Thursday, February 28, 2013

And Yet People Voted For This Mental Midget

Maxine Waters is one of the problems in Washington D.C., she is not a solution.  This is what this mental midget said about the budget cuts soon to come:
From Fox News: Yesterday we did have Mr. Bernanke in our committee and he came to tell us what he’s doing with quantitative easing and that is trying to stimulate the economy with the bond purchases that he’s been doing because he’s trying to keep the interest rates low and jobs – and he said that if sequestration takes place, that’s going to be a great setback. We don’t need to be having something like sequestration that’s going to cause these jobs losses, over 170 million jobs that could be lost
There are about 150 million employed in the U.S. right now (there were more in 2008 hen another mental midget, President Obama was elected).
And 170 million are going to lose their jobs?
Maxine Waters is an embarrassment but who are even more embarrassing are the fools who voted for her all these years.

DA Wolfson Stupidity Part 2

Steven Wolfson
Steve Wolfson, liberal defense attorney, now DA
Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson shows us he just is not ready for prime time.
This quote from the LVRJ: "I can't imagine anything more serious than firing a weapon from a moving vehicle into another moving vehicle on a corner such as Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo," Wolfson said. "Thank God only three people lost their lives. ... It could have been worse." -
Thank God only 3 people died?  First, he equates the pimp/thug Kenny Cherry with the two innocent people who lost their lives, Michael Bolden and Sandra Sutton-Wasmund.  The death of Cherry, while tragic to his family, probably is a benefit to the community as he no longer will be pimping and hurting and exploiting young women.
And how about saying that it was a tragedy that three people died, two needlessly.  Don't thank God that 3 people died, say it was a tragedy.
It scares me that Wolfson is going to handle this prosecution and that he may screw up, by either offering a plea bargain that will give the thug a chance to get out of jail.  Wolfson needs to go after the death penalty and life without parole to ensure this thug will not ever be free again.
But then Wolfson, who claims he has 32 years in law enforcement, including time as a defense attorney, has shown he is not competent as a lawyer, much less, a District Attorney.

Black Leaders In Las Vegas AWOL Again

A Black on Black crime that kills an innocent Black man and a White woman and where are the Black leaders in the Las Vegas community?

Photo: Councilman Ricki Y. Barlow
Ricki Barlow

Have we heard from Ricki Barlow, a City of Las Vegas council  member? 

Lawrence Weekly
Where has been Lawrence Weekly, a Clark county commissioner?
When the Strip shooting that has gripped the nation occurred, these two weaklings have stayed silent.  They said nothing about the pimps that were involved in the shooting.  They said little, if anything, about the poor Black taxi driver who was killed in the aftermath.
Weekly has a newsletter on his County web site and not once has this clown ever wrote about Black on Black crime or any or messages on crime.  But weekly is quick to point the faults of Metro police but the faults of Black on Black crime and death of an innocent taxi driver and tourist.  On Weekly's Twitter page, there is no mention of the Strip shooting.  Is this clown blind or is he afraid of the drug dealers, pimps and gang members that he cannot speak ill about them?
Barlow has some press releases on his web site, but nothing about crime.  On Barlow's twitter account, nothing is mentioned about the Strip shooting, but he sure can talk about the Super Bowl in New Orleans.  Is Barlow afraid of the pimps, gang members and drug dealers as well?
These are two leaders of the Black community and they say nothing about Black on Black crime, no mention about the innocent lives lost.  No mention of the unsolved murders of Black teenagers, like high school senior Betty Pinkney, who was killed just over a year ago.

William Horne
William Horne is a Las Vegas Assemblyman and a leader in the Nevada Assembly.  He has nothing about the Strip shooting and his web page, again, nothing about Black on Black crime.  Why, is this guy  afraid of speaking out?  Is he afraid of the drug peddlers, pimps and gang members as well?  I'll cut a very little slack because he is a Nevada Assemblyman. 
But Weekly and Barlow are the local politicians on the ground in Las Vegas and they are not protecting the Black community from drug peddlers, pimps and gang members.  If Barlow and weekly are so scared of speaking out against the thugs in the Valley and Black community, then they need to leave and let someone who has a back bone, guts and are not a chickenshit politician.

Are You Ready For Mass Hysteria?

I think President Obama got all his talking points about budget cut causing mass hysteria by watching this scene in Ghostbusters:

Woman Sues NASCAR For Injuries In Crash

From, ESPN:  Whitney Turner didn't expect to be carted off on a stretcher when she went to Saturday's Nationwide Series race at Daytona International Speedway.
But when Kyle Larson's car went airborne into the catch fence a few feet from where she stood on the front stretch, all the 33-year-old fan from Tell City, Ind., could think was, "I'm going to die.""I expect to go to a race and enjoy myself," Turner told on Thursday. "The drivers should be protected as well as the fans. I expect that fence to protect me from anything that may happen on the other side of the fence."At least 28 fans were injured by debris that came through the catch fence during the last-lap crash that Turner described as a "horror movie that played out in real life."Turner is one of three that have retained Orlando, Fla.-based law firm Morgan & Morgan to seek compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering.
"I have limited people to help me," said Turner, a single mother of a 5-year-old daughter, as she explained why she retained attorney Matt Morgan. "I don't want sympathy from anybody. All I want is to know that I'm taken care of and that my family is taken care of and I can just get back to normal one day."The fibula in Turner's right leg was shattered when she was hit by a piece of debris not far from where the engine of Larson's car came through the catch fence at the crossover gate. Turner isn't sure if she was struck by the engine or a large piece of metal found near her.
She also suffered a sliced Achilles tendon.
My guess is that if she didn't sue, she would have had her medical bills paid, lost wages paid and some extra money for the pain and suffering by NASCAR.
Now that she brought in a lawyer in and all bets are off and there is probably a good chance, that after she has to pay her attorney 1/3, she may end up with less money.

Good For Biden

From Fox News: As the federal budget goes off the rails, Joe Biden's getting back on -- with Amtrak.
The looming sequester is forcing the veep to once again take the train -- as opposed to military aircraft -- to his weekend trips home to Delaware.
Biden said Wednesday he initiated the change, calling it the one thing about the sequester that's working to his "benefit."
Speaking at the National Association of Attorneys General, Biden said that while he took nearly 8,000 train trips as senator, the Secret Service made him travel by air because the Amtrak "gives too many opportunities for people to interact with me in a way they wouldn't like to see."  
But because of the looming budget cuts, Biden said: "I was able to say, 'Look guys, I've got to take the train now -- it's cheaper than flying.' So I get to take the train again."
Read more:
Now if we can get Obama to stop wasting money by flying to all these campaign stops, golf outings and vacations that allows him to bang his mistress while Michelle and the kids are at home or vacationing in separate places.

Clark County DA Steve Wolfson Is A Liar

Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson is a liar.
From the Las Vegas Sun:
At the news conference, District Attorney Steve Wolfson said his office would follow its usual procedure in determining whether Harris would face the death penalty. The decision to file capital murder charges is determined by a committee in the D.A.'s office.
But, Wolfson said, "I can tell you that Mr. Harris’ behavior is like none other that I've seen, and I've been in law enforcement for 32 years.
Read more:
Steve Wolfson used to be defense attorney, the opposite of being in law enforcement.  A defense attorney tries to get criminals off, a law enforcement lawyer/police officer tries to put people in jail.
From Wolfson's web page: As Clark County’s top prosecutor, District Attorney Steven Wolfson leads the largest and busiest law firm in the state.
Wolfson manages a $65 million budget and more than 600 employees, 140 of which are attorneys who handle approximately 65,000 cases annually.....
Wolfson comes to the County from the city of Las Vegas where he served nearly eight years as a city councilman....
Wolfson brings many years of experience in the legal field to the district attorney's office. He has worked in the public as well as private sectors, most recently as proprietor of Wolfson and Associates, Attorneys at Law since 1990.
His public sector work includes a past stint in the Clark County District Attorney's Office as well as the United States Attorney’s Office. He has also been active with the State Bar of Nevada by serving on the Board of Governors, the Judicial Ethics and Campaign Election Practices Committee, and other bar-related committees. Additionally, Wolfson was chairman of the State Bar of Nevada Ethics 2000 Committee, a blue ribbon committee established by the Nevada Supreme Court, to review and bring up-to-date all Supreme Court rules involving attorney conduct.
From the LVRJ: They are Drew Christensen, county director of appointed counsel; John Hunt, former Clark County Democratic Party chairman; and Steve Wolfson, Las Vegas city councilman and defense lawyer
Wolfson has been a lawyer for 31 years, but very few of those years has been in actual law enforcement.
So, Steve Wolfson is huge liar when he says he has been in law enforcement for 32 years.
Steve Wolfson is a liar.

This Is News?

Channel 13, Las Vegas ran a big story about a cat who was up a telephone pole for a couple of days.
A bunch of people called around, afraid for the cat.
A cat was rescued from a power pole Wednesday morning after nearly a week.
Neighbors called for help for days, worried something would happen to the cat as it remained trapped with no food or water.
"If we're calling for help, I think somebody should have come and helped right away because the kitty has been there for a few days and needs to eat and drink," said Wendy Rodriguez.
Concerned onlookers called Action News. Our Contact 13 volunteers made several calls to NV Energy, local animal shelters and tree trimmers.
Finally, on Wednesday morning, NV Energy sent a crew to the house.
Four workers arrived on scene to attempt rescue.
After a lot of hissing and several tries getting the cat into a bucket, the cat jumped to safety on a nearby shed.
But seriously, have you seen a dead cat up a telephone or a tree?  If they got up there, they will get down.
But Channel 13 thought this was news.

Strip Shooter Thug Caught

From the LVRJ: Ammar Harris, 26, wanted in connection with three deaths after a shooting and fiery crash on the Strip on Feb. 21, was arrested around noon in Studio City in Los Angeles, authorities said Thursday.
Harris, who was driving a black Range Rover that was later impounded, was taken into custody late Thursday morning without any problems, police and federal officials said.
His arrest at the Archview luxury apartment complex in the vicinity of the Hollywood Freeway and the Los Angeles River, at 4150 Arch Drive, came a week after the shooting and caps a massive manhunt.
Richard French, spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department, said the FBI figured prominently in the arrest of Harris, who is being detained but has not yet been booked.
He's expected to be arraigned in a Los Angeles court Tuesday, but so far the circumstances surrounding his arrest have not yet been released.
Las Vegas police said Harris was the gunman who fatally shot aspiring rapper Kenneth Cherry Jr., 27, causing him to lose control of his Maserati in the early morning and crash into a cab, which burst into flames on Las Vegas Boulevard at Flamingo Road.
Cab driver Michael Boldon, 62, and his passenger, Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, 48, of Maple Valley, Wash., were killed in the cab explosion.
Hope this thug enjoyed his last days of freedom because he is not going to see freedom again.  Hopefully this thug will be pimped out when he is jail and prison, so he will know what he did to women.  I'm sure this thug will be a bottom feeder in terms of prison inmates, just above child killers but below about everyone else.
The apartments are actually located in Studio City, CA.  Rent at these apartments run around $1825 a month.  Based on the apartment requirements, no dogs were allowed on the property.  I guess they let this a-hole in, anyways:
So, now we have 2 pimps/thugs off the streets of Las Vegas.  1 dead 1 in jail.  Good riddance to both of them.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Obama's Gas Prices Continue To Rise

$3.81, that is what Las Vegans are now paying for a gallon of gas.
A month ago,, the price was around $2.93.
And the local and national liberals are silent.
But they were not silent with George W. Bush.
What evil hypocrites.

Beggers Make Good Money

From The New York Daily News:
He’s a good actor — and gets paid like one, too.
Gary Thompson, a wheelchair-bound man in Lexington, Ky., makes up to $100,000 a year begging off of unwitting good Samaritans.
He has difficulty walking but is otherwise in fine physical and mental shape. But the scammer fakes a mental and speech disability as he panhandles around the city, he told Lexington TV station WLEX.
“I appreciate you guys busting me,” he told the TV station with a big smile and laugh. “I’m really good at it, really good.”
Read more:
In Las Vegas, we have a ton of beggars, from the ones on the strip and Fremont St. to the ones at freeway exit and on-ramps and busy intersections in the Valley.  You know these guys make good money, otherwise they wouldn't be doing the begging. 
I have also see some of the beggars up close, after they are done begging and they act totally different from when they are begging. 
But not all beggars look and act like bums.  Today, at the Intersection of Flamingo and Pecos, there was a beggar in a suit and tie.
So, I won't give money to these rich bums.  If they say they are hungry, offer them some food and see what their reaction is.  If they are out of work, give them the daily newspaper help wanted ads and see what happens.  It probably won't be too friendly

Nevada AG Matso Screws Up Again

From the Reno Gazette Journal: A Nevada judge has gutted a marquee criminal complaint filed in 2011 against two mortgage lending company employees, ruling that state prosecutors improperly presented information to a grand jury to obtain an indictment in what they called a massive mortgage fraud “robosigning” scheme.
A lawyer for defendant Gary Randall Trafford on Tuesday hailed Clark County District Judge Carolyn Ellsworth’s ruling as “extraordinary” and accused Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and her deputies of prosecutorial misconduct.
The prosecutor heading the case was facing a foreclosure himself at the time, and a key witness in the case committed suicide in 2011, said John Heuston, an attorney for Trafford.
“This case was announced as a groundbreaking robosigning case,” Heuston said. “The judge found there was no robosigning whatsoever.”
“It was prosecutorial misconduct,” Heuston alleged, “and the judge found it was so pervasive that she was not sure that the grand jury would otherwise have indicted” Trafford or co-defendant Geraldine Ann Sheppard.
Attorney Ken Julian, representing Sheppard, said he was “grateful for the court’s ruling.”
Cortez-Matso is just an incompetent political hack who has done little good for Nevada but has proved she is a Democratic hack who will do anything Democrats, including bringing false criminal charges against Republicans.

"Like I didn't just see two guys plop a sausage on a bar stool"

Guido, the Racing Italian Sausage, leads the pack during a race at Miller Park.

The Milwaukee Brewers are really known for two things, Bernie Brewer and the Racing Sausages- they really are not known for baseball all that much.
But the other day, one of Sausages was stolen and partied in a few bars.
From jsonline:
Guido, the Klement's racing Italian sausage costume last seen a couple weeks ago adorning a bar hopper in Cedarburg, was returned Wednesday night after a day of media focus.
The hot sausage reportedly was dropped off at TJ Ryan's bar in Cedarburg.
Two men - one wearing a hoodie pulled tight over his face - lugged the larger-than-life link into the bar just before 8 p.m. Wednesday, plopped him on a bar stool and warned staff, "You did not see anything," said bartender Jen Mohney.
"Like I didn't just see two guys plop a sausage on a bar stool," Mohney said.
Mohney said the two left in less than a minute and she immediately called police.
The theft of the $3,000 costume was no laughing matter for the Cedarburg Police Department. Whoever it was from the department who answered a phone Wednesday night dryly responded to questions, saying, "I'm not allowed to comment on an ongoing investigation."
The costume was stolen during the city's annual Winter Festival.
Until Wednesday night, the 7-foot get-up had been last seen Feb. 16. At a fundraiser at the Milwaukee Curling Club's new Cedarburg location, a witness saw the sausage walk out the south door about 7:45 p.m., Cedarburg police Detective Jeff Vahsholtz said. The Italian sausage walked into TJ's an hour later and also made an appearance around midnight at The Roadhouse Bar and Grill.

I Must Have Lived In Ireland In My Previous Life

I heard this sound for the first time and enjoy it very much.  I'm surprised this music has not made into a film- I think it's perfect. It's Phill Coulter and "Heartland".

Thug In Chief Throws Another Temper Tantrum

Obviously, no one in power has ever said no to the Thus in Chief, President Obama.
From the Business Insider: The Washington Post's Bob Woodward ripped into President Barack Obama on "Morning Joe" today, saying he's exhibiting a "kind of madness I haven't seen in a long time" for a decision not to deploy an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf because of budget concerns.
"Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sitting there and saying, 'Oh, by the way, I can't do this because of some budget document?'" Woodward said. 
"Or George W. Bush saying, 'You know, I'm not going to invade Iraq because I can't get the aircraft carriers I need?'" Or even Bill Clinton saying, 'You know, I'm not going to attack Saddam Hussein's intelligence headquarters,' ... because of some budget document?"
The Defense Department said in early February that it would not deploy the U.S.S. Harry Truman to the Persian Gulf, citing budget concerns relating to the looming cuts known as the sequester.
"Under the Constitution, the President is commander-in-chief and employs the force. And so we now have the President going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement. 'I can’t do what I need to do to protect the country,'" Woodward said.
"That’s a kind of madness that I haven't seen in a long time," he said.
Woodward's harsh criticism came after he stirred controversy last weekend by calling out Obama for what he said was "moving the goal posts" on the sequester by requesting that revenue be part of a deal to avert it.
Read more:
Obama is supposed to be a leader, not a thug.

Cop Killer

John N. Marvin Jr. in Juneau Superior Court in October 2012 for the shooting death of Sgt. Anthony Wallace, 32, and Officer Matthew Tokuoka, 39, of the Hoonah Police Department in August, 2010.  Michael Penn / Juneau Empire

I'll let you make inferences about this thug who killed 2 cops in Alaska
From the
A judge has denied a motion to grant the man convicted of murdering two Hoonah police officers a new trial on one of the jury’s factual findings that exacerbates his sentence.
Sitka Superior Court Judge David George issued a ruling Thursday denying the motion from John Nick Marvin Jr.’s attorney Assistant Public Defender Eric Hedland.
Hedland argued that the jury should not have made the factual finding that Sgt. Anthony Wallace was engaged in the performance of official police duties when he was killed.
That’s a finding that enhances Marvin’s prospective sentence from a range of 20 to 99 years in prison to a flat sentence of 99 years.
The jury did not make that finding for the second slain policeman, Officer Matthew Tokuoka.
The jury was asked to make those findings in addition to the primary issue of whether Marvin committed first-degree murder. The jury convicted him in November on both counts of first-degree murder for fatally shooting the two officers in August 2010.
Hopefully, this guy will get the maximum prison or zoo prison sentence for killing the 2 cops.

More Idiots On Parade

How much do you want to bet that 99.9% are Obama voters?
From the Orlando Sentinel:  The crowd that gathered in Fort Mellon Park on Tuesday began lighting candles at exactly 7:15 p.m. — the time, one year earlier, when Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.
As the candles flickered in the wind on the shores of Lake Monroe, those paying tribute to the teenager listened to Thomas Watson, a deacon at Calvary Temple of Praise church in Sanford.
"We must go on," said Watson. "Not go back."
More than 200 holding red candles, white candles, big candles and little candles attended the hour-long vigil, which both honored Trayvon and stressed the need for justice and peace. Those in the crowd — many wearing hoodies and carrying signs with Trayvon's face —  prayed, sang gospel songs and listened to speakers call for unity.,0,2526081.story
Sorry, but a pot smoking thug who beats up people doesn't register as someone who needs sympathy.
Sorry he's dead, but he put himself in the position to be shot and killed and deserves no sympathy, even if President Obama loves him like a son.

This Is Just Stupid Parents Talking

From the Denver Post: The parents of a transgender 6-year-old have filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division because Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain banned the first-grader from using the girls' restroom.
The child, Coy Mathis, was born male but identifies as female. She had attended the school since December 2011 before being pulled out by her parents.
"This is significant for both Colorado and nationally," said Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, who is representing the family. "For Colorado, it is the first test of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act as related to access to bathrooms by transgender students.
"On a national level, as we see more and more transgender people coming out at younger and younger ages, people will be watching what happens in Colorado."
In November, a Maine state court ruled that a school district did not violate a transgender student's rights under the Maine Human Rights Act when it prohibited her from using the girls' restroom.
Wm. Kelly Dude, the lawyer for Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8, said there are no Colorado cases requiring public schools to permit transgender students to use restrooms of the gender with which they identify.
Read more: Colorado parents of transgender 1st-grader file complaint over restroom ban - The Denver Post
I'm sorry, but there is no way in hell that a 6 year old knows whether or not they are transgender or not and the school certainly should not be letting a 6 year boy to go to the bathroom in the girls bathroom.
Finally, I would send CPS to investigate the parents to see what the parents are teaching/telling this kid.

Well, Maybe If He Spent More Time With Them

From the New York Daily News:
It's not the job turning President Obama gray - it's his daughters.
First Lady Michelle Obama joked in an interview Tuesday that watching his two daughters - 14-year-old Malia and 11-year-old Sasha - grow up and approach their teenage years is a scary thing for the president.
"There's nothing like the look on his face when Malia dresses up for a party and she's heading out," Obama said on "Good Morning America."
"She walks past him," Obama said, "and you can see his face sort of just drop a little bit. It's like, 'who was that?'"
And that hair that's gotten very noticeably grayer since his first inauguration?
"People think the gray is from his job," the first lady joked. "It's from his children."
Read more:
Obama, short of physically abusing his kids is one of the worst dad's possible.  He won't go on vacation with them, he goes to Las Vegas and other cities to bang his mistress(es) and the only time you see Obama with his kids, is in photo shoots.
No, Obama is not a father of the year candidate and maybe he is getting grey because of guilt.  But then he is so narcissist, he feels no shame or guilt.

2 Cops Killed In Santa Cruz

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel: Two Santa Cruz police officers were shot and killed Tuesday by a suspect who died in a nearby shootout with officers a half-hour later.
The deaths of detective Sgt. Loran "Butch" Baker, a 28-year veteran, and detective Elizabeth Butler, a 10-year veteran, are the first in the line of duty in the city's history. Authorities said they were found deceased outside suspect Jeremy Goulet's home in the 800 block of Branciforte shortly after the 3:30 p.m. shooting.
"This is the darkest day in the history of the Santa Cruz Police Department Police Chief Kevin Vogel said, adding earlier, "We lost two exceptionally fine officers today."
Vogel, who was once partnered with Baker, said "Our department is in mourning; this is a horrific day."
Santa Cruz County Sheriff Phil Wowak said Goulet, 35, was shot and killed on Doyle Street after firing at officers who were conducting a search of the area. His agency will assume control of the investigation as outlined in the Police Department's critical incident protocol, with the cooperation of the Santa Cruz County District Attorney's Office....
The incident started when Santa Cruz police were conducting an investigation, possibly a domestic violence situation stemming from Goulet's Friday arrest, at a house on the 800 block of North Branciforte Avenue, just up the street from where the shooting happened. He was arrested there for drunken disorderly but bailed out.
Wowak said they believe Goulet shot at the officers, who were found dead outside the house.
"We don't know exactly what transpired in that investigation to start but we do know in the contact with the suspect, Jeremy Goulet, 35, a resident at the scene, both detectives were killed."
Wowak said the call for assistance went out in numerous ways "both from the officers and neighbors who heard gunfire."
Goulet was not on scene when officers arrived. Although officers attempted life-saving efforts on their colleagues, they were unsuccessful, Wowak said....
During the "active shooter scenario" police and deputies encountered Goulet on nearby Doyle Street about 30 minutes later and a barrage of gunfire followed.
"Gunshots ensued between Goulet and the officers. Goulet was killed at the scene," Wowak said.
Megan Kausch, a Capitola resident, said she was sitting outside Whole Foods located near Branciforte Avenue and Doyle Street reorganizing her purse when police swooped in. She heard a hail of gunfire and ducked down as she looked up saw gun smoke.
"I've never been so close to a real shooting. It was so loud, so many bullets back and forth." ...THE SUSPECT
Moments after the first shooting police issued Project ROPE for a white four-door Honda or Toyota Corolla seen leaving the scene of the Branciforte shooting. They were looking for a white male with long, blondish brown hair in his 20s with a backpack, gray baseball cap and white T-shirt.
Police put out a be on the lookout for Jeremy Peter Goulet, 35, described as 155 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches tall, blond hair, green eyes. It was not immediately confirmed by police what relation he had to the case. Goulet reportedly had three weapons registered to him including a .40-caliber semi-automatic Sig Sauer and a Baretta.
It is sad and this is why the people supporting gun control do have a point: how do keep thugs like the shooter from having a gun?
RIP to the officers and prayers to the family, friends and the Santa Cruz police Dept.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Tale Of Las Vegas Two Newspapers

One newspaper, is fairly conservative.  The second newspaper is a liberal newspaper.  Their handling of the shooting on the Las Vegas Strip in the papers are telling and can be cited as what is the difference between a liberal and a conservative.
The Las Vegas Review Journal is the conservative and they are not shy in calling the thug killed y gunfire a low life, thug, pimp and druggie. 
From the LVRJ: Kenneth Cherry Sr. set aside his grief long enough to hold a Saturday news conference after the shooting death of his son, Kenny Cherry Jr., two days earlier on Las Vegas Boulevard.
After suffering a gunshot wound to the chest early Thursday, a dying Cherry Jr. drove his leased Maserati into a Desert Cab, killing driver Michael Boldon and passenger Sandra Sutton-Wasmund of Seattle.
Cherry Sr. called his son an aspiring rapper with the moniker "Kenny Clutch" a good kid who was a victim of senseless violence.
But dad didn't tell the reporters present what the 27-year-old did to pay the condo rent and the lease on that Maserati. If we presume for the sake of discussion Kenneth Sr. didn't know his son was a pimp, the father needn't have looked far for confirmation.
While the grieving father made much of his deceased son's gentle nature, the facts say otherwise. Dad's protestations aside, in 2007 Cherry Jr. was convicted of a gun charge in California. According to court documents, he severely beat a former girlfriend who also was the mother of one of his children.
After she tired of being used as a prostitute and watching every dollar she earned go into his pocket, the fights and beatings escalated.
On Sept. 1, 2011, at the apartment they shared, she would write in an affidavit, "He chased me down the hall. I tried to lock myself in the bathroom. He broke the door and started hitting me, over and over again. I tried to protect myself in the corner of the shower. He hit me so many times I was seeing stars. I finally managed to run out into the hallway and he came after me, hitting me until I collapsed on the floor where he proceeded to kick me twice, once in my head and once in my thigh. He then threw me out into the main hallway and locked me out of the apartment until he left."
Sounds like the good kid was having a bad day, but that's the way it is with pimps.
And from the Las Vegas Sun, which is the liberal newspaper: Kenneth Cherry Jr.’s girlfriend on Tuesday vehemently refuted media reports that Cherry, who was shot to death while driving his Maserati on the Las Vegas Strip, was a pimp.
Asmayit Hagos, 22, of Alameda, Calif., said Cherry never harmed her. “He put everyone before himself,” Hagos said during a news conference at a Las Vegas law office. “He was not abusive. Not once.”
Hagos also flatly denied media reports that Cherry had abused other women. But in 2011, another California woman filed a restraining order accusing Cherry of domestic violence.
Cherry and Hagos had discussed marriage, she said, but she never asked the aspiring rapper about his income or how he had the money to afford an expensive Maserati sports car.
Read more:
 The Sun has run article after article praising the thug Cherry/Clutch/Chuckles the Clown and only a few small articles about the other victims of the shooting/crash.
Just another difference between liberals- supporting thugs and conservatives- not supporting thugs.



From the New York Daily News:
Pictures of a bloodied monsterlike eel are making waves on the Internet.
The photos seem as if they were stripped from a scene out of last year’s sci-fi thriller Prometheus. But in reality, they were the product of just another day in the boat.
A New Jersey man was fishing in the Garden State when he spotted a massive eel-like fish in the water. Using his bow and arrow, which he conveniently had on hand, he snagged the creature with a shot right through its middle.
The photos show a long, thick sea animal covered in blood (from the arrow) with big, thick lips at its top surrounding a cavity filled with small jagged teeth.
Makes me wonder why people would want to swim in the water there.


From the San Fran Chronicle: The TV series "Duck Dynasty" is coming between Morrissey and Jimmy Kimmel.
The singer and animal rights activist says he canceled his appearance Tuesday on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" because "Duck Dynasty" cast members will be on the talk show.
Morrissey says he can't perform on a show with what he called people who "amount to animal serial killers."
A&E's "Duck Dynasty" reality show follows a Louisiana family with a business selling duck calls and decoys.
A&E did not immediately respond to requests for comment from it and the Robertson family.
A person familiar with the Kimmel show's plans confirmed that Morrissey was to appear. The person lacked authority to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.
Read more:
Seriously, serial animal killers?
My guess is that the Duck Dynasty show is far more popular than Morrissey. Truth is, I never even heard of Morrissey.  And the idiot doesn't even use a first name.

Wisconsin Cops Crack 1957 Murder case

From the Chicago Tribune: On March 1, 1957, a 7-month-old girl named Jeaneen Marie Klokow died at home. Sheboygan, Wisc., investigators ruled that she’d fallen off her mother’s couch by accident.
For decades, that was that.
Except she’d been killed. And decades would separate the medical advances and nagging consciences that resulted in her mother’s guilty plea to second-degree murder in Sheboygan on Monday morning.
“It’s really an incredible thing,” Sheboygan County District Atty. Joe DeCecco said by phone on Monday, and he would know: Prosecuting someone nearly 56 years after the fact required improvisation.
Hours earlier, 76-year-old Ruby C. Klokow formally pleaded guilty to what she’d recently confessed in front of Sheboygan detectives who had revived the case -- she had abused her daughter to death.
Except the second-degree murder charge she confessed to no longer exists under Wisconsin law. The crime scene was long gone -- knocked over years ago where the county sheriff’s department now stands. Case files were missing, and good luck asking the original investigators where they went.
“Half the people that were around then were dead now,” DeCecco said. The other half were mostly too old to remember what happened.
But some memories hadn’t eroded over half a century.,0,2127170.story
Not sure what kind of justice can be served 54 years later.  Hopefully, some kind of justice will be served though/

This Is Just Stupid

From ESPN: Alabama extended a handful of scholarship offers to recruits during Saturday's junior day, but none more surprising than the one given to Dylan Moses, an eighth-grader from Baton Rouge, La.
The 2017 prospect, who was also offered a scholarship by LSU last summer, made the trip to Tuscaloosa with his father, Edward Moses Jr.
For Dylan, excitement spilled over," Moses Jr. said. "When he heard those words from Coach [Nick] Saban, 'We're offering you,' you could see him light up. It was shocking because we were going in thinking we were just going to get a tour of what Alabama has to offer.
"To hear, 'You're impressive, keep your grades up, we want you to come here, and we're offering you a scholarship now,' I can't even put that into words."It's not the first time Alabama has offered a scholarship to a younger recruit, but it doesn't happen very often.The Tide offered current 2013 signee Tim Williams as well as 2014 ESPN Watch List running back Leonard Fournette when they were both freshmen.Still, Moses might be the first eighth-grader to receive an Alabama offer. Other schools haven't started showing interest yet, but his father anticipates things to pick up in the spring and summer. For now, Alabama and LSU have the early advantage.
an 8th grader is not mature enough to be offered an athletic scholarship and hundreds of things can happen to the kid in his high school years.
Not too mention the big ego the kid is going to have for the next 4 1/2 years.

Can They Keep Him, Please

From Fox News: Flamboyant former NBA star Dennis Rodman is heading to North Korea with the VICE media company -- tattoos, piercings, bad-boy reputation and all.
The American known as "The Worm" is set to arrive Tuesday in Pyongyang, becoming an unlikely ambassador for sports diplomacy at a time of heightened tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.
Rodman, three members of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team, a VICE correspondent and a production crew from the company are visiting North Korea to shoot footage for a new TV show set to air on HBO in early April, VICE told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview before the group's departure from Beijing.
It's the second high-profile American visit this year to North Korea, a country that remains in a state of war with the U.S. It also comes two weeks after North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test in defiance of U.N. bans against atomic and missile activity.
Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, made a surprise four-day trip to Pyongyang, where he met with officials and toured computer labs in January, just weeks after North Korea launched a satellite into space on the back of a long-range rocket.
Read more:
Maybe we can offer North Korea a year's worth of wheat and corn to keep Rodman.

Pawn Stars Review: February 25, 2013

Will t ever get warmer around here?  The highs for Las Vegas and area have only been in the 50's th past week or so and the lows have been in the 30's.  Talking to many locals who have lived in the Las Vegas Valley, they are saying this is one of the coldest winters on record here.  Of course, we are not having the winter like in the folks in the Mid-West, where they are undergoing blizzards and heavy snow and there have also been tornadoes in the South as well.  Ahh, when you expect perfect weather all the time, sometimes, you get too spoiled.
In the first episode, Chumlee took over the security station to give the security guard, Andy, a lunch break.  Then Chumlee had to sort a bunch of old coins on Rick's desk.  Then Chumlee demanded a desk, which he got, and the desk went in between the Old Man's and Rick's desks.  The next day the desk was gone and it was put just outside the employee bathroom.

Boxers Marty Cutler and Jack Johnson Photograph Art Print
The first guy brought in some boxing post guards including
Jack Johnson and Jack Dempsey:   and
Jack Johnson was the first champion who was black. The post cards were from the 1930's.  Jack Johnson's card was autograph.  The guy wanted $600.  Time for an expert, Jeremy Brown.  He said the Jack Dempsey and a French boxer were worth $40.  Jeremy said the Jacj Johnson was the real and worth about $1000.  Rick offered $500.  The guy went to $850 and the Old Man offered $600and that was the sale price.

A Tribble
The next woman brought in some Star Trek TV show props/memorabilia.
Included a communicator, a tribble and a phaser and a script.  The lady had no evidence the things were real.  She wanted a total of $4800.  Time for an expert, Johnny.  He said the phaser and tribble were real and the communicator was not and Johnny could not prove they came from the show.  He said they could get up to $800 for the set.  Corey offered $300 and the woman said she could get $800 and Corey went to $400 and the sale price was $500.
The next guy brought in a old Air Force clock that was used in the cockpit from the Cold War era.  The clock was supposed to be in the cock pit control area of the flight deck.  The clock still worked.  The guy wanted $300 and the Old Man offered $200 and then $225 and that was the sale price.

In the 2nd episode, the first guy brought in shekel of Tyre coin.  Someone cleaned the coin so it lost value.  The guy wanted $2000 and Rick offered $1400.  The guy went down to $1750 and then $1600 and that was the selling price.

The next guy brought in 2 presentation drawings of a Duesenberg.  The guy wanted $50,000 for the 2 paintings because they are so rare.  time for an expert, Brett.  The drawings were used by the design team instead of being a fine drawing.  Brett said the autographed picture was worth $5000.  The Old Man offered $4000 for the pair of drawings.  There was no sale.

The next guy brought in a pair of 1860 Engraved Colt army pistols.  The guy wanted $20,000 and rick said the pistols could be worth $100,000.  Rick noticed that the serial numbers did not match and that no one would paint flowers on their pistol.  Rick thought they were not factory engraved.  Rick offered $3500.  The guy came down to $6000 and Rick offered $5000 and was firm and that was the selling point.
The story line was that the store bought some stolen merchandise.  The stolen merchandise was the shekel.  They said Metro police was involved and they wanted to seize the coin. But it turns out the coin was lost and an insurance company paid out a claim, making the coin the Pawn Stars.  They sent the coin out to be graded and it turns out the coin was real.

The next lady brought in some cans of Military emergency drinking water from 1962.  She had a case of the water and they came with an official military can opener.  The lady wanted $300 and Corey offered $150 and then $200 and that was the sale price.
That ends another 2 new episodes of Pawn stars.  Thanks for stopping by and next week, there will be 2 more new episodes.

Monday, February 25, 2013

One Illegal Gone, Many More To Come...Hopefully

From the LA Times: The U.S. Supreme Court refused Wednesday to block the deportation of a Chicago woman and thousands of other immigrants who before 2010 were not warned by their lawyers when they pleaded guilty to serious crimes and were targeted for removal.
The decision highlights the stark consequences for noncitizens of having a criminal record. The law calls for mandatory deportation for immigrants, including lawful residents, who have an "aggravated felony" on their record. The term can describe a variety of state and federal offenses.
Immigration lawyers say tens of thousands of immigrants, many of them lawful permanent residents, plead guilty each year to crimes that may lead to deportation. In many instances, they were not warned of the consequences of such a plea.
Three years ago, the high court extended relief to some immigrants when it ruled that they could seek a new trial if their lawyers had failed to warn them of the dire consequences of a guilty plea.
But in a 7-2 ruling Wednesday, the justices refused to apply the ruling retroactively to cases of immigrants who had unwittingly pleaded guilty before 2010.
In 2003, she agreed to plead guilty to two counts of mail fraud for what the government said was her minor role in an insurance fraud. Her son and several others staged an auto accident, and Chaidez received $1,200 from an insurance company for a claim of an injury that was false.
She was sentenced to probation and was required to help repay $22,000, the total amount of the insurance fraud. She completed her sentence and had paid her restitution by 2004.
When she later applied for naturalization, she denied having been convicted of a crime. Only then did she learn that pleading guilty to mail fraud involving more than $10,000 meant that she was subject to deportation.,0,765820.story
So, let's see...She came to the United States illegally, committed a crime, pled guilty to the crime then lied about it when applying to become a U.S. citizen.
And the reason why we shouldn't deport this illegal thug?  She should be deported tomorrow, and the hell with her family.  Maybe they can follow her down to South or Central America and live with her down there.
But one thing is clear, she needs to be deported as fast as possible and then move onto the next case.

Gold Fish In Lake Tahoe?

From the Sacramento Bee: A new species is lurking in the waters of Lake Tahoe: the beloved goldfish.
The warm water fish, commonly raised as pets, are invading the pristine lake, taking food and space from native species. And, they're also growing to be quite large.
"They didn't have any predators, so they were able to grow up to 14 inches and four pounds," said Kevin Thomas, an environmental scientist at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Researchers and environmentalists say the trend is not new. Local residents have long reported sightings of the gigantic, bright orange creatures.
"It's not atypical for a strain of goldfish to get to a larger size," said Christine Ngai, a researcher at the University of Nevada, Reno. "They are like humans; some are taller or shorter."
The fish were likely dumped into the lake or used as bait. Like other warm water species, goldfish typically live in shallow areas, close to the shore.
I just wonder how many Goldfish are living in other lakes like Lake Mead and other lakes in the country.
I also wonder how they taste.

Too Bad Both Could Have Faded

From the Sacramento Bee: When Barack and Michelle Obama were married in Chicago two decades ago, Santita Jackson, a daughter of Jesse Jackson, sang at their wedding. When Obama ran for his first national office, he made sure he was not stepping on the ambitions of her brother, Jesse Jackson Jr., who later became a co-chairman of his 2008 presidential campaign.
Now the younger Jackson, 47, who served 17 years as a congressman representing his hometown, is most likely headed to prison for campaign fraud, trailed by problems from an extramarital affair to mental illness.
Although the fates of Jackson and Obama could not be more different, their stories, and those of their families, are bound together. The rise of the current leading black political family in the United States is inextricable from the unraveling of an older one, with the two tangled in shifting alliances, sudden reversals of fortune and splits.
Decades ago in Chicago, Jackson was seen as a far more promising figure than his friend Obama – one the heir to a legend, the other an outsider seeking to surpass the father he barely knew.
If Jackson had run for the U.S. Senate in 2004, Obama likely would not be president. That year and again in 2008, Obama, seeking to boost his credibility with African Americans, sought key help from the younger Jackson.
But along the way, the Jackson father and son helped define what the future president did not want to become: a black politician mired in the old urban-ethnic mold; a leader tainted by personal transgressions or a dysfunctional family. good thing President Obama has done, for the good, has been to neuter the likes of the Jacksons and Al Sharpton and other race baiters.

Read more here:


Victory, a year-old Chihuahua mix, has a congenital deformity of her front legs. So far, $7,000 has been donated to the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter to buy orthopedic devices to help her.
From the Detroit Free Press: Earlier this month, a caramel-colored pup with big ears was brought into the Dearborn Animal Shelter after she was found running -- or trying her best to run with little more than stubs for front legs -- down a street in the city.
Soon, she'll get her own set of wheels to better get around.
The Chihuahua mix -- named Victory by staff at the shelter -- has deformed front legs that give her the appearance of a kangaroo. A fund-raising campaign to buy devices to help her mobility exceeded its goal by more than threefold -- and drew international attention.
"The fact that she has this disability and she pushes right through it I think is a victory," said Elaine Greene, executive director of Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter, the nonprofit group that operates the shelter.
Dearborn veterinarian Linda Schrier said Victory has a congenital defect called radial hemimelia, and parts of the bones in her front legs are missing. Greene said the dog's elbows appear to be fused, so she can't fully straighten her front legs. On the end of each leg is a tiny bit of a toe pad and a single toenail.
It's nice to see people go and try t help this little dog.  Let's hope these same people will put forth the effort to save other dogs who are sent to the animal shelters, only to see them die because no wants to adopt them.
As far as our family is concerned, we have three rescue dogs who are joy to our family.

Courtsey Of A Liberal Democrat

From the Denver Post: Five Americans of Japanese descent who were forcibly removed from their homes 71 years ago and sent to live in internment camps shared their stories during the annual Day of Remembrance at the History Colorado Center.
"They looked at us as if we had no allegiance to real Americans — it was in our blood; never mind if we were American citizens by birth," said Rose Tanaka, who was sent to the Manzanar War Relocation Center in California at the age of 15. "All of a sudden, I felt the hatred from other Americans against us."
The event — hosted by the Mile High chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) — was held near the anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt's signing of Executive Order 9066 on Feb. 19, 1942, which paved the way for the mass imprisonment.
Camp Amache, located about a mile west of Granada, was one of the 10 internment camps.
When more than 110,000 Japanese-Americans were forced out of their homes, they had to leave behind nearly everything.
"We were told to leave our homes, farms and businesses. You couldn't bring a bunch with you," said Bob Fuchigami, who lived at Camp Amache.
Read more: Japanese-Americans share stories of World War II internment - The Denver Post
Americans need to know that the Democratic party has done a lot of bad things in America.  Interred hundred of thousands of innocent Japanese-Americans, plus fought against desegregation, against voting rights for Blacks and other American atrocities.  And it continues with things like ObamaCare.

Las Vegas Prices Continue To Skyrocket

Blood For Oil photo blood-for-oil.jpg

Remember when the liberals were pissed if gas prices went up 10 cent a gallon under President George W. Bush.  The gas prices increases were the fault of Bush, were front page news and led off TV newscasts and liberals yelled "No blood for oil".
Now, in less than a month gas prices have gone up 70 cents a gallon and are approaching $4 a gallon and there is no public out cry, from the right or left and there is sign the gas prices will go down anytime soon.
Liberal hypocrisy.


From the New York Daily News: He’s a P.I.M.P. — but Erin Andrew’s isn’t interested.
A grinning 50 Cent went in for a kiss with the glamorous sideline reporter at the Daytona 500 Sunday and got rejected on national television.
Fox cameras captured the moment Andrews realized 50 Cent was coming in strong with lips pursed.
She awkwardly dodged the smooch and let him lay it on her cheek — then cut off the interview
“I got to go talk to Danica Patrick,” Andrews said, then adding, “What are you doing here?”
But before the South Jamaica, Queens native could finish his response Andrews was walking away, though the undaunted “Candy Shop” rapper tagged along.
“I’m enjoying myself. I’m enjoying all the festivities,” he said, clearly telling the truth.
Read more:
I saw this live when I was watching the pre-race show.  I didn't know it was 50 Cent, because, mainly, I have no idea who this is, other than some kind of  cheap opera singer.

Musician Has Stroke On Stage, Saves His Instrument

From the San Fran Chronicle: William Bennett, the San Francisco Symphony's principal oboist, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on Saturday night, midway through a performance of Richard Strauss' Oboe Concerto. He collapsed on the stage of Davies Symphony Hall and lay unconscious for 20 minutes, according to witnesses, until paramedics arrived and took him out.
Symphony spokesman Oliver Theil said Bennett was taken to a local hospital for treatment and described his condition as "guarded."
One patron who was in attendance said Bennett began to sway unsteadily during his performance, then lost his balance and fell to the stage. As he fell, he held his oboe aloft long enough for one of the orchestra's violinists to take it from him.
Read more:
Must have been one hell of an oboe.
Hopefully the guy will be ok.

Nannies Say We Drink Too Much

From the Chicago Tribune: On any given day in the United States, 18 percent of men and 11 percent of women drink more alcohol than federal guidelines recommend, according to a study that also found that 8 percent of men and 3 percent of women are full-fledged "heavy drinkers."
That means the great majority of Americans stay within the advised limit of two drinks a day for men and one for women, according to the study that appeared in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
"And in fact, most adults don't drink at all on any given day," said lead author Patricia Guenther, a nutritionist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.
"But the fact remains that it is a significant public health problem that many people do drink to excess."
Guenther said that members of the committee that drafted the current USDA guidelines on alcohol consumption wanted to know how many adults exceeded the limits.,0,5213032.story
Obviously, if you drink a quart of vodka, that may not be good.  But having a few beers at night in your home, where it affects nobody but yourself is none of the government's business.
And 4 drinks over an entire day is now considered to be binge drinking?
Fricking nannies, they wouldn't be satisfied if no one drank.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kenny Clutch No Angel

Kudo's to John Smith of the LVRJ for not bowing to the line that Kenny Cherry aka Kenny Clutch, the thug rapper who helped kill a taxi driver and his passenger.
From the LVRJ: The bullet Kenny Cherry Jr. courted left the barrel years ago.
It arrived early Thursday morning on Las Vegas Boulevard and put the 27-year-old hustler with delusions of grandeur in the national spotlight for half a news cycle.
While police investigated leads and identified a suspect in the shooting, Cherry's father, Kenneth Cherry Sr., held a news conference Saturday and defended his son, calling him a victim and a good kid who only played a tough guy in YouTube videos.
Cherry Jr. called himself "Kenny Clutch," and published reports have referred to him as an "aspiring rapper" who delivered uninspiring ditties via YouTube that celebrated a thug life teeming with pimps, whores, drugs, guns and money.
He knew plenty about all of that. According to court documents, Cherry was a stone pimp who beat his women and spent the money they earned turning tricks in Strip casinos. He was fond of weed and narcotic cough syrup and his reflection in a nightclub mirror....
Cherry had a few minor brushes with local law enforcement - speeding tickets in which he gave the officer a California driver's license with an Oakland address - but his lack of convictions in Nevada don't tell the story. Despite having no visible means of income, he drove a Maserati and stayed in a $2,900-a-month condominium at the Metropolis at 360 E. Desert Inn Road.
Maybe knowledge of his job slipped the mind of his attorney Vicki Greco when she told a reporter Cherry was no gang member and, "He was a loyal, dependable friend, and we at the law firm will miss him."
Yeah, he was a real charmer. But I'm not sure whether the mother of one of his children would agree. Before she ran away, Mr. Dependable Friend pimped her out and beat her often....
In high school, she excelled in softball and was an A student. After graduating, she earned an associate's degree at a nearby community college and took university classes, but in 2008 she met Cherry through a friend.
After encountering him again at a Strip nightclub, she struck up a relationship she didn't imagine would lead to a life of prostitution in Las Vegas. Maybe it's because the rapping Cherry seemed so generous, so loyal and dependable.
"He promised me the world and I believed every bit of it," she recalled in 2012. "He invited me to move to Las Vegas and 'check it out.' I felt like I had nothing else solid going on and figured it might be fun to live someplace else. I was naive. I had faith and confidence in him and that he wanted a future with me. I did not know at the time that my future would consist of prostituting myself, getting beaten up by Ken on a regular basis, and being arrested and going to jail 27 times.
" I don't know how to explain how it happened in a way that would make sense to anyone. He said it was 'no big deal' and 'easy money.' "
Before long, she was working six nights a week. Her evening quota was $1,500. Come home without it and face the consequences.
"Kenny took every penny I made," she said....
She wrote that Cherry, "physically assaulted me, pushing me into walls and hitting me. I packed up some belongings and drove back to my family ... Along with the physical abuse, he has consistently been verbally abusive during our relationship."
It shouldn't have been surprising. That's what pimps do to their women. The former couple also sparred legally over custody and visitation issues involving their young daughter.
It's likely Greco would know something about that. She not only represented Cherry, but according to court records she also was the woman's criminal lawyer. Maybe it slipped the attorney's mind while she was grieving over the loss of Mr. Dependable Friend.
As I wrote a couple days ago, a friend of mine in the know, knew Cherry/Clutch was a pimp.  You don't make that kind of money Cherry/Clutch by selling drugs on the Strip, you do it my pimping out women. 
While it may hurt the family that cherry/Clutch is no longer on the earth, I think the women Cherry/Clutch pimped out are celebrating the freedom they now have.
Meanwhile, the liberal Las Vegas Sun runs an article glorifying this thug:

Good For North Carolina

From Fox News:
A new driver's license expected to be issued to some illegal immigrants in North Carolina has prompted state lawmakers and immigrant rights groups to voice concerns over the proposal.
The proposed North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles license has a bright pink stripe and the bold words "NO LAWFUL STATUS."
The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles announced last week they would begin issuing the licenses March 25 following a lengthy legal review. The Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program grants valid federal work permits to qualified applicants brought to the U.S. as children without legal authorization.
And of course, some in the GOP are caving:
Some Republican lawmakers in the state have balked at the idea, filing a bill Thursday to bar the DMV from granting the licenses until at least June.Read more:
There should be something on a drivers license noting the illegal status of the driver, otherwise, it opens up voter fraud issues and you also need to track illegals. 
I don't know why the liberals are afraid of registering illegals and letting people know they are illegal.  The liberals want to register gun owners and track them and their weapons.
So, hopefully North Carolina and other states will not bow down to the illegal aliens and their thug supporters, and keep the phrase "No Lawful Status".

More Liberal Newspaper Stupidity

Liberal View Of education
When you are a dope smoking editorial writer at a liberal newspaper, stupidity must be a requirement for the job.  Today's Las Vegas Sun is an example.
From the Sun: Nevada’s education system has been rated among the worst in the nation. In the past year alone, the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s “Kids Count” report ranked Nevada last, a legislative report put the state at 48th and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave the state’s schools an F.
Nevadans have heard this before over the years from a variety of sources, including MSNBC, which ranked the state 50th in an extensive report last year, or Parenting magazine, which labeled Las Vegas the worst city in the country for education.
Read more:
And the Sun's solution?:Instead of playing around the margins, lawmakers need to confront reality: The state doesn’t spend enough on education, period.Ok, the schools need more money.
But no where in the editorial does it say what to spend the money on.
So, in the crack addled minds of Brian Greenspun, editor of the Sun and Sun editorial writers, all you do is spend more money on education and everything will be just hunky dory.  Schools will have unicorns in the hallways and fairies will throw pixie dust in the sky and everything will be all right in the world education.
Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Another Example Of Out Of Control Government

From the San Fran Chronicle: California's workers' compensation system has awarded millions of dollars in benefits for job-related injuries to thousands of professional athletes, including many who played for out-of-state teams, according to a report.
Sports leagues and their insurers are working to stop the practice, which has paid an estimated $747 million to about 4,500 players since the early 1980s, according to the Los Angeles Times ( ).
Some of the athletes played as little as one game in California.
Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis, a former Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, got a $199,000 settlement for injuries related to football. This came despite the fact Davis was on the roster of a Colorado team and played just nine times in the Golden State during an 88-game career, the newspaper said.
Among other sports stars receiving settlements were NBA star Moses Malone, who was awarded $155,000, and Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin, who received $249,000.
The athletes are taking advantage of a provision in state law that provides payments for the cumulative effect of injuries over years of playing.
The benefits usually come as lump-sum settlements but sometimes provide lifetime medical services.
California taxpayers are not responsible for these payments; workers' compensation is an employer-funded program. Anyone who is employed in the state for any period of time can be eligible for benefits to pay for medical expenses and compensate for work-related disabilities.
"The system is completely out of whack right now," said Jeff Gewirtz, vice president of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets, told the Times....
"California is a last resort for a lot of these guys because they've already been cut off in the other states," said Mel Owens, a former Los Angeles Rams linebacker who is now a compensation lawyer.
Legislation in Sacramento being drafted by team owners would not limit the ability of athletes for the Los Angeles Lakers, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and other in-state teams to seek cumulative trauma benefits under California law, the Times said. However, it would protect those teams from being hit by big claims from out-of-state players, who might have spent just a few weeks at a training camp with a California team at some point in their careers.
Read more:
They say that taxpayers are not affected, but who pays for the workman's compensation?  Employers do and in turn, consumers.
I think I should work in California for a few weeks and then claim workman's comp when I retire and get  nice pay out.

Where Was The Daytona 500 Flyover?

Maj. Caroline Jensen, Thunderbird 3, Right Wing pilot, takes off for the Wings and Waves Air Show at Daytona Beach, Fla., Oct. 13, 2012. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Larry E. Reid Jr., Released)
Where was the flyover?  At almost every NASCAR Sprint Car race, there is a flyover by military aircraft but not for the Super Bowl of NASCAR?  The last few years the Thunderbirds have done it, so why not this year.  Newspaper reports said the Thunderbirds would do the flyover would, but not according to the U.S. Thunderbirds web site.
Was it a victim of budget cuts  Was it because of the weather?  Fox won't tell us.
So, what happened?

"Drivers And Danica, Start Your Engines"

Driver or Not Driver?
Wow, talk about your insult, the doofus, James Franco, who gave the command at the Daytona yelled this Line: "Drivers and Danica start your engines".
Talk about a stupid command and insulting command.  I'll rip on Danica, but she is still is a professional NASCAR driver, though not worthy of being a Sprint Cup driver.

Las Vegas Murders Goes Nationwide

From the Chicago Tribune: Police have identified a suspect in the fatal shooting of an aspiring rapper as he drove on the Las Vegas Strip in a Maserati before dawn on Thursday, sparking a fiery crash that also killed a cab driver and his passenger.
Ammar Asim Faruq Harris, described as armed and dangerous, was still at large on Saturday, but the black Range Rover from which he is suspected of opening fire had been impounded, Las Vegas police said.

Authorities said a gunman in a Range Rover opened fire early on Thursday on the silver Maserati being driven by 27-year-old Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr., who performed under the name "Kenny Clutch.",0,7991908.story
Thats what Las Vegas needs: more negative coverage about Las Vegas.

Harry Potter Still Influences Life

From The Battonline: They may not fly through the air at break-neck speeds or fight trolls in bathrooms, but ranked No. 1 in the world, the Texas A&M quidditch team is not to be disregarded as a group of wand-waving fanatics.
With over 800 teams in the U.S. alone, quidditch has evolved from a group of enthusiasts’ pet project in 2005 at Middlebury College into a national sport about the spirit of competition and camaraderie.
“We don’t think we fly. We’re not role playing. We’re competing in an athletic event,” said Rebecca DuPont, president of A&M’s quidditch team and junior bioenvironmental science major.
Performance Studies professor Amy Guerin is one of the team’s faculty sponsors, and has a great deal of respect for the team.
“Their commitment to pursuing this sport is admirable because they are not cavalier about it,” Guerin said. “They treat it very respectfully. They have figured out a way to really raise the level of the game and raise themselves to more than just an intramural level of playing, but like a real competitive sport.”
Harry Potter vs. A&M
Senior mechanical engineering major and head intercollegiate coach Drew Wasikowski believes the manifestation of a game once only seen in movies into a legitimate sport can be attributed to warring ideas on how the game should be enjoyed. In the beginning, people were playing for the “whimsical” aspect of the game and then more people became involved for its competitive side.
Wasikowski acknowledged the “Harry Potter” movies’ role in first sparking his interest in quidditch.
“I, of course, loved Harry Potter,” Wasikowski said. “I like it being more competitive, because it treats us more like actual athletes.”
Wasikowski admitted that it is easy for people to be skeptical about the sports legitimacy because the idea of people riding on brooms can seem silly.
According to DuPont, brooms are not always required for low-level competition. All that is required is an object of a certain length that won’t injure someone.

Congratulations To The Jaguars

From the LVRJ: Saturday night started as a nightmare for Desert Pines senior Julian Jacobs.
Two quick fouls, a seat on the bench and a double-digit deficit had Jacobs and his teammates wondering how to wake up.
The night ended better than his wildest dream.
Jacobs heaved the ball to the ceiling of Orleans Arena, celebrating the Jaguars’ improbable 59-57 come-from-behind win over Clark in the Division I-A boys basketball final.
Desert Pines (28-3) won its first state title in boys basketball.
“You have no idea,” said Jacobs, who finished with 19 points. “I don’t have words for this. It’s beyond an awesome feeling.”
Three minutes into the game, Jacobs headed to the bench with two fouls and watched his team fall behind by as many as 17 points.
He had two points at the half as Desert Pines trailed 30-18.
“I just kept telling them to hang on and fight through,” Desert Pines coach Mike Uzan said. “We were down six possessions. That’s nothing. We’ve seen it before. With these guys, anything is possible.”
The Jaguars still trailed 48-35 early in the fourth quarter, but Jacobs’ tomahawk dunk with 6:53 to go cut the Chargers’ lead to 48-41 and had Desert Pines starting to smell a comeback.
“Our guys love it when Julian dunks,” Uzan said. “It lit a little fire.”
His second-chance jumper just more than minute later trimmed Clark’s lead to 49-46, and Donavin Wright’s jumper with 2:55 left gave Desert Pines its first lead, at 54-53.
Desert Pines is the school I teach at.
It's been  heck of a year for Desert Pines: first Obama visited and then the team are state basketball champions.