Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Answer Alex Is 1296

Today marks 100 days President Trumphas been office.
Many people are ticked at Trump because he hasn't cured cancer, defeated ISIS and every family will have a chicken in their pot.
For me, I would give Trump a grade of an A.
No big terrorist attack, prices on just about everything have remained steady and the border has been more secure , nominated a conservative to the Supreme Court and overturning many of ex-president Obama executive orders.  Many people and pundits have talked about the first 100 days in office and  what Trump has done and most of them say Trump sucks.
But there are 1296 days left in Trump's first term, plenty of time to get things done.  And if Trump goes for a 2nd term, we will have another 2425 days to pissed off liberals.
Plenty of time.

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Trip To The Grand Canyon

I got a new job working at Home Depot stocking on the night.
So, this afternoon, a pit bull got into our yard and drove my 4 dogs nuts and so much to sleep.
I went for a drive north on Route 66 and went past Peach Springs, a small town on an Indian Reservation.
I went down Indian Highway18 and just drove to see what was thwere.
And I saw a fores, cows, some antelop, wild horses and then the south rom of the Grand Canyon.
Seeing the Canyon is free but the Havasupai Indian Reservation starts in the parking lot. If you want to hike, it will cost you $40. You can also go to Spain, AZ, which is a town of 200 people who down in the Canyon. There are no cars but they have a hotel and Cafe. You can get to the communityby hiking, helicopter or horse.
Here are some pictures I took:

And then I saw 2 fighter jets fly overhead, which was kind of strange.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

London Islamic Terror Attack Thwarted

From the UK Daily Mail: The terror suspect who was detained with a 'rucksack full of knives' near Parliament square had been tracked on an intricate web of CCTV cameras by police and MI5.
Armed police 'swarmed like bees' on the bearded man just before 2.30pm after his concerned family reportedly alerted security services.
Witnesses said the man, who was wearing a tracksuit and trainers, was crossing Whitehall amid the usual crowds of tourists and political staff when a police car suddenly pulled up and officers confronted him, just five weeks after the Westminster terror attack killed that five people. 
But, unbeknown to him, the suspect had been tailed from the moment he got off the Underground at St James's Park - where he had travelled from east London - and headed towards Westminster.
While covert teams trailed him on the ground, a live feed was being sent to control rooms in New Scotland Yard and the MI5's Thames House before they gave the order for them to swoop in. 
Read more:
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At least three knives were seen laying on the floor after a team of officers swooped and tackled the man to the ground
Great job by the London Metropolitan Police Dept. and those others that helped, including the failed terrorist's family.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Liberals Still Don't Get The 2016 Elections

Good news!! Liberals still don't know why they got creamed big time in the 2016 elections.
From the Chicago Tribune: The discussion over who is to blame for Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss to Donald Trump has suddenly flared up again. A New York Times report over the weekend revealed new details about FBI director James Comey's decision to reveal newly discovered emails that ultimately proved irrelevant — yet had a large impact on the election's outcome.
The Times report makes Comey's intervention look even more suspect, particularly in light of his refusal to divulge anything about the ongoing investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with Russian efforts to tip the election to Trump. The chatter about the Clinton campaign's failures has also escalated with the publication of "Shattered," a new book about the election....
Most people agree on one thing about the 2016 election: That the simplest way to describe what happened is that demographics did not deliver for Democrats. The party and the Clinton campaign had good reason to be confident that the vaunted "Obama coalition" — the nonwhites, young voters, single women and college-educated whites who powered majority victories in the two previous national elections — would come through one more time, as Republicans had shown no signs of even trying to evolve culturally in sync with the preoccupations of those groups. But demographic destiny fell short of swamping Trump's margins among blue-collar and middle-income whites.
The Democrats and Hillary lost because they forgot how to win elections.  They had lost over 1000 seats since ex-president Obama was elected.
Hillary was the worst candidate the Democrats could have had and she ran an absolutely horrible campaign while President Trump ran a great campaign and he reached out to the Democrats supposed strongest supporters.  Trump ran few campaign commercials about Hillary but more on issues and Clinton was hysterical about Trump, so much so, she numbed the audience.
And as polls show now, Trump would still beat Hillary...easily, months from James Comey and his talks about Hillary.
Liberals still don't get it and this "writer" shows he is clueless.

An Almost Darwin Award Nominee

We almost had a Darwin Award nominee when a lady fell into a monster hole while visiting Grand Canyon West
From the Kingman Daily Miner: Mohave County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue units pulled a woman out of a crevice near the Grand Canyon West Skywalk Tuesday afternoon.
According to a sheriff’s spokeswoman, the Department of Public Service Ranger helicopter called for a rope rescue after a 70-year-old Illinois woman fell into a deep crack about 10 yards from the edge of the canyon.
The victim had fallen about 50 feet and wedged herself during the fall, preventing her from dropping to the bottom. She fell a few more inches every time she took a breath.
Hualapai Nation Fire and EMS personnel initially responded to the scene and called for additional resources. Ten SAR members responded by helicopter from Kingman while additional SAR members drove to the scene.
SAR crews and firefighters set up a rope system and a SAR member was lowered down. The woman was hoisted to safety and sustained several cuts, scratches and bruises.
Here is a picture of the scene, compliments of the Mohave County Sheriff's Dept:
MCSO Search and Rescue, along with DPS and Grand Canyon West Fire Department personnel, work to free a woman who fell 50 feet down a crevice.
Let's see.  10 feet from falling into the canyon.  Check.
Not watching wear she was.  Check.
Falls down a large hole at least 50 feet deep, probably wearing flip flops.  Check.
Yep, an almost Darwin Award nominee, except she lived.
Darwin Award: The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of   
the human genome by honoring those who  
accidentally remove themselves from it...

Good And Now Make Them Pay

Federal lawmakers are no different than you and I and they shouldn't have perks that anybody else cannot get.
This is a start.  From Fox News:  One of the most popular perks for Washington D.C.'s power players is coming to an end, Fox News has learned.
After June 30, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices and certain diplomats will no longer be able to park in the special lot set aside for them at Reagan National Airport, just across the Potomac River from the Capitol. 
The coming change has left some lawmakers and their schedulers apoplectic. The special lot has long enabled lawmakers to shave minutes off their trip to Capitol Hill for a crucial roll call vote — or to get a head start on their flights home for every congressional recess....
Once the lot closes, cars with government credentials will have to park in the airport's public garages, just like everyone else. However, lawmakers, justices and diplomats will not have to pay for parking — provided they remember to show their government ID to the garage's cashier.
These lawmakers make almost $200,000 a year plus all the per diems, kickbacks, bribes and stealing all the campaign cash they can hide.  They can pay for their parking...and join Obamacare.

Dale Jr. To Retire

Like NASCAR doesn't need anymore bad news.
They can't field a full 40 driver field most of the time (this week, they have only 38 drivers running), they had problems finding a new series sponsor, until Monster Energy stepped up and now, NASCAR's most popular is going to retire at the end of the season.
From ESPN: Dale Earnhardt Jr., who soldiered on in the sport after the death of his father, a NASCAR icon, has decided to retire after the 2017 season.
He said he told Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick of his decision March 29.
"I just wanted the opportunity to go out on my own terms," Earnhardt said Tuesday. "I wanted to honor my commitment to Rick, to my sponsors, to my team, to the fans.
"... I made the decision shortly before I talked to Rick. Every driver thinks about retirement and what they think that looks like for them. I wasn't thinking about it too much until the last couple years. Once I realized how delicate things are, it's something I had to start thinking about quite seriously."
Earnhardt, 42, has 26 wins in 603 starts as part of a likely Hall of Fame career, including Daytona 500 victories in 2004 and 2014. He also has earned 14 consecutive NASCAR Sprint Most Popular Driver awards and remains consistently the top driver when it comes to merchandise sales.
I don't blame Earnhardt from retiring, he has been involved in NASCAR since he was born 42 years ago, first as the son to Dale Sr. and then his own career.
My guess is that he will still be an advertising star, like Brett Farve, do television commentary, run his business and then have time to have a family.
NASCAR is doomed.

Another Fake Obama Federal Judge

You really have to wonder some of ex-president Obama picks for federal judges actually know the law or if they are just traitors to the U.S. constitution and laws.
Another fake judge has decided he is smarter than President Trump (and he is not) when he said that cities are entitled to money from the federal government.
From the AP: A federal judge on Tuesday blocked any attempt by the Trump administration to withhold funding from "sanctuary cities" that do not cooperate with U.S. immigration officials, saying the president has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending.
U.S. District Judge William Orrick issued the preliminary injunction in two lawsuits - one brought by the city of San Francisco, the other by Santa Clara County - against an executive order targeting communities that protect immigrants from deportation.
The injunction will stay in place while the lawsuits work their way through court.
The judge rejected the administration's argument that the executive order applies only to a relatively small pot of money and said President Donald Trump cannot set new conditions on spending approved by Congress.
Even if the president could do so, those conditions would have to be clearly related to the funds at issue and not coercive, as the executive order appears to be, Orrick said.
These are grant money paid by the taxpayers of the United States and there is no guarantee that anybody can get these grants.
And if these cities, counties, colleges and states cannot follow the law, they shouldn't get ANY federal money...period.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Here's A Solution, Don't Ride The Elevator

Talk about dumb lawsuits.
From the Chicago Tribune: The wife of a prominent Chicago bankruptcy attorney will have to share the elevator with dogs after losing a federal lawsuit last week against her condo association asking for canine-free carriage.
Holly Geraci filed the housing discrimination lawsuit in March 2015 against the Union Square Condominium Association, where she shares a penthouse with her husband, attorney Peter Francis Geraci. She said fear of dogs amounted to a disability under the Fair Housing Act and sought to avoid riding with them in the close quarters of her building's elevator.
A jury disagreed, finding in favor of the condo association Thursday in U.S. District Court in Chicago.
"They didn't believe that Holly Geraci actually suffered from a disability as it's defined by the Fair Housing Act," Graham Miller, an attorney representing the condo association, said Monday....
Thomas Patterson, an attorney representing Geraci, did not respond Monday to a request for comment. Reached by phone, Geraci hung up after identifying herself.
When the Geracis moved into the development at 333 W. Hubbard St. in 2000, the association didn't allow dogs, but it made an exception for their older Cairn terrier, which weighed 10 pounds. In 2004, the building opened the door for dogs of all kinds, Geraci said in January....
While dogs are now free to ride the Union Square elevators with Geraci, Miller said it wouldn't surprise him if the couple appealed the verdict.
"I don't know what they'll do with this case," Miller said. "They certainly take litigation to its extreme."
So, this lawyer first has a dog, got special treatment, and when others got to bring their dogs in elevators, then she gets ticked off and sues.
Another solution....don't ride up the elevator with dogs and wait for the next elevator.
And then lawyers wonder why they get a bad name, from yutzes like this lady.

Strange Criminal Case In Las Vegas

First off, this firefighter is a pig and should be fired.
From the LVRJ: A judge set bail at $25,000 on Thursday for a Las Vegas fire captain accused of paying a teenage girl $300 to have sex with him inside a fire station.
Richard Loughry, 46, is charged with two counts of statutory sexual seduction; three counts of lewdness with a child under 16; two counts of child abuse, neglect or endangerment; and one count of soliciting prostitution of a minor. All are felonies.
According to a police report, Loughry twice asked the girl whether she was comfortable going to his fire station. The report said an advertisement described the girl as 22, though she is 15.
Defense attorney Craig Hendricks called the case “an incredibly embarrassing situation” and argued for Loughry to be released on his own recognizance. Had the victim actually been 22, the lawyer argued, Loughry would be charged with a misdemeanor.
“I’m not downplaying what my client may have done or did not do, but he cooperated with authorities in every way, shape and form,” Hendricks said. “Now he’s facing 94 years in prison. That is one incredible disparity.”
Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Cynthia Cruz said that if Loughry posts bail, he must remain under house arrest and have no internet access.

Again, I am not defending what this guy did but shouldn't the advertiser be charged with pandering?
The cops already nailed this girl's pimp, so that is taken care of.
But if the firefighter thought the girl is 22, and trust me, after working in high schools, some girls who are 15 can look like 22 year olds, then how he can be charged with child abuse and other child related charges?  I suppose he could have carded her, but I'm not sure, but I think most guys who pick up prostitutes don't card their prostitute.
And the girl said she was traumatized by what happened but she was in a fire station and she could have told the firefighter what the truth was and get help, but she didn't.
The firefighter needs to be fired and lose his pension, but I suspect, since he is married, his home arrest could be worse than jail and his soon to be ex-wife, I am sure, will be getting a lot of his money.
Couldn't have happened to a worse slug.

More Hate Fake News from Fake Newspaper

So, Erin Moran died of cancer, even many newspapers, including the fake Daily Mail, UK, said she died of a drug overdose.
From the fake Daily Mail: Erin Moran, who shot to fame playing teenager Joanie Cunningham in 1970s sitcom Happy Days, has died at the age of 56.
Authorities found Moran’s body in Indiana following a call about an ‘unresponsive female about 4pm Saturday.
A source told Moran, who lived in a trailer park in New Salisbury, Indiana, died of a suspected heroin overdose.
Read more: From the NY Daily News: Happy Days” star Erin Moran likely died from complications stemming from stage 4 cancer, an autopsy revealed.
The actress, who rose to fame as Joanie Cunningham on the beloved ‘70s series, was found unresponsive by first responders at her New Salisbury, Indiana home on Saturday. She was 56.
A cause of death was not clear at the time, but autopsy results released Monday by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department and Coroner’s Office revealed she “likely succumbed to complications” from the undisclosed form of cancer.
A law enforcement official told People that Moran was being fed through a gastrointestinal tube in her final days.
It should be noted that the Daily News also said Moran died of a drug overdose but they have scrubbed their stories of this information.
So, where does her family and her reputation go to clear her name?  Perhaps and hopefully, court.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

RIP Erin Moran/Joanie Cunningham

Yeah, I had  crush on her growing up.
From the NY DailyNews:  "Happy Days” actress Erin Moran, who found fame as Joanie Cunningham in the hit ABC sitcom, has died at age 56.
First responders in Indiana found a woman identified as Erin Marie Moran Fleischmann dead around 4 p.m. Saturday after a 911 call said she was unresponsive, according to a Harrison County Sheriff's Office statement.
It was not immediately clear how Moran died, an autopsy is pending, police said.
In the popular "Happy Days" series, Moran starred as the younger sister of Richie Cunningham, who was portrayed by actor and director Ron Howard. The show set in the 1950s wrapped up after a 10-year run in 1984.

Friday, April 21, 2017


From the NY Post: The US Department of Justice on Friday gave New York City and eight other local governments that provide “sanctuary” to illegal immigrants until June 30 to prove they’re not violating federal law by refusing to cooperate with immigration authorities.
The ultimatums from President Trump’s administration were accompanied by an accusation that many of the targeted jurisdictions are “crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime.”
“New York City continues to see gang murder after gang murder, the predictable consequence of the city’s ‘soft on crime’ stance,” the DOJ said in a news release....
Letters were also sent to ​officials in Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Miami; Clark County, Nev.; Milwaukee County, Wis.; Cook County, Ill., and the state of California.
Great, I lived in 2 of these places, Milwaukee and Las Vegas.  It's about time that law enforcement follows the law and not politicians and these local communities and California have decided not to follow the law and make their cities into war zones, like Las Vegas (Clark County, NV), Milwaukee, Chicago, New York and California.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

County Bans Circuses

Sadly, I live in Mohave County and this is another government overreach and this time, by a bunch of conservatives.
From the Kingman Daily Miner: If you didn’t ride the elephants at last year’s Mohave County Fair, or didn’t see the big cats perform at Ringling Bros. Circus, you may not get that chance again in Mohave County.
The Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 Monday to ban the use of wild and exotic animals for traveling commercial display or performances in Mohave County.
Supervisor Steve Moss said he was initially opposed to the ban when a group of citizens brought it to him, but changed his mind after reviewing material that included secretly recorded video of animal abuse.
Moss asked the County Attorney to look into ordinances that would protect activities such as rodeos and animal sanctuaries, while at the same time prohibiting traveling commercial animals such as those used in circuses and carnivals.
Jonathan Kraft, owner of Keepers of the Wild animal sanctuary in Valentine, showed a three-minute video of elephants being beaten with metal bars, whips and hooked sticks. Lions and tigers were kept in 6-foot-by-8-foot cages on trucks for 12 hours at a time.
“All that suffering for a few minutes of entertainment is appalling,” Kraft told the board. “The writing is on the wall. Ringling Bros. shut down their circus.”
Keepers of the Wild receives a lot of the unwanted circus animals, Kraft said, and plans to expand with a 2,200-acre sanctuary in Golden Valley that was approved by the county in 2015.
“I think Mohave County can set an example to stop this horrific suffering of these animals. A lot of Third World countries have passed this ban. If they can do it, I think the United States can do it,” Kraft said.
Supervisor Buster Johnson, who voted against the motion, said he didn’t know if the county has the authority to ban circuses and must follow state law.
He asked Deputy County Attorney Ryan Esplin if he knew about the state law, and Esplin said he didn’t know “off the top of my head” if the county has the authority to pass this particular animal ordinance.
Supervisor Hildy Angius, also opposing the motion, said there are existing rules against animal cruelty on the record. She believes it’s connected to “geo-political” issues with which she does not agree.
Sure, let's allow rodeos where they rope cows, ride bulls and kick horses while the riders try and stay on for 8 seconds.
But let's ban circuses where young kids can see exotic animals up close, especially in areas in the county where it is not possible see any of these animals elsewhere, unless you want to pay big bucks to see them at Keepers of the Wild, who has a financial interest in not having circuses come to Mohave County.  Otherwise, you have to travel to Phoenix, about 3 hours away to see an actual zoo.
What a bunch of idiots, these 3 supervisors, who are supposedly conservatives, are who voted for this.

Get Ready For More Liberal Thug Violence

Good for Ann Coulter, she has the guts to stare down a bunch of leftist cowards and thugs by speaking at UC-Berkeley, where liberalism is the rule and if you don't agree, they beat the crap out of you.  Yea, liberalism!!!
From the Washington Post: Officials at the University of California at Berkeley on Thursday reversed their decision to cancel a speech by conservative firebrand Ann Coulter.
The university had announced Wednesday that it was canceling Coulter’s appearance following several political protests in Berkeley that turned violent.
But on Thursday, the university reversed its position, saying officials had found a venue where they could safely hold the speech on May 2, instead of the original April 27 date. However, a leader of the college Republican group that originally invited Coulter said the university was placing strict conditions on the event, and he said his group intended to reject the new terms.
Before the reversal was announced, Coulter had vowed to go ahead with an appearance anyway. That probably would have put security officials on high alert and might have sparked another showdown in struggles over campus safety, student views and ideological openness.
“What are they going to do? Arrest me?” she said late Wednesday on the Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
Coulter said she “called their bluff” by agreeing to rules set by the university seeking to prevent violence....
The decisions by Berkeley to cancel both events involving high-profile conservatives were especially notable given the campus’s role during the 1960s and 1970s as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement and its long tradition of social protest.
Coulter said in an email to The Washington Post on Wednesday that the university had been trying to force her to cancel her speech by “imposing ridiculous demands” on her but that she still agreed “to all of their silly requirements.” She said she believes that her speech “has been unconstitutionally banned” by the “public, taxpayer-supported UC-Berkeley.”
And when there is violence by liberal thugs, does the left denounce the violence?  Of course not, by 99.9% of the liberal thug defenders.
So, go get them, Ann, you got more balls than any liberal clown at Berkeley.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'm Sure There's A Lot More

So, illegals did vote in the 2016 election.  They know of at least 3 illegal alien voters who canceled out the votes of 3 citizen voters.
From the LVRJ: Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, responding to requests Wednesday for details on allegations of Nevada voter fraud, said her office obtained evidence that three non-citizens voted in Clark County in last year’s election.
Her pronouncement comes after the Republican secretary of state on Friday sent a letter to the head of the Department of Motor Vehicles, claiming voter registration procedures at the DMV led to non-citizens being allowed to register illegally to vote.
I'm sure the liberals will say "only 3, that's not a big dealing but it is a big deal because surely there are many more illegal aliens who voted and those 3 illegals canceled out 3 citizen  voters.  Those illegal voters need to be imprisoned for several years and they and their immediate family needs to be deported.  And those enabled these 3 to vote, including whoever registered them also should be charged with a crime as well.

Bye Bye Bill O'Reilly

It doesn't surprise me terribly that Bill O'Reilly is done at Fox News due to sexual activities.
I rarely watched O'Reilly lately but one thing never changed.  The women he had on his shows could be sisters because they badically all looked the same.  Skinny to a fault, leggy, hair mostly poofy and mostly white.
The other reason I rarely watched was because he was so predictable that it became quite boring wstching him.
He had a nice run and changed cable news for the better (or worse, depending on your point of view).
Now he can enjoy retirement.

His Name Kind Of Gave Him Away

From the Kingman Daily Miner:  On Friday, Kingman Police arrested Loren Dean HasThePipe, 39, of Kingman on five felony charges of aggravated DUI, possession of narcotic drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.
According to Deputy Chief Rusty Cooper, HasThePipe was the driver of a 2014 silver Dodge truck that crashed into a light pole in the 3900 block of Stockton Hill Road. Officers determined HasThePipe was the driver and that he allegedly crashed into the pole as the truck entered Stockton Hill Road.
HasThePipe’s four children, ages 8 – 14, were in the vehicle during the crash, one of which received minor injuries.
Officers determined HasThePipe was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and impaired by narcotic drugs. He was also reportedly found to be in possession of heroin and assorted drug paraphernalia.
If your last name is "Has the pipe" chances the cops will be searching you first.

Another Thug Dead

Aaron Hernandez, former football player Turner ed murderer hung himself last night.
From ESPN: Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who was serving a life sentence for a murder conviction and just days ago was acquitted of a double murder, died after hanging himself in his prison cell early Wednesday, Massachusetts prisons officials said.
Guards found Hernandez, 27, unresponsive in his cell at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley just after 3 a.m., Department of Correction spokesman Christopher Fallon said in a statement.
The former New England Patriots tight end was pronounced dead at UMass Memorial-HealthAlliance Hospital in Leominster about an hour later.
What'sWhat's pathetic is that this guy was given so many chances in life but in reality, he was just a thug at heart.
Nothing sad about his suicide, just surprising. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

The New Official North Korean Newspaper For The United States

The New York Daily News is a rag of a media outlet.  It's not a newspaper because they write opinion instead of news.
It's not a tabloid because even the tabloids have a little truth to their stories while the News, especially when it comes to conservatives and President Trump, just makes up outlandish lies along with a big helping of hate, racism and bigotry.
It employs people who put words on a computer, like Shaun King, who is an out and out racist, a lover of thugs and hater of the police, conservatives and Trump.  He is also a liar and has been accused in the past of plagiarism.
The owner of the newspaper, Mortimer Zuckerman, who according to my anonymous sources, is a pedophile that hangs out by elementary schools with his pants down, while is alone in his car.*
But we can give the New York Daily News one honor that they would enjoy: The official United States Newspaper Of North Korea.
Today, on their web version, they had a series of slide pictures of daily life in North Korea with captions that come straight from the North Korea propaganda machine.  The title of the picture gallery is "An inside look at everyday life in North Korea"
Like this picture and caption:
Image result for image everyday life in north korea ny daily news

North Koreans took to Munsu Water Park on April 16 as part of nationwide celebrations for "Day of the Sun", which commemorated the 105th birth anniversary of late leader Kim Il-sung.
Image result for image everyday life in north korea ny daily news

Young men and women took to Kim Il-Sung Square on April 15 to celebrate the "Day of the Sun", a celebration of the 105th birth anniversary of former president Kim Il-Sung. Kim's birthday has been a national holiday since 1968
And the pictures go on and on and the captions just keep glorifying life in North Korea.
And so, congratulations to the New York Daily News and their well deserved title as the official newspaper of North Korea.

*This statement is probably not true but then when has the Daily News cared about the truth when they report on conservatives and President Trump?

This Is Pretty Much True

From the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune:
Having Donald Trump in the White House has had a revolutionary effect on the economic outlook of Wisconsin’s most partisan voters, recent polling suggests.
In a flash, it has turned Republicans into rosy optimists and Democrats into dour pessimists, reversing the mood of voters in both parties.
You probably didn’t need a poll to tell you that.
But the polling also tells us something more stark and fundamental about the partisan prism through which many voters see the world.
Trump’s election did more than change the expectations of Republicans and Democrats about the economy’s future performance.
It altered their assessments of the economy’s actual performance.
When GOP voters in Wisconsin were asked last October whether the economy had gotten better or worse “over the past year,” they said “worse’’ — by a margin of 28 points.
But when they were asked the very same question last month, they said “better” — by a margin of 54 points.
That’s a net swing of 82 percentage points between late October 2016 and mid-March 2017.
What changed so radically in those four and a half months?
The economy didn’t. But the political landscape did.
Both parties are changing and both parties are hypocrites. The Democrats seem to have changed the most with outright hatred of President Trump, but the GOP are not far behind.
Sadly, business as usual.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Who's Going To Pay For The Thug Protesters Expenses?

When ex-president Obama flew to so many different places, like Las Vegas to spend time with his mistress, to Hawaii, and other exotic places, those on the left defended Obama saying he needed the vacation time or other excuses to travel.
But now that President Trump is going to his winter home at Mara Lago, one of his established homes, the left is doing their usual crying and whining about the security costs.
But if the left is so worried about the cost of Trump going to his house then the left ought to be angry about all the costs associated with all the let's protests around the country.
How much does it cost the communities that the left protests in?
How much does it cost for all the extra police officers?  How about the cost of ambulances that have to stand by because leftist thug rallies tend to get violent.
How about the cost of sanitation workers who have to clean up after the piggie protesters leave?
How about the costs to the businesses who lose money when the paid thugs protest and usually damage any buildings close by and the loss of revenue when the protests continue for hours?
How about the cost of jailing the thugs and all the court expenses?
So, the paid thug protesters who protested that they have the right to see a person's private citizen's tax return cost communities hundreds of thousands of dollars so they can protest their stupidity.
And they complain about Trump's security costs?
What a bunch of idiots.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

You Know The Left Is Desperate Is When...

So, the left is down to protesting President Trump's lack of giving out his tax information?  That is what's left to protest is this?
From the NY Daily News: Protesters and politicians calling on President Trump to release his taxes took to the streets of Manhattan on Saturday, part of a national wave of similar demonstrations.
The Tax March rallies, scheduled in nearly 150 cities, were held to “demand transparency and fairness from President Donald Trump,” according to organizers.
The march began in Bryant Park, where thousands of sign-carrying protesters listened to a slate of liberal speakers.
Wow, of all the petty things to protest.  I'm willing to bet that 99.9% of Americans really don't care if Trump releases his taxes now.  And the other .1% just don't have a life, just like these protesters.

Trump Was Right Again

Voter fraud, what voter fraud?
From the LVRJ: Nevada’s top election official on Friday opened an investigation into alleged voter fraud in last year’s election, saying her office has uncovered evidence that noncitizens had cast ballots.
“Based on new information we have recently uncovered, we have initiated an investigation into illegal votes cast in the last general election,” Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske told the Las Vegas Review-Journal late Friday.
“Our office has been clear; we will investigate any allegation of election law violations that may jeopardize the integrity of Nevada’s voting process.”
Her office Friday sent a letter to the head of the Department of Motor Vehicles about voter registration forms issued by the DMV.
“It has come to our attention that when offering voter registration opportunities to customers, DMV’s employees offer voter registration materials to DMV customers whom they know to be non-citizens based on their presentation of a Green Card for identification purposes,” Cegavske wrote in a letter to DMV Director Terri Albertson.
“This practice must cease immediately,” the secretary of state wrote.
“Please take appropriate corrective action, as we have reason to believe that non-citizens have unlawfully registered to vote in Nevada as a direct result of DMV’s practices. Moreover, we have now confirmed that some noncitizens illegally cast votes in the 2016 general election.”
Existing law allows people who go to the DMV to fill out voter registration applications to register. Those forms are then forwarded to county election officials to verify eligibility.
Cegavske would not divulge how many illegal votes are suspected, adding that the investigation is in its infancy.
President Trump has said that illegals have voted in the 2016 election and Nevada, by percentage, is the illegal immigrant capitol of America, so it goes to figure that Nevada also has had a large number of illegals voting in the 2016 election.  So many in fact, that it  may have swung the election for U.S. senate, between Dr. Joe Heck and illegal lover, Catherine Corteez-Masto.
And where does Trump go get his apology?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

They Should Get An "A" In Whining And Imitating Babies

Image result for image liberal snowflakes
You would think liberals would get tired of the whining, crying and fake oppression claims made by teenage and early 20's kids these days, but instead, these parents probably did the same thing when they were younger.
From Fox News: A gay student group at Duquesne University fears that a proposed Chick-fil-A outpost could jeopardize the school’s safe spaces.
“Chick-fil-A has a questionable history on civil rights and human rights,” Lambda executive board members Niko Martini told The Duke (the university’s student newspaper).
Martini asked student government leaders to pass a resolution urging the school to reconsider Chick-fil-A as a dining option for students at the Pennsylvania Catholic school.
“I think it’s imperative the university chooses to do business with organizations that coincide with the university’s mission and expectations they give students regarding diversity and inclusion,” Martini went on to tell the newspaper.
So far, the student government association has not passed a resolution one way or the other. And with good reason.
A university spokesperson told the newspaper they picked Chick-fil-A at the request of the student body.
Still, fragile feathers were ruffled by news that youngsters would soon be nibbling on plump juicy chicken breasts tucked between hot, buttered buns.
“I’ve tried very hard within the last semester and a half to promote this safe environment for the LGBTQ+ community,” Lambda President Rachel Coury told The Duke. “So I fear that with the Chick-fil-A being in Options that maybe people will feel that safe place is at risk.”

You Heard It Here First (Or 2nd)

So, a brothel owner, Dennis Hof, wants to create a brothel in honor of the Las Vegas Raiders and this is big news today, April 13, 2017, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal (

Brothel owner has plans for Raiders-themed property near Las Vegas

The owner of Nevada’s best-known legal brothel will use his seventh location to cater to players and staffers of the Raiders NFL franchise once it moves to Las Vegas.

At least one question comes to mind: Can he do that?

Dennis Hof said his seventh brothel, with the planned name of Pirate’s Booty Sports Brothel, will offer half-off sex parties to Raiders players and staffers.

Except, those who read this blog and the 5 liberals who read the web site of the Las Vegas Sun (
Well, we read it here first:  
Only in Nevada.
From the Las Vegas Sun: 
When politicians and Raiders brass touted new business opportunities tied to a planned NFL stadium in Las Vegas, they probably didn’t have this in mind.
On Monday, Dennis Hof announced plans to build his seventh brothel in Nevada, a Raiders-themed establishment called Pirate’s Booty tied to the projected 2020 opening of the Las Vegas Raiders stadium.
NFL owners voted 31-1 on Monday to let the team move from Oakland to Las Vegas.
The brothel would be located 90 miles outside of Las Vegas in Crystal, just North of Pahrump in Nye County. Hof’s Love Ranch South is also located in the small town.“I’ve had a license for a seventh brothel near Las Vegas for some time now, but I was waiting for the right time to launch another house of debauchery,” Hof said. “The Raiders coming to Vegas will mean big business for me, so my next sex den will honor the ‘Men in Black’ and their ‘Raider Nation.’”
This blog post was written on March 28.
Nice scoop, LVRJ.

Too Funny

From Proud American via Michelle Malkin
Though I would give Obama some credit as he did bring down members of Al Qeada, Isis and Taliban...after they were allowed to ascended to their power position because of Obama's failure of finishing the job.
But I digress, this picture is too funny and mostly true.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why Chicago Is All Screwed Up

Over the weekend, there were 2 major incidents.
First, there was a judge who handled criminal cases. and he was killed in cold in front of his home..
The 2nd, some thug doctor was thrown off a United airplane, after he was asked to get off the plane.
So, who gets the most publicity?
Why the passenger who got thrown off the plane.
For the airplane doctor thug, I don't blame the airline that much.  They overbooked the flight, which they are allowed to do.  They offered compensation per FAA regulations.  And then they randomly picked passengers to be forced to leave and allow the other passengers to get on the plane again, under FAA regulations.
United didn't do anything legally wrong.
Would I be pissed if it happened to to me?  Probably, unless the compensation package was too low.
But the passengers wee chosen at random, according to FAA rules and the the thug doctor basically said he was better than anybody else and said he was too important to be picked.  
What a crock.
The situation could have been handled better but United did follow the rules.

Now, for the murdered off duty judge.
Here much about it?
From the Chicago Tribune: Chicago police say the attempted armed robbery of a slain Cook County judge and his injured girlfriend early Monday was not a random act while announcing murder and other charges against the first of several suspects.
Police also revealed that shell casings found outside the judge's Far South Side home matched ballistics evidence from an attempted armed robbery in the early morning hours three months ago. The victim was shot and wounded.
At a news conference Wednesday evening at police headquarters, Chief of Detectives Melissa Staples answered few questions, emphasizing that the investigation remained "open and ongoing" and that more details would come out in court Thursday. But she did call the attack on Associate Judge Raymond Myles and his girlfriend "a targeted robbery." However, Staples wouldn't say if it was the judge or his girlfriend who was the target of the robbery.
According to the Cook County state's attorney's office, Joshua T. Smith, 37, was charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated battery with a firearm and armed robbery.
So, you have a sitting judge get murdered in front of his house and he gets murdered in cold blood.
The main thug suspect is still on the run.
The judge was Black and yet not much is known  about him.  Black Lives Don't Matter never held a rally for him.
And he is hardly known. but the white thug passenger who got pulled off the airplane, well, he is well known now.
Typical Chicago where no none knows your name.