Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Another Reason Not To Go To New York City

You decide to go on vacation to New York City and you are excited to go there.  You book an expensive hotel room at $150 a night and you expect to have a good time and maybe get some nice sleep at a nice hotel, until you see that your room next door neighbor is a homeless bum, getting his hotel for free compliments of NYC government.
From the NY Post and Michael Goodwin: Mayor Putz is determined to reduce Big Apple tourism. With the homeless population exploding and shelters overflowing, City Hall is moving more vagrants into hotels, at an average price of $222 a day, including some in Midtown favored by families coming to see the sights.
“We rode the elevator up to our room with homeless people who were barefoot,” a guest at the New Yorker Hotel complained on Trip Advisor in August, The Post reports.
A few more examples like that and, presto, even Times Square will be empty — except for creepy cartoon characters and other beggars.
And this from the Post: he city has used 30 Manhattan hotels to house the homeless, including the iconic New Yorker, the upscale Excelsior and the tourist-friendly The Manhattan at Times Square.
The city’s use of Manhattan hotels shot up 58 percent in the last year as bookings expanded from the outer boroughs to prime tourist destinations in Midtown and Soho.
And the homeless lodging has reached beyond fleabag flophouses to boutique hotels and brand names sought by visitors who don’t necessarily want to mingle with the down-and-out.
“We rode the elevator up to our room with homeless people who were barefoot,” one guest at the Art Deco New Yorker hotel griped on the site Trip Advisor in August.
A total of 1,453 Manhattan hotel rooms were listed on the city’s “Shelter Scorecard” for February. The citywide average per room is $222 per day, including social services. The average cost per day at a shelter is $150.
So, besides sharing a hallway with people with few manners, you are also pissed because you are paying $150 or more a night and some homeless guy or lady gets it for free.  You bust your butt to pay for your vacation while some homeless person with issues gets it for free.
Typical liberal stupidity.

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