Monday, September 30, 2013

The Federal Government Is Mostly Still Up And Running

So,  little bit of the government, non-essential government is shut down.
So what.
The U.S. is still standing and functioning.
We went through a sequestration and we survived despite all the gloom and doom predictions.
So, some people may be inconvenienced for a short time.  So what?
Since the government is shut down, the GOP better stand it's ground and get something from the democrats.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Special Place In Hell For These A-Holes

I hope that when these two thugs get to prison, the inmates will deal with them appropriately. 
From the Las Vegas Sun: Two teenagers shot and killed a woman Saturday night after they attempted to rob her at gunpoint, Metro Police officials said.
Metro responded to reports of gunshots about 10:20 p.m. in the 200 block of Jefferson Avenue, near H Street and Monroe Avenue. Officers arrived to find a woman lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound and a 16-year-old boy driving away with 19-year-old William Copeland in the passenger seat, police said.
Preliminary investigation indicated that the boy and Copeland tried to rob the woman at gunpoint. When she refused to cooperate, Copeland shot her, police said.
The woman was taken to University Medical Center, where she died. Metro stopped the suspects in their vehicle and arrested both of them.

Possible Compromise For ObamaCare?

Heard on Red Eye Radio:
A compromise that may come out the government shutdown issue:
1.  Keep the exchanges open but delay the individual mandates and fines for a year.
2.  Get rid of the medical device tax.
3.  Allow for exemptions for religious reasons, the contraceptive mandate.
These are compromises I can live with. 
But it seems like the democrats refuse to negotiate with the Republicans, even though the democrats are talking with our sworn enemies.

If The Democrats Don't Want To Change ObamaCare, Then....

Why does President Obama keep changing the law by delaying parts of the law and giving hundreds, if not thousands of exemptions to the law?
Just more Democrat hypocrisy.


From Politico: Washington’s shutdown blame game is already in full force – and the government isn’t even closed yet.
About 20 House Republicans gathered on the steps of the United States Senate on Sunday afternoon, a time usually reserved in the city for watching the Redskins. Instead, tourists gathered to watch Republican after Republican demanding that the Senate come back in session, accusing the Democratic controlled chamber of being “lazy” and Majority Leader Harry Reid of taking his ball and going home rather than negotiating with GOP leadership over the weekend.
The Senate toyed with coming in on Sunday — but not to pass the House’s continuing resolution that delays Obamacare and repeals the medical device tax. Leaders ultimately scrapped the idea and will move on Monday afternoon to dismiss the House’s health care provisions as Reid and President Barack Obama remain united in refusing negotiations on anything Obamacare-related to keep the government running.
Read more:
Senile/Coward/Liar Reid wants to shut down the government, no matter what.
And the Senate doesn't even come into session until 2:00 in the afternoon.
And when asked about the government shutdown, Senile/Coward/Liar Reid said "This is good".

Question: How Stupid Is Brian Greenspun?

On a scale of 0-10, how stupid is the editor of the Las Vegas Sun, Brian Greenspun?  My guess is that he would rank in the negative numbers.
Start with the first paragraph: The bottom line of the news business should not be confused with the profit line of business
Well, he just shot down his entire argument about the newspaper business.  If profit is a nasty word in the newspaper business, then start your own newspaper and see how far you get without making a profit.  And you certainly, you wouldn't need the LVRJ to run your newspaper.
I admit it has been difficult to define the real import of the JOA and what it means to the people of Las Vegas. Until today, that is.
The Founding Fathers came up with the Bill of Rights to provide citizens the security they needed from problems that would certainly result if the people in government were left unchecked. The First Amendment — which many say is the most important one — guarantees the right of free speech and freedom of the press.
The Founding Fathers did not say that there had to be at least 2 newspapers in every community to provide a liberal and a conservative voice.  If that is the case, most cities would need a conservative newspaper to balance the reporting of the liberal newspaper.
The sad fact is that Brian Greenspun is a liberal who is about to lose his liberal forum, that is bought and paid for by the reads and advertisers of the conservative newspaper, the Las Vegas Review Journal.
If money was the issue, then Greenspun should get his liberal buddies and buy advertisements in the Las Vegas Sun.
But because Greenspun is a liberal, he expects he should get everything for free, just like an Obama voter. 
Because Greenspun is a liberal, he is running to the courts to solve is problems instead of working things out, just like an Obama voter or the ACLU.
Because Greenspun is a liberal, his policies running the Las Vegas Sun are failing, just like President Obama and his has failed the United States and it's citizens.

These People Take Themselves Too Seriously

$84,000+ to pay an instrument in a orchestra?
From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:
Calling management’s latest proposal “artistically unsustainable,” musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra on Saturday unanimously rejected the offer and said they will continue to negotiate through the weekend.
“We are grateful to members of our board who have worked tirelessly to bring this dreadful lockout to a conclusion. However, this proposal is regressive in nature, leading to a cut in salary of 25 percent,” said Doug Wright, a member of the musicians’ negotiating team.
Board negotiators, in a statement, said they were “very disappointed” in the 60-0 vote by the musicians.
Two days before a Monday deadline that could see the departure of music director Osmo Vänskä, the two sides in the bitter, yearlong dispute appeared far apart.
Wright said the proposal “will not keep our finest players here” and “will not keep the Minnesota Orchestra a great orchestra, period.”...
A separate statement from the board said its negotiators have moved “significantly” over the last 18 months, from a position that would have cut salaries 32 percent to the latest offer, which averaged “an annual reduction of 17.7 percent over the life of the contract.” That figure includes the offsetting impact of a $20,000-per-musician signing bonus that was part of the last offer.
The orchestra lost the 2012-13 season already and there is not much demand that this season begin.
But to pay a cello or violin player $84,000 a season seems awfully generous, especially since there are not many jobs out there for cello players.

I Feel Sorry For The Victim

From the Chicago Sun Times: The Rev. Jesse Jackson accepted an invitation Saturday from Colombia’s largest guerrilla army to mediate the release of an American man the rebels have held since June.
The Chicago civil rights activist announced his intervention in the case of Kevin Scott after meeting late into the previous night with leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.
FARC and Colombian government negotiators have been holding peace talks in Havana since November 2012.
“We accept this obligation and opportunity to render service to Kevin Scott, his family and our nation,” Jackson told reporters outside Havana’s Hotel Nacional.
“We have made contact with the State Department urging them to contact the next of kin of Kevin Scott and let them know his release is imminent,” added Jackson, who plans to travel to Colombia next week.
It's sad that the U.S. government has no one to help the victim and that they have to turn the case over to Jesse Jackson.
Then, even if the hostage is released, Jackson, who has much bigger ego than Obama, if that is even possible, will push the hostage aside and steal all the camera time.
But how does Jackson know the release is imminent if he just took on the case?
But I suppose, since the thug captors want some TV time, who else to go to other than Jackson?  He does attract TV cameras- he just doesn't et anyone else near them.
But this once again shows what a failure the Obama presidency has been- they cannot even get a single hostage freed from a  bit country.

Obama's Man Crush With Iran

Seems like President Obama has some kind of man crush with Iran.
First, Obama was rejected by Iran's leader to meet with him last week when the Iranian leader was in New York City and the U.N..
But like a guy who had his heart broken by a potential lover, Obama purued the Iranian leader so much, that the Iranian leader, probably to shut Obama up, finally took his phone call.
From the New York Daily News: It was a phone call heard around the world.
President Obama and new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ended 34 years of estrangement between the two countries by speaking on the telephone Friday
They agreed to work toward resolving the bitter dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.
“While there will surely be important obstacles to moving forward, and success is by no means guaranteed, I believe we can reach a comprehensive solution,” Obama said at the White House....
The Iranian leader then reached out to arrange the call, which lasted 15 minutes. Rouhani spoke while traveling in a limo to Kennedy International Airport. At the other end was Obama, at the White House.
“A path to a meaningful agreement will be difficult. And at this point both sides have significant concerns that will have to be overcome,” Obama told reporters later.
“But I believe we’ve got a responsibility to pursue diplomacy and that we have a unique opportunity to make progress with the new leadership in Tehran.”
Read more:
Next thing you know will happen is that Obama will invite the Iranian leader to Obama's kid's prom dance.

This Is Just Laughable

From CAIR(Council on American-islam Relations): Some 500 people participated in a multi-faith program and walk around Public Square in downtown Cleveland Sunday to raise awareness about rampant violence against women in the local community and society at large.
At the event, a diverse group of women faith leaders from around the region called on the dozens of public officials and political candidates in attendance to sign a pledge of accountability to help end violence against women and children.
The event was timed to raise awareness in the run up to October's national Domestic Violence Awareness month and Nonviolence Week, the first full week in October as designated in Ohio by Senate Bill 38 and signed into law by Governor John Kasich.
For the most past, the religion of hate just hate women.
They force women to cover their face and wear burkas..
They don't allow women to drive in may countries.
They make women walk in back of their husbands.
Radical islamic men rape women if the women are caught cheating or the women are raped themselves.
If the woman is Christian, then they will kill her.
muslim women are forced into forced/arranged marriages.
islam does not respect women, so it is laughable to think that these muslims would actually march for women and against domestic violence.
This would be like the Catholic priests marching for the rights of alter boys and protecting them from sexual assaults.

Religion Of Hate At It Again

From the San Fran Chronicle:  Miss Philippines, Megan Young, was crowned Miss World on Saturday amid tight security on Indonesia's resort island of Bali, where the contest's final round was moved following protests by Muslim hardliner groups.
"I promise to be the best Miss World ever," Young, 23, said after winning the 63rd annual event, as a large number of Filipino fans who traveled with her celebrated by jumping and waving the country's flag.
Despite threats from the Islamic Defenders Front to disrupt the contest, police said no rallies were staged Saturday. The group has demonstrated for weeks, calling for the government to cancel the pageant because members say it shows too much skin and goes against Islamic teachings.
The 127 contestants vying for the crown were introduced Saturday wearing evening gowns shimmering in sequins, many of them with plunging necklines and slits up the leg. Four candidates dropped out earlier, mainly due to illnesses, said Syafril Nasution, one of the local organizers.
The religion of hate, islam, just doesn't want to people to have fun.  Hell, they are even worse than the Amish- at least with the Amish, they don't force women to cover their faces.
Meanwhile, the religion of hate's main spokesclowns here in the U.S., CAIR, had no comments.

But If He Was A Flaming Liberal Atheist, He Would Still Have A Job

From the Chicago Tribune:
College football analyst Craig James, who was fired by Fox Sports Southwest after just one week on the job, said he was let go because of his religious beliefs.
Fox cited anti-gay comments James made as the reason for terminating him when the network announced the firing. He made just one appearance on the network in late August before getting fired.
James said the comments were expressions of his religious beliefs, and reasoned that Fox has a ban on religious people working at the network. He has hired an attorney.
"I was shocked that my personal religious beliefs were not only the reason for Fox Sports firing me, but I was completely floored when I read stories quoting Fox Sports representatives essentially saying that people of faith are banned from working at Fox Sports," James told "That is not right and surely someone made a terrible mistake."
Fox Sports said in a statement earlier this week that James "was not a good fit for Fox Sports" and "is a polarizing figure in the college sports community.",0,5720998.story
It's not like James went on TV and spouted his beliefs and Fox Sports should have vetted him more closely if they objected to his view points.
I am sure he will settle out of court with Fox Sports and hopefully, James will make it again as a sportscaster.
There is a reason why I don't go out and tell my work or co-workers about my blog and it's for reasons like this.  My views on this blog are my own and don't represent my employer's views.  I would be shocked if anybody from my 2 jobs actually know I am a blogger. 
It is laughable when Fox says that James was "polarizing" in the college sports community.  How?  He only announced 1 game and he probably didn't convert anyone to Christianity by his comments.
He was only polarizing to liberals and gays and most liberals and gays  (like many people in the country) don't follow college football.

Someone Is Getting Ripped Off By Metro Police

At tonight's NASCAR camping World truck race, from Las Vegas Blvd. and Nellis to the race track, there were at least 3-4 motorcycle cops at every intersection, for a total of about 5 intersections.
All these cops were doing were standing around, talking amongst themselves.  They were not directing traffic, not monitoring traffic and allowing traffic to back up by making sure that an intersection at the Nellis AFB Hospitals entrance changed from green to red as much as possible, tying to up traffic.
So, why are there at least 3-4 or more officers standing at each intersection when they are probably being paid overtime, when 1 officer could do the job?
Why are these cops standing around when they could be actually out there fighting crime?
Why can't we just hire some private security guards, Metro Explorers or Metro volunteers to man the intersections at a cheaper cost and they could do a better job than the cops who just stand around doing nothing.
Please don't confuse the Nevada Highway Patrol with Metro.  The NHP actually works out there- directing traffic and moving traffic along, unlike Metro.
Someone is being scammed here- either the Las Vegas Motor Speedway- if they are paying for the cops or the taxpayer- if they are paying for them. 
Metro is looking to raise our taxes to pay for more cops, but if they have that many cops out there, standing around doing nothing while collecting overtime, then maybe they don't deserve the money and the increased taxes.

I Went To The NASCAR Campoing World Truck Race Today...

And came away with these thoughts:
Norm Benning is a crowd favorite because he almost runs in last place, but keeps plugging away, despite having a pit crew of 3 (maybe only 2).  He is not a start and parker but onight, NASCAR decided he was running to slow and parked him.  Rulings like this hurts NASCAR and no wonder they are losing creditability- they kick out drivers who actually try and drive as hard as they can.
After the race, won by Timothy Peters, Peters and Darrell Wallace went out and signed autographs for the fans in the Neon Garage.  The other 30+ drivers apparently they are too big that they don't have to meet the fans and give some autographs.
Of course, 1 reason why drivers may not want to give autographs are because of some adults.  When waiting for autographs with my son, I observed two women who were just pigs of greed, wanting tickets, souvenirs,  t-shirts and other items signed by the drivers.  Hey pigs, other people are waiting for autographs, why are you so special that you need to get more than autographs.  Plus they were also quite pushy.  If one of those pigs would have touched me again, she would have toothless going to her pig trough.  I'm only exaggerated just a little.  Finally, these two little piggys and many others didn't even have the courtesy to say thank you for the drivers for their autographs.
The race was fairly exciting, with my favorite truck driver, Johnny Sauter finishing 2nd.
The crowd was quite big, probably around 50,000 fans, which is quite large ofr a truck race.  Thank you to Smith's for sponsoring the race and the LVMS putting on the race.
Finally, the staff over at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway are the best and probably the best staff in Las Vegas.  They are courteous, move crowds along and they are hard working.  The LVMS hire these workers for 1 day, giving these workers a 1 day paycheck, which helps these men and women a paycheck and they in turn, put money into the local economy.  All told, this is probably about $1,000,000.
Las Vegas really supports NASCAR, hold 3 races, plus the NASCAR West series, the awards show, so, with all the support, we need to get a 2nd NASCAR Sprint car race.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hell Has Certainly Frozen Over

Not only have the UNLV Rebels won their 3rd game in  row, they actually won the row.
From the LVRJ: UNLV put together perhaps its most impressive drive of the football season to take the lead for good tonight, and the Rebels went on to beat New Mexico 56-42 at University Stadium.
The victory ended a 23-game road losing streak for the Rebels (3-2), who also have a winning record for the first time since 2009. They also have won three in a row for the first time since 2003.
Players doused coach Bobby Hauck with water as the clock was winding down.
UNLV takes next week off before returning home to play Hawaii on Oct. 12.
The Rebels have now beaten New Mexico (1-3) five of the past six meetings.
UNLV went ahead for good after a 15-play, 80-yard drive that took 6:49 off the clock. The Rebels capped it on Caleb Herring’s 7-yard touchddown pass to Devante Davis with 4:46 left for a 49-42 lead. Tim Cornett gave the Rebels a two-touchdown advantage with a 75-yard scoring run with 3:03 remaining.
I've have always said that Bobby Hauck was a very good coach and now that he has all of his players, he is starting to get a very good record.

Now, It's Up To The Democrats

If the government shuts down, which may not be a bad idea, the blame will be on the Democrats and Obama.
Since the Democrats and especially President Obama, have refused to negotiate with the terrorists, the GOP.  (But they will talk with the Taliban, Iran, terrorists, Syria, Al- Qaeda, extremists in the climate change/global warming field etc)
The democrats are blindly following Obama while they run this country down the crapper.
Even though the Dumbocrats have stated that ObamaCare is a train wreck, it refuses to fix the bad parts of the bill.  Even Senile/Coward/Liar Harry Reid has said the medical devise part of the bill was stupid but refuses to change that.  What a pathetic excuse of a human being is Senile/Coward/Liar Reid.
So, if the government does shut down, it is 100% the fault of the Democrats and President Obama.

More Obama Fail: Enviromentalists Before Military

From the Minot Daily News: North Dakota's two senators and the U.S. Senate's bipartisan ICBM Coalition are telling Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to back away from a Defense Department plan to conduct an environmental impact study on the possible elimination of intercontinental ballistic missile silos.
The coalition's letter to Hagel argued that the Defense Department and the Air Force need to determine how many submarine-launched missiles, bombers and land-based missiles it wants under New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) before conducting any study-related to eliminating ICBM silos.
"Our letter makes it clear that environmental studies should not dictate our nuclear force posture," said Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D. "That is why I included language in the 2014 Defense Appropriations bill that prohibits funding for this study."
The Senate Appropriations Committee agreed to an amendment authored by Hoeven that would prohibit the Defense Department from funding a silo-related environmental impact study in 2014. The committee approved that legislation on Aug. 1, and it awaits consideration on the Senate floor. The House of Representatives approved a similar provision in its version of the 2014 defense appropriations bill.
Hoeven, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp and other senators called the Defense Department's plan "premature," given that the administration has not finished its implementation plan for the New START Treaty. They also said that pending legislation in both the Senate and the House of Representatives prohibits the department from moving forward on such an environmental study with fiscal year 2014 funds.
The senators also called on the administration to consult with Congress before implementing New START changes.
Just another reason that shows Obama's utter hatred of the military.
Just another reason that shows Obama is by far the worst president ever, in the United States.

Experts: Global Warming A Hoax

From the Best of the Web: In the first five paragraphs of a recent dispatch from Stockholm, the Associated Press--in our estimation unwittingly, for the most part--exposes the deep corruption of the "global warming" enterprise:
Scientists working on a landmark U.N. report on climate change are struggling to explain why global warming appears to have slowed down in the past 15 years even though greenhouse gas emissions keep rising.
Leaked documents obtained by The Associated Press show there are deep concerns among governments over how to address the issue ahead of next week's meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Climate skeptics have used the lull in surface warming since 1998 to cast doubt on the scientific consensus that humans are cooking the planet by burning fossil fuels and cutting down CO2-absorbing forests.
The IPCC report is expected to affirm the human link with greater certainty than ever, but the panel is under pressure to also address the recent lower rate of warming, which scientists say is likely due to heat going deep into the ocean and natural climate fluctuations.
"I think to not address it would be a problem because then you basically have the denialists saying, 'Look the IPCC is silent on this issue,' " said Alden Meyer, of the Washington-based Union of Concerned Scientists.
The first paragraph describes a scientific problem: a theory that has been put to an empirical test and found wanting. In the fourth paragraph, we get a passing discussion of alternative hypotheses. But this is presented as fundamentally a problem of political communication or public relations.
And these guys look shifty not just for scientists but for PR men. Specialists in crisis management emphasize the importance of building (or rebuilding) public trust by being both honest and forthcoming. But look at that Meyer quote. He's not calling for forthrightness, just for some sort of statement so that critics--whom he disparages as "denialists"--can't say the IPCC "is silent."...
And look how the AP sums up that theory: "that humans are cooking the planet by burning fossil fuels and cutting down CO2-absorbing forests." That's science fiction, not science. If Damon Knight were still with us, he might observe of the IPCC report: "It's a cooked book."
Really, the bottom line is that global warming is a fraud brought on by those who financially benefit by saying global warming/climate change exists.

But here is the opposite view, from my liberal friend Jamie, who does believe in these scientists: To this I say, well, DUH. I've always thought it was incredibly nonsensical to think that we could pollute to the levels we have for as long as we have and not have something to do with changing the climate. I mean, to have measurable, obvious differences in climate in my lifespan of less than 50 years? How could it not be because we're pumping pollutants into the air, water and ground?
Also, I've yet to hear a logical argument for motive on the part of climate scientists to lie to us about it. They're climatologists. They get paid whatever the climate is. It makes much more sense to me that the energy companies have a huge motive to deny climate change. And when you throw in that the right wing--which is wrong about virtually everything--is heavy on the denialism, it just makes it that much mor
e obvious.
So, you have a group of scientists and they have made their viewpoint known and it is so clear that both the liberal and conservative think they are right.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ha..Oh Wait..HA!!!!

From The Washington Examiner: Members of the Chicago-based Service Employees International Union Local 1 have gone on strike over recent job cuts by a janitorial company called Professional Maintenance.
The reason for the cuts? The employer says it is because of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. This is ironic since SEIU is a major supporter of the law.
Tyler French, Local 1's organizing director, told Mediatrackers Ohio the company claimed it had to cut its employees' hours due to Obamacare mandates.
French did not believe the explanation, though, calling it the “latest excuse in a long line of many that we’ve seen from corporate America.”
But others throughout the organized labor movement have warned that such actions will be a direct consequence of the President Obama's health care law.
The SEIU consists of thugs, criminals and thugs and if something bad happens to them or it's members (short of criminal acts against them), that can be only a good thing.
The union heads steal union dues to furnish heir lavish lifestyles and maintain their huge salaries.  And in return, the union members get a lot of money taken out of their paychecks to support these union thugs, they get low pay and lower pay and hours.
And what is most funny is that these workers and union thugs have blind loyalty to President Obama and Obama couldn't care less about any of these union thugs because it's all about Obama.

Fed's Bailing Out Detroit

From the Chicago Tribune: The White House will send a group of top officials to Detroit on Friday to offer millions in assistance for knocking down empty buildings, hiring firefighters and adding buses to the city fleet, as the city struggles after filing for bankruptcy.
The federal aid has been tapped from a variety of existing programs and is part of a patchwork of grants complementing investments by the city, state and private foundations.
"We're going to continue to support the efforts under way in Detroit and ensure the federal government is an active partner in supporting the revitalization of the city," said Gene Sperling, director of the White House National Economic Council, who has led federal discussions with Detroit on how best to help.
Sperling and cabinet officials will discuss the plan at a meeting with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, the city's emergency manager Kevyn Orr, members of the Michigan congressional delegation and other leaders.,0,5921255.story
And here I thought the Fed's were not going to bail out Detroit.

This Is Why Go Invented Las Vegas

Today in Las Vegas:
75 degrees or the high.
Low to mid 60's for the low.
No humidity to speak of.
Very little wind.
Sunny day.
You just cannot beat today's weather.

Why Apologize When It's True?

From the Las Vegas Sun: Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey handed Democrats a neatly packed petard to use against him this week when he seemingly cheered the fact that minority and young voters would sit out next year’s election to the benefit of Republican candidates.
Trying to make the case that Republicans generally perform well in mid-term elections when a Democrat is in the White House, Hickey told a Reno radio host that 2014 would be a big year for the GOP.
“We have some real opportunities in 2014,” Hickey said. “This is a great year in an off-presidential election, with seemingly no Democrat on the top of the ticket against (Gov. Brian) Sandoval. No Harry Reid. Where we had a million voters turn out in 2012, we’ll have like 700,000. A lot of minorities, a lot of younger people will not turn out in a nonpresidential year. It’s a great year for Republicans.”
The comment opened Hickey up to accusations from Democrats that he is “out of touch” and trying to suppress the vote — attacks they made within moments of the interview on Tuesday.
It is true, the Obama voters, Black, Hispanic and younger voters do not vote in off year elections.  It's not an opinion, it is fact.
And the democrats accuse him of trying to suppress the vote?  How?  Of course, Obama voters, for the most part (99.99%) are not very smart.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pawn Stars Review: September 26, 2013

My apologies, I was planning on a trivia quiz for today, but many of the questions and answers I had planned were aired today and what fun would that be?
Anyways, another 2 reruns, with the first one airing on January 30, 2012:
The 2nd episode first aired on February 20, 2012:
Thanks again for stopping by and hopefully, I will have a trivia quiz by next week.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ObamaCare Failure: Hurts Bert, Ernie, Flipper And The United States

From Last year, Big Bird's job security was thrust into the political spotlight. 
This year, it's his health insurance. In a letter sent last week to President Obama, U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick contended that the Affordable Care Act had caused Sesame Place, one of Bucks County's biggest tourist attractions, to terminate health benefits for its part-time employees. "This law is hurting real people in my district and around the country," the Bucks County Republican wrote. A spokesman for SeaWorld, the amusement park's parent company, confirmed Wednesday that the company was cutting the weekly work limit for part-time employees from 32 to 28 hours. Under the Affordable Care Act, companies can face fines if they do not provide insurance for staffers who work at least 30 hours per week.
And yet the Democrats and liberals who know that ObamaCare has been an epic failure, with a few exceptions in the bill, won't do anything about it.
The Democrats are being more loyal to Obama than they are to the country.
Rand Paul called for a rebellion today.  Maybe it is time for a rebellion and rebel against the federal government, the banks, non-elected government agencies that try to ruin your life and others.
You obviously can't kill them all or any and the ballot box is pretty much useless, so what can we do?
Maybe it is time to act like some countries and hold massive rallies and take over some government buildings around the country and demand change and see what happens. 
Would government agents use deadly force against it's own citizens who are not violent?  I highly doubt it.
Just a thought.

(crap, I'm sure I am now on the NSA shit list)

A Vegan Strip Club?

Yeah, you won't see this in Las Vegas.
One of America's most Twitterific politicians, Newark Mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker, is so friendly on the social media messaging site that he's even got connections in Oregon — at a vegan strip club.
Less startling — though more newsworthy — than the fact that there is a strip club in Portland, Ore., that adheres to strict vegan rules for eating is that Booker and a stripper there named Lynsie Lee are tweet buddies, according to a story posted on BuzzFeed (Note: sustained nudity throughout the post).
A Booker spokesman confirmed the direct messages later Wednesday for New York Magazine, but noted what it appears many people believe to be the most intriguing part of the Booker-Oregon stripper tweet exchange: existence of the vegan strip club.
"I think it's pretty well known that the mayor talks with people from all walks of life on Twitter," spokesman Kevin Griffis told the magazine's Daily Intelligencer blog. "Really, the most shocking part of this story was learning there is a vegan strip club in Portland."
Well, I would have the same surprise as Booker but I would not be twitting the stripper.
Considering most vegans look malnourished and have no color, I don't see what the positive would be going to a vegan strip club.
I wonder if the tramp stamps fall under the vegan code of food?

Imagine: I Learned Something From "Whole Line Is It Anyways"

Hey, you can learn things from just about everywhere, including "Whose Line Is It Anyways".
Apparently, the Lingerie Football Leagues has changed it's name to the "Legends Football League".
First, that name has already been taken by the Big 10, 12, 14, 16, and these two leagues cannot be confused with each other.
But why "Legends"?  Has any of the girls playing have a football Hall of Fame career?  Or are they legends in an another profession?

Holy Crap, Don't Mess With A Golden Eagle

A golden eagle captures a young sika deer in the  Russian Far East. The rare attack was captured by a camera trap set up by the Zoological Society of London and Wildlife Conservation Society.

Photo credit: Linda Kerley, Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Photo: Linda Kerley, Zoological Society Of London (ZSL)
From the San Fran Chronicle: There’s just three photos covering two-seconds, but they are very rare since they capture an event not seen before: A golden eagle swoops onto the back of a sika deer, drives it to the ground and (not photographed) kills it.
"I saw the deer carcass first as I approached the trap on a routine check to switch out memory cards and change batteries, but something felt wrong about it. There were no large carnivore tracks in the snow, and it looked like the deer had been running and then just stopped and died." said lead author Linda Kerley of the Zoological Society of London, who runs the camera trap project.
"It was only after we got back to camp that I checked the images from the camera and pieced everything together. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.”
Geez, I fee sorry for the deer and I am sure it tasted good for the Eagle, but that is one big Eagle and you don't want to mess with it.  That bird probably take down a WWE wrestler as well.

Spot The Bias

From the Chicago Tribune:
Republicans seek a strategy to fund the government but not the healthcare law before a possible shutdown. Sen. Ted Cruz's long speech leaves them less time.,0,2008732.story
Hmm, Ted Cruz spoke mostly during the night when there was no Senate business and the senate votes to debate the issue.
Senile/Coward/Liar Harry Reid, on the other hand has decided to hold a vote on Sunday, perhaps Saturday, several days from now.
Ted Cruz wastes time, according to the Tribune but Senile/Coward/Liar Reid doesn't?
What total crap by the Tribune.
I've always said Obama has a girlfriend, maybe it's the Chicago Tribune, as much as they are being humped by Obama.

USA Comes Back To Win Amercica's Cup

This used to a bigger event, but you cannot deny that this is a huge come back.
From ESPN: The big black cat almost used up its last life at the start, burying its bows in a wave and falling behind a boatload of Kiwis.
Of course, it was only fitting in this America's Cup that Oracle Team USA would need to survive near-defeat again.
With one last spectacular push in a winner-take-all finale Wednesday, the United States managed to hang onto the Auld Mug in closing out the longest, fastest and, by far, wildest America's Cup ever with one of the greatest comebacks in sports.
"I'm going to rank it No. 1. We never gave up," skipper Jimmy Spithill said.
Spithill steered Oracle's space-age, 72-foot catamaran to its eighth straight victory, speeding past Dean Barker and Team New Zealand sailing upwind in Race 19 on a San Francisco Bay course bordered by the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the Embarcadero.
All but defeated a week ago, the 34-year-old Australian and his international crew twice rallied from seven-point deficits to win 9-8. Owned by software billionaire Larry Ellison, Oracle Team USA was docked two points for illegally modifying boats in warmup regattas and had to win 11 races to keep the trophy.
For eight races, they sailed with no margin for error in a new class of boats that had a learning curve that was almost straight up.
"There's nothing like going all in," Spithill said. "I'm so proud of the boys. ... They didn't flinch."

This Thing Is Huge

I drove by the The Linq Wheel, like a Ferris wheel is being built by
Caesars Casino, just east of Caesars casino.
Until you see this wheel, you cannot appreciate how high and big this Linq Wheel is.
Here is the picture that shows the sphere you will ride in:
High Roller Pod Interior

And the video above shows it being built.
And here is what it looks like when it is done:

The Linq

Stupid Conan O'brien

From Norm of the LVRJ: “Chicago has now surpassed New York City as the murder capital of the United States. That’s really surprising since New York has twice as many NFL teams.” — Conan O’Brien
Umm, the "New York" Jets and Giants actually play in New Jersey at the Metlife Stadium.  They also do not practice in New York and their team headquarters are not in New York.
Of course, O'Brien is not known for being smart.

Thank You Obama, Hillary

From Fox News: The recent theft of massive amounts of highly sensitive U.S. military equipment from Libya is far worse than previously thought, Fox News has learned, with raiders swiping hundreds of weapons that are now in the hands of militia groups aligned with terror organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood. 
The equipment, as Fox News previously reported, was used for training in Libya by U.S. Special Forces. The training team, which was funded by the Pentagon, has since been pulled, partly in response to the overnight raids last August. 
According to State Department and military sources, dozens of highly armored vehicles called GMV's, provided by the United States, are now missing. The vehicles feature GPS navigation as well as various sets of weapon mounts and can be outfitted with smoke-grenade launchers. U.S. Special Forces undergo significant training to operate these vehicles. Fox News is told the vehicles provided to the Libyans are now gone. 
Along with the GMV's, hundreds of weapons are now missing, including roughly 100 Glock pistols and more than 100 M4 rifles. More disturbing, according to the sources, is that it seems almost every set of night-vision goggles has also been taken. This is advanced technology that gives very few war fighters an advantage on the battlefield. 
"It's not just equipment ... it's the capability. You are giving these very dangerous groups the capability that only a few nations are capable of," one source said. "Already assassinations are picking up in Tripoli and there are major worries that the militias are using this stolen equipment to their advantage. All these militias are tied into terrorist organizations and are tied to (salafists)."
And the reason why there is no congressional investigation?
If this were a republican president, impeachment proceedings would commence.

CCSD Getting Political, Liberally

You think CCSD would allow opposing views from conservatives?
At the school I teach at, us teachers have been mandated to pass out flyers about a meeting about ObamaCare and the organization holding the rally is called "Organizing for Action".
From the Huffington Post:  President Barack Obama may have run the last campaign of his career, but his political organization is not going away. In an unprecedented step for the campaign of a sitting president, Obama for America is relaunching itself ahead of the president's second inauguration as a social welfare nonprofit group called Organizing for Action.
First reported Thursday night by the Los Angeles Times and Politico, the new group will use the Obama campaign's extensive collection of data and manpower to push the president's agenda from outside the confines of the Democratic Party structure, while giving grassroots supporters a voice in deciding which issues the nonprofit will focus on.
Jim Messina, Obama's 2012 campaign manager and the chair of Organizing for Action, explained the relaunch in an e-mail to staffers and donors, "It will be a supporter-driven organization, as we've always been, staying true to our core principles: 'respect, empower, include.'"
"We'll work on the key battles of our generation, train the next generation of grassroots organizers and leaders, and organize around local issues in our own communities," Messina continued. "We'll continue to support the President in creating jobs and growing the economy from the middle out, and in fighting for issues like immigration reform, climate change, balanced deficit reduction, and reducing gun violence." ...
"It's important to note that there's a difference between creating a 501(c)(4) to advance a legislative agenda versus one like Crossroads that was created just to elect people," Smith said.
Clearly, this is a political organization.
Some things from the flyer:
Health insurance that fits your budget and is there when you need it."
(well, that's a matter of opinion, not fact)
It also puts down links to political organizations.

So, now, CCSD is using school money, classroom time and facilities to promote a political agenda and a rally.  This is clearly illegal per Nevada law.
And again, do you think they will allow opposing view points?

To Bad, To Sad, Reporters

Channel 3 News in Las Vegas is reporting on their 11:00 news that a reporter and cameraman were assaulted and now they are crying like little babies.
It started with the the bubble headed bleach blonde or what ever the bimbo's hair color is) and the cameraman decided to go the Las vegas Zoo's director's home to ask him some questions.
They knocked on the door and the man refused to answer questions and slammed the door in the bimbo's face.
They then tried to talk to the man's wife through a window, even though they knew they knew now trespassing. 
So, the man came out of his house and proceeded to kick the ass out the cameraman and maybe the bimbo.
I don't blame the homeowner.  The bimbo reporter and the camera man knew they were not wanted on the property, they invaded the inside of the guys house by going to a window and trying to talk to the guy's wife, even though she was not part of the story and they didn't leave when should have.
Why didn't try to interview the guy at the zoo?
And so, they get the crap beat out of them and they go crying to the cops and the station.
I say to the owner of the house, good for standing your ground against a bimbo reporter, and camera man who is not very competent.
I hope the cops charge the bimbo reporter with trespassing and clear the homeowner.

Obama Scandal Of The Year

Oh my, Obama is a such a liar.
From Fox News: Perhaps President Obama has kicked the smoking habit -- but he looks to be telling tall tales about how long it's been since his last puff. 
The president was caught on camera Monday telling a U.N. official he hasn't had a cigarette in six years. 
"I hope you quit smoking," Obama told Maina Kiai, on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in New York. "I haven't had a cigarette probably in six years. That's because I'm scared of my wife." 
Maybe it just felt like six years. According to statements made by his aides and his family, it's been more like three or four. 
The president first admitted in a June 2009 press conference that he snuck a cigarette now and then, though at the time he was trying to quit. 
Then in February 2010, his White House physician reported that the president was still smoking.
Wow, this has to be on par withWatergate.
I am no fan of Obama, and quite frankly, if he keeps on smoking, the shorter time he spends on Earth.
But this is not a news story and who really cares, except Michelle and the kids of course. 
But with Obama, it's all about him.

And For Being A Rotten Person Also

From the San Fran Chronicle:
A Vatican official has come out in support of denying communion to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her support of abortion rights.
Raymond Cardinal Leo Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome — the Vatican's Supreme Court — slammed the California Democrat for "obstinately" persisting in grave sin by supporting the policy, even "after repeated admonitions."
In comments to The Wanderer, the American cardinal chided the long-serving congresswoman, who professes to be a devout Catholic, for divorcing her faith from her public life.
"I fear for Congresswoman Pelosi if she does not come to understand how gravely in error she is," said Burke, who was appointed to the Church's judicial body in 2008.
Read more:
Abortion is just one reason why Pelosi should not receive communion.  She is a vile, ignorant and a horrible person in general should give Pelosi a short ride to hell after she breathes her last breath and stops contributing to global warming.

Obama Fail: Even Iran President Doesn't Want To See Him

Obama is such a failed person and president.
Now, even the President of Iran disses Obama.
From Politico: President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will not meet at the United Nations on Tuesday, senior administration officials said.
The White House had offered to have “an encounter” between the two leaders on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, but Iranian officials ultimately declined.
Read more:
Hell, given an opportunity, I wouldn't want to visit with Obama either.  I don't want to degrade myself.

Crime In A Small City

Seriously, someone called the police for this?
From the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune: At 2:22 p.m. Sunday, a Wisconsin Rapids woman reported the smell of charcoal and lighter fluid. Her neighbors were cooking.

This Would Be Interesting

A conservative Democrat vs A liberal Republican for Nevada governor?
From the Las Vegas Sun: No Democrat has yet declared an intention to run against popular Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, but Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak says, “I don’t think it’s an impossible task.”
Sisolak told a gathering of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors last week that he’s conducting polls, focus groups and research on a possible run for governor against Sandoval, who is running for reelection.
Sisolak declined to disclose details of his polling about his chances against Sandoval, saying he’s still consulting elected Democrats like Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., about what he should do.
Still, there appears to be at least some momentum for a Sisolak for governor campaign.
Sisolak loses me because he consults with Harry Reid.
But I am not a fan of Brian Sandoval either and would consider Sisolak.
Sisolak's problem is if a liberal also runs for governor on the Democrat side, there is no way in hell he wins a primary race.

Sick Tick At It Again

Tick Segerblom
Sick Tick

From the Las Vegas Sun: Deaths from overdoses of prescription narcotics has "reached an epidemic," says state Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, who is urging a California company to curtail its online sale of the drugs.
Segerblom and California Sen. Ted Lieu have issued a statement asking Jim Buckmaster, chief executive officer of Craigslist, to end listing the sale of these drugs.
A representative of Craigslist said it prohibits the sale of these drugs on its website and has taken steps to minimize its advertisement.
William Powell, director of customer service and law enforcement relations for Craigslist, said Friday he would be willing to meet with Segerblom and Lieu to talk about further measures.
Segerblom said there were 15,000 overdose deaths in the United States in 2011, ranking overdose deaths just behind deaths from auto accidents.
"Craigslist can be an avenue for persons to acquire such highly addictive and potent medication as OxyContin, Vicodin and Xanax among others" Segerblom and Lieu said.
I am on pain medication that are narcotic, as a matter of disclosure. 
First, if an moron overdoses on medicine, that is their own problem, their own fault and they are stupid and may be better off dead to either get out of their pain or out of the DNA pool.
I looked up Oxycontin, Oxycodone and a few other drugs.  Yes, some narcotics are for sale but if you are stupid enough to buy drugs off of Craigslist, you deserve to be robbed, which you will, be ripped off, which you will or they are false adds, maybe some put there by Sick Tick.
But Sick Tick is obsessed with legal prescriptions but he just loves medical and regular pot.
Can you call Sick Tick and Sick hypocrite, a Sick nanny and just a plain old sick, uneducated person?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Please Attend, If You Can

From the LVRJ: The nonprofit Honor Flight Southern Nevada organization that will take World War II veterans to see memorials and monuments in the Washington, D.C. area on Oct. 11 will hold a pancake breakfast fundraiser Friday at Red Rock Harley-Davidson.
Director Belinda Morse said donors can purchase $5 tickets for the breakfast at Red Rock Harley-Davidson, 2260 S. Rainbow Blvd., between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. Friday.
Honor Flight Southern Nevada was founded in June as a part of the national Honor Flight network, established in 2005. Honor Flight events are dedicated to honor U.S. veterans for all their sacrifices.
The local organization is an all-volunteer group with a simple mission: to fly World War II veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials that were built in their honor.
“There is no cost for the veteran to make the trip, as the trip is funded by donations from a generous community,” Morse said.
For more information about Honor Flight Southern Nevada call 702-749-5912.
This is a worthwhile event to help those who served our country during WWII.
(And not to toot my own horn, but I helped get the ball rolling with Honor Flight a few years ago but the other people have done a great and wonderful job creating and running the program)

What's The Point?

From the LVRJ: Alfred Sapse, an unlicensed physician described as a “modern-day Dr. Frankenstein,” was sentenced to 17 ½ years in federal prison Tuesday in a scheme to defraud chronically ill patients through an experimental stem cell implant procedure.
Senior U.S. District Judge Kent Dawson, calling the 87-year-old Sapse’s conduct “abhorrent,” also ordered him to pay roughly $1.1 million in restitution.
Dawson remanded Sapse into federal custody and U.S. marshals handcuffed him and led him out of the courtroom. He asked about his blood pressure medication, as he was taken away.
Earlier, Sapse remained defiant, telling the judge he was the victim of a government vendetta and a “kangaroo court.”
He said he expected to die in prison.
I guess the "doctor"went on the limb and said he is going to die in prison.
But what is the point of sending a 87 year old man to prison for 17. years.  It sounds like this idiot judge was seeking revenge because the "doctor" did not bend over and kiss the judge's ass/hand.
All this does is create a burden to the prison system all because the judge got his poor little feelings hurt.

Now, Times That By 3

From the New York Daily News: The number of immigrants crossing into the U.S. illegally appears to be rising again after a big drop during the recession.
About 11.7 million undocumented immigrants were in the U.S. last year, up from 11.5 million in 2011, according to estimates released by Pew Research Center's Hispanic Trends Project on Monday.
The increase is within the researchers' margin of error, but Pew said the country's recession-era decrease in illegal immigration — including visa overstays and border crossings — has bottomed out. Illegal immigration peaked at 12.2 million in 2007 and dropped to 11.3 million in 2009, Pew researchers said.
"Whether this is an indication that the economy's improving enough to attract new unauthorized immigrants is hard to say," said Jeffrey Passel, Pew Research Center senior demographer.
Read more:
With all due respect to Pew, that number is way, way off, it's probably more like 30+million illegals. 
Seriously, how do you document all the illegals?  Call and survey them via telephone?

Disney Probably Be Sued For Doing The Right Thing

From the New York Daily News: People with disabilities will no longer go straight to the front of lines at Disneyland and Walt Disney World after growing abuse of the system, park officials said.
Under the change, visitors will be issued tickets with a return time and a shorter wait similar to the FastPass system that’s offered to everyone.
The current way “certainly has been problematic, and we wanted to curb some of the abuse of this system,” Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Suzi Brown told the Orange County Register.
The change takes effect Oct. 9 for guests with park-issued disability cards. Disney officials said more details will be released after park employees are briefed on the new rules....
The move was a response to the phenomenon of disabled “tour guides” who charge money, sometimes hundreds of dollars, to accompany able-bodied guests and allow them to avoid long lines. The park said others who don’t have a disability have been able to get an assistance card since no proof of disability is requiredRead more:
Read more:
It's too bad that so many people abused the system that it has come to this.
But in this "it's all about me" time of our lives, it's not very surprising that this policy had to change.
But you know someone will sue Disney, claiming discrimination.


This should never have been a legal issue.
From the Chicago Tribune: A 4-year-old Cherokee girl known as "Baby Veronica," who is at the center of a cross-country custody battle, was handed back to her adoptive non-Native American family on Monday, Cherokee Nation officials told Reuters.
The transfer came hours after the Oklahoma Supreme Court lifted a stay, clearing the way for the girl to be transferred from the custody of her biological father in Oklahoma, Dusten Brown, with whom she has lived for nearly two years.
Brown gave Veronica to her white adoptive parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco of South Carolina, at 7:30 p.m. CDT on Monday in an emotional but peaceful handoff, Cherokee Nation Attorney General Todd Hembree said in a statement released late Monday.
In his statement, Hembree did not say if the nation would continue to fight alongside Brown for custody, but his comments suggested that the four-year legal battle could be coming to an end....

Veronica's birth mother, who is not Native American, arranged the adoption with the Capobiancos before the girl was born. Brown has argued he did not know the mother would give her up for adoption when he signed away his parental rights.
Brown, who was not married to the birth mother, argued that the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 allowed him to have custody of Veronica, who is 3/256th Cherokee. A South Carolina family court agreed with him and he took custody of her in 2011.
But in June, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned that ruling and decided the act did not apply. Her adoption by the Capobiancos was finalized in July, but Brown refused to turn her over.,0,1036094.story
I'm sorry but a person who is about 1% Indian is no more of an Indian than anybody else.  If you want Indian benefits from a reservation, you need a whole lot more than 1% Indian blood in you to get the benefits.
This should not have been a legal issue and the right thing now is happening, with the little girl going to live with her rightful parents.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Obama Economy: It Still Sucks

From the LVRJ: Citigroup Inc. will eliminate 760 jobs in its Las Vegas mortgage unit though layoffs starting in December, a move the company attributes to a drop in home loan refinances driven by higher mortgage rates.
The cuts will eliminate more than two-thirds of the CitiMortgage staff based at the Lakes at 8725 W. Sahara Ave. Work will end for most on Dec. 20, with the remainder of the positions eliminated in March, a company spokesman said.
“In response to decreased demand for mortgage originations and refinancing, CitiMortgage is eliminating some positions in sales, fulfillment, underwriting and mortgage default functions at Citi sites in Las Vegas and Irving, Texas,” Mark Rodgers, director of Citi public affairs in New York, said in a statement.
Obama has pretty much destroyed the economy and it's not going to get better but only worse when ObamaCare takes full effect.
The jobs situation is horrible as many jobs are being eliminated or the hours and wages are being cut and more people are on social welfare programs than at any time in history.
Obama without a doubt that Obama has been the worst president in American history, someone who has truly damaged the United States.  The democrats who have supported him are even worse- they know he is a mentally incompetent horse's ass but they won't do anything to correct his mistakes because they are just a bunch of chicken shit cowards who are afraid of being called a racist.
I'd say I wish a meteor would come out of the sky and knock Obama on his ass and make him mentally incompetent to serve, but then again, we already have a mentally challenged vice president, so it wouldn't make any difference.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Conservative Elected

Australia, Norway and Now Germany, where the conservative government has been re-elected.
From the New York Daily News:
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives triumphed in Germany’s election Sunday, and could even win the first single-party majority in more than 50 years.
But Merkel’s center-right coalition partners risked ejection from parliament for the first time in post-World War II history.
Depending on what parties end up in parliament, Merkel could also find herself leading a “grand coalition” government with the left-leaning Social Democrats or — less likely — with the environmentalist Greens.
“This is a super result,” said Merkel, Germany’s chancellor since 2005 and the de facto leader of the response to Europe’s debt crisis over the past three years.
Merkel said it was “too early to say exactly how we will proceed” in forming a government.
If her current coalition lacks a majority and the conservatives can’t govern alone, the likeliest outcome is a Merkel-led alliance with the Social Democrats. The two are traditional rivals, but governed Germany together in Merkel’s first term after an inconclusive 2005 election.
Read more:
Look out in 2014 hen hopefully conservatives will run the whole Congress and kick out the Democrats from most of the power.

This Is A Good Fight?

Maybe I'm missing something.
From the Las Vegas Sun:  
Sweden's Alexander Gustafsson (left) lands a blow on American Jon Jones during their World Light Heavyweight Championship bout during UFC 165 in Toronto on Saturday Sept. 21, 2013. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young)
 Hunched over the shoulders of his corner men, Jon Jones grimaced with every step as if he was walking on a bed of nails and broken glass.
Alexander Gustafsson’s exit from the Air Canada Centre after UFC 165 early Sunday morning was just as graceless. Gustafsson's hobble made it look like each of his legs weighed 400 pounds, or roughly twice the light heavyweight limit.
The main-event opponents limped to the same destination, and not their scheduled appearance at the post-fight press conference. Both wound up in an ambulance instead, headed straight to a downtown hospital where they’ll spend the night.
“That’s how good that fight was,” UFC President Dana White opened his press conference comments. “I don’t think we’ve ever had that happen. We usually have one or the other go, but they’re both going.”
So, both fighters going to the hospital after the fight is a good thing?
Color me sickened.

More Thug Allah Terrorism

I'm sure Allah is smiling from Hell where he live when sees something like this:
From the LVRJ:  A pair of suicide bombers detonated their explosives outside a historic church in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday, killing over 60 people in the deadliest-ever attack on the country’s Christian minority, officials said.
The bombing in Peshawar, which wounded another 120 people, underlines the threat posed by Islamic extremists as the government seeks a peace deal with domestic Taliban militants. It will likely intensify criticism from those who believe that negotiating peace with militants is a mistake.
The attack occurred as hundreds of worshippers were coming out of the church in the city’s Kohati Gate district after services to get a free meal of rice offered on the front lawn, said a top government administrator, Sahibzada Anees.
“There were blasts and there was hell for all of us,” said Nazir John, who was at the church with at least 400 other worshippers. “When I got my senses back, I found nothing but smoke, dust, blood and screaming people. I saw severed body parts and blood all around.”
Survivors wailed and hugged each other in the wake of the blasts. The white walls of the All Saints Church were pockmarked with holes caused by ball bearings or other metal objects contained in the bombs to cause maximum damage. Blood stained the floor and was splashed on the walls. Plates filled with rice were scattered across the ground.
The attack was carried out by a pair of suicide bombers who detonated their explosives almost simultaneously, said police officer Shafqat Malik. Authorities found their body parts and were trying to determine their age, he said.
islam is supposed to be the religion of peace, but all it is is a religion of barbaric thugs.
Sure, there may be a handful of muslims who will condem this slaughter, but they are few and far between.
CAIR, Council of American-Islamic Relations is silent on this terrorist action and no wonder as they are a bunch of terrorist supporting thugs.
Update: 78 are now killed by the muslim thugs.

U.S. Shame: Some Kenyan Terrorists Are U.S. Citizens

From CNN: Authorities in Kenya appeared close to ending a deadly siege Monday at an upscale Nairobi mall, where attackers have killed at least 68 people, injured 175, and are believed to still be holding about 10 people hostage.
"All efforts are underway to bring this matter to a speedy conclusion," the Kenyan military announced on Twitter.
It said that "most of the hostages have been rescued and security forces have taken control of most parts of the building."
Earlier, police had tweeted that a "MAJOR assault" by security forces was ongoing.
The developments come some two days after Al-Shabaab militants first stormed the shopping center, spraying bullets and unleashing chaos.
There are believed to be between 10-15 gunmen involved in the attack, officials said.
Sources within Al-Shabaab told CNN that nine names listed on a Twitter site -- now suspended -- were people who were among the alleged hostage-takers.
Three of the alleged attackers are from the United States, two are from Somalia and there is one each from Canada, Finland, Kenya and the United Kingdom, according to the list.
The FBI is looking into the claim that American citizens were involved the attack, but have not confirmed that.
Similarly, a senior State Department official said that the United States is trying to determine whether any of the alleged attackers are American. But, the official said, authorities are becoming more confident American citizens were involved.
President Obama has apologized for many things in the past, here is another opportunity for him to apologize for the actions of these ugly Americans.
And if any of these thugs/terrorists received any help and I am looking at CAIR and other muslim groups, then Obama and Eric Holder need to investigate these groups/mosques

Seriously, KDWN, Have You Ever Heard Of The "Heidi: Game?

You have to wonder about the mental midgets that run Las Vegas's KDWN radio station and what drugs they were smoking this weekend.
Today, Sunday, KDWN was broadcasting the NASCAR Sprint Car race from New Hampshire.
They were broadcasting the race, but at 2:00, they decided it would be a good idea to then switched to some huckster's infomercial, when there were about 30 laps left in the race.
If KDWN is going to run a live event, then they need to make sure they run the event to the end.  But apparently, the program manager at KDWN, John Shaffer, isn't bright enough to figure that out.
Yes, I am sure the station runs on a computer during the weekend, but if you are going to carry a live event, you need to make sure you have contingencies in case the event goes long.
So, now, KDWN is the proud owner of their own "Heidi" game.

After Watching The Packer Game Today... The Packers Suck

I am a life long Green Bay Packer fan, it's in my DNA but after watching the Cincinnati Bengal-Packer game today, all I can say is that this year's team sucks.  They were outplayed and outcoached by the Bengals and it didn't help that the coach, McCarthy showed no confidence in the offense when the Packers had 4th and less than one on the goal line of the Bengals and he went with the field goal.  No wonder Rogers bitched at him.  Horrible coaching.
So, if you are a Packer fan, prepare for a very long season and hope for a high draft pick to get some athletes on the offensive line instead of the rocks they have now on the line.

Wow, Those Philly Fans Are Tough

Of course, it could be dog lovers who apparently it is right to threaten to kill a person who killed dogs.
From autograph signing by Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in York, Pa. has been canceled temporarily, thanks to death threats made against the event's organizer.
According to WHP CBS 21, event organizer Joe Bartolo claims death threats were made against him, his wife and their family for organizing the Vick signing, which had been scheduled for October 31 at a local Buffalo Wild Wings. Bartolo also says he was forced to shut down JJ Cards-N-Toys Facebook page.
"The message was, 'I wish your wife and kids would die,'" Bartolo told WHP CBS 21.
There were also a lot of angry posts directed at Buffalo Wild Wings. In one Facebook post, an angry commenter wrote, "You suck. Your food sucks. Anyone who eats there sucks. And whoever thought liking/ supporting Michale [sp] Vick should burn in hell."

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Outrageous: Emmy's Reward Dead Drug Addict Actor, Not Real Stars

Hollywood is clueless (99.9% of the time they are) but this is really outrageous.
From the San Fran Chronicle: The exclusion of Jack Klugman from an Emmy Awards tribute that includes Cory Monteith is an insult to the memory of the late TV veteran and three-time Emmy winner who starred in "The Odd Couple" and "Quincy M.E.," Klugman's son says.
"I think it's criminal," said Adam Klugman in an interview with The Associated Press. "My dad was at the inception of television and helped build it in the early days."
Ceremony producers announced this week that five individual salutes would be included on Sunday night's Emmy show in addition to the traditional "in memoriam" segment that groups together industry members who died in the past year.
Besides Monteith, the "Glee" star who died in July of a heroin and drug overdose, those to be honored include "The Sopranos" star James Gandolfini; Jean Stapleton of "All in the Family"; comedian and actor Jonathan Winters; and "Family Ties" producer Gary David Goldberg.
Monteith, who was 31 when he died, is by far the youngest of the group. All the others are Emmy winners, while he had yet to be nominated in his abbreviated career.
Emmy nominees who died last year and won't be accorded separate tributes include Larry Hagman of "Dallas" and Charles Durning of "Evening Shade."
Hagman, Durning and Klugman will be included in the group remembrance, an academy spokesman said Friday. The ceremony at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles airs at 8 p.m. EDT Sunday on CBS.
So, a drug addicted moron who killed himself with the drugs gets a special mention while more accomplished actors get lumped together in a lesser tribute.
Stay classy, Hollywood.

ObamaVille, Murders Still abound

In Obamaville, aka, Chicago, IL., where Obama still owns a house and has the Secret Service guarding it (what did these agents do to piss someone off to get this assignment?), the murders still happen despite silence from Obama and Mayor Emmanuel's fake sincerity about gun violence when 13 people were shot the other day.
From the Chicago Tribune: Hours before he was shot and killed this weekend, Jamal Coleman was looking forward to his son's first birthday on Saturday, buying him gym shoes and party supplies.
The 22-year-old father, who recently landed a job with a mailing company, had gone straight to the store after his shift ended Friday evening, according to a woman who identified herself as his stepmother. Several hours later about 3 a.m. Saturday, police found Coleman shot multiple times on a sidewalk in the 1300 block of West Washburne Avenue in the University Village/Little Italy neighborhood, according to authorities.
Coleman, of the 5400 block of West Monroe Street, was pronounced dead less than a half-hour later at Stroger Hospital, the Cook County medical examiner's office said.,0,7817302.story
Why does Obama and Emmanuel hate Chicago and it's citizens, especially the minorities, so much?

Obama And Sheldon: Seperated At Birth?

Sheldon   Obama portrait crop.jpg

Only recently, I have begun watching the "Big Bang Theory" and it seems that the character, Sheldon, closely resembles President Obama.
Some comparisons:
Sheldon is white, Obama pretends he is white.
Sheldon is a college professor, Obama was a college professor.
Sheldon is a big narcissist, Obama is a huge narcissist.
Sheldon is book smart but socially stupid. Obama is book smart but is socially stupid.
Sheldon doesn't drive and needs people to drive him around.  Obama relies on the Secret Service to drive him around.
Sheldon has trouble with women, Obama is rarely seen with Michelle and they go on separate vacations and don't even travel to the same location together.
Sheldon loves super heroes, Obama thinks he is a Super Hero.
Sheldon is not athletic, Obama isn't very athletic except in basketball and that is even suspect.
Sheldon talks big but in reality says little.  Obama talks big, says little.
Sheldon has few true friends.  Obama has few true friends.
Very few people respect Sheldon.  Very few people respect Obama.
Sheldon: It's all about me.  Obama: It's all about me.

Good News, Bad News With UNLV Football

UNLV Rebels image
The Good News: The UNLV Runnin Rebels have won their 2nd game in a row for the first time since Woodrow Wilson was president.
The Bad News: The Rebels defeated Western Illinois, 38-7, making it the 2nd opponent from NCAA's 2nd Division, having beaten Central Michigan last week.  They also won both games at home.

The real test will be next week when they go to New Mexico and play the Lobo's.

In The United States Congress and White House, It Would Be Business As Usual

From Fox News: Fallen Chinese politician Bo Xilai was sentenced to life in prison Sunday after a court convicted him of charges of corruption, accepting bribes, and abuse of power. 
The Jinan Intermediate People's Court court sentenced Bo to life in prison on the bribery charges, 15 years for embezzlement and seven years for abuse of power, rejecting Bo's defense that he did not know about the $3.5 million in bribes from two business associates in the form of extensive valuable gifts to his family -- including a French villa, expenses-paid trips, an electric scooter and fancy delicacies such as abalone. However, the court said a small portion of the bribes alleged by prosecutors, of about $160,000 were not proven in court.
The verdict and sentence brought a close to one of the most lurid political scandals in the history of Communist China and concluded Bo's downfall, which was set in motion by his wife's murder of a British businessman, followed by a defection of his top aide to a U.S. consulate with information about the murder case just ahead of a leadership transition.
Read more:
Congress critters of both parties get gifts, free trips, campaign money with the expectations that the congress critter will help them, abuse power, get special perks, free travel etc.
Maybe we can learn a thing or two from China on this issue and lock up some of these crooks that are scum of the Earth.

When Checking Out At Wal-Mrt, You May Be Frustrated....

Walmart Cashier rude
...That sometimes the waiting in a long time can be frustrating and you just want to yell at the cashier about how long you waited in line.
But hold on, the one thing I noticed working as a cashier for the past 10 months that about 90% of the time, the reason why lines move so long is the customers themselves.
Some reasons I have encountered:
1.  Let me get the correct change and spend a minute looking for 3 cents.
2.  I want to use my own bags and when you open up the bags, 10 flies fly out with maggots running around the bag(maybe a little exaggerated, but sometimes not by much)
3.  I can't control my kids,.
4.  I forgot my wallet in the car.
5.  I forgot the butter and I'll be right back while 3 other people wait in line.
6.  Arguing whether WIC covers my most expensive milk or other products.
7.  Arguing whether my food stamps covers my beer or hot chicken.
8.  Let me use this crumpled up coupon that expired last week.
9.  There's a cat in the store.
10.  Hey, that idiot cut in front of me.
11.  Don't bother me while I talk on my cell phone or am texting.
12.  Let me tell about my life.
13.  Let me tell you about my horrible ex-wife, dead mom, stupid husband.
14.  Hey, the cost on the shelf said $1.98 on a $10 item.
15.  You want to pet my dog?
16.  Let me tell you about all my health problems.
17. Hey, I'm a Henderson princess and I'm blonde.
18.  I came to the register with $150 in products but only $50 in cash, so I will let you know what items I want.
19.  Let me tell you this stupid joke.
20.  I can't see the credit car machine in front of my face but when I am done, I am going out to the car and drive away.
So, yes, sometimes Wal-Mart doesn't enough cashiers, especially late at night, sometimes we can be slow, but it's not always our fault.