Friday, July 27, 2012

Shock: Obama Misleads Public Again

From The Gateway Pundit: June 24, 2012 – President Barack Obama visited Portland Tuesday greeting diners Mark Peterson, center, and Thomas Foeller, right, at the Gateway Breakfast House in an unschedueld stop on the way to fundraisers at the Oregon Convention Center. Michael Lloyd/The Oregonian.
But then the truth eked its way out—-
The three veterans were not regulars.

They just happened to be sitting in a booth at the diner when Obama popped in.
Victoria Taft
has more, via Orbusmax:
“No, they were not regulars.” The waitress who served President Obama, Mary, told me the veterans with whom the President discussed “health care” were not regulars. “Well, maybe one of the guys came in here before…”
In fact, the Obama Campaign even had a copy of their bios on hand.
And, one of the veterans just happens to be an Obama for America volunteer!

The roundtable participants, as provided by the campaign:
-Dean Dilley from Portland
Dean enlisted in the U.S. Army 1972 when he was 20 years old. He served for three years, from 1972-1975 as a supply specialist. He retired from American Honda Motor Company in 2009, where he worked as a stock and material handler and is currently a volunteer for Obama for America....
Obama and his campaign staff just think the public are just a bunch of rubes who will believe anything that they say.  This is just as bad or worse than when Jimmy Carter would carry his suitcases down the plane so it would look like he is just an ordinary guy, except the suitcases were empty.
Carter was a fool and a terrible president, and Obama is a fool and a worse president.

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