Monday, May 1, 2017

I Wonder If It Will Come In Crack Or Meth Flavors?

From the LVRJ: Chumlee is expanding his “Pawn Stars” empire, one Pez dispenser at a time.
“I wanted to start a candy shop, and here we are,” saysAustin Russell, blessed with the nickname of Chumlee, a favorite figure on History’s “Pawn Stars.” “My brother and I wanted to do something fun, and candy is fun.”
Thus, Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard, the new store on the lower level of Pawn Plaza, just south of Gold and Silver Pawn at 725 S. Las Vegas Blvd., opens Monday morning. The venture fits in the ongoing efforts of “Pawn Stars” principals, particularly the show’s visionary, Rick Harrison, and his son Corey Harrison, to be prepared for the inevitable end of the cable-channel phenomenon. The show premiered in 2009...
 As he straightens the shelves, Chumlee grabs a box marked Bean Boozled, an assortment of jelly beans where the colors mask some very gross flavors. Among those colors and flavors: White is either coconut. or spoiled milk. Brown is chocolate pudding, or dog food.
Chumlee was busted about a year and a half ago with meth and he has admitted he was a junkie growing up, so I just wonder what other flavors he has.

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