Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!!

Sung by Susan Boyle

Have a great and safe New Years and New Years Day and may you have a great 2011 (even to liberals)

Almost a Darwin Award Winner

A man from Clemson, SC. decided it would be a good idea to play Frogger across a 4 lane highway in Clemson. Obviously, the man was not very good at the game as he was hit by a SUV.

From the Independentmail: Clemson Police Chief Jimmy Dixon is withholding the man’s name, saying that he does not want to cause any more discord for the 23-year-old or for the woman who was driving the SUV that hit him.
The man was hit Monday night around 9 p.m., and is expected to be released from AnMed Health Medical Center in Anderson later this afternoon .
Dixon said the man lives in the city but is not a student at Clemson University.
The man was hit at U.S. 76 and College Avenue in Clemson.
Before he was hit, the man and two of his friends had been discussing a game known as “Frogger.” The arcade game was released in the early 1980s, and in it, players try to move frogs through a busy road and a dangerous river.
During the discussion of the game, the man yelled, “Go,” and then started darting into the highway with oncoming traffic.
He was hit by a white 2010 Lexus SUV.
Believe it or not, alcohol was involved. This idiot was an almost Darwin award winner.

Harry Reid Lies Again: Proves Once Again He Hates The Elderly And Disabled

From Cranky Hermit: From Harry Reid: "So I want to talk about a few things that our bill will do. It’ll make health care more affordable for 530,000 Nevadans because they have no health insurance. But for people that have health insurance today, they will have an immediate reduction, on an average, of their insurance premiums by sixteen hundred dollars a year." (emphasis, Cranky Hermit's)
Someone who is very close to me is on Medicare. Her Medicare premium from WellCare just went up 38% for the year 2011 and she will receive the same or worse benefits next year.
Thank you Harry Reid for not looking out for the disabled and the elderly. You are such a pathetic human being, Reid, that you would mislead and lie to the poor, disabled and elderly You are such a frickin phony and a disgraceful human being.

h/t Cranky Hermit

Liberals Complain About Gov. Jim Gibbons But Who Was The Democratic Alternative?

The Las Vegas Sun runs the usual hit piece on Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons. From the Sun: On Monday, Gov. Jim Gibbons will conclude what might be the roughest four-year term a Nevada politician has endured who didn’t die or get indicted.
It began with pre-election accusations of
assault on a cocktail waitress and ended with being thrown from a horse, breaking his pelvis and going through a painful recovery.
In between was a raft of equally embarrassing and painful moments: ethics investigations; inept appointments; getting chased by the media during outings with women other than his wife; a
messy and public divorce; a vitriolic relationship with lawmakers, both Republican and Democrat; accusations he spent little time working (Some noted, for example, the horse accident occurred during work hours — 4:30 p.m. on a Tuesday.); and a loss in June’s Republican primary, the first by an incumbent governor in the 100-year history of state party elections.

Then you have the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing 2 celled liberal sloths commenting on Gibbons in the comment section and they obviously were none too kind.
Well, let's go back four years and see who the Democratic alternative was. Why, it was Dina Titus. You know, the soon to be former congresscritter who never held a real job in her life. A woman who had been sheltered her entire life. A woman who has no clue about creating budgets. A person who has no clue what the average Nevadan goes through. The congresscritter that was thrown out of Congress after only 1 term in a center left district to Joe Heck. That Dina Titus.
So, the liberals can bitch and moan about Gibbons, but since they did not offer up a reasonable alternative, they really can't say much, now can they?

Good Bye Discovery Health Channel, Hello, Aww, Who Cares

Tonight, the Discovery Health Channel disappears for good as the station is being taken over for the Oprah Winfrey Network.
I enjoyed the Discovery Health Channel and am sad to see it go.
And for the record, I predict I will watch the Oprah channel exactly 0 times. I've never watched her in the past, so why now?
I just hope some of Discovery Health shows will catch on on different cable channels.

Winners And Losers 2010

Most everyone has a winner and loser list, so here is mine. Some choices will surprise you.
Winners of 2010 (and in no particular order)
1. Joe Heck- Beat Tina Titus for Congress by about 3000 votes in a slightly Democratic district.
2. Brian Sandoval: Won the governors race fairly easily.
3. Rory Reid: Lost to Sandoval but showed class while running and in his concession speech.
4. GOP Congressional and local government candidates: Took over the House and narrowed the Senate. In local elections, GOP made significant gains in State, County and local elections.
5. Unemployed people who found jobs in the economy.
6. Conservative media like Fox and conservative talk shows: Talk about their deaths were a bit premature as seen in the 210 elections.
7. The Old Man from Pawn Stars. While his son, grandson and Chumlee went Hollywood, the Old Man was down to earth, went to work and interacted with customers even though some customers were quite rude to him.
8. Wisconsin Badgers Football Team: Short of playing for the national title, playing in the Rose Bowl is a nice consolation.
9. Jim Gibbons. Yes, he may have behaved badly at times, but he kept the State from going completely under. If it weren't for Gibbons, who would have kept the Democrats in check? He has had to undergo through tremendous abuse and cheap shots by the media but for the most part, he stuck to his guns. The State was better off with him than a Democrat in the governor's mansion.
10. Sarah Palin: She got the Tea Party going and several of her candidates she endorsed won elections they had no business winning.
All the Service men and women serving overseas in war zones. Tremendous stress being overseas despite some very poor leadership back home in the White House.
11. Mayor Oscar Goodman: For his work on trying to redevelop the Downtown area. It seems like he is succeeding.
12. Green Bay Packers: One more victory and they are in the playoffs.
13. Brett Favre: Came back for one more year and did ok. He lasted longer than his replacement who lasted 1 game before getting hurt. Have a good retirement.
14. Nevada DMV workers: The last 3 times I went to the DMV in the past 3 months, I got in and out in 20 minutes or less. You just have to know when to go.
15. My family for putting up with me this past year.
16. Fellow bloggers who I have read and in some cases stole some material. Bloggers like Mike, James, Jill, Fred, Owen, Dad29, Owen, Dan, Chris, Charlie, Badger Blogger, Gleaner, Dullard Mush, and Michelle. I enjoyed your reading, agree or disagree.
17. All the people who have visited this blog. I hope you enjoyed your visit.
18. George Bush: As a former president, he has kept his mouth shut about the Obama administration. That shows class.
19: NASCAR: NASCAR put on three great races in Vegas and their Final Lap of the Season was awesome.

Losers of 2010:
1. Harry Reid: While he won his Senate race, he completely disgraced himself by doing slashing and burning campaigning. He completely lost his dignity in the race. He also personally cost Nevadans thousands of jobs this year and in the past. Now, Obama is ripping on him.
2. Dina Titus: The woman who never held a real job in her life was defeated by Joe Heck. After the election, when asked by a reporter about the campaign, she stated she didn't Joe Heck as a person. Really? Then why all the negative campaigning against Heck. Further, some of her commercials were called out by the Las Sun for putting out false advertisements.
3. Las Vegas Sun: Totally lost any sense of honest journalism during the election. Putting out false stories by it's writers and downright cheerleading for the liberals in the State. The writers really need to take a course in journalism ethics.
4. Bill Raggio: Turned Sharron angle and loves taxes. RINO of the Year.
5. Barack Obama: Came to Las Vegas to stump for Harry Reid and Democrats. He closed down tourist operators in the valley 3 times, costing these operators well over a million dollars. And his policies are killing Nevada. He also never stepped foot in inner city areas when visiting. The King is also taking a ton of expensive vacations at taxpayer expense.
6. CCSD: The joke superintendent's selection process was rigged from the beginning. Also, accepting the $58,000,000 in stimulus in the Fall of this year was a joke. It hired more administrators and non-teaching professionals. This will come back and haunt the district when they have to cut hundreds of millions of dollars this next school year.
7. Clark County Fire Department: Apparently, the CCFD union members don't realize the Clark County has a budget deficit. They still want more and more and they really don't that much work, especially when it comes to putting out fires- they just don' that many fire calls.
8. Green Energy companies: So many have blown into town promising jobs and buildings, but in reality they had no intention in moving to a city and they take any tax money they can get. Now Madison WI. is going to be the next gullible city to be on the losing end of the green energy jobs.
9. Bill Raggio: Rino in the Nevada Senate. Endorsed Harry Reid and wants more taxes. Raggio, just leave or become a Democrat.
10. Sharron Angle: She ran the worst possible campaign. Her staff sucked, horrible commercials, bad web site and refused to write back to supporters. She was more interested in raising money and being on the national media. She did not relate to the everyday person in Nevada.
11. Blogger Desert Beacon: Still won't publish comments that he doesn' t agree with . What a pathetic web site and person.
13. Metro Police: While in general, they did ok, but they had several questionable shootings this year and they stopped my car for no reason whatsoever- they just wanted to make sure my car was not stolen.
14. Global Warming Kool Aide Drinkers: Global warming has been thoroughly discredited but Harry Reid and Barrack Obama are true believers but they don't walk the talk. It's do as I see not as I do. Reid travels around with 3 gas guzzling SUVs in his entourage and Obama travels all over the world leaving a huge carbon foot print.
15. LVRJ and Righthaven: These two cretins are suing mostly mom and pop web sites for copy write infringement. The sole purpose is to bring federal lawsuits against people, mostly out of state, for $150,000 and stealing their domain name. Righthaven is n0t hurt because they don't publish anything- they just own the copy write.
16. City Of Henderson: Would it hurt the city to try and time the stop and go lights in he City? And you could not have put in a bathroom at the new Bark Park?
17. Liberal and Conservative Posters On Blogs: Show some civility on blogs, whether it is a blog or a newspaper story. Stop your vicious posts. It makes you look very unintelligent.
18. Brian Greenspun, editor of the Las Vegas Sun: He writes two editorials on civility in politics and then turns around blasts conservative voters as unintelligent. If the Sun Newspaper didn't have help the of the LVRJ in delivering newspapers, it would cease to be a newspaper.
19. Garth Brooks and Steve Wynn: Over doubling the price of a ticket to Garth's show. Apparently, Garth was lying when he said he wanted ticket prices to be reasonable.
20. Thugs in Las Vegas who have killed, robbed, injured and/or were drunk or drugged up when they committed their crime.
21. Rehab:Party At The Hardrock: Not only was the show sexist and blatantly violated labor laws, they had a death from a customer and had problems with sex and drugs. Now, the show has been cancelled.

Well, here's my list. I may add to it after I wake up in the morning.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Madison, WI. About To Get Screwed Big Time

Madison WI. and the Milwaukee area are abuzz about a solar panel factory coming to Madison WI.
From jsonline: A California company that plans to make solar panels will open a plant in Wisconsin and move its corporate headquarters and research and development facilities to Dane County, ultimately creating about 620 jobs, Gov. Jim Doyle said Thursday.
W Solar Group, of Chatsworth, Calif., will open its headquarters and R&D facilities as soon as the first half of next year and begin manufacturing in 2012, according to Doyle's office.
The state helped attract the company to Wisconsin with $28 million in enterprise zone tax credits. The project represents a capital investment here of more than $300 million, Doyle's office said.

Try Googling the company name and you get nothing. No company web site. You would think a company that big would at least have a web site. Or an address and phone number you can find on Yahoo and Google.
Of course, the company is getting "incentives" to "come" to Madison. Well, my money says they are not going to live up their commitment. As I have documented before, green energy companies rush into a new city with lots of promises of jobs and buildings and after awhile, they either drop their plans, limit their plans or just plain leave a city hanging, like Boulder City, NV.
So, Madison, you probably are going to be in for a big disappointment, just like Wisconsin Rapids and Henderson, Boulder City and the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada.

Harry Reid was good at this just before the election. He would hold a press conference with some company and the lap dog media would be in tow. He would make grandious speeches how these companies would be coming to the Las Vegas area. Have we seen any of these companies since the election. Nope. No way. No how.
For more information on other green fraud, please see the following link:

Pawn Stars On Lifetime

Now, Pawn Stars is on the Lifetime Channel, 2 hours a day. I welcome the viewers from Lifetime. I have reviewed most shows and have visited the Gold and Silver Shop several times. I've met The Old Man, Corey and Rick. If you are interested in a particular show or item, put the information in the search box and hopefully it will come up.
Feel free to look at the rest of the blog.

Hey, I Finally Learned How To Play Chess

Finally, after many years of wanting to do so, I finally learned the basics of chess from my 13 year old daughter. I even beat her a couple of times, though they were probably sympathy wins.
I don't think I'll be any good any time soon, but I will keep on practicing.

$5 Gallon Gas: Harry and Barry Say Screw You Nevada

From Five dollars per gallon of gas by 2012! A former president of Shell Oil considers this likely. The average price on Christmas Day for a gallon of regular gas reached $3.28 in Los Angeles County, the highest price since October 2008. In one month, the price rose 13 cents, up 35 cents year to year.$5_gas_predicted_under_obama_--_what,_no_pitchforks
$5 gas is a dream of Obama and Reid. Both of them don't care because they don't pay for gas. Reid has his 3 SUV entourage paid for by the U.S taxpayer and Obama has his own parade.
They don't care about about the Nevada rancher who has to drive hundreds of miles a week for his ranch. Same with people who live in small town Nevada- they have to drive to larger towns to get supplies. Harry and Obama say to you: Screw You!!!
To the travel industry Nevada relies on so much: Harry and Barry Say F--K You!!! Hey, SEIU workers, guess what, your workers just got screwed by your master, Harry Reid. You won't afford to drive or fly to Las Vegas.
Government workers? Expect more layoffs and furloughs to pay for gas that goes into government cars, trucks and machines.
The Poor? You seriously think liberals care about the poor? With increase in food and transportation costs, you are going to need to rely more on the government. Liberals say they are compassionate, but their policies say otherwise. Liberals policies have contributed more poverty in the U.S. than anything else and Harry and Barry want to increase the number of people in poverty.
Obama and Reid need to have high gas prices because they want to push their green energy projects, projects that have been rejected by the vast majority of Americans. This includes light rail, electric cars and other gas savings measures.
And of course Harry and Barry don't want to drill in the U.S. and would rather depend on the Middle East oil and oil from Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico. All wonderful allies of the U.S.
I will predict this, if gas prices in 2012, are going to be $5, Obama will be a one term president, and in history, he will go down as the worst president ever, not that he isn't already.

Question To The Liberals In Nevada

Many liberals in Nevada are claiming that we need to to raise taxes in Nevada to close budget deficits.
How many of these liberals and tax payers have started a petition drive to raise taxes in Nevada, like starting an income tax?
Of course, the answer is none. The liberal speaks big words but show little action.
These same liberals also do not say where the increase in taxes should go to. Maybe to CCSD to hire more administrators? How about the bloated University of Nevada System? Maybe supply extra money to CCSD firefighters and their $100,000+ salaries? Where do liberals want to spend the money?
They talk about taxes but have no solutions. Typical.
What a shock.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

U.W. Band And Cheerleaders At Disneyland

On Wisconsin and Varsity

On Wisconsin and Space Badger

Best marching band in the country, bar none.

Too bad Disney Land didn't let Bucky in. Disney
thought they would confuse Bucky with Snow White.

Compliments of the Wisconsin State Journal

King Barack And Queen Michelle Obama's Expensive $1,300,000+ Vacation

The King and Queen of the U.S. are at it again, spending taxpayer money on themselves while on vacation. They are taking a Hawaii vacation while over 10% of the U.S. population is out of work with more who are underemployed, increasing foreclosures, and food and energy costs plus increasing taxes are taking more money out of the mainstream America family's pocketbook.

From the Washington Examiner: Just consider these estimates on part of the costs of the latest Obama Hawaii trip:
* Mrs. Obama’s early flight to Hawaii: $63,000 (White House Dossier)
* Obama’s round trip flight to Hawaii: $1 million (GAO estimates)
* Housing in beachfront homes for Secret Service and Seals in Kailua ($1,200 a day for 14 days): $16,800
* Costs for White House staff staying at Moana Hotel: $134,400 ($400 per day for 24 staff) – excluding meals and other room costs
* Police overtime: $250,000 (2009 costs reported by Honolulu Police Department)
* Ambulance: $10,000 (City Spokesperson)
TOTAL COST: $1,474,200
But that $1.47 million figure leaves out a number of signficant costs that simply could not be calculated by Hawaii Reporter:
* Rental of office building in Kailua on canal
Security upgrades and additional phone lines.
* Costs for car rentals and fuel for White House staff staying at Moana Hotel (Secret Service imports most of the cars used here to escort the president).
* Surveillance before the president arrives.
* Travel costs for Secret Service and White House staff traveling ahead of the President.

But things could have been done cheaper and save taxpayers some money:
They could have chosen a less expensive and more secure place to stay such as a beachfront home on the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station – just a two-minute drive away from the Kailuana Place property where they are now," according to Hawaii Reporter.
"The president visits the military base daily to workout, bowl with his kids or enjoy the more private beach there. He also could have stayed at a home 15 minutes away on the beach fronting Bellows Air Force Base as President Bill Clinton did."
But Obama and friends opted instead to secure use of three luxury beachfront places, including the “Winter White House” – or Kailua home that the president rents two weeks a year.
That facility, Hawaii Reporter, noted, normally rents for an estimated $3,500 a day or $75,000 a month, according to the web site
The latter describes the place as a “7,000 square foot home [that] features 5 bedrooms, 5 ½ bathrooms, a media room with surround sound, a kitchen suited for a master chef, a dining room and great room, a secluded lagoon-style pool with tropical waterfalls and a lavish island spa. The ocean lanai and garden lanai showcase ornate landscaping and stunning views of Kailua Bay and Mount Olomana.”
Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Apparently, The Obama administration is brain dead when it comes to perceptions. The GOP candidate for president will have so much ammunition against Obama in regards to the Obama's lavish spending while millions of Americans suffer from the economic crisis created in large part by King Obama.

The commercial will go like this: "While you were unemployed, King Obama was living it up in Spain and Hawaii while you struggling to make ends meet."

My Rose Bowl Prediction

My alma mater, University of Wisconsin-Madison is playing Texas Christian University (TCU).

U.W. plays in the Big Ten, which is about the toughest leagues out there to play in week in and week out. There are no easy teams in the Big Ten.

TCU plays in the Mountain West Conference and it is a weak conference. It has the likes of UNLV, New Mexico and Colorado State. A good Division 2 team could beat these teams. TCU just beat San Diego State 40-35 in a game played in mid November. SDSU is 9-4 for the season.

The Badgers are on a roll and their offense has just been devastating with their passing and running. The defense has been just as good. The Badgers are bigger and for the most part faster than TCU. TCU has not played a big and fast team like the Badgers this year and they won't know what hit them.
The Badgers also have on their team: Outland Trphey Winner (best interior lineman) Gabe Carimi, Ronnie Lott award winner J.J. Watt and the Johnny Unitas Golden arm Award winner, Scott Tolzein. They also have a finalist in the John Mackey Award (Best Tight End) Lance Kendricks, A Doak Walker Award (Best Running Back) finalist, John Clay, Ted Hendricks Award finalist (top Defensive End) and Chuck Bednarik (Best defensive player of the year) finalist: J.J. Watt. In addition, coaches Brett Bilema and Paul Chryst have been up for 3 awards. On the other hand, TCU has the best center in the nation this year.

The Badgers will also have their fans and band with them. There is no team in the nation that travels as well as Wisconsin, so this advantage will go the the Badgers.

Prediction: Badgers 48 TCU 10. And yes, I will put my money where my mouth is by placing a bet at a local casino.

Tickets Still Available For the Rose Bowl

There are still tickets available for the Rose Bowl on different ticket sites. On, tickets go from $75 to over $440 a ticket. however, Ticketmaster is sold out.
For me, i am going to watch the game in the comfort of my home and in a comfortable chair, though if I was younger, I would just drive out to the game and still make it home the same night.
The weather for the game is supposed to be sunny with a high of 59 degrees.
Great day for a Badger whipping of TCU.

Bad Days For Police Officers

This has not bee n a good time for police officers around the country and Georgia and Texas in particular. From layoffs, positions not being filled to shootings, cops are under more pressure day in and day out.
Last night, in Arlington TX., a rookie female police officer was killed and tow others killed, at a domestic violence scene.
Yesterday, A Georgia State trooper was shot and killed in Atlanta by a thug who had been arrested 19 previous times.
On Christmas Day, a Ulvade County Deputy Sheriff died of a heart attack from fighting with a suspect:
On Sunday, December 26, a police officer from Woburn MA. was shot and killed during a robbery attempt by some thugs.
Update: The officer was killed by a thug who had been serving 3 concurrent life sentences in MA. and was released from prison in 2009.
On Christmas Eve, a University of Houston police officer died in a traffic accident while responding to a call:
Finally, on December 23, a police officer from Doughty, Georgia was shot to death by a thug robbing a store:

The year 2010 has been a bad year in terms of Line of Duty Deaths for police officers. Let's hope 2011 will be a better year.

U.W. Stevens Point Basketball Getting Some Recognition

Those of us from Wisconsin know we have a good basketball program in the State. From U.W. Madison, to Marquette, to U.W. Stevens Point, Whitewater and LaCrosse to the high school programs.
Well, today, there is a article in the LVRJ about U.W. Stevens Point: Wisconsin-Stevens Point is a school on a 410-acre campus with a little over 9,000 students and 42 buildings that includes a nature preserve and lake. There are three sororities and five fraternities and some of the best darn basketball players you will find anywhere.
Best as in knowing how to play.
Best as in embracing a level that you will not find Dick Vitale screaming about, but terrific in its own way.
Division III basketball is special.
It's just different.
It's a nice article about a great program in a great basketball State.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lone Female Police Officer In Mexican Town Still Missing

From The El Paso Times: The only police officer in the village of Guadalupe had still not surfaced Monday, four days after being abducted by gunmen who stormed into her home.
Erika Gándara, 28, was the Mexican border village's entire police force, taking a job no one else wanted in the farming communities in the violent Valley of Juárez.

It doesn't look like the Chihuaua State Police are not taking it seriously: A spokesman for the Chihuahua state attorney general's office said Monday that authorities were aware of the Gándara incident but there was still no official report of the kidnapping.
Too bad that the elite Mexican police (and there is some) could not take over the case.
Maybe the town could be involved like this town in Mexico: Two 17-year-olds suspected of kidnapping a girl never got their day in court.
Instead, hundreds of townspeople beat them to death, mimicking the vigilante justice -- or injustice -- of a century ago.
Their show of force and fury occurred because residents said they did not trust the system to work properly. So they took the boys' lives on a late-summer day. That day of vigilante justice has come to define this town of 10,000....

The vigilantes who attacked the alleged kidnapping gang became the police force's helping hand. Because they are allies of law enforcement, people have regained trust in officers, said Arturo Chávez, vice president of the citizen committee involved in a public-safety movement.
His group divided the city into sectors led by eight residents. Another change was a warning system. A siren attached to a police communication tower alerts residents whenever a kidnapping occurs.
"When the siren goes off, all the townsfolk go out and take places," Chávez said.
Upon instruction, residents block all four entrances to the town. Only a false alarm and a training drill have caused the siren to go off since the mob killings.
The town government dug a moat 3 feet deep and wide to prevent kidnappers from escaping through the surrounding dirt roads and fields of red chile and cotton.
"This was something quick we had to do to scare them away," Chávez said.
Anyways, please pray for the police officer and for a safe outcome for her.

Funniest Commercials Of 2010

Everyone has a list, so it it seems, so what the hell. Here are my funniest commercials of 2010:

Get in the @$*$& bowl!

Do Da Dippity Love The drummer hamster.

If you don't like, this, you are a jackwagon.

Elton John A Father

Elton John is a father through a surrogate mother.
I just wonder how many nannies this kid will have. And will the kid become embarrassed with seeing all of John very strange outfits and glasses.
By the time the kid is 18 years old, Elton John will be 80 and his partner will be 66. That just doesn't seem right. Seems kind of selfish to me.

Things To Do On New Years Eve In Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Sun is out with their things to do when in Las Vegas on New Years Eve:
The LVRJ is out with theirs:
It's going to be a cold night in Las Vegas, with the temperature high for the day of 43 and it will be about 34 around midnight. Of course, with a half million people on the Strip and most people being booze hounds, it will probably feel like 60.

The family will be watching the fireworks from the strip from Horizon Ridge Parkway in Henderson, a beautiful view of the Valley and the Strip to watch the fireworks.
Other nice places to watch the fireworks in the Valley are Oxford Park in Summerlin, Hollywood Blvd. on the far east side of the Valley and just north of Nellis AFB on the northeast side of the Valley.

The Strip will be closed down at 6:30 and the Strip Casinos generally close their doors to the public except guests of their casino a little later.

There will be a lot of police officers out looking for amateur drunk drivers, so don't even bother drinking and driving.

Have a safe and Happy News Year.

Talk About Bad Timing For This Stupid Senator

From Michelle Malkin: Global Warming Kool Aide drinker, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, wrote this letter to Santa Claus:
Dear Santa Claus,
I am writing out of concern, because you may have to move from the North Pole due to the dramatic melting of Arctic sea ice. The Navy’s chief oceanographer says that by the summer of 2020 the North Pole may not have summer ice and other scientists project that an ice-free Arctic is possible as soon as 2012!
Scientists overwhelmingly agree that polar ice is melting because of greenhouse gas pollution and I am working hard to reduce these emissions. But there is probably nothing we can do in time to save the North Pole. I am worried about your safety and your ability to deliver billions of Christmas gifts if the ice cap on the North Pole no longer stays frozen all year. What will happen to your house, your workshop, the elves’ houses and your reindeer barns?
And of course, as we speak, parts of New Jersey are shoveling out of a blizzard that hit around Christmas Day and dropped 31 inches of snow in Elizabeth, NJ.
How's that global warming working out for you Senator? Talk about irony. And stupidity.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tabatha's Salon Take Over OOOPS

I don't watch Bravo very much but today, we were watching Tabatha's Salon Takeover. Tabatha is a hair salon specialist who takes over failing hair salons and does a make over.
Today, on a rerun, Tabatha took on the Earth, Moon, Sun Salon in Western Springs IL. and did a makeover on it.
Well apparently, Tabatha didn't do a very good job or the owners of the salon didn't follow her directions.
The Earth,Moon Sun Salon has closed it's doors sometime in mid June of 2010. They blame the economy. Yeah, right.

Pawn Stars Review: December 27, 2010

Well, it's the last Pawn Star's Monday before the new year. it's been a slow week in Las Vegas- lots of visitors, but many of the shows are dark this week. Mount Charleston, which is a mountain town north and west of Las Vegas got 8 feet of snow with a lot more to come. In fact, those of us in the Valley may see some snow in the next couple of days.
The first episode at night (the 10:00 version) was aired on April 25-26 of this year:

In the 2nd episode, it was shown on November 30, 2009. I don't have a very good review of it, so I'll try and review when it comes on at 10:30 Pacific time.

Update: Here is the review of the second episode:
The first guy brought in a on a tow truck a unpainted Shelby Cobra from 1965. The tow truck driver got it from a storage locker and he was able to get it for free. Time for an expert.
William the expert came in and said that the Shelby Cobra was real and genuine. The tow truck driver got $30,000 cash. They put in $100,000 into the cat, for a total of $130,000. they said they can sell the car for $159,000. Percentage wise, not all that much. They test drove the car over at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway- the Old Man around 30 mph and Rick a little faster but not much.
The next guy brought in a time piece or clock. It's called a Chronometer. It was used on a ship to use to navigate. Rick offered $500 and the guy wanted $1000. Then $700 and that was the final deal. Rick brought in Fernidad, the expert to see if he could fix it. He did by removing some cork that used for transport and now Rick got himself a $3000 Chronometer.
The next guy brought some fossil shark teeth or Megalodons. The guy wanted to pawn the teeth instead of selling. The guy wanted $1000 and that was the pawn deal.
The guys go to a park to see if they want to buy a Cobra Kite. It looks like they went to Sunset Park. Chumlee did his best Charlie Brown imitation and got the kite stuck in a light pole. The guy $75.

I hope every one has a very nice and safe New Years and thanks for making me one of the most read personal blogs in Nevada.

Breaking News: Only Police Officer In Mexican Town Kidnapped

A few weeks ago, I brought a story about a female police officer in the Juarez Valley, who was the only police officer in a town of 9000 people.
Well, now it appears, this brave woman has been kidnapped: The only police officer remaining in a string of border towns in the Juárez Valley has been kidnapped, Chihuahua state officials said Saturday.
Gunmen stormed into the home of Erika Gándara about 6 a.m. Thursday in the town of Guadalupe and abducted her, said Carlos González, a spokesman for the Chihuahua attorney general.
Gándara, 28, was the sole officer in the municipality of Guadalupe, which stretches from the outskirts of Juárez to the Big Bend area. Guadalupe is about two miles from Tornillo, Texas.
Please pray for her safe return, though it looks very bad.
For more information on this brave woman:

Soon Football Players Will Be As Wimpy As Baseball Players

Gov. Ed Rendell, Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania says this from ESPN: "The city of Philadelphia is set to host the NFL's first Tuesday night game in 64 years, and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) couldn't be more upset about it.
"It goes against everything that football is all about," Rendell said Monday on radio station 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia....

Rendell viewed the NFL's decision as a referendum on the toughness, or lack thereof, of the United States.
"My biggest beef is that this is part of what's happened in this country," Rendell said. "I think we've become wussies."
"We've become a nation of wusses. The Chinese are kicking our butt in everything," Rendell added. "If this was in China do you think the Chinese would have called off the game? People would have been marching down to the stadium, they would have walked and they would have been doing calculus on the way down."
I'm not sure about the Chinese, but hell, they called off the game before it started snowing. there was only 5 inches on the ground when kickoff would have been and Philly got only a foot of snow from the snowstorm. That's nothing for Philadelphia. Who would have thought the NFL has become a league of wimps and patsies? The players would have fun in the snow, and the fans would have fun. Remember, the fans of Philly are some of the toughest and meanest. They, of course, are the one's who booed Santa Claus.
Finally, from Rendell and it sums it up pretty good: "What do you think [Hall of Fame coach Vince] Lombardi would say?" Rendell asked Monday. "He would say that we've become a nation of wusses."
So, football players will be in the same catagory as baseball players in terms of toughness and that is not a good thing.

If You Plan On Getting Married 1-1-11 In Vegas, Read Here

In Las Vegas, marriage capitol of the World, people get married every day, but when numbers on a date are strangely unique, like 10-10-10 last year, there is always a larger amount of people getting married.
On News Years Day, 1-1-11, there will be an unusually high number people getting married. But because of budget cuts, you will need to get your marriage license early or prepare to stand in line.
From The Clark County Marriage License Bureau: Our Laughlin and Mesquite offices will be closed on Friday, December 24 and Saturday, December 25, 2010 for the Christmas holiday.
Our Laughlin and Mesquite offices will be closed on Friday, December 31, 2010 and Saturday, January 1, 2011 for the New Years holiday.
Our Henderson office will be closed on Thursday, December 30, 2010. The office will reopen on January 6, 2010.
We expect to be busier than usual at the Marriage License Bureau for New Year's Day, 1-1-11. To expedite your marriage application process, we strongly encourage you to use the online Pre-Application for a Marriage License. The link is listed below. When you complete the application online, you will be issued a reference number. Bring that reference number to a designated window in the Marriage License Bureau for faster service.

If you plan on getting married in a wedding chapel, make reservations now. Some chapels will do up to 100 weddings on the first.
So, if you plan on getting married on the 1st and don't have plans yet, you better start making them very soon.
Of course, you can wait for 1-11-11 or 11-11-11.
Spur of the moment weddings may have to wait an extra day. Not knowing who the bride will be on Jan. 1st, may not be a good idea to get married. (and yes, that does happen)

What A Tragedy A Day After Christmas

From the Mohave AZ. Daily News: An early morning structure fire sent five people to the hospital and claimed the lives of two children Sunday.The home of Tammy Anderson and Jeff Stevens was declared a total loss.According to Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department Battalion Chief Jody Hall, who is handling the investigation of the fire, emergency crews under the command of Battalion Chief Steve West responded to the structure fire in the 5600 block of Ruby Street SE around 5:10 a.m. to find the home completely engulfed in flames.Anderson, Stevens and three children, Cameron Anderson, 15, Erin Stevens, 4, and 2-year-old Leila Stevens were transported by ambulance to Valley View Medical Center. The bodies of 7-year-old Justin Stevens and Zachary Stevens, 11, were later found in the home....
A fund has been established to assist the family at Horizon Community Bank under the title of Ruby Avenue Christmas Fire. Those wishing to make a donation can also contact Abeytia at 928-201-2221.
The LVRJ reports that both boys were deaf.
What a tragedy that a day after Christmas, a family loses two young children due to a fire. Keep the family in your prayers.

Snow In Las Vegas?


If the snow level goes below 3000 feet, then areas of the Valley will get snow- Summerlin and Henderson come to mind, along with the surrounding mountains. For snow to hit the Strip, snow will have to go down to about 2000 feet or lower.
Snow, while unusual in Las Vegas, it's not unheard of. A couple of years ago, we had snow throughout the Valley and some places got up to 8 inches of snow. CCSD had a snow day the next day.
Once again, global warming is ceased to be found when it is needed.

Rehab: Party: At The Hard Rock Cancelled

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that that Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock series has been cancelled. From the Sun: The truTV reality show “Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel” won’t be returning for a fourth season, attorneys have disclosed.
The disclosure was made last week in court papers by attorneys for the Las Vegas Hard Rock hotel-casino, which hosts Rehab day parties during the summer and was hit with a trademark lawsuit over the TV show in September by the owner of the international Hard Rock brand.
It's not surprisings since the Las Vegas Hard Rock was sued by the parent company for defacing the parent company. In addition, there was a death at Hard Rock this summer when a patron slipped and fell and died at the scene or on the way to the hospital. That had to hurt the image.
I am sure Rehab at the Hard Rock will continue on Sundays, it just won't be on TV.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Very Strange Free Throw

Looked like crazy glue was holding the ball to the front of the rim. I've never seen something like this before, so it's pretty cool.

h/t Yahoo Sports

Crap, Santa Misses Las Vegas

I've been tracking Santa, via Norads tracker and he hit Rosewll, N.M and then went straight to Cedar City, UT.

Oh well, maybe there were too many naughty little boys and girls in the Valley. Or he might have been shot by Metro for breaking and entering and then fleeing. Just theories, of course.

But I am sure Santa will find enough good little boys and girls to backtrack to Vegas.

I Hope Santa Brings Gifts To The Following People

Santa Claus is on his way and I hope he brings gifts to the following people:
President Obama: A cure for narcissism and hypocrisy
Harry Reid: A caring heart and compassion. After this past election, where he slandered anybody that stood in his way, it is quite clear he needs a change of heart to become a human being.
Rory Reid: Another chance at a statewide election. Rory showed class and dignity when running for governor. Harry should look at Rory and be more like him.
The Las Vegas Sun: Journalism Ethics
Brian Greenspun, editor of the Las Vegas Sun: Learn the definition of civility and follow the definition.
John Ralston: Truth serum and a course on racism
The Las Vegas Review Journal: Show some common sense: Drop RightHaven and their predatory lawsuits against bloggers.
Oscar Goodman, mayor of Las Vegas: A showgirl and free martini's as a retirement benefit.
Brian Sandoval, Gov. Elect of NV: A backbone against the liberal special interest groups.
John Ensign: Retirement
Stephen Horsford (D-LV) A parking guide so you don't park in a handicapped space again
CCSD: Reality: Realize that there is fat in the district and to cut the fat instead o teaching and SPTA positions.
Wisconsin Badgers: Victory in the Rose Bowl by 25 points
Metro Police: Be sure who you shoot at
Thugs who are shot by Metro: Don't piss off the cops and make stupid furtive movements.
Las Vegas Casinos: A Good year with more hiring.
Harrah's Casino properties: Stoppage of union thug activities.
Clark County Fire Department: A reality check. You are overpaid for the work that you do.
Dina Titus: A real job for the first time in your life.
Joe Heck: A strong commitment to Nevada.
To the GOP House of Representatives: A strong backbone.
To the Congressional Democrats: Reality check- most Americans don't support your agenda.
To The Pawn Stars: Enjoy the Hollywood experience but stay in reality.
Sharron Angle: A campaign staff that knows what they are doing. I don't know if Santa can recycle pathetic campaign workers, so they have to be thrown out with the regular trash.
Kent Davenport: The hearing aide salesman who literally took on Harry Reid himself by buying commercials on the radio that were the best ad's by anyone, of either party. May Santa give him prosperity, health and peace and as much business as he needs or wants
Brett Favre: A very happy retirement with his family
Green Bay Packers: Consistency

update: This list will be updated as I think of more gifts

And to the readers of this blog: A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve Sarajevo Live

This is the longer version and it is as good or better than their video. Great light and laser show and a must see.

More Christmas Music: Hark The Herald The Angles Sing

NORAD's Santa Tracker

For those with little ones, here is the official NORAD Santa tracker:
Next stop: The Azores.

Santa's California Problem

Somehow, this seems like something California bureaucrats would do.

h/t Real Debate Wisconsin

More Christmas Songs: Sinead O'Conner Silent Night

Merry Christmas To U.S. Taxpayers From Congress

h/t Mike at Cranky Hermit

This Just Doesn't Make Sense

From ESPN: "What started out as a trip to a Columbus tattoo parlor by a couple of football players has created all sorts of mayhem for star quarterback Terrelle Pryor and Ohio State.
Pryor and four teammates were suspended Thursday by the NCAA for the first five games of next season for selling championship rings, jerseys and awards. They also received improper benefits -- from up to two years ago -- from the tattoo parlor and its owner.

"I learned more about tattoos than I ever really want to possibly know," athletic director Gene Smith said. "As a student-athlete, you're not allowed to use your persona to get discounted services."
The NCAA said all can still play in the Sugar Bowl against
Arkansas on Jan. 4. Ohio State's first five games next season are against Akron, Toledo, Miami, Colorado and Michigan State. Ohio State plans to appeal, hoping the number of games might be reduced."

These suspensions are all about money for the NCAA. These players should have been suspended for the Sugar Bowl and 4 games next year. But if the players are suspended for the Sugar Bowl, the ratings for the game probably won't be very good, especially if it is a blow out.
So, the NCAA is basically accusing the players of being greedy by selling their personal items and in the meantime, the NCAA is being greedy by not suspending the players from the Sugar Bowl because the NCAA may lose some money.
Players: Stupid and Greedy
NCAA: Hypocrites and Greedy

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Christmas Music: The Muppets, John Denver and 12 Days Of Christmas

Always loved the Muppets, especially Fozie Bear and the Swedish Chef.

Football Brawl: Lingerie League Edition

Not much you can say about this. Not much I want to say about this except these women take their football seriously.

Award For The Stupidist Quote From The LVRJ For 2010

Adam Hill is a sports reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) and he provides us with the stupidest comment of the year.
In Wednesday's paper, he writes about N.Y. Governor David Patterson accepting several free tickets to the World Series. Patterson was fined about $62,000 for accepting the tickets.
Try to sound cute, Hill wrote this: "In the end, the panel didn't buy it and imposed a $60,000 fine, not including the face value of the five tickets.
A hefty price to pay for viewing a ballgame, especially for a legally blind man.
How much do you think Lou Ferrigno would pay to attend a symphony?"
(emphasis mine)
So, apparently, Mr. Hill doesn't think that a legally blind man cannot enjoy the sights and sounds of a World Series baseball game.
And apparently Hill doesn't think that a man who is partially deaf cannot enjoy a concert or symphony.
Mr. Hill, you are a moron and you are not funny. Your writing today has to be the worst article written this year by a LVRJ writer this year and there was some stiff competition.

Bad Night To Play The MAACO Bowl In Las Vegas Tonight

Tonight, one of the better bowl games is going to be played when Boise State and Utah play. The game is schedule to start at about 5:00.
Hopefully, there will be some life preservers available to the players and crowds. I just looked at the weather and the radar picture of the Las Vegas Valley is covered yellow and red, meaning heavy to very heavy rain. Hopefully, the rain will stop by game time, but there is more rain on it's way later in the evening.
The game is a sell out but my guess there will thousands of empty seats while fans of Utah and Boise State will be watching the game in the local sports book lounges, drinking $1 Buds and eating $1 hot dogs instead of getting soaked in the rain.
That's too bad. A lot of people have worked to plan for the game, many people are going to work at the game and the sponsors put out some serious money for the game and to see it rain is a little bit disheartening. It rains about 15 days out of the year in Las Vegas and unfortunately, today is one of them.
So, thanks to MAACO for sponsoring the game and thanks to fans for coming to Las Vegas to support their team. I just wish the weather was a little better. If you are at the game and you see an old man named Noah building a large ship, you may want to inquire about getting a ride with him after the game.

Update: 2 Chicago Firefighters Die In Line Of Duty

From the Chicago Tribune: "Two firefighters died after a wall collapsed during a 3-11 alarm fire at an abandoned South Side commercial building this morning, authorities said. Fourteen other firefighters were injured, including two who were trapped with the ones who died.The firefighters killed were identified as Edward Stringer and Corey Ankum.Police squad cars escorted two ambulances north on Lake Shore Drive to Northwestern as ramps were closed to clear it of traffic, according to fire communications. Stringer was one of the firefighters taken there. The condition of the other one was not known.Ankum, who had been with the department only 16 months, was taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he died.Late this morning, dozens of firefighters stood at attention, removing their caps and saluting, as Ankum's body was taken from the hospital and put in an ambulance. A police escort led the ambulance to the medical examiner's office.A similar procession with a dozen department vehicles left Northwestern shortly after noon with Stringer's body.The fourth firefighter buried in the rubble, and as many as 12 other firefighters with undisclosed injuries, were also taken to hospitals. Fire officials and sources said 10 were stable and six were taken to hospitals in serious to critical condition, including the two who later died."
So, why were the firefighters in the abandoned building? Again, from the Tribune: He said the search was continued, with dozens of firefighters digging through rubble, because of the possibility that homeless people may have been in the building seeking shelter from the cold. Neighbors reported that squatters have been staying in the building, but no others were found in the rubble....
Jorico Smart, who with his father Robert have owned the car wash for 16 years, said he has called police at least a dozen times in recent years to report people trespassing in the abandoned building next door.Smart characterized the trespassers as squatters. Last month, Smart's brother called police to report a break-in. Chuck Dai, who co-owns the building with a younger brother, said he has been struggling to keep squatters from entering ever since his laundry business at the site failed about six years ago and he stopped paying property taxes on the site."It's been a tiresome battle just to keep it buttoned up and everything," said Dai, 61, speaking from another laundromat he owns nearby.
So, the firefighters go in a burning looking for the homeless who had been "living" in the building. The owner of the building try to get the police to help, but without success.
And how did the fire start? Since the building was abandoned, chances are very high there were no utilities turned on. I'd bet a dollar to donuts that some homeless person probably accidentally started a fire to stay warm and the fire go out of control. The homeless person ran out of the building and ran away because they were scared and because they ran away, they could not tell the firefighters if anyone was still in the building. And because of this, two firefighters are dead and 14 are injured.
While this may not be the only scenario, in my mind it is the most logical.
In sad irony, today marks the 100th anniversary of the Union Stockyards fire in Chicago in which 21 firefighters died in the line of duty.
Firefighter Cory Ankum has a wife and child. The other firefighter who died, Edward Stringer was single but had a pet Beagle at home.
Please keep the families of the dead and injured in your prayers, along with members of the CFD.

2 Chicago Firefighters Killed In Line Of Duty

Just 3 days before Christmas, 2 Chicago firefighters were killed in a Wednesday morning fire.
From the Chicago Tribune: " At least four firefighters were trapped and injured after a wall collapsed in a 3-11 alarm fire at an abandoned South Side commercial building this morning, authorities said.Firefighters searched through rubble for more than an hour as the trapped firefighters were pulled out and rushed to hospitals.Police squad cars escorted two ambulances north on Lake Shore Drive to Northwestern as ramps were closed to clear it of traffic, according to fire communications. One of the firefighters there was described as "grave." The condition of the other one was not available."
It is very sad whenever a firefighter is killed in the line of duty but it is especially sad when it happens just before Christmas.
I did a ride along with the Chicago Fire department paramedics for a day many years ago and those guys are some of the best firefighters in the Country.
This is a breaking story and I will update it as necessary.
R.I.P. firefighters

Stupid Educator News: Dangerous Christmas Sweater Club

From They call themselves the "Christmas Sweater Club" because they wear the craziest ones they can find. They also sing Christmas songs at school and try their best to spread Christmas cheer.
Now all 10 of them are in trouble because of what they did at their school.
"They said, 'maliciously maim students with the intent to injure.' And I don't think any of us here intentionally meant to injure anyone, or did," said Zakk Rhine, a junior at Battlefield High School.
The boys say they were just tossing small two-inch candy canes to fellow students as they entered school. The ones in plastic wrap that are so small they often break apart.
Skylar Torbett, also a junior, said administrators told him, "They said the candy canes are weapons because you can sharpen them with your mouth and stab people with them." He said neither he nor any of their friend did that.
Next thing they knew, they were all being punished with detention and at least two hours of cleaning. Their disciplinary notices say nothing about malicious wounding but about littering and creating a disturbance.
Apparently, this school must not have any pencils or pens because pencils can be sharpened to create to create a weapon and pens are already to go as weapons once they are taken out of the box or bag they are in.
I can understand if this was juvenile jail school or mental health hospital where candy cane shanks can be usefully with the gangs, but this is a high school, named oddly enough, Battlefield High School, a name that highly suggests violence. But I guess the real reason is that the Candy Cane gang is being punished is because the Candy Cane gang believed in Christmas and in a round about way, the gang told other students about the real meaning of Christmas. You know, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and outside caroling.
As a teacher, I am embarrassed when I hear stories like this. Some teachers and administrators just take incidents like this too seriously or literally or they they think they are so darn important that need to take actions against the Candy Cane gang while ignoring the truly horrible gangs that engage in violence.
So, I hope that the Candy Cane Gang fights this in court. After all, the Candy Cane gang someday could be just as dangerous as the Bloods and the Crips

h/t: Opinion Journal, Best of the Web

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nasty Weather For Las Vegas

Las Vegas and most of Nevada has been hit with rain at lower elevations and snow in the mountains. Not only has it been cool to cold, it also has been pretty windy as well.
Up in Mount Charleston, they have closed off all the roads to the Town of Mount Charleston and the ski lodge, except the residents who live in Mount Charleston. Red Rock has gotten over 3 inches of rain since yesterday and waterfalls have been created.
I made the mistake of driving up to Mount Charleston to go sledding while it was snowing and it was a driving nightmare. Not for me, mind you, as I am from Wisconsin and I am used to driving in winter weather. The problem are those tried to go up to Mount Charleston to see snow for the first time in their life, which also means that they were driving in snow for the first time. Most of these knuckle heads either ran off the road and into the ditch or would be going 3 mph down the mountain and created miles long traffic jams. And of course, most of these people are from the South or Mexico and other countries in South America.

Ahh, but the best is yet to come. Tomorrow, we are expecting over an inch of rain in the Valley and 2 feet of snow above 7000 feet. For those of us who live in the Valley, the rain is very much appreciated because Lake Mead, where Vegas gets it drinking water, is slowly going down, so this storm is going to help us. But to those visiting Las Vegas, this weather sucks and you will probably want to stay inside. Casino's love it but if you are a visitor, you are thinking that Las Vegas gets 300 days of sunshine a year and the tourists who come this week get nasty weather.

So, in the words of Michael Conrad of Hill Street Blues:

More Christmas Music: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town By Frank Sinatra

FS Santa Claus is coming to town
Uploaded by Philip91. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

How Is That Closing Of Gitmo Going?

Just curious, wasn't the terrorist holding prison at Guantanamo Bay supposed to be shut down by now? Wasn't the jail supposed to close about a year ago? Has there been any protests about Club Gitmo staying open? Has any country shunned us because of Gitmo?
I guess the liberals were wrong again. Nothing has changed in the world because the U.S. is holding the terrorist thugs in Guantanamo Bay, even though the "experts" said there would be major trouble like violent protests and terrorist bombings.
I guess George W. Bush is smarter than President Obama when it comes to national security.

Trick Football Play Leads Underdog High School To State Title

From Yahoo sports:

From Yahoo Sports: You can hardly blame No. 37 Pearland (Texas) High for pulling out all the stops in its 28-24, upset victory over No. 5 ranked Euless Trinity (Texas) High in the Class 5A Division I state championship. After all, the Trojans entered as one of the nation's most feared and balanced teams, while undefeated Pearland has been an upstart throughout its postseason run.
That's right, Pearland sold a gimmick known as "The Dead Man" play so well that it successfully got a man-on-man matchup for their blazingly fast, huge wide receiver on the outside by simply pretending a play wasn't happening. And that touchdown was absolutely essential, too.
The 54-yard pass from quarterback Trey Anderson to powerful wide receiver Sam Ukwyachu gave the Oilers a 21-10 lead in the third quarter, a hole big enough that Trinity could never fully recover.

More Christmas Music: Spanish Edition

Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano

No Wonder Why Obama Wanted To Take Over The Census Bureau

Nevada gained another U.S. House of Representative which brings us up to 4 House congresscritters.
From the Las Vegas Sun: Today's Census findings offer a snapshot of American migration trends, but more importantly, they determine representation in Washington.
Because of the numbers released today, 18 states will see shifts in electoral power in Congress. Ten Eastern and Midwestern states will lose House seats. Eight mostly Western states, including Nevada, will gain seats.
The announcement of a 4th Congressional District sent Nevada politicians into a tizzy.
The state Legislature will decide the boundaries of the new district and in the process redraw the lines of the state's three existing ones.
Reapportionment, as it is called, is considered the most brutally political act the Legislature undertakes. Fights between Northern and Southern interests and between Democrats and Republicans are sure to emerge.

This will be an interesting event to watch, as the Democrats in the State control the Assembly and Senate. Brian Sandoval is the GOP governor and has veto power over the reapportionment.
Nationally, the Democrats probably will use seats. From Fox News: States losing seats include Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. All those states lost one seat apiece, save for New York and Ohio, which lost two each.
Texas, continuing seven consecutive decades of growth, will gain the most seats with four more House members in 2012. Florida gains two, while Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington each gain one.
With the exception of Washington, the other states gaining representatives are Red States. This will make it tougher for a Democrat to become president. It will probably make the House more conservative as well.
No wonder why President Obama wanted to take over the Census Bureau last year.

R.I.P Steve Landesberg

Steve Landesberg of Barnye Miller fame passed away today at the age of 65 of cancer. I loved him in Barney Miller as Sgt. Arthur Dietrich, a calm intellect of an officer who just drove everybody nuts with his intellect.

From TV Squad: Steve Landesberg, who played dry, intellectual detective Arthur Dietrich on the classic ABC sitcom 'Barney Miller,' has died.Landesberg passed away in Los Angeles after a battle with cancer. He was 65.Aside from his role on 'Barney Miller,' Landesberg was also a veteran stand-up comic and writer. He wrote several episodes of the STARZ series 'Head Case,' and played Dr. Finkelstein on the show. He also had a regular role on 'Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers' and made appearances on 'The Golden Girls,' 'Ghost Whisperer,' 'That '70s Show,' 'American Dad,' 'Harvey Birdman, Attorney-At-Law,' 'Law & Order,' The Rockford Files' and many others.
I believe he also had a career as a stand up comic as well.
So, R.I.P, Steve and thanks for the memories.

Monday, December 20, 2010

More NFL Sidline Cheating With Minimal Punishment

$15,000 fine and no suspension? I guess anything goes, unless you are an assistant coach or make a helmet to helmet. Cheat, hey, no problem.

More Christmas Music: Bing Crosby's White Christmas, Movie Edition

Pawn Stars Review: December 20, 2010

Well, it's been an interesting week in Las Vegas. I was sick last week, so no report. Last week we had highs in the 70's and now this week, we have rain, more rain and up to 5 feet of snow in the upper elevations of the mountains around Mount Charleston.
Tonight is a night of reruns. In today's first episode, it aired on September 13, 2010.
The second episode aired on 12-28-2009:
Merry Christmas everyone who watches Pawn Stars and have a nice week.

Favre Starts, Winter Conditions Not That Bad

Brett Favre, in his last Monday Night Football game, is starting tonight and already has led the Vikings to a touchdown.
Maybe Favre wants to help the Packers by playing and winning the game?
The conditions are not as bad as advertised. Very little snow falling and the temperature is a relative balmy 19 degrees for Minneapolis.
I predict Vikqueens will win in Favre's last hurrah.

update: So much for that prediction. Favre was knocked ou early in the second quarter. I never realized how bad the Vikings are. Just pathetic.

Watch Out: More Harry Reid Stupid Spending Bills

From the Washington Examiner:With November's election results still fresh, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., forcefully reminded his wavering GOP colleagues that voters said "no" to more earmarks in the plainest possible terms. Considering the historic gains voters awarded to Republican candidates from top to bottom of the ballots across the country, pundit P.J. O'Rourke was right on target in describing the results as a "restraining order" against the Democratic majority of the 111th Congress.
So what does Reid do? He teams up for another with Sen. Barbara Boxer, the California Democrat who heads the Senate Public Works and Environment Committee and other senators who heed their orders from Big Green. This 1,000-plus-page outrage was secretly assembled during the summer and held for just such a lame-duck, end-of-Congress banzai charge. It is stuffed to the gunwhales with the pet projects of senators from both parties seeking new federal parks and wilderness areas, expanded regulatory authority for Environmental Protection Agency bureaucrats, new obstacles to developing America's energy resources, and a host of other impediments to economic growth just when the national economy seems poised to begin a genuine recovery.
Read more at the Washington Examiner:

But the GOP will have noting to do with this, or one hopes:
As House Natural Resources Committee Chairman-elect Doc Hastings, R-Wash., said, "Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and Senate Democrats are ignoring the stark message sent by voters in November that they want an end to backroom deals that produce giant bills loaded with new spending and job-killing policies. The American people loudly declared that this isn't how they want business conducted by Congress. This Reid-Boxer omnibus needs to be blocked, shelved or defeated. There will be plenty of time in the next Congress to individually consider the measures piled into this omnibus. They shouldn't be jammed through in the last days of a lame-duck session."
Hastings' last sentence is particularly true of the 111th Congress, which has achieved the dubious distinction of being the least popular since the Gallup Poll began surveying the American public during the Truman era. Reid should drop this omnibus, finish work on a simple continuing resolution for funding, and then gavel this debacle on the Hill to a close.

Clearly, Harry Reid doesn't get it. The people in the United States said in November that Congress is out of control and spending too much.
Harry, stop reading and listening to the liberal media and actually get out and meet the people of the United states. The vast majority of are sick and tired of your ways.

More Christmas Music: Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel By Wynonna

Beautiful song and there are many nice versions out there.

MNF Will Be Fun Watch But Not In Person


Tailgating could be interesting as well. Trying to keep those BBQ's lit will be troubling. The worst part is that beer is not going to be sold? How can you not have beer for sale at a NFL game?
Something tells me that this game will be postponed until tomorrow or the game will be shortened.

More Christmas Song: Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth With David Bowie and Will Ferrel