Saturday, April 8, 2017

Where Is The Terrorist Group-Black Lives Don't Matter?

This is truly is a shame.
From the Chicago Tribune: Schaumburg man has been charged with first-degree murder in the killking of a couple in their Berwyn home, according to police and court records.
Roger Scoby of Schaumburg "confessed committing the heinous criminal act of murder" in the deaths of Tommie Moore, 70, and her husband, Ira Moore, 67, Berwyn acting police Chief Michael Cimaglia said at a news conference Friday. Physical evidence — including two guns belonging to the Moores found at Scoby's home — found in his vehicle and apartment also links Scoby to the crime, police said.
Scoby was scheduled to appear Saturday in Cook County Bond Court, according to police and court records. 
The Moores were found dead in their Berwyn home about 5:30 a.m. March 31. Both had been shot in the head. The wife also was stabbed multiple times in the torso.
Scoby, 40, had known the couple for a year, according to police. They used his services as a transport driver to a nearby hospital and he had brought them food and medicine, police said. He had gone to the house last Friday to drop something off.
Scoby's motive for the attack was vague, and the suspect says he simply lost control, Detective Thomas Tate said.
The Moor's were married for over 50 years and some thug decides to kill them over some loot that he stole from him.
And BTW, the thug is a black man.  Where is the terrorist organization, "Black Lives Don't Matter"?
Oh yeah, they are looking out for the "man", whites etc,  Black killers??  Nah, they don't care so much about those innocent victims of black on black crime.
Here is the Chicago's Black Lives Don't Matter manifesto:
  • No to deportations!
  • ​No to Anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia
  • No to racist police and state violence 
  • No to the criminalization of black, brown and immigrant communities
  • No to violence and marginalization LGBTQIA folks
  • No to sexual violence and harassment

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