Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trump Was Right Again

Voter fraud, what voter fraud?
From the LVRJ: Nevada’s top election official on Friday opened an investigation into alleged voter fraud in last year’s election, saying her office has uncovered evidence that noncitizens had cast ballots.
“Based on new information we have recently uncovered, we have initiated an investigation into illegal votes cast in the last general election,” Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske told the Las Vegas Review-Journal late Friday.
“Our office has been clear; we will investigate any allegation of election law violations that may jeopardize the integrity of Nevada’s voting process.”
Her office Friday sent a letter to the head of the Department of Motor Vehicles about voter registration forms issued by the DMV.
“It has come to our attention that when offering voter registration opportunities to customers, DMV’s employees offer voter registration materials to DMV customers whom they know to be non-citizens based on their presentation of a Green Card for identification purposes,” Cegavske wrote in a letter to DMV Director Terri Albertson.
“This practice must cease immediately,” the secretary of state wrote.
“Please take appropriate corrective action, as we have reason to believe that non-citizens have unlawfully registered to vote in Nevada as a direct result of DMV’s practices. Moreover, we have now confirmed that some noncitizens illegally cast votes in the 2016 general election.”
Existing law allows people who go to the DMV to fill out voter registration applications to register. Those forms are then forwarded to county election officials to verify eligibility.
Cegavske would not divulge how many illegal votes are suspected, adding that the investigation is in its infancy.
President Trump has said that illegals have voted in the 2016 election and Nevada, by percentage, is the illegal immigrant capitol of America, so it goes to figure that Nevada also has had a large number of illegals voting in the 2016 election.  So many in fact, that it  may have swung the election for U.S. senate, between Dr. Joe Heck and illegal lover, Catherine Corteez-Masto.
And where does Trump go get his apology?

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