Sunday, April 16, 2017

Who's Going To Pay For The Thug Protesters Expenses?

When ex-president Obama flew to so many different places, like Las Vegas to spend time with his mistress, to Hawaii, and other exotic places, those on the left defended Obama saying he needed the vacation time or other excuses to travel.
But now that President Trump is going to his winter home at Mara Lago, one of his established homes, the left is doing their usual crying and whining about the security costs.
But if the left is so worried about the cost of Trump going to his house then the left ought to be angry about all the costs associated with all the let's protests around the country.
How much does it cost the communities that the left protests in?
How much does it cost for all the extra police officers?  How about the cost of ambulances that have to stand by because leftist thug rallies tend to get violent.
How about the cost of sanitation workers who have to clean up after the piggie protesters leave?
How about the costs to the businesses who lose money when the paid thugs protest and usually damage any buildings close by and the loss of revenue when the protests continue for hours?
How about the cost of jailing the thugs and all the court expenses?
So, the paid thug protesters who protested that they have the right to see a person's private citizen's tax return cost communities hundreds of thousands of dollars so they can protest their stupidity.
And they complain about Trump's security costs?
What a bunch of idiots.

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