Monday, April 17, 2017

The New Official North Korean Newspaper For The United States

The New York Daily News is a rag of a media outlet.  It's not a newspaper because they write opinion instead of news.
It's not a tabloid because even the tabloids have a little truth to their stories while the News, especially when it comes to conservatives and President Trump, just makes up outlandish lies along with a big helping of hate, racism and bigotry.
It employs people who put words on a computer, like Shaun King, who is an out and out racist, a lover of thugs and hater of the police, conservatives and Trump.  He is also a liar and has been accused in the past of plagiarism.
The owner of the newspaper, Mortimer Zuckerman, who according to my anonymous sources, is a pedophile that hangs out by elementary schools with his pants down, while is alone in his car.*
But we can give the New York Daily News one honor that they would enjoy: The official United States Newspaper Of North Korea.
Today, on their web version, they had a series of slide pictures of daily life in North Korea with captions that come straight from the North Korea propaganda machine.  The title of the picture gallery is "An inside look at everyday life in North Korea"
Like this picture and caption:
Image result for image everyday life in north korea ny daily news

North Koreans took to Munsu Water Park on April 16 as part of nationwide celebrations for "Day of the Sun", which commemorated the 105th birth anniversary of late leader Kim Il-sung.
Image result for image everyday life in north korea ny daily news

Young men and women took to Kim Il-Sung Square on April 15 to celebrate the "Day of the Sun", a celebration of the 105th birth anniversary of former president Kim Il-Sung. Kim's birthday has been a national holiday since 1968
And the pictures go on and on and the captions just keep glorifying life in North Korea.
And so, congratulations to the New York Daily News and their well deserved title as the official newspaper of North Korea.

*This statement is probably not true but then when has the Daily News cared about the truth when they report on conservatives and President Trump?

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