Friday, August 31, 2012

Is Shelly Berkley Lying Again?

From the Pahrump Valley Times: “I worked my way through school as many of you know, as a waitress and a keno runner and a shoeshine girl,” Berkley said. “That’s why I support an increase to Pell grants. I know what it’s like living on $10 per week for food and trying to make your monthly rental payments along with the four other kids that were living in the apartment with you and that’s why I’m committed to fighting to keep student loan rates low, to make higher education accessible.”
According to Wikipedia (yes I know it is no the perfect source, but...), it says this about Berkley: After completing high school, she became the first member of her family to attend college when she enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.[1] She became a member of Delta Zeta sorority. Elected student body president of the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas her senior year, Shelley graduated with honors in 1972, earning a B.A. in Political Science.[1], when did Berkley join the sorority?  If she joined it her freshman year, then she is lying about living in an apartment and only spending $10 a week in food.  And $10 of food in the late 1960's is a whole lot different than it is today.  you probably buy a steak or two along with most of your food for a week for $10 in 1968-72.
10 lb potatoes 69 cents
chicken whole $1 to 2
hamburger 59 cent lb
steak/fish 1.99 lb
pork chops 1.99 ;b
to sum it up i could take $20. a week and buy food for 2 to eat breakfast and dinner for the whole week and buy supplies, tp. laundry soap, cleaning supplies another $5.00 and cigs were $4.00 a carton oh how i wish the prices would roll back to back then   Surely, Berkley wasn't suffering back then.
And if her family lived in Las Vegas, why did she have to live in those conditions?  wouldn't living at home be better?
Once again, something doesn't seem right here and me wonders if Berkley is lying again about her time in college and her living conditions.

Mitt Romney Helps Save 14 Year Old Girl, So What Has Obama Done?

From The Right Scoop: While the Washington Post is digging around 1965 for dirt on Romney, here’s a story from 1996 of Romney closing down his company, Bain, to help find a 14-year-old girl lost in NYC that is sure to reflect more on the man we currently see running for the presidency. Also, this story has even been vetted by Politifact as TRUE:
 “In July 1996, the 14-year-old daughter of Robert Gay, a partner at Bain Capital, had disappeared,” the story reads. “She had attended a rave party in New York City and gotten high on ecstasy. Three days later, her distraught father had no idea where she was. Romney took immediate action. He closed down the entire firm and asked all 30 partners and employees to fly to New York to help find Gay’s daughter. Romney set up a command center at the LaGuardia Marriott and hired a private detective firm to assist with the search. He established a toll-free number for tips, coordinating the effort with the NYPD, and went through his Rolodex and called everyone Bain did business with in New York and asked them to help find his friend’s missing daughter. Romney’s accountants at Price Waterhouse Cooper put up posters on street poles, while cashiers at a pharmacy owned by Bain put fliers in the bag of every shopper. Romney and the other Bain employees scoured every part of New York and talked with everyone they could – prostitutes, drug addicts – anyone.

The story has also been better by the urban legends.  But the liberals out there are going to trash the story and make up facts without evidence.
So, what has Obama eve done to help an individual down on their luck?  When he has, besides providing pot and coke to his friends, gone out his way to help someone that is in trouble.  We certainly know he hasn't done so for his family, so what has he done?

I've Been Noticing Something Strange In Local Newspapers

I read about 20-30 local newspapers on-line- the best way to read the news before Drudge and Fox News get their claws on different news articles of the day.
The one thing I have noticed since the Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his vice presidential candidate, the local newspapers have written many positive articles about the Romney and Ryan and the tone of the articles are positive towards Romney-Ryan and more negative towards Obama-Biden.  The coverage of the GOP convention has been nothing but glowing in most of the newspapers, with only a few communists columnists saying negative things.
I'm not sure why the local newspapers have been nice to the GOP but it certainly is a different, maybe they want a closer race or that the local newspapers are seeing through the crap Obama has thrown against the walls or maybe, just maybe they are beginning to think Romney and Ryan just aren't that bad as Obama and liberals claim.
Will this turn the election towards the GOP?  It doesn't hurt and maybe, just maybe the local newspapers see something half the voters in the U.S. don't see- Obamacrap.

Strange Kidnapping Case In Henderson

There is a strange kidnapping case in Henderson today.
From The LVRJ: A Henderson teenager was abducted from her home Friday morning and was being held for ransom, police said.
Family members and Henderson police said the kidnapping happened about 7:30 a.m. in the 300 block of Esquina Drive, near Warm Springs Road and Valle Verde Drive.
Two men knocked on the front door of a home. When 17-year-old Melissa Duran answered the door, the men snatched her. The men later called and asked the girl's mother for money. A friend of the family told the Las Vegas Review-Journal the demand was for $150,000.
The kidnappers left the scene in a late-model, two-door red sedan, witnesses said. The front passenger fender is blue, police said.
Duran was wearing white pants with black stripes and a yellow blouse.
Reached by telephone Friday afternoon, Duran's father declined comment.
"This is a really bad situation right now," Alex Duran said, his voice shaking.
There's a couple strange things about this case:
1.  Why wasn't the girl in school at 7:30 when most Valley high schools start school at 7:10 or so.
2.  We haven't had a known kidnapping for ransom, that wasn't drug related since I have been in the Valley for over 6 years, so why now and why this girl?
3.  I wonder what the family history is because, again, these things just don't happen randomly.
4.  Why would the cops fear the kidnappers left Southern Nevada if they don't know who the kidnappers are?
5.  The car used in the kidnapping isn't your typical car for a kidnapping- it looks more like a teenager or young adult car.
Here is some more information from the Amber Alert: August 31 2012 -3:50 PM - According to Henderson PD, there have been two calls to Melissa’s parents demanding ransom for her safe return. Investigators are concerned that the suspects may have fled to either Southern Utah, Northern Arizona or Southern California.
I wish the best for the girl and the family and here
Here is the car that is involved with the kidnapping:

If you happen to have information, please call 911.

update: the girl was found unharmed and a man is in custody.  He is an illegal immigrant and now is in the Henderson City jail.:

Hillary Staying A Very Long Away From Democrats

Hubby giving huge speech.  Boss getting nominating and fighting for his job.  Your fighting for your job.  Hillary Clinton, where are you going to be during the democratic Party convention?
"Why, I'm going to the Cook Islands and Indonesia".
From Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as a sitting administration official, does not have any role at the Democratic National Convention next week in Charlotte. But she seems to gone out of her way to avoid the festivities, as she is traveling this week and next to the Cook Islands, Indonesia, China, Timor-Leste, Brunei, and Russia. 
"The Cook Islands this year are the hosts of one of the most important institutions of the Pacific called the Pacific Island Forum," a senior State Department official said Thursday. "It's a group that meets yearly with a number of working groups. It's been in existence almost half a century; it's very significant."
It's not Charlotte, but it is a big gathering. Last year, the administration sent 50 officials to the forum, representing 17 different federal agencies. Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides led the delegation in 2011. The official said this trip was part of the administration's rebalancing toward Asia, with a special focus on the smaller countries around the region's periphery.
"Sometimes when we talk about the Asia Pacific, the A is the capital and P is small. And our attempt here is to underscore that we have very strong, enduring, strategic, moral, political, humanitarian interests across the region. It's an area in which we invested substantially historically -- blood and treasure," the official said.
We know she is going to run in 2016 and she is already staying away from Obama. Thousands of miles away from him.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anti-Gay Therapy Soon To be Outlawed In California

From the San Francisco Chronicle: Mental health professionals in California would be barred from practicing therapy to attempt to change the sexual orientation of minors under a bill that passed the Senate Thursday afternoon and whose fate now rests with Gov. Jerry Brown
The first-of-its-kind bill, SB1172 by Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance (Los Angeles County), bars the so-called “reparative therapy” for a person under 18 years old, even if that person’s parent or guardian consents to or asks for it.
Lieu and other Democrats who supported the measure called the therapy, which is supported by backers of the “ex-gay” movement, “child abuse.”
“These attempts are quackery and this kind of psychological abuse of children must stop,” Lieu said.
The bill had previously been heard by the Senate, so there was little debate, but it evoked impassioned speeches by both supporters and opponents in the Assembly earlier in the week. Republicans opposed the measure, saying it was an affront to a parent’s ability to decide what is best for his or her child.
Reparative therapy has been shown to have either no effect or is linked to negative impacts like depression in those who have undergone it, according to various studies on the practice.
To be honest, I don't know if this kind of therapy works or not- I'm sure both sides of the issue have their strong views, just like this writer of this article who clearly shows his bias.
However, I have a problem with lawmakers deciding which therapies should be law and which ones should be criminalized.  I think there are many therapies in psychotherapy that are frauds, but it is not my place nor the place of lawmakers to decide if these therapies should be outlawed.
My guess is that this bill, if fought in Federal courts, will be found to be unconstitutional since it will be found to a violation of freedom of speech.
I'm just glad California has solved all of it's budget and pension problems, it's unemployment problems, it's poverty and foreclosure problems and it's crime problem.

Clint Eastwood: Manly Man Endorses Romney

Clint Eastwood's speech, while a little rough, was spot on and fun to watch.

Obama's Narcissism Strikes Again

Can anyone say with a straight face that President Obama is not mentally ill with narcissism?
The evidence of Obama's mental illness comes with Obama's tribute to Neil Armstrong after his Armstrong's death:
Neil’s spirit of discovery lives on in all the men and women who have devoted their lives to exploring the unknown—including those who are ensuring that we reach higher and go further in space. That legacy will endure—sparked by a man who taught us the enormous power of one small step.
—President Obama on the passing of Neil Armstrong
What a sick and pathetic little man.

There Are Still Good And Honest Judges In Clark County

Many people in Las Vegas and Clark County bash the judges in the Clark County court system for not being fair or because the judges had no idea what they were doing.  Sometimes it is with good cause as we have had a couple of judges thrown out of office because of incompetence or behavior.  We have others that are either stupid or appear that they can be easily bribed.
However, there are still some judges that are fair and honest in the courts, especially in the Family courts.
Judges Gloria Sanchez and Bill Henderson of the family courts are two examples of good and honest judges.
One of my sadder moments in Las Vegas was when I got divorced.  Sanchez originally was assigned my case followed a few years later with Henderson.
My ex was represented by many different lawyers throughout the divorce proceedings, and she brought many motions before the divorce was finalized and continued with more motions after the divorce was supposedly finalized.  She walked out of the house about 6 years ago, 2 days before Christmas.
Anyways, even though I acted as my own lawyer, I was given a fair hearing every time I was in court by Sanchez and Henderson and they often ruled in my favor.  I was was treated with respect by the judges even though her lawyers constantly bashed me with lies and innuendos. 
Finally, and hopefully, today was my last court appearance as the judge threw out her motions for child support and full custody of our two teenage kids.  Further, Judge Henderson said the kids, who don't want to visit their mom, said they had the choice of whether to go or not and that was a good ruling.  While the judge did not mandate the kids visit their mom if they don't want to, he also said we should encourage them to go, which was fair.
Anyways, I'm leaving a lot out here because of personal reasons, but I just wanted to say thank you to Judge Sanchez and Judge Henderson for being fair and honest judges in my case.  And it gives me faith that there are other judges in Clark County that are also fair and honest.

He Maybe Politically Incorrect, But Was He Wrong?

From ESPN: Allen Pinkett's controversial comments about Notre Dame have cost him the chance to broadcast the Fighting Irish's season opener Saturday in Dublin, Ireland -- and possibly more.
The IMG Notre Dame Radio Network announced Pinkett's discipline in a statement Thursday afternoon....
Pinkett, the former Fighting Irish running back and current radio analyst, said Wednesday on The McNeil and Spiegel Show that Notre Dame needs a few "bad citizens" in order to win.
"I've always felt like to have a successful team you've got to have a few bad citizens on the team," Pinkett said on WSCR-AM (670). "That's how Ohio State used to win all the time. They would have two or three guys that were criminals, and that just adds to the chemistry of the team. I think Notre Dame is growing because maybe they have some guys that are doing something worthy of a suspension, which creates edge on the football team.
"You can't have a football team full of choirboys. You get your butt kicked if you've got a team full of choirboys so you've got to have a little bit of edge. But the coach has to be the dictator and the ultimate ruler. Here's my opinion: You don't hand out suspensions unless you know you've got somebody behind that guy that can make plays."
Given a chance to back off his comments, Pinkett kept going.
"I absolutely meant that," Pinkett said. "The chemistry is so important on a football team. You have to have a couple of bad guys that sort of teeter on that edge to add to the flavor of the guys that are going to always do right because that just adds to the chemistry of the football team. You have to have ... you look at the teams that have won in the past they have always had a couple of criminals.
While there may be some exceptions, most college and even pro football teams have trouble makers on their teams.  And if the players are honest, then you have dishonest coaches.  Rarely, in college football, do you have a completely honest coach and players who are smart and stay out of trouble..
I know, when I was going to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, (Wisconsin Badgers), I had several big time athletes in my classes and with the exception of 1 student, Darrell  Bevell who wore to class, a tie and and dress pants and took notes, every other athlete just sat around drawing cartoons or sleeping  or doing nothing at all.  Then you had athletes who didn't even go to class- all this under Barry Alvarez- and those were the well behaved athletes.  Of course, you had athletes get into trouble but the cops and the athletic director's office usually handled the problems.  And Wisconsin was considered to be one of the better run programs.  Then you have the Florida schools, any one of them, many of the Texas schools and many, many others who's programs had problems with the athletes and/or coaches.
So, what Pinkette said was true but politically incorrect.  And if you look at the Fighting Irish's football record over the past decade, you cannot argue that the choir boys of Notre Dame have not been very good.  They have only been ranked in the top 20 3 times with 2 rankings of 17 and 1 ranking of 9th in the country.
It's too bad that Allen Pinkett will have to miss a historic game this weekend as they are playing Navy in Dublin, Ireland.for telling the truth, but it had to be said.

If They Had A Church, They Would Not Have This Problem

From CBS Connecticut: The National Atheist Party is canceling its secular convention due to a lack of funding.
Troy Boyle, the party’s president, announced on its website won’t be holding NAPCON 2012 in Boston in October because it would bankrupt the group.
“After this year’s amazing Reason Rally, and flush with our successful recruiting and a spike in donations, we decided to hold our OWN secular event. NAPCON 2012 was supposed to be our biggest and best public event; our chance to show the U.S. that we could fund and organize a large, noteworthy and impressive ‘Secular Summit’ that would attract media buzz and even more interested members and donations. The reality is that we can’t,” Boyle said in the press release. “The donations simply aren’t there and if we went ahead with the event as planned, it would bankrupt us.”
Now, if they were a God fearing Church, they probably wouldn't have this problem, but of course, that would defeat the purpose of their organization.

You Stay Classy, Obama

From The Gateway Pundit: On August 6, 2011, 30 US service members were killed when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter they were being transported in crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. It was the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in the decade-long war in Afghanistan. 17 members of the elite Navy SEALs were killed in the crash.
Yesterday, Karen and Billy Vaughn, parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn, spoke at the Defending the Defenders forum sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots outside the RNC Convention in Tampa. Karen brought a copy of the form letter they were sent following their son’s death.
That’s not all.
Karen Vaughn reached out to the parents of the other SEALs killed in that crash.
Their letters were all the same.
Form letters – signed by an electric pen.
Every soldier and service person killed in Afghanistan and Iraq deserve to have a letter and hand signed by the President.  Not just Obama, but Bush and Romney when he gets elected.
Further, each president ought to be required to sign a letter of condolence to soldiers killed so they understand and don't take lightly the duties and responsibility of sending people into war.  It's an awesome responsibility and having a auto-pen tells me that Obama doesn't take the war all that seriously.  If he cannot find the time to sign about 10 letters a day to the families that gave the ultimate sacrifice, then he doesn't deserve to be president.  But I'd be willing to bet that he would find time to sign letters who donate money to his campaign- if the price is right.

Excellant Letter To Black Americans

From Philly On Line:
I'm writing you because I am worried. Around the country, our people are dying at a disturbing rate. Last weekend in Chicago, nine people were killed and 37 injured in an unconscionable but not uncommon bout of violence. Here in Philadelphia, the numbers aren't much better. Nearly every night, we witness acts of violence in our most vulnerable communities.
But it's not just violence. Every year, we receive reports that our children are dropping out of school at alarming rates. On top of that, suicide, HIV infection, drug addiction, joblessness and homelessness continue to undermine our life chances.
It's time we take responsibility.
Relax, I'm not becoming a Republican. In fact, that type of thinking is part of the problem. No political party, but especially not the Republican Party, has the market cornered on taking responsibility. And we certainly don't have to buy into right-wing notions of responsibility, which require us to take full blame for the hell we've caught in America. That's not what I'm talking about.
Responsibility is not the same as blame.
Despite the dominant narratives of our people, most of us aren't lazy, irresponsible or bad people. Most of us are simply trying to respond to a variety of factors that create social misery, like unchecked capitalism, structural racism, deeply ingrained sexism and a national culture of violence.
I don't agree with every thing he says but he is right, black and not just blacks, but Hispanics, whtes asians and others need to take responsibility.
Meanwhile, there are too many murders in the black community and the no snitching rule is still in effect.  In Las Vegas, there is still an unsolved murder case, Betty Pinkney, that people who know who killed her, are still refusing to talk to the cops about the case.
So, maybe those in the community, in all communities, take responsibility for their actions.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Case Of Police Abuse In L.A?

From the Los Angeles Daily News: Ray Branch, who has a 1950 Oldsmobile, is one of the regulars. One day last week, he was sitting by the window when he saw a car turn into the Tujunga restaurant's lot, followed by a Los Angeles Police Department cruiser with its emergency lights on.
Two officers got out and walked up to the car, where a woman sitting in the driver's seat argued with them. Then the woman got out.
"I told the guys inside that she probably shouldn't be arguing with them, because it usually doesn't end up too good," Branch recalled Wednesday.
It didn't.
Officers took the woman, 34-year-old Michelle Jordan, to the ground twice the morning of Aug. 21, including once after she was handcuffed, a video of the incident shows. They arrested her on a charge of "resisting, delaying or obstructing" an officer, a misdemeanor that carries a year in jail, and she spent six hours in custody.
If she'd stayed in her car, she likely would have faced nothing but a ticket for talking on a handheld cellphone.
It was at least the third complaint about LAPD officers' use of physical force to draw wide media attention in the past two weeks, joining an Aug. 18 encounter with a skateboarder in Venice and one in May with a bank executive in Highland Park that led to a $50 million complaint against the city being filed this month.
Well, this isn't a case of racial profiling or racial discrimination as the suspect is a white female.  From the video, you cannot tell if the 2nd throw was justified.  So far, the chief of the LA police dept. has demoted the commander of the district the cops worked.
But being a cop is very dangerous as this case points out: Corporal Marshall Bailey was shot and killed after he and another trooper stopped a vehicle for reckless driving at the commuter parking lot adjacent to I-79, in Clay County, at approximately 8:30 pm.
The troopers determined the subject was intoxicated and placed him under arrest. The subject was searched and placed in the back of the patrol car when he was able to reach a concealed 9mm pistol that was not discovered in the search. He shot both troopers inside of the vehicle and took Corporal Bailey's service weapon. After climbing out of the vehicle he shot a tow truck driver who had been called to the scene to impound his car. The tow truck driver was able to get away from the scene and call for help.
The subject then fled on foot and set up an ambush in a ditch. He later opened fire on officers from multiple agencies who responded to the scene, wounding a Roane County deputy in the arm, hand, and stomach. The responding officers returned fire, killing the subject.

Read more:
So, in the case of a tie, I am going to give the benefit of the doubt to the cops. 

Artificial Sweetners Not So Good For You

Think artificial sweeteners are good for you and help you lose weight, well maybe....
From the Orlando Sentinel: Equal, Sweet'N Low, Splenda, Truvia: All have been touted as the holy grail for those who want to indulge in sweets but dodge the calories and other repercussions of sugar.
But a growing body of science is finding that, although the artificial sweeteners in foods and beverages may lower calories, consumers pay for the trade-off in other ways.
Recent scientific studies are finding that consuming artificial sweeteners may actually pad on pounds and contribute to metabolic syndrome, an unhealthy combination of excess belly fat, high blood pressure and insulin resistance, which is epidemic in this country.
For starters, dieters often wrongly rationalize that if they have a diet soda, they can eat another slice of pizza or cake, so they wind up overcompensating, said Dr. Devendra Mehta, a gastroenterologist at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.
"As a diet aid, many studies have shown that artificial sweeteners don't help," Mehta said.
And they actually stimulate rather than curb sweet cravings.
"Overstimulation of sugar receptors from frequent use of these hyperintense sweeteners may limit tolerance for more-complex tastes," said Dr. David Ludwig, obesity expert and professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. "Ultimately, consumers may find less intensely sweet foods, like fruit, less appealing and vegetables downright appalling."
But scientists think the problem goes beyond the tongue.
Sweet trap
Most Americans know that consuming too much sugar leads to health problems, specifically diabetes and obesity. That's because dietary sugar — and that includes table sugar, raw sugar, corn syrup, honey, agave syrup and the like — turns to glucose quickly in the blood. If that energy source isn't burned right away, it gets stored in the cells as fat....

"Mice studies have shown that non-nutritive sweeteners make mice more efficient at absorbing sugar from their diet." Although this hasn't been proved yet in humans, "we have the same setup for it," he said.
In human terms, that would mean if two identical people ate the same diet with the same number of calories, except one person drank diet soda and the other drank water, the diet-soda drinker would take up more glucose from the diet than the water drinker.
"This likely explains why diet-soda drinkers don't lose weight and often gain weight," he said.
Even though I am a fatter guy than when I was in high school, I rarely drink or use artificial sweeteners.  Mainly because they are too sweet and the ingredients of the fake sweeteners make me scared to put them in my body.

Zimmerman Gets New Judge

Not surprising.  From the Orlando Sentinel: The Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach on Wednesday ruled that Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. in Sanford went too far when, among other things, he described Zimmerman as a manipulator.
It was "admittedly a close call," wrote Judge C. Alan Lawson, but Lester's actions, taken in total, would cause a reasonable person to fear that he is biased.
The next step is for Circuit Judge Alan Dickey in Sanford to pick a new judge. It's expected to be Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson, 58, another felony trial judge in Sanford who has a reputation for handing down tough sentences.
She's been a judge for 13 years, much of it on the criminal bench, although she was a civil litigation specialist in private practice.
There will be no appeal, according to Florida's Office of Attorney General, which had argued in court paperwork that Lester should stay. He was not biased, wrote Assistant Attorney General Pamela Koller. He had merely given Zimmerman a "well-deserved tongue lashing."
Special Prosecutor Angela Corey's office, the one in charge of putting Zimmerman on trial, had no comment.
Defense attorney Mark O'Mara did not immediately return an email from the Orlando Sentinel. On his law firm's webpage, he wrote that he expects a new judge to be assigned to the case soon.
Nelson would be Zimmerman's third judge. In April Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler stepped aside after O'Mara filed a similar motion. That time, however, it was because Recksiedler's husband is the law partner of Mark NeJame, an Orlando lawyer who's being paid to do case commentary by CNN.
This judge was clearly biased in this case and it is not surprising that the Appeals Court removed him from the case.
Now, hopefully, Zimmerman will get a fair trial and the truth will come out.  Both Zimmerman and Martin deserve that.

More Of Obama's Chicago

First shootings, now a possible teacher's strike in 10 days.  It's not been a good year or two since Rahm Emmanuel took over as mayor in Chicago.
From the Chicago Sun Times: The specter of a teachers strike loomed over Chicago all summer. 
Then came a breakthrough in Chicago Public Schools contract negotiations, in time for year-round schools to start Aug. 13. Another announcement came last week from union and school officials that the rest of the schools would start Tuesday as scheduled.
But Wednesday, parents of CPS students learned the Chicago Teachers Union had filed a 10-day strike notice, meaning teachers could walk the picket line as soon as Sept. 9.
That left moms and dads, already frustrated and bewildered, uncertain about what they would do with their children if the teachers went on strike.
“Catholic school?” one father said outside Charles G. Hammond Elementary School in Little Village.
“You don’t know how long it’s going to take,” Ariel Avina continued, while waiting with his wife and their two young children for their first-grader, Aaliyah, to be dismissed from classes for the day....
But Lynn Watkins of Bronzeville works during the day near O’Hare Airport. Her husband also has a full-time job. She thinks the teachers won’t strike and that the fiery union rhetoric will prove to be just part of negotiations.
But she has considered Chicago Park District programs or child care at the YMCA for her LaSalle Language Academy second-grader just in case.
As a contingency, the board of education has approved $25 million to feed and shelter children if teachers walked out. However, no specifics on where that would be or what hours would be covered have been publicized.
“It’d be helpful if the contingency process was publicly unveiled,” Watkins said. “It’s going to be a madhouse scramble.
Obama disciple, Rahm Emmanuel has the pissed the teacher's union by demanding they work longer hours but not paying them much more to compensate for the extra time.  But the unions also demanded raises of about 30-40%, which of course, was outrageous. 
Maybe the community organizer in the White House can go back to that job when he is removed from office and help with the conflict, except the community will not be able to pay for the solution.

That Means 12% Are Not

From the Denver Post:  At least 88 percent of the approximately 1,400 suspected noncitizens run through a federal database by the Colorado Secretary of State's office were determined to be U.S. citizens, and are therefore eligible to vote.
The office is looking further at the remaining roughly 168 people, but that list may also include people who are citizens, said Michael Hagihara of the state's elections division.
The results of the checks so far were released during a public hearing on how Secretary of State Scott Gessler's office will notify suspected noncitizens and conduct hearings on whether they should be removed from Colorado's voter rolls.
Martha Tierney, an attorney who represents the Colorado Democratic Party, noted that the number of voters still in question equals less than one-hundredth of 1 percent of Colorado's approximately 3.5 million registered voters.
"This appears to be a solution searching for a problem," she said.
But Deputy Secretary if State Suzanne Staiert said there is good reason to move forward.
"We are trying to maintain the integrity of the rolls," she said.
The Democrats should be demanding that 0% of the voters should be illegal aliens or other non-resident voters.  For every illegal vote cast, it disenfranchises a legally cast ballot.  Why don't they understand that?

Thug Deer Beats Up Man, Then Shot In Self Defense

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune: A northwestern Minnesota farmer who made news when he got pummeled by a deer won't be charged with shooting the buck out of season.
A conservation officer who investigated the incident sent a report to the county attorney for review, per standard procedure.
Norman County Attorney James Brue told the Grand Forks Herald ( with a chuckle that it was a justifiable shooting, so Mark Christianson won't be charged.
The 66-year-old says he was heading out to spray soybeans on his farm near Fertile when the buck attacked Aug. 2. His wife says the black and blue marks are gone, but he's still sore.
It's not clear why the deer attacked. It wasn't mating season, and lab tests found no signs of any diseases that might have explained its erratic behavior.
Damn deer.  Probably snorted or smoked crack  before the attack and the farmer had no choice but to kill the deer.  Glad to see the cops found the shooting justified- see another case of concealed carry working.

Good For the Judge

From the New York Daily News: One of the men accused in a series of repeated sexual assaults of a young Texas girl disappeared from his trial Wednesday, following a day of emotional testimony from the now 13-year-old girl who cried as a video of one of the encounters was played for jurors.
Testimony continued despite the absence of 20-year-old defendant Eric McGowen, who is one of 14 adults accused of having sex with the girl during a nearly three-month span two years ago. Six juveniles were also charged.
Prosecutors and defense attorneys huddled briefly with Judge Mark Morefield in front of his bench when McGowen failed to return to the courtroom following an afternoon break. The judge then told jurors the trial would go on without him.
Morefield later said a bench warrant had been issued, and McGowen's bond was increased from $35,000 to $250,000. The judge denied a defense motion for a continuance in the case and said the trial would resume Thursday morning.
"Your client left voluntarily," Morefield told defense attorney Matthew Poston.

I am sure some soft on crime judges would have declared a mistrial, but this judge got it right and I hope the thug is convicted in abstentia and thrown in prison for a long time.  I also hope he also loses his right to appeal any conviction.

But Their Executives Get Fat Bonuses

From the San Francisco: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has fired a Des Moines worker over a 1963 incident at a Laundromat involving a fake dime in the wake of new employment guidelines.
Richard Eggers, 68, was fired in July from his job as a customer service representative for putting a cardboard cutout of a dime in a washing machine nearly 50 years ago in Carlisle, the Des Moines Register reported ( on Monday.
Warren County court records show Eggers was convicted of operating a coin-changing machine by false means. Eggers called it a "stupid stunt," but questions his firing.
Big banks have been firing low-level employees like Eggers since new federal banking employment guidelines were enacted in May 2011 and new mortgage employment guidelines took hold in February, the newspaper said. The tougher standards are meant to clear out executives and mid-level bank employees guilty of transactional crimes — such as identity theft and money laundering — but are being applied across the board because of possible fines for noncompliance.
This guy gets fired for a crime that happened almost 50 years ago and yet the executives at Wells Fargo and other banking and money managing companies get fat bonuses and stay out of jail thanks to the Obama administration.
Yeah, we have to watch out for those employees who commit crimes 50 years ago using a silly trick.  They ought keep him though, because if that tricked worked, he would be executive material.

1 Liberal Down, Many More To Go

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  Yahoo News fired its Washington bureau chief on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after he was caught on an open microphone saying that Mitt Romney and his wife, at the GOP convention in Florida while a hurricane was approaching Louisiana, were "happy to have a party with black people drowning."
Company spokeswoman Anne Espiritu said Wednesday that David Chalian's remark was inappropriate and does not represent Yahoo's views.
"We have already reached out to the Romney campaign, and we apologize to Mitt Romney, his staff, their supporters and anyone who was offend," she said.
Chalian made the remark during a hot-mic moment before Yahoo began its live coverage of the GOP convention in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday evening. Yahoo is streaming coverage in association with ABC News.
The website Newsbusters posted a copy of the video and the audio. The video showed Ann and Mitt Romney while the audio picked up background conversation, not all of it intelligible, about the GOP convention taking place as Hurricane Isaac hit the Louisiana coast.
Someone makes a remark, "they're not concerned at all." In a clearer voice, Chalian says, "they are happy to have a party with black people drowning."
Well, at least Yahoo fired the idiot.  Now, if only a few more idiot liberal media critters were fired when they say the same kind of stupid thing, maybe the media will be less biased.

Tim Pawlenty Is On A Roll

Tim Pawlenty is a former GOP presidential candidate and could be a comedian/pundit if he wanted to.
From jsonline: Tim Pawlenty: "When Paul Ryan speaks, Joe (Biden) will finally get to hear what a real vice president sounds like."
 Tim Pawlenty: "Actually, Barack Obama is the first president to create more excuses than jobs."
Tim Pawlenty: "President Obama isn't as bad as people say -- he's actually worse."
Tim Pawlenty: "It's really hard for people to be part of the middle class if they don't have a job."

But ObamaCare Was Supposed To Work?

From the LVRJ: Even with the advent of health care reform, the director of the state agency that will implement parts of the Affordable Care Act said on Wednesday that 10 percent of the state population, or more than 313,000 residents, will remain uninsured in 2020.
Mike Willden, director of the state Department of Health and Human Services, told a legislative committee that the law sometimes called "Obamacare" will not cover undocumented residents and that some people simply will pay penalties rather than enroll in available programs.
Willden also told the Legislature's Committee on Health Care that he does not yet know what it will cost the state if Nevada decides to expand its Medicaid program in 2014, when the federal law goes into effect.
Under the Supreme Court's June decision, states have the option to offer this free health care program to citizens earning less than 138 percent of poverty-level incomes, or slightly more than $15,000 for an individual.
Gov. Brian Sandoval has not decided whether he will back the expansion.
Crap, we have that many illegals in the State?
Well, ObamaCare nor any other program should not include illegals.  My solution has always been: save their lives and stabilize the illegals medical problems.  If they need more medical care after that and they cannot pay, send them back to their country of origin via a med evac plane if necessary, for further treatment.  Then bill the country for their health care.
As far the people paying fines, that money goes into the general budget not into health care- brilliant. 
And no, Sandoval or any other governor should not increase the Medicaid unless they have the money to pay for it without raising taxes or cutting services elsewhere.
As long as illegals overwhelm our health care system, ObamaCare or any other medical program will not solve the health care crisis where most hospitals lose money and many doctors are willing to leave the medical profession because of the lack of reimbursement from the government.
Thanks to Obama and company, we are really going to suffer and perhaps become a 3rd world country when it comes to medical care.  Mother Theresa, if she were still alive, would be coming to the U.S. to help those who will be ruined by Obama.

Stupid Commercial Of The Day

And we feed the chickens what chickens are supposed to eat
 It's just not politicians who have stupid commercials, sometimes it's chicken farmers.
From Perdue Chickens, they brag about what their chickens are eating before they are slaughtered.
For instance, Perdue Chickens brag that the chickens get a vegetarian diet.  Well, maybe that's because chickens are vegetarians?  Maybe chickens go out and order steak dinners?  Perhaps they are cannibals?
I guess a chicken can eat worms and bugs if they are available but I doubt Perdue can do much about that.
So, once again, a stupid commercial and this time, not by a politician.

It's The Economy Stupid: Why Obama loses: Part 235654923

We went shopping today and as usual, prices have gone up since we last went shopping.  Milk is up to $2.84 for a gallon of Wal-Mart milk. 
Gas is up to about $3.57 a gallon, with higher prices elsewhere in the Valley but not as bad as some places int he country.
Meat prices are going to go down slightly in the short term but rise significantly later because of the ethanol mandate and drought. 
All, in all, are we better off economically than we were 4 years ago?
Umm, hell no!!
Hope and Change, how's that working out for you?

And The Greed continues In Bell, CA.

From Fox News: A former employee of Bell, Calif., which made headlines for paying enormous salaries to a slew of officials who now face criminal charges, is suing the city for $837,000 in unused vacation and sick time.
Eric Eggena, who was director of general services in the small Los Angeles suburb, was paid as much as $421,000 a year in total compensation after starting at just $90,000 in 2002, according to the Los Angeles Times. Although he was not among the eight city officials who were arrested in a criminal probe, he was fired when the scandal broke.
"His name came up a lot during our investigation, and he certainly received a suspiciously high salary," Deputy District Attorney Max Huntsman told the Los Angeles Times.
Eggena wants to paid for 329 unused sick and vacation days.
The case, which made the city of 35,000 a poster child for public-sector pay packages run amok, came to light in a Times investigation in July 2010. Two months later, the state Attorney General sued eight current and former employees over the excessive salaries, and subsequently brought criminal charges. The mayor and all council members have since resigned or been driven from office.
The city paid the biggest compensation package -- $1.5 million per year -- to Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo. Former Police Chief Randy Adams had a salary of $457,000 a year, and he has also sued the city for severance pay. Rizzo, his chief assistant, Angela Spaccia, and five former City Council members face felony corruption charges for allegedly looting the city to pay for their astronomical salaries and generous retirement benefits, which the council approved.
While Bell CA. is an example of corrupt government, there are still government employees who still like raping the taxpayers with their outrageous salaries. An example would be firefighters in the Clark County Fire Department a couple of years ago with the overtime pay scandal.  The pay of some police officers are also way above normal here in the Valley.  The fact is, in the Las Vegas Valley, we have some of the highest paid public paid employees n the country, Bell, CA not included.  And Clark County teachers are also underpaid compared to other cities.(I am a CCSD teacher)
So, this former Bell, CA. still has the mindset of a government employee of take, take, take and nothing much in return.

But He Will Look Ugly In Orange

Matt Kenseth is going to be driving the 20 Home Depot car for Joe Gibbs racing next year, according to ESPN: Joe Gibbs Racing plans to announce next Tuesday that Matt Kenseth will be its newest driver beginning in 2013, has learned.
The 2003 Sprint Cup champion will take over the No. 20 team driven by Joey Logano with Home Depot as his primary sponsor, sources said.
JGR president J.D. Gibbs said on Saturday at Bristol Motor Speedway he still held out hope of re-signing Logano and adding a fourth team if sponsorship can be found. Logano is not expected to be a part of Tuesday's press conference.
I'm a big Mat Kenseth fan and am a bit disappointed that he is going to JGR.  I don't like Toyota and Kenseth will look silly in the orange Home Depot fire suit, but at least he will have a job.

Yes He Has

From ESPN: Lance Armstrong introduced himself as a seven-time Tour de France champion at a cancer conference Wednesday.
"My name is Lance Armstrong. I am a cancer survivor," he said to open his speech to the World Cancer Congress. "I'm a father of five. And yes, I won the Tour de France seven times."
Armstrong announced last week he would no longer challenge the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's drug charges against him. USADA threw out his competitive victories dating to 1998, which include all seven Tour wins.
Armstrong, who has maintained his innocence, focused on his experience as a cancer survivor and the work of his charitable foundation.
He said he struggled to get enough information after his diagnosis in 1996.
"After I left the doctor's office, I was grabbing every pamphlet and flyer I could off the wall," he said. "You know what we did after that? We went to the bookstore -- remember those things."
Armstrong also announced his foundation would donate an additional $500,000 to a joint initiative aimed at increasing access to cancer care around the world.
Armstrong briefly returned to the doping scandal at the end of his remarks, vowing it wouldn't impact his charitable work.
The doping charges were false and no matter what any idiot says, Armstrong legitimately won the Tour De France 7 times.
I hope he has a nice quiet retirement and his charity continues it's good work.

NFL To Have Replacements Start Regular season

From ESPN: The NFL will open the regular season next week with replacement officials and said it was prepared to use them "as much ... as necessary" afterward.
Replacements will be on the field beginning next Wednesday night when the Dallas Cowboys visit the New York Giants to open the season, league executive Ray Anderson told the 32 teams. Negotiations are at a standstill between the NFL and the officials' union.
The NFL Referees Association was locked out in early June and talks on a new collective bargaining agreement have gone nowhere. Replacements have been used throughout the preseason, with mixed results.
It's a shame it has come to this.  As most readers know, I am almost always on the side of management, but this is one case where I side with the union.
The union is not asking anything that would bankrupt the NFL and compared to other leagues, they do a very good job.
Hopefully, the NFL and it's officials will come to a deal soon and get the regular refs back on the field.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Really, Shelly Berkley? Seriously?

Shelly Berkley is an unethical and sleazy politician who loves to lie and bring people down.  Her sights this time is Dean Heller, who is her opponent in the U.S. Senate race in Nevada.
In her latest commercial, Berkley, she says that Dean Heller has never been for the people of Nevada.
Really Shelly?  Seriously?
Let's see what kind of votes Heller has made that hurt Nevada:
Voted for the Veterans Jobs Bill
Voted to repeal the ethanol subsidy
Voted to extend Unemployment benefits and extend the payroll tax holiday (he voted with the Democrats)
Cut the budget of the House
Extend Bush tax cuts
Voted for a resolution in honoring the Aurora shooting victims.
Voted for a resolution for honoring the firefighters and others fighting the wildfires.

Now, maybe Berkley was confused and was thinking about Harry Reid, who really doesn't stand for the people of Nevada, when she made that commercial.
But once again, Shelly Berkley shows what a sleazy and unethical politician she really is.  These kind of commercials are going to turn off voters and I believe she is going to lose in a landslide.

Say What, Bill Clinton?

I'm watching a commercial from the Obama administration starring our former impeached and disbarred president, Bill Clinton.
He says "President Obama wants to rebuild America from the ground up"
So, what exactly, is the ground up?
From the Free Dictionary: from the ground up From the most basic level to the highest level; completely
So, is President Obama and Bill Clinton admitting that the American economy, life style, policies, security and other factors is so low, that it is at it's most basic caveman level?  Really Billy and Obamay?  Seriously, our problems are so bad that we are at the level of the Revolutionary War?
Wow, just wow, I didn't realize we were that bad off.
Or is it possible that Obama wants to start from the beginning into turning the United States into his vision of a socialist/communist state? 
Either way, it is a pretty eery quote from the blue dress lover.

Fort Hood Scandal Brewing

On November 5, 2009, a Muslim terrorist pretending to be an Army psychiatrist shot and killed 13 people and injured 29.  The Obama administration and Crybaby Harry Reid claims this was just a criminal act and not a terrorist act.
Since then, the trial for the Muslim terrorist thug has been delayed and delayed and for the past several months, the trial has been delayed because the Muslim thug terrorist has grown a beard and the Army judge has refused to hold the trial until he shaves his beard.
From the Houston Chronicle: The Army psychiatrist charged in the Fort Hood shooting rampage should be forced to shave his beard to avoid any potential jury bias in his pending murder trial, say some military experts and the judge overseeing his pending court-martial.
Maj. Nidal Hasan has grown the beard in violation of Army policy and says he wants to keep it for religious reasons. If he's not forced to shave and is subsequently convicted in the 2009 attack on the Texas Army post, the issue could also become grounds for an appeal.
Military trials are very formal and the juries expect all regulations to be followed, down to the smallest detail, some legal experts said.
"I've seen a judge send a soldier out of the courtroom because his uniform wasn't right — his medals weren't in order or his tie wasn't tied right," said Ret. Army Maj. Gen. John Altenburg, a former deputy judge advocate general who now is an attorney in private practice. "Jurors get a first impression of that defendant, and at worst it's neutral and at best it's positive."
Hasan faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole if convicted in the November 2009 attack that killed 13 people and wounded more than two dozen others at Fort Hood, about 125 miles southwest of Fort Worth.
What a bunch of crap.  The people who serve as judge and jury are professional Army officers with high ranks, probably Major and above are not going to be swayed by a beard.  Chances are that if the jury is swayed by anything, it is because he was in the Army and embarrassed the Army and not some stupid beard.
For some reason, the Obama administration wants to keep this trial from happening until after the November election.  Maybe they don't people to think this Muslim terrorist thug is actually a Muslim terrorist thug and committed a terrorist act during the Obama watch.
But whatever the reason, the delay s a travesty of justice to the victims and their families and shame on Obama and his administration for orchestrating these delays.

Auroua Shooting Scandal?

From the New York Daily News: The families of victims of the Colorado movie theater shooting rampage say they have received almost no part of the $5 million in donations raised to help them in the aftermath of the massacre.
Victims' families held a joint press conference in Denver on Tuesday to voice their anger and demand "a robust voice" in the handling of money given in their loved ones' names to Giving First and the Colorado Organization for Victims Assistance (COVA).
"I'm not saying they don't care about the victims, but we haven't seen it yet," said Arizona resident Tom Teves, whose son Alex, 24, was one of the 12 people killed in the July 20th shooting.
Another 58 people were wounded.
The foundation has been collecting money from both private and corporate donors for victims caught in the Aurora theater. So far, more than $5 million has rolled in.
But instead of going the victims and their families, the money has been doled out to non-profits and government agencies, Teves said.
Community First did not immediate respond to the Daily News' request for comment. The foundation told KDVR Monday they had only just became aware of the complaints and was doing its best in a "difficult" situation.
But Teves said the charitable nightmare started soon after he buried his son.
"An hour later I was immersed in this," he said of his struggles to get information from the memorial fund.
Some of the victims' relatives said they even struggled to make it to the press conference or to the initial court appearances of alleged shooter James Holmes.
"I had to come (to Denver) without my four-year-old daughter....I needed to bring my daughter and they (the charity) told me no. There was no more funding for another ticket," said Reno resident Chantel Blunk, whose ex-husband Jon,26, was among those murdered.
We are seeing more and more that these kind of charities are becoming big business and that there are many more paws out there grabbing for the money.  
Personally, I know there are many worthy charities out there but there is only 1 charity I trust and that is the Salvation Army because they take care of their money and don't pay high salaries for their executives.  
Hopefully, the victims will get the money they deserve because the people who donate the money expect the money to go to the victims- not a government agency or non-profit.

Chrisitie Goes From Pit Bull to Cocker Spaniel

Color me unimpressed by Gov. Chris Christie key note speech at the GOP convention.
The only speech I probably will watch during the convention, I thought that Christie was bland compared to his sound bites that he is known for.
If I was playing the game Beer Pong And I had a drink every time I heard the word "Now", I'd be in detox for the next two weeks.
I was hoping for a pit bull tonight but instead we got a lap dog or cocker spaniel and if that is the best the GOP can do, the GOP is in serious trouble.

Some People Just Don't Get It

From a letter to the editor in West bend, WI:
 Isn’t it enough that every other week we hear on the news somewhere in this country, not to mention the rest of the world, adults are killing others and then sometimes taking their own lives with real guns, for what appear to be senseless reasons? A thought crossed my mind the other day: If we didn’t have guns or any kind of fire power to kill with, in any form, we probably would never have seen war. 
As Owen at Boots and Sabers and others pointed out, there has been war going on since the first days of the Bible and they didn't have guns back then.
Some liberals just don't get it.
h/t Boots and Sabers:

That's One Hell Of A Storm In New Orleans

Data from NOAA and the National Weather service for New Orleans at the 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM hours today:   Probably the first snow storm during a hurricane.
with wind chills to -30F
WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2820:53NE 46 G 670.75 Light Snow and WindyBKN018 OVC023NANA


2819:53NE 47 G 600.75 Light Snow and WindyBKN024 BKN028 OVC035NANA


Monday, August 27, 2012

Shelly Berkley: Super Cop

Shelly Berkley: Crime Fighter
 In a new commercial for Shelly Berkley was endorsed by several police officers.  Ok, no problem, even though Berkley is a liberal and they tend to be soft of crime.  But hey, if they endorse you, great.
But one line in the commercial from police officer Michael Ramirez, states" She's cracked down on meth labs".
Wow, that's pretty good, not only is Berkley is a congress critter, she out there raiding meth labs.  Wow, she's got my vote for that.
But on a more serious note on the commercial, Berkley implies that law enforcement supports Berkley.  No, some police unions support Berkley and as most people know, that is different than having support of the majority of law enforcement officers.  Most union endorsements, including police and fire unions, are made by the union leaders who are quite liberal, just as most union leaders are.  That doesn't mean that the rank and file cops support Berkley, though Berkley is saying that in her commercial.
Nothing but more lies from Berkley.
I just wonder if we will see Berkley on C*O*P*S?

Hurricane Isaac Isn't Even A Hurricane Yet

With all the hoopla and media attention, you would think the storm of the century was on it's way to the United States, hitting around New Orleans.
But the storm of the century isn't even a hurricane and never has been.  At best, the storm will be a Category 1 storm, with winds of 90 mph.  This would equate a medium F1 tornado.  With all the hurricane proof housing and buildings, this should cause minimal damage at the coast and even less inland.
From the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Neat: Albino Humming Bird

A rare albino hummingbird fed from a flower at a Lake Waukomis home. 

From the Kansas City Star:  Nancy Morrison caught a glimpse of the stranger as she was backing out of the driveway and told her husband to watch out for some little white bird that was invading the hummingbird feeders at their Lake Waukomis home.
But the visitor turned out to be an extremely rare albino hummingbird — and she was most welcome for the more than two weeks that she hung around. She was last seen Saturday, but she may still be in the Kansas City area.
“I was thrilled,” Morrison said. “We really had a lot of fun with her. She was a great visit.”
The Backyard Bird Center on Barry Road confirmed for Morrison and her husband, Michael, that it was an albino version of the ruby-throated hummingbird. An expert examining photos told them it was female.
Albino hummingbirds have a poor survival rate because they stand out to predators, naturalist Bill Hilton Jr. told the Missouri Department of Conservation. He said this bird would be lucky to survive the migration south for the winter.
But she was plucky while she was here, guarding her rights to the Morrisons’ many hummingbird feeders and flowers
We actually have a lot of humming birds in Las Vegas but nothing this exotic.

Read more here:

Holy Hotel Hell: Gordon Ramsey Tries To Stupidly Play Super Hero

Gordon Ramsey is starting up a new show, Hotel Hell where he tries save a failed hotel.  Ramsey is a good actor and a good chef but a poor emergency medical worker.
The chef at the hotel collapsed on the floor from an unknown cause at the time and the first emergency responder says  is to give the chef some water.  Huh?  Never give water to a person who collapses from an unknown cause.  That could make the situation worse if the patient chokes the water down into their lungs
Now, was the scene staged and Ramsey wanted to play the hero or was it a real scene and Ramsey wanted to be a hero and tried to kill the chef.?
Either way, Ramsey was quite stupid and hopefully, no one will follow his medical advice.

Go Christie Go

From the San Francisco Chronicle: The pile-on began as the California delegation's breakfast kicked off, with headliner and fellow governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, and later Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman, plowing into Brown - to the delight of the partisan GOP crowd.
"Don't give up on the fact that California can be governed," Christie told the adoring crowd. "You've seen it governed before. California once did have great governors, like Gov. Pete Wilson," a Republican who served two terms from 1991-1999.
But, Christie said, "We've just given California away to the public sector unions, to the masters of huge spending and huge government. It doesn't have to be that way."
Then he got personal toward Brown.
"California made a bad choice with an old retread," he said of voters' election of Brown, who had served two terms from 1975 to 1983, to a third term in 2010. "I cannot believe that you people elected Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman," who lost the race by 13 percentage points and is a California delegate to the GOP convention in Florida this week.
Christie continued: "I don't want to be insulting.... Jerry Brown? He won the New Jersey presidential primary over Jimmie Carter when I was 14 years old. And now I got to sit at the National Governor's Association with this guy, and have him come up to me and say, 'Stop telling people that I want to raise taxes...' He said, 'I'm going to put it on the ballot and let the people decide.'
"Yea, that's leadership, isn't it?" Christie added, to the assembled delegates' delight.
And Christie is just warming up.

Darwin Award Nominee

From the San Francisco Chronicle: A man dressed in a military-style "ghillie" suit and apparently trying to provoke reports of a Bigfoot sighting in northwest Montana was struck by two cars and killed, authorities said.
The man was standing in the right-hand lane of U.S. Highway 93 south of Kalispell on Sunday night when he was hit by the first car, according to the Montana Highway Patrol. A second car hit the man as he lay in the roadway, authorities said.
Flathead County officials identified the man as Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell. Trooper Jim Schneider said motives were ascertained during interviews with friends, and alcohol may have been a factor but investigators were awaiting tests.
"He was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting," Schneider told the Daily Inter Lake ( on Monday. "You can't make it up. I haven't seen or heard of anything like this before. Obviously, his suit made it difficult for people to see him."
Can't do much other than to shake my head.

Pawn Stars Review: August 27, 2012

Today is the first day of school in Las Vegas and a lot of little kiddos are saying good bye to Summer and hello to reality.  Clark County has the 5th largest school district in the Country.  We have both urban and rural schools and some schools have over 3000 students and other schools have less than 20.
Last Wednesday, we had around 4 inches of rain in some places over a 24 hour period.  We had a lot of flooding and unfortunately, we had a death when a senior in high school died when he slipped into a flood channel and drowned.  So, yes, it rains in Las Vegas.
Tonight we have 2 new episodes of Pawn Stars (an early version as I discover that History HD is 3 hours ahead of Las Vegas time)
In the first episode, the first guy brought in a a piece of a $20 bill from the hijacker D.B. Cooper.
The bill just had the face of Thomas Jefferson and was supposedly with the other bills found.  The guy wanted $2000.  Rick offered $1000.  The guy went down to $1800 and then $1700 and the Old Man countered with $1600 and that was the selling price.
The next lady brought in 2 paintings from Tony Curtis, the actor and former resident of Henderson, NV, a suburb of Las Vegas.    Tony died last year in Henderson.  Time for expert.
The lady wanted $16,000. Brett came in appraised the pictures and said that there were a lot of Tony Curtis paintings out there and said the pictures were worth about $3-4,000 apiece.  Corey said the lady should hold on to them.  Corey offered $1000 and Rick went to $2000 a piece.  No sale.
The fun story of the episode is inventory time and Chumlee and Corey had to do the inventory but they had the complain about it first.  The guys went around to different items and found out that a lot stuff has not sold for years.  Olivia came and Chumlee went to flirt with her. (Real or fake romance?) 

The next guy brought in a 1836 artillery foot soldier sword.  The guy previously had brought in the Morse code machine a few episodes ago.  The sword was for the enlisted man in the 1830's.  Time for an expert, Mark from the Clark County Museum.  The sword was in pretty bad shape because of age and use.  Mark said the sword was real and a complete set.  Rick offered $400 and the guy wanted $600 and then $500 and that was the selling price.
The next guy brought in an old teletype page of paper that had the headlines of the JFK assassination.  The guy found it at an antique store.
Corey offered $300 and the guy wanted $450 and the Old Man offered $350 and that was the selling price.
The Old Man has certainly showed up a lot in recent episodes.
In the second episode, the first guy brought in a book signed by Shoeless Joe Jackson, of the Chicago Black Sox.  The guy found the book in a foreclosed home.
The guy had the signature certified as real.  Jackson was illiterate so his signature was bad.  The guy wanted $30,000.  Rick offered $10,000 and then $11,000.   The guy came down to $16,000 and Rick offered $13,000 and that was the selling price.  Rick was ordered to have the book appraised.  Rebecca was the appraiser and said the book was worth about $50.  Rebecca said the signature could be worth up to $100,000 though one was sold for $21,000.  Rebecca thought the signature was fake but said if Rick could get others to say it was real, then it may be worth a great deal.  She compared the signature on a baseball, which is round to the signature, which is on a page of paper.  So, is Rick out of $13,000?  Well, he isn't going down without a fight.  Rick sent the book to another authenticator and they said the signature was still fake.  Well, at least Rick got a tax write off.
The next guy brought in a MTV Music Award.  No one won the award and Corey thought it was an extra laying around to be used for an emergency.  The guy wanted $2000.  Corey offered $200.  The guy came down to $1700 and there was no sale.

The next guy brought in a Savage Navy Civilian 36 caliber pistol.  Time for an expert.  Craig came in to look at the pistol.  He said the revolver was a double action revolver.  He also said the gun sucked.  but said the gun was worth about $1800-2000.  The Old Man offered $800 and Rick offered $1250 and then $1300 and then $1350 and finally $1400 for the sale price. 
The next guy brought in a FDR campaign poster from 1944.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt  The guy wanted $150 and Rick offered $75 because he had to get it framed.  Then Rick went to $100 and then $105 and that was the selling price.
That ends another 2 new episodes of Pawn Stars.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.

Probably A Good Idea

From ESPN: It seems as if Penn State has soured on "Sweet Caroline."
The popular Neil Diamond song will not be used during football games this season, and two university officials denied Monday that had anything to do with the lyrics.
"Absolutely no song changes were made based on lyrics," spokesman David La Torre said. "The song has come up on the list in recent years because it happens to be played in so many other professional and collegiate venues and has no real origination here at Penn State."
Those lyrics -- "Reachin' out, touchin' me, touchin' you" -- could be construed as inappropriate after a jury convicted former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky on 45 counts of child-sex abuse. The Altoona (Pa.) Mirror reported Monday morning that some university officials expressed concern about the lyrics.
La Torre said that was not the case but could not name another song that would be excluded. He and Greg Myford, associate athletic director for business relations and communications, insisted the elimination of "Sweet Caroline" was just part of an annual process.
I guess, my question would be as to why was "Sweet Caroline" played in the first place.