Monday, May 31, 2010

CSN Moves Closer To The Junior College World Series Championship

From the LVRJ: "Trent Cook and Tomo Delp each hit two-run home runs for the College of Southern Nevada in the top of the sixth inning as the Coyotes defeated Faulkner (Ala.) State by rule at the Junior College World Series, as they led 18-1 after six innings."
It's pretty cool that we have a local team in the World Series, even if it is Junior College.
CSN has a couple of pro prospects on it's team and hopefully they will bring home the national title.

Another Great NHL Final Playoff Game: Blackhawks Win 2-1

Another exciting NHL game, with the Chicago Blackhawks beating Philadelphia Flyers 2-1.
When will NBC fix their sound system? It's embarrassing that a huge network can such issues with the sound. It's not the 1950's.

Pawn Stars Marathon

Memorial Day 2010 is a Pawn Stars marathon from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM on the History Channel. Feel free to search for my reviews of the Pawn Stars show and comment if you would like.

Obama Lies Again

I just saw President Obama doing a PSA for, an education program that is supposed to help out low income students.
Obama implied that there was a 30% drop out rate in high school. I looked at several web sites in search of high school drop out rates and could not find a source that shows a U.S. drop out rate of 30%. Now, there are several states that have a dropout rate that is pretty high but overall? If someone can find where the drop out rate is 30%, I'll reconsider.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Las Vegas Sun Is Taking Mind Altering Drugs Again

Folks, you cannot make this stuff up.
Last week, both the Sun editorial writers and Jon Ralston both wrote editorials about the dangers of voting early and they wanted voters, especially GOP voters not to voter early.
Now, the Sun has and news/opinion article by journalism school drop outs, Patrick Collican and Michael Mishak who say the following: "The Republican Senate primary is turning out to be a rather sleepy affair.
There’s been plenty of media attention and advertising, but not much on-the-ground activity and
fairly low turnout, according to last week’s early voting results. Fewer than 8 percent of Clark County Republicans had voted as of Friday, and 6.7 percent of their Washoe County counterparts had voted...So it’s a bit ominous for Republican candidates that despite plenty of energy from the Tea Party movement, and the usual enthusiasm advantage for the party out of power, Republicans aren’t yet showing up en masse. Perhaps they will June 8.
The slack early voting also illustrates Republicans’ organizational deficiencies
So, on one hand, the Sun wants voters to take their time in voting and when that happens, the Sun writers criticize the GOP. It must be really nice working at the Sun with all the journalists who may have graduated from the Sesame Street School of Journalism and the Sun editorials who look in the mirror and find a bunch of hate filled liars looking back at them. No wonder they don't sell any newspapers and need the LVRJ to deliver the papers for them. They can't keep their stories straight.

Las Vegan Kurt Bush Wins The Coc-Cola 600

Las Vegas native and a true native, I believe, won the Coca-Cola 600 tonight, beating Jamie McMurray. In celebration, Busch did a Polish victory lap, but driving in reverse.
Chip Gnassi had a great day by his car winning the Indy 500 and second at Charlotte.
Kyle Busch came in 3rd. Wisconsin drivers, Paul Menard finished 8th, which is a great day for Menard and Matt Kenesth finished 10. Janesville resident, Travis Kvapil finished 28th, 3 laps down. Necedah native, Johnny Sauter, a start and parker finished 41th.
Not a bad day for Las Vegas and Wisconsin racers.

What Is It With Senate Canidates From Illinois?

What is it with Senators, former senators and Senate Candidates from Illinois. First, you have President Obama who, when he was not campaigning for president, was the most radical in the Senate. You have Dick Durbin who may have had some insider information on stocks and you have Roland Burris who came into the Senate under the cloud of the Rob Blagojevich scandal. Now, 2 candidates for senate, GOP and Democrat, are involved in more scandal.
From Fox News: "Illinois Senate candidate Mark Kirk is acknowledging that he falsely claimed to have received the U.S. Navy's Intelligence Officer of the Year award after his opponent's campaign started challenging Kirk's resume.
Kirk, a five-term Republican representative, said his official biography "misidentified" the award."

Misidentified, my butt. You don't confuse the two awards. One is an individual award and one is a group award. This is just as bad as the CT senate candidate, Richard Blumenthal who said he fought in Vietnam when he did not. Is it enough to disqualify Kirk from the race? I don't know, it's a close call. He's a liar but he did not claim he was given a medal he didn't deserve or serve in combat when he did not. So, yes he is scum for making this claim, but it is a matter of degree.
But on the other hand, he also has served in the Navy honorably: Kirk, who is currently a reservist as well as co-chairman of a House Appropriations Committee working group on electronic warfare, has won several honors, including two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, a Joint Meritorious Unit Award, a Navy Unit Commendation, a Meritorious Unit Commendation and a National Defense Service medal.
But the Democrat candidate, Illinois state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, is not a saint either: "Recent polls show Giannoulias closing in on Kirk despite Giannoulias' family bank being seized by federal regulators last month.
Eric Elk, a spokesman for Kirk's campaign, said Giannoulias is in no position to attack Kirk's military record.
"Alexi Giannoulias is a failed mob banker whose reckless lending practices cost the FDIC $394 million when they closed his family bank and he cost Illinois families tens of millions in losses from the state's college savings fund," Elk said in a
blog posting on Saturday."
Ahh, only in Illinois.

Dario Franchitti Wins Indy 500, Scary Crash On Final Lap, Outrage On Victory Lap

Dario Franchitti had the dominant car today in the Indy 500. He barely made it to the finish line, low on gas.
There were a bunch of 1 car accidents throughout the race, but the final lap brought one of the scariest crashes you will ever see. Indy is lucky it did not have two fatalities.

Two things seem strange though. You had an Australian, Dan Wheldon, driving the U.S. National Guard car. But more of an outrage to me, on the victory lap in a convertible type pace car, on this Memorial Day, Ashley Judge waved a flag of some sort or it could be a family coat of arms. I'm not sure. But she displayed it as a flag as they were going around the track. Would have been too much to ask if they also had the American flag displayed on the car this Memorial Day?
A picture of the victory lap should be on the 11th picture of the below photo gallery from the Indianapolis Star.

View this gallery at The Indianapolis Star: Dario Franchitti wins 2nd Indy 500

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What A Day In Baseball: Brillance And Darwin

Today was a very good day in baseball as Roy Halladay threw a perfect game. I guess, throwing a perfect game is getting as common as throwing a shutout as this was the second perfect game in two weeks. Actually, this was only the 20th perfect game in MLB history. Halladay needed to throw a perfect game as the Phillies only won 1-0 against the Florida Marlins.
On the very bizarre side, Kendry Morales broke his leg after hitting a game winning grand slam. He was greeted by his teammates at home plate when he jumped up and landed wrong and broke his leg after landing awkwardly. He will have surgery next week.
Bet we won't have a day like this in baseball for awhile.

NHL Finals: Blackhawks 6 Flyers 5

Just got done watching the NHL finals between Chicago and Philadelphia with the Blackhawks winning 6-5. I'd rather watch hard working, medium priced hockey players with constant action vs the over priced NBA, referee rigged NBA any day.

Major League= Memories

I am watching the movie "Major League" probably for the 150th time. This was my first and last acting job.

Even the movie was set in Cleveland, the majority of the shooting was done in Milwaukee. For instance, the spring training dorm scenes were filmed at the Milwaukee County House of Corrections. Some of the houses filmed at were real Milwaukee homes.

The movie needed thousands of extras to fill the stands and I went a couple of days for the shooting. The shooting was long and I didn't leave until 2 or 3 in the morning and others stayed longer. There was a lot of sitting followed by standing and cheering and then getting up and move to the next section of the stadium to make the stadium to look filled.

The thing I got out most of the filming is that the directors are perfectionists and they have to film shots and many different angles.

So, I'll wait for the next time it is on and I'll watch it for the 151st time.

"Plug That Damn Hole" Not

Well, President Obama's short lived dream that he had something to do with yesterday's hopeful reports that the oil well in the Gulf has been plugged went down the drain today.
Today, BP announced that the "Top Kill" procedure did not work and they are trying plan "Q".
From Fox News: "BP admitted defeat Saturday in its attempt to plug the Gulf of Mexico oil leak by pumping mud into a busted well, but said it's preparing yet another method to fight the spill after a series of failures.
BP PLC Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said the company determined the "top kill" method had failed after after it spent three days pumping heavy drilling mud into the crippled well 5,000 feet underwater.
"This scares everybody, the fact that we can't make this well stop flowing, the fact that we haven't succeeded so far," Suttles said. "Many of the things we're trying have been done on the surface before, but have never been tried at 5,000 feet.""
Let's hope the next option works or stems the oil flow. Let's hope the oil company and their scientists are able to figure this out. In some ways, this is the new frontier in oil drilling and managing emergencies. And maybe now, the Obama administration will now realize that it is more important to drill on the ground rather in the deep reaches of the oceans and he opens up more areas to drill instead of restricting areas to drill.

This Memorial Day, Please Remember Those Who Continue To Serve

h/t capper from

Possible Presidential Material?

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey took on a teacher who makes $86,000 a year plus benefits and just made her look foolish along with the teacher's union.
As a teacher, I agree with Gov. Christie. I know I would never get rich being a teacher, though if I am making $86,000, I could be very well off.
Gov. Christie is taking on the liberals and he is winning and I can see a presidential run for the man.
Of course, the liberals won't debate him on issues, they'll just say he doesn't look presidential because of his weight.

Hey, The Arizona Immigration Law Is Working

From the Arizona Republic: "Reports are surfacing around the Valley that illegal-immigrant families with school-age children are fleeing Arizona because of a new immigration law.
Some school officials say enough parents and students have told them they plan to leave the state this summer to indicate Hispanic enrollment could drop at some schools. But there's no way to know exactly how many illegal immigrants will depart because schools do not inquire about a student's or a family's legal status. Read more:"
An example: Claudia Suriano is sitting with four fellow school volunteers at Brunson-Lee Elementary in Phoenix's Balsz district. She is among three who are leaving the state. Two others say their families are still debating.
Suriano is a Phoenix mother of two whose husband just quit a good job as a roofer after five years.
While he has survived atop Valley houses for five summers, he could not stand the heat of the new immigration law.
"He feels so stressed that he's not a citizen. He feels it's going to catch up to him," said Suriano, 27, who also is undocumented. "He speaks excellent English, but he feels a pressure they're going to find out what his status is here, and it's too great a weight for him."Read more:
Well, it seems like the law is working as designed. Illegals are moving out of Arizona and are either moving to other states or Mexico.
The people complaining are the schools because they are losing money because they are losing students. Boo-hoo. Maybe this is why liberals object to the law. It costs schools money and cost some businesses money. They don't care about security, just money.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Now, This Is A Fire Boat

This is the FDNY Fireboat 343, named after the 343 firefighters who died on 9-11-2001
For more information:

Memorial Day: Big Weekend In Vegas

There is so much to do in Vegas during Memorial Day weekend. The casino's are offering deals. The casino pools are all having parties. Lake Mead is expecting 200,000 people. Mount Charleston will be full. The parks will be full. Softball tournaments.
For me, it will be a rest up weekend. First, hopefully, my legs will begin to heal and then prepare for a long week at school. On June 3-4, I will be doing an all-nighter at Disneyland for Grad Night. I will be taking one of my Special Ed. students to the park and we leave around 3:00 pm on Thursday and get back around 3:00 on Friday. I don't anticipate getting any sleep for about 36 hours.
So, I'll be watching a lot of racing- Nationwide on Saturday and the Indy 500 and the Nascar race on Sunday. That and going to the doggie park.
Have a safe weekend.

Yohoo, Main Stream Media: How Is That Gitmo Closing Going?

Let's see, about 1 year 4 months ago, President Obama promised that he would close the terrorist home, the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or Gitmo.
So, how is it going now? Well, Club Gitmo is not close to being closed.
From The Speaker's Lobby and Fox News: "A key Senate committee has dealt another setback to the Obama Administration's efforts to close the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-MI, told reporters Friday, "The money for a prison in Illinois was struck...a prison available to house detainees from Gitmo. That was a voice vote. A clear majority voted 'AYE.' I and a few others voted against striking those funds."
The White House announced Dec. 15 that it intended to transfer Gitmo detainees to the Thomson Correctional Center in rural, northwestern Illinois and needed $245 million to do so."

So, how has this been reported, another failure by the Obama administration, by the media? A lot of snoring by the media who is asleep at the switch and also are busy sucking up to Obama.
Don't be promising things you cannot keep.

R.I.P Gary Coleman

R.I.P Gary Coleman, who died today from a brain hemorrhage.
While he enjoyed success, he also had his failures and people living off of him and his talents.
Hopefully, he will find peace.

Well, lookie Here, Harry Reid Is Closing The Gap On The GOP

From the LVRJ: "Republican Sue Lowden has the best chance of defeating U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, according to a new poll for the Review-Journal that also suggests the Democratic incumbent could beat Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle in the fall, although he remains as unpopular as ever.
For the first time, a Mason-Dixon Polling & Research poll indicates that Reid could win re-election, even over Lowden, the one-time GOP front-runner whom the Democrat most fears and has most attacked. She is seen as moderate and a stronger general election foe than Angle, a staunch conservative now tied for the GOP primary lead. The poll also reinforces the notion Angle is too far right to attract enough of the independents and crossover Democrats she would need to win. Her campaign rejects that argument, saying she is exactly the type of candidate voters are looking for in 2010 to clean out the incumbent class in Washington."
Well, if I were Harry Reid, I wouldn't be jumping for joy. The GOP candidates have been ripping each other for the past several weeks. Once the primary is over, if the GOP rally around the nominee, no matter who it is, they will beat Reid.
I still think Angle can beat Reid and that is who I support but if Lowden wins, then I will support her and same for Jerry Tarkanian.
But it will be fun to watch.

Obama Administration: Most Corrupt Ever

From the Washington Post: "At the urging of the Obama White House, former President Bill Clinton asked Rep. Joe Sestak whether he would abandon his plans to challenge Sen. Arlen Specter in a Pennsylvania Democratic primary if given an unpaid, advisory position, according to a White House counsel report issued Friday morning. Clinton made the inquiries on behalf of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel last summer, as Sestak began his challenge of Specter, a former Republican who had switched parties, White House Counsel Bob Bauer wrote. Obama publicly backed Specter's reelection bid over Sestak, who remained in the primary and defeated the veteran senator this month"
And in Colorado: ... "former state House speaker Andrew Romanoff has said that Messina offered him an administration job if he dropped out of his primary campaign against Sen. Michael Bennet. One of the alleged offers was at USAID, the foreign aid agency, according to local news reports. But Romanoff announced his candidacy anyway."
Maybe this is how politics is played in Chicago but it should not be played in Washington D.C.
And we are supposed to believe the Obama administration and Obama himself, that this all on the up and up and totally ethical? Yeah, right and I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.
Questions: If this was on the up and up, why did the White House decide to deliver the report on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend instead of earlier?
And why was President Clinton involved in this? This seems be beneath a former president and especially Clinton. First, there was no love lost between Obama and Clinton and there was no love lost between Clinton and Arlen Spector because Spector was a Republican when Clinton was president. The job of go between in a Democrat senate primary seems beneath Clinton. I mean, they couldn't have found another Pennsylvania politician to do the dirty work?
This still stinks but I think the MSM is going to drop this and believe Obama and his corrupt cronies.
Obama administration: most corrupt administration ever and this means more corrupt than Nixon.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

KXNT Committing Radio Suicide

Well, it is coming out now that KXNT is arranging it's drive time shows.
From the LVRJ: "Shuffling its format, KXNT-AM, 840 is switching longtime morning talker Alan Stock to 3-6 p.m. weekdays, his sunrise slot turning into a news block while Stock replaces the departed Casey Hendrickson and Heather Kydd. Stock will handle both drive-time shows Friday until the new lineup kicks in Monday. In addition, Mark Levin, who held down the 3-to-5-a.m. show, will move to 9 p.m. to midnight."
First off, I will be honest, I am not an Allen Stock fan. Part of it was that the mornings on KXNT were so heavy on commercials, that it was tough for Stock to get going on any subject. He also was loose with the facts and rude to callers who he disagreed with. He also threw softball questions to people he liked. I did listen to him at times, in between the commercials. Maybe in the afternoon, when I listen to him, he will show some sides I have not seen before, like how will he handle a topic more than 5-10 minutes and wil he be more accurate. When I listened to him today and he was interviewing the Mag-Lev people, he was not that impressive.
Stock will be replacing Mark Levin. I like Levin and I will probably listen to him on the Internet instead of staying up and listening to him until midnight. The people who like confrontational national radio will go to Michael Savage instead of Allen Stock.
As far as the morning show, they plan on doing more local news and other news information. Well, we can get that from Heidi Harris and Laura Ingram. Traffic, well the KXNT traffic people suck, just like just about every traffic reporter in the Valley. All they do is get information off the Metro, NHP and fire department web sites. They may also look at cameras. Many, many times, they are inaccurate.
If memory serves me right, KDWN, a couple years ago, tried the all news morning slot experiment and it failed because of the cost and that is how Heidi Harris got her morning gig.
So, will Casey Hendrickson and Heather Kydd show up again in Las Vegas? Probably not as a team. More than likely, depending on the no-compete clause, is more likely to find another job in the Valley, maybe even at 1280, KDOX if they want to do a local show. Kydd, with less experience may have a harder time, but she is smart and hard working and so hopefully she will find a job soon.
So, to me, it looks like KXNT is committing radio sucide and they will lose a lot listeners and I just don't see many new ones coming to KXNT from other radio stations.
But I go on summer vacation in a week and so it will not really matter to me as I don't listen to much radio during the summer. But I think by the Fall, I think there will be a new program director at KXNT and the line up will be adjusted again.

Breaking News At KXNT

Big changes on KXNT, the conservative voice of the Valley. Casey Hendrickson and Heather Kydd are no longer on the air. The last few days, Wayne Allen Root has been hosting. I'm not sure if this permanent or not.
Today, while Skyping on Channel 13, it sounds like Allen stock is out as well. I did not get the whole story, but he was talking about a different venture and working normal hours.
Not sure what is going on and will try and find out more and report on it later.

Breaking News: Oil Leak Plugged?

Per the Fox News morning show, it is being reported that the oil leak in the gulf has been, for the most part, plugged and very little oil is escaping. They are doing it by pumping heavy mud into the drill site.
Let's hope it is true.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Congratulations To Rick Moonen

Tonight, Rick Moonen of Las Vegas, won both rounds of the competition in Top Chef Masters. He won a total of $15000 for his charity, 3 Square. He is Chef at Rm Seafood Restaurant in Vegas.
The show is on Bravo on Wednesdays.

Why Does Obama Like Hiding Things?

President Obama must be a masochist because he gets beat up on the stupidest things.
Obama gets beat up because he refuses to turn over his college records.
Obama gets beat up because of his refusal to release his birth certificate.
Obama gets beat up because of the secrecy of the health care bill.
All of the above are mall potatoes but this next one could be extremely serious.
Obama keeps on stonewalling on the Joe Sestak allege bribe. Sestak was running in a primary when he was offered a job from the Obama administration, or so he says. No other details are known because Sestake has been silent with the exception saying that the job offer was made and Eric Holder and Robert Gibbs try to ignore the subject. Obama refuses to answer the question.
So, is Obama a masochist or just plain incompetent?

Stalker moves Next To Sarah Palin

A stalker has moved next to Sarah Palin's house in Wasilla, Alaska. The creep is writing a book about Palin.
From Fox News: " Author Joe McGinniss has taken up residence in a house next to Palin's lakeside home in Wasilla.
McGinniss previously wrote a critical expose on Palin and her natural gas pipeline plan for the Conde Nast publication Portfolio last year, and is planning a book about the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate. It's tentatively titled, "
Sarah Palin's Year of Living Dangerously" and could be on the shelves in the fall of 2011.
"Yes, that Joe McGinniss. Here he is about 15 feet away on the neighbor's rented deck overlooking my children's play area and my kitchen window," Palin posted on Facebook late Monday, hours after returning from a trip to the Lower 48 and learning of McGinniss' presence.
"We're sure to have a doozey to look forward to with this treasure he's penning. Wonder what kind of material he'll gather while overlooking Piper's bedroom, my little garden, and the family's swimming hole?" she wrote."

This is shameful conduct by the author and his publisher. This is out and out intimidation by this stalker.
And where is the MSM or liberal women's group on this issue? I guess because it's Sarah Palin, who cares.
Why does Sarah Palin attract all these liberal stalkers. David Letterman, Bill Mahr, Keith Olberman etc? All sick and perverted white males.
But I hope that if McGinniss some how, when he is cooking his ego, and accidentally starts a fire, I hope the Wasilla Fire Dept. takes their time in getting to that house after getting lost three times and see what happens. I would also hope that the Palins have 911 on their speed dial in case that stalker McGinnis gets violent and attacks the Palin's and their kids. He sounds like that kind of guy.

Jon Ralston Lies Again

From The Las Vegas Sun and Jon Ralston: "It was a pleasure Saturday to be on a panel at the Conservative Leadership Conference with CityLife Editor Steve Sebelius and smashmouth conservative activist Chuck Muth. The panel ostensibly was about liberal bias in the media, but when Sebelius and I debunked that myth very quickly, we moved on to other more salient topics."
Jon, Jon, Jon. What a delusional mind you have. And I suppose you think of yourself as a moderate.
If you don't think there is a media bias in the media, just look how the media treats President Obama. Look how the health care debate was covered. Look at the free passes they have given him during the BR oil rig crisis. Would they have given GW Bush they same treatment? Of course not. Polls have shown that reporters are largely Democrat. Just look at the rag you write for, they are so bias that in the so called news article they write, they put their own liberal opinions in their articles.
So, John, unless your audience was a group of deaf-blind group of kindergarten students, they didn't believe the whopper of a lie you told.
Now since you brought your daughter into your articles, I think it is safe to say, I hope you teach your daughter values you have instilled in yourself.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Green Bay's Best Chance at Winning The Super Bowl

In 2014, the Super Bowl will be held in New Jersey, at the Meadowlands Stadium. From ESPN: "The New Meadowlands Stadium, the $1.6 billion jewel co-owned by the New York Giants and Jets, will host the 2014 Super Bowl, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced Tuesday afternoon at the league's spring meeting.
"It's a historic moment for the league," Goodell said.
Saying that New York is a unique market, Goodell added: "It will be a great experience for our fans. It will be a great experience for the NFL."
The league's 32 owners, undaunted by the prospect of a wintry championship game, awarded Super Bowl XLVIII to the New York/New Jersey region after also considering bids from Tampa and South Florida, both traditional sites. South Florida and Tampa have hosted the Super Bowl 10 and four times, respectively."

The average temps for that region is the mid 20's to around 30. But since the game will be held in the evening and at night, it will be much cooler. Maybe the NFL is hoping for some global warming by 2014.
So, if the Packers are going win another Super Bowl, shoot for 2014 because if they have to play a team from the South, like Miami, the Pack will be a shoo in for the Lombardi Trophy.
It will be pretty cool to have a blizzard on Super Bowl Sunday. I wonder who the half time presentation will be? Cool and the Gang? I'm pretty sure the Beach Boy's won't get it. My guess it will be Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi.
So, 2014 may be the year of the Packers.

Review: "Open Sesame: A Journey To The Other Side Of Magic"

The other night, the family went to the Royal Resort, 99 Convention Center Dr., just south of Sahara and LV Blvd to see the magic show, Open Sesame.
One word describes the show: Wow!
We have seen most of the magic shows on the Strip, from Nathan Burton, Dirk Anderson, Spike and Hammer, Todd Paul, Steve Darci and more. While each performer has their strong points, Open Sesame came across as the best magic show that we have seen.
There are three performers, Losander, who is from Germany, Luna Shimada and Christian Diamond in the show. Christian, who performs as a gypsy, mostly did card tricks. He invited my son before the show to go up to the stage and do a "pick the card out of the deck trick". The trick was performed wonderfully and he got my son his first acting job.
The next performer, Luna, had a wonderful Japanese umbrella trick where she had umbrellas appear out of almost everywhere. Losander is an imposing figure on stage but a wonderful magician. He invited me on stage (which is a shock since I have the face for radio and the body of Jared before the Subway commercials, well, almost). He performed a trick where I held on to a lock and chain and he taped his thumb and index finger taped and he would be able to grab the chain, a purse and other objects between the two fingers. Even though I was right there on stage, I could not figure how he did the trick, though after thinking about it, I think I know how he did it, but cannot prove it. Other magic tricks, I had no clue. He also brought also brought my son on the stage to help levitate a table. Again, have no clue how he did it.
Towards the end of the show, they made a bird appear in one trick and a dog appear in another trick and again, amazing. I mean, how can you hide a dog up your sleeve?
The only problem I had was that Christian needs a bigger palm or smaller hankies as I seen palm two hankies during the show. There were also two men who somehow know the performers who were in the back and hyper exaggerated the ooohs and ahhs and that was kind of irritating.
Again, the show is at the Royal Resort, at 99 Convention Center Dr.. Show times are at 6:30 and has shows on Mon and Wed. at 6:30 and 9:00 and Tuesdays at 6:30 only. A ticket cost $29.95 and if you buy an adult ticket, you get a child ticket for free. It is a kid friendly show but the magicians don't treat the kids as kids- it's not a kids show with kid themes. It's an adult show that kids can see.
The trio's website is:
The show lasts 1 hour and it well worth the cost and time to see this show.

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Comments

Much has been said about the large oil spill in the Gulf. Much has been said, except by the mainstream media about the Obama administration and their handling of the disaster.
It seems that the right hand of the administration doesn't know what the left hand has been doing. As has happened many times, the EPA has become involved and made matters worse. Now they say they cannot build a berm, a large wall usually made out of sand or other natural material, until an environmental impact study has been done. They also say the oil dissipation chemicals cannot be used because it can cause environmental damage. Like millions of gallons of oil cannot?
In the first days of the disaster, Obama sent lawyers to the scene instead of equipment. People are criticizing BP and rightfully so, but has someone come up with a workable solution to the disaster? Nope.
Would have the media given George Bush the same pass they are giving Obama? Hahahaha, of course not.
The other problem I have with the media and Obama's administration is that 11 people died in this disaster. That has been missing in the media reports and all the government responses. The wildlife that has been damaged and the beaches will come back. these employees will not. Wives lost husband and children have lost fathers and that has been missing in these reports and to me, that is what is the most important.
The media and the government have forgotten what was the worst part of the disaster- 11 men dying on the job and that should also be a main focus on the investigation.

It must Be Nice To Be A Federal Government Employee

It really must be nice to a federal government employee. First, you had SEC employees searching the Internet for porn while they were supposed to be watching out for the likes of Bernie Madoff and other banking criminals.
Now comes word that federal employees of the Mineral Management Service, the employees that oversee offshore drilling also had some ethical problems on the job.
From Yahoo News: "Staff members at an agency that oversees offshore drilling accepted tickets to sports events, lunches and other gifts from oil and gas companies and used government computers to view pornography, according to an Interior Department report alleging a culture of cronyism between regulators and the industry. In at least one case, an inspector for the Minerals Management Service admitted using crystal methamphetamine and said he might have been under the influence of the drug the next day at work, according to the report by the acting inspector general of the Interior Department."
I am pretty sure that if you look at other federal agencies, you will find the same kind of behavior.
If Obama does something to clean up these agencies, more power to him. If not, just more crap from the Obama administration. This does not excuse other presidents, they probably did not know but they should have known. But now Obama knows and he and his administration need to do something about these lazy ass and corrupt employees.

Watch Out In The ER

I had to go to the ER this morning for problems with my legs. When I got called by the ER triage nurse, she took my Blood pressure. I have large arms from having to do a lot of lifting in my time. She used a small BP cuff and put it below my elbow and turned on the machine. The machine read 220/120. I damn near crapped in my pant when I saw that. I normally have borderline high blood pressure, so a number being a little high didn't surprise me. I told the nurse she and the machine was wrong. She doubted me but I insisted she do it again. So she got the large BP cuff and put it above my elbow and turned on the machine. The machine's new reading was about 40 points lower that the first reading.
If I didn't insist on the new reading, I would have been treated for something I didn't even have.
So, if you ever go to a medical facility, keep a close eye on what they are doing because they may be wrong.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sue Lowden Going Down In Flames

I just saw Sue Lowden's new advertisement and it goes after Sharron Angle. All I can say is that Lowden must be going down in flames.
She goes after Angle for trying to raise Angle's state salary. State legislators make a pittance for a part time legislator and the salary never went up.
Lowden also mention Scientology in regards how some inmates can be treated with massages.
This ad is by a desperate person and Lowden is desperate. Angle has not gone after anyone in her ads, including Lowden.
It's time for Lowden to call it a campaign and drop out.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Dictator Speaks: Will His Order Come True?

From ESPN: "If LeBron James isn't sure he can win in Cleveland, President Barack Obama thinks there's an opportunity with his hometown Chicago Bulls.
"You know, like I said, I don't want to meddle," Obama told TNT. "I will say this:
[Derrick] Rose, Joakim Noah it's a pretty good core. You know, you could see LeBron fitting in pretty well there."
Ok, unemployment is growing, the threat of war in the Mideast and in the Koreas. Major oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Debt Crisis. His campaign picks have gone down in flames. Iran getting nukes. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Do we really care what Obama thinks about LeBron going to the Chicago Bulls? Is that the best ESPN can do?
Besides, Obama is wrong. If James wants to win a title, you don't go to Chicago, where they just fired their coach.
Anyways, James can fit pretty good where ever he goes, with the exception of the LA Clippers, where no one ever fits in.

Winter Continues Up In Mount Charleston

Well, another cold and windy day in Las Vegas. Up in the Spring Mountains and Mount Charleston, they got up to 5 inches of snow.
I've been wondering when all the snow will be melted off of Mount Charleston. Normally, it is gone by June 1st, but I bet we will still see snow on the 4th of July, in it's highest peaks that are pretty well shaded.
Global Warming? I don't think so.

Indy 500 Qualifying Excitement

Just got done watching the Indy 500 time trials and as usual, there was some last minute excitement.
In a very bizarre move, Paul Howard, a rookie was in the 500 but on the bubble with about 2 minutes left in qualifying and he pulled his time and tried to qualify in a higher position so he would not be on the bubble. He then went on his qualifying run and he didn't make the qualifying time and so he was out. Paul Tracey did the same with his car and he was stuck in line and could not qualify.
So, a wrecked car being driven by a rookie was on the bubble and he got in.
There is going to be a lot of second guessing going on in the next few hours and days. And some ticked off sponsors.

Pawn Stars: Rerun Season

It looks like Pawn Stars is in the rerun season. If you want to see reviews of most of the shows this past season and beyond, just use the search engine on the upper left hand corner and put in Pawn Stars and you should be able to find most, if not all of this seasons reviews.
Have fun watching the reruns.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Feel So Dirty

I've been watching parts of Rehab. It's a show about Sunday afternoons at the pool at the Hard Rock Casino.
After watching some of it, I came away feeling pretty dirty.
Somehow, I don't think they will get much business tomorrow as the high will only be in the only mid 60's.

Thank You Democrats

Thanks to the childish behavior of Democrats, I can't go to my polling place dressed in my chicken suit.
From Fox News: "State election officials on Friday added chicken suits to the list of banned items after weeks of ridicule directed at Republican Senate candidate Sue Lowden.
The millionaire casino executive and former beauty queen recently suggested that people barter with doctors for medical care, like when "our grandparents would bring a chicken to the doctor."
Democrats responded by setting up a website, "Chickens for Checkups," and by sending volunteers in chicken suits to her campaign events."
Damn Democrats.

This Video Goes Out To Eric Holder And Janet Napolitano

Maybe, you two rats from Team Obama should actually read something instead of getting your news from the liberal MSM.

h/t Theothermccain

Poop Vs Oil

When I lived in Wisconsin, whenever a big rain of about 1 1/2 inches or more would hit the Milwaukee area MMSD, which is the local sewerage district, would have to release 10's of millions gallons or much more of untreated sewage- poop and whatever else comes to the sewerage district. They would then dump the poop and other bodily fluids into the local rivers and Lake Michigan. Sometimes beaches would have to be closed because of increased bacteria levels in the lakes, which was caused in large part with poop and urine in the water. There would be the customary small article in the newspaper, but really nothing big and it certainly was not national news.
With the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it is national news, which it should be. But so far, only 1 beach has been closed and it is reported at the top of Drudge's web page. There is a lot of speculation about the damages and long term effects of the oil spill and it also news that BP cannot stop the leak despite all the technology we have. This is news and I get that.
But if we are going to have wall to wall coverage about some oil, why can't we get more coverage when it rains in Milwaukee and you have a bunch of poop logs floating down the river to Lake Michigan and having such nasty effects like closing down many more beaches than in the Gulf? Both are very gross and harmful.

Barack Obama- U.S. Dictator

From The Hill: "President Barack Obama will announce plans Friday to improve car and truck mileage and cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Obama is slated to issue a directive that expands vehicle mileage rules to include big trucks for the first time beginning in model year 2014. The president is expected to offer comments on the announcement later this morning.
The directive will also require continued mileage improvements in cars and light-duty trucks after model year 2016, when the current efficiency and greenhouse gas rules end."
So, instead of going through Congress, Obama just writes into law that gas mileage has to increase by 2014 for the big rigs and 2016 for cars and small trucks.
What this will do is put more truckers out of business. In California, they have stricter emissions from trucks and they succeeded in putting truckers out of business, especially the small trucking companies and independents. Truckers have also moved out of state and into states like NV, to get around California's laws.
It will also cost more to buy a truck. A truck that cost $100,000 in 2001 now will cost about $160,000 because of the "improvements" to the trucks.
And you know that the trucking companies are not eat the cost, they will pass it on to the consumers, making products more expensive.
So, how can anyone not call Obama a dictator after this? Obama and his ilk are destroying America one piece at a time.

The Best NASCAR Race Few People Will See

Today and tonight is the NASCAR All Star race in Charlotte, NC. In years past, it has been one of the most exciting races of the year and it is usually shown on commercial TV or ESPN.
This year, the race is going to be help on the Speed Network. In Las Vegas, that means unless you ultra deluxe cable TV or go to a casino or bar, you're not going to watch it. I am sure that will hold true throughout the country as Speed is not a top tier cable network.
Don't get me wrong, I have had the Speed Channel in the past and it is a nice little network and I hope they have success with the race, but NASCAR should have the race on a bigger network. This is like carrying NFL football on the Food Network.
So, I'll wait for the highlights on or ESPN and wait until next week to watch a race.

Las Vegas Hits 14% Unemployment Rate

Well, today, the Las Vegas Valley hit the 14% unemployment rate for the month of April.
A couple of thoughts: Green energy that Harry Reid has bet on has not and will not help the unemployment rate.
There is very little hope that the unemployment rate will not come down significantly any time soon.
Incumbent politicians are in big trouble. This includes little and big Reid, Heller, Titus, Berkely and Gibbons.
There will be more government layoffs. The private sector lays will also continue.
Many illegals will be going back to Mexico or other cities.
Because of so many people unemployed, there will be more foreclosures and more evictions from apartments.
There is nothing the local governments can do to help the unemployment rate. The private sector will hire when they need to. However government can screw things up and that is what is happening now, especially with the Feds. Harry Reid has killed more jobs in Nevada than he has created and with more taxes and regulation on the horizon, hiring just will not happen.
Also, with the extending of unemployment benefits, it decreases the chances a person will look for a job right away.
The minimum wage hikes have something to do with the increase in the unemployment rate. Businesses have made it clear that they cannot afford workers at the new minmum wage and the unemployment rate shows that.
So, how high will the unemployment go to? 15,16 or 17% Who knows but we need politicians and the private sector work together to get some jobs here, but it is not happening, especially with the federal politicians.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Cold And Windy Weekend

Today, winds hit 56mph in Henderson. And yes, I can verify that as I walked the dog and put my big toe in the pool this evening. On Sunday, the high temp. in the Vegas Valley will be about 67, cooler than Fairbanks, Alaska. Again. But at least we are warmer than Barrow Alaska, where the highs are still only in the 20's and 30's.

10-Day Forecast for Henderson, NV (89012)
Forecast Conditions
High °FLow °F
High Temperatures Low Temperatures Precipitation Wind Speed
TonightMay 21
Partly Cloudy / Wind

High not valid after 2pm
SatMay 22
Sunny / Wind

SunMay 23
Mostly Sunny

MonMay 24

TueMay 25
Mostly Sunny

WedMay 26
Mostly Sunny

Pool Scene Info For The Las Vegas Casinos

Being the age of almost 50, overweight and have been hit by the ugly stick so many times, I don't fit in real well with the pool scene in Las Vegas. I just hang out at the pool at our apartment complex and scare the little kids there.
Personally, we plan on going to the Tropicana and their 5 acre pool.
And if you are interested in only cool weather, go up to Mount Charleston where it is usually 20-30 degrees cooler there than the Strip.
But for the younger crowd, here is some info on the pool scene in and around the Strip. Please remember that most resort pools are not really swimming pools but instead they are wading pools with some pools only 3 feet deep. And also, many pools close around 6:00 in the evening, just when the sun is going down but it is still 110 outside.
Please remember, not every pool is like the TV show "Rehab" and in fact, Rehab at the Hard Rock is on Sundays only and the rest of the week is much quieter.
It's going to be cool and windy this weekend, so you may want to start next week.
Here are some web sites that will give you information. In addition, check out each resort's web site.
If you come, have fun and stay safe and if you drink, find a cure for a hangover as heat and booze don't mix too well.

Update: Officer Cleared In Killing Thug

On March 23, 2010, police officers gave chase to two thugs who stole a Mercedes. The cops stopped the car and one thug was arrested right away while another took off. The cop and thug jumped over some fences and was caught in a yard. The thug pulled a gun and fired, hitting the police officer 3 times, including once in the leg, hitting the femoral artery. The cops partner came over and shot dead the thug with two head shots as his partner and thug were fighting.
Today, the officer who shot the thug dead was cleared by the coroner's inquest jury. It only took 30 minutes for them to clear the officers.
From the Sun: "A Metro Police officer was justified for fatally shooting a man March 23 who fired at a fellow officer, a Clark County coroner's jury ruled today.
The coroner's inquest jury began deliberating Friday afternoon over whether there was any criminal wrongdoing in the death of 26-year-old Damon Beal, who was killed by two bullets to the head fired by Metro Police Officer Christopher LeBlanc.
"I had no other choice but to fire those shots," LeBlanc told the jury during testimony in the inquest, which examined the events that led up to the death -- a car chase, a maneuver to get the car to crash and a foot chase over walls and through backyards of a Las Vegas neighborhood where another officer, Michael Madland, was seriously wounded when Beal shot him in the leg."
I just wonder why it took the jury 30 minutes.
Past blog posts:

What The Hell Is Going On In Pahrump?

In Nye County, in which Pahrump is the County seat (or at least where the jail and DA's office is located), is really looking like the wild, wild west in terms of ethics.
A couple of weeks ago, the Sheriff bypasses the District Attorney's office and has the DA arrested on corruption charges regarding a bad check fund that the DA oversees. Apparently, the DA wrote out checks that benefited his family indirectly by giving to groups the family members belong, like the school cheerleaders. No formal charges have been filed and the sheriff is awaiting a special prosecutor to file the charges.
Now, the DA is pissed and so he requests a special prosecutor to investigate the sheriff's department and the detective who had the DA arrested. The special prosecutor filed 25 charges against the detective and today he had an arrest warrant issued and the detective was booked and released from jail in about 15 minutes. The detective will not be missing any work as the Sheriff will not put him on leave.
The DA and Sheriff are up for election and are facing serious competition.
Tit for tat is what you see in small towns and in the old times. It's like watching a good soap opera in Pahrump.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two Police Officers Killed In West Memphis, Arkansas

Two police officers were shot to death in West Memphis, AR. tonight as they searched for drugs in vehicles. Two other police officers were shot and wounded in a shootout in which the thug criminals were killed.
From the Commercial Appeal: Two West Memphis Police officers were killed and two other law enforcement officers, including Crittenden County Sheriff Dick Busby, were shot today after two suspects were pulled over in traffic around noon on Interstate 40 at Airport Road.
Both suspects were later killed in a shootout. West Memphis officers Brandon Paudert, 39, son of West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert, was killed, as was officer Bill Evans, after they stopped a white Plymouth Voyager with Ohio license plates. Paudert died on the scene. Evans was airlifted to the Regional Medical Center at Memphis where he died....After a massive manhunt by officers from multiple agencies put the small city on a virtual lock down, the van was spotted at the Walmart Supercenter in West Memphis shortly after 1 p.m.
While trying to apprehend the suspects in the parking lot, Busby, 71, and Chief W.A. Wren, head of enforcement in the sheriff’s department, were both wounded in a shootout. Wren was airlifted and Busby was taken by ambulance to The Med.

RIP officers and God Speed. Your tour on earth is finished. May God bless their families and the West Memphis police department.

Mexican President Rips Citizens Of The United States And The Democrats Cheer

Today, President Calderone of Mexico gave a speech to a joint meeting of Congress and critized the Arizona Law that upholds the Federal law on illegal immigration. And then the Democrats gave Calderone a standing ovation and joining the Democrats in congress was Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, two of Obama's cabinet officers who never even read the Arizona law before commenting.

The Democrats ought to be ashamed of this. It's one thing to have a debate between U.S. citizens and critize each other. It's different when a president of a country that can't even control it's own citizens from murdering each other, comes to Congress and criticizes citizens of the U.S.
President Calderone, when you fix the problems in Juarez, then maybe you can come to a street corner and bitch about the U.S. But in the mean time, stay out of our business.
And to the Democrats, you are a disgrace to the United States and to Congress and to the Presidency.

Member Of Obama's Cabinet Disrupts News Conference

I wonder which member of Obama's cabinet ran by Obama's podium the other day. Could be Eric Holder, Janet Napalitano or Hillary Clinton?
What is that saying, rats fleeing a sinking ship?

CCFD: I Didn't Realize The Waste Was This Bad According To A Rory reid Commercial

From the Las Vegas Sun, acting as Rory Reid's spokesman:"...wants to mothball the department’s mobile air unit, which hauls extra oxygen apparatus to fire scenes, and a water tender, a truck that transports water to locations without hydrants, freeing the staff who operate the equipment for other needs. The equipment could still be used “as needed.”"
Up until now, I didn't realize that the CCFD actually had a water tanker fully staffed, 24 hours a day by a firefighter/engineer. You talk about a waste of money. How many fires did it respond to last year? 10? Maybe 15? Maybe 5?
There is no doubt that the CCFD needs a tanker truck for grass fires or car fires in out the way places. But to staff it full time is just asinine and to staff it with a higher paid engineer is even more stupid. A tanker truck does 2 things. It brings water to a fire and dumps it in a holding tank or perhaps directly into an engine. Just that and nothing more. A lower paid firefighter could handle this task. This has to be the easiest firefighting job in the CCFD.
Now, about the air supply unit. I have my doubts about this cut. The truck goes out to most working fires and probably many haz mat calls and it replenishes firefighters with air in their SCBA's or air tanks. This truck actually does provide a service at a fire scene. However, between Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas fire departments and CCFD, they could cut the total units from 4 to 2, assuming NLVFD and HFD have air trucks.
I would suggest that the fire chief of the CCFD look for more cuts like the water tanker fiasco and the air unit.
And to the Sun, we realize the Sun is in bed and humping the Reids. We know you love them, but 99.9% of the people realize that Rory Reid did not come up with these ideas or cuts. Stop giving credit where it doesn't belong.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Know It's Bad When The Brewers Lose To The Pirates

Which One Will Be The Next Closer???
Today, the Milwaukee Brewers lost their 9th straight game. It was to the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team they have dominated since the days of Abner Doubleday.

Trevor Hoffman has blown saves, they are not hitting and the pitching sucks. Maybe it's time to put in Bernie Brewer and the racing sausages.

6 Blind Mice

6 blind mice
6 blind mice
See how they run, see how they run
They ran Clark County into the ground
Who caved into the union and ignore the future
Did you ever see such a sight in your life
6 blind mice

Ok, the "poem" sucks, but this is the story about the 6 blind to reality mice that sit on the Clark County board of commissioners.
Instead of dealing with the budget crisis in Clark County, they just steal money from different accounts and hope for a better tomorrow, even though the experts state the budget crisis in the County is going to get worse instead of better.
The LVRJ has a good editorial on this:
"If you've just lost your job, you don't tap your savings to substitute filet mignon for sirloin. You don't use your reserves to upgrade from basic cable to premium channels. And you certainly don't begin making investments in Megabucks as a strategy to regain income.
No, you downgrade to hamburger. You cancel cable TV. And you don't take foolish flyers with your finances -- you stretch your savings as long as possible, knowing you have no way of knowing how long you'll be out of work. But Clark County prefers the former course. After months of talking a good game about finally addressing a root cause of massive revenue shortfalls -- unsustainable growth in county employee compensation -- the County Commission blinked Monday. It punted on third down, approving a 2010-11 budget that, at least for now, bails out public employee unions that insist on collecting generous pay raises, even as local tax collections continue to decline.
The only sane way to deal with a projected budget deficit of more than $120 million is a combination of layoffs and concessions from bargaining groups. Because county unions have shown no interest in having their members get by with what they have now -- let alone less -- commissioners had a responsibility to taxpayers to take a tough bargaining position.
Instead, they swiped $55 million from a capital fund, $47.3 million from their general fund reserves and used $20 million in one-time federal reimbursements to plug the budget's hole.
That's $120 million that won't be available next year. Blowing that money now is akin to the aforementioned Megabucks pull -- it's a prayer that the valley's economy will turn around quickly and provide government with the windfall it needs to avoid making the cuts that should have been authorized Monday."
(hope they don't sue me for using part of their editorial)
The Clark County Commission covers the unincorporated areas of the Clark County. Most of the Strip is in Clark County instead the City of Las Vegas, for instance.
The City of Las Vegas, cities of Henderson and North Las Vegas, CCSD, and the State of Nevada have all been responsible by cutting costs and even having layoffs, if they are necessary. Clark County, on the other hand just steals money from other funds and hopes for a better future.
Rory Reid, son of Harry and a candidate for governor is the head of the commission is doing nothing but throwing the County under the bus. This is just another another reason, among many reasons why Rory should not even be considered for governor.
6 blind mice.

Sharon Angle Get's Another Endorsement

From the LVRJ: "The conservative Club for Growth Political Action Committee on Wednesday endorsed Angle. And the group pledged to start spending money to help her win the June 8 primary – and defeat Democrat U.S. Sen. Harry Reid in November – if she pulls off a surprising come-from-behind victory."

Angle has won some impressive endorsements. Radio talk show host, Mark Levin is endorsing her and is going to make a quick visit to Vegas to show his support.
While Lowden and Tarkanian have been fighting amongst themselves, Angle has been getting the endorsements and highlighting her accomplishments and has not attacked anyone.
If she wins the primary in June, she will easily beat Harry Reid, despite his dirty tricks and last minute of bringing home the bacon. Heck, even Reid doesn't even has his base sewn up.

We're Number 2!

I don't think it is a surprise that Las Vegas ranks number 2 in the country for it's divorce rate and Reno is ranked number 4, according to Men's Health magazine.
What surprises me is who is number 1. Cheyenne, WY. And third is Billings MT.
Ahhh, the wild, wild west.

Good Bye Arlen Specter, It's Good To See You Go

Arlen Specter a Republican who turned Democrat is histroy tonight. He was always a RINO and now he will be unemployed.
And Harry Reid, it's not looking good for you, come November.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Time For Ensign To Go

I have somewhat defended John Ensign in the past regarding some false reports a liberal group has filed against him. I also think the Senate Ethics Committee (talk about an oxymoron) is on a witch hunt. Same with the FBI and their investigation. I have never defended Ensign regarding his sexual relationship with a friend and campaign worker and then paying off the family.
IN Rep. Mark Souder resigned this morning because he essentially did the same thing as Ensign and this changed my mind. From Fox News: "Eight-term Indiana Rep. Mark Souder announced his resignation Tuesday after admitting to an affair with a female aide who worked in his district office.
Souder, a Republican, will will step down on Friday. He said in remarks obtained by Fox News that he "sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff."
"I wish I could have been a better example," he said. "In this poisonous environment of
Washington, D.C., any personal failing is seized upon, often twisted, for political gain. I am resigning rather than to put my family through that painful, drawn-out process. ... We are a committed family but the error is mine and I should bear the responsibility. Not only am I thankful for a loving family but for a loving God"
Souder didn't have to resign. He most likely would have won election because his constituents probably would have forgiven him. Souder acted with class after committing a classless act.
Ensign, on the other hand has tried to ignore his affair and then just pretended it never happened. He didn't commit a crime he just used bad judgement but the coverup was worse.
If Ensign had been a Democrat, this would have been nothing because the politicians who are Democrats are amoral. How else can you explain Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, Barney Frank, William Jefferson, Bill Clinton, Chris Dodd, Kent Conrad and so many other low lifes. It's just a matter of fact that when comes to morals, Democrat politicians don't have them and GOP politicians do. We are better than the Democrats, morally and that is why Ensign needs to resign and let Jim Gibbons appoint someone to his seat.
Senator Ensign, thank you for your service but it is time for you to go.

Monday, May 17, 2010

We're Not Going To Boycott Arizona

Looks like Seattle will be come the latest liberal city to make an ass of themselves when they said they will boycott Arizona.
Well the family will be going to Phoenix within a few weeks to go to Culvers. Later, we will go to the NASCAR race in Phoenix in the Fall.
We were going to go to San Diego and Los Angeles in the summer to go to it's beaches and visit an old aircraft carrier in San Diego, but because the city governments are boycotting Phoenix, I am going to boycott San Diego and LA.
I don't Phoenix is going to celebrate and and San Diego is going to cry but hey, a buck is a buck.

My Endorsements For GOP U.S. Senate and Governor

Not that anybody would care, here is who I am supporting in the primaries in June
For U.S. Senate: Sharon Angle. I don't trust Sue Lowden because the way she behaved at a GOP convention and closed it down when it appeared that Ron Paul supporters had gained some support of the delegates. Danny Tarkanian violated Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment of ripping on your fellow GOP opponent. That leaves Sharon Angle and the also rans. I think Sharon has the best chance against Harry Reid and she has not attacked a fellow GOP candidate. I also think that the also rans have a good future in politics, if they want to continue and I wish them the best of luck.
For governor, I choose Brian Sandoval. Again, Jim Gibbons has attacked Sandoval by calling him names in advertisements. I am not terribly impressed by Sandoval but he is much better than Gibbons and he will crush little boy Rory Reid. I do give credit to Gibbons for doing a hell of a job the last year or so but he has a lot of baggage. I also like Mike Montandon but wish he had more money.
So, there are my 2 endorsements, for whatever that is worth and it is not worth very much.

Somebody Is Going To Hell For This

From The Wausau Daily Herald: "Police in Wausau are looking for a stolen car with the cremated remains of two people inside. Shawn Leslie, 39, of Wausau reported Wednesday that his 1994 Mercury Cougar was stolen, according to the Wausau Police Department. Leslie told an officer that he last saw the vehicle on April 18 in a parking lot near North Third Avenue and Quaw Street, Wausau Deputy Police Chief Bryan Hilts said. Leslie said he is a truck driver who often is on the road for several days at a time, Hilts said.
The vehicle had a half
tank of gas and the cremated remains of Leslie’s father and grandfather inside, Hilts said."
I can imagine the shock when the thug thief finds out what is in the urns. My guess he won't be too happy. I hope the ghosts of the two people haunt the hell out of this guy.

Two GOP Politicians We Can Enjoy

Click on the two videos. This is what the GOP should be like instead of wimps some the RINO's many GOP politicians are. First is Dale Peterson of Alabama

And Governor Christie:

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

h/t Real Debate and Badger Blogger
and Charlie Sykes

Andy Rooney Is Senile, But We Knew That

From the Las Vegas Sun: "There's only so much money in the world and if it's lost at a gambling table, it's money that isn't spent on things America makes. I mean who's best for this country - a machinist at an automobile plant in Detroit or a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas?"
That quote is from Andy Rooney when he opined on 60 minutes.
Well, to answer Mr. Rooney' question: Both are very important to America's economy. Both are high paying jobs that contribute to the economy. And the blackjack dealer does not need a government subsidy like machinists in Detroit.
So, Mr. Rooney, thanks for taking a cheap shot at Vegas. Nice that you can join the company of President Obama.

Rory Reid Blows Another Chance At Being The Next Governor

Today, the Clark County commissioners rolled and played dead to the unions representing Clark County employees by backing down on layoffs on their $57 million deficit and took the money out of their rainy day fund.
From the LVRJ: "It avoided tougher cost-cutting measures for now by pulling money from a reserve fund, transferring money from capital projects and getting a surge of federal funding.
Commissioner Steve Sisolak decried what he called budgetary "tricks" and said the county was putting off the tough decisions needed for true financial recovery."
Rory Reid, a Clark County Commissioner along with his cohorts could have made a big dent in the deficit by laying off worker as had been suggested by the Clark County administrator, cut back on overtime, especially with the CCFD but no, he wimped out and delayed the inevitable until later when the deficit is projected to be much worse.
Once again, Rory Reid shows he is lap dog to the unions and is not fit to be a governor where he will actually have to make tough decisions.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pawn Star Review: 5-16-2010

Tonight was the first night to see Pawn Stars in a week due to moving. Wish we had somethings to sell at the pawn store so it would have lighten the load, but alas, being a teacher generally does not allow you to pick up expensive items to pawn.
The first guy brought in a statue of Pegasus from a famous artist. Rick determined it to be a fake from the first moments. The potential seller, thinking he may get around $6500 was quite angry when he was told it was a fake. He started arguing with Rick and the Old Man, not the smartest thing to do in a pawn shop. The big bodyguard went to assist in handling the small seller, but he was not needed.
The next guy has a glider for sale. It was damaged but fixable. In Las Vegas, gliding is popular as there are a lot of updrafts caused by the mountains and the heat of the summer in which is beginning now. Rick bought the glider for $1500 after a little bartering. It cost $8000 to repair and so he has $9500 in it. Chumlee went for the ride.
The next guy brought in a watch repair kit which was made in the 1920's or so. It sold for $100,
The next guy brought in a Las Vegas Club $5 chip in which there are only 8 of them in existence. The Las Vegas Club still around. There was some bartering around with the Old Man and the guy got $3000 and a trade of some statues of the Rat Pack of Dean, Sammie and Frank.
The next guy brought in a Lou Gerhig team jersey from a high school. Corey brings in his dad. The seller wants $10,000 for the jersey. Corey said that he would like Chumlee to grow a brain for that amount. The jersey and signature real. Corey offered $3000 and the guy really wanted $5000. But it went for $3000.
In the final episode, it was reviewed on 3-29-2010.

Miss USA Winner: Not The Smartest Person On The Planet

Miss Michigan won the Miss USA contest tonight in Las Vegas. At least there is something nice coming out of Michigan.
But she may not be the brightest bulb in the past: "During the interview portion, Fakih was asked whether she thought birth control should be paid for by health insurance, and she said she believed it should because it's costly.
"I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it's a controlled substance," Fakih said."

I guess getting a vasectomy or a woman getting her tubes tied is a controlled substance.
UPDATE: More evidence that the USA winner is not too bright: "Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih was a contestant in a stripping contest sponsored by a Detroit radio station, is reporting.
Fakih appears in several photos on, a morning show on Detroit's Channel 955.
Two of the photos are from a strip tease contest held in 2007, and show Fakih performing on a stripper pole in front of an audience of women dressed in their underwear"
My guess conservative Muslims are not going to be too happy. I hope she has good security where ever she goes. She is a good Muslim terrorist target.