Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kids Can Be So Stupid

I was a kid once, back in the days of King Arthur and never even dreamed of doing something this stupid.
From the Liverpool, UK Echo:
The challenge involves spraying a can of deodorant only a few inches from the skin on an arm or hand.
Young people have been warned not to take up the “deodorant challenge” - a dangerous craze reported to be spreading across Britain.
The challenge involves holding a can of deodorant only a few inches from the skin on an arm or hand, and spraying it for as long as possible until it burns.
Maybe this is why some animals east their young.

The Horrible New York Daily News

Which is it?
The headline:

RAMADAN CARNAGE: 11 Americans among dozens killed in Kabul suicide bombing at start of holy month

Or the story: A powerful truck explosion ripped through a part of Kabul that is home to numerous embassies on Wednesday, killing 90 people and injuring hundreds more including almost a dozen U.S. citizens
The NY Daily News is  horrible "newspaper" that employs racists, anti-Semites and unprofessional "writers" and they love to complain and make things up about President Trump.
Now, through their incompetence, they have scared those who have friends and relatives in Kabul and they are wondering if their friend or relative is dead or alive.
Just another reason why we need to licence newspapers and writers.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

This Is A Load Of Crap

From the Bowling Green Daily News:  A trial date has been set for 13 members of Auburn’s Amish community who have been cited for violating a local ordinance that requires them to clean up after their horses.
Authorities have accused the Amish defendants of running afoul of Auburn’s ordinance setting forth the need for large animals traveling within the city limits to be fitted with devices to catch their droppings.
The ordinance cites a need to promote public safety. 
The Amish who live in Auburn are members of a conservative sect known as the Swartzentruber Amish, which rejects motor vehicles and most other modern technology and travels on horse-drawn buggies.
The Swartzentruber community decided that using the bags would violate the community’s religious standards, which has left its members at odds with local law.
Currently, there are 37 pending cases against 13 people involving citations for violating the ordinance, according to Travis Lock, the defense attorney representing the Amish.
I used to live in Amish country and now live out West where cattle have free range including the roads and not once have I ever had a problem with cow or horse poop.
My guess is that this county, Auburn,  made this rule because of the Amish which makes this religous discrimination. 

Hells Angels Going Green?

Image result for image california hells angel

I really don't live a sheltered life, but yesterday, I saw my first Hell's Angel biker with his vest on and he was from the California delegation.
He was shopping at the local Kmart with his good looking female companion.  He didn't look to be very scary, as it is rumored that Hells Angels aren't exactly up for sainthood.
In the parking lot, there was a nice blue and large Harley Davidson motorcycle and I thought it was probably his.
But about 5 minutes, some small looking guy with an older woman got on the motorcycle and rode away.
Well, this made me curious as to what this big bad biker dude was driving and when they got out, they got into this car:

Image result for image chevy volt

Yep, an electric car, the Chevy Volt.
It's nice to see the Hells Angels are going green.  I wonder how this would play out at the Sturgis motorcycle rally, if a bunch of Hells Angels drove up in their electric cars.

It's Snowing In London Today

Yes, snowflakes live in London.
From the UK Independent:   Katie Hopkins is to leave LBC with immediate effect, the radio station has confirmed.
The announcement comes shortly after Hopkins said that a "final solution" was needed following the Manchester terror attack that killed 22.
The since-deleted post appeared to call for genocide, her use of "final solution" presumably referring to the Nazi genocide of millions of Jews in the Second World War...
Complaints were made to the Metropolitan Police about Hopkins' tweet, which she later said she stood by, but claimed the use of "final" was a typo, changing it to "true" in a new tweet....
A spokesman for the Met said on Tuesday: "We can confirm that a complaint has been received by the Metropolitan Police Service on Tuesday, 23 May in relation to a tweet published on the same day.
"As is routine, the allegation will be reviewed and assessed by specialist officers."
The UK just had a horrible tertorist attack in Manchester and the folks in Manchester were strong and resolute.
Meanwhile, in London, someone puts out a dumb tweet and people go running to the cops, like the cops don't have enough to do.
Pretty pathetic.

Hillary: She Shows How Stupid She Is

Thank goodness we didnt elect Hillary Clinton as president as she has been shown to be not so bright afterall.
First she said President Nixon was impeached.  From the LA Times: While delivering a commencement address at her alma mater, Wellesley College, a private women’s liberal arts school in Massachusetts, Clinton, without naming Trump, recalled how many young people in the 1970s reacted to Nixon's reelection and later battles with the Justice Department.
“We were furious about the past presidential election of a man whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his impeachment for obstruction of justice," she said, pausing to note she was referring to Nixon.
Actually, Nixon was not impeached, though many in Congress, including members of his own party, called for it. Clinton said Nixon's resignation came after he fired “the person heading the investigation into him at the Department of Justice.”
And top it all off, she claims Russia helped to surpress the vote of my home state, Wisconsin. 
From the NY Magazine: 
Besides, she argues, “what I was doing was working. I would have won had I not been subjected to the unprecedented attacks by Comey and the Russians, aided and abetted by the suppression of the vote, particularly in Wisconsin.”
Now, I am from Wisconsin and still have friends and family there, and not 1 person has told me that anybody from Russia told them not to vote.  Not 1.  Neither has there been a single newspaper article stating that anybody from Russia told people not to vote.
Thank goodness this mental midget was not elected to be president. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

You Know You are Having A Bad Day When....

From NBC 6, Miami: A 63-year-old Florida man was arrested for driving under the influence after he allegedly damaged a newly unveiled "Don't Drink and Drive" patrol car in a crash.
The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office says Paul Wilkins drove into a traffic control point near U.S. 19 and Citrus Avenue around 10 p.m. Saturday. Police said Wilkins drove through cones, hit a detective’s car, and pushed it about 30 feet into the department’s brand new "Don't Drink and Drive" police cruiser. Both cars were parked, with red and blue lights flashing.
Wilkins told police he did not see the cars or the emergency lights flashing. No one was injured.
He was arrested on a charge of DUI.
Wilkins was taken to Citrus County jail in the new drunk-driving awareness cruiser emblazoned with the slogan "a cop or a cab, you decide."
I'm sure, the cops had a good laugh at this one, after making sure no one was hurt.  
How do you not see 2 police cars with all their lights flashing?

If This were President Trump...

From the NY Daily News:  Hillary Clinton can’t catch a break — but she has no problem catching a cold.
The twice-failed presidential candidate on Friday struggled through an otherwise inspiring commencement speech at Wellesley College, her alma mater, enduring a lengthy coughing fit that left her, once again, red in the face and bleary eyed....
We’ll blame allergy instead of emotion,” she said, laughing, as a college official offered her a lozenge.
But even after popping the tablet, Clinton continued to clear her throat, coughing and sucking back air between words, for upwards of four minutes — an awkward scene that evoked memories of last fall, when over the course of a few September weeks, she suffered a two-minute hacking cough during a speech in Cleveland, was filmed fainting as she left the 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York early, and then was forced to publicly disclose that she’d been diagnosed with pneumonia earlier that week.
Now, if this had been President Trump, the unprofessional writer,Adam Edleman, author of this drivel from the Fake newspaper would have had something like this:
President Trump, who is not my president, today went to a mostly white girl college for the rich.  After groping some girls, he spoke to the graduating class and hundreds of rich white girls walked out as Trump began to talk.
Trump starting coughing and continued coughing, perhaps shedding light on his drinking problem.
Trump popped a pill during the ceremony and anonymous sources say the pill was meth.
Once again, this shows Trump is unfit to be president and he needs to be impeached... or die.

Horrible Decision

Sometimes you have to ask yourselves, what people were thinking.
Last year, my House of Representative Paul Gosar played a political commercial at a memorial for  K-9 Amigo who died on duty in Kingman.  What the hell was he thinking.
Today, in the online version of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, they had a story of a Milwaukee County bus driver who was killed by a drunk hit and run driver.
In the middle of the article was an advertisement for Miller Beer:
What were they thinking?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Montana Gets Another Win For Trump

One day after the GOP candidate beat the crap out of an unprofessional reporter, the candidate wins the election to the House of Representatives.
Greg Gianforte won the seat, even with some rural counties still counting, fairly easily.
And the Democrats actually they thought had a chance.
A big win for conservatives but not for the GOP establishment.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Another Reason Obama Should Be In Prison

I hope this gets more scrutiny than the fake Trump/Russian news.
From Circa: The National Security Agency under former President Barack Obama routinely violated American privacy protections while scouring through overseas intercepts and failed to disclose the extent of the problems until the final days before Donald Trump was elected president last fall, according to once top-secret documents that chronicle some of the most serious constitutional abuses to date by the U.S. intelligence community.
More than 5 percent, or one out of every 20 searches seeking upstream Internet data on Americans inside the NSA’s so-called Section 702 database violated the safeguards Obama and his intelligence chiefs vowed to follow in 2011, according to one classified internal report reviewed by Circa.
The Obama administration self-disclosed the problems at a closed-door hearing Oct. 26 before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that set off alarm. Trump was elected less than two weeks later.
Thank goodness Hillary wasn't elected or this would still be going on.
And how can Democrat defend this.
Obama should have been impeached for this and so many reasons.
Finally, how come the mainstream media won't cover this?
Obama should be in prison.

Hey Bozo, If You Want To See A Loser, Look In The Mirror

Before all the bodies of the murdered kids and adults, the fake newspaper, the New York Daily News decided that an unprofessional "journalist " decided that it wanted to be political and run an opinion piece calling President Trump a loser.
From the Fake News and "writer of words, Gersh Kuntzman: 
Oy vey, our President is such a loser!
By now, the entire world is talking about the horrific Manchester terror attack that killed 22 and injured scores. But attention is now also turning to President Trump's horrific comments in the aftermath. In his first test of public speaking after a terror attack, the frat boy bro from Queens — who has spent his entire adult life vanquishing the demon of low self image — called the perpetrators "losers."
Reading the text of Trump's comments is one thing, but hearing it is another. Click on the video above. It's essential because only by watching Trump read his prepared remarks that you realize that Trump isn't merely saying, "These guys are losers." He's just recalling some high school taunt from the 1980s to define terrorism.
This loser unprofessional writer" is the loser along with the terrorists and the "writer" and terrorists have a lot in common.
They both have strong hatred of people they disagree with. 
They both believe in an ideology that is harmful to others.
Tterrorists and writer both have their own version of the truth.
Both the writer and terrorist are mentally unstable.
both the terrorist and writer don't care about the consequences of their actions.
Both the writer and terrorist are extremists.
While the terrorist uses bombs to hurt people, the writer uses a computer to spew his hate and tries to emotionally kill a person.
And finally, both the terrorist and writers are losers.  Also include the Fake Newspaper. 

And Then There Was None

Tonight, my son Emmanuel is graduating high school and there are no more baby Badgers left in high school.
After graduation Manny is going to get a job and go to college in the Fall with the goal of being a music teacher.
Its a beautiful night here in Kingman, AZ, with blue skies and a temperature of about 90.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Another Terrorist Attack In England

For the 2nd time in as many months, England has suffered another terrorist attack.
First, 4 people were killed in London and tonight 19 have been killed in Manchester.
It will be interesting to see, in a morbid kind of way, to see how many people were killed and injured by the bomb and how many may have killed or injured after the bomb exploded and may have been trampled in the panic afterwards.  Either way, the terrorist is responsible for all the death and injuries.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

And We Want This Criminal To Stay In The U.S. Why?

Good for ICE to use all available tools to rid the U.S. of criminal illegal thugs.
From the Detroit Free Press:  Federal investigators are using a cellphone snooping device designed for counter-terrorism to hunt undocumented immigrants amid President Donald Trump’simmigration crackdown, according to federal court records obtained by The Detroit News.
An unsealed federal search warrant affidavit obtained by The News is the first public acknowledgment that agents are using secret devices that masquerade as a cell tower to find people who entered the U.S. illegally, privacy and civil liberty experts said.
The secret device was used in March by a team of FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Metro Detroit to find Rudy Carcamo-Carranza, 23, a twice-deported restaurant worker from El Salvador whose only brushes with the law involve drunken driving allegations and a hit-and-run crash.
This illegal thug was arrested for DUI and hit and run, and besides, he has been deported 2 times.
And we want this high quality illegal thugs to stay in the U.S. for what reason?
Good bye and good riddance sir and if you have a beef, complaining to ex-president Obama because he had caused most of your headaches.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Evil In Mississippi

From the Ledger-Clarion- Jackson, MS: Ebony Archie collapsed after learning her child had been killed. Unable to stand, a family member carried her down a flight of stairs at the district attorney’s office in downtown Jackson.
In between screams and sobs, Archie cried out, “I told y’all that s—t wasn’t right, I told y’all.”
The body of her 6-year-old son, Kingston Frazier, was shot to death in the backseat of his mother’s car, abandoned on a dead-end road in Madison County. The car was 15 miles from the Kroger parking lot in Jackson where it was stolen early Thursday morning with Frazier asleep in the backseat....
Three suspects are in police custody. Madison-Rankin District Attorney Michael Guest said he planned to file capital murder charges against each of the three. 
Dwan Diondro Wakefield, 17, of Ridgeland, was taken into custody by the Madison Sheriff's Department Thursday morning. Wakefield, a senior at Ridgeland High School, was the starting quarterback on the school's football team, according to Superintendent Ronnie McGehee. He was dismissed from the team last year, McGehee said.
DeAllen Washington, 17, turned himself in to the Hinds County Sheriff's Department Thursday afternoon....
HIs great-aunt, Velma Eddington, said the family appreciated the outpouring of support but said the child's death was the result of "evil."
"Everyone that was praying for us, that we would find Kingston alive, we want to thank everybody for that, but this is, really, this is, it’s hard to know that people out there are evil, that would kill a child," she said. "That’s evil. That baby hadn’t done anything to him. That baby hadn’t done nothing. They could have left that child on that backseat, asleep. They didn’t have to kill him. Those people are evil. Evil. They need to find that other one before we find him…it’s evil what they did."
I jus don't know how you can kill an innocent 6 year old boy but things like this happen and it is evil. We see it in domestic disturbances, gang shootings and now this, a car theft.
Nay these 3 thugs rot in hell.

But I Thought It Was The Russians?

Anthony Weiner will not enjoy prison, and after living off his wife for the past several years, he may also not enjoy going to work.
From CBS New York:  Sources tell CBS2 Huma Abedin‘s attorneys are filing her divorce papers Friday afternoon in Lower Manhattan after her estranged husband, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weinerpleaded guilty to charges in a sexting investigation.
Weiner admitted in court that he transferred obscene material to a minor. It’s a federal offense that will force him to register as a sex offender, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported.
Weiner has been under investigation by the feds since last fall when reports surfaced he was exchanging sexually explicit messages for months with a then-high school sophomore that Weiner reportedly knew was under age.
The case had more far-reaching consequences, helping to upend Hillary Clinton‘s presidential bid.
Electronic devices seized in the probe turned up emails to Abedin that lead to the stunning surprise announcement by then FBI Director James Comey in late October that he was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s emails.
The probe ended two days before the election.
Clinton recently blamed her loss to Donald Trump to Comey’s announcement.
And herem all this time, if you listen to the lying press, it was the Russian's fault that Hillary Clinton lost.
With Weiner and the poor judgement of her aide, Huma Abedin and Clinton, this caused more people to not to vote for Hillary than any Russian conspiracy.  In fact, I know of not 1 person who voted for Trump because the Russians told them to.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Possible Terrorist Attack In New York City

While this just happen, a car plowing down pedestrians in a high visibility area has all the signs of a terrorist attack in Times Square in NYC.
From The Daily Mail A speeding vehicle has struck at least 13 pedestrians on a sidewalk in New York City's Times Square, killing one person. Police have taken a suspect into custody.
The New York Police Department closed off the area after the collisions occurred on on Thursday, just before noon, at the corner of 43rd Street and 7th Avenue.
At least 13 people were being treated for injuries on the ground after the collision at the Midtown Manhattan tourist site, the FDNY confirmed on Twitter. One person was seriously injured.
The fact cops already arrested someone also shows intent and a good chance it is terrorism.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


After 8 years of the lawless Obama administration, it takes less than 4 months to get a special prosecutor.
Obama gets away with corruption in the IRS, Fast and Furious, illegal behavior with illegal immigration and so much more.
And Trump?
He hasn't done a darn thing illegal.  Stupid things?  Yes but not illegal
What happened today is further damaging the country and brings us closer to becoming like the old Soviet Union.

Liberals In U.S. Celebrating

Liberals,  those who support I Islamic countries and Sharia law must be celebrating 2 gay men being whipped for being gay.
From the U.K. Guardian:  A sharia court in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province has sentenced two gay men to public caning, further undermining the country’s moderate image after a Christian politician was imprisoned for blasphemy.
The court said the men, aged 20 and 23, would each be subjected to 85 lashes for having sexual relations.
One of the men cried as his sentence was read out and pleaded for leniency. The chief prosecutor, Gulmaini, who goes by one name, said they would be caned next week, before Ramadan starts on about 25 May.
The sentencing on Wednesday coincided with the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.
The men were arrested in late March after neighbourhood vigilantes in the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, broke into their rented room to catch them having sex.
Mobile phone footage that circulated online and formed part of the evidence shows one of the men naked and visibly distressed as he apparently calls for help on his phone. The second man is repeatedly pushed by another man who is preventing the couple from leaving the room.
The lead judge, Khairil Jamal, said the men were “legally and convincingly proven to have committed gay sex”.
Liberals think that there shouldn't be any extra vetting of extremist Muslims.
They also think that Islam is religion of peace and that we conservatives need to more tolerant toward muslims.
Since liberals think we should be tolerant of muslim extremism, then it stands to reason that liberals are accepting the punishment of whipping these gay gentlemen.
Those of us who think muslim extremism is horrible, we do think that this is a horrible crime and the U.S. needs to intervene on the victims behalf.  Lord knows liberals and especially ex-president Obama, wouldn't try to intervene on these poor guys behalf.

What To Do With The Anti-American Press Corp

Unless you have been living in Teletubbieland with Lala and Po, you know that the media and so-called reporters and journalists have horrible in their reporting for the past decade.  They basically ignored ex-president Obama's time in office and with President Trump, the press has decided that they will report anything about Trump, whether it is true or not.  Right now, the press is about as Anti-American as they are anti-Trump.  calling the media traitors/treasonous or American hating actually is being nice to the media.
The media are also racist, homophobic and perverted in more than 1 way.
So, what to with this loathsome bunch of treasonous bigots?  Here are my suggestions:
1. Teacher, doctors, nurses and others need to be licensed and know their profession.  The same should hold true for members of the media.
2.  The above mentioned professionals have to take classes as ongoing education. The media should be no different.  members should have to take continuing education classes, especially ethics classes so they continue to work as journalists.
3.  Libel and slander laws should be eased so the media can be sued more easily and by anybody, including celebrities and politicians.
4. Require newspapers, magazines and blogs be licensed every 2 years and they must show that they are ethical media outlets.
5. Media outlets can be shut down if it is proven that they intentionally slandered or liabled an innocent person.
6. Advertisers who advertise in the media can also be sued if they sponsor a journalist or writer who was successfully sued for slander or libel.
Freedom of the press has to have some limits, especially now,  when the media is acting so irresponsibly, especially towards conservatives.  Maybe if you hit them financially and professionals, maybe the media and so called journalists will start acting more professionally.  Otherwise, they can pay a price for their irresponsiblability.
Those in the media say they are professionals and so we need to treat them as professionals and hold them to very high standards.

The Democrats Show Once Again They Are Clueless

So, a bunch of Democrats are talking about impeach ingredients President Trump.
This alone shows how clueless they really are.
It shows that Democrats have no ideas to present to voters in the 2018 and 2020 elections.
It also shows that Democrats are huge hypocrites.  Ex-president Obama should have been impeached several times but Democrats kept their mouths shut and stood by Obama as he gave away secrets, trashed the constitution and was just a horrible president, the worst ever.  Why the Republicans never tried to impeach this jersey is beyond me.
Finally, if the Democrats do try and impeach President Trump, there will be v he'll to pay at the ballot box. if the democrats think they are losers now, wait for the next elections.
So, Democrats, go for impeachment, you think you are a bunch of losers now, wait until the next election.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Some Advice For President Trump

This past weekend, members of the Trump administration and President Trump appeared on various network TV stations.
Trump needs to treat the press as traitors, un-American infidels. 
Right now,  the press, including Fox News, are the enemy of the United States and certainly the enemy of President Trump.
Maybe Trump thinks he can win over the press.  If he thinks he can win over the press, he is sadly mistaken. 
The media and the Democrats are 1 in the same.  They want Trump to fail and they will print lies upon on lies about Trump.
Trump will never win the press or any Democrat.
So, Trump has to treat the media as traitors of the U.S. because the media are traitors and un-American just like the current members of the Democrat party.
Trump needs to realize this and if he doesn't, watch out because right now,  nothing good will happen to Trump if he v thinks the press and Democrats can be won over.  They can't because the Democrats and the media are traitors of the United States. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Tough Horse

A horse was struck by a cab near Columbus Circle on Monday May 15, 2017.
From the NY Daily News: A horse of unknown origin materialized in Midtown and got hit by a cab early Monday, a witness and video indicates.
The horse was struck on W. 58th St. near Columbus Circle at about 10 a.m., and got wedged under the taxi, according to witness Thomas Becker, 39, who took photos and video while he was on his way to work.
“This horse just got hit by a cab on 8th Ave in morning rush hour. I showed up as it was wedged underneath the taxi,” he wrote on Instagram.
“When is this going to stop?” he added. Ridiculous.”
"When is this going to stop?"  Does a horse being hit and stuck under a taxi happen every day in New York City?  Or Weekly?  or even monthly?
The horse probably did more damage to the cab than the cab did to the horse.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


The Home Depot where I shop at in Arizona has free WiFi for its customers and staff.
One of the web sites banned from Home Depot is the New York Daily News.
The vile alleged news site is in the same category as child porn, child prostitution, regular porn and other children web sites.
Anonymous sources have told me that more than 1 employee is involved in child porn.*
Shaun King, I'm looking at you... for now good reason at all.
So, congratulations to the NY Daily News for being in the same category as child pornorgraphers.
*I use the same anonymous sources as the NY Daily News.

Headline Of The Week

From the NY Post:
Chubby shark humper might be an ex-NYPD cop
And there are things that should never be posted to the Internet, like this picture:

Friday, May 12, 2017

This Happens Far More Times Than Reported

 From the London Telegraph:  A 
police officer’s generous act for a desperate woman who appeared in court for shoplifting groceries to feed her family has been praised online.
Sheena Davenport, from Alabama, was stopped in court by officer Katrina from the Dothan Police Department as she collected her paperwork.
“I had an officer stop and tell me to wait for her outside. I proceeded outside for her to tell me to follow her,” she recalled.
Ms Davenport later revealed in a Facebook post she had been forced to shoplift groceries from a Walmart store last year so she could feed her family.
“I went to court for shoplifting food from Walmart almost a year ago,” she explained. “[We] were struggling like no other and didn't know what to do.”
After her appearance in court, the kind-hearted officer brought her to a supermarket.  
“She told me to ‘grab a buggy and let’s go shopping’,” Ms Davenport said. “Officer Katrina spent $139 on food for [my family].”
The mother added: “After I told her she didn't have to do it, she started telling me her struggle and how she made it through.
“There are still people out there who make a difference and when my time comes I will pay it forward.”
This k8nd of story happens far mire often than what is reported. It may be a police officer,  firefighter, social worker or an unknown person who pays it forward but they don't  want the publicity.  I've paid for astranger's groceries more than a few times even if I didn't know the person.
Thank goodness for people like Officer Katrina and people like her.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another Reason Not To Eat At An Elite Chef's Diner

If this lady owns a diner, I hope goes down in flames specturally. 
From the New York Post:  
Sandra Lee refused to let House Speaker Paul Ryan join her cooking segment on Fox Newsand told him “I need you to go away.”
The celebrity chef and longtime girlfriend ofNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, was not happy after learning her segment on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends” would directly follow an interview with Ryan, and banished the Republican leader from her TV kitchen.
The source told Page Six, “Paul Ryan was on the segment before Sandra, and the hosts asked him to hang around for Sandra’s cooking feature to try the food. But in the break before her demo, she said to Ryan and some others there, ‘I need you to go away so I can collect my thoughts, prepare, and get ready for the segment.”.....
The source continued, “It wasn’t a very friendly ‘Fox & Friends.’ Sandra wasn’t even comfortable with having Paul Ryan on the same stage as her during the commercial break, never mind on air. It was very frosty. She simply does not believe in anything Ryan believes in.”
I never heard of this "chef' before, so she probably  is an average cook; with skills on par with a Squidward Tentacles as far as skills are conerned.
But as far as being nice and kind human being are concerned, she probaby ranks a little higher than Atilla the Hun but below Bernie Madoff.
It seems to me that anyone who has sone kind of relationship probably would be wise and not go to her diner.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Comey Fired, Democrats Act More Insane Than Usual

FBI Director, James Comey was fired by Donald Trump today because the Trump administration didn't have confidence in him to do the proper job.
Now, the democrats, who accused Comey of being incompetent because they falsely believe he cost Hillary the election, which was totally false, Comey is is their new best friend.
And the loser Democrat party think Trump fired Comey because Comey was close to finding some dirt between Trump and the Russians.
This proves once again that the Democrats and the never Trump crowd just don't get it.
There is no Trump-Russia connection.
Never has been.
Never will be.
Meanwhile, Comey pretty much slandered Hillary and Huma Abadin by falsely claiming she had sent hundreds of thousands of classified e-mails to her pervert ex-husband to be copied when in fact, this allegation was false.  This alone should have been grounds for firing.
And the left is pissed because Trump outwitted them once again because Trump just took away a talking point away from them by firing Comey.  The democrats no longer use Comey to their advantage.
I'm sure Comey is a good guy but he made so many mistakes as FBI director, he had to have been fired.
And president Trump did the right thing by firing him.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Did The Post Cry When Obama Did It?

Now that President Donald Trump is President, the media is faking their outrage.... again..
From the NY Post: Expectations that President Trump will use his favorite New Jersey golf club as the “Summer White House” have nearby aviation workers worried that federal security measures will destroy their businesses.
The “temporary flight restrictions” around the president forced two local airports to completely close down between Thursday and Sunday — and are likely to be repeated regularly until the reopening of Trump’s “Winter White House” in Florida, one owner fumed.
“It places a black cloud over the airports,” said Suzanne Solberg Nagle, co-owner of Solberg Airport in Readington, NJ. “The long-term economic result is frightening....
A local flight instructor fretted that he’ll have to cancel one-quarter of his classes if Trump stays in Bedminster — as he did this past weekend — as frequently as at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Fla.
Yeah, it sucks when a president visits a city in the U.S..  The Secret Service makes the decision to shut down traffic, both on the roads and in the skies.
Ex-president Obama made frequent v u sits to Las Vegas to visit his girl friend(s) and the Secret Service would shut down both the Henderson and North Las Vegas airports for an extended amount of time.
Did the mediacare? Nope, but I did when I wrote some of these blog posts:
And there were a few more posts as well.  But you get the point.  It was President Trump who is causing these problems with closures, if you believe the media, not the Secret Service.
But it was the Secret Service who shut down airports when Obama was president,  not Obama, according to the liberal media.
More fake news.