would know the difference between Nazi Germany and Poland and if the average 5th grader did make a mistake on this basic piece of history and I had just insulted an entire nation, i would apologize.  But apparently, the mentally ill Obama doesn't see things that way.
From Fox News: The White House on Wednesday shrugged off Polish demands to express more than mere 'regret' after President Barack Obama mistakenly referred to a Nazi Holocaust site as a "Polish death camp."
"We regret the misstatement, but that is what it was," said Obama spokesman Jay Carney, reiterating that the president "misspoke" during a ceremony awarding the highest US civilian honor to late Holocaust hero Jan Karski.
"He was referring to Nazi death camps in German-occupied Poland."
Poland had earlier insisted that Washington must do more than simply express the "regret" offered by another White House spokesman late on Tuesday, hours after Obama's use of words deemed offensive by Warsaw.
Obama's verbal slip overshadowed his posthumous award of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Karski, a Polish underground officer who provided the Allies with early eyewitness accounts of Nazi genocide against European Jews.
Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Obama's words had hurt all Poles and he expected more from Washington than just regret.
"I am convinced that our American friends can today allow themselves a stronger reaction than a simple expression of regret from the White House spokesman -- a reaction more inclined to eliminate once and for all these kinds of errors," Tusk told reporters in Warsaw.
"Today, this is a problem for the reputation of the United States," the prime minister said.
Members of Poland's Jewish community -- including the country's Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich -- said in a statement that: "We expect President Barack Obama to personally correct his words."
Poland's President Bronislaw Komorowski said meanwhile he had sent a letter to Obama "counting on (...) cooperation in correcting this unfortunate error" which "I am certain in no way reflects the thoughts or views of our American friend."
This is from the Warsaw Business Journal:
President Obama's ugly gaffe Tuesday has Poland's media and politicians in a tizzy. It's no wonder, Poles don't like being held responsible for Nazi crimes, and terms such as “Polish death camp” risk doing just that.
The matter isn't trivial. Millions of Poles died in Nazi German death camps during World War II – a fact that is sometimes glossed over in the West. If we want to make sure crimes such as the Holocaust never happen again, we have to get the history straight.
Alex Storozynski, the president of the Kościuszko Foundation, pointed this out a couple of years ago in a lovely post at The Huffington Post.
While some pooh-pooh the possibility of anyone confusing the Polish victims with Nazi perpetrators of World War II crimes, the risk is very real. Mr Storozynski mentions a documentary by Canadian filmmaker Violetta Cardinal in which she interviews school children who, when asked who built the Auschwitz concentration camp, answer “I guess the Polish people,” citing the very words “Polish concentration camp.” Find that at the 1:25-minute mark here.
He also quotes the Wall Street Journal, which points out that the term “Polish concentration camp” isn't even accurate geographically, since Auschwitz, for example, was on German Reich territory during World War II.
Mr Obama obviously didn't intend for his words to offend. He was honoring a hero of the Polish resistance, after all. But time and again Mr Obama has shown too little regard for the sensibilities of Poles. That's no way to treat a staunch ally, and speaks volumes to where he prioritizes the Polish-American relationship. Could you imagine him making a similar mistake regarding the British, Canadians or Chinese?
Perhaps the Polish-American relationship just isn't that important to President Obama. Who could blame him? He's got bigger issues on his plate. But at some point, he will need an ally in Europe.
Despite the slaps in the face mentioned above, Poland will be there. Poles know that words – and what they mean – are important. And Poles know the meaning of the word “ally.”
Does President Obama?
What a complete jackass Obama and his handlers are.  Perhaps the handlers and Obama think Obama has the Polish vote secure.
This shows that Obama, even after 3 years of on the job training, still has no clue about being a diplomat or being a president.
I seriously think that Obama is thinking to himself this: "I am the president and I don't have to answer to anybody.  Period.  And who the hell is this Poland country demanding an apology?  Don't they know who I am?"  
Again, if this were George Bush or Dan Quayle, the Democrats and the media would be all over this story and they would be mocking Bush and Quayle for weeks on end.  But then if Bush made the mistake, he would apologize because his ego isn't the size of the State of California. on the TV shows
Further, Obama is embarrassing the entire United States population by his ignorance, stupidity and narcissism.  November 2012 cannot come soon enough.
Sounds like Poland and it's people have far more class and intelligence in their pinkie finger than Obama has in between his two big ears.

Maryland Voters To Vote On Gay Marriage

From the Baltimore Sun: Activists working to repeal Maryland's same-sex marriage law have collected more than twice the signatures needed for a referendum — likely ensuring that the measure will be on the ballot for voters to decide in November.
The law's opponents submitted 122,481 signatures in favor of a referendum; 55,736 are required. If enough are verified as legitimate, as expected, Maryland will be in the center of a national debate on same-sex marriage, with groups on both sides preparing to spend millions.
The Rev. Derek McCoy, who heads the leading group opposed to the law, called the effort "absolutely exhilarating."
"Marylanders have a right to vote on this issue," said McCoy, executive director of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, after the group dropped off boxes of petitions outside the Maryland secretary of state's office.
The state board of elections has 20 days to review the signatures.
The marriage law would be the second on this fall's ballot. Opponents of a law to allow some illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Maryland universities have won a referendum on that measure. A campaign is under way against a third law, the state's new congressional districting map.
Maryland's Democratic-led General Assembly passed a law in March legalizing same-sex marriage, but it does not go into effect until January 2013. The date was picked to give opponents time for a referendum.
Opponents collected petition signatures in every county in Maryland, according to a report they filed with the state. They found the most in Baltimore County, with 20,363 opposing the law. In Montgomery County, a Democratic stronghold where all but one lawmaker voted for same-sex marriage, 16,611 people signed, the second-highest number.,0,5986836.story
According to the paper, the vote will be held on the same day as the presidential election.  The leaders of the anti-gay marriage movement in Maryland are Black, so will this make a difference int he presidential election?  I kind of doubt it as Maryland is as blue as they come but it may put Maryland into play and it will force the Obama campaign to spend money there when they were not planning on it.
Has any state had an election in which they voted in favor of gay marriage?  So, my guess the gay marriage law will be overturned by the voters of Maryland.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indy Cars Vs NASCAR, Who Is More Exciting?

This past Sunday, the Indy cars ran the Indianapolis 500 and the NASCAR ran the Coca Cola 600 a few hours later.  Whose race was more exciting?
Without a doubt, the Indianapolis 500 was far more exciting than the Coca Cola 600 and that seems to be the trend the past couple of years.
In Indy car racing, they run close together, they are not afraid to pass and they are not afraid to take chances.  Their restarts are far more exciting than NASCAR and the Indy cars no longer have Danica Patrick.
This past Indy 500 race featured a last lap crash for the lead, a record number of lead changes, a couple of hard crashes with no one hurt and a lot of side by side racing.
In the Coke 600, we had 1 spin out and 4 manufactured debris cautions in 400 laps.  There was no side by side racing except for the first lap after a caution, no late drama and only 10 cars on the lead lap at the end of the race.  The race had Danica Patrick, and the only thing she showed was that she doesn't deserve to be a NASCAR Sprint car driver.  She only beat the start and parkers and those with mechanical problems and she had a superior car to many of the poorer teams.  Her goal of the race: to finish.  Hell, I could have finished the race in my 2002 Ford Taurus.  But for some reason, she was stilled praised for her "effort".
But now, even the NASCAR beat writers for ESPN have noticed that the races are becoming boring.  From ESPN: Ed Hinton, C'mon. It wasn't even close. Any fan out there who watched both races knows it was Indy by a landslide. A record 35 lead changes among 10 drivers in open-wheel -- well, semi-open-wheel -- cars should have NASCAR hearing footsteps in the competitive racing department. NASCAR R&D had better work fast toward closer racing, because clearly, IndyCar R&D has found the formula. As 500 winner Dario Franchitti said, most IndyCar races are like that. It's just a matter of getting fans to watch the other races
So, what are some solutions the drivers and writers have proposed?  Shorten the season.  Yeah right and who are they going to cut?  All the drivers and writers want is to work less instead of improving the product.
Whatever the solution, NASCAR needs to find the fix very quickly.  Sponsors are fleeing NASCAR and some of the best drivers are not even being sponsored for the entire year.  Matt Kenseth comes to mind.  Fans are turning off the TV and they are not going to the races.  I don't know how many times I have fallen asleep this year watching a NASCAR race this reason because the race is so boring not because of the beers I drink.
One reason why the races are so boring is that the drivers are much better than in years past but also the drivers don't want to take a chance anymore.  They would rather be cautious and try and to get the best finish possible without taking chances so they don't blow their chance to make the NASCAR Chase. 
As the NASCAR radio guys said this past week, this is the new NASCAR, get used to it.  And that sucks.
I think I'll take Indy cars over NASCAR if they go head to head, they are far more exciting and there is no Danica Patrick.

What Happened To The Las Vegas Sun Editorials?

Time was, the Las Vegas Sun was an extremely left wing newspaper and they were not afraid to take on conservatives or anybody else.
Now, the editorials seem like they have been written by Barney, the big purple dinosaur.  They seem to be avoiding anything controversial and they are only running, on their web site, 1 editorial a week.
This Sunday, they thanked Veterans for their sacrifice.  The week before they said they support libraries.  Ooohhh, what hard hitting editorials.  Before that, they mildly ripped Congress, restated their belief on Yucca Mountain and improving education.  Thees were probably rehashed editorials from past years.
What happened when the Sun ran editorials demanding higher taxes on everything that breathed, an editorial that wanted death and destruction on Florida just for political reasons, or even a editorial about the Tea Party.  
So, what is going on over at the Sun?  I know they cut several workers a few months ago but you would think they still have enough workers to writer an editorial or two.  Maybe they are afraid that they will look like fools, but that never stopped them before.
Or, maybe they are like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, maybe they finally got a brain.
I drove by the Las Vegas Sun today on the I-215 and I could have sworn I heard this coming from their building:

It's Official: Romney GOP Presidential Canidate

Tonight, Mitt Romney captured the GOP presidential race by getting enough pledged delegates from primaries and caucuses.  So, now what?
First, Romney has to unify the GOP party and that will be tough as he will have to convince conservatives that he actually cares about them.  It will be very tough for him to win over Ron Paul supporters, because, quite frankly, some of them are kind of nuts, especially here in Nevada.
Then he has to win over independents and there are a lot of independents who do not like President Obama but they have to have a reason to vote for Romney.
Then he needs to overcome the religion issue.  I am sure some people will not vote for him because he is Mormon, however, in Nevada, it will be a plus because of the large number of Mormons in Nevada.  He needs to get those who believe that Mormonism is a cult out to vote for him.  These people won't vote for Obama, but they may stay home.
Then he has to have a plan to help the economy and show why his plan is better than what Obama has done.
Finally, he will have to watch out for all the slime the Obama camp will throw at him.  Obama cannot run on his record, so all he has left is to rip Romney and they will be vicious.  If you seen how vicious, mean spirited and completely bat shit crazy the left have become in Wisconsin, multiply that by 10.  The left will lie, intimidate, commit voter fraud, threaten, cheat, steal and worse and they don't care who they hurt.  In Wisconsin, the left bullied the elderly, Special Olympians and other people who cannot defend themselves and they will do the same in the presidential race.
So, if Romney can do these things, Romney will be a shoe in to be the next president.  It is his election to win or lose, but as we have seen in the past, the GOP plays politics like a little girl while the Democrats play like a pissed off bear.
So, congratulations, Mitt Romney, now comes the hard part.

Mitt Romney Visits Las Vegas, Doesn't Shut Down Commerace

Today, Mitt Romney is visiting Las Vegas for a fund raiser and hopes to raise about $2 million.
Unlike President Obama who shuts down airports and shuts down businesses, it appears Mitt Romney doesn't do that.
So, why would the Secret Service treat Obama and Romney differently?  If there is a threat to the president, then should be an equal threat to Romney.  Why would the Secret Service treat the candidates differently?
Just remember, the new stricter rules only came when Obama was elected president.  Knowing that Obama has the mental illness, narcissism, perhaps Obama chooses to make things more difficult for us little people because he believes he is a god, king or both.
Another observation, unlike Democrats who flee like rats when Obama comes to town, Republicans are not afraid to be seen with Romney.  Gov. Sandoval is at the fund raiser along with Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump (crap).
Romney should be able to easily win Nevada because of large Mormon population.  After Utah, Nevada has more Mormons than any other state and they support other Mormons.  Many Mormons also supported Coward Harry Reid, a Mormon, even though Reid goes against most of the Church's conservative social views.
Anyways, welcome to Las Vegas, Mitt Romney and please take aways some money to help your campaign.

Obama Stupidity Part 3957323

President Obama, supposedly a very smart man, put his foot in his mouth  the president referred to “Polish death camps” while awarding a posthumous Medal of Freedom to Polish professor Jan Karski, a hero of the anti-Nazi resistance.
Apparently Obama doesn't realize that it was the Nazis running the death camps, not the Polish people or government.
The nation of Poland is in a uproar and is quite pissed off but the U.S. media is quiet on the subject.
President Obama apologized to Poland by giving the entire country a copy of all his speeches he has given on a CD.
Can you imagine if George Bush had said this?  the media would be all over this and say that Bush was not very intelligent.
But instead, the liberal media ignores the stupidity of Obama by ignoring the story.

New Las Vegas Badger Poll: What To Do In Syria

Late last week, thugs associated with the Syrian government in which about 103 people were killed and about half were women and children.  The Western Governments response has been to kick out the ambassadors of Syria out of their country. They have also gone to the United Nations for resolutions of condemnation. It seems obvious that the Syrian government really doesn't care what the world thinks of them and they are only interested in staying power and also saving their butts from sure execution.
Pressure is mounting from the right, in the United States, to do more, like arming the rebels and enacting a no fly zone, at the very least. President Obama is hoping that diplomatic measures will save the day.
There is also a poll in which you can chose you think is smarter, President Obama or Former president, George W. Bush (our last president)
So, to the left is a poll in which asks your opinion on what the U.S. should do, from doing nothing to an all out war. Thanks for participating.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pawn Stars Review: May 28, 2012

Welcome to the Memorial Day (US) edition of Pawn Stars.  I would like to thank all of those people who read this blog who have served in the armed forces, we appreciate your service.  And if anyone reading this blog has lost a relative in conflict during military service, as a police officer, fire fighter or other job that protects this great country, we appreciate the sacrifice your family has made.
In the 8:00 pST first episode, the first lady brought in  some 1875 1 dollar bill and a 1883 Brownback $5 bills.  The serial number of the 1875 bill was #1.  They were graded pretty good, so the lady was asking for a total of $45,000.  Time for an expert.
Jay came in as the expert.  He said the $1 bill was worth $15,000 and the $5 Brownback $5000 for a total of $20,000.  Corey offered $16,000.  The lady came down to $22,000 and no sale.  Corey then offered $4000 for the $5 bill and that was the sale price for that.
The next guy brought in a Big Bang toy cannon, which can make loud booms.  The cannon is used as a fireworks substitute.  The company web site is here:  
The guy wanted $300 and Rick offered and time for an expert, Johnny from the Toy Shack.  Johnny thought the cannon was cast iron and not that old.  He said it was from the 1970-80's and worth $100.  Rick offered $50 and the guy went to $120 and then $80 but the selling price was $50.  Chumlee wanted to shoot the cannon out back but Rick nixed that idea as it could attract cops.  Oh yeah, especially in the downtown area where the shop is in.
The next guy brought in a WWII paper weight from a German U-68 and it was stamped with th3e date the U-boat was sunk.  The guy wanted $3000 and Rick offered $1000 and the guy came down to $1500 and the selling price was $1300.  For more information on the U-Boat:
The next lady brought in coconut cups from Gilligans Island.  She got the cups from her father.  Rick thought the mugs were cool but not that cool.  The lady wanted $500 each.  Rick offered $500 and then $550 and $575 was the selling price.

At the end of the show, they fired the cannon outside the shop and no cops showed up.
In the 2nd episode, the first guy brought in a rifle from the Hatfield and McCoy feud.  It was a 1892 Winchester rifle.  The rifle supposedly belonged by Cap Hatfield.  
The rifle was in rough shape and the guy wanted $19,000.  Time for an expert, Craig.  Craig said the time frame was accurate.  Apparently, there was a engraving with the letters Cap H.  It was hard to see so Craig sprinkled some powder and Craig thought he saw Cap, for Cap Hatfield.  Craig said he would pay $5-10,000 if he gambled that the signature was real.  Rick did not make an offer, so no deal.
The next guy brought in huge picture of John Lennon by Denny Dent.
Dent did performance art and also performed in Las Vegas.  The lady wanted $7000 and Rick offered $3000 and then $4500 and that was the selling price.  The lady bought the picture for $1800.
Rick then gave the history about the Hatfields and McCoy, which is the next series on the History Channel.  Then Chumlee challenged Rick to a crossword puzzle contest to see who would be the fastest.
The next guy brought in a sterling silver ink well shaped into a judges gavel.  The gavel had the name of William A. Clark and was given to him by the National Irrigation Services,  Clark County is named here in Las Vegas.  Clark was a railroad man and very rich man worth about $250 million when he died..  The guy wanted $3800 and time for an expert, Mark from the Clark County museum came in and looked at the ink well..  Mark said the ink well was legitimate and the guy wanted $3800.  Rick offered $800 and the guy went to $2800 and no sale.  If you look in the background, it seems like they hired a new security guy.
In the end segment, Chumlee supposedly finished the crossword puzzle faster but was inaccurate.  His theory was that it didn't have to be right, so he won, in Chumlee's view.  OK.
Thanks to everyone who stops by and I hope everyone has nice week.


From Channel 13: At 6 years old, Lori Anne Madison is the youngest person ever to qualify for the National Spelling Bee.
At a glance, she seems like a child that age: She talks at 100 mph and wears a T-shirt that says "Little Miss Sunshine" on it. But she can spell with the best of them, in this case kids twice her age already considered prodigies.
The bee doesn't have a lower age limit, but no one younger than 8 had ever qualified for the nationals. Spellers can compete until they're 15, or until they've completed eighth grade.
Someone has a bright future.

The Liberal Hate On Parade

Today is Memorial Day and many politicians of both parties are honoring those have died protecting our country, including those in the military, police officers, firefighters and others.
Gov. Scott Walker went to the Veteran's cemetery to give a speech and talk to those who were at the memorial, including families of military from Wisconsin who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
The story was put into the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and here is a sampling of the liberal hate:
So Scooty went to a cemetery on Memorial Day to be pumped up, giving up 1/2 hour of his precious time to take pictures....He is a desperate man. 
Many veterans are actually against Walker - after all, one of Walker' best buds is accused with stealing from veterans. That's not going over real well with them..
Has walker ever paid back the money his "right hand man" stole from the veterans widows and children to take his pedophile boyfriend to Hawaii with half the money and use the other half to set up an illegal router and walkers campaign website? I bet Walker was REAL popular with those veterans.
Picture: Scott walker to vet "I assure you that the stolen financial contribution taken by my campaigners has been put to good use. Ill pay you guys back after ALEC reimburses me, I promise I knew nothing about it. And remember we may need to make some tweaks to the military pensions funds, with your help we can do that, vote for walker on june 5th."  (Walker was the one who turned in the thief)
Sounds like a perfect opportunity for the walker campaigners and the big walker fundraiser himself to collect some fundraising cash off the vets for memorial day.
Us guys need to block all dem votes from mke, da old people and dem minorities too so we can support da walker leader. most college kids are gone so we naiuled dem guys on dis already hey. now we just make sure dey cant vote and den keep da feds away from watching us guys in da booths to stop are da lib voters who want walker out. good ding we got all dat coporation money dare to keep advertising from da billionaires hey.
@divideWIandconquer: Funny post. Remarkably true, if stereotypical. Loved it!
This year, Gov. Scott Walker will not be holding one of his Lake Front War Rallies in support of George W. Bush's Iraq war policies. Unfortunately, he misplaced his Flag Pin.
Will Walker use this solemn day of remembrance to remind everyone that here in Wisconsin we take pride in "Divide and Conquer!"?
Even the newspaper gets into the act of politicizing the article.  Look at the URL:
Now, to be fair, there were some inappropriate comments by Walker supporters, but mostly in response to the liberal fools posting on the article.
I guess it shows how low Walker haters will go.  But at least, they were not out protesting Walker today, like they have done when they bullied a bunch of Special Olympians while Walker was talking to them.

Ellis Island Casino and Brewery: You Suck

In Las Vegas, most businesses go out of their way to give good customer service and if you are a restaurant, they try to give you good food as well.
Well, Ellis Island Casino and Brewery is not one of those places.  Ellis Island is located a couple of blocks off the Strip, on Koval and between Harmon and Flamingo.  A Super 8 Hotel is right next store.  In the Casino, thy have two sit down restaurants, the Brewery and the Cafe.
On Friday, we went to the Ellis Island and as we went by the Brewery, where they are known for their ribs, the sign by the restaurant said because of bad weather, the restaurant was closed.  Well, it was windy out so maybe they could not smoke the ribs, I thought, so we went to the Cafe.
We waited for a seat for about 30 minutes, not too bad for a Friday.  We got seated, we were waited on by a waiter who was kind of slow, but was competent.  We ordered some Texas Chili fries as an appetizers along with our meal.
It took about 10 minutes for the fries to come to the table followed by our entrees, 2 minute later.  We didn't get to enjoy our appetizers because the meals are arrived so quickly.  But maybe that was for the best because the fries look horrid- the Chili and cheese were dried out.  It looked like someone ordered it and sent it back and the server gave it to us after sitting around for a half hour.
I had the prime rib and it was ok, except for a huge piece of fat connected to it.  I guess the only good thing about that was that the our dogs enjoyed that piece of fat.  My daughter had a 1/2 pound burger, which was probably less than 1/2 pound, but she liked it.  My wife had fish and chips and she liked them and my son had the steak and shrimp and he liked that.
Since we were not allowed to get any ribs, we decided to go back on Sunday to try and get some ribs.  Before we left, we called Ellis Island but no would answer the phone and we were sent to the voice mail.  What business does not answer their phone when they are open for business?  No one we know of.
We decided to go to Ellis Island anyways because we thought the Brewery would be open because the weather was nice.
When we got to Ellis Island and the Brewery at 4:30, we went to the hostess and asked if we could order some ribs to go and she said we cannot do that.  What the hell?  What restaurant, except for a buffet does not sell their food to go in Las Vegas?  No one that I now of.  Of course, I haven't been to the very high end restaurants but then again, the Brewery is not exactly high end.
So, then we asked how long we had to wait for a table and we were told between 1 and half hours and 2 hours.  So, if we want the privilege to eat at the Brewery, we have to wait about 2 hours and they won't sell us any to go food.  That is so pathetic. 
So, instead of spending our money at Ellis Island, we took our business to Famous Dave's and got a real good meal.
Their web site never mentioned anything about not ordering to go meals.  Actually, their web site doesn't even mention they sell their ribs, who I have been told through this blog, serve pretty good BBQ.  But I'll never know if this is true or not.
So, to Ellis Island, some of your food stinks, your customer service stinks and your policies really, really do suck, especially to locals.  Maybe you trap some tourists to your place of business, but not locals where we can go to other places in town.
Needless to say, we won't don't take a chance of going to Ellis Island anymore and spending our hard earned money.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

As The Vatican Turns

Today, the Vatican is reeling from the arrest of Pope Benedict's butler.
From the Chicago Tribune: The Vatican faces a widening scandal that in one short week has seen Pope Benedict's butler arrested, the president of its bank unceremoniously dismissed and the publication of a new book alleging conspiracies among cardinals. It was a poisonous Pentecost Sunday for the pope, who likely had the tumultuous events of the past week on his mind as he celebrated a mass in St Peter's Basilica on the day regarded as the birthday of the Church.
On Saturday his personal butler, Paolo Gabriele, 46, was formally charged with stealing confidential papal documents in the scandal that has come to be known as "Vatileaks". Some of the documents allege cronyism and corruption in contracts with Italian companies.One prominent cardinal, illustrating the growing emotion of the debate in Vatican circles, wrote in an Italian newspaper that the pope had been betrayed just as Jesus was betrayed 2,000 years ago.The scandal, which has been brewing for months, has hit the very heart of the Roman Catholic Church. Gabriele - now known in Vatican statements as "the defendant" - was until Wednesday night the quiet man who served the pope's meals, helped him dress and held his umbrella on rainy days.The pope made no reference during his two public appearances on Sunday to the scandal or the arrest, which aides said had "saddened and pained" him."I feel very sad for the pope. This whole thing is such a disservice to the Church," Carl Anderson, head of the Knights of Columbus charity group who is also a member of the board of the Vatican bank, told Reuters.The night before the Vatican announced an arrest as part of its investigation of the leaks, it was rocked by the sudden ouster of the president of its bank, formally known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR)....
While news of Gabriele's arrest has filled pages and pages of newspapers in Italy and beyond, the Vatican's own newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, has ignored the story.Some say this may be because the paper itself has been an instrument in a power struggle involving reciprocal mud-slinging between allies and enemies of Cardinal Bertone."This is a strategy of tension, an orgy of vendettas and pre-emptive vendettas that has now spun out of the control of those who thought they could orchestrate it," Church historian Alberto Melloni wrote in the Corriere della Sera newspaper.The leaked documents included letters by an archbishop who was transferred to Washington after blowing the whistle on what he saw as a web of corruption and cronyism, a memo that put a number of cardinals in a bad light, and documents alleging internal conflicts about the Vatican bank.,0,7022731.story
 This is like a soap opera of mystery and intrigue along with betrayal, though the betrayal is not like when Judas betrayed  Jesus.
I believe the money problems go throughout the entire Catholic Church, from the Church level to the Vatican.  Look how the case of Father Kevin McAuliffe was handled by the Church.  First, McAuliffe was never defrocked,  he was allowed to go into the federal court system instead of  the Nevada court system and he was never charged with theft, after he stole about $650,000.
And then you have had scandals at the diocese level in many dioceses because of theft, neglect and the Church sex scandal.
Finally, at the Vatican level, they say the the finances are so screwed up that there is no possible way to even audit the finances.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out but I am sure this will play out as a soap opera with many cast of characters.

Very Cool, Fox Sports

Fox TV just started it's coverage of the Coca Cola 600 NASCAR race today and they honoring all the military personnel who have died this past year during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I think they are doing it for the entire race.
They also had an interview with a World War 2 veteran who earned 5 Purple Hearts and 2 Bronze Stars.
They then had a small piece about Ryan Newman, NASCAR driver and a military dog.
That is a great tribute to those who have fallen and to their families and friends.
Thanks, Fox Sports, for showing that this weekend is just not not about partying, picnicing, getting a day off of work or taking a mini vacation.

Want A Piece Of Baseball History?

From ESPN: New York Yankees legend Don Larsen is willing to give up a piece of his history to help ensure his grandchildren's futures.
Larsen, who is the only pitcher in Major League Baseball history to toss a perfect game in the World Series, will auction off the jersey and pants he wore on that momentous October day in 1956.
His reasoning? To ensure his grandchildren can pay for college.
"I'm auctioning the uniform to provide my grandsons with enough money for a college education," the 82-year-old Larsen told The New York Times by phone Friday. "What the uniform actually sells for is not that important to me; whatever happens, happens. I'm just hoping for enough to help the grandkids."
According to The Times, the uniform of Yogi Berra, Larsen's perfect batterymate during that Game 5 against the Brooklyn Dodgers, sold for $565,000 in an auction.
"I really don't know what it is worth," Larsen told The Times. "But what I do know is that in terms of historic importance, my uniform is a part of one of the greatest moments in the history of sports. I have thought about that perfect game, more than once a day, every day of my life since the day I threw it."
It's a shame that Larsen has to sell the uniform but he is also being very selfless to sell the uniform to help his grandchildren go to college.
How much will it go for?  If Yogi Berra's uniform went for $565,000, Babe Ruth's jersey was sold for several millions and Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl ring was sold to Charlie Sheen for about $500,000 recently, then this uniform probably will go for about $775,000 or more.
I am sure Larsen is sad about getting rid of the uniform, but it also shows the class and commitment to family that shows Larsen is a first class human being.

Epic Fail: ABC Coverage Of The Indy 500

ABC television has been covering the Indy 500 for as long as I can remember and today's broadcast is the worst I have ever seen.
Most blatant was that the directors missed the restarts of the race after a yellow flag.  the directors and announcers seemed shocked when the race restarted and we missed some exciting racing, especially into turn one where we only had an aerial view of the restarts.
The next blatant offense was the coverage of the last 10 laps.  Marco Andretti spun and hit the wall and instead of talking about strategy and fuel mileage issues, ABC decided that would the be best time to run about 6 commercials back to back and they just came back to commercial just as the race restarted with 5 or 6 laps to go.
Then Ashley's Judd, wife of winner, Dario Franchetti, made a total ass of herself as she practially proclaimed Dario a saint and a god in the post race interview.  She talked about 4 minutes, which was about 6 minutes too long.
ABC also neglected to say that Dario was highly booed from the fans at the end of the race, which should have been mentioned.
It was also sad to see that ABC did not mention anything about Memorial Day and the meaning of Memorial Day, except for a few minutes before the race started and nothing mentioned by Dario or Judd at the end of the race.
Also, ABC, within 15 minutes could not get a comment from Takuma Sato, the driver that crashed with Dario on the final lap or with Sato crew chief or owner.  Just pathetic.
At times, the announcers didn't know what the director was going to do and so the announcers where talking about something else that was on the screen.
Usually, ABC does a good job, but this year, just horrendous.

Oil Spill Good For Environment?

From There were nearly four times as many fish, shrimp and crabs in Alabama waters in the fall of 2011 as there were before the BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill, according to scientific data collected by the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.
Scientists believe the months-long fishing closure caused by the spill helps explain the dramatic increase, which first became apparent in 2010, months after engineers capped the Deepwater Horizon well. But other factors may be at play as well, researchers said.
“The increase certainly indicates that the waters in Alabama are in relatively good shape, at least the nearshore waters,” said John Valentine, director of the Sea Lab.
I'm sure there are some legitimate reasons for this but it also seems like the long term disaster predictions  is not as bad as many supposed "experts" had thought it would be.

Maybe It's Just Us, But....

In the town home complex where I live in Henderson, NV., the residents are fleeing the complex like President Obama runs from inner city neighborhoods.
Within the last 7 months, at least 7 families in our immediate vicinity have moved out of their town homes and they have not been replaced by other renters.
When we first came to the complex, the town homes were completely filled and our first year in the complex, no one has moved out.
Then people began moving out.  Some people bought a house, another couple divorced, others moved to other apartments and some people, we just don't what happened.The complex we live in is a nice place to live.  Little or no crime (had a case of beer stolen from our open garage our first weekend here but for us, tha's it), it is clean, very dog friendly (no dog deposit required), a nice swimming pool and a heated whirlpool that you can use year round, rent is ok, a little over $1000 for a 3 bedroom 1300 square foot 2 story town home, we have good maintenance people if something goes wrong and it is family friendly with a lot of kids of different ages.  The schools zoned for the area are also quite good.  We also don't have a gang or drug dealing problem.  You do have to pay for electric, gas and cable, but gas is cheap- about $30 a month ($10 for gas, rest in taxes an fees) and electric bills averaging between $75 in winter and $200 in summer, hardly outrageous by Las Vegas standards.
So, I don't know if this is going on throughout Las Vegas Valley or even the country.  I suppose people are moving down- smaller and cheaper apartments or they may be buying homes, but in Vegas, unless you have a lot of cash, it's not going to happen and the people moving out, with the exception of 2 families, that was not the case.  I just have not seen this before any where I have lived before.
So, what is going on?  Maybe it is us?, Nah, can't be, can it?  Or is it the economy?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why Obama Sucks/Lies On Oil Drilling

North Dakota is enjoying a oil boom in the Northwest portion of the state.  Many land owners are becoming millionaires if they hold the mineral rights to their properties.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of oil wells pumping or are preparing to pump oil on the private property.
The Federal government also owns land in the drilling area and they on the other hand, are not not allowing too much drilling. 
From the Minot Daily News:
Other recent new all-time highs for the N.D. oil patch include:
- March producing wells: 6,921.
- March oil (preliminary): 17,840,177 barrels (575,490 barrels a day).
- March gas (preliminary): 19,246,290 MCF (620,848 MCF a day).
He said the rig counts in the Williston Basin continue to slowly increase, and drilling permit activity is high, but well below record levels.
The number of wells drilling on federal surface in the Dakota Prairie Grasslands remains at one, he said.
Yep, one oil well on Federal land.
So, when President Obama says oil production is increasing under his watch, he is lying.  Oil production on private land, where the Fed's have no authority is flourishing while on land the Fed's have control, is is just about non-existence.
Obama lies again.

Big Weekend In Racing

If you like car racing, this is the weekend (Sunday) for you.
Tomorrow, the Indy 500 starts the day off at 9:00 AM PST and I am sure there will be some exciting racing at speeds over 200 mph.  They only had 33 car entries, so, if you showed up with a car, you are in the race.  Hopefully, the race will be safer than the last time the Indy cars drove on an oval.  That was in Las Vegas and in the race, Dan Wheldon was killed. will also be a dangerous race, more so for the spectators and crew.  The temperatures are going to be in the mid 90's with high humidity and it will feel hotter because there is not a lot of shade in the stands.
Then NASCAR has their longest race of the year, the Coca Cola 600 in North Carolina.  If this season is any indication, the race will be extremely boring with few cautions, little passing and drivers driving like a bunch of old men and Danica.
So, my predictions will be that Will Power wins the Indy 500 and Matt Kenseth will win the Coca Cola 600.

This Sounds About Right

From the Daily Camera in Boulder CO: The Boulder County District Attorney's Office announced Friday it will file felony trespassing charges against the 21-year-old University of Colorado graduate who was shot after police say she drunkenly wandered into a couple's Boulder home early Wednesday....
Police say Ripple entered the bedroom of a house at 425 College Ave. at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday. The screen door was closed, but unlocked.
The owners of the house, identified by county property records as Timothy Justice and Doreen Orion, were in bed when they heard Ripple come in. In the darkness, they shouted to warn the intruder to leave and that they had a gun, but Ripple continued walking through the bedroom, and Justice fired one shot, police said.
When the homeowners turned on the lights, they saw Ripple on the floor with a gunshot wound to her hip and called 911, police said. They said they did not recognize her as anyone they knew.

This drunk could have been killed and she is lucky she is only been shot in the hip and charged with a felony trespass.  
But her equally drunk like lawyer said she should not have been charged: "She didn't enter the house with any intent of committing a crime or harming anyone," Cribari said Friday. "We're thankful she was not killed or more seriously hurt, but we're disappointed they decided to file charges on top of all this." 
To the ass lawyer: How did the homeowners know she was not in the house to commit a crime- she was already committing a crime by being in the house and you don't know what may have happened if she didn't get shot.
Thankfully, the shooter will not be charged and this drunk will be charged.  The drunk probably won't get jail time, but at least she will be placed on probation.  Hopefully the drunk will not break into anybody's else's house and scare the homeowners half to death when she breaks into a house and drunk waddles into the homeowner's bedroom.
Good for the DA in Boulder, CO.

How True

Friday, May 25, 2012

Treyvon Martin DA: I Don't Want Public To See Evidence

From The Orlando Sun:  Talk about ironic timing. Special Prosecutor Angela Corey late Friday came out strongly against public records.
"The public's right to know should never trump the state's right to a fair trial or especially the defendant's right to a fair trial," Corey said at a civic forum in Jacksonville.
Her comments came a day after a mound of evidence in the George Zimmerman case was released. Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.
Corey bemoaned misinformation in the media and on the Internet about the case. But the document release Thursday provided more details and added to the public's understanding. 
Corey's comments were self-serving. The document release actually seemed to help Zimmerman's case, many analysts have said, because photographs documented his injuries the night of the shooting.
Corey's comments raise a crucial question: Just how good is her case?
There needs to be more transparency, not less, about this high-profile case that has produced headlines worldwide. Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the Martin family, has praised the media bringing attention to the teen's fatal shooting.
What is Corey's solution to curbing pretrial publicity? "I would say that nothing should be public until the trial comes," Corey told the forum.
That's the solution in a free society? I think she needs to have her head examined. She also sounds awfully defensive.
"Stop trying any of our cases in the media. Let us try them in the courtroom," she said Friday.
Which makes me wonder: Are you the right person for this job?.
This case has been playing out in the media and on the Internet and for the DA to say they have to hide evidence in such a high profile case tells me the DA doesn't have much of a case.
The last time I read something about the law is that the prosecutors are supposed to disclose all information  in their case before trial starts.  It is especially important in a case like this where there are strong opinions on both sides of the issues.  The DA doesn't have to talk to the press about the case but they do have to disclose the information they do have, but apparently the DA in this case doesn't believe in that either.

Tom Barrett, WI. Democrats: Why Do They Hate Women?

From the Washington Examiner: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has accused Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., of waging a "war on women," but he yieled his spot on stage at a Wisconsin rally to a rapper who sang a misogynistic song even as Barrett greeted voters.
Barrett wrote a column Wednesday alleging that "under Walker, a war on women has been waged that has weakened protections for equal pay for equal work, and jeopardized women’s health and reproductive freedom."
He took that message, more generally, to a rally organized on his behalf by Van Jones -- President Obama's former green czar -- and his organization Rebuild the Dream.
"This is for our state, our values," Barrett said last weekend, after telling Milwaukee voters that "We don't need a governor who is going to listen to the billionaires and not listen to us."
In Barrett, voters get a governor who has listened to "Sucka MC" by the rapper "Prophetic." Described as "pretty dope" by the Rebuild the Dream representative who introduced him, "Proph" performed the first song on his new album. The video of the rally shows Tom Barrett shaking hands and talking to voters as Proph prepares to sing a couple songs.
The song includes lyrics such as "b**ches who ride me, I want to see how far I can take her." It appears that Proph self-censored at least part of the word "b**ches," though he completed the rest of the phrase.
In the recorded song (the video of the rally ends before this part of the song, Proph also declares that "cash makes the women shake their [derrières]."
You just can't make this stuff up.  What Wisconsin is watching is the most amateurish campaign run by Barrett and the only people buying it are a bunch of tin foil hat wearing fools.

Democrats, Berkley Violate Election Laws?

From the LVRJ:  Republicans are hitting Democratic U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley with new allegations of misconduct.
Washoe County Republican Party Chairman David Buell told The Associated Press he filed a federal election law complaint Friday against Berkley and the Nevada Democratic Party for coordinating on her U.S. Senate campaign.
Berkley is running against four little-known Democrats in the June 12 primary, but Nevada Democrats have been helping her campaign for months because she is the presumptive nominee.
Buell said federal campaign law only allows state political parties to coordinate with their official nominee. He points to two campaign mailers promoting Berkley's work with veterans and paid for by the Nevada Democratic Party as a sign that the Democrats are not following federal law.
This isn't the biggest election law being violated, if it is a violation to begin with.  It probably is more of a way to get under Berkley's skin more than anything else.
But if it is a violation of election laws, it shows once again that rules mean little to Democrats when it comes to elections.

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming In North Las Vegas

From the LVRJ: About 70 inmates were released from the North Las Vegas jail this week after an unusually large number of corrections officers called in sick last weekend.
The nonviolent misdemeanor offenders were released from the jail after a judge signed an order, said Sgt. Tim Bedwell, a North Las Vegas police spokesman.
Bedwell said a wing of the jail had to be closed because there weren't enough officers.
He was unsure how many officers called in sick, but said the agency had to cover 49 total shifts on overtime on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
"We can't afford that from a monetary standpoint, and from a people standpoint we just couldn't cover it," he said. "The only reasonable solution we have is to close a wing."
The apparent "sick-out" happened a day after jailers learned there would be layoffs due to the city's budget crisis, he said.
Mike Yarter, president of the North Las Vegas Police Officers Association, which represents the jailers, said he didn't support their actions.
"I don't condone that," he said. "That's them as an individual acting out and deciding to do that."
Now that North Las Vegas has endangered the people of the entire Las Vegas Valley, the State of Nevada needs to step in.
And while the president of the police union may not have personally known specific details of this illegal job action, his subordinates certainly did.
Each person who called in sick should have to provide a doctor's excuse and not the type of doctor excuses used by the teachers and other liberal union hacks in Wisconsin where they had doctors write fake doctor excuses. 
And after seeing this illegal job action by one of the highest paid police employees in the country, I think it is time for an Act 10 like law in Nevada like they have in Wisconsin now, thanks to Scott Walker.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Excuses Will Liberals Use When Scott Walker Wins The Recall Election?

Every poll out lately shows that Gov. Scott Walker has a pretty good lead in the recall election in Wisconsin.  If Walker wins (and I am willing to bet a Big Mac Meal for those who live in Las Vegas) and liberals get clobbered and embarrassed, I wonder what excuses they will  use to explain their horrible loss:
1.  Voters were stupid.
2.  Obama's fault.
3. Bad Democrat candidate
4.  Koch Brother's fault
5.  Voter fraud by Republicans
6.  Out of state money to Walker
7.  It is Bush's fault.
8.  Walker lied
9.  Talk radio sucks
10.  All of the above.
The liberals will never believe that that the voters of Wisconsin will have rejected the liberals view points.  The liberals will never believe that they were wrong to recall Walker and the liberals will never believe that they are a bunch of blundering fools and dolts.  They don't realize that those who favored the recall are just a bunch of hateful union thugs who like to pick on the disabled and who are prone to violence.  They also have as many brain cells as an amoeba.
Can't wait until about 7:00 PM PST on June 5 to gloat.

50 Year Anniversary For The Beach Boys

Can it be the Beach Boys are 50 years old?  All I can say is "Damn". 

Tom Barrett Cooking The Books?

Tom Barrett, the slimey and worthless canditate running against Gov. Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election may have been cooking the books when it comes to crime statistics in Milwaukee, WI., where Barrett pretends he is the mayor of the city.
From jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday joined state and city officials in calling for an independent audit of Milwaukee police crime data after a Journal Sentinel investigation found more than 500 serious assaults that were misclassified by the department as lesser offenses.
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said any flaws found in the Police Department's crime numbers should be revised.
"Of course if the numbers are wrong, we will correct them," said Barrett, who is facing Walker in the June 5 recall election.
The Journal Sentinel investigation also discovered an additional 800 cases since 2009 that follow the same pattern but couldn't be verified with available public records. Copies of those incident reports have been sought from police through an open records request.
The Journal Sentinel found enough misreported cases in 2011 alone that violent crime would have increased 1.1% instead of falling 2.3% from the reported 2010 figures, which had their own errors.
Dozens of misclassified assaults were sent to FBI crime reporting experts, who confirmed they should have been marked as aggravated assaults, which are counted in the city's violent crime rate. Police officials agreed that a sample of assault cases shared by the Journal Sentinel were misreported.
Walker's call for an audit came a day after state and local officials called for independent audits of the Milwaukee police crime data.
State Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) requested a review by the Legislative Audit Bureau while Milwaukee aldermen Joe Dudzik and Bob Donovan called for the city comptroller's office to conduct its own audit.
One of Barrett's campaign issues in the recall is that Barrett claims that crime has decreased since he became mayor.  Well, that turned out to be a lie, much like the entire Democratic recall effort.  The whole recall effort has been based on lies and deceit.  So, I guess, what is one more lie?


From the Wausau WI. Daily Herald:: A Mosinee-area bicyclist was killed Wednesday after she was hit by a car — just miles from the same spot where her husband was killed in 2008 while riding a bicycle.
Tammy Gass, 44, died after she suffered injuries in the crash that occurred at about 11 a.m. on Highway KK near Rifle Road in the town of Mosinee.
Brenda Sunby, who was with the Gass family this morning, confirmed the death. The Marathon County Sheriff’s Department has not yet released the victim’s name.
Gass was married to Gregg Bednorski, 41, who died Sept. 18, 2008, after he crashed his bicycle into a parked car on Highway KK near Shepherd Street.
Gass married Tim Gass in January and the couple was scheduled to leave Tuesday for their honeymoon in Costa Rica, Sunby said.|topnews|text|WDH-News
The couple had 4 children between them and now they have no parents. 
What a shame this happened and it is very strange.

While Most Of The Country Is Sweating....

We in Las Vegas are going to have a fantastic weekend, weather wise.  On Friday, the high will be 87, on Saturday 77 Sunday 83 and Monday a balmy 94.  And all with very, very low humidity.
Meanwhile, at the Indy 500 on Sunday, the temps will be around 96 with high humidity.
And up north in Northern Nevada, they are having freeze warnings.
I love this town (until it hits 105)

Travesty Of Justice

From The Long Beach Press Telegram:  A man convicted of rape nine years ago walked out of court Thursday an innocent man.
Brian Banks, a promising football star at Long Beach Poly High with a scholarship offer from USC, had his 2003 conviction reversed by Long Beach Superior Court Judge Mark Kim after the victim in the case recanted.
Nine years in the making, Banks' battle to be exonerated lasted less than 30 seconds in court. It took only moments for the District Attorney's office to "concede the matter" and Banks was no longer a convicted criminal.
The burly 6-foot-4 Banks dropped his head into his crossed arms and wept while his girlfriend Pamela Soladar audibly cried as the announcement was made.
Afterward Banks, the tears still glistening on his face, said his battle to clear is name had been a struggle and a nightmare, but on this day "the sky's the limit." Banks served 5 years and 2 months in prison after he a pleaded no contest in 2003 to forcible rape and later was registered as a sex offender.
Accuser Wanetta Gibson recanted her story a little more than a year ago and with the help of the California Innocence Project, Banks was able to get his conviction reversed....
Gibson sued the Long Beach Unified School District after the conviction and received a $1.5 million settlement accusing the district of providing an unsafe environment.

This young man had a brilliant future in his life.  He was given a full ride football scholarship to USC and was good enough to perhaps make the pro's in 4 years.
But this witch instead saw dollar signs and accused the young man of rape and kidnapping and then got a $1,500,000 reward for her lies.
Then when she recanted, her only concern was that she might have to repay the money she stole from the school district.
The only positive of all of this is that Banks will make a lot of money and fame for this.  He will get money from California, if the State has any money to give, he will be able sue the former lawyer and if there is justice, he will get a full ride scholarship from USC.  My guess is that there may even a movie in the future.
However, none of this makes up for all the torment and the suffering this guy went through.  
It would be nice that the witch who accused him will be sent to prison for 6 years and then some and be made to pay back the money she stole.
Hopefully, this will show that police and lawyers need to really investigate rape crimes and not only accept the word of the woman.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Was That Smell?

This morning, the two million residents of the Las Vegas Valley awoke to a smell like a BBQ gone wild.  In fact, it kind of smelled like mesquite or hickory.  You would have thought that Famous Dave was going nuts with his rib smoking machines.
Well the cause of the smell was from a wild fire burning in Douglas County, about a 8 hour drive from Las Vegas.
From A wildfire that destroyed two homes in a rural neighborhood near the California-Nevada line and was threatening many more Wednesday may have been caused by an illegal burn that had been smoldering at a private residence since the weekend, investigators said.
Rugged terrain forced firefighting crews to concentrate on an aerial attack to try to slow the flames. The fire had consumed about 6,000 acres of mostly sagebrush, cheat grass and juniper as it burned in the mountains within miles of another residential area in rural Lyon County, about 60 miles southeast of Lake Tahoe.
No deaths or injuries have been reported, and evacuations have been lifted. But more than 100 homes continued to be threatened as smoke from the blaze drifted hundreds of miles south to form a layer of haze over the Las Vegas Valley.
No wonder I had a hankering for BBQ ribs and chicken for most of the day today.

Stupid Criminal Of the Year?

From the Wisconsin State Journal:
A La Crosse man recorded himself on a stolen video camera taunting police, who didn't have much trouble identifying him after he introduced himself. Now he's in jail, and the video is on YouTube."This is my house, yes, and a stolen camera that I stole," he says. "But it's OK, the cops won't figure it out."
He continues: "Oh yeah, to introduce you, my name is Houaka Yang, so yeah. How do you do?"
Authorities said Yang, 20, left behind a trail of videos of himself on the camera he allegedly stole late May 11 from an unlocked car outside the home of Republican state Senate candidate Bill Feehan.

As Forest Gump says" Stupid is as stupid does"

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Texas Court: Cops Have To Be Robots

From the El Paso Times: A state district court judge has declared a mistrial in the case of a 27-year-old woman accused of fatally beating her 4-year-old son. Judge Gonzalo Garcia of the 210th District Court halted the trial of Vikki Macias after El Paso Police Detective Rosalynn Carrasco began sobbing on the stand after being asked about the death of Macias' son Dallas Ryan Macias.
Defense attorneys Richard Esper and Rebecca Tavitas, on Macias' behalf, said in court they feared Carrasco's emotional breakdown would unfairly prejudice the jury.
So, according to this idiot judge, cops cannot have emotions when they testify in court.  How pathetic is that?  If the judge had a brain cell in his body, he would have called a recess to the trial and let the cop get her emotions in check.
What if a juror would have started crying, would they have called a mistrial?  And for the defense attorney's to ask for a mistrial, well that shows why lawyers are hated and made fun of with lawyer jokes.  These thug defendant lawyers are the scum of the earth.
For instance:
Taking of attorneys with traps or deadfalls is permitted. 
The use of currency as bait is prohibited. Killing of attorneys with a vehicle is prohibited. 
If accidentally struck, remove dead attorney to roadside and proceed to nearest car wash. 
It is unlawful to chase, herd, or harvest attorneys from a snow machine, helicopter, or aircraft. 
It shall be unlawful to shout "whiplash", "ambulance", or "free Perrier" for the purpose of trapping attorneys. . It shall be unlawful to hunt attorneys within 100 yards of BMW dealerships.
Seriously, this is a travesty of justice and brought about by a 2 scum layers who are defending a scum defendant.

Another Reason Why Government Spending Is Out Of Control

Today, when I went to get my cold beverage for the night at the Chevron gas station at the corner of Horizon and Horizon Ridge in Henderson, NV. where I met two of Las Vegas Metro finest.
These police officers were filling up their squad car and buying some snacks for their night shift work.  The letter L was next to their squad number, so I think they were from Laughlin District, about 75 miles away.
So, these police officers were filling up with gas at one of the most expensive places to buy gas in the Las Vegas Valley.  There are numerous places they could have gotten gas much cheaper, if they wanted to:
But these two officers chose not find the cheaper gas, they chose to get the most expensive gas and with the banter between the workers at Chevron and the officers, this was one of many stops at this Chevron station these officers have made.
But hey, it's only taxpayer money they were spending. 

Lambeau Leap:Packer Donald Driver Wins Dancing With The Stars

I doubt Donald Driver could do a Lambeau leap on stage at Dancing with The stars, but he won the competition tonight.
From jsonline: Donald Driver was announced the winner of “Dancing With the Stars” on Tuesday’s results show.
 The victory was something of an upset since the Green Bay Packers wide receiver’s scores had landed him in the middle of the pack throughout the season. His win will likely be controversial among the show’s fans.
 A shirtless Driver defeated presumed favorites actor and heartthrob William Levy and classical singer Katherine Jenkins, each of whom ended the two-night finals with a perfect score of 90.
 Driver earned a perfect score of 30 for his last dance, a hip-swaying, pop-locking cha-cha, for a two-night total of 89.
 Afterward, judge Carrie Ann Inaba said: “I think you are the one to beat.”
 Judge Bruno Tonioli said he had “the strategy of a champion,” and that he “improved week after week” and had “peaked at the right time.”
 It is assumed that votes by Packers fans helped push Driver into the end zone. But the number of viewer votes or how they break down was not revealed. 
 Host Tom Bergeron called this season the “hardest fought” in the show’s history, and its finale “the closest ever.”
 Football is a team sport. But pinning a cheesehead on the show’s disco ball grand prize was a personal triumph for Driver. He is a student of the show, having watched the previous seasons, and talked knowledgeably about past contestants.
I don't watch the show very often, but it seems that athletes have won more than their share of the titles.  I wonder why?

And Who Promotes Violence?

A few months ago, union incited violence in Wisconsin through threats and actual violence.
In Las Vegas, the Culinary union in it's fight against Station Casinos has resorted to violence and intimidation.
Now, there is a video of a union leader in South Carolina smashing the face of Republican Governor Nikki Haley, a true conservative.
Union thug, AFL-CIO president Donna Dewitt is shown taking swings at Haley's face on a pinata:

And listen to the other pathetic union thugs cheering this witch, what a pathetic bunch of worthless thuigs.

This Is Not Good

Newsweek came out with the 1000 best public schools in the nation and Nevada produced only 4 high schools in the top 1000.  One school is out of Reno and 3 are in Las Vegas.  Of the three, 2 high schools are run by the College of Southern Nevada and only 1 run by CCSD, Advanced Technologies Academy.
and that's it.  For more information on A-Tech:
A-Tech is ranked 546, so congratulations to A-Tech for the honor and it seems like we have to do more to get schools on the list.

New Poll

The LasVegasBadger has it's new poll up:  Will Scott Walker be recalled as governor of Wisconsin?
Unlike Nevada, you don't need a voter ID and unlike in Chicago, you can only vote once per computer.

Killer Dog Gets Stay Of Execution From NV Supreme Court

From the LVRJ: The Nevada Supreme Court has ordered a temporary stay of execution for the dog that killed a 1-year-old Henderson boy.
The high court's Monday order stops city animal control officials from euthanizing Onion before lawyers fighting to spare him can ask District Judge Joanna Kishner to revisit the case.
The judge ruled May 11 that The Lexus Project could not stop the euthanization because it had no ownership rights to the dog and had not exhausted its administrative appeals. Her deadline for the written order on that decision was 5 p.m. Wednesday.
This case is just getting out of control.  It is wasting court time and I am sure it is putting the family of the baby killed by the dog through hell because there is no closure because they keep on hearing about the dog in court.
Right now, the City of Henderson should just turn the dog over to the group under the condition that the group also adopt all the dogs currently at the Henderson animal shelter.  If the group is unwilling to do that, then the City should stop playing games and kill the dog and put the dog and the family of the dead baby out of misery.

Strange, Wierd

The Nevada Highway Patrol has a web site that tells it readers about accidents and road hazards on the State's highways.
Up until last week, when there was a fatal accident, the NHP would say the type of incident is a traffic accident-Fatal.  Other accidents are labeled as accident: injuries or accidents: property damage
Now, they have apparently changed the fatal accident reporting on the web site to "road hazard".  A big fatal accident is now just a road hazard. 
So, what is wrong with that?  For those of us who use the web site before going to and from work, if there is a road hazard, I wouldn't change my route.  If it is a fatal accident, then I would change my route because of traffic delays.
Besides, calling someone who has just died in an accident a road hazard is a bit strange and a bit disrespectful, though I suppose true.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pawn Stars Review: May 21, 2012

Today was the hottest day of the year in Las Vegas when we got to 104F this afternoon.  You do have to give credit to people who work outside in hot weather like this.  People like build the few houses in Las Vegas, roofers, people who fix the roads, and the hardest workers, the people who spin the advertising signs on the corner.  These people stand on street corners, sometime in costumes, and spin signs advertising apartments, pizza, oil changes etc, all for minimum wage.
In the first episode, the first guy brought in nose piece from the SR-71 Black Bird supersonic spy jet.  It was signed by a pilot.  For for info:  

The guy wanted $1500 and Corey offered $1200 and then agreed to the $1500 without a fight.  The Old Man then questioned whether the purchase price was too much.
Corey brought in Matt, the Blue Angel pilot and Matt said the piece was not titanium but a composite of different metals.  Matt said the writings on the piece were genuine and it was worth about $1500.  Oops.  Corey did let something out the bag on how some employees are paid.  If an employee sells something, they get paid a commission on the items they sell.
The next guy brought in a solid bronze canyon, possibly from Europe.  It was just the tube, not the wheels or supports.  It may have come from the 1570's and came from a ship.  Time for an expert. Mark from the Clark County Museum came down and said the images were wrong and the cannon was a reproduction for decorations.  No sale.
The next guy brought in a huge pair of Levi's jeans.  They were promotional items that were in stores.  The size were W 75 and L 45.  The selling price was $150 after some bartering.
The next guy brought in a large motorized homemade scooter, a stand up and ride.  The the scooter can get up to 50 mph.  It scooter had gears and a muffler and sounded like a small motorcycle.  The guy wanted $2100 and Corey offered said to try sell it to a motorcycle company and there was no sale.
The next guy brought in a Snoopy and Red Barron music boxes that were miniature airplanes.  One of the music pieces, Snoopy, did not work and no sale.  Reminds me of this song:

In the second episode, the first guy brought in a 1890's Tiffany pocket watch.  Rick said it was a basic pocket watch made in a factory, instead of being hand made.  The guy wanted $10,000 and Rick offered $4000 and then $4200 and that was the selling price.
The next guy brought in a card collection of Garbage Pail kids. It was a spoof on the Cabbage Patch kids.  Time for an expert.  Johnny from the Toy Shack came in and they were collectible.  Johnny said they were off about $350-400.  The guy offered $200 and Rick offered $150 and that was firm and the selling price.
The guys went to a man's house to check out a Mercedes Benz Unamog.  It was a 4 wheel drive off road supply vehicle.  The guy wanted $22,000 and time for an expert, Danny.
The one for sale had a top on the back and older, unlike the one pictured above.
Danny came in to check it out.  He said the engineering was very good.  They took the truck off road in the small desert area by the guys house and they were being thrown around.  Danny said the truck was worth more than $18,000.  The guy still wanted $22,000 and Rick offered $15,000.  The guy went down to $18,000 and Rick offered $16,000, firm and that was the sale price.  Seems like the guys were pretty tight on the bartering today.
The next guy brought in a sign from the Berlin Wall, that separated East and West Berlin.  As someone who remembers the day the Wall came down, this would be an interesting sign to have.
The sign was in English.  The guy wanted $800 and Rick offered $250 and Corey then offered $350.and that was the sale price.
The guys were talking about racing and who was the better driver, so they went out to Pole Position in Las Vegas:
The guys met Matt Kenseth who raced them and lapped them quickly but Rick beat Corey and Corey supposed to wear a pink T-shirt for a week, which he refused to do.
That wraps up another 2 new episodes.  Next week, there will new episodes, but at a different time, 8:00.
Thanks for stopping by.