Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pawn Stars Review: July 9, 2012

Yep. it's hot out today, 114F degrees today.  Actually, it's not too bad if you stay out of the sun- the sun light is brutal, but in the shade, the high temperatures are tolerable
The local paper, the Las Vegas Review Journal. ran their semi-annual interview with the Pawn Stars: http://ethics.house.gov/press-release/statement-chairman-and-ranking-member-committee-ethics-regarding-representative-0
Tonight are two new episodes.  In the first episode, the first guy brought in a 1868 over/under Wesson pistol.  It was pocket sized.and in ok shape.  The guy wanted $4800 and time for an expert.  Jemison came in and said the pistol was a pocket pistol.  He said the pistol was worth $4000-$5000.  The gun was in bad shape, so the gun was worth $2200.  Corey offered $700.  The guy wanted $2000 and Corey went to $1200 and there was no sale.
The next guy brought in a historic aviation collection.  These included pictures of Tex Johnston and other pictures of old airplanes.  The guy's collection also included models and pictures of missiles, and some patches.  The guy wanted $550 and Rick offered $200 and then $300 and that was the sale price.
The next guy brought in a Stanhope letter opener.

 The guy wanted $250 and Rick offered $75.  The guy went to $125 and Rick offered $100 and that was the sale price.
The story of the day was that Corey had vision problems and time for an eye check up.  So, he went to the eye doctor and found he had astigmatism and time for glasses.
The next lady brought in an antique pocket watch..  It's a William Ellery and possibly from the Civil War era and possible was owned by a Civil War Veteran.  Surprisingly, it works and it was in great shape.  Time for an expert, Mark.  For other information: http://www.horologist.com/gallery_9.htm
Mark said that the watch had an inscription of the Battle of Cross Keys on it: http://www.civilwar.org/battlefields/cross-keys.html  The names on the watch, two of them, were not famous.  Mark then took the back off and said the pocket watch was real.  The lady wanted $2000 and Rick offered $700 and then $1000 and then $1300.  The lady paid $20 for it at a garage sale.
In the 2nd episode, the first guy brought in 3 antique duck decoys for hunting.  The duck decoys were from the 1950s.  Rick said 1 decoy went for $600,000.  The guy wanted $450 and Rick offered $300. and then $380 and the sale price was $385.  Not sure this was a good deal as there is no duck hunting anywhere even close to Las Vegas.
The next guy brought in a 1995 World Series ring. from the Atlanta Braves.  It was a staff ring and the guy wanted $13,000.  Time for an expert.  Jeremy came in and said Jostens made the ring.  He said the ring was a salesman ring, so it didn't belong to anybody.  Jeremy said the ring was worth $2000.  Corey offered $800 and there was no sale.
The next guy had an antique lighthouse oil can as pictured above.  The guy wanted $2200.  The Old Man offered $1000 and then $1200 and that was the selling price.  The guy paid $7.50 for the oil can.
 The story line was a skeet shooting contest.  Rick won with hitting 7 out of 7, winning the contest, the prize was a duck dinner.
 Steel Guitar Nashville exists to serve the needs of the professional steel guitarist with the finest professional level equipment and accessories.
The next lady brought in a Sho-Bud Pedal steel guitar that is used mostly in country music.  Time for an expert, Jesse of Cowtown Guitars: http://www.cowtownguitars.com/  
Jesse didn't know how to play the guitar but said it worked.  He said the guitar was worth about $2500-3300.  The lady wanted $2500 and Corey offered $1200 and the Old Man offered $1500 and there was no sale.
That's wraps 2 new episodes of Pawn Stars.  Thanks for stopping by and have a nice and cool summer and for those in the southern hemisphere, stay warm during your winter.


  1. i think what yall did to that lady about the robert m scott watch was messed up u know she should have got more for it robbed her ass lol

    1. NO she robbed her self. No one twisted her arm to sell it. AND she only payed $20.00 for it at a yard sale. She was happy so thats all that matters.

    2. Business is business and if everyone could do it, they would. People should learn about what they have before they try to sell it; it is their own fault if they don't get what they should.

    3. She didn't get robbed nearly as bad as she robbed the person she bought it from at the garage sale!

    4. Nobody was robbed! I wish I could get $1300 for something I paid $20 for! And the garage sale charged $20 for it

    5. Did anyone make a note of the serial number on that watch?

    6. She probably should have sought out the family descendants of the people engraved on the watch ?

  2. Some people don't understand the concept of business. Profits, losses, risks etc. Good luck in life Mr. Anonymous.

  3. After seeing what she got for it, I think she made out good

  4. Hoss is a douche

  5. Maybe big hoss should use some of the money he makes from the show to take lessons on how not to be a knob to his customers

  6. I'd like to throw a d in that