Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DDIWC: Drunk Driving In Wheelchair

From Brookfield Now: A 45-year-old man was arrested for drunken driving in an electric wheelchair after he bumped into cars as he crossed Bluemound Road on May 23, a Brookfield police official said.
The man - who had been receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center - had previously received several warnings for operating the wheelchair while intoxicated, according to Police Capt. Jim Adlam.
Officers were called to the 18000 block of Bluemound Road just before 7 p.m. May 23 to check his welfare, according to a police report.
"People were worried he was going to get killed crossing the road," Adlam said.
The man's wheelchair struck several cars, causing "scratches and dings," as he crossed the busy highway, Adlam said.
Responding officers arrested him on a third offense of drunken driving and took him to Elmbrook Memorial for a blood draw. http://www.brookfieldnow.com/news/122906648.html

The street where this guy was crossing is a very busy road, a 6 lane highway, so he was putting people in danger.
But getting a DUI in a wheelchair seems a bit strong when he could have been charged with other things like public drunkenness or disorderly conduct.
But in Wisconsin, they take seriously- they have even given DUI tickets to people who ride riding lawnmowers.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pawn Stars Review: May 30, 2011

Surprise, the new episodes are on at 8:00 tonight.
I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day weekend and thank you to all of you have served.
In the first episode, the first guy brought in a Lincoln campaign ribbon. The guy thought it might be worth about $7000 and possibly up to $25,000 but time for an expert-Dana, president of Early American History Auctions out of Rancho Santa Fe, CA. http://www.earlyamerican.com/Auctions/ClientPages/home.php
Dana thought it was real and worth about $3000. Rick offered $2000. The guy wanted $5000 and the counter offer was $2500 and no sale.
The next guy brought in a dynamite blaster from 1860. You cans see these in cartoons and old Western movies. The Old Man offered $125 and that was the selling price.
The next guy brought in a Mini Electra King Electric Car from the 1960's. The thing worked but it is smalled than a gold cart. The guy wanted $3500. Rick offered $500 and then $600 and that was the selling price.
The next guy brought in some old Air Jordans from 1990. Chumlee said they came from 2009. No sale but Chumlee bought them for $75.
Th next guy brought in a antique toy Army truck from around the 1960's but Rick thought it was from before WWII. Time for an expert- Johnny of the Toy Shack in Las Vegas. http://lasvegastoyshack.com/ He thought the truck was worth about $150. The guy wanted $300 and Rick offered $80 but then got it for $100.
The next woman up was a Victrola talking machine or Phonograph. from 1913 and they went to the woman's home. The piece didn't have the needle or other parts and really didn't work. The lady wanted $2000 and Rick offered $0, so no sale.
In the second episode, the first guy brought in a John Wilkes Booth wanted poster. The signed showed that Booth had $100,000 on his head for murdering Abraham Lincoln. The guy wanted $33,000 for the poster. Time for an expert, Dana who has to drive from Southern California. Dana brought in a real poster of the Wilke's wanted poster. Dana thought it was an early reproduction, maybe from the late 1800's. There was no deal. Rick then tried to buy the real poster and Dana said that Rick could have it for $180,000 and then $160,000. Rick offered $125,000. Dana went down to $150,000 but no deal.
Rick and the Old Man went a man's house to Vintage Penny Scale, which was an old arcade game and you can still see some in operation at old restaurants and other stores. The guy wanted $1200 and then $1000. Rick offered $650 and then $775 and that was the selling price.
The next guy brought in a G-suit and helmet from the air force. They were used in jet fighters, possibly from the Gulf War. Time for another expert- Matt, who used to be a student at Top Gun and a Blue Angel pilot. The guy wanted $2000 and Rick offered $500 and then $800 and finally $1000 and that was the deal.
The next guy brought in a Chicago Police officer badge from the 1930's. The guy wanted $300 but time for another expert, Mark and said it is both real and not real. It was not for the Chicago PD but instead it was a private security guard's badge. The guy wanted $300 and Rick offered $150 and that was the deal.

Supposedly, there is another episode on Wednesday and if it is a new one, you will find a new post. Thanks for stopping by.

Schools Can Institute Furlough Days

Pending approval from Gov. Sandoval, school districts in the State of Nevada can institute up to 5 furlough days of non-instructional time for employees.
From the Reno Gazette Journal: Harsh economic times could mean fewer paid school days for Nevada teachers.
The Senate on Monday approved AB117, which allows school districts to trim up to five days of noninstructional days from the mandated 180-day school year during the biennium.
Districts would be allowed to flex their muscle if it would prevent teacher and administrator layoffs.
The Superintendent of Public Instruction would have final say on whether districts could go ahead with the plan. The right to trim days would last through June 30, 2013.

The vote for the bill was unanimous. The bill does not make it clear if this is subject to collective bargaining.
As a teacher in CCSD, I get a feel how the employees feel about the issues going on in Carson City. If CCSD did try and pass the furlough days, there may be a job action by teachers and other employees. That is the feeling of many teachers out there.
Right now, teachers are torn between giving up money to keep more teachers employed, fed up with legislators and the governor for not giving more money to the school districts, or teachers like myself who are sick and tired of all the waste and fat in the school district's budget, especially the CCSD budget. Bottom line, no one is happy in the CCSD.

Pawn Stars Marathon

Today is the Pawn Stars marathon- all reruns. We have information on most of the shows on the web site, so look around and thanks for coming by.

Update: Illegal Kills Houston Police Officer

From Fox News: A motorist accused of killing a Houston police officer while driving drunk is in the country illegally, MyFoxHouston.com reports.
Police say Johoan Rodriguez was drunk when he drove his car into a road block Sunday morning, striking and killing Officer Kevin Will with the Houston Police Department.
Rodriguez has since been charged with intoxication manslaughter of a peace officer, felony evading, and possession of a controlled substance. Police say he had .3 grams of cocaine in his pocket along with an alcohol level of .238, according to the station.
At a probable cause court hearing late Sunday night, it was learned that Rodriguez is in the country illegally. A judge refused to give the suspect any kind of bond, and his first court date was set for Wednesday.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/05/30/illegal-immigrant-arrested-death-texas-police-officer/#ixzz1NrGyUy2D
Just another reason why we need to go after illegals with a vengeance. Obama and Reid would rather ignore the problem, along with some GOP who want cheap labor.
INS needs to go after employers and the illegals and when they do that, maybe we will be safer from the illegals.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Deputy Sheriff Cut Down In Cold Blood In San Antonio

On Memorial Day weekend, a deputy sheriff from Bexar County, Texas was shot and killed in cold blood in San Antonio, Texas.
From the San Antonio Express News: Sgt. Kenneth Vann, 48, was en route to a call for a shooting around 2 a.m. Saturday when a small white car pulled up next to his marked patrol car at a red light at Loop 410 and Rigsby Avenue, officials said.
A barrage of shots was fired from the white car, likely from a high-caliber semiautomatic weapon, striking the passenger-side windows of Vann's patrol car and killing him, officials said.
David Kilcrease, president of the Deputy Sheriff's Association of Bexar County, said Vann, a 24-year veteran, was shot nearly two dozen times.
“There was no equipment in the world that would have saved Kenny from what this person did,” said Kilcrease, who grew close to Vann when they were neighbors and rode horses together. “This is dangerous for us all.”
More than 170 officers from law enforcement agencies — including the Sheriff's Office, San Antonio police,
U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Texas Department of Public Safety and FBI — are working day and night at a command post near the county-owned AT&T Center to solve the slaying. Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Deputy-s-slaying-sparks-new-worry-1400829.php#ixzz1NodPYpUf
On Memorial Day weekend, not only do we pay honor to the armed forces service men and women who have died, we also need to honor police officers, fire fighters, EMT's and other first responders who have been killed in the line of duty.
For more on Deputy Vann: Sergeant Vann had served with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office for over 24 years. He is survived by his wife and three children. His wife also serves with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. http://www.odmp.org/officer/20851-sergeant-kenneth-gary-vann
Also, on Sunday a police officer was killed by a drunk driver in Houston, TX.: Police Officer Kevin Will was struck and killed by a drunk driver as he investigated a hit-and-run accident involving a motorcyclist on the North Loop at approximately 3:15 am.Officer Will was interviewing a witness to the motorcycle accident when the drunk driver drove around barriers and emergency vehicles that were blocking the closed freeway. Seeing the vehicle approach, Officer Will warned the witness to jump out of the way. The citizen was able to jump to safety moments before Officer Will was struck and killed.The driver was taken into custody at the scene and faces charges in connection with Officer Will's death.Officer Will had served with the Houston Police Department for almost two years. He is survived by his expectant wife and two children.
It's possible that Officer Will was killed by an illegal immigrant according to the Houston Chronicle.
RIP officers and thank you for your service and God bless your families and your colleagues.

Rough Day For North Las Vegas Fire Department

The North Las Vegas Fire department is a fairly quiet fire department for the Valley. They get some fires but mostly they get medical calls.
Well, today, they had 2 large fires. The first was at RC Farms where a big pile of pig manure caught fire. I'm pretty sure the firefighters did not watch this movie when they got back to the station. http://www.lasvegasvalley.com/story/14747387/breaking-news-fire-crews-battling-several-small-fires-at-pig-farm

Now, the North Las Vegas fire department is fighting a large apartment fire near Commerce and Ann Blvd.
All is a days work.

National Guard Jinxed On Memorial Day Weekend

Of all weekends for the Army National Guard to be jinxed. Memorial Day weekend with thousands of military personnel at the Indy 500 and the Coca Cola 600 at Charlotte, both National Guard teams choked at the very end of the race and lost their chance of fame.
In the Indy 500, JR. Hildenbrtandt crashed in the last corner, allowing Dan Wheldon to win win the race. Hildenbrandt finished 2nd.
In the Coca Cola 600, Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a huge lead entering the last lap and in the back stretch when he ran out of fuel, and coasted to 7th place.
The 600 was a very boring race except for the last 10 laps when it finally got exciting. My pick for the race was Matt Kenesth who was dominating during most of the race, finished 14th after having to stop for gas under green.
So, we had some great finishes today so it was worth watching the races from 9:00 until about 8:00.

Why Not Just Annoint Him A God?

The Huffington Post is trying to act like a mainstream blog when they joined up with AOL news. However, like most liberal blogs, you just can't hide your stripes.

Today, the Huffington Post via AOL now claim President Obama is now a healer in chief when he visited Joplin, MO., the site of a deadly tornado. Of course, the tornado struck a week ago while Obama was in Europe partying it up with royalty. From The Huffington Post:

Obama Acts As Healer-In-Chief In Tornado-Stricken Joplin, Missouri

Face to face with the legions of homeless and the bereaved, President Barack Obama on Sunday toured the apocalyptic landscape left by Missouri's killer tornado, consoled the community and committed the government to helping rebuild shattered lives.
Obama said survivors of the disaster in Joplin are showing the world how to come together, and he pledged that the nation, as he put it, "will be with you every step of the way."..

Obama returned to the U.S. on Saturday from a six-day European tour of Ireland, Britain, France and Poland. After days of focusing on the U.S. relationship with the rest of the world, he turned to an even more critical connection: his own, with the American people. He was visiting survivors and the bereaved from the worst tornado in decades, which tore through Joplin a week ago leaving more than 120 dead and hundreds more injured. At least 40 remain unaccounted for, and the damage is massive.
Consoling his fellow Americans is a task Obama has had to assume with increasing frequency of late, after the mass shooting in Arizona in January in which Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was injured, when tornadoes struck Tuscaloosa, Ala., last month and, more recently, when flooding from the Mississippi inundated parts of Memphis, Tenn.
Such moments can help define a president, but habitually even-tempered Obama is more apt to offer handshakes and hugs than tears and deep emotion.
Though times of trouble can erase politics and unite people, a phenomenon Obama has commented on, his task as healer Sunday unfolded on unfriendly political ground as his re-election campaign approaches. Obama narrowly lost Missouri to Republican John McCain in 2008, but in Jasper County, where Joplin is located, McCain won by a large margin: 66 percent to 33 percent.

Give a me frickin'g break. When something bad happens in a country, most country leaders will cut short their vacation and come back home to deal with the tragedy. And if you decide to stay, you don't go partying on like nothing happened. To Obama, this tornado was just an inconvenience to him and his narcissism.

He may fool some people, but most people can see through this fool by now and know he is not sincere when he makes these trips.

And to the Huffington and AOL, you can stop having wet dreams and stop humping Obama's leg any time now.

Is Brian "The Coward" Greenspun Having Tornado Parties?

Earlier this year, the Las Vegas Sun and Palm Beach (FL) hoped that a natural disaster, like a hurricane would strike Florida to teach Florida a lesson. You see, Florida doesn't want all the federal aid that the Fed's have offered to Florida and they wanted to teach Florida a lesson:
I hate to say it, but Florida may just need a natural disaster for its own good.It doesn't have to be catastrophic. A simple state of emergency may be enough to do the trick.Because it's becoming clear that our new governor, Rick Scott, thinks that federal partnerships are, by definition, evil. And it just might be that without proper treatment, this psychological condition will continue to exist among him and his not-so-merry band of delusional pretend-patriots until Republican control is fully restored to Washington.
Considering that Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Missouri are pretty much red states, I am sure that Brian "The Coward" Greenspun and Palm Beach Post are jumping for joy over the damage and deaths caused by the recent tornadoes. Of course, you know Greenspun and the Post are thrilled with all the flooding that is causing the red states like Montana, North Dakota and others to seek federal aid.
So, over at the Sun's main offices in Henderson, Brian "The Coward" Greenspun must be throwing tornado parties just to teach states a lesson about federal aid.

Stupid Democrat Quotes

From Michelle Malkin: I think the president was clearly articulating that his position — the Democrats position — is that we need comprehensive immigration reform. We have 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country that are part of the backbone of our economy. And that is not only a reality but a necessity. And that it would be harmful if — the Republican solution that I’ve seen in the last three years is that we should just pack them all up and ship them back to their own countries, and that in fact it should be a crime and we should arrest them all. I mean that was the legislation that Jim Sensenbrenner advanced a couple of years ago. http://michellemalkin.com/2011/05/29/dnc-chair-2/
This brilliant quote comes from Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is the DNC Chairperson.
Apparently Wasserman Schultz doesn't realize the mere fact that illegal aliens living in the United States are breaking the law and more often than not are committing more crimes once the get here. Crimes that include identity theft, fraud, breaking drug laws, and many others. Also don't forget they also receive free services such as education, medical and social services.
I also don't think most Republicans favoring sending all of the illegals back right at once. You need to start at sending back criminals including those who are convicted of felonies and misdemeanors, followed by those who receive social services and then those who seek free medical care (send them back once they are stabilized). Finally, go after those who seek free education for their children. After that is done and those who are left, either help the remaining gain citizenship or send them back. That is what we should do about the illegal immigration problem.
So, once again, a left wing Democrat makes Sarah Palin look intelligent.

Joe Heck's Vision For Medicare

Medicare is going broke and President Obama and Harry Reid (Jackass-NV) don't care. They would rather play politics than actually do something about it. The Republicans and Paul Ryan have put out a plan, but it was hard to describe it in simple terms.
Dr, Rep. Joe Heck has simplified it in his message in his Memorial Day letter to his constitutents:
As a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, Memorial Day is special to me. My 20 years in the military have given me the opportunity to serve with extraordinary men and women – many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice. We should celebrate and remember their sacrifice, a critical reason America’s freedom remains unbroken.

Last week I met with my Veterans Advisory Council to discuss issues concerning the veterans’ community. It’s no surprise that the issues plaguing veterans are the same ones plaguing most Nevadans - the economy and jobs, our national debt, and the housing crisis. At one town hall meeting a lot of folks – seniors and veterans included – had questions about how the Majority’s budget proposal addresses our debt. Since many folks had misconceptions about that plan, below are four key facts to help clear up those misconceptions.

1) Every person 55 years old, or older, is completely exempt from any changes to Medicare in this proposal.

2) This proposal does not make Medicare into a voucher system. Instead, it implements patient-centered solutions to make Medicare more like Medicare Part D, the only government health program ever to come in under budget.

3) The White House says Medicare will be bankrupt in 2029 if left unchanged. The latest Medicare Trustee Report revised the number, saying it will be bankrupt by 2024. That is just 13 years from now. A bankrupt program cannot serve the taxpayers who paid into it – the status quo is merely a plan to accept failure.

4) The changes in this proposal provide greater benefits to those poorer and sicker, and fewer benefits to those richer and healthier.

This week we approved the National Defense Authorization Act. After discussing the effects of foreclosures on military personnel locally, I drafted an amendment that was included in the bill to help shed light on how the housing crisis is affecting our military families. Once we know the scope of the problem, we can better address it.


What An Indy 500!!

Today was one of the most exciting finishes in the 100 year history of the Indy 500.
JR Hildenbrandt, a rookie was leading the race until the last corner of the 200th lap when he crashed into the wall, letting Dan Wheldon win. This unfortunate accident by the National Guard car allowed Dan Wheldon to pass Hildenbrandt and finish first. (Say, who predicted Wheldon would win? If anyone bet on Wheldon based on my prediction, I'll take 10% : ) ) Hildenbrandt, even though he crashed and destroyed his car, he still rolled to a second place.
As far as the action and my predictions: There was a lot 2 wide racing and the race was pretty exciting. Fortunately, there were no big crashes in which a car went airborne.
Danica Patrick finished 10th, about 38 seconds behind the winner, but she was never a factor in the race, even though she led a few laps. The reason why she led a few laps is because she was off cycle on her pit stops.
But for the announcers, all it was Danica this, Danica that, Danica can do no wrong and Danica is a high priestess. She ran an ok race, did horribly on restarts, usually losing at least 5 positions on each restart. I also noticed that ABC, in their rolling driver positions on top of the picture, showing what place each driver was in, ABC kept putting her in a higher position than she really was in. For instance, after a restart towards the end of the race, it showed Patrick to be in 7th place, even though she lost about 6 places and was in at least 13th place and this continued for several laps. Other drivers showed they were gaining or being passed but not Patrick. Why?

So, it was another great race by the Indy cars and their drivers and I look forward to seeing Indy Cars and NASCAR trucks in Las Vegas at the season's last race on October 16.

Darn, It's Cold

Right now, at about 10:00 AM, it is only 60 degrees in Las Vegas, over 30 degrees below normal.
Right now, Las Vegas is colder than Madison, WI., Portland ME., Indianapolis, IN., New York City and Fairbanks Alaska.
Mind you, I don't mind the cold weather, it saves on the air conditioning bill and it feels better than 110 degrees that may come later this summer.
But if this kind of weather keeps up, we will have snow on top of Mount Charleston until July. Heck, it may be possible we may have snow on top the mountain all year round.

Bullies Caught In Wisconsin Rapids

From the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune: A disorderly conduct charge fits the allegations against four members of the Lincoln High School wrestling team, said a professor of law who reviewed the criminal complaint Friday.
The Wood County District Attorney's Office filed a disorderly conduct charge against Zachary S. Benitz, 18, Wisconsin Rapids; Kasey D. Einerson, 17, Wisconsin Rapids; Rylan L. Lubeck, 17, Vesper; and Devin L. Peterson, 17,
Wisconsin Rapids. All are charged as adults and are scheduled to make initial court appearances June 20. A disorderly conduct charge carries a maximum $1,000 fine and a 90-day jail sentence. The high school juniors remain innocent unless proven guilty.
According to the criminal complaint, on multiple occasions during the wrestling season, the four teenagers danced naked around a 15-year-old in the team locker room, touched their genitals to his leg and held their genitals close to his face. In one instance, the 15-year-old entered a locker to avoid contact. Another student told authorities he witnessed the four physically and emotionally abusing the 15-year-old, according to the complaint.
Wood County Assistant District Attorney Craig Lambert, the prosecutor, declined to answer questions about how authorities decided to charge the students with disorderly conduct.
Wisconsin Rapids Police Chief Kurt Heuer also declined to address questions about the case Friday, citing the growing reaction in the community.
"We seem to have lost sight of our victim and the victim's family," Heuer said.

Some things to know: Zachery Benitz is the son of the coach and grandson of a long time Rapids wrestling coach.
The Wisconsin Rapids wrestling team is one of the most successful wrestling program in Wisconsin. In fact, the team just the state team wrestling championship a couple weeks ago. The team has won numerous team and individual titles over the years, more than any other team in the state.
The Benitz family has been involved in Wisconsin Rapids wrestling for several decades in Wisconsin Rapids.
Clearly, there was a lack of oversight in the locker room by the coaches and the wrestling captains and seniors. The coaches were either not in the locker room or they were in the office chatting. Hopefully, they did not see what was going on and they ignored what was going on, otherwise they could have and should have been charged with child abuse/neglect.
The captains and the seniors on the team knew what was going on and they chose not to do anything about it. They need to be held responsible.
There always has been horsing around in sport's locker rooms throughout history. But I don't think most locker rooms get to this point where the bullies slap their junk on another unwilling kid. These guys crossed the line between horse play and good old fun and sexual assault in which the kids could have been charged with.
So, what should happen to the bullies? If they are suppose to graduate, they should not be allowed to walk in the graduation ceremonies.
If they return to school, they cannot be on the wrestling team next year. As far as the coaches are concerned, the head coach and his assistants should be suspended for a year as well and then they could be permitted to return.
But the bottom line is this. The kid who was bullied will be living in hell until he graduates. Kids will be taunting him, called names, threatened and possibly be physically attacked. His life will never be the same until he leaves Wisconsin Rapids. Kudo's to the boy and his family for blowing the whistle on the bullies and calling the police. If they went to the school, it would have been swept under the rug and nothing would have happened. And kudos to the police for investigating the bullying instead of ignoring it like good old boys do.
So, we will see what will happen and good luck to the victim in the future.

Back Home In Indiana

As usual, Jim Nabors will be singing back home in Indiana.
Yes, Jim Nabors was born in Alabama and not Indiana and now lives in Hawaii, but it is a tradition since 1972.

Not bad for a guy 80 years old.

Biggest Day Of Racing

Today is the years biggest day of racing as the Indy cars and the NASCAR cars will race at least 1100 miles today.
The Indianapolis is celebrating it's 100 anniversary today. I still remember listening to the race and then watching the tape delay race on TV.
My predictions for the race- there will be a lot side by side racing and at least 1 big crash where a car will go airborne. I predict that Danica Patrick will crash out and that a female driver will finish above her. I predict Dan Wheldon will win.
In the Charlotte Coca Cola 600, I predict that it will be a boring race with little side by side racing. There will be no crashes involving 3 cars or more. And my prediction for the race is that Matt Kenesth will win.
So, have fun watching the races and it will be a great day of racing.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Slow News Day, So Irish Dancing Monkeys

It's been a real slow news day, so here is a favorite video of mine- Irish Dancing Monkeys

Hopefully, tomorrow will be more exciting for news.

But I Thought CCSD Schools Were Horrible

If you listen to the liberals in Las Vegas who like to play politics with education in Las Vegas and Nevada, you would think we have some of the worst schools in the country. The people who hate Brian Sandoval and conservatives are some of the biggest critics of CCSD.
Well, it turns out we have some very good schools in CCSD. From the Las Vegas Sun: Nine Clark County School District high schools have made the Washington Post’s list of top-performing high schools in the nation.
The Post’s High School Challenge list was founded in 1998 to rank Washington, D.C.-area public high schools using the Challenge Index, the ratio of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests a school gives and the number of graduating seniors.
This year, the Post expanded its list to high school across the United States. Only 7 percent of the approximately 27,000 public high schools nationally made The Post’s list.
Ed W. Clark High School in Las Vegas ranked 247 in the country and No. 1 in Nevada. Clark has an average SAT score of 1,755, an average ACT score of 22.4 and a 67 percent graduation rate, according to the report.
The maximum score on the SAT is 2,400 and 36 on the ACT.
Advanced Technologies Academy ranked 766 nationally and came in No. 6 in the state. The Las Vegas-based school has an average SAT score of 1,590, according to the report.
Green Valley High School ranked 952 nationally and came in No. 11 in Nevada. The Henderson high school has an average ACT score of 24.7, according to the report.
Spring Valley High School was ranked 1,592 nationally and came in No. 13 in the state. The Las Vegas high school has an average SAT score of 1,325, according to the report.
Coronado High School was ranked 1,689 nationally and came in No. 15 in the state. The Henderson high school has an average SAT score of 1,535, an average ACT score of 23 and a 90 percent graduation rate, according to the report.
Canyon Springs High School was ranked 1,694 nationally and came in No. 16 in Nevada. The North Las Vegas high school has an average SAT score of 1,300, according to the report.
Northwest Career and Technical Academy was ranked 1,730 nationally and came in No. 18 in the state. The Las Vegas high school has an average SAT score of 1,560, according to the report.
Valley High School was ranked 1,772 nationally and came in No. 19 in Nevada. The Las Vegas high school has a 59 percent graduation rate and was the first school in the district to be named a High Achieving Exemplary turnaround school in 2009, according to the report.
Desert Oasis High School was ranked 1,886 nationally and came in No. 20 in the state. The Las Vegas high school has an average SAT score of 1,300, according to the report.
Who would have thought that the lefties are playing politics with education.

Strange Case Against Pro Life Nut

In Madison, WI, there is a case going on about a pro-life crazy who said he wanted to kill abortion doctors. He is being charged with attempted murder even though he never tried to kill anyone. Instead, he is being charged for his thoughts.
From madison.com: The Marshfield man who told authorities he came to town with a gun, bullets and plans to kill an abortion doctor was charged Friday with attempted first-degree intentional homicide in Dane County Circuit Court.
Ralph W. Lang, 63, said that after shooting an abortion provider at a Planned Parenthood in Madison, he was next going to go to an abortion clinic in Milwaukee, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday....

For the most part, the complaint filed Friday in county court mirrors a criminal complaint filed Thursday by federal prosecutors in U.S. District Court in Madison that charged Lang with a misdemeanor, attempting to injure, intimidate and interfere with people providing reproductive health services.
Both complaints describe how Lang accidentally fired a bullet through the door of his room at Motel 6 on Wednesday night, then told Madison police of his plan to kill a doctor at the Planned Parenthood clinic on Thursday morning.
But the attempted murder complaint filed Friday provides a different account of how Lang fired the gunshot in his motel room. In the federal complaint, Lang said he was loading a magazine into his handgun and it went off, but he did not know how it went off.
In the Dane County complaint, Lang told police that he was practicing lowering his gun and was facing the motel room door, then pulled the trigger, causing the gun to fire.
“I didn’t think it was loaded,” he said, according to the complaint.

The Feds are doing this: U.S. Attorney John Vaudreuil said prosecutors, working with the Department of Justice’s civil rights division in Washington, are considering seeking a felony charge against Lang alleging that he interfered with a person’s use of a program that receives federal funds.
Ok, I'll say the usual- this guy is nuts and even though I am pro life and think abortion doctors are the devil's brother and sister, this guy is wrong.
However, what the the cane County DA has done is scary. The man is not being charged with what he did but what he was thinking. He is being charged with attempted murder even though he didn't try and murder someone. He is being charged because he thought about murdering someone.
How many people have thought of harming or killing someone for one reason or another. It might be because you have been bullied or someone ripped you off. It might be a supervisor who wrote you up or it may be someone who is pissed off at a politician. How many people did the Dane County DA charge with attempted murder after they wrote a letter to Scott Walker or the Senate Democrats, threatening to kill or harm the politicians? I think most of us have thought one time or another about harming someone and now, according to the Dane County DA and Eric Holder and President Obama's federal prosecutors, we can be charged with your thoughts.
As far as the Feds are concerned, they want to charge him with interfering a person's use of a program that receives federal funds. How did he interfere with anyone? Did he go up to a woman who wanted an abortion and threaten her? Nope, he was just thinking about it.
You just cannot charge a person with attempted murder when they did not try and kill someone. Charge him with firing the gun in the hotel. Charge him with any other crime he actually did commit. But you can't charge him because he was thinking of doing something. The crazy idiot may have been boasting, he could have delusional or maybe he really wanted to to kill the doctors but he could have chicken out in the end and never do anything.
This DA and the Fed's screwed up big time on this case and are only prosecuting him because Madison is very liberal and many in Madison feel abortion as a human right.
This was a political decision to please the anti-life crazies. It's nothing more than that.
With the DA and the Feds bringing this case, they are now saying that a person's thoughts will be prosecuted and not their actions.
Very scary indeed.

Obama Kills More Jobs

I think President Obama and Harry Reid have a contest going to see who can kill the most jobs.
in Wisconsin, there is a ferry service between Manitowoc,WI. and Ludington, MI on Lake Michigan. It's a fun trip and it saves time traveling between Wisconsin and Michigan.
Well, Obama's EPA wants to to kill the service.
From jsonline: Owners of the S.S. Badger car ferry say it's the only coal-fired steamship in operation in the United States. But, that might have to change in the near future if the ship wants to continue to operate between Ludington, Mich., and Manitowoc.
Environmental Protection Agency regulations will ban the Badger from dumping coal ash in Lake Michigan at the end of next year. The ship dumps the ash waste during its trips across the lake. The Badger generates nearly 4 tons of ash from 55 tons of coal per day during its five-month season.
The EPA says the water and ash mixture isn't hazardous, but the agency was ordered to regulate vessel discharge under the Clean Water Act.
WLUK-TV says the Lake Michigan Carferry Service will have to research, invent and design a new way for the Badger to operate in order to stay in business after December 2012.
http://www.jsonline.com/news/122716469.html (emphasis mine)
So, the EPA says the ash isn't hazardous but they are still going to order the shipping company to fix a non existing problem and spend millions of dollars and possibly put many people out of work for no reason.
Meanwhile, the same EPA says nothing when the Milwaukee waste water treatment plant dumps tons of pooh and other hazardous materials into Lake Michigan whenever they have a big rain storm.
I'm not sure who will put more people out of work because Reid and Obama are both professionals and they try very hard to keep people from working. But in the end, I still think Harry Reid is the champion of putting people out of work after he killed Yucca Mountain and a couple of power plants. That's hard to beat.

Here is some information about the S.S. Badger
Built: 1952-53 by Christy Corporation in Sturgeon Bay» Capacity: 620 passengers, 180 autos, tour buses, RVs, motorcycles, commercial trucks» Crew on each trip: 50-60» Engines: 2 Skinner 4-cylinder steam» Boilers: 4 burning domestic bituminous coal» Propellers: 2 cast-steel, 4-blade, 13-feet-10 inches weighing 7 tons each» Anchors: 2 weighing 7,000 pounds each» Weight: 6,550 tons» Staterooms: 40» Average speed: 18 mph (15.6 knots)


KBET is one of my favorite radio stations. They play the oldies in Country Music and somehow. they don't run commercials. They will play the occasional PSA but tha'ts about it.
Today, during the 6:00 AM hour, they ran a weekly political show that had previously been on 670AM. They had Jon Ralston as a guest, who is very painful to listen to. After listening to the interview for about 5 minutes, all I can say is that President has competition for the narcissist of the year award.
I sincerely hope that KBET sticks with their oldies country format. It is much more pleasant listening to the songs than Jon Ralston and the radio host.

I Don't Think This Guy Is Going To Get The Newspaper Endorsement

The Pahrump Valley Times is a small town newspaper that circulates in Pahrump and Nye County and it is located about 50 miles from the Las Vegas Valley. The paper comes out once a week, I believe.
They ran an editorial the other day regarding a theme park in Pahrump but the PVT editorial went on to rant about other things going on in the Pahrump Valley and this part of the editorial stuck out: Investors don’t spend millions of dollars in a community where town board members walk out of meetings because they don’t get recognized by the chairman. Listening to Harley Kulkin lecture voters about the need to raise property tax rates during a special budget meeting last week makes us sick to our stomachs. We need you to lead, Harley, not throw temper tantrums like a little girl. Voting against the town budget in hopes of teaching a voter a lesson — have a heart attack, well, when the ambulance doesn’t show up and you die, blame yourself for bitching about a tax increase — are you serious? Grow up.And, Harley, one more thing, your stance on free movies in the park stinks. How dare you compare showing free movies in the park — ostensibly an activity that would foster stronger community ties between the families who live here — with welfare and handouts. The name we’d like to call you over that comment can’t be printed. (We’ll leave you a voicemail).Of course, Harley is still a bit wet behind his political ears. So we will forgive him these lapses of judgment, at least he hasn’t been arrested again. (Knock on wood.) O(emphasis mine)http://pvtimes.com/news/editorial-board-harleyland-where-movies-aint-free-and-ambulances-dont-show/
My guess is that Mr. Harley Kulkin won't be getting the PVT's endorsement in his next election.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Month, Another Thug Killed By Metro

For the 6th time this year, a Metro police officer has shot and killed a man, this time near Mojave and Washington, in the northeast area of town.
From the LVRJ: Las Vegas police shot and killed a 35-year-old man Friday morning after a domestic dispute in the northeast valley.
The fatal confrontation unfolded about 7:30 a.m. when a neighbor reported a disturbance at 2917 Theresa Ave., near Washington Avenue and Mojave Road.
Two officers arrived and saw a man pinning a woman against a bedroom wall and wielding scissors in a threatening manner, police said.
The man refused the officers' commands to drop the scissors and surrender.
Officers twice tried to incapacitate the man with a Taser but the attempts failed, police said. The man tussled with officers, gaining control of one officer's stun gun and trying to grab the other, police said.
One officer shot him several times, police said. He was given medical aid but died at the scene.

This is the the 6th killing by Metro this year. How many other police jurisdictions have this many officer involved shootings this year? Further, why are so many people taking on Metro to the point that the officers have to shoot?
I do have some questions about this shooting though: How did the suspect able to get a hold of an officer's Taser and was that Taser operable? Remember, that the suspect was Tasered two times, so was this Taser able to be used against the officers?
Did the officers think that the suspect was going after the officer's gun or Taser.
Was the woman who was being threatened still in danger at the moment of the shooting? If so, wouldn't it have been more prudent for the officers to back off until more officers arrived to subdue the man?
Did the Tasers have the camera feature on it so we could see what was going on?
Was the man given medical immediately after the shooting or did the cops delay treatment from the fire department? There is a fire station with a paramedic ambulance and engine within a few blocks of the shooting, so if the guy was shot in the upper torso, he would have had to bleed out pretty fast not to survive the shooting before the fire department got there. If the guy had a pulse when the fire department got there, why didn't they scoop and go and get him to a hospital, such as North Vista which is only a couple minutes away from the scene?
How big and what type of scissors were being used by the suspect?
7:00 is shift change at Metro, did that affect the response by Metro. What was the response time by the officers and back up?
Just some questions I feel that need to be answered but on the face of it, it sounds like a good shooting but as we have seen in the past, facts can change by the hour or day.

Attention Tourists: Interstate Highways Are Not The Place To Cross The Road

For some reason, several tourists in the past week have decided to make I-15 a place to cross the roads. Never mind that cars are going 65MPH, never mind the big fences they have to crawl over, never mind the warning signs on the on-ramps. And maybe these idiots are used to crossing over Interstate highways like in California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico after they come into the country illegally.
From the Las Vegas Sun: For the third time in a week, a pedestrian has been struck by a vehicle on Interstate 15 near the Las Vegas Strip.
The Nevada Highway Patrol says a man was hospitalized but is expected to recover after he was hit before dawn today as he tried to cross southbound I-15 near Flamingo Road.
The crash happened a day after
a 26-year-old man was killed when he was struck by a vehicle while he and another man tried to cross the southbound freeway near Russell Road.
The other man wasn't hit, but both men were taken to University Medical Center in Las Vegas. The injured man was pronounced dead.
On May 20,
a 46-year-old man was struck and killed about 1:30 a.m. crossing northbound I-15 - also near Flamingo Road.
Nope, the 15 Interstate does not have any cross walks or street lights to use. So, please, do not cross the Interstate Highway or you will end up dead.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go

Today, Clark County signed a contract with the CCFD that will save the County $4.2 million. From the LVRJ: "Clark County firefighters have voted in favor of a labor deal that would save the county $4.2 million a year.
The proposed one-year contract, which would run from July 1 to July 2012, will go before commissioners in June to ratify.
The 741 firefighters covered by the contract would take a 1.5 percent pay cut, lose a vacation and a sick day, and have longevity pay frozen at current levels. Also, the first-year wage for rookie firefighters would be lowered by 5 percent. An estimated two-thirds of firefighters who cast ballots voted for the new terms, according to union leaders."
However, later in the day, Clark County lost $6.5 million when a doctor won a lawsuit against UMC and Clark County. From the Las Vegas Sun: University Medical Center in Las Vegas will pay $6.5 million to an anesthesiologist who won his federal lawsuit alleging his due process rights were violated when he was suspended from practicing there in 2005.
One of Dr. Charles Williams’ attorneys, Jacob Hafter, said Thursday a federal jury awarded $8.775 million to Williams earlier in the day after an eight-day trial.
Williams agreed to accept $6.5 million to avoid an appeal and so he can move on with his record cleared, Hafter said.
Williams’ lawsuit said he was suspended after a surgery in which the patient experienced complications, but that prior to a meeting on the situation Williams was not provided with a written notice of charges or any information to justify his suspension.
The suspension amounted to a taking of a property right — his hospital privileges — in violation of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the lawsuit said.

So, in 1 day Clark County mamaged to lose $2.3 million.
Easy come, easy go because after all, it's just taxpayer money.

Thanks Students, Now I Am sick

Well, over the past two weeks, there have been 5 kids sick in my classroom out of 6 six students.
Now, you can add a teacher to the list as my throat is sore, I feel feverish and my nose is stuffy.
Thanks kids for the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.

Lake Las Vegas ReOpens

Lake Las Vegas, which is outside of Henderson, re-opens tonight.
Here are some events that are happening, including fireworks in about an hour:
CASINO MONTELAGO to Reopen on May, 26th!!
The PARTY starts at 7:00PM on the Streets of MonteLago Village with free live entertainment featuring the unique and ultra-cool Phat Strad, Electric String Quartet.
At 9:00PM after a dazzling FIREWORKS display over the Village, the Casino MonteLago will officially open the doors and welcome you inside!!
May Events
JAZZ on the LAKE returns !!Bring a blanket and a few of your friends as Jazz on the Lake returns for the season. You'll find the best local Jazz acts scheduled throughout the summer. 7 - 10PM and FREE to the public.June 4 - Lady J HoustonJune 11 - Slick Willie OrchestraJune 18 - Carmine MandiaJune 25 - Rocky Gordon & the Killer Groove Band
3rd Annual GIMME SHELTER Benefit Concert - Saturday May 28thFeaturing Grammy Award Winner SKIP MARTINA former Lead Singer of Kool and the GangAll to benefit the Heaven Can Wait Animal Shelter. General Admission tickets are $20 and VIP Lounge with private bar is $40. Tickets can be purchased in advance through the
Heaven Can Wait web site. .......stay the night at the Aston MonteLago!! U2 tribute band ARMS OF AMERICA open at 6PM.
1st Annual TACOS & TEQUILA Festival - Sunday May 29thIf you love tacos and you love tequila, come join us from 12 - 6 PM on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. Enter a raffle to win a 2011 Toyota Camry SE. Proceeds to benefit the New Vista Community. Don't Drink & Drive.......stay the night at the Aston MonteLago!!
July Events
4th of July CelebrationCelebrate the holiday on Sunday July 3rd with a special performance by the Henderson Symphony followed by a spectacular FIREWORKS display.
Coming Events
September 11th - Ironman 70.3 Championships
October 2nd - Ironman 5150 Competition
October 8th - 3rd Annual Rose Regatta
October 21st - Ragnar Relay
November 6th - Intl' Triathlon Union Long Distance World Championship

Check it out.

It's A Wrap: The Oprah Winfrey Show

This week was the final episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, which was taped in Chicago.
I disagree with many of Oprah's view points, but I certainly respect her for having a top ranked show on TV for about 25 years. Here's some interesting facts about the show:

During the past 25 years on the air, The Oprah Winfrey Show has welcomed approximately 30 thousand guests, including Celine Dion, who has appeared 27 times, the most of any guest. That’s just one of many Oprah Winfrey Show statistics that her production company, Harpo, has released to mark the show’s end. The final episode of Oprah airs Wednesday, May 25th.
Here are some additional stats about The Oprah Winfrey Show:
Date of the first national episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show: September 8, 1986. Topic: “How to Marry the Man/Woman of Your Choice.”
Average number of Americans who view The Oprah Winfrey Show each week: Estimated 40 million.
Number of countries outside the United States where the show is distributed: 150 countries.
Total number of show episodes: 4,561 episodes as of the finale on May 25th.
Total number of show guests for the 25 seasons: Approximately 30,000.
Celebrity guests with the highest number of appearances: Celine Dion, 27 total appearances. Chris Rock, 26 total appearances.
Number of U.S. presidents who have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show: Five. Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
Total number of items Oprah has selected as “Oprah’s Favorite Things”: 283 items.
Total number of Daytime Emmy wins for Oprah Winfrey and The Oprah Winfrey Show: 48 Emmys.
Total number of audience members who have attended a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show throughout the 25 years: Approximately 1.3 million.
Total number of requests for tickets for the final 25th season of The Oprah Winfrey Show: Approximately 1.4 million.
Largest single audience for a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show: Approximately 21,000 on Michigan Avenue for “Oprah’s Season 24 Kick-Off Party!”
Total number of Oprah’s Book Club selections: 65 selections.
Total number of Oprah’s Book Club members: Nearly two million.
Total amount donated to the public charity Oprah’s Angel Network: More than $80 million.
Number of emails
Oprah.com receives weekly: Approximately 25,000.
Total number of
Facebook fans: More than 5.6 million.
Total number of
Twitter followers: More than 5.8 million.
I've seen Ms. Winfrey several times and some other possible sightings as well. When I worked as an airport shuttle driver at Mitchell Field in Milwaukee, I've seen her go through the airport when she came to Milwaukee to visit her boy friend, Stedman Graham, who is from Milwaukee, or Oprah's mom and family.
Also, it was rumored that the Oprah Winfrey Show owned a very large yellow lake house in Hancock, WI., which is in Waushara, County. Several times, as I was driving past the lake, I would see a youngish black female running on the road and it kind of looked like Oprah and we would exchange friendly waves. Was this her, I really don't know, but that was the rumor.
So, congratulations, Ms. Winfrey, you did good and I hope your future is just as bright. And if that was you in Hancock, WI. enjoy some time off, go fishing or long walks in a beautiful area of Wisconsin.

Things To Do This Weekend

From the Las Vegas Sun: This Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas, there are concerts, big-name DJs, comedians and family events galore, and active-duty military and veterans can enjoy several discounts and free offers with their military IDs.
Smashburger is honoring military members with a free 1/3 lb. Smashburger of their choice from 1 to 5 p.m. on May 30. The Guinness Store at Mandalay Place is offering a 20 percent discount to all veterans and active-duty military from May 21-30. Ryan Ahern’s Piano! Las Vegas is offering free tickets to veterans and active military personnel on May 30.

Be careful out there. Metro will have check points and NHP will be out in force. Fortunately, I live in Henderson where nothing happens except when the cops have to resort to ticketing dog owners in empty dog parks when they don't have a leash on their dog.
So, have fun this weekend, but please remember the real reason for the long weekend, remembering those who have passed away before us.

Is It A Full Moon? Sandoval Screws Up Twice In Two Days

From The Las Vegas Sun: Gov. Brian Sandoval will include taxes set to expire next month in a revised budget he will unveil Friday, according to a source. The move, which would run counter to his pledge not to raise taxes, comes thanks to a Supreme Court ruling today that prohibits the Legislature from taking local tax dollars to fund the state.
In a statement this afternoon, Sandoval said he would present a revised spending plan on Friday that takes into account the lost funds. "The ruling raises questions about certain assumptions in the proposed executive budget," the statement said. "As governor, I am forced to deal with their ramifications and I am responding by reworking the state budget."
The source close to the administration said "that ruling puts the sunsets in the state budget back in." Sandoval, who has vowed since his candidacy not to raise taxes, has said he would consider extending those taxes to constitute a tax increase
I understand where Sandoval is coming from. He, or actually the governor and legislators before him, made some assumptions that the Nevada Supreme Court found to be unconstitutional. Those assumptions would have been about raiding local tax payer funds and using them for state purposes.
But you know what these slimy Democrats and liberals will do: If Sandoval allows some taxes that were going to be ending in the next few days, to continue, the Democrats and RINOs will soon have this kind of advertisement in Sandoval's next election:

Another Day, More Tornado Warnings

Today, more tornado warnings were issued, including warnings in Vermont. Vermont? Almost as rare as tornadoes in California and Nevada.
It doesn't sound like there was much damage today as most of the warnings involved possible tornadoes in severe thunderstorms.
But that doesn't help out the people who have had their houses and employment places destroyed.
Many people want to help, so where do you send your hard earned money?
My suggestion is the Salvation Army. Unlike the Red Cross, where they pay their directors hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Salvation Army provides most of the same services and they don't pay their directors more than about $30,000. the local commanders of Salvation Army make about as much as Amish School teachers, though with a few more benefits.
But, if asked, please help those whose homes were destroyed by tornadoes, high winds and floods. Please don't forget those hurt in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and other states where there has been disastrous flooding and tornadoes.

Time For Nevada To Follow Arizona Instead Of California

From Yahoo News: The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld an Arizona law that penalizes businesses for hiring workers in the country illegally, buoying the hopes of supporters of state crackdowns on illegal immigration.
They predicted the ruling would lead to many other states passing laws that require employers to use the federal E-Verify system to check that workers aren't illegal immigrants. And some said the ruling bodes well for the prospects of a much broader and more controversial immigration law in Arizona, known as SB1070, to be found constitutional....

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, a Republican who was a prime sponsor of the legislation that became the 2007 employer sanctions law, said his reaction to the ruling was "jubilation."
"This is not only good for Arizona, it's good for America," Pearce told The Associated Press. "Finally, American workers are treated the way they ought to be. We're going to put the profits-before-patriotism crowd in the back seat."
Pearce said the ruling bodes well for an eventual Supreme Court decision on SB1070.
"I'm very confident we'll win a 5-4 or possibly a 6-3 decision," he said. "States have never been pre-empted from enforcing federal law."
Both laws were written with the assistance of Kris Kobach, Kansas' secretary of state and a former law professor. He said they were constructed to only use federal immigration law definitions, and the ruling upholding the first could mean success for the second.
"That language will vastly assist the state in defending SB1070,' Kobach said.

Nevada ought to copy Arizona's law, mandate E-Verify for all employers and also all those receiving public assistance. I realize this may cost businesses some money, but in the end, it will save money for the employers and taxpayers.
The Nevada legislators have acted like California legislators lately, in passing liberal laws, especially the transgendered laws regarding employment.
Now, we need to copy Arizona's law regarding mandating E-Verify for all new employees. It's a no brainer. This is one reason why the rats fled the ship, in this case, Arizona and many of the rats jumped ship and came to Nevada.
It's time for Nevada pass mandatory E-Verify for all employers and those seeking public assistance. If this is enacted in Nevada, we will probably lose our 4th House of Representative seat, but it will be worth it.

Breaking News: Romney Going To Run For President

Fox News is reporting that Mitt Romney will announce that he will officially announce that he is running for president some time next week.
Two words: Romney Care.
Enough said.

For My Daughter

My daughter loves cat videos and she begged me to put this video on my blog.

This video has had almost15,500,000 hits.
OK, Catriona, you owe me.

Idiot Judge In Wisconsin Playing Politics Stupidly

Judge Maryann Summi is a liberal activist judge who is not exactly intelligent and is a tool for the public unions in Wisconsin issued a ruling today saying that the law limiting public employee bargaining in Wisconsin is unconstitutional.
First, who cares. There is a hearing scheduled on June 6th in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Her written ruling means nothing other than some lining for local bird cages.
From Charlie Sykes: DOJ had warned Judge Sumi that it might seek her recusal from collection bargaining case. The next day, she issues ruling striking down law. Via Wispolitics:
The Department of Justice warned Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi yesterday that it may seek her recusal from the collective bargaining complaint because she filed a brief with the state Supreme Court last week taking positions in the case.The
letter cites a Supreme Court rule that judges should recuse themselves from a proceeding in which they have made a public statement that "commits, or appears to commit" the judge to any issue or controversy in the case.Last week, Sumi, through her attorneys, filed a brief with the state Supreme Court that argued an act of the Legislature can be voided through a violation of the state's open meetings law."This gives rise to the appearance that you have committed to an issue still pending," DOJ attorneys wrote. "Also, the decision to participate as an active litigant in the Supreme Court proceeding raises an additional concern to the extent you may now be considered adverse to the positions and legal interests of certain named defendants in the circuit court action."The letter states DOJ attorneys do not wish to pursue recusal until Sumi had a chance to consider the situation and reach her own conclusion. But it asked her to advise the parties of her intentions before taking any further action in the case.
Judge Mayann Summi: looking for friends and her 15 seconds of fame.

Night Court's Bull Shannon, Then And Now

For me, Night Court is on the top of my favorite sit com list, along with WKRP, the old M*A*S*H and a few more.

Here are two pictures of Bull, aka Richard Moll, then and now. Even though he played a kind but dumb bailiff, in real life I am sure he is quite smart.

And I am sure if someone did a then and now picture of me, it would look nothing like this. But fortunately, I usually break the camera when someone takes a picture of me, so i don't have to worry.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Tornadoes Today In tornado Valley and the Midwest And California??

From the Reno Gazette Journal: Authorities say at least three tornadoes have been reported in a rural area outside of Chico.
After the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning Wednesday evening for the area, a California Highway Patrol spokesman says three twisters hit a sparsely populated area of dairy land south of Chico.
The CHP says no significant damage has been reported, though there were four minor accidents in the area.
The National Weather Service says around 6:41 p.m. Wednesday radar showed the a storm associated with at least one tornado about 13 miles south of Chico, or about 90 miles north of Sacramento. The storm system is expected to move east through Glenn and Butte counties.
Video shot from KCRA-TV's helicopter showed a twister forming and touching down near Durham, a tiny community about five miles south of Chico.

Hell, maybe the rapture is near.

Excellent PSA For the Mentally Disabled

Jamie from the Greenlee Gazette has posted the fantastic PSA regarding the r- word, or retarded. This PSA should be shown in every junior and senior high school. I also urge all bloggers to share this video:

I am going to try and have CCSD post this video, somehow. Youtube is blocked on CCSD web sites but maybe they can make an exception.

Thanks Jamie

Another Bad Day For Liberals

The liberals are in mourning in Nevada as Sharron Angle has decided not to run in the 2nd district of the House of Representatives. Now, they have to deal with normal people.
Jamie over at Greenlee Gazette is flying his flag at half staff on his blog. (http://greenleegazette.blogspot.com/)

Damn that's Stupid. And Fast.

From ESPN: NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Kyle Busch was cited on Tuesday in North Carolina for driving almost three times the speed limit.
Busch was pulled over by the Iredell County Sheriff's department going 128 mph in a 45-mph zone.
Busch was charged with careless and wreckless driving as well as speeding.
Capt. Darren Campbell of the sheriff's department told ESPN.com that Busch had his proper identification and was cooperative.
Busch, who is third in the Sprint Cup standings, released a statement Tuesday evening addressing his citation.
"I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away," Busch explained. "I went beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road. I apologize to the public, my fans, sponsors, and race teams for my lack of judgment. I take responsibility for my actions and I can assure you that something like this will never happen again."

The road is not a race track and Busch could have have hurt or killed someone. He deserves to be punished by either sitting him down for a race or docking him 43 points from the championship points.
Kyle Busch has done some stupid things in his life, but this has to be about the stupidest.
2nd on the list is this:

NBA Finals: Dallas Vs Who Cares

The Dallas Mavericks came for the second time in a row and defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder and now will advance to the NBA finals.
Who they play, I really don't care. I just want to see Mark Cuban accept the championship trophy from the commissioner of the NBA, David Stern. To say they don't like each other is an understatement.
Further, I just don't like the Miami Heat and Labron James. Duwayne Wade, yes, James, no.

Can You Spot The BS?

From The Las Vegas Sun: Major casinos, Wal-Mart and gold mining companies would get millions of dollars in tax cuts if the Legislature doesn’t extend taxes passed in 2009, according to a list presented to the Legislature today.
Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Dan Klaich gave the list to the Assembly Ways and Means Committee as it considered a bill to extend the $626 million in taxes.
He noted that just about every company on the list of top 50 beneficiaries testified Wednesday in favor of extending the taxes that will otherwise sunset on June 30.
“Everyone came here and said, ‘Please don’t reduce my taxes,’ ” Klaich said. “I wonder who we’re serving by not allowing sunsets to go forward.”
Under a list compiled through the Employment, Training and Rehab Department, Wynn Resorts would be the biggest beneficiary in the state with the payroll tax reverting to pre-2009 levels. That would save the company $3 million a year.
Wal-Mart was No. 2 with a $2 million annual benefit. That was followed by MGM Grand and the Bellagio, the Venetian, Aria and Newmont Mining.

So, where is the BS comment of the article? Where is the flat out lie by Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Dan Klaich?
How about this: “Everyone came here and said, ‘Please don’t reduce my taxes,’ ” Klaich said. “I wonder who we’re serving by not allowing sunsets to go forward
So, Klaich says that people came up to him and said "don't lower my taxes". I call BS on this. I want proof that everyone said they didn't want their taxes reduced. Prove it or shut the f--- up.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Henderson City Attorney Busted For DUI. So What?

The City of Henderson (NV) city attorney was arrested yesterday for DUI and a few other charges after she was involved in a 1 car accident.
From the LVRJ: Henderson City Attorney Elizabeth Quillin told police she'd had "bottles" of wine before she crashed her Lexus and then nearly ran over a woman who stopped to help her Monday afternoon.
According to a Henderson police report of the incident, Quillin admitted to drinking before the 2:45 p.m. crash at Paseo Verde Parkway and Carnegie Street, west of Green Valley Parkway.
Witnesses said Quillin was turning left onto Carnegie when her sport utility vehicle went off the road and hit a fire hydrant, a boulder and a tree....

Police found a full-size bottle of Barefoot Chardonnay, open and nearly empty, in her back seat and a large puddle of wine on the floorboards in front of the driver's seat.
After she failed a field sobriety test, 51-year-old Quillin was booked into the Henderson jail on charges of drunken driving, leaving the scene of an accident and having an open container in a vehicle.
She was released on her own recognizance at 2:49 a.m. Tuesday.
She is scheduled to be arraigned in Henderson Municipal Court on June 20.

This is a sad case where an attorney is making a lot of money and clearly has a drinking problem and I hope she is getting the help she needs. (Channel 3 reports she is going for treatment)
Quillin is taking a leave, which is great. However, people have called for her resignation. Why? She wasn't on duty, not driving a city car and she admitted she screwed up.
Further, her job is not prosecuting criminals- she gives advice to the mayor and the aldercritters. She rarely goes to court as a city attorney.
So, let the justice system run it's course, let her receive her punishment and let her return to her job. Maybe a suspension for a couple of days, but that's it.
No one is perfect, especially lawyers, where cockroaches have more class than most attorneys. Let her do her penance and then let her do her job for the City of Henderson.

Can't They Just Keep Him?

President Obama is over in england and making a total ass of himself. Sorry, but there is no other way to put it.
First, his ego sinks the presidential limo in Ireland.
Then, he thinks it is 2008 when he signs the guest book for the Royals.
Now, he screwed up a toast to the Queen: (it's around the 25 second mark)

If this was Bush, the left would be all over him and mocking him. But, at least he didn't throw up in the Queen's lap. However, I think it is time for a drug test.

Can't England and the Royals just keep him locked up in a castle somewhere ala Princess Fiona in Shrek.

Cool: Kirsty Alley Loses 38 Inches During Dancing With The Stars

When i watched my first episode of Dancing With The Stars for the first time earlier this Spring, I thought Kirsty Alley was a joke entry.
Well, after 38 inches shed from her waist, I have a lot more respect for Alley as she came in 2nd place in the competition.
From ESPN: Alley was a fan favorite all season, whittling down her body as the daily dance exercise allowed her to shed 38 inches by Tuesday. She was also one of the most amusing contestants on the ballroom floor, losing her shoes during one performance and always getting through her challenges with a smile and a quip.
"I know I'm not alone when I say I love you for being you," Inaba said Tuesday after Alley and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy finished performing a cha cha. Alley wore the same dress she had worn on day one of the competition -- nipped and tucked by 38 inches.
"I'm just going to miss dancing with Maks," Alley said of her partner.
So, congratulations to Alley, you made us big people look good.

Soon You Can Noodle In Texas

From ESPN: Catching catfish with your bare hands -- a practice allowed in only 17 other states -- may soon be legal in Texas.
A bill approved last week would make noodling legal in Texas, as it is in neighboring Oklahoma...

Noodling is the practice of using a person's hands to find the fish in underwater nooks, then to get the fish to latch onto the noodler's arm with their mouths. Sometimes, the noodler can get their hands in the catfish's gills.

Sandoval Gets One Wrong

Today, Gov. Brian Sandoval screwed up big time by signing into law saying that it would be illegal to discriminate against transgender people in the work place.
From the LVRJ: Job, housing and public accommodation discrimination against transgender people will be illegal in Nevada starting Oct. 1.
Breaking ranks with all but a few legislative Republicans, Gov. Brian Sandoval on Tuesday signed into law a bill that prohibits job discrimination against transgender people.
And the bill's primary sponsor said the governor also has pledged to sign two other legislative-approved bills that will outlaw such discrimination in public accommodations, such as hotels, restaurants and stores, and in the rental or sale of housing or property.

I have no problem with laws protecting the transgendered in the areas of housing and depending what is in the law, the public accommodations- if it is reasonable.
However, in the work place that is different. For instance, if Michael comes into an interview dressed as a man and Michael gets hired as a man. Then Michael becomes Michelle and shows up to work as a woman and says this is his/her preferred sex. Then he demands to dress as a female. Are you saying that the employer cannot fire the man/woman because of the employee's deceit? According to this law, the employer could be sued and probably successfully by the transgendered he/she. That's outrageous.
Gov. Sandoval, you have done a good job so far but you really screwed up on this one.

President Obama: Time Traveler?

Today, President Obama was partying with the Royals as tornadoes have killed more than 125 people, there is flooding in the Midwest with both incidents doing billions of dollars in damage. Most normal people would not be partying with the Royals, but not Obama- it's all about him.
Anyways, when he signed the guest book today, he signed the book with the date of "24 May 2008"
From the New York Magazine: "This is how President Obama signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey earlier today, where he got a tour from the Very Reverend Dr. John Hall and laid a wreath on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior.
It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice.
Barack Obama
24 May 2008
It was really nice until he got the date wrong by three years. Granted, 2008 was a great year for him, and we might try to live it for as long as possible, too, if we were him. Also, though, he may have had a stroke." http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/05/president_obama_has_no_idea_wh.html

Apparently, there wasn't a teleprompter near by to help him with the date.
If President Bush, Sarah Palin or any other GOP politician did this, it would be front page news, SNL would be doing skits, and the media will be lampooning him, just like they did to Dan Quayle.
President Obama: worst president ever and not too bright either. Must have gotten his law degree from Cracker Jack.

More Killer Tornadoes Today

Sadly, there have been more killer tornadoes, with the worst around Oklahoma City, where 4 people have been killed. One tornado was on the ground for over 50 miles.
Currently, there are tornado warnings for Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. There is even a tornado warning for Joplin, MO., which was almost destroyed by a tornado two days ago.
Currently, there are 9 tornado warnings in Tornado Alley.
From the Oklahoman: Four people are confirmed dead and 60 injured after a string of tornadoes hit the state Tuesday.
Cherokee Ballard, spokeswoman for the state medical examiner, said four people died in
Canadian County. She said three to five more people might have died in Logan County, but those reports were unconfirmed.

Witnesses reported three of the dead were on Interstate 40 at mile marker 113 where cars were blown off the highway. Four cars were torn apart by the twister, and the highway was littered with car parts.
Gov. Mary Fallin released a statement Tuesday saying she is in constant contact with emergency management officials.
“I know local authorities are doing everything they can to respond to the storm and keep our citizens safe,” Fallin said. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those already affected by these storms. I am asking all Oklahomans to stay aware of the weather and to take proper precautions to keep themselves out of harm's way.”
Smith said numerous injuries were reported along I-40.
Lara O'Leary, spokeswoman for the Emergency Medical Services Authority, said three children were critically injured in Piedmont and were being taken to a local hospital. Read more: http://newsok.com/oklahoma-tornadoes-at-least-4-dead-60-injured/article/3570916#ixzz1NKMQNjaC
In Joplin MO. they are still looking for survivors but had to set a curfew: With scattered reports of looting and problems with traffic mounting, city officials slapped a curfew on Joplin’s disaster area Tuesday and will begin requiring permits for vehicle access during the day.Police Chief Lane Roberts issued a news release outlining the new measures.Police planned to start enforcing the 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew Tuesday night. Workers and residents were to be told that no one was to remain on the streets in the disaster area during those hours.People who choose to stay in their homes in the area during curfew hours would not be asked to leave, the police chief said. But they are being asked not to be out in the streets or moving about, police said. http://www.joplinglobe.com/local/x1488641849/Curfew-imposed-for-disaster-zone
So far, there have 122 confirmed deaths in Joplin.

It's going to be a rough Spring.

Update: It's 10:00 PM, Pacific time and there continues to be tornado warnings in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I hope people are paying attention to the weather.

Danica To Go Full Time In NASCAR? Please Say It's Not True

Danica Patrick thinks she has the talent to drive in NASCAR full time and wants to do it the Nationwide series. She may also try some Sprint races as well.
From ESPN: Danica Patrick and her management team are working on a plan that would bring her full-time to NASCAR in 2012, sources said Tuesday.
Patrick hopes to finalize a deal soon that would have her race full-time in the NASCAR Nationwide Series next season. She would also race a few Sprint Cup events in 2012 before going full-time to Cup in 2013.
The plan includes Patrick continuing to compete in the Indianapolis 500 next year. Patrick is the only woman ever to lead a lap in the Indy 500. She will compete in her seventh Indy 500 on Sunday.
Which team she will race for, and other details, still are being finalized, sources said.
Go-Daddy.com, which sponsors her Indy car and the car she drives in the Nationwide Series, is expected to stay with her if she moves to NASCAR full-time. Go-Daddy also sponsors the No. 5 Cup car that
Mark Martin drives for Hendrick Motorsports, but Kasey Kahne is replacing Martin next season.
Patrick, 29, has raced full-time in the IndyCar Series since 2005. She became the first woman to win a major open-wheel racing event when she went to Victory Lane in Motegi, Japan, in 2008.

I may be wrong, but I don't think NASCAR needs another whiney driver with little NASCAR talent.
Patrick has not come close to winning a Nationwide race yet and the only times she has had a top ten finish is because of fuel strategy, not driving talent.
She never takes the blame for anything that goes wrong, which is often and she rally doesn't have the talent. She runs for an excellent team with very good cars and she can barely finish in the top half of the field.
She is a pretty good Indy car driver, but those cars are lighter and handle much easier.
If Danica Patrick didn't look good and perform in sexy commercials for Go Daddy, she wouldn't even be considered for a NASCAR job.
Danica Patrick will be to NASCAR as Michelle Wie was to the PGA tour. Young, pretty and no good.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Pay Taxes, Collect Stimulus money

From Fox News: Thousands of companies that cashed in on President Obama's economic stimulus package owed the government millions in unpaid taxes, congressional investigators have found.
Government Accountability Office, in a report being released Tuesday, said at least 3,700 government contractors and nonprofit organizations that received more than $24 billion from the stimulus effort owed $757 million in back taxes as of Sept. 30, 2009, the end of the budget year.
The report said the tax delinquents accounted for nearly 6 percent of the 63,000 contractors and grantees examined, and it cautioned that the real number might be higher because the known tax debt does not measure such factors as
income underreporting.
Among the examples was an engineering firm that received a $100,000 stimulus act contract but owed $6 million in taxes. The IRS called it "an extreme case of noncompliance." A social services nonprofit that received more than $1 million in stimulus funds owed taxes of $2 million.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/05/23/tax-delinquents-collected-billions-obamas-economic-stimulus-plan-report-shows/#ixzz1NFSAbPcO
Words cannot express how I feel about this(that and the beers I had tonight), but come on, if you don't pay your taxes, you should not be able to get free government money, unless there was a contract in place to repay the IRS. Isn't that commonsense?

Rapture Now Is Coming On October 21

From The El Paso Times: California preacher Harold Camping said Monday his prophecy that the world would end was off by five months because Judgment Day actually will come on Oct. 21.
Camping, who predicted that 200 million Christians would be taken to heaven Saturday before the Earth was destroyed, said he felt so terrible when his doomsday prediction did not come true that he left home and took refuge in a motel with his wife. His independent ministry, Family Radio International, spent millions - some of it from donations made by followers - on more than 5,000 billboards and 20 RVs plastered with the Judgment Day message.
But Camping said that he's now realized the apocalypse will come five months after May 21, the original date he predicted. He had earlier said Oct. 21 was when the globe would be consumed by a fireball.
Saturday was "an invisible judgment day" in which a spiritual judgment took place, he said. But the timing and the structure is the same as it has always been, he said.
"We've always said May 21 was the day, but we didn't understand altogether the spiritual meaning," he said. "May 21 is the day that Christ came and put the world under judgment."
It's not the first time the independent Christian radio host has been forced to explain when his prediction didn't come to pass. He also predicted the Apocalypse would come in 1994, but said it didn't happen then because of a mathematical error.

I'm not going to make fun of this group because it is a belief they have and who am I to judge their personal beliefs. They don't hurt anyone and believe me, the people who were in tornadoes the past few days probably believed in the rapture was near when the tornado passed over their heads.
So, beware on Friday, October 21, 2011, we may see some interesting things. Now, if there is no NFL season, then that would be sure thing the rapture is coming.

Stupid Educator News: #124742

From the Manitowoc, WI. Herald Times Reporter: The Peshtigo School Board will hold a disciplinary hearing Tuesday for a chorus teacher who sent a profanity-laced email to state Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette.
The email, from Rob Schneider, was forwarded to the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation, which has since closed the case.
The message was sent from what looks to be Schneider's school email address March 25, during spring break. It was in reply to the state lawmaker's emailed newsletter.
"(Expletive) you!!! I pray that a semi-truck will run you over you piece of (expletive) (expletive)! If there is a God that (expletive) Governor Walker will be riding with you when the truck hits your sorry (expletive)!!!!!!!!!! Stop (expletive) sending me your (expletive)!!! You are a waste of human space!!!!"
This fool is an embarrassment to the teaching profession and he should be fired. Instead, he has been on paid leave since April 2, 2011.
This fool has been a music teacher for 18 years and I have to wonder if this fool has the temperament to be a teacher.
But once again, you have a "teacher" who decides to do something very stupid and makes every other teacher in the country look bad.