Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I'm Glad I Don't Like Pepsi

I never really liked Pepsi products and after watching this commercial by Pepsi, that was pulled after 1 day, I don't think I will drink a Pepsi product for a awhile:

The commercial is about a bunch of liberal protesting something, in a peaceful manner by singing and dancing...
Reality check: no liberal protests are peaceful, cute and cuddly.  The pure hate at most leftist rallies is the norm.
But on the other hand, some people are complaining that the cops were agitated and this commercial was anti-cop.  If you actually watch the commercial, it is nothing like that- the cops are just standing there with little or no emotion and no riot equipment is seen.  It's cop neutral.
But the commercial is also anti-conservative so, it is against me, so no Pepsi for me.

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