Saturday, May 6, 2017

I Guess the Shark Was Either Horne Or An Conservative Christian

From the New York Post: A porn star found herself in the wrong kind of X-rated movie when she was apparently savaged by a vicious shark on camera.
Molly Cavalli donned a barely-there one-piece swimsuit to film a “shark cage” promo for adult entertainment company Camsoda.
But the shoot seemingly went horribly wrong when a 10-foot lemon shark broke through the metal barrier and took a chunk out of her foot and ankle.
Cavalli is then seen desperately scrambling to get out of the water and back to the safety of the film crew’s boat.
Once out of the bloody waters she screams when she sees the full extent of her injuries.
Well, the shark probably got farther then most guys who watch her on the Internet.
I wonder what a porn star tastes like? Skanky?  Leathery?

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