Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rubio Going Where Coward In Chief Won't Go

Marco Rubio, as shown in the post below, is going to visit Las Vegas on Saturday and he is going to an area that our coward commander in chief will not go.
Rubio will be going to Ronnow Elementary School, which is located at 1100 Lana Ln.  Lana Ln. is located near Pecos and Washington.  For those of us from Las Vegas, we know that the area by Pecos and Washington is not a nice area of town.  There is a lot of crime and poverty.  In the last 60 days, there have close to 300 police incidents, per Metro's Crime View and that doesn't include a portion of North Las Vegas, which adds more incidents to the 300.  I also know this area very well, as I work only a few blocks from the school and know many of the people who live there.  I also know the struggles the area is going through.
As I have shown in the past that our coward in chief refuses to go into inner city areas.  Obama has been to Las Vegas numerous times in the past couple of years and he has not come close to a high crime, high poverty area.  Obama goes to places like Henderson, the Strip and by Las Vegas High School, all areas which are middle to high income areas.  I might add that Hillary Clinton had the balls, so to speak, to speak at another school in the area in 2008.
So, congratulations to Marco Rubio for going to a place where our coward in chief will not go.

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