Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Some Advice For President Trump

This past weekend, members of the Trump administration and President Trump appeared on various network TV stations.
Trump needs to treat the press as traitors, un-American infidels. 
Right now,  the press, including Fox News, are the enemy of the United States and certainly the enemy of President Trump.
Maybe Trump thinks he can win over the press.  If he thinks he can win over the press, he is sadly mistaken. 
The media and the Democrats are 1 in the same.  They want Trump to fail and they will print lies upon on lies about Trump.
Trump will never win the press or any Democrat.
So, Trump has to treat the media as traitors of the U.S. because the media are traitors and un-American just like the current members of the Democrat party.
Trump needs to realize this and if he doesn't, watch out because right now,  nothing good will happen to Trump if he v thinks the press and Democrats can be won over.  They can't because the Democrats and the media are traitors of the United States. 

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